The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1938
Page 5
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(Auk.y These Stars Gild ihe Box Office Says "1 } 6 is o n" Charges Playing Right Into Film Mogul's Hands nv FAIII, IIMUUSON NKA .Sfrvire KtaJV (,'orrr;>l>r>l>dcnl IfCU.YWOOb'. May 0.—Although bprnl,- defending its own prestige :iml .some of its "prestige" .stars', the motion picture industry secretly is not displeased i>y the recoil blast fiom :i sioiip ol cxl)Itilors against n imiulcr oi high-iKi.v, lo\v-i>rotil players. N.iiloii-iildc attention was direct-1 c;i 10 a statement signed by the Independent Theater Owners' Asso- rUtlcii. ivliicli cam 1 ? right out in print anil charactci'j/.cd MAIC West, Orcti Clnrbo, Joan Crawford, Kiuu- nrinc Hepburn, Kay fraiu-is, and Marlcrie Dietrich u-i "l»'x cfticc poi- :.jti." 'Ihe argument was (hill these people have become lea; popular with American fans, but have been drHivnig increasingly large salaries en lohg-terin contracts. Alleged results: Increased costs [>r procmctlcn. iiicicastci rates for (o Ihe theaters, tint lower box oflice Grosses, 'Nc;v "poison" is a naughty word Ij] Hollywood. Hearing the WTc.ufc oi sonic of the asenus and manaacrs. you'd have thought that i-acli of llicir client.',- was Snow Wiiite anil all seven ol the dwarfs. I llicic Is still grumbling aUout libel tuns and lend Uircais of business Sdidius Don't Mind Yet Ibc .studios themselves are not protesting or ofTciiiuj box- tillicc statistics to refute, tlic cx- . lubUors' clr.irgL'.s. For months |)ro- diivcrs have been ti.riug U> reduce star salaries. 'llic fact, is that Paramount is taking bows tor having dropped tlic conli-.icls of the Misses Dietrich and Weil. fiKO likewise is bciiiL; congratulated for p'arlmg from Miss Hepburn. II is fairly common knuvlcdgc around Talkictmvii (hut Miss Francis, already, demoted to B pictures, will go oil the Warnci 1 Brothers' payroll in September. These fa.-is would seem to ebr- rtbouite, in some degree, the "p-ji- »on" diagnosis of HID group of c.x- irikilors. tt also Is true, thai Urcla tiiirto nov,- lias no contr.icl with jMolru-CicUlwyn-Maycr, If and wlieii tlic return's, a new one or Uvo- ljicture,contracL must be negotiated. .he studio expects her to .rcluin, a,iid[ : il,.p)iu-is. to.cast.her in a com- \ edy : as ., relief from such. " iiruma as the notably uiuiii • Coiuiuest." Joan ,Sl:irlirig Anew mm box leaders Clark Gable, $ooco a week. The controversy rages. Defenders of the Bhimor girls snv thr ImK !^tM.{SW «?',£ ^«7 p r fc Vi % were the Inmmarlcs pictured alinvc-and thcv weren't „—--' •' " l:ililics in ('•'- -— : - ' . .. and their 3 1. 2. 3. '1. William Powell. SSCOO a wee!; 5. Jane Withers. S3SCO a week. 0. Gary Cooper, $150,CCi) a picture 7. liing Crosby, mo'ri: Ilian SICOUCIO a ii 3. My run I.oy, S50UO a week. :>. Sdiiju Ilciiie, S1QO.OCO a picture. The .sl'ars arc not listed accordih" lo-lliHr s«-ecpsrnkcs--M)s5 Temple lias Ird for thi- Daliiclicr Given Dictator Type Powers to Combat I'.conomic Troubles <'IcMi'nl with the roliVs of an iTOiKinl'c cr.ii-, Vrnnlcr Kdniiaiil l>al;hlicr leeei'itly pave Franre Ihe Hi-si taste nf his paVer— an cjRhl IHT mil luvii'.isr in all Mate taxes.'Tills was the llrsl of a s'jiit-i of jii-iMiiml rtf. n-ei--, nu'ilev which he linnes to ;.