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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 12

The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 12

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Clarke, wife Pf thi late Edwa4 E. Clarke. i nd daughter of Frederick and Sarah Fitiltner. in her vear. Funeral strictly private on T'K'sdav afternoon at 2 o'clock, from lier late residence.

Albiou street, luterrhent at G'ref-nwiKal Cemetery. COOPER. On March .30. 1001. John Cooper, late of Glass w.

Si-otlaud. Fnnerai en Monda, afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from No. Richmond street. Eniplovcs of' shipyard are invited to attend. Interment at Ilsujver Gniuud.

OSG diphtheria, on March So, don. aged 30 vears. Funeral on Tuesday. April 2. at 8.30 o'clock, from his late residence.

H04 X. Hope street. High mass 1n Church of Immaculate Conception, at lo o'clock. Interment at New Cathedral Cemetery. ROWE.

On the 20th of March, William H. Howe, husband of Sarah Jane Rowe. Funeral servii-es on Monday afternoon at 1.3o o'clock, at bis late residence. Xo. 522 Mountain street (Sixth and Morrisi.

Interment strictly private at Fernwood Cemeterv. SAI XDERS. on March 29. 1901. William sou of William It.

aud Leonie R. Saunders, aped 7 months, 24 davs. Funeral on Monday afternoon. April 1. at 2 o'clock, from 4010 Lincoln avenue.

West Philadelphia. Internient private. SCHAFFER. Ou March 28. 1001.

William C. son of Louis C. and Louisa Schaffer, aged 18 venrs. Funeral ou Monday. April 1.

at 3 o'clock, from his parents' residence. 191S Oxford street. Frankford. Interment at Green-nood Cemeterv. Remains can be viewed Sun residence.

Walter O. Giddings, in Atco. N. on Tuesday, April 2. Services at house at 2 1'.

M. Interment at Berlin Cemetery. HOLLAND. Ou March 28. 1M01.

Enoch Hol-li-ud. in his 71st year. 1 uneral service at his late residence. 23 West Mt. Pleasant street.

Mt. Airv. on Monday, 2 1'. M. luterment private, I at Ivv Hill.

HOPKINS. On March Bil. John B. Hop-kin, the husband of (Vrnelia Hopkins, in his 6th year. Funenl on Tuesday, at 3 o' lock.

from Ills late residence. 2228 North Randolph st reel. Interment ut Greenniount Cemetery, HOSE. On March 31. Biol.

John Hose, pe-i loved husband of Anna Mrry Hose, aged 71 years nrd 7 months. Funeral on Wednesday afternoon. April 3. at 2 o'clock, from bis residence. 24 South Fourth strict.

Camden, X. J. Interment at Old Camden Cemetery. The Kane Arctic I.odsre, No. 11.

T. o. o. Herman Conclave. No.

S. W. Meu. and the Camden Maennercbor are Invited. HOFSTOX.

Ou March 20, 10il, Annie, widow r.f Willluan Itniiston l-'llliersl Services Oil Mon- building We must promptly close out everything. Th has been sold. ALL Bin HALF 023.10 AT GLOTEHNG PRICE Overcoats Now is the time to buy new outfits for your children. "sen's Spring To reduce the accumulation of large sizes, we will sell, to-day only, all the 40, 42 and 44 chest measure Covert Overcoats at half-price. Sesi's Sisiis Largely Reduced SONS S.

W. CORNER AftD MARKET STS. Florida "Velvet Bean" Highly Endorsed by Experts, Private and Official Special to The Inquirer. THE INQUIRER, BL'REAC. 1410-12 6treet.

N. V. a Afitreli 31. How to Cll Ol. HUN IU reclaim poor, wornout land at nominal cost is a recent discovery of the Agricul-1 tiual Department, which will be cf great importance to farmers.

Experiments have hen marie which demonstrate the wonder nil possibilities of the Florida velvet bean in this direction. Tatitain E. A. Wilson, a well-known agri cultural expert here, declares that a bar-1 rcn, useless held can De duiic up iu a single season so that itvwill be equal to any portion of the farm, simply by growing a crop of velvet beans. "Xo matt er how poor the land is," tays fantain "Wilson, "a crop of 'velvets' can be grown upon it, with marvelous results.

This bean is a legume, is deep-rooted, and is a monstrous grower and runner, the vine and foliage often covering the ground solidly up to the in height. The crop can be grown on poor land without fertilizing, but if the first crop is fertilized little in the hill in this poor soil it will give much better results. Good Pasture in North "In the Xorth this bean will not mature its seed, as the season is too bhort, but it will give a full growth of leaf and vine, all that is essential as a pasture or a fertilizing crop. "In the South, where the season is longer, it will mature its seed. One bushel of seed will cover an acre ot grounu.

io grow this crop fit the ground the same as for corn, marking it out in rows one way four feet apart. Drop seed in drill row three or four inches apart, after which cover seed with light plough furrow. Or another way, which will be a little less trouble and will do about as well: In first ploughing the land drop bean seed in every fourth furrow and let next, or fifth furrow, cover seed, aud so on. "When the beans are up large enough to work, run through with cultivator or shovel plough until vines fill the rows, then let them go. This gives the vine a start of grass and weeds, and will iusuie an unfailing crop.

Late in the fall or the following spring plough this mass of dry matter under as a fertilizer, or leave it as a top dressing, as prererred. At all the lanu is ount up uy me uiiciauou, anci at a mere nominal cost in money and labor." Great Soil Renovator The Agricultural Department officials fully indorse Captain Wilson's claims for the velvet beah. Professor Scribner, of the Bureau of Agrostology, who has made some experiments with the bean, says that it is a great soil renovator. It adds nitrogen to the soil in the most inexpensive manner possible. Ordinarily nitrogcu is a most expensive necessity for the farmer.

The plant can be grown as far North as Xew York city. Professor Scribner tells of a striking illustration of the vitality of the velvet bean plant. lie was in South Carolina during a long period of drought, when even the cow peas, which are very hardy, had. wilted, yet the bean plants were as green and as productive as though the most favorable conditions prevailed. Down South the bean? are used by many people to make coffee.

This liquid is said to be highly nutritious and wholesome, but not of a particularly attractive flavor. CHURCH OF GOD AND SAINTS OF CHRIST Bishop Crowdy Explains the Beliefs of the New Sect A Farewell Sermon O'Xeil's Hall, or, more correctly speaking, Tabernacle Xo. 1, of the Church of God and Saints of C'htist, at Broad and Lombard streets, was the Mecca for many colored Philadelphians yesterday and last night. The larger share of them were members of a new sect. The others were attracted to the "Tabernacle" by the desire to witness the Church of God and Saints of Christ celebration of the out- going Ol an uiu ear auu wie incoming of the new.

For, as told in yesterday's Inquirer, the new sect has a calendar of its own. The "Tabernacle" was packed as full as it could possibly be when Bishop Crow i -V' uy uiusc iu ut-Bui u. cv xralo im. sermon tne evening, l'rior to that, and short but enthusiastic talks by the members. From noon until sundown the time had been devoted to watching the eld year out, sundown being the exact moment of transition from old to new, according to the teachings of l.ishop Crowdy.

When the bishop announced his text, hi did it from memory. It was Daniel vii, 7, which includes the words "and Ihev shall think to change time and The text was chosen in fulfillment of the bishop's promise tft explain his reasons for shifting the calendar about as far as tho first and last days of the year are con cerned. The sermon was forcibly deliver-ed, so forcibly, in fact, that the speaker called out good naturedly to is hearers: 1 getttn warmed up now, and you people what can't stand strong doctrine had better take your shoes and run." One of the iScriptural verses used by the bishop was Exodus xiii, 4, "This day came ye out in the month of Abib." "There it is," he exclaimed, fervently; "there it is in plain English. 'Abib' means April. Then in Esther, vii, wc find Nisan mentioned as the first month and Adar as the twelfth.

Adar is March, and hence the last day of March must be the last day of the year. When, in the book of Daniel it says that "they shall think to change time and laws this was what was meant. Mankind has changed God's time and laws to euit themselves and jet they expect to go to heaven. Why, gentlemen, that beats me. I wouldn't give a cent for your journey." The Bishop, who has a knack of rattling off the book, chapter and verse of the Scripture he quotes that is very effective, used the first two chapters of Genesis to prove that the Lord intended Saturday to be the Sabbath, instead of Sunday.

"That is the reason the Church of God and- tbe Saints of Christ know only Saturday as its Sabbath," he declared. "We 1 I 7 it's as gooJ as Trywby's it cost more. Threepiece parlor suite Special value. These three fine pieces cost more to build than rr 7-- We make the SUlt and Sell it at first hands no between profits js the reason the price is SO Very low. liemember, there no place where you can tind such an assortment of styles, nor buy as cheaply, quality considered, as here.

B. Trymby E.g 1007, 1009, 1011 5 Market Street Factory, Garden and Willow Streets Port of Philadelphia, April 1 Sun rises 5.45 A. High water Philadelphia Breakwater Ijuw water Philadelphia Ureali water 6.24 P. M. 0.2 P.

M. tf.58 P. M. 0.5ti A. M.

0.59 A. 7.21 P. M. 1.15 A. 2.17 I'.

M. Arrived Saturday DELAWARE. British steamer, Davis. London, ballast, Philip Ruprecht BEIIKSHIRE, steamer, Ryan, Savannah, Merchants' Miners' Trans. Co.

PAUTI1IAN, steamer, Crowell. Boston, Oeorfre C. Eckbardt. Mteamcr. O'Neill, Richmond, Wm.

P. Clyde Co. ANTHONY UKOES, steamer, Baltimore, F. S. Groves.

YUMA, steamer. Warren, New York Fow Icr, Wm. P. Clyde Co. S.

M. BIRD, schoouor, Patterson, New Mitchell Megee. SCOTIA, schooner, Kencally, New York, Ilaldt Ac Cummins. BAKER, from New Bedford. Sterling Coal and SAM A It and CARBON, barges.

from Portland, in tow tug Spartan, F. W. Muun. BLOOM FIELD, British Hteauierowe. Shields, ballast.

L. Westergaard arrived Marcus Hook. Cleared Saturday IKBAL. British steamer, Jennings, Liverpool, Intel-national Navigation Co. British steamer.

