The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 13, 1968 · Page 89
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 89

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1968
Page 89
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. SUNDAY MORNING. OCTOBER 13. 1968 3 a c d e 2 Flyers Oppose Bruins In Ice Hockey Opener With Zeidel in Stands By JACK CHEVALIER Of The Inquirer Staff The hockey season is like a pair of oversized under-shorts. It creeps up on you when you least expect it. How does the song go? It seems like only yesterday . . . That the Flyers had clinched , ,,, .,. . - trnm V- St'--- Ti.i-.- ;!- " " " " were battling the St. Louis Blues in the playoffs. MACHINERY & TOOLS -That Quebec City the balcony, Even if he did play, Zeidel would be wise to steer clear of was;badman Shack. Their sword i USED FORK LIFT TRUCKS . MODERN HANDLING EQUIPMENT CO. AS IS SPECIALS 3000 Pnou. tir. . $1150 2000t solid tir. $600 3000 solid tir. $9S0 30O0 solid lira $11 SO 4000 lid tir. $1650 6000 solid tiro 5850 10,000 solid tiro $1750 COMPLETELY REBUILT UNITS 3000 J Hys.r solid tiro -.$3650 7OO0ZT Hystor pnou ti $7750 3O0OIT Hystor pnou tiro $3150 4000 tr solid lira Hystor $4250 3000 rt solid liro Hystor $4400 6000 pnou tiro Hystor $6250 1 5.0O0JT Hystor pnou $1250 20,000 i Hystor pnou $96O0 6001 N. BROAD STREET Philodelphia, Pa. 19141 CA 4-4T.O. Boh Schmidt MACHINERY & TOOLS MACHINERY & TOOLS "home sweet home" because fight cost each man a few the Spectrum blew its top. stitches, heavy fines and a four- That-Larry Zeidel and Bos- game suspension, ton's Ed Shack were swinging J The anti-Semitic remarks al-hockey sticks in anger at each legedly made to Zeidel by Bos-other's scalp. ton players should be enough to Well, is wasn't yesterday. It; stir the Flyers for their first was six months ago, and now! assignment. A more recent in-the Flyers are about to begin 'suit was Boston's behavior their second season in the Na tional Hockey League. The Flyers announced Satur concerning Kon Buchanan. The Flyers had arranged to borrow Buchanan for one year day that defenseman Larry Halej without charge. When Boston had signed his contract. 'reneged and sent, a bill for There Is little chance that the $30,000 "rent," club president Zeidel-Shack duel will be re-(Bill Putnam said no thanks, vived Sunday night when the I General manager Bud Toile's Flyers open against the Bruins 'contract talks with his stubborn in Boston Garden (7:30 P.M. ). employes made the big news Zeidel,1 now 40 years old, is! for three weeks. Now coach strictly a spare defenseman and j Keith Allen is prepared to take will be among five players, command. Gypsy's Dance Ends on Sad Note TRADE NOW FORD '67 Mod 4M)n barkhne Idr. Ileel. completely rerond, 15' hoe 1 yd. loader, warranty. S7300 IOKP, Model 1811 Diesel Bsvckhoe Loader, ee Cond., :iono INSI.ET fRAXFS Model I. Inns; A wide track, cat ens;., 50' boom, fair leads. Need nme nnrk. Bargain. $15l0 ISSI.FV Model K. haikhoe ato sv40 hnom-BBn eng. Ideal for dracllne. Bargain. J I SIM) Bl t'VRl S ERIK, model 22B-tat. D-318 lieel ener. 50' boom. Fair lead. Excel. Cnnd.. SfiSOO FOFtla '.$ 2000 (as tractor loader, dual whin, bacl;hlade. rif cond. KORII Mod 5500 1968. backhoe mt r. JOHN rtFF.RR '66. Mod. 450 Dozer. Wide tread, 8' blade. Very cood cnnd. $8500 Cancellation of rental acrmt. makes nales of the m li a must Vers Low lltmrs CLAYTON FOR 3 TRACTOR SALES 50-3!!l-4753 609-399-3HI5 i L D. NAST MACHINERY CO. STOCK -'- i'" J' lit.. EX CELL 0 MILLING MACHINES 2508 NORTH BROAD ST. A 5-3369 PHI LA., PA. 19132 AS IS SPECIALS J-fcoOO-ll solid 14' lift LP ft sS-SO 3-10.000-lk lolls, tarleas lift $1500 l-JOOO-ls sill. 12' lift oils tip $1650 1-2000-la enrs lata nsd. 130"$2250 l-5000-lll ansa, as $2400 1-4000-la anri. 21' lift $3000 1-6000-1 a km 9' $1800 l-fiOOO-lk enre.lO'.rlul whls 52200 1-6000-lrt sella'. 