-( Fraui-i' luck on (ln> road to icicveiy. , In the following, sii'lli '.-, n'lillqn Ilio'imn- paints flu- inniMial luriiRrouml of lliis imiunlaiil lisure in Frci'irh aiid wcrlil affairs. , , HV MIl.TON BKONNKK ' r.l-;,\ SiTvi'u! SI'ilT (.'oiTcsiiomli'iit lv \IJCN-. May (i.-'the economic- du-lalw ol ruincc—absolute inlei 1 ii Ihe marls cf liigli lln'iin-.-c UK H'l! :-. uisliHliau of the little man's mbby |«:-kelbook—-eldom laie.w ihc :M!::.| ol more than Uo fiarics i'm^linr, toy'lipr In las jeans wlien I is iva-i a bay. Tutelar:! Jiili'idler! wliiis? title of I'mYhiT is almost secondiry lo hr.i l:bsicsslon of lull powers lo 'live, (lie frane," is llic nun of H humble tanker in the undent town of Carpi-ntras. And this stocky, pueiucioHs-coLmlenaiicc:] man ivho , noiv liolds the purse-strings of all ! Fruit- and was able juM the other <d>ji, \:y psi-so'niil decree, lo raise Hale (axes eight per "cent, was so poor In his youth that, except for th'e ai:l of hard-ivon scholarship'; I'c would have hiid M0 hMicr Itaf.'iii'g. at all. Afler studyhv. h', (),e gymnasium oi -L-join and. lalsr, the university l>ilii:lict- practiced law until the war broke oiit. lie wcnl in n subal- itin. lie came out a (Joloucl. In 1010 lie ran for Ibc Chamber cf UeVulEcs In his native department of 01:11136 and lias bceii con- tmuously rc-clcctcd ever sine" Five years after lie took his $ea"t m ParliamclH, lie bccanie Mln- Irter of colonies. In more than half the ninny the s.une platform in July, 1335, .Hne (he foinulndou te (ho "I'optilar noiil",.\v|ijdi swcjitrraiicc I" ibc pnrllnmcn'lni'y elc'c'ilOiVi. I" Atoy. 13^(i., Butm bcJniiiu Premier, U.\ludlcr bccft'mc Ills Min- Isler of War. In (h; c sccoml Dlutn cabinet, ivliloli fol| jtist n rcw weeks «"", Unbdler .was ohee iiiorc SV'iir Minister. J'iiecd by (lie nienaue of the to lawnvlnii slates. D.ilndter (obk ;i "Old 6tc[). lie tsave to FIc'H M .sluil Uiiincllii (he stipicnVc cdiVl ot the army, the ulr force aiv.l tli'6 navy. 'liil.s "fleiiibcTat sliitre-.i with rc- liubliciiit prcjiidlces", as an opposition newspaper calls l,im, h, ftces IIP new ivilii (he soldipr.s. Ko is like ibem-slioi-t mi sjlccfli, but '""I 1 ! mi action. And I'innjv ii 0 |/ or) Diiatf "i«y i-fiivc to \v tli* "MroHft limn" flic Ins lioinjht ever since Ijsi WeiHi-jicrAii ,IM'([ I'Oincalre. Lnxora Society — Pcrsbhal Hint |i nvc | )Ccn tlicii, he lias held , formed sitlec office. I'c'ai'cd Fiiscisni In the tiovbjcd days of ivlien I'-rcncli niianccs were e I" Hie .tad. UiiWdier tcrnic;i lust caliinct on January 28 Mrs. i;. C. uanehowi'i' ;Vh'o.iin- (lenvenl an operation at llic Iliip- llst iKupllul. Mi'inphis lust week Is iminovinu nicely, of Mr. aiifj Mrs. Ho>ri Ktc'idls, wliile In West Memphis Tuesiliiy Httending (o business .mailers, Mi's. F, 1:. Mellan'ry mid .