Mussclwhite, London. Atlactie Transport Co. WEST POINT. British steamer, Davies, don, Chas. SI.

Taylor's Sons. CO LLI XijIl.UI, British steamer, Smith Lou- St. Nazaire-, Alfred Turner. TOPAZE. British steamer, Allan, London.

Peter Wright Al. Sons. LINDENHALL. British steauiei, Edwards, Nagasaki. Peter Wright Sons.

DELAWARE. British steamer, Davis, Liverpool. Philip liuprecht. MATHILDA. Norwegian steamer.

Taarvis, Havana. J. B. Hamel. Jr.

Ai Co. BERKSHIRE, steamer. Ryan, Savannah, Miners" Trans. Co. GOLDSBORO, steamer, French.

New York, Win. P. Clyde Co- MAJOR BARRETT, steamer, Wllletts, Boston, Barrett Mfg. Co. YEMASSEE.

steamer. O'Neill. Richmond, Wm. P. Clyde Co.

ANTHONY GROVES. steamer, Fowler, Baltimore. F. S. Groves.

EIAXCllE HOPKINS. schooner, Harvey, Charleston. H. D. May Co.

MARY T. QUIN schooner, Ayrey, Boston, Z. S. Steeluian, FANNIE PALMER, schooner, Creighton, Bos ton, Mitchell Megee. THERESE WOLF.

hooner. Girtord. Bermuda Hundred. Mitchell Ac Megee. H.

B. DIVERTY. schooner Mulford, Chesapeake Bay, Jnhn A. Levins. HAVANA, for Portland; DUNLO, for Fall River, barges, iu tow tug Tacony.

Chas. Silver. NORA AND DRIFTON. barge's, for providence, iu tw nig R. C.

Veit. Master. DA IDSON AND FLORIDA, barges, for Providence. In tow tug Navigator, Master. THEODORE PALMER, barge, for Boston, in tow tug Juno to Breakwater, Peter Wright Sons.

Arrived Yesterday CEESTEMUNDE. German steamer. Thiclmann, Hamburg, ballast. Pbilip Ruprecht. CHAS.

X. JONES. British steamer. Bowen, Malta, ballast, Alfred Turner. BRATSBERG.

Norwegian steamer. Hansen, New York, ballast. Keystone Ballast Co. LIZZIE BABCOCK, schooner. Nelson.

Jacksonville, tics. J. N. Stetson. E.

C. ALLEN, schooner, Meady, Perth Am boy, ballast, Haldt A- MARIA PIERSON. schooner, Lear, Bermuda Hundred, pine. Mitchell Megee. JAMES DUFFIELD.

schooner. Jones, Connecticut River, atone. OLIVER AMES, schooner, Morgan, Ilaldt Ac Cummins. CORINTO, British schooner, Salter, IXavtna, Iron. ANNIE F.

CONLON, Baker, Savannah, C. T. Megee Ac Co. BRADFORD C. FRENCH, schooner, Hammett, Newport News, John L.

Nicholson. em ma briggs ballast, mastei schooner, Osborn, New iork. ballast, master. mabkl jOSE scbooner. Walton, Norfolk, ties.

c. i. ucrnec. JAMES RoTUWELL, schooner. Fisher, New York, Haldt A Cummins.

LOTTIE BEARD, schooner, Sloeum. New Bedford, box boards, Johu L. Nicholson. Tug EUREKA towing barges DEVON, CANTON. ROSEMONT and PEMBERTON, from Fall River in ballast, Charles Sihcr.

Delaware Bay and River News MARCUS HOOK. March 31. up Strs. Charles T. Bowen.

from Malta and Hampton Roads: Geesteniundc iGor.l. Thielemann, from Hamburg; Mac. Donald. from Protidnoe: steam yacht May: sch. Coviuto Br.i.

Salter, from Havana a i "u-'s- vies for ed down St r. West Point (Br.i, L'av Imdon. REEDY" ISLAND. March 31. up---Strs.

Benefactor, from New York; Brafbcrg Hansen, from New York; Gladys Edwards, from Tiapani and Gloucester. sens. Lottie Beard; James lUthwell. l'i-dirr. from New York; Mabel Rose, ftfura yacht F'sa Passed dowu Strs.

Llrdinhall Ed for Nagasaki; Guildhall Stave-ley, for New York: sch. John Haley, for' City Point. DELAWARE BREAKWATER. March 31. Sailed for New York Bark Kent mere from Sourabaya.

Passed lip Str. Ev lyn I. Horner, ircm iegnorn ior i un.i.i. a rr Nel for Rich mnnii- Vorman. Chase.

tVr Providence and I Fall River: Russian Frince Davison, for Dieppe: Euxinia Neergaard. for Rot-terdam; Uanseat Harare, for Leith; Collingham (Br Smith, for St. Nazoire; Duf-fleld Simpson, for Flushing: Ikbal Jennings, for Liverpool: sch. taniiie Pal.uer, Creighton. for Boston.

OTHER PORTS Arrived GEORGETOWN, S. March SI. Arrived Schooner Waecaroaw. Bernhardt. New York.

PORT EADS, March 31. Arrived Steamers Electrician Walton, Liverpool; California. Dyer. Porto Rico. KEY WEST.

March 31. Arrived Str. Mascotte, White, Port Tampa, and sailed for Havana. r-ERNANIUNA. March 31.

Arrived Str. Allendale Sinclair. riymouth. CHARLESTON'. S.

C. March 31.. Arrived Steamer Farib. Ingram. N'FW YORK.

March 31. Arrived Ollargan, GireuU and Malta; Niagara. Tampico. Havana and NassaH; Alecto, New Castle; Taor-mlna Hamburg; Curltyba. Neuvltas, Matan-zas Nassovia, Stettin; Fontabelle, De-inerara.

St. Kltts, Tripoli. Hamburg Slblelds. NEW YORK. March 31.

La Brctagne. Havre; Rotterdam. Rotterdam ana i5ouiu.uc, Hamburg and Boulogne. LTIMORE. March 31.

Steamers State c. Texas. Kldridge. Savannah; Kershiw, Ilowi Boston: Anthonv Groves, Fowler. Philadelphia: Vedamore Henry.

Liverpool; Iirgo B3y MaeGrerror. New York; New-holm Voss, Tampico; schooner Louise B. Crarr. Potter. Port Tampa.

ST. MICHAELS. March 30. Previously. Cllnr-mua.

Alesandretta for New York and Philadelphia: Aurrera. Bilbao for Philadelphia. LIVERPOOL, March 31. Idra, Galveston; Shenandoah. Newport QUEENSTOWN.

March iiO. Oaklands. Wil mington. N. (and proceed ior Liverpool.) DARTMOUTH.

March 31. Texas, New Orleans for Copenhagen. GEORGETOWN. S. March 30.

Schooner Wiliie L. Maxwell, Tucker, Newport New. $45 IMITIME NEWS i I DEPARTMENT OK PUBLIC WnKKS. Bureau jf Highways. 'ift 232, City nail.

Philadelphia. Mari-b 20, l'ol. Sonlfl proposals, endorsed "liids for the items bill for" nod H.lrireed the nnder-siirui d. li offiee above mentioned will lit; inn il 12 noon, on 1 uesdny. April l'HU.

for Schedule For irra 'I i ulrwls. Schedule For piivipg sliffta wl'li sheet i inn. Schedule For paviic streets with fir" el iy l.rtel.s or rti S. Ii 'ilnlr- For paving iriH-ii with granite. or lbel.s.

bt'liclulc "li" For rfurt'-iuj? will uiu. Schedule For inunway streets. 'G For sprint ling macadamize! I'UltdS. Schedule broken stouo. 'II'' For repaii im: roads v.

1th Schedule "I For Streets and sidewalks Schedule For and rrpaviug in tin Aramlngo syst-ni. and construction of retaining walls; Stil ft wt from Orthodox I'n ntou avenue from to Jiuncau street, ntnl Church io Orthodox street Schedule For pavmg ticrt. S. i) dulo For opening utters on Tulpe-vaf rwaj-s In the 4orii wjira. Schedule I For the removal of chstrnc- lions.

Schedule For yhi-i't as halt inn. lepaving streets v.ilh Schedule F-r repining streets with Tit i ti elav. hri or l.l. ck. Schedule For rerun iicr su-epfs with granite.

Pennsylvania or Li ujlertville Hooks. Schedule For removal of footbridge at K-iisingtoO avenue over P. and K. Riihviiy. No bid will I if iniisidoi ed unless accompanied by a (rtiti -ate from 1 ho City Solicitor ih it the provision of an rilitianoo rciuirlnir tiorids whi'ii the ldd exceed ill amount fli: hundred dollars, approved May 2.1.

sts) ip. Wesli. have boon etui iilii il with. Director reserves to himself th right to ir Jivl any of all liids. as lo may deem for ftio interest" of tin.

city. WU.Il.YM IIADI'ir-K. Il OF ri'HLH VftKKS, liLRFAF Ol- WATER. Jffioe, nm I i'y Hall. Mnrrh iri1J.

sc.r;r pbofosals. cm tr 1 oipio enif-nt, Fxtensiori and iltration cf th; Watti Snpplv." and addrosi-ed to lh; nnd-i-t-itriril, at tin- ofTic; will until 12 i ou WEDSES- HAV. April 17. for ('tract 'oril rar N. a I i.jf.tor.

12. Ftipi-r K'-sfxirouBb I'Utvr Plant. 13. Pal t'-rns. Core Iloxe and No.

No. Mamilai-tu -i- of Jiell rjid iaic and tarr Stop Valves. Coin rm-t No. 17. Cast Iron atnr Piut.

Cusi fiichina: aisd P'pi; Ijiv i ti if. No bid will be nsidoi tt nnlfss liy a iprtiri.ato from ilio c.iiy Soli'-itor Dial tin;" provisioriM of an oulinan'i; rpiiriu proposal boiid when tfae bids i-M'i't'd ill ainourit tin- hundred dollars, approved May lAiJ p. West i. have been eompin wttti. The Dire'tor resei tc to himself the unv or all bids, as be May deeni ritbt to iiest for the Interest of lh-j ity.

W.M. C. HAlUiOCK. Oireetor PIJoptiSM.S Foil LF.i'iiJINS. Philadelphia oe-it M.