144" lift $1000 RECONDITIONED l-4000-li sH.100"llft IP ias$2750 1-4000-U sla.l00"lltt.LP at$2250 1-5000-I slo.l30"Hft,LP m$32-0 1-15, 000-ll'.98"llfl.LPtl 1.500 RANSOME LIFT EOUIPMENT CO. SjIIiwsv Hs.tTpk., Cornwall Hts..Pa. 639-4300 DICK LA SALLE DOGS. BIRDS, riSH.ETC. Dogs DOGS, BIRDS. riSH. ETC. Dogs BUILDING MATERIALS & HONE SUPPLIES - ,r r IF PUPPIES PICKED THEIR OWNERS . . . I'D CHOOSE YOU! V 5 COME HAVE A PUPPY PICK YOU TODAY 199 PUPPIES from 29 MACHINERY & TOOLS Wanted NO MONEY DOWN INSTANT CREDIT 10-Year Money Back Guarantee 125 LB. AIR COMPRESSORS With L'nlnader. 1 Tr. Guar. 100 AUTOMATIC I'j H P. 115 Volt Csrrent tal. $179.50 SPECIAL $7950 Special an "i ts 10 HP Camprnsors Also Sprat Gans I Air Host Atlas Machinery WA 5-3682 118-20 N. 2nd ST., KrHi66 WANTED FOI MANUFACTURING PLANT MAINTENANCE 1. Geor Head machine Lntha 1" swing, 42 ' centers, aFck change attach, 3nM cr.uck 4 -law chtKtt. Iar9 piate. 220 over 440 volt 3-chase 60 cycle. 2. One Bridqeoort Vert milling machine 9"x42" tab e, 21' extended knee, power feed d-spindie speeds, 80 to 2770 rati Collets, vise. 220 over 440 voit. 3 phase, cO cycle. 3. One 25T hydraulic or-bar press. 4. One 8 ft metal hand brate. 5 Ore Power Paoer Cutter 3643 taDle, 8 ' stroke 220 over 440 volt, 3 phase. 60 cycle. Call Mr. r o'lier, Bet'ilehem (2151 8677568 WOULD like to purchase gas fired SCOTTIES PEKINGESI COLLIES BEAGLES POODLES GREAT DANES PUGS BOSTON BULLS GERMAN SHEPHERDS OOBERMAN COCKER SPANIELS PINSCHERS BASSETS OLD ENGLISH SCHNAUZER SHEEP DOGS AFGHANS ST. BERNARDS SIBERIAN HUSKIES WELSH TERRIERS FOX TERRIERS IABADOR RETRIEVERS CHIHUAHUAS DACHSHUNDS Pa. All Puppies Wormed, Inoculated ond Sold with Vet Approval DOCTOR PET CENTER Flymtstk MM ins Mall. Grrirnntown Pk (4221 t P Trad. Only minutes from Philadelphia OPEN SUNDAY 12-6 CH 2 6715 828-9085 BEAGLE PUPPIES All AGES. THE GREAT Pyrenees Pups. AKC. Outslond- ng ped. quality & temo. Also fiuar. Top Show Quality Fern, to SH-rw Home oniy. Terms avail. 1 -7 I 7 -927-602 V GREAT DANE Pups, 6 wks By Champion1 Gig Mm ot Kella Uama. Black & fawn Call 1-609-2671830. GREAT Danes, 7 moles, 6 wks, AKC. wormed & Inoc. Call 5V8-3366.- I i 1 Continued from 1st Sports Page his idea of a good training session was to shoot a few p racKs of pool. f J Now; Gypsy won't be with us. The other day it f was discovered that he was blind in his right eye f and his ring career came to an abrupt end. It was a p shock but, strangely, it was in keeping with his weird j style.; P . Gypsy could never just retire from the ring. That would be too prosaic. He had to go out with the full glare of the spotlight on him, leaving a mystery in gf his wake. I p TTOW was it possible for Gypsy Joe Harris to j I I have fought as long as he "did with failing P T". eyesight? 1 The fighter told Dr. Harold G. Scheie, one of I the country's leading opthalmologists, that the blind-g ness was the result of an injury he received when he was hit by a brick in the right eye some eight years ago when the boy lived in Camden, ff The injury may have seemed superficial at the time, but Harris vision began to weaken over the I years. j Then on Thursday, Dr. Wilbur H. Strickland noticed during a prefight physical examination that P the eye was inflamed and Harris was taken to Univer-t sity Hospital for an examination by Dr. Scheie. Vhen asked how he could read the eye cnart, Harris said he had memorized the letters andor numbers. Dr. Strickland said this was impossible since the lines are constantly changed. No one will really know just when Harris lost I 1 I ' M m MACHINERY CO. 12 N. 1 1th St.. PhilaPa. Commander GDI 13 Now A Used, lorgo S. Smalt Free Parking Write for Free Catalog. GRACE 2-WAY ANGLE MOTOR Driven Brash Sweep. Sprinkler Attch. VERMER awr tractor w front etnant-te aroR haaiaier. split steerlna 4-hl. arise. 