-,011. liiihiyellc 111, of Piiriigoiikl, aiv vifitiiie Mrs. Mi!l!i\ney's iiarenls, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Drown. Mrs, Sue, lirown was t\ weeki-iul Biiest in the home of lief diiugli- u-r. Mrs. DiiyS Gowni'l mVd Air. Cowan, of Meinplils. , Mrs. S;i'nV IJoweiS and diunshlci's, Frances Reid Arid Mnry Cluy, iVn.l Mrs. Cirovcr i>rtvei\ \y'irc 'Memphis visitors Monday aVirt \\fre uc- cpmprniicrt lifiiile by Mis,. Cliartfe Mlftlln. who lia,-; b'eeii visllhifi her •^nushlcv, Mi's. Wril bll'lui-d for the 1st two .wicks, , Mr, aiVii Mrs. M. c, Coofee hail as ilVcir gncsfc , S'uiVW'y llieir dhiiglitcrs, liosn Loit aVift Mrs. Stellii VOliiVc)-. of Mciliplitr., anil Mrs. \V, J. WuiVdcrlliii, of Dlylhc- vllli, iin'il gra'ndci'iiltlreiV,' .Anil Val- nl'cr, of Mci'iVptns, Ami ubiiiiii Wu'nilerllcli, p'f BlytlVcvlllc. Airs. Gcorel'nliHii Dilll'ew, of M3ni ; - phls. spcu't SuViidaV'. ,i;ll)i her par- eiils. MI-. li'nd Mi r s..To : iii Diillcvv. ,,'llic RoV. AiVd Mi-s. Ii. p. Ftc'ilY- :lng liAij ft5\tlictt' guests o'yc'v llic .llftiv .itAiiglilcrf,. Fraftcc;s Ins It • -teAui of Aslairc olVico Tim coiuplclcd tin: m-M.'io tiirn.slil;- lett O'Hanv when EAVI-I -ScUnick and Director George Cukor uor c" Most of Hollywood lias risen to nroiind to m.-ifcing "Gone With the • ....... the -defense of Joan Crawford, who also was listed ninbiij Hie "poison" stars. Of her last Jive pictures, noiie was highly snc-.'essful, ycl llic lowest gross of all was $000,000 for the. "Tlic Bride Wore lied." llic screen colony knows that plw lias had sonic bad stories, site was reluctant to appear hi soiiic ol tlic pictures, but lhal she went ahead without a nisi and inUilc the best, of her assignments. What Hollywood does nut know, .vet. is that Miss Crawford soon will begin a new career in celluloid. Here's the story: Kccently a prominent actors' ii&cnl. M. C. Lovcc,' invited LoiVis H. Mayer to heal some operatic iiircl popular recordings made by a -new 1 girl. ai'nscr. Mayer lisleiVcd, ^renounced the siiisiiij "marvelous.' 1 Wind «,r;,,ue nelrlch had cue i Irnlian Lo Die forge profits mllt | c by ceniomieally produced series pictures and westerns. "Does that c, "ihat " ^ nose-dive taken by "Ansel" executives sciirryln'g to.her with ah offer of a cash settlement nn:l cancellation of the remaining toiii- mitmcnl, Slic settled. Once (iol Top .Saliii-y Her first three pictures, "Blue Aiied." "Morocco," and "SliaiiR- ha'S Express," were pi-olitablc. "But a,fter that, beginning with "Scarlet Einpi-cxs" in IOJ1. she was a pres- tjsc bul not a profit star. Meanwhile, however. Hairy Kd:Iin-jton pyramided liei- .v«]ary until at the hlsl :;'he was drawing $25t),0l)3 Per Reading- Brjiriks Properly Hclt? College Etliicstion SCHENKCTADY. !). y. fUf',— Readin-.; books [)ro]ierly v'nul'l abcli^i college faculties. Dr. Ko-,- wcll G. Ham. preside;)!, of Alojnil Ilolyokc Collew. said in a Union College .chapel rect'iirf. "If fvcryonc- coiilcl Irani uad a b^jk propfiiy ami , picture. In Knjlantl, due to delays! ll:;c i( - «» «» efluctlvr in. pi;ot|ij=lioi). she actually rollcclc:! i (Ift "- v ''J''"R. Hie from Alexander iCorda for ll'Jft- lio\v (0 her service.'; in •'Kiitghi Withoitl j as Joan 1 Crawford, who lias been iiic now. is reported to have I .