142S Areh March 25. 19nl Sealed proposals, in will be received te-re until 11 o'clock A. Thiusdav, April 4. for rurnlshin i Mis tiepot with oii pairs ol Canvas LcKliius. eoiiforiiiini; In pvery respe- oxistina stand-aid and spec Itieations.

except that they are to b-- provided uiU: Lacins Stud bavips larger b-add like sample at tits ofti'-e. liidders must wile with what rapidity they will make de-lierles. Ilovfrunifcnt rfserves. the rlsht to re-jeet or accept any or all proposals or any part thereof. PrefureiiCH iriven to articles of domestic production or manufacture, conditions of ipmlitv and prices (inelndiuu i the price of for-nau production or luanuf aetui me duty there-oni biins equal.

A tJFAKANTKK iji la per cent of ttie value of the Lesrins must proposals. 5u cents Interna! Revenue must in- affixed to one iintnrer of cnaiiinteed bid au.l -propcrlv canceled. L'N'iFA RANTtKl) BIOS will not tie considered. Blanks for proposals mid specification" will lie furplshed upon application. Knvelopes contniulne proposals to be endorsed ''Proposals for I-ireins" a'ld reused to Col.

JOHN V. FI ltKY, Asst. Quar-lerinaster General. 17. S.

Ariry piTTipT'Ts Ft PC ItNIS 1 11 STKK KT T.l TKIt KS. Postot tiee Inpartment. all-in-ion 1'. C. March V.t.

-Se led proposals wil! bo received at this department, in the can: of the Superintendent of the Free pelivery System until 12 o'clock neon on Friday, the IPth day of April. 11)01. for funds iuu street letter boxes, firt- a period of four yea s. Specifications will he fipni-bed upon a'-plicntl' li. CHAULES 1 MOB SMITH.

Postmaster CeneraT lame's Alterative is a Ff'ltK BLOOD PC-71 IF IKK. A trial will convince you. That foe in the Bronchial tules is the cerro of chronic 'rouble: but it is very susceptible to tiea'tic-m with Jayuc's Kxpectoraut. MARRIED I'F ttrtY iTFKH F.I.I T'. On the evening of Friday.

Mau 20. Ifml. al 1 bir yiarsonace of the Calvarv Baptist Church. 7('S Snyder avenue, t'hiladclphia. by tbe pastor.

Rev. J. Wes-tev Sullivan. Hiram Perry and Maude 17. Os-fcrheHt.

hoih of JR- P.FOOLi. At 4717 I-eiper siicet. on Maffti 20. VMtl. "5lr.

Hi-tuy J. Schu-ii, acker and Mary K. Blood, by Bev. F. Inhiglpr.

OFFICIAL DEATH RETURNS Appended ave th-; olticial ri'turns of deaths made vesterdav to the recistration office of the Board of Health. City Hall. They include the tmroe. ayes, dates, places of death or late residence of those dead. The astciisk i indicates that death was due.

to a disease officially classed as eoiitflirlous. "Goldsmith. Bessie. 2. 1231 Germantown ave.

Vorr.ilofC Leah. 4H. 14w M. Raeyliup, Joseph bi. 12 N.

Thlid. DIED VPPl.F'l ON. -On Marc 2f. Vail. Klizabeth T.

wife of Georae ApjdetoD and dauzhter or I he late Joseph and MarsarW Paxson Canbv need 4) vears. Funeral on Third ly, April at 10.) o'clrai-k from near Langlhorne. ill meet train ieavins Ieadlng Terminal at rt.Krt A. M-. at I.n::horne station.

Interment at Friends' Burial Ground. VSY On March 20, 1U01. William Rus a-ed vears. FDra I from the r-dcuc' ol "b1 hrother-irj-law. Wi liam H.

Dnbll. No. 1H Prince i-treet, Bordentowii. on Tuesday afternoon, April 2, al 2 clock. In-termenl private.

TK INS. Ou March 1W1. Aususfa. wife William Atkins, in her I un'raj ou Tuesday, at 2 o'clock, from liM) North Third itreet. Interment at GreeD Mount.

BATLEY. On March 2. Marparetta. widow of Joseph Bailey. In the Ndth, year of her a' Funeral ou Monday afternoon.

at 2 o'clock from the residence of her. son-in-law. Geoive W. Arthur. S1 Reed (reel.

Services at St. Paul's M. F. Church, at clock. Interment In the church jrrouud.

BANES. On March 2. 1WM. Benjamin C. Banes in tt lioth rear of hi afe.

Funeral rvices at No. 1010 North Lei'hgow street, on Tuesdav mnrninK. at 11 o'clock. Interment at Ccilur Hill Ctmetery. BARNES.

On March SO. 1901. Harold, son of Morris and Marae Barnes, aged 2 months and 2 Funeral services will be held on Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at hi parents' nsi- Second Street 1'iKe. neiow i ox iimw Tbirtv-fif Hi ward. Interment at Cbercb Ground, Oluey.

BARR. Suddenly, on March Ml, It-irr Residi'lH-e. 143 South St. James 1101. John SveDtcentu titreet One notb-e of the funeral ill be siven.

BRBV. On March 2S. PJ01. Barry. Fuceral on iiesday S.oi o'clock.

Ik. IT- his IntP residence. sireei. 'auiden. N.

J. of F. tiled. Solemn riiiuiem mass Conception al 1o A. B.

B. are m-Churcb of Im-lntevment at St. PnCb temeterv -On March r-Ol. at Jackson. N.

.1.. Jir-eph Beelham, (rem nh avenue. Wis-lncdny. April at O- icon's machine shoo zei 62 years. Funeral Falls SchiirlMll.

en 2 P. JT. Employes of are invited. Interment Mt. Peace Cemetery.

On Marcb oi. Bil. Caiherine. th ijnw of Beutz. aued 57 years.

Funeral on ruesdar. at o'cl's-k, from her late residence. 14, "57 North Newkirk street. High mass at St l.ndwlck's Church, at 10 o'clock. Interment at St.

Peter's Cemetery. I fie Annie HorMmau Council, No. 7tt. vx B. Is luvlted.

March 2S Harriet daughter of Kanicl and Llddla Biliter. aped 8 months and 2 weeks. Funeral on Monday. April I at 11 o'clock, from tbe residi nee of her parents, at Attleboro, Pa. Interment at Beech-wood Cemetery.

March BK'l. Bobert. son of August of Cedarburir. -aged 3. iiars.

Funeral services on Wednesday, at 2 I. clock, at Market street, luteiment at Mortal) Cemetery. BOWMAN- On March 31. Lizzie v-ifo of William fi. Bomn aud daughter of tin H.

and Annie E. Eayton. acred years. I relatives and friends of the family i re respectfully invlicd to attend the funeral ser-vpes ou Wednesday sfternoiii. 1 o'clock, at i late residence, Ci'Jo West liauphtn street.

Interment private, at Mt. Veruoii Cenitery. KV. -on March 31. PiOl.

Kmma C. Biiueilev. wife of Soloui-u Brlniitley. and of tbe late James E. aud Elizabeth Sotuers.

aced tears. Funeral on Wednesday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from Acute street, i hnrch services at the A. M. E. Church.

Oxford stxeet. in-ar Paul street. Frankford. al BROWN. -On March 2f 1001.

Josephine, widow of Christian Brown, sged years. Funeral Tuesiiay. at 2 o'clock, from hr late rsi- I rce. No. I 1eidy avenue ilorty-hrst and aenuel.

BCtl fn March 2S. 10OI. at reiiibcrtoii. N. William Ibiirv Budd.

aae, 74 years. Fn from Ponibei ton. op Monday. April 1. at 2 o'clock P.

M. Services at the bouse, lorerinept in Baptist Cemeterv. IU Tl.ER. Marcli 31, Mary. Moved ife of Edwin Butler, in her f-7th year.

Fu-i ial services on Wednesday afternoon, at o'clock, at S.Vi Gormantown avenue. Interment urictly private, at Northwood Cemetery. ARLIN. On March 2S. B01.

Hush Joseph, son of Annie and the late Huh Carlin, aKed 28 ears. Funeral en Monday morning, at H.3H ti loi k. from hoS North Randolph street. High reipiiem mass at Church of the Immaculate Conception at 10 o'clock. Interment at Holy Cross I emetery.

CARNEY. On Marcli Bail Beatrice of James M. and Sard) A. Carney. iicif 1 year and 11 mouths.

Funeral ou Tues-oitv afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from o72t Mount einon street. Internient at mho Cemetery. CARPENTER. On March 80. 1001.

Sallie M. Hairncr Carpenter, in her 23d ver. Funeral on 'I i.i sday at clock, from 244 "West Ontario street. Solemn high mass at St. veronica's Church, at 10 o'clock.

Interment pirtetlr private. On elarcb 2. liit. F.iiabeth wtrc of the lite Ir. Willian.

M. Caterson. Funeral services April 1 at i.uo at her late residence. 2H1 North Ninth recj. luteriucn: luivan al Mvnuiuent Ceuie- Francis sou of and Rose Cos- i Cf, ve.

awed 5 years, of Thouipsou street. Internient at Holy Cros Cemetery. No funeral. COFLSTON. on Marcli Susanna Frexs.

widow tf the late Joseph M. ConlsroD, in her tiSth vear. Funeral services on Thursday. April 4 at 2 o'clta-k. at tbe Id Point Baptist Church.

The family will meet at tbe luoase at 1 o'clock. Interment at Cold Point Carriages will meet the Roxborougb and Chestnut Hill Trolley at Plymouth Meeting between 12 arid -1 o'clock. CROSS -On March 31. 10O1. at Peniberton.

Aimer W. Cross, aged years. Funeral I on April 3. at lo o'clock, from his father's lesidencc. Samuel L.

Cross, Jarvis street. K. of P. of Georgetown, X. invited.

Interment at Pointville. X. at 11.30. CF.MMINES. On March 27, 10ol.

Thomas Cummiiies, aged years. Funeral on Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence. No. Ill Ellsworth street. Sansom Lodge, io.

17. K. of and Sirvivors of Birney Zouaves. 1 laic Twenty-third Ivania Volunteers, are invited. Interment at Sixth Street Fnion Vault.

CUTTS. On March 20. 1001. John Cnm, aged 2 vears. Funeral services ou Tuosd iy afternoon, at 1 o'clock, at No.