367 hrs en tractor KEN Roller. 2-toa, 1-cyl. Wiscantin eng., self-starter AUGER earth borini. as cna. driyra 6-cyl Fsrd lnd-1 ens.. 12-raaa fah AUGER earth har'f. fas ne.. dri. 6-cyl. Ford Intf-l tne.. 12-raas esh JOHN ceeipl. 400 of 6-header Rip Call 609 235-33H or 235-1211 htw 8-4:30 PM Man. thra Frl. IDEAL DOG FOR WlDPtN. AKC REG. WORVFD ND INOC. CHAMPION BlOOD LINtS. STUD SERVICE AVAIL. PIN OAK KENNELS, SOUOERTON, PA. 721-77I2 BEAGLE PUPS. AKC. REG. OR UNREG. PERM. SHOTS. WORMED, PAPER TRAINED. REAS. 1-609-227-1801. nn WnlL.;n .... .. T . 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BXERS 3 M, AKC. 12 wks Fawns, psrtcrc u1ru-m,-.....T,...l Ears crypped. Guar hei.thy All SJiots. mach' Afir-. . n?Aoi Zfl wrmd. $150 ea. 609-695-5743. MACH. ALSO COMPLETE SHOPS - ,ur. - . , . tor Cash. AJas Mach. WA 5-3682. i BOXER pups, AKC Ch blood lines HYDRAULIC Pro..-50 20O ton 1 J-! -'7 w. " " J 7' ' IRISH WOLFHOUND PUPPIES (2151 stroke, 42 x 48" bed, 36" daylight, BRITTANY Spaniel-fern, qd hunting 822 0571 822-0943. Call Mr. Henry, 467-9400. 'ork. AKC. broke oa pheasants. 521 -: IRSH s,ng- Pur. bred pup,. R.a7 GAS Fired Unit Heaters. 1O0OM BHU's:,J 4' - - I Ca I 609-358 8467. Eves &JJp. In good cond. only. 426-2222 ! B'"ANJf SPANIEL, AKC. Orange 4; IRISH SETTER PUPS ,"CHSIRED BACKHOE, ANY TYPE t ROAD h f 4 -mo5 Huntor P'- Dl J-605; DARIABAR KENNEL, 1 I609 263-045 GRADER, 1-609-227-2255 !B!,'TTA,NY SoP"''1 DO',P', IRISH SETTER Pups, 8 wks. Champ WANTED: Apprax 75' wire enclosure olde' ogsStud sery,ce2lD-68-033i sjred sho & PefJ (2,5 JE 3.3, 26" jve far tool cr,b. OR 4640. 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A I V I M KFMNFIS nil AKC MA 3-1074. 1 .. a i- . i..j f Vn ..jn, , i.i j i J : 3'iw, r.r i j i iud utoga mej, .aii O der cat, inoc., healthy, aood breed m, c Dime . ur- nro. cu-itc I AT Q nil CHIHUAHUA Pups, AKC. Ch sired Perm shots. Paper trained. LO 9-2694 rrvrkct cp ami ci piipc ait: r aii rni. BURMESE kitten, M, per only. Shots. ORS PERM SHOTS BRED FOR TEMP. hecilta guar, dole Ch sire. 609-IREAS STUD SERV. 1-609-227-1801. "33 8945. I rr.r ,-rr.,r .,n.,r,- SIAMESE CFA kitten. SPECIAL FRONT DOORS $95 UP iy4" THICK SLIDING DOORS INCLUDES 2 DOORS, TRACK $ HARDWARE, GOOD 1 S'DE. 6 93 BI-FOLD DOORS ?4" to 36" CLUOES 2 HARDWARE. OPEM'NG. $738 1 up 204S N. 2ND ST. OPEN MON.-FRI. 9 TO 8 TUES., WED., THURS. 9 TO 5 SAT. 9 TO 3 OPEN SUNDAY 10 TO 3 GA 5-0686. r -i -i ' r . , . .,, lvllic run, v. , rtim. u'j cii-ipo.s orua serv avai..vjA o-yiooi ar-Ai inrin iAne i liKin: wiun ...,. -. ; lath. 131 v. i tTmntiiuiti'....:..!.:. ...- a... Kir 1 VTr-if.. i w 1 " 1 nwB"CWri tin nouna fuppios, ahl. . ,. - y i v cuiu't, Diw ruiiii. molt. I KC. Jl JCKVILC I -OUy-Zr - I u1, I . nyd. eyl. grinaer S8450 vr aid Very affectionate. $30. Call NEi roiLIE Poos A K C Ch bloodline 5-YFAP TffM .2-4877 after 5 PM COllIB Pups. A.K.t. Ch. biooann,. FITZPATRICK (1 609) NO 5-2530 JNjj ' SIAMESE, s.alpt'. kitt 9 wk, "oldJ b0U' X-'U'' i.xiri.E AULiiun Ait area ror aisposmon. inoc. m j-ujdv rnl,lc o... Airr ru s.i ni r rwrii icu ci I tu- ..i.T.. ha.