-.crioiiiTly studying voice with the signed for the picture at ''Olh-Fox' idea til gcttin'g uiil of ingciniisli — willi Ronald Column ill -Hie I i tics into siibslaniial stardom as a | Rains Came." She definitely is mi- ! • s "! 5cr - . . -. i der rantrai-l lo Columbia Piitures i Hesull is a . be rs could ra.-.iiy c willmiit any said. yo out to in • il c nc-ir coiilra-jl, .. t month without amioiniccnicnt.. Jfer cm-rent agreement niiis'to No- veuibcr, and sire j, mv | s .. lt , n, 0 ,, c .i k i-f her salary. Next autumn she te;;ins n live-year contract, it call-; lor less inoiic... but il also provules • Ihe rare security of bciiij a sl'r.ii'glil itsrjceinenl. without options. It gives licr tlic right lo refuse a singmj role during the lirst year .if she considers (hat her voice i-j not ready, it also allows her limes out (or tlircc sift56 plays, nn<! n .she (iiooses to appear on Broadway her Alelro contract may stretch over a pcricd ol seven years. Thai would innj-.c a total of two solid decades oC :vrcen prominence. \Vi 1 Kalin II: Scarlett? When Katharine Hepburn citaie lo flellywco:! she signed a five-year conlra'cl with RKO. will'i options and increases tenninatiiij at SltW,- I1CO per iiictiire. At oi>Uoii lime, recently, she von rcccivinj S85.()no aid uonfd hive gone into the lop bracket if a :li.-;asrc<;rr.:nt lia^ tail l>'icmplc<l the i.tadio to drop her. KlK <lici:i't like ".Mother C.ucy's Chitkciis," in which she wiis .ID for .it Jciisl one film, ,in<l with an I option for a second. Her new w.V'c however.. has dwindle:! to $10D,<Mt) M;in Is "ftesliiif" ' '. Mae West has ivol. been under contract lp Parninoiinl for nearly two years. Unlil roccntly she was on the payroll of t.nanitcl Colin an Independent prc:luecr who -,hs- Iribiitctl Ihroiigh Paramount. The- dif.liibuting conlracl rc:enlly lapsed mid so has Hie West-Colin agreement, Mac is out of « job. While strulllnv i ur p^iamount r.he was paid $150.01,3 per picture, phis a percoit.igo. phis a salary as a writer. "She Uaiic Him Wrong ' and "I'm No Aiiscl." made in 1933 anti "Belle i,-r (he 'SCs." in i<wi made a lot of money. A[|.;r llior;r; her box office ap'iicnl declined. Kay I-'iaiicis rtccliirbo that Khf.i hci- Warner Brothers contract expires in -Seiileinbcr she will UIUT.V and rclire. The studio li.t:; qivcii ' her it.-; blessing. Hollywood's rncsi. I spectacular liV-and-piiler a f Ion; record of siit:e.vscA mid flops .' slie recently completed. pla>ins i tpjip:i!lc Julin Utol, a Cla:>s B "••••" ' tHiclIoii cAl)«I IV.taloc-i can bo cooked twice as 'Milckly in Boston as in Colo.. a s a result of ic: in atmn.-iphsi-ic |>rc — , .-- -— -" "In Every Wotnjin'si awicar next, nor did she lite the; Life." I.ilcl is an ncior with 1 co'mpaiD's scheme to star Her tn[nhbiri MI;B Francis oiice refused ' cheaper pictures hereafter. ; lo poic. lor .still pictures liecaus" ' Ii'er ahicrily of departure, lojelh- i sh: sM, l:c ivai idciHifictl with 1 er'v'.itii sonic o'.iisr cir;unislancc>, j B films. ! has coi'yincpd RKO executives .Uiat! The cXliibiloW group, In Its I MIES Hepburn has ajreed to be Snar- message to the- industry, called at-! LXT1IA C1OOI) QUALITY—KKCLl;AMiIl I IH'SIIli!, Oil A C.VKI.OAt) W A. GEMEI^HARDT MiUlhews iMo. Your Car Will New l>arls /''or Udii'l ncstlrti llio.ic xm.