2115 East I.ippincott street. Amalgamated Society of Engineers. Branch No. 2. are invited to atteud.

Interment private, at Mt. Alorlan Gemetery. I A RT. On Marcli 29. RH.

George W. Iiahuert. in Ills S5th year. Fnnerai iHrvii-es at 1M7 North Twenty-seventh street, on Tuesday, at 3 o'-lfM-k prei-isely. Star of Bethlehem Lodge, No.

BK, I. O. O. F. invited.

Interment private. OA WES. on March 27. BKil. Mary, wife of Thomas lwes.

Funeral on Monday niomiug, at x.l',0 o'clock, from her husband's residence. Wise! street. High mass at the Assumption Chun h. Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery. OE FBEHN.

Ou March 31. IfKil. John William lie Frehn. Residence. 2730 Fronkford avenue.

Due notice of the funeral will be given. OEHAVEN. On March 31, Bail. Albert, son of Albert and James W. Ilehaven.

aged 10 months. Funeral services on Tuesday evening at o'clock, at his parents' residence. No. 2243 Gormantown avenue. Interment private.

O'MERS. On March 20. Biol, formerly of Montreal, Canada. Hector, husband of Catharine li'Mcrs. and son-in-law of 'the late Edward and Margery Farren.

aged Funeral will take place on Tuesday morning at o'clock, from his late residence, 37o5 Walnut street. Solemn high mass at St. James Church at 10 o'clock precisely. Employes of Pugh's Auger Works are roiectf ully Invited. Interment st Cathedral Cemetery.

HOIINERT. On March 20. 1001. George W. Dohnert.

in his btith year. Funeral services at his late residence. 1817 North Twenty -seventh street, on Tuesday. April 2. at 2 o'clock precisely.

Star of Bethlehem Lodge. No. 100, I. o. O.

is invited. Interment private. POITGH ERTY. On March 27, 1001, Mary daughter of the late Henry and Catharine liougherty. Funeral on Monday morning, at from her late residence.

No. 1720 Soma Twenty-first street. Mass at the Church of St. The mas Aquinas at 9.30 o'clock. Dol'GHERTY.

On April 30. Mary, wife of Patrick Dougherty. Funeral on Tuesdav morning, at 7.30 o'cttick. from her late reideuce. 132t! Webster street.

Mass at St. Theresa's Church. Intermeut at Holy Cross Cemeterv. DOWNING. On March 30.

Iouis E. Downing, son of Edward E. and Sophia Downing, aged 1-i months. Funeral on Monday afternoon, nt 2 o'clock, from his parents' residence. 343.S Ludlow street.

Interment at Olive Cemetery. DO i'LE. Suddenly, oa March 27. ltxil. W.

Watson Doyle. Funeral services on Monilav, April 1. at 2 P. M. precisely, at his late residence.

331 Gowan avenue. Mount Airv. Apollo Lodge. No. 3S0.

F. and A. M. Corinthian Lodge. No.

14. Shield of Honor; letter carriers of Station O. and all other organizations of which he was a member, invited. Interment private. Id FFIELD.

On March 2m. 1001. Harriet Duf-tield. daughter of Dauiel aud Liddia Bilger. aged 8 monrbs and 2 weeks.

Funeral on Mondav morning. April 1. at 11 o'clock, from the residence of her parents, at Attleboro, Pa. Interment ni Beechwood Cemetery. EGAX.

An anniversary mass for the lute Rev. David P. Egan will tie celebrated at St. Anne's Cnurch on Monday. April 1.

at 0 o'clock. Rov-ereud clergy, relatives and friends are invited. FAR REI.L. On March 31. 1901.

Elizalieth. the daughter of Richard aud Auie Farrell. aged 0 months. Funerul on Tuesdav. at 2 o'clock, from her parests' resideuce.

2011 May-lield street. Interment at Holy Sepulchre Ceme-tcrv. 1- ALLON. On March 30. lOnl.

Margaret Elizabeth, wife of Joseiih A. Fallon and daughter of George and the late Margaret Thompson, aged IS years. Funeral oil Wednesdav tnci-niug. at 7.3tt o'clock, from 1217 Latotia street. Mass at the Church of the Anuuucia-tion.

luteruient at Holy Cross Cemeterv. FINKBEINEB. On March 20. 1001." Marv. widow of the late John Finkheiner.

aged lis years. The relatives and friends of the family also the members of the Evangelical Lutheran Christ Church and tbe Ladles' Aid of the Ger man Hfspital. are respectfully invited to atteud I the funeral, on Monday, at 2 o'clock, from her 1 late resiaence. It2 -North Nineteenth street. Interment at Mt.

Vernon Cemetery. FISHER. On March 31 B1, Hcniv Fisher, son of Jacob and Mary Fisher diee Mannueli. aged months. Funeral on Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, from parents' residence, northeast corner Sixth and Cambria btreet.

Interment at Mount Peace- Cemetery. FITZPATRICK. On March 30. B'01. Hugh Fitzpatrick, Sr.

Funeral on Tuesday morning, at 7.3ii o'clock, from 227 Pine street. Solemn requiem mass at St. Joseph's Church, at 0.30 clock. Interment private. FOWLER.

On March 28. 1901. Francis A. w'er. aged 73 years.

Funeral services on Mondaj. April 1. at 1 o'clock, at tbe residence of bis son-in-law, Evan Watson. 4707 Worth street. Frankford.

iDterment at Mercer, Cemetery, Trenton. J. FOX. On the 2Nfh cf March. Jonathan R.

Fox. iu his 64th year. Funeral services on Monday morning, at 10 o'clock, at 238 Xorth Lawrence street (formerly Crown stree'l. Interment private. GALLAGHER.

On March 2S. 1001. Hugh, husband of the late Jane Gallagher. Funeral on Monday. April 1.

Urnl. at 2 o'clock, from his late residence. 2009 Reed street. Interment at Mount Moriab Cemetery. GARDINER.

Suddenlv on March 20. 1001. John H. Gardiner, husband of Margaret X. Gardiner.

Funeral services on Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at 1.T12 Federal" street. Oriental R. A. 1S3; Blue Lodge. Xo.

0, F. and A. Hand and Hand Council, No. 14, o. A.

Independence Lodge. Xo. 5.1. I. O.

O. and all other organizations of which he wa sa member invited. Interment at Mt. Mo-riah Cemeterv. EI ELM AN.

Suddenly, on March 30. lOnl. Edward McPherson Geiselman. in his 41st year, funeral service? on Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at 150 North Judson street. Philadelphia and Reading Railway Relief Association invited.

Interment private. I GIFFIX. On March 20. 1901. Marv wife of B.

F. Giffin, and daughter of tbe late Elijah and Lydla A. Durham. Funeral services on Tuesdav at noon, at 2 o'clock, at her brother's residence. 602 Xorth Bodine street.

Interment at Green Mount Cemetery. March 31. 1001. Catharine, the wife of Henry George Goodman, aud daughter of Margaret and the late George Peters, in her 53d year. Funeral on Wednesday, at 12 o'clock soon, from her late residence.

1013 Cavuga street, Xicetown. Services at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation, at 1 o'clock. Interment at German Lutheran Cemetery. The members of the Lutheran Church of the Reformation are invited. GORM LEY.

Suddenly, on March 20. 1001, Anna beloved wife of Thomas Gormley. Funeral on Monday morning, at 8.30 A. from the northeast corner of Kensington avenue and Westmoreland street. Twenty-fifth wind.

Solemn requiem mass at the Church of tbi Ascenion. Altar Society and League of tbe Sacred Henrt of the Church of the Ascension are invited. Interment at the new Cathedral Cemetery. GOSLIN. Ou March 20, 1901.

Edmund H. GosliD. in his year. Funeral services ou Mojidav evening, at o'clock precisely, at his late residence, Xo. BioO North Marshall ttreet.

Enmloves of the Philadelphia, and Reading Bail- I way and all other organizations of which he was a member are Invited. Interment private, i GRAHAM. Suddenly. oD March 27, 1001, An-i nl. daughter of the larc Mortba and Annl" Graham.

Funeral on Monday morning, at o'clock, from her late residence. Xo. lo23 Xorth second street. Solemn requiem mass at St. Michael's Church.

luterment at New Cemetery. GRAY. On March 2S. lool. Permilia widow of Thomas Cj Gray, aged 60 years.

Funeral services on Sunday evening. March 31, at 6 at tbe residence of her son-in-law. George p. McGonlgal. Xo.

1214 North Twenty-seventh street. Camden. East Side, X. J. Interment at Xew Brunswick.

N. Monday. April 1. on arrival of the 10.40 A. M.

train from Philadelphia. GRIFFIN. -On March 31. 10OI, Joseph, sou of William and Seretto Griffin, aged 6 months. Fri.eral on Wednesday af ternoon.

at 2 o'clock, fiom 2O40 Waverly street (Twenty-nrst and Fine). Interment at Cathedral ometerv. I II AITN. On March 3i, 1001. Martha wife of John D.

Hahn and daughter of Sarah T. i Ellis and the late William Tornlln. In the 53d i year of her age. Funeral services Tuesday, at 2 o'clock P. at her late residence, 427 1 West York street.

Interment at Xorth Hill Cemetery. HAINES. On March 1001. Isabella, widow of Gi'orgo W. Haines, aged 72 years.

Funeral on Wednesday, at 3 o'clock, from the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Thomas Coleman. Downton street. Xicetown. Interment at St.

Stephen's Cemetery. Germantown. The members of St. Luke's Methodist Church ami the Mt. Carinel M.

E. Church and Xicetown Baptist Church ore invited. HAINES. Suddenly, on March 20. 1001.

Isabella, widow of George W. Hnlnes. ased 72 vears. Funeral on Wednesday at 3 o'clock, from th" residence of her son Mr. Thomas Coleman.

1653 Eat Dounton street. Xicetown. Interment at St. Stephen's Cemetery. German-town.

The members of St. Luke's Methodist and Mount Carniel M. E. Churches, also Nice-town Baptist Church arc invited. Farewell my dear children.

HAINES. Ou Third month 20fh. BV1. George I Haines, ill bis 7Sth year. Belatives and friends I of the fami'v are invited to attend the funeral 1 from Friends' Meeting Hc.ise.

st Medford. X. on Tbiid day. Fourth month. 2d.

at 12 i o'clock. Train leaves Market street ferry at 10 5o A. M. I HARRIS On March 28. 1001.