-rp sired, affect, onate infelliaent beautiful black & silver markings. Excel show prospect for loving companion. Si t 5 . up. Call 1-201-332-2539. i INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL Electronic j control specialists. Stocking astribu- tors tor: E'ectric & Geir Motors B u d -g 1 1 Hoists Motor Controls Submersibls and Sjmp Fumps Phass Changing Transformers Jjc.i-- c : d... iOcaies jcivilb raiis Electrical Contracting MARINO ELECTRIC CO. 1101 S- 22nd St. PE 5-9052 I i his vision. He obviously had to pass an eye examina- tion when he fought his first pro fight in November I ATLAS MACHINERY CO. ;;''!!3 M 2D STREET WA 5-3692 'f ; f or vour best buys in 1ahes. drills, Imilling machines, brakes, shears, air compressors, fans, pumps, motors, etc. R',jr'li, 4 New. Lswest Prices. ''' MOTOR Generator Set. Wostinghouso 75 KM. I25-250V; 300 amos. 1200 ; -1 R P.M. lead 100"'- 24 hrs. 40 deq. C. i;'rse: 125 H.P. 2300V. 27 amps. dTlore Rrlda9n5,r,'nie'i?,'athe5; S,AMESoE,?ie",-,'.b'u '"J p'l I Mahogany Sables. Wormed, ,noc. $60; of all breeds! Shaggy rag dolls known relde s o ,nrh r.7.. VkT !- ' --'-"J5y eves, wxenas. j, op. Call 1- 717-927-6026. 'tor their love of home S. family. Int I SS 7, ,$; oHryr of ' macn.3S!AwMeS!,ftKi,?,,TOC h'-i COLLIE pups, sabl." whirmal.. Nat l champion bloodline. Call Complete large machinj IshTp ,S be brkn $20 CbllJW, 6-2016, cn. bioodi,nes.reas. L,8-9033. 1-609-784-0894, sold piece by piece on public auction . IAMEE r Pa'4!"- , weeks. COLLIE Pups, sable white, AKC RegiOLD ENGLISH Sheep dogs, Interna- No confirmation necessary). Wd j.roJr"'d. Call CH 2-0227 after 1 PM. Pvt. home, Call Parks, SH 8-4353.) tional champion blood line, country Oct. 16th. 10:30 A. M. ot 4631 Large SIAMESE Kittens. 3 colors, 9wks, inoc! roiiiB Puns Mole lri Sired hv Glen dogs, available now and for Pbila. CFA reg; aKostud sery. l-34D-l69jHl wheeler Dealer. HO 4-3267. ELECTRICAL BUS-DUCT-50' WEST. 600i KITTENS-Manx, Persian, From champ rOLLIES-min i malaiA 1 femnla stock. Stud sery. Also Hybrids. Siomese-J Wormed & inoc. $25 ea. GL 9-9896. Persian cross, must be altered. Phone fn, ,, cc . ... cr. 609-654-4684 CO'.LIES, AKC. Quality Sable Pups. nun I" i u. :. i.. -ri.-.. Ch. Beauties. 1-609-825-4856. FIND homos for that litter of kittens! . . - w th o Thriftv Want Art Two I, no. : '--"-ni nouna aog, a monms oia. AMP-3 ph, 110 Bull-dog. 400 Amp 3 ph llofs of plug-insl 200 Bulldog 100 Amp 3 ph Tro'ley duct. 200' Bulldog 50. Amp 1 hp Troliey duct John Ramsey & Son, 51 3 N Madison St., AlientownJPa.l -433-8292 SACRIFICE MILFORO" RIVIT MACmNE MODEL 300BH. ATLAS BENCH LATHE MODEL 3980.18' MOTORIZED CONVEYOR W12" BELT. RIVIT SPINNING MACHINE. AIL ITEMS VERY REAS. CALL MR. SEIDELMAN, NE 47700. LATHE PHW bench fypo with 9" swing, bench type drill press variaole speed, Arpor press, all heads t-ifle s. Call DA 9-9841 PRESSES. PRES BRAKES, SHEARS LONG-TERM FINANCING AVAILABLE ABLE HYMAN, 2600 E. TIOGA. GA 3-800 - 2 weekdays, $2. Call LO 3-5000. KITTENS 9 wk; from reg'd parents, Free to gd home. Erown Tabby & 9:ve Abby. 5613792. eves S. wkends. BURMESE kittens, M&F. Ch stock Raised wchildren & dogs 1-942-3115. KITTENS aood horn Christmas. $350 up. 1-794-7059. OLD English Sheep Dog. Exceptional 2 yr old male. MO 4-6962. OLD Eng Sheepdog pup, M, 13 wks. Champ sired. Very affect. Ki 3-9496. PEKINGESE, AKC. PERM. SHOTS. WORMED. REAS. 1-609-227-1801. 1 Male. Call Vi 4-6353. DACHSHUND, min, M, red, longhair, 3 mos. 