-tll ratUe. 1 , :in<i ta\i\m (lefrc!:; ih:it tli-l.r:i;i.irom the 'bran- l.v. AM scrvic.ea>i||.iy ,rif yoiir ear. We arc eijii'ippeii to rc- j-irccn. '.i-orn Harts mid ' lo !V( up joi:r cur lo look like lie-.v. /Ml Work Train'crf t)o'nc »v for Gas, Oil, tircase and Heal Servite F'!i!.L!PS MGTOR co ilH & H'aVrmi SIB till October 23 of the ly lastrd ilc year, He was 'jack as Premier on Jan 3, : mi, at one of tho stor , 'of Memph nEj>f£ phis.. 6iic. nlu'l Miss BciiM. .. , .Mr. aiVrt.Ktvs. S. .J. Smith niolor- cd (o ColiimiiiiV, TciVii., Prldiiy t'o be the giiesl ,of their BiWrisoft, .Clarence Crawford. ,.ft .st.iVdcnl l| MilUafy IiYs(ltiYto. ' pl.v -J, f lB3l, at one of tlic.stflrip- VO'i'niWft .Milil'ary -IristltiVls. 'ftVey :st. rind ino'sl di\iig.i;rpiis' ( periods |4' c , Uh "^l ,]i)' ^A'ckson, Tciili., wliprc ^French hislcry.' 'flic" StaVisky ' Mls; - s '" il1 ' visifcd "\\& ' mtocr iUUlfl/n] .S'Viliclnl h-jci t\r.nt ~j An I fitiiifliiv • • Sra.nd.Jil liiiu occiirrcd.-'I'lic ' ; parlies of the Ftlglii'wcrc T dcinon£tratin B in the strpcts of.- Pant. -Prefect or Police •Chiappe hii: seemed, ovcr-tolci'Anl of Ihein ; m.d Daladicf promptly fircA him ! On Die iifghl of Fcbniiiry 5 103-1 n in cnoiinciis clash uccurrcd bc- lv.ecn ):blicc aiid rioters, 'twenty v/rrc, killed. A Ihouwiul riotcis and WJ p'cllc'c and uiohiic guards were injure.:!..min-jicr aiid his collcasiies 4|Ml. Mrs. :Sn)ilh iWi;( -Pan] I w !l°,, % \S''e ctdlcd fioiii Uich In.Detroit ,bp.account oi (hs Illness,of their mqllipr, AH-.S . OJ lue ivcre ciiJle<l assassins, tiiey re.-ii»ncd on February 7. Dill Hie riots had one Immense ir.,ull. Pear cr Fascism Yji-otighl Icjclhcr Ualadier iiiul SocliiHsl l:on Blum, who bad often foiiKht each .other. . The Rftcilcal Chief, chief aiid Thorez'' .-,. 'te^vfllc,. , WCIQ ... 'BJicslpS^'Iltcsiliiy; .nipiniiii; of Mr: WlllijiVn 'riuyeatt. They wr)-c a'- conVpaiiicil by M| ;a ri,,:,y |5 yr<1 0] nlyllicyille. Kline I'agc, \viillc ;itre)VilliiB h his duties at tlic (.lixora hi^l school building .Tuesday iiun-hrnu . . • r • ; ------ ""tt t JJUH.VP. i i -'Wjjuiiin v .> t luJd of the Caninmnisls, appcarixl [ nine at 0:30. ? 1.1 . from a sti-p la'ddr'r tiVi-i' o:: his left arm and one linger. The molhcis of |h'n Home Kc onpinlcs .•iln'dcn'Ks were (jn'e.sts the pcpartmenta nt a Mothers an-l DaiiflHcrs biimiiiet, at Ihe Home Economic.* Cotlajje 'I'liesday eve- o) FOR Regub S««jfe^ ••** {Sec coupon bcfowj No\v sciccns cost big nibncy! Wliy pay (oi icplacc- Mcfils loih'ori'ow WJlbn a cool ol H-V-/ Saecn Unuinc! applioj TODAY v/ill make your scicons nisi cmd v/aip-riroof...-preserve Iliciti Iliru yecns of usefulness! II lakes Anly. ci quorl !o piolctt ll:o txiccns of the uvctacjc hbom l'io;i'ic. Come in MOV/! Save Mohey With fhis Coupon. ^.opr/iy Illlctl in'onH h"n,ct I0..1W pu Cnurtcl Bhct ol n!fj at our r.I-.rc, c ol on* T-.iart <>f Stiff -i: Name. PAGE F1V1 Ex-Kaisei- In Imperial Glory iiii^^^^Mt^--. * --i-^^ --•-'•-.•'_..j..