Mary daughter of Harriet and the late Alexander Harris, in her 20th year. Funeral from her late residence. Xo. 679 North Forty-second street ou Mondav afternoon, at 1 o'clock. Interment at Merion Cemetery.

HEMPHILL. on March 20. lOo-l. Oliver Hemphill. Fuueral sei vices on Tuesday.

April 2 at 2 P. M. precisely, at 2010 Wallace street. Corinthian Lodge. Xo.

3C. F. and A. Oriental Chapter. No.

183. R. A. M. Corlnthiau Chasseur" Oouimandery.

Xo. 53. K. Philadelphia Oousistoty. A.

and A. Rite: Ln Lu Tem-rde. A. A. O.

X. M. are Invited to attend, interment private, at West Laurel Hill. HENDERSON. On March 20, 1001.

Thomas C. Henders husband of Marv L. Henderson, aged 40 years. Residence 1000 Sartain street. Irue notice of the Funeral will be given.

EN Y. On March 31, 1001. David Doyle Henry, son of William II. and Mary A. ITenry, aped 1 year.

Funeral on Tuesday afternoou. at 2 o'clock, from 2223 Montgomery avenue. In-ti i-roent at New Cathedral Cemetery. 1IOAG. On March 3o.

1001. Henry H. Hoag. aged years. Funeral from hla eoa-ln-law 's day evening from 7 to 9 o'clock.

Minerva Coun ell. Xo. 33d. Jr. O.

U. A. M. are invited. SEIZ.

On March 30. 1901. George E. son or George L. and Margaret felz.

ana granuson or Ellen J. and the late Thomas Morrison, aged months asd 13 days. Funeral services on ed-nesdav. at 2 o'clock, at the resldeni-e of his parents. 2337 North Van Pelt street.

Intermeut SHE BERT. On March 20. 1901. Joseph, son of the late Michael and Mary Sbubert, in his 59th vear. A patient sufferer at rest.

The relatives aud friends of the famUy, also General D. B. Birney Post. No. t3.

G. A. R. Survivors First New Jersey Cavalry, tympany Integrity Lodge. A.

O. V. employes of A. Shepherd Excelsior Stove Works: Keystone Y. B.

S. Columbia Lodge, K. of and membzers of Siloain M. E. Church, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesdav, at 1 o'clock, from his late residence, 2020 East York street.

To proceed to Palmer Vault. Intecuent private at North Cedar Hill Cemeterv. SHADY. On March 27. 1901.

Catharine, the widow of Peter SMarJy. aged 60 years. Funeral on Mondav, at 8.30 o'clock, from 2233 North Fourth street. High mass of requiem at St. Edward's Church.

10 o'clock. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. Wilmington papers please copy. SHAW. On March 29.

1001. Edward A. Shaw, aged 31 vears. Funeral services on Tuesdav at 1 o'clock at 862 North Franklin street. Interment at Westminster Cemetery.

SHIFLER. On March 30. 1901. Tabitha widow of John Shifter, aged 75 years. 1 uneral services at her late residence, Xo.

237 Poplar street, ou Wednesday evening, at 8 clock. Services in Lower Providence Prcsbyterlaul Church. Montgomery county. on Thursday morning at 10.3O o'clock. Interment in Church Grounds.

si KMMKR On March 30. 1001. Edward ail vears. Funeral services on Aoril "nuuetually at 1 P. at 1536 North Nineteenth street.

Interment at Xorrlstown. STALEY. On Marvh 20, 1901. Sarah B. Sta-lev.

in the 72d year of her age. I unend services on Tuesdav afternoou. at 1 dock, at residence. Ridge avenue above Barren Hill. Montgomery county.

Pa. luterment at Barren Hill Cemetery. STEELE. Suddenly, on March 30. 1901.

Kate beloved wife of Geoige G. Steele ami uaugu ter of the late Nathaniel B. and Sarah A Iiammond. Funeral on eunesuay afternoon. at 1 o'clock, from 2128 Watklns vices at Twentv-second Street M- street.

Ser- Ew Church. Twenty-second and o'clock. Intermeut at Moore streets, at 2.30 Mt. Moriah Cemetery. sTP-TSii'-(in March 28.

lOOl. Hanuan A. wife of the Iat; A. .1. Meisou.

an ...1 i oo rwl friends of tne iamuy are 1 e- si-cctfully invited to attend the funeral services, on Monday afternoon, at 1 clock, pre-ctselr. at residence of her son-in-law, Mr. John iiu.p 1S13 North Fifteenth street. Interment private, at Mount Moriah Cemeteiy. STOCKTON.

Suddenly, on March 20. Tool. Harrv son of Eliza II. and the late John St.skfon. aged 43 yeais.

Funeral wrviccs Tuesday afternoon, at 2 1 dock, at No jbt. Eyre street. Interment private, at Cedar Cemetery. 1 1 vi tin ou. iuoujuo, husband of Catharine Sullivan.

IXineral will take nlaee Wednesday morning at 8.30 o'clock, from his late residence, 2t4 Wallace street. Hiirt, mass of reuuiem at St. Francis Church. at 10 o'clock precisely Interment at Cathe- dral Cemeteiy. TROY.

On March 20. lftul. James. son of John and Ellen Troy. agel 7 months and davs.

Fuueral on Monday afternoon ai cioe clock. from his parents' resilience, above Mt. Vernon Interment at St. Dennis Cemetery. March 30.

1901. Mart 5 wife of John II. Tway. and daughter of llliam H. and Marv Allen.

The relatives and friends of the family are respect ully invited to attend the funeral services, on Tuesday afternoon. April 2. at 2 o'clock, at 536 Yolk street, Camden X. J. Interment private.

TYLER. On March 2S. 1901. Caroline beloved wife of Edmund Tyler. in her o4th year Funeral services ou Monday afternoon, at 2 30 o'clock, from her late residence.

121 East Meehan avenue. Geruiantowu. Interment private Ivy Hill Cemetery. VX GUXTEX. Ou March 27, 1001.

Frederick Van Gunten, Sr. Funeral services on Tuesday. -April 2. at 2 o'clock, at his late residence "1333 North Twelfth street. Interment al West Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Fuueral pri- V6cKWE. On March 30. 1901. Miss Marie Vockwe, in the 72d year of her age. Funeral services ou Tuesday morning, at 10 o'clock, from 313 Spring Mill avenue.

CViiisboocken. Montgomery i-ouuty. 1'a. Interment private, at -v-erside" Cemetery. WALLACE.

On March 28. 1901. William Wallace, the son of William and the late Mary Wallace. Fuueral on Monday, at 2 o'clock, from 449'. Richmond street.

Bridesburg. Interment at Presbyterian Grounds. Due notice will be given. WLTON Suddenlv. on March 29.

1901. at ber late residence. Wilmington. Delaware. Anna Elliott wife of Ephraim T.

Walton, aged ots vears. Funeral services at 922 Jefferson street. vii inincton. Delaware, on Monday. April 1, at P.

M. Interment strictly private WALZ. At Sellersville. on Ifull ltev. Frederick Walz, D.

D. March Fuueral ou Tuesdav afternoon, at 1.30 o'clock. WA BDEN. On the 29 rb at Bristol. Robert, sou of the lato William and Martha Warder, iu his 51st year.

Funeral on Monday. Mril 1 -t 2 o'clock, from his late residence. No. Pond street. Bristol.

1'a. Interment at Bristol Cemetery. Hcam Castle. No. 240.

K. Court Onward. No. 84. F.

of Bristol Division No. S. of F. are invited. WARK On March SO.

1901. William H. Wark. in his 3-th year. Funeral on Wednesday, at 2 o'clock, from 1139 Pierce street.

Employes of -P L. Resteln-Co. are invited to attend. Interment at Jit. Moriah Cemetery.

WATSON. On March 30, BtOI. Reuben husband of Mary Watson, nee Weldy. iu his "Hth vear. Funeral on Tuesday, April 2, st 2 Vdock, from hi late residence.

438 Chambers avenue Camden. N. J. Topieus Club, of Broadway E. Cbureb.

Camden and Browning Council No 122. O. A. are invited. Interment at Harleigh Cemetery.

Remains can be viewed Monday evening from 7 to 0. WHITE. On March 20. 1901. at Bordentown.

Lydla Anne White, widow of the late John White, aped 70 years. Funeral on Tuesdav afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from ttv vesldence of her son-in-law, J. B. Reynolds. Reeder avenue Bordentown, N.

J. Interment Boidentown Cemetery. WILLiAMS. On March 2S. 1901.

Bessie A. -1 IH' IK. I 1 1 1 1 1 a I DEI .1 VJ11 Monnay arrer- noon, at clocK. at ttie resilience or ner son-in-law. A.

Bailey, Wayne, Pa. Inter- Uient iiivte. WII.T IAMSON. On March 20. Kr-ncls Cooncr.

non of Leland M. and Mary H. Williamson, aci-d 2 vears and 8 months. Funeral on Tnesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from bis parents' residence. Essex avenue, Xarbcrth.

Interment private. WOERXI.F.. On March SI. 1001. William E.

Wocrule. of Nineteenth and Montgomery avenue, asred TiS years. Lue notice of the funeral ill be friven. IN MEMORIAM CASEY. In sad remembrance of Cra Bell f'Khev.

nee llicg, who departed this life April 1, Just one year and still we mis her: Friends may think tb wound lias healed, But thev little know the borrow that Lies within our hearts concealed. UUSBAMI A Nil SISTER. In lovintf of our son, Albert A who died April 1. lime, but not forgotten. Illis PA KENTS.

t-'FMKn Iii loving remembrance" of my hus band and our father. Frank T. Fried, who de- united this life April 1 WIKF. AND DAUGHTER. KtiHLETt.

In loving reniernbi anr-e. of my dear husband. Johu Ivobler. who departed tms lire nril J.ovea in lite, remain "'m in death. WIFE.

SALISBURY IMPROVED. SAYS LATEST BULLETIN Phvsicians Hope Soon To Send His Premier to the South LONDON, April 1 Tbe following bul- ru condition of the Pre mier was issuea last evening: "Lord Salisbury was attacked with influenza March 23. The illness lias ran the normal course ant! lias been attended by the usual prostration. The temperature, however, has been almost normal for the last two days and his lordship's strength is improved, with increasing power of taking food. It is hoped that he will be able shortly to get a change to the south, which he had been contemplating at the time of the attack.