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ALUMINUM JALOUSIES BASEMENT WINDOWS 331 3 V $6.95 33x1 7V $7.95 3320V $8.95 SCREEN INCLUDED WOOD KITCHEN CABINETS Discount FIRST QUALITY home. NE 4-5387 Dogs 1965 in Worcester, Mass. But, it was learned that he had a letter from an p. eye doctor when he was examined by the New York I State Athletic Commission prior to his non-title fight with welterweight champion Curtis Cokes at Madison $ Square Garden in March 1967. f-. And did he also memorize the eye chart in Dallas II when he fought Benny Bowser in May 1967? It's p possible the Texas Boxing Commission was lax espe cially when one remembers that no doctor from that commission came in to examine Ernie Terrell, whose eyes were badly scarred and cut, after his loss to Cassius Clay in Houston. TERRS, BASSETS. BEAGLES. .BRIT- phase, 60 cvl. Si.psvn Synchronous SHEET METAL MACHS. NEW A USED un ui 1 e -A t? J-.i . c5 V Tv-ln -. I EUCO' lA?n DppR-Sc, If ISHUNDS. J'DXrMAT?ANsT TOBERMANS: 'i'vL L "OJAN gas Ldr, JJ0O0. 3 V, EUCO o3 TO l 2 eSS BRAKE ENGLISH BULLDOGS .FOX TERRS, .W.9""" C"TVTl . OC". j. . Ai,ir9NpEQ'PMENT ,? , , IGEPMAM SHEPHERDS. GERMAN SHORT-;i-$3;50. Cos VV10 x 4 or Hr ! 4rt4R3cesrv WA 2.-I734 1 HAI p POINTERS, IRISH-SETTERS. LAB- $4730. 2 Pe-t.pone Mulnken 3'., vd PRESS Broke 10 aja.stlO'. Dreis iRA0OR RET'S NORWEGIAN ELK ;.!.? $0 . ' PnPO Krump Mod. 810 L. serial J L-l 321 9, 1 HOUNDS. PEKINGESE. POODLES (TOY) iC: 2'3.t2e-e-Oijnvtmr.e:.. seven yrs old, exc. cond. See it ocer-iMIN & STAND. PUGS. ST BERNARDS. h TALE PALLET TRUCKS 27 x4B 40OOar in Phila. sheet metal shop. Call I MINI & STAND SCHNAUZERS. SCOT. DALMATIAN-5 mos fem. AKC, hsbrkn,!poodies oil champion bloodlines Choc ad. wchdrn, rjd. pet 4 watch dog., brown 1 let blk. AKC rea. Call Ch. sjred. all shots. Exc. markings 609-733-9574 AFr.UAM Ai.r.nii i.:t.a. iiu 1 " roODLtS. AKC. Standard black pupp.- . . 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"Lewis didn't even box I with him on the day they say it happened." i One is inclined to agree and it brings to mind H Stanley Woodward's classic line: H "That's like blaming the Johnstown flood on a leaky toilet in Altoona." f There is no disposition here to place the H blame for Harris condition on any athletic com mission or doctor. It was the responsibility of . . ...... ..... I ir-iPsf mnka rKn.-. i-i-e J i I VoTr;, M?J 1lle- .NJ. '609,-,irn l-6r)a!297 an 1 ra- Duds. 5 wks old.Wormed. first shots 1 Exc ped. $150. Call 683-6520. fj TRACTOR Formoll, super A wsnow wonrwnBiriwr e--- iV" Ji BOARDING GROOMING STUD S RV r1"-li u s tn-colored temae. ; POODLES, tiniest toys. Plat, silver. fi plow, cultivator, disc 4 side a.- WOODWORKING Equip. 12 I AFGHANS AIREDALES 8ACSETS BFA i black & white fem, 2 liver & white: M&F. AKC. Champ ped. lv3-6547 f Lvery roke. 2-30x14 snow tires. Coal a'm' e'i 'GLES Infill b"t" COCKERS S00"" 7 mo' fd- Wormed all shots. poOOLES MinT." blk. AKC. femalT. i heater. W, 7,0204. htrd y used A I mdus a fQ j F5 ch ! HU A HI J AS DA CHcwt Nfs' , Zlil' ZlSl trom,n- Tails clipped. Reas. OR 3-3680. DRY cleaning machine 35 lb Detrex A rec'a m' w3000 ail m-tsfle fi ive-v gcciH --end, must se i. MaKe cf 1 .609-529-2-';0 HORZ. CAMERA. 20x20, CASH reg. $375. Headlight tester $175. er Harris and his managers. Willie Reddish and j Yank Durham, to inform the commission of any '4 ailment he might have suffered or was suffering between fights. . It is true that there have been some one-eyed f boxers the most notable was Harry Greb, who I fought the toughest men from the middleweight to If the heavyweight division in his 13 years as a pro. But no one in boxing today would allow a one-ff 'eyed fighter to compete. The risk of total blindness is too great. '' But the saddest note was that the 22-year-old I Harris had only his wife to console him when he I DALMATIANS. ESKIMO. FOX - & RAT outo trans inck floor tvr.e S" CO.. bum- i 'T' ' "2- T.r.Vl Z'rn.lS: ruZZ- n.r 17; .