- .. >. t .y/; l-rc,rnllim ,,, imperial it ilguvo as ever he did in ll.e a n y K of 1,1, ,),c-«n, mlgl.l, fcnUei xuiset Wiltelm, ...splendent In the uniform <,( .11,0 iMus.sitin Death's (feud iusms , , s BCC11 , a ,.,„,,,, ln lhe .-adlopholo as he ,-ivcs l,Ls blc.-.slnfc to Ills ^unison. JM, 1CC Uuls 1'eidl.mnd, . left, nnd the InlUVs biiuc, C. lni ,«l l),,.l,,,,; Kim of Kussta. Almuly mnvrlwl umlcr „ civil ccve.noi.y iuul tlw nonlanoff brWc'a rinwi. the cdupht Imd Ihdlr il,tr ( | wedding, Ihe .Mniptb Uithcm,, se.' o( 'tub),,. in Uk- exile iiwik of the ex-ftulwr (it Uoorn Itolim'ul Severs Savts Ma UCMVIAY iUEO-.||'y cutting a it)|ic In court, Miist'tci" Mu'eklin ill the liombny jii s h Coifll intdllii ifi; »t Molunnm'Ml Ciio hril li ni f.liiivjarak. sehtonri'd lo ikiilh by lowpi^ eoiiri for innvder Ghtiil 'cvlrtt-iicn Huiiliist MoliMn irtl fc n pleee r,l idiiii found lit , hoi:se in id nnolliev piece fo'uiiil llrt( roniW the liody Of tlic rimi- ilcrcd inin. Alxhil liihlmAij tin. ends of tho l«'o Circes. II was nr fnrjl,,ntled esactly, aricl the cut looked qliltt fifsh. .lu.'vtice Mnclilin cul one of (lie iit.'i,' aivil foihicl lliht 'the ciWsof i'ny ;t\vi), jjlc'ec.'i rviilil (|utlc easily IH, IHs'cul i«6)!«l H6 fit'.sher tlinn the. earlier one. and both' pieces wcjj: 'oritlnri'i'y i oji'e. • Holiiunnie'd's convlctlijli was , , . OAKLAND. Cal, lUl'i—n'r. |*. '!'. liai'rot 1 !. ilcrtllsl, learned srtiiict'hliv,, ievv flbo'uf lecllr n1n<n . hl/i h'umi kcidciitnlly sll|)|icd into'the irtb' uf,a yomiK iillljjnlor put. 'Ihe at- ftiS imyJilefnli i'c|i<)i'!<<<l Unit lie tt'cuUI'>iVot k-5cl all his tinners lint Ilinl liu had Ivst all .conridence in IlsiilAyerl hi li'ie CicvelnnVl C!re:U 1,-iScn -lix'i^sill'on', n 'i'dinl. vefrisieV- nler, 25 feet Jiijn aiid'' 170 limps as lai-gc .«'s iiV) avera-jO li'ous.-Jic nindel. held lli'c- viJiik ol world's Does plaij as he should romp I" holh SB- cent afzcs. of IVjiick- iniw conn's 25-cent and , . - .. of coiistipnlioii. )f so, try Syrup Hliick-Drutijjlitlo set him rigla iifjain. Clijltlrcn do not nittid, Uktng of BlAck-br.lHjjIit— its lu\tc is pleasant!. Ami llierr- js iiolliuifi in il lliat t:in Hiirin tt cliild's iltltcalc fn- syslciii when given utLordin^ HI ilirL'tiions, /i'liii Hynip totitnins itti 1( .cxirin-i of that, s.ittic ilcpcfulaWcpUn'i which j;i'vi'!i the uell known ofd \m\\- ilorcil IJIiick-Drtiuglil its laxative ii'clion. Tin; ills of CIlllllllMI I'OllR' .Stttidcii ly, 'rti'icAptcl'ccily Keep ;t bottle of SYRUP 01.' Ht^ACK-DRAUCHT ruiuly sit utl Limes tufo Motorcade of 49 Cars 1 equipped with Sensational Safety ] Tires that Stop 4 to 223 Felt jJwcker It is a iigniil honor lhal Royi] Master Tite's hive boon clibsert from airibng ill i ires, io ,c$iiy ihis rjreal good-will World's Fair kptorcadQ lo our SlAle and 16 ils sister Slates in (lie Unlbn. Oiifcially directed by Ihe U. S. fire Field Engi- neoritirj Force these cars willtfavel a distance o[ mora thin live trip's around the world—and every mils will be a Soler mile, guarded by the matchless slopping power aid skid conliolof U. S. Royal Master Tires. Let us give your car this exiraisafotyi obfainabto only ih Royal Mdalcra. CI3EVROLET CO. 3(fl IV. Walnut

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