(Signed) "DOUGLAS -H. R. WALKER." Prime Minister Sagasta ill MADRID, March CI. Prime Minister Sagasta is ill and is confined to his room. SUEZ CANAL BLOCKED AND DUKE HELD UP Cornwall and York Halted on by Broken Dredge Special Cable to The Inquirer.

Copyright 1901, bv The Philadelphia Inquirer Company. LONDON, March 31. A dispatch to Llovus from Port Said says that an, acci dent to a dredge belonging to the Suez Canal Company has stopped traffic; in the canal. Among the vessels blockaded is the Ophir, with the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York on board, which entered the canal this morning and is now anchored. The transport Britannic is aground in the canal, but she does not obstruct the passage.

a Tour dav afternoon. April 1. nt 3 o'clock, at her late i residence. No. 5114 Waketield street, German- town.

Interment urlvate. at ivv mil v.emeiery. JENKINS. On the morning of MarVh 20. 10ul.

James U. Jenkins. Funeral services Monday evening, at 8 o'clock, at 8o2 Xorth Thirteenth stieet. IntermeDt private. Suddenlv.

on March 28. 1001. William Johnson, aged 44 years Funeral from bis late residence. No. 2til" South Darien street, on Jionday afternoou.

at 1 o'clock Interment at Merion Cemetery. r.LLY. On March 20. 10O1. William beloved sou of Thomas F.

and Mary T. Kelly, and grandson of Marv and the late William Kelly aud the late John and Catharine Duffy. Funeral on Tuesduy morning, at 8.30 o'clock, from 2046 Federal street. Solemn mass of requiem at St. Charles' Church.

St. Charles' Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality nnd the Journeymen Stone Cutters' Fnion invited. Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery. KERKESLAGF.R. On Match 31.

1001. Sarah, widow of the late Henry Kerkeslager. The relatives nnd friends of ihe fami.y are respect fully invited to attend the funeral services, on Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at the of her niece. Mrs. Robert Morrison.

102.8 Siuth Eighteenth street. Interment at Feruwood Cemeterv. A patient suftei -r at rest. KILLEN. On March 30.

10O1. Amanda, iu-fant daughter of George W. and Lizzie Killen. aced 0 months. Funeral on Tuesday afternoou, at 2 o'clock, from 1037 South Mole street.

Interment private. KLINE. On March 30, 1001. Nathan, the husband of Catherine Kline, aged 61 years. Funeral services ou Tuesday at 8 o'clock at his late residence.

North Tenth street Train will leave Huntingdon Street Station B. R-. 8.11 morning. Interment at O'lakertown. Pa.

Jefferson circle. NO 12 Brotherhood Unkn. and Schaum Uhiin'-er Bouchclal Assocallon are invited. March 28, lOOl. Jane tveougn.

Patrick Keough. Funeral on Monday itint-ninir af 8.3 o'clock, from the residence of John Keougb, Xo. 2519 Garnet street. Interment private. KOCH Ou March 29, 1001.

John S. Koch, aged 46 Vears. The relatives aud friends of the famllv. also employes of Blaisdell Paper Pencil Company, are respectfully invivd to attend the fuueral services, on cveniug at clock, at his late 3314 Xoith Thirteenth street. lutermeut at Fleetwood.

on Tues- dJLN'G On March 28. 1001. Harriet G. Lang, dau'gh-er of Jacob and the late Helen Lang. A patient sufferer at rest.

The relatives aud friends of the family are,l attend the fune at ser- tbe 1 vices, on i afternoon, at oroee'd to umooria'iu rim i torment private at North Cedar Hill Cemetery. LYNCH -tin March 29, 1901. Robert J. Lvncb Funeral on Tuesday morning, at 8...0 o'clock, from his late residence. 1.2o Sanforu street I-ttercarriers ot Station are invited.

Solemn reciiiiem mass at St. Patrick Church. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. March lfol. Ellen, wife of' Michael McBride.

aud daughter of .,...1 -Vioiie Kefllev. Funeral OU the late Tuesday 3ii o'clock, from "1737) P.issvunk avenue Solemn, muss of requiem at the Annunciation' Church. Interment at Holy Cross.W McCLEAGH EX. On March 27. 1001.

Bridget McCleughen. Funeral on Monday, at 7.30 o'clock, from residence, Hope, above Jefferson street. Hitrh mass of reuuiem at t. Michael Church, Illlt'OIIClll i McCLEARY. Oil eiu-c.

daughter of MeClearv. aKed 17 March 29, 1901. Addle Flor-John X. and Elizabeth years. Euucral services on Monday, at 2 o'clock, at St.

John Church, Lewisville. Chester county, lu. MeGoWVN Suddenly, on March S. lftfil. I'lmes sou of Mary and the late Hugh M-G'owa'n.

og'd years Funeral Tuesday at IIOIll -1-11 erihiuni mas at min-n or rt. Danes tUa Iiilerineul at Holy I ross Cemetery. McILV IK Ou Friday, March 2v. 11X11.

Neil son of tbe late Charles and Mcllvaiue, -iel SO years. Funeral on Monday morning. 'Inril 1 1'1. at S.30 o'clock, from No. 262.

5.Lt Huntingdon street. Eighteenth ward. Solemn hlirb mass at St. Ann's Church. Interment at New Cathedral Cemetery.

MatBRIDE. On March 30. l'-ftl. George, beloved husband of -Vcn Jane MacBride. 'Affliction sore long time he bore.

Physicians were iu vaiu. Until God ot last did call him home And eased blm of his pain." James G. Blaine Circle. No. 06.

B. I til. of Pennsylvania, and Alberta G. Merer Home, No 11 "are invited to attend tbe funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence. No.

263S Salmon street. To proceed to Frankllu Cemetery. MeCORMICK. ou March 31. TOOL Annie, relict of Patrick McCoruiiek.

Funeral on Wednesday morning. 3d at 8 A. M-. from 67 I'udley street. Solemn mass of requiem at the Church of tbe Sacred Heart, at 9.30 o'clock precisely.

Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery. McGBORV. On March 3. 1001. Catharine, infant daughter of William I'.

and Catharine C. McGroty anil granddaughter of Patrick and the I rini' l.vm-h. aged 6 months and 5 davs Funeral oil Tuesday afternoon, at 427 Mercy street. Iutenaeut at New Cathedral Cemetery. McMCLLEN.

March 31. 1901. William Mc-Mulien. in his 77th year. Funeral ou Wednesdav morning, at o'clock, from 631 South Ninth street.

Solemn requiem mass at St. Paul's Church Members of Select and Common ljtin-cib-i Samuel J. Randall Association. Fourth Ward Democratic Executive Committee. William McAleer Club.

Moyamensing Legion, oiiin-teer Firemen's Association and all other organizations of which he was a member are invtied to attend. Interment at New Cathedral Cemetery. MARSHALL. On March 27. 1001.

John W. i Marshall. aged S2 years, funeral on Jlon-I day." at 2 o'clock, from bis late residence. Lo gan avenue. lvulij, i a.

Interment private. VRSH ALL. March 22. S. S.

Marshall, at Slatiugtou. Funeral took place Tuesdav, 26h. jut ne vear after the death of his wife. Georgia Marshall. MIGINNIS.

Ou March 20. 1901. Eliza daughter of Marv Oawick and the into William Meginnis. In her 20ta year. Funeral ou Monday at 3 o'clock, from the residence ot her ste'pfather.

Charles II. Hawick. 1240 East Oxford street. The employes of Henry Becker Co are invited. To proceed to Palmer Vault.

MELLON. On March 29. 1001, Sallie dauf-htcr of the late Tatrick and Anna Mellon. Fnnerai on Tuesdav morning, at 7.3i o'clock, from her late residence. No.

330 Point street. Camdeu. X. J. Ladies' I.

C. B. U. Beneficial Society is invited. High mass at Church of Immaculate Conception at 9 A.

M. Interment at St. Patrick's Cemetery- MOORE. On March So. 1901.

W. son of George J. and Elizabeth E. Moore azed 3 months. Funeral on Monday afternoon, at 1 from 162 Ritner street.

Interment Harlelgii Cemetery. Camden, N. J. MOSLEY. On March 30.

1901. Levinia B. Moslev. aged 2S vears. Funeral on Tuesday, ar 7 "o'clock, from 716 South Twelfth street.

Services Tuesday evening. April 2, at 8 I'. M. fharp. Interment at Berlin.

Md. MURPHY. On March 2S, 19tl. Julia Murphy. Funeral on Monday morning, at 8.30 o'clock, from her late resideuce.

No. South Fortv-second street. Solemn reuuiem mass at St. James" Church. Interment at Cathedral C'cmt tei v.

MYERS. On Marcli 30. 1901. Dallas, beloved husband of Sarali E. Myers and sou of the late John R.

and Rbeca V. Myers, aged 56 yeais. Funeral on Wednesday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from 623 Belgrade street. Services to be held in the Eat Baptist Church at 2 o'clock sharp. Kensington Lodge, No.

A. O. U. the nietnliei-s of East Baptist Church and police otiicei'S of the Eleventh District are invited. Interment private, at Northwood Cemetery.

NOBLE. At Ridley Park. on March 2S. Biol William Noble, son of the late Jesse and Eliza A. Noble, in bis 47th year.

Funeral ori Mondav morning. April 1. at 11 o'clock, from his late residence. Ridlev Park, Pa. Interment at Chester Rural Cemetery.

Carriages will meet train leaving Broad Street Station at 10.S5 A. at Ridley Park. Pa. March 30. 1901.

John, husband of Mary Jane X'orman. and son of Sarah and the late Thomas Xorinan. aged 37 years. Funeral services on Wednesday afternoon. April 3.

at 2 o'clock, at No. 2640 Federal street. Camden. East Side. N.

-J Ionic Lodge. No. a. Shield of Honor, fs invited to attend. Interment at Camdeu New Cemetery.

Remains can Ik; seen Tuesday evening after 8 o'clock. OGDEN. On March 30. J901, Sarah X. Og-den, widow of the late Anniug A.

Ogden, aged SO years. Fuueral on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the residence of her son. G.rge Ouden. 704l I'ascball avenue, est rmia delphia. Interment private.

OWENS. On March 30. 1001, Patrick John, sen of Michael and liose Owens, aged 2.) years. Funeral on Tuesday morning, at is o'clock, from Si02 Carlton street. Mass at the Church of tbe i Assumption.

Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery, i PARKER. Ou March 20. 1001. James, husband of Annie Parker. The relatives anil friends of the family, also Court FVini N.

22. F. of are respectfully invited to Ptti-nd the funeral services, on 'luesday after- on. at clock, at nis late resilience. 3U45 North Carlisle street.

Interment private. March 2S, 1001. Mary, widow of William F. L. Peckiuan.

Funeral on Monday. April 1. at 2 o'clock, from her late residence, No 4.ir8 Wavne avenue. Germantown. Interment at Ivy Hill Cemetery.

PFEIFFF.R. On March 31. 1901. Gertmte. the daughter of Charles and Amelia Pfoiffer.

aged 13 months. Funeral services ou Wednesday- at. o'clock, at his parents' residence. 3102 North Eighth street. Intermeut private, at Greenniount Cemetery.

PHILLIPS. On March W. l'KH. Hanuah widow of the late Fir. E.

Phillips, aged ti7 '-ears. Funeral from 11 East Broad street. Burlington, N. on Tuesduy. st o'clock.

Iiiterun-nr. private, Union M. E. Church Ground, Burlincton. PRICE.

On March 31. J0t, at Chester. Delaware counrv. Alfred son of Joshua N. and the late Elizabeth Price, in his 2oth year.

Funeral on Wednesday afternoon, at 12.30 o'clock, from 1S27 West Third street. Interment at Beihesda M. E. Cemetery. QUIGLEY.

On March 1001. MiehaeL husband of Ann tniglev. Funeral on Tuesday morning at 8.3CI o'clock, from 2417 Perot street. High msss at St. Francis Xavier's Church a' 10 o'clock.

League of the Sacred Heart of St. Francis' Church invited. Iuterruent at Cathedral CVruetcry. RAEYLING. Chi March 2S.

1H01. Joseph beloved husband of Kuiraa Raeyling. m-e Knn-kel. aged 37 vears. Fuueral ou Monday morning, at 7.30 "o'clock, from 1-'J2 North Third stie- t.

Reaul-rn mass at St. Peter's Church at 9 o'clock. Members of Archbishop Wood Assembly, No. 5. A.

C. luvlted. Interment at Holy Redeemer Cemetery. RALPH. On the 30th Rosle.

beloved wite of John and daughter of Jennie Banning and tl.e late Timothy Faley. aged 21 vears. Funeral on Tuesday morning, at 7.30 o'clock from McKcan street. Low mass at th- Sacred Heart Church. Interment at Holy Cross emetcij.

KEAUDO.N. On March 2S. lSOl.John J. I Lear 9 I. 1 1 I I 1 ESTABLISHED NEARLY 60 YEARS.

AMERICAN', British steamer. 5407 tons, New-Orleans to Cape Town, government storeit. I'ETER RICKMERS. German ship. Fblladt 1-phlna to Japan.

113.000 cases petroleum, 2" ceuls, December. LARGO LAW, British ship. 157 tons. Eraser River to Liverpool, canned salmon. 41 shilling 3 ponce, option London, 42 shillings 0 peuo September or Octolier.

MAGDALENE. Gerruau bark. New York to Jnp.m, 120. OOO cases petroleum. 2." cr 2' cents, as to port, January or February.

VIRGINIA. American 715 tons, Portland to Rahia Blutico, lumber, 12. ABIKL ABBOTT. American bark, 000 ton-New York to Bahla, general cm-go. SARANAC.

American bark. New York to Zanzibar. 40,000 cases petroleum. 23 cents. irouipi.

CUBA, British bark, 442 tons, Rosarlo to New-York or Boston, wool. $4. FOSTER ICE. British brig, 17D tons. New York t6 San Domingo, coal and lumber and back witu sugur.

THOMAS McNALLY. Ameiican haige. Be I- muda Hundred to I'lilladclfihla, lumber. BONNY DOON, British schooner, 117 tous. New Yoik to St.

Stephen's, coal, SI. EMMA S. BRIGGS. American schooner. Philadelphia Boston.

4oO tous coal, $1. NIMBUS, American schooner, 81u tons, Thllii delphia to New Orleans, coal, l.o5. JAMES W. ELWELL. American schoouer, 1o2 tons.

Philadelphia to Havana, coal. 91.40. ALICE E. CLARK. American schooner, 3fi." tons, Baltimore to Portland, coal.

S. P. BLACKBURN, American schooner, 1.V.7 tons, Baltimore to Portland, coal. E. B.

HALL, American schooner, 3(il tou. Catsklll to Jacksonville, paving liricUs. cent net, thence to New ork. lumlxa. ALMEDA WTLLEY.

American schooDei. 4113 Ions. Brunswick to New York, dry cypress, $4.75. C. W.

MILLER. American schooner. 248 ton. Jacksonville to Long Island, Sound, lumber. 5.2r.

MAUD BRIGGS, American schoouer, 214 tous. Philadelphia to Lynn, pipe. JAMES D. DEWELL, American schooner. 573 tons, Fernandina to Philadelphia, lumber.

EDWIN ti. MAUD, American schooner, 17 tons, Newberuij to Washington, D. lumber. vo-Ort- J. V.

PAIGE. American schooner. S78 ton. City Point, to New York, lumber. 2.50.

WATCHMAN, American schooner, tons, New-York to Vineyard Haven, com, 3 cents pcr bushel. FOREIGN MAILS Closing of Foreign Mails at Philadelphia Postoffice MONDAY. For Belize. Puerto Cortez and Guatemala, pt'r steamer from New Orleans. 6.0ft P.

M. For Europe, per S. S. Kaiser Wm. der Grosse.

via Cherbourg. Southampton and Bremen, 2.30 A. for Central America (except Costa Rica) and South Faelttc ports, per S. S. Finance, via Colon (Guatemala when specially uddressed.

4.00 A. M. for Jamalc. per S. S.

Admiral Farragut. from Boston. 3i P. for Costa Hlca, per istoumer from New Orleans. 6.00 P.

M. WEDNESDAY. For Europe, per S. 8. St.

Louis, via Southampton (Ireland wbco specially addressed). 2.30 A. M. for Nassau. N.

per steamer from Miami. Florida. 3.00 A. M. for Europe, per S.

S. Teutonic. tIii Queenstown. 4.00 A. for Belgium, per S.

S. Fricslaoil. via Antwerp (when specially addressed). 4. 00 A.

for Denmark, per S. S. Hekla specially addretsed). 4.Chj A. for Inagiia aud H.iitl, per S.

S. Belverno. 4.00 A. for Haiti per S. S.

Trins William II (Curacoa, Veuenuel.t. Trinidad. Brtislh and Dutcb Guiana, when specially addressedi. 6.O0 A. for Porto Rico, per V.

S. Transport SlcClellan. via San Juan. 6.00 A. M.

for Capeche. Chiapas, Talasc and Yucatan, per S. S. Havana, via rrogreso. (other parts of Mexico, and for Cuba, via Havana, when specially addreaaed), 6.00 A.

for Jamaica par S. S. Barnstable, from Philadelphia. 8.0O A. M.

THURSDAY. For France. Switzerland. Italy. Spain, Portugal.

Till key. Egypt. Greece, British India, and Lorenzo Marques, per S. S. La Bro-tagne, via Havre -(other parts of Europe when specially addressed).

2.30 A. for Bcrmmla. per S. Pretoria. 2.30 A.

M. for Jamaica, per S. S. Admiral Schley, from Boston, 3.0U P. for Brazil, per I.

S. Hevelins (Xorth Brazil. Argentine Republic, Uruguay and Paraguay when specially addressed). 11.00 P. M.

FRIDAY. l'or Mexi o. per 8. S. N'lagaia, via Tampico (when specially A.

for Europe, per S. S. Lucauia. via P. for Azores Islands, per S.

S. Penlnsulnr, SATURDAY. For Italy, pr S. Trave. tU Naples (w hen specially addresser! 1.

2.30 A. M. Netherlands, per S. S. Rotterdam (when specially addiessed).

2.30 A. M. for Argent li. Republic. Uragr.ay and Paragnav per b.

Beliucia 2.30 A. M. for Porto Rico, vhi Sr-ti Juan. Venezuela and Curacao, per S. S.

Yhila-dclubla (Savaull-a and Ca.thag na when speclally 4 A. M. for St. CroU.

St. 1 nomas. St. iinln ltiiry.mlos nun liemeraiH. yri z.

r-- 1 for Scotland, iri 8. Uhlopla via (when specially addressed). 6 for Cuba, per S. S. Mexico, via Harun.i (when speciallr Hddress.Mli.

0 A. M. for tan per S. S. Ravt usdale.

via Progreso. A. M. for Fortune Isiano. Jamaica, Savanllla and Car thacena per S.

S. Athos (Costa RW whet. snecratlv addressed). 6 A. for H-nltl Santa Martha, per S.

S. Andes tt A. M. Matanzas. Nuevitos, Calbarlen, Glbara and F.ara- coa per S.

8. Curt yha loraioury uiph 0 1'-yL A for Great Britain r9 Omens- and Ireland, per ff. 1 town (when specially es ed). u.ou II V'or Nassau. N.

1 per eteamer from Miami. 3 A. M- 1'AKCELS-rOST. Parcel nnst malls for Ormany at 1 P-WU'ik Iid i April 1. P-r S.

S. via Bremen, nud on April Kurfuerst. via Bremen, aud on 3. per S. April S.

S. Bulgaria, via fiamoui. tuttv Mexican oven ami 6.: A. ir 11 1.. I 3.W 1'.

1'. mails for Austisiia. via Tiinnn. Itawaii aud a. M.

0i 9.30 P. M-: roalH via New Orleans. 1'. Si nnd II P- dkius i.r a A M. and e.o" I tae ri.IIH.pice A M.

and ft. SO A. mans via rM vvirth 0.3 P. mans i Svdney. 4 P.

M. malls for St. via Boston. 6 P. malls ior tuiw.

Port Tunipa. Florida. Sunday at Wednesday and Friday. 10. 4.i A at bi- rail to Miami.

Florida, Tuesday aud Saturday. 6.30 A. M. TRANS-PACIFIC MAILS. ETC.

nstrnlia (e.Tccpt West Australia ze-landi. and Fiji Islands, per S. 6. xiiowera. close at Vancouver.

April Mails for Hawaii, per S. S. Mariposa, clofc da'l'v. San Francisco. April 6.

1901. Mails for Hawaii. China. Japan aud the Philippine Islands, per S. S.

Hong Kong Maru. close I n.i at San Krancisco, Aiirn w. mn. Malls for China. Japan and Philippine i-ianus.

per S. S. TRConia. close at iacouiu. pril 11.

1001. Mails for China and Japan, pr S. S. Empress of Japan (registered mail wbeu spcially nd-dressed), close at Vancouver. April 15.

Malls for Tahiti and Margue-as Islands, per S. S. Australia, close at San Francisco. AplH 15. Malls for Chiua and Japan and the Pblllppni--Islands, per S.

S. China, close at San 1'ranclscc. April 17. 1301. Malls for Australia (except West Australia, which Is forwarded via Europe).

New ZealMid. Fill. Samoa and per S. S. Ventura. at au Francisco. April IS, 10ol. Mails for Japan and Islam. s. ner s.

Tom Mii mi registered nian most ee via Seattle). April 20. l'Jtt' close at Sealtle. 8TH RICHMOND. Marcli 30.

Steamers Rosalie. Willis. Norfolk; Pocahontas. Glover. Noifolk; Richmond.

Catherine. Philadelphia. WASHINGTON. March Schooner George C. A.

Travers. Mitchell. Baltimore. PORT TAMPA. March 3u.

Yacht Wadena. Key West. PENSACOLA. March SO. Steamers Bay-kinds Duvond.

West Hartleiwiol; Spenny-nioore (Br.i, Narin, New Castle; Nuffield McLeod. Norfolk. Sailed NEWPORT NEWS. March 31. Steamer St.

Leonard (Br.i. Shriue. Antwerp; steamer Veroua Hansen, Rotterdam. NEW YORK. March 31.

Steamer Leon (Br.i. Port Limon; Thomas Turnbull Thomas, Aurliuus; Utstein Arsvold, Bliiefields; bark Activa iPorti, Santos. Cadiz. BALTIMORE, March 31. fMe-iners Gloucester, Boston; Tritonia Glasgow; schooner Fannie Relchc, Georgetown.

S. C. LIVERPOOL. Rio Juno, Newport News; tnnderino, I'ascagoula. BELFAST.

Ton- Head, New Orleans. BREMERIIAVEN. March Frankfurt, York and Baltimore. I.ICHMOND, March HI. Steamer San- N'ev Rich- iuond, Catherine, Philadelphia.

Passed COVE POINT. March 31. Passed up. lug Cumberland, towing barges Nos. 7, 12, Boston, aud 5.

Providence. CAPE HENRY. March SI. Passed ill for Baltimore, French training ship Diuiuay Trunin, Hovett, Port Eads; steamer Chesapeake, New York. Passed out.

from Baltimore, steamers Ohio (Br. I. Rotterdam; Turret Crown Vera Cruz; Bcthanla Hamburg: Jueruruore Liverpool; Florida (Aus. Marseilles; Chatham. Savaunuh; Cbarb-s F.

Mayer. Boston, towing barges No. 14. Boston, and Portsmouth; tug Samson with barge Dessong, New York. TORY ISLAND.

March 31. Passed. Siberian. New York for Glasirow. MARITIME NOTES STEAMER AURRERA DISABLED.

London, March 30. The Spanish steamer Aurrera, Captain Martinez, from Bilbao March 19 for Philadelphia, has arrived at St. Michaels with tubes disordered. STEAMER GWENT ASHORE. New York.

March 31. The little Norwegian steamer Gwcnt, which went ashore on March yd. two miles east of Long Beach, Long Islaud, while en route to this port with eight passengers and a cargo ot fruit from Banes, Cuha, was successfully floated this afternoou. SCHOONER ADDIE P. McFADDEN INJURED.

Vineyard Haven. March 31. Tho schoouer Addle I. McFadden. from Rockland for Annapolis, returned here yesterday with main gaff broken.

She repaired and saHed to-dny. STEAMERS' SCHEDULE TO ARRIVE. IDati of! Name. From. For.

FliiUda Phllada Pbilada Phllada Pbilada Pbilada Pbilada Pbilada Pbilada Phllada Pbilada Philaoi Phi I ad York N. York Phllada Phllada N. York N. York Phllada N. York iN.

York tSuv. fNe. uwanee Feb. Feb. 21 Loudon 2.Y Algiers 27 Shields Pluuu Tenby fWaXefield Coiean vElfle I Feb.

2 ilarsellls 7 lasgo Huelva 11 Swinemunde I Mar. tBurg. Petersen! Mar, tB'aamaiideu tClaudlus Artemisia fNortb vl.a Camping. Nederland S. of Nebraska Ethiopia IMoutana tSolano South wark Minnehaha Atlantic Trave Rhein Eagle Planet Venus Prince I Mar.

16 Rotterdam Mar. 17Hamburg Mar. 18 Hamburg Mar. Mar. 20 Hamburg Mar.

21' Antwerp Mar. 21 Olasgow Mar. 22 Movillo Mar. 22 Ixmdon Mar. 22 Huelva Mar.

23 Antwerp Mar. London Mar. 23 Porman (Mar. 24 Gibraltar 'Mar. 24 Bremen London Mar.

20i Avonmouth Mr. 20; Shields Mar. 2 Bilbao Phllada Pbilada Ph ilnda Pbilada Phllada Phllada N. York N. York Phllada N.

York Phllada N. York N. York N. York tt.oiliea tCirea'n tThordis PilncelMar. 27i Liverpool Mar.

27 Idth Pretoria M. Minghetti tHilltarn Rhynland Manitou Aug. Victoria. Bovie tMnricHue Scrvia 27' Plymouth 27'Naples 2S Amsterdam Queenstown 2S (Queenstown London IMur. Genoa 20 Liverpool Rosurio 30 Liverpool PhiludH IN.

York York York Westemland Mar. Antwerp Ii Mar. 3i Havre TO DEPART. Date of For. From.

Apr. Apr. Genoa. 2' Bremen Uverptiol Southampton 31 Antwerp Hi Liverpool 31 Rotterdam 4 Havre 4' Bremen 4i Naples. Genoa.

6 Hamburg ti Naples. Genoa. Glaseow 6 Rotterdam, ft Liverpool 6 London AUlasgow 6 Liverpool Hull Liverpool 6 London 6 Antwerp 10i Naples. Genoa. 101 Antwerp 10 Southampton 101 Antwerp 10 Liverpool 10! Bristol 11 Hamburg 11 Bremen 11 Havre It London 13 Hamburg 13 Naples.

Genoa. N. York N. York IN. York IN.

York N. York N. York Caledonian Apr. Apr. Teutonic lApr.

N. York Arch tor La Brelagne. G. Kurfnrt. D.

dl Genova. Bulgaria Trave M'r. A pr. Apr. Phllada N.

York X. York X. York N. York N. York N.

York Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr.

Apr. A nr. Apr. Apr. Apr.

Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr.

Apr. Apr. Apr. S. of Nebraska Rotterdam Lucsnia Minnehaha Ethiopia Iberiau Buffalo Pennland tNorth Point X.

York X. York X. York X. York X. Vork N.

York PhiUda Pbilada N. York N. York Phllada X. York X. Yoik X.

York Philada British Prince i jIU Nederland New York Sonthwark tiermauio Planer Venna. Aug. Victoria. Rhein Ia Champagne Montana Pretoria Hohenrfdlcni Servla Manitou Rhynland Oeorgian Ohio tEagle I A pr. jApr.

Apr. Apr. I Apr. Apr. jApr.

I 4 t.r X. York I urn York I'hi'ada York AS. York York IN. York York York I Philada York York iT'hilada 13' LiveriXH'I 13. London 13' Liverpool Apr.

I-ti Liverpool 13 Hnll 13 liOlidon 15 Rotterdam KiLlverpool 17 Antwerp 17lLcith 17 Naples. Genoa IS Hamburg lS-HAvre isj Naples, Oenoa ISiNapies. Mar ie 2ti Scutba mpton -'Pennniauor Majestic Westemland tThordis lApr. M. Mfnehetti.

Apr. Dcntsc'nland Iji Lorraine. 'Apr. Citta dl Torino: Apr. Mussina "Vaderland Apr.

iN. York York York iN. Y'i'k X. York York Vessels marked ii cany tbe mails. tDo not cairy passemjera.

FREIGHTS AND CHARTERS BARON INNERDALE. British steamer. New-York to Japan, 120.00j cases iietrolcum, SI or 32 cents, as to port. May or June. WHITE JACKET, British steamer.

14" toos, Norfolk to Buenos Ayres, coal, 15 shillings, April 5 to 25. PACIFIC, British steamer, tons. New York to Fort Natal, flour. April. EENCLIFF.

British steamer. 13S5 tons. Gulf to United Kingdom or Cootinent, general cargo, 13 shillings. April. DEPTFORD.

British steamer. 1673 tons. Gulf to United Kingdom or Continent, lumU-r, loo shillings. May. BOYNTON.

British steamer, IrtSO tons. Savannah to Har'jurg, phosphate, 15 shillings, April or May. MATTHEW BEDLINGTOX. British steamer. 1352 tons, Toti to Philadelphia, ore, 12 shll- ro'vsiiKZlO CARBON I.

Italian steamer, 2im trans-Atlantic trade. li00. ROYAL, British steamer. fiSfsi tens. New Orleans to Cape Towu, horses, 2C uillins, Afrli.

Werra Clu'd de Cadiz 1 mm- 1 1 take nothing from the Bible and add noth-1 ing to the Bible. All the others is vio lating God's law, and they'll go to hell, sure." The Bishop referred to the kissing among members, which is one of the chief tenets of the new sect, only once and very briefly We don jnean kissing for a trifle, he said: "we mean it for union in Gods love. Don't we, brothers?" Brothers and sisters both assented with vim. The Bishop also dwelt briefly upon the washing of feet, which is another important tenet of the new sect. The meeting, which continued until a late hour, closed amid the greatest enthusiasm..

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