-,. l; tire r JULltj r CMIMv-CjC fLK-S. bl. - - iAU under 2"'v-s o:d E L 5 3 " 39 I PE?N ARDS' SCHNAUZERS. WiREHAIR. intertypo.! . . I MANY OTHERS REASONABLY PRICED. ,i .21 Mehie ve't A sa 3 pn-se t- ,- i wr, ar., . f not phase converter. I -21 5 325 i . , H'- f0 na' ,rl2?- - j 5 ,V'!eie' Eauto. Mor.taomeryvilie Pa. No. 2 G B&S Auto, screw machine . f", ... - ,', w i f-d Cm p. s-en m ore at on ! '77H CAT loader. PEDAL STEER, like j; Call 2'5-699-3359. Ultra Pree.for.' .Tw conri- Ave.r? Se'v.ce ScArMicn,, P-oucts, Inr. ' 1, buy 1 -"oi JslsSS? i lGE VARIED SELECTION OP f. LOWBED TRAILERS ! - " . "V-'J,' . ' .s pUP'fS ALWAYS IN STOCK Cab!- & Hva-nul c De-achable! ' HAl ROTARY GRINDER BLANCH- All PyS INOCULATED AND wnoMFD :; js.r.,lt A1 Co".a t on. ,yc,p w ;ci wio Taoe.j VETER.NAR;AN IN ATTENDANCE . . KEES1ER 21 5 IE 4-COO, " 5 51 suxfLU cuui r.Ci ; - j i ' . h 600 CU.-FTJogorPort. oircompr. 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I ke new 3 '', 3 - bore welectric start $369. I OPEN SUN & DAILY GLOBE 9-3013 1 5' 25. 2 ton floor jack $"0. Chain 2925 Ridge. AFGHANS of Province, top qua! show A PUPPY Fr9 EVERY Pini. HALF-PRICE SALE MOD. AIR-COND. KENNELS KING KENNELS ENGLISH Springer Spaniel Pups, liver 4 white. 8 wks. Excellent hunting, show & pet duality. AKC. Wormed & inoc Call anytime OR 3-9663. ENGLISH SETTERS, AKC. PERM. SHOTS. WRMD. REAS 1-609-227-1801. ENGLISH BULLDOGS. AKC. PERM. SHOTS. REAL BEAUTIES. WRMD. REASONABLE. 1-609-227-1801. ENGLISH SPRINGE! SPANIEL. AKC Rea Puns A stud service I -367-1 1 01 . PULI ; POODLES, toys, wh. M&F. AKC reg. Inoc. 3 mo. 5tud possib. PO 5-81 80. WRMD. REAS. 1 (609-227-1801 WIRE FOX TERRIER PUPS. AKC. PERM SHOTS. WORMED & INOC. REASONABLE. CALL 1-609-227-1801 . WIREHAIR Fox Terr. F, 11 mos. Loves children. AKC. Sac. GA 6-7733. YORKSHIRE Terrier puppies. English bred, champion backaround, tinv. 2 males. & 1 female. 1-609-358-4368. fem, 5 mos. 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Needs clutch repair A r Co-rnrs SAMUEL MA 7. 6100 I GL 7-040O Ask for Mike Nasuti 1 learned his career was over. His managers were p. noticeably absent. 1 fSv'y:s'; 'S'T? Villanova Beaton At Cross Country IWASHIXGTON'. D. C, Oct. 1. Steve Staseber set a new course record of 27:16.0 and bjat Villanova's Tom Donnelly by half a second Saturday as Georgetown (1-0) scored a 25-32 cjoss country victory over the visiting Wildcats (1-1). "Villanova won the freshmen raee 17-55. , B I' ' "2"" r xiav.Aaima)vmAikitJi r oyed, 1 mole, white wbuff. 7 wks. .Call 1-609-467-3560. 5PACE Heaters $15 Value SI 50. BO.OOO eoOTBURT drill press 3 Mors 6 BTU WH LE 50 LS!S. S-m 714 Had-! ,Da t,o. ccua.n. I', hp hydro pwr aan Ave. Can nqswood. N.J. 854.45JS.iunit. Shoff eid air aauaei. RE 9-2002. Pnila WA 2C31' AIR COMPRECSORS. El.rlrir 1 ant.'.. - Alii. Chclm.ra - -T.7" .. T.." . AMtKICAN fSKIMOS. BASStTS. BtA- - . ij 1 1 1 its ii u i iuvt Lrir-jauic ui iii at t -s . Home raised. Ras. GR 6-8746 a:t 6. 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OUTFIT $5.55 DYNAFLO FILTERS $7.44 DAILY 1:30 to 9 SUN. 12 TO 5 THE GUPPY SHOP 2322 KENSINGTON AVE. RE 9-8800 FORK LIFT TRUCK 400 recond t caOT'fv. LP gas. ".'"Viimmed Del v. H. Berstem. GA 5-8502. GLES. BOSTONS. CHIHUAHUAS, Sport IVcws On Page 18 MACHINERY & TOOLS HOUGH-HAH 1 Yard loader needs nyar-iji c pump Mafce OHevES 9-S360 100 KVAAil. ph. chgr, 2 ph. 2220v to 3 2 20v . Djx Jv CU 9 4910 34 GISHOLT, Turret lathe. Timkoit na'dA-avs.Chuck .$9;ri PO 9-: CO. FORKLIFT TRUCK YALE ELECTRIC Good jcpndit.on $350. li 3-2030; FORK LIFT TRUCK 192 CLARK shf-er, p'opano Li 8 2030 10CO KVA G.I. 3 ph. 4l60v prl i:70fW. drytvoe Joyce, CJ4I0 PALLET LIFT ELECTRIC, 4000 lbs. G--d Cond. t on. $ 50. li8203O BRIDGiPORTS2) oxc.l cond, paw. head & table, $!7a0 ea, DE 9 4422 BLANCH ARD - 10 "used. Writ. Pox C 3 Inquirer, DO YOU NEED A LIFT TRUCK? S a shit- or rotator SA 6 4616 AIR COMPRESSORS. Package Boilort Generators O BRIEN. GL 9-4550. CUTTER PAPER OSWEGO 44" automatic clomp. $1000 Acorn, GA5-5667 FORKLIFT TRUCK YALE, BOOO lbs. Ex'elient Condition $975 Li 3-2030 STACKER ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC 2000 trs wrtteryi$275.Li 20W FORK LI FT "TRUCK, Allis ChaTmors SOTO lovl931 I ke NewLi 8-2030 167 KVA C.I. 12) transf, 240Ov pd 12024Dv sec. CISC Joyc, CU 9-49 10 ed $2250 Call GA 6 2222 ' .iul-I L"l. ,u'hK VULIK "ob, tt, hydraulic int. ao.;narC( (-j,,-.,, ouild-uo.. ID & OD grm- HCPDS POODLES WIRE TERRIERS -lr-c.'; -"""V,00 bottom. 1 -Ol -j jng to orig,nai JE 5-7601 . j PUGS. SKYE TERRIERS. SPRINGERS. i .' - .".- - I l eiiiiuoui uur- BARGAINI'Now Minneapolis Molino eng. MANY MCE POPULAR BREEDS LAlERriLixs u-e rracror in excel cona 4 cvt wrearry n unaer carnaqe. ttec start. 2QI.741-4-39 C'AWLER BACKHOES PKH LORAIN OSGOOD GERMAN SHEPHERD pups, born 610 SCHNAUZER pups, standard. AKC, 7 AKC reg. Exc Ancestry. Perm shots.! wks, Ch bid Imes. 1609894-2565. Wurmed. 121.5) 799-2681 -after 4 PM'SCOTTE PUPS. AKC. BLACK BEAUTIES. GERMAN Short Hair Pointer. Mal.,1 yr; PERM SHOTS. PAPER TRAINED. ;rminiatu7.TAKC,mal. Hrs: Daily & Sat 11 to 9 Sun 11 to 6 s. shots. OR 3-6634. I Heater, $ .49. Angel F,sh 0 for $ . . - - . ,ur ISwords. Moons & Mollies. 12 for $1 . New shipmentof live plants. MARTIN'S AQUARIUM old,' AKC, wild bird bloodline, $125. Coil (609) 451-722J. GERMAN Shepherds. Largo selection WORMED. REAS. 1-609-227-1801. SCOTTIES. Home raised American Ken nel Club reg. Call OS 5-8452, PORTABLE GENERATOR RENTALS LARGE-SMALL. BUY OR SELL Th. f-l Pr..n Mnrkin.n. Cn C.I O.AO KEESLER 4-07001 COMPRESSORS-NEW SH. P7 CUTTING TOOLS HS $1 lb. Self Service! AUTOM ATIC ASM, E Tank mounted.$395 Cylinders Hvdraulc. a" 2 -10 Hirjl ft,, up l.ll.,,nn "J-I.-vt, Pant"q.Sod. 15. N 3d. MA 7-5652! lIFT T.UCK$ -.k.t t d.l.: All Types & Mokes paper box & al-l Solids & Reoay to ao. mod V706B-4. Reg. $900. Only! Dl I DC CD! 11 Of"T i'J.l'i.lA i silv. pure Innoc. wormed, well $350. Ges:. 2925 R.dge Ave. I - i bred beauties $30 & V45. BA 9-0449 'JACK'S DOG FARM' Iij oopfr working mncti'rry. Gloo r( SA 6-46' 6 TIN PRESS make 300 lb bale, con bo M'q. 2009 Kinsey st JE 3-8510 36" POWER Shear, 6 x14 go. power shear, '0 x 10 Qt. poAer shear. Call 1-609--FM 5-B489 PIPERSVILIE. PA. ROUTE 611 PHONE 766-8802 AUSTRALIAN TERR PUPS. AKC. SHOTS. WPMD. REAS. 1 j60? 227-1801 seen working. Also popr sn-eader & "" uuino. jm, ioso P.n imrt., l .7i c..-.a. a7qc. i Dnoemwii Pinschers $85. mm ! WOODWORK Mach. for Schnaurers $95. min Dachshunds $65. NORTON Cylindrical grinder, 7x30 Cd Call A to 7 P.M.. 9at. K Sun. FL 'If '. cond. Pi 4-5069 or ME 9-2921. t?-4338. PHASE CHANGERS, 10-100 KVA. In CONE Automatics-1 'A stock. Imed dehv. Berst-m GA 5-8502 PHASE CHANGERS Transformer Eloc MfrsACE,J?747N 2d RE -5546 LATHER South Bendi '36". Tool- mnln with chuck, benchPO?-1 529. STEEL Rut. Dies Mad. Ouality work & prompt service. Ace, JE 3-06IB; MAROUETTI ingin." Analyior. Model 1000 Peas CoH609-767. 1255. STEAM Generators Kulk, 2 units, 15J0 HP.Reas609 6416 30. RENTALS Eloc Motors, transformers. Bhnse chonqe-s JOYCE. CU 9-4910 Mo-'tese $200. York shire Terr s $150. Irish Setters $35. rrmnn Shenherd. Ihin hnnedl $60 I'A". ' Black Pom. male $100. Open Sunday 12 n. .l 0 d.a irKirw-ki Highway 206. 2 "mi S of Bordentown, Nj ; GOLDEN RETRIEVER f-PPi". Cham- 1J609293:3864 BASSIT PUPS. AKC. PIRM SHOTS BIANCHARD No 10 used. Writ. Boa C-3 Inquirer. spindle. 1942. in operation, teas GA 3-8770. BARGAINI BRAND NEWI Hercules. Gas & Diesel 6 cvl. JSD3400 120 hp waccess Save35 .2925Ridge WELDING Plot.ns A bending Blocks lovout tables. Acorn JJ 5 N Delaware FORK lift. 2000 lb capacity, solid ties. perf cond. $375. 257;6773. FORK LIFTS Rentals, Sales New USED Country Equip, CA 4-4600 MACHINE SHOP. Production Tool BEAGLE Pupt-AKC. wormed & shots & D' tor gent or Sale, B I OOP Inquirer LIFT TRUCKS, Pallet Trucks-Rentals grown dogs & pups. King Kennels. KUiSCOTTIE Pups AKC. Horn, raised I . L.a,,inru.uw.JUiJ Grooming, ftjtty Shepherd, 3T 6-6596. GERMAN Shepherd pups, pure bred, blk! SHEITIES (MIN. COlllESI. CHAMP SIRED. 20 PUPS. TO CHOOSE FROM. PERM SHOTS. WRMD. 1 -609-227-1801. SHEITIE PUPS. AKC. Wormed & Inoculated. Tri-colored. 357-8476. GERM Shep pup. 4 mos old, AKC, wormed & inoc. Ch bloodline, pure UlnL I I ... . cicci KtC n 1117 r.i.u'.u tim'u.irin--.."!.!",!1 SHEPHERD 'Collie) pups, gentle loving -'- , ""'- i w - . . . I, I JL .. slver, AKC 5hots I trained, U 88-6359. GERMAN SHEPHERD puppies, 3 mos AKC. Moles & females. Mi 6-2417. BA watch doas. Inoc & worm. $15 9-0449. SHETLAND SHEEPDOG Pups. AKC. Near Lonqwood Gardens. 793-1556. CIOCOIAM M.i.l,;-' Mini AKC. GERMAN Shepherd pups AKC. Wrmd bik & wnte Ca De'1-5213 L"f:. W.:" '.'nance-. ;,j01 Won"LSt. SKIPPERKES. AKCT SHOTS. WRMD. GERMAN 5hopherd pups, "ne el the' BLACK DOLLS. REAS. I 1609) 227J.1801 1 iTttrii 5iLjmR . oiUU t?i viie, i J'iO-jO'tJ. PHILA'S ORIGINAL DISCOUNT AQUA 7171 OGONTZ AVE PHILA.. PA. Daily 1 19 Sat.10;6 Sun. 11-5 FISHER'S AQUARIUM A PET SUPPLIES. 3327 N. 5th St. GA 5-1 SCO Frozen foods Cheaper by the doren. Frozen Bulk Daphnia $1 lb. 6 lb $5. Daphnia 8-S1 . Bloodworms 35c & 75c. Weekdays 10-8, Sundays 10-5. Other Pels MONKEY young wooly. tarn, ond of- fectionote $225. TU 4-9429. GERMAN SHEP pups. Wht. 9 wks. AKC & UKC reg. Will ship. 1-201-4694963 GERMAN SHEPHERD Pups, AKC. Blk, tan & Silv Wrmd & inoc. GA 3-0963 P'on sired. Excellent bloodlines. Lan caster, Pa 1 (717) 393-7454. wormed" beautTfui. litue sad! YllVl"Trx SACKS. REAS. 1-609-227-1801. I r. '5 J xc. ho BASSET HOUNDS. AKC. 2 females. Inoc. Exc .with children. GL94499. BEAGLE Terrier pupa ( wks. Inoc, wormed, gent lova pets. $10 BA 9-0449 Sales. Mr. leonhardt. BA 6-1200. Amelcan-Cctnodian Ch line. Shots, wrmd. 215 277-2169. GORDON Setter pups, AKC reg'd. top show & fi.ld. Dual Champion blood line. Dr. E. F. Blasser, 54 O'bbi. Lane, Allentown, Pa. Call 1 -435-9453. GORDON SETTERS. AKC "roa. Sirod TJ rjun dog, champ bl line, EL 6-0795 Duel Champion. 439.-2424. BEAGLE Pupa, AKC Champions. Inoc GORDON SETTIR Pups. AKC. Ch. air. Wormed. RA 5-9560. SA 4-1 146.. ST. BERNARD. Loom more obout them in a fun match today all day at Strawbridges Parking lot. Rte 611, Jenkintown, Pa. Rain or shine. Show your dog 3 mos or up. Entries taken from 10 AM. Judging schedule. Obedience 11 o'clock. Jr Showmanship 12 o'clock. Breed 1 o'clock. ST. Bernard (Germ Shep) crossbred puns. Alert $35BA 90449 TENNESSEE Coon hound pups. Good petslnnoc & wormedj$20.B A9J449 TOY & std Monchosrer terriers, AKC. ec pets qua rds ,dont sh ecL E V 2-2273 TOY Colli, pups, pur. bred, lads & f 2O.BA?-0449. VIZSLAS (Hung) porf for horn. field. AKC. excel hunting stock, R H Wit- m.r, 202 Winding Wov, Lancaster I 1 aam. F.eld, Ahow-1 pet. 942-221 l pa. 17602. Phon. 717-464-2655 Pels Wanted PUPPIES WANTED. Smoll broods preferred. Pure or mixed. Cugley a Pet Stores. BA 5-4460 SIAMESE Cat, chocolate head & beige bndv. Call JE 5-0433. Pet Services DACHSHUND. Beaut chocolate at study. AKC champion bloodline-. show quality, wonderful disposition a full of personality. Call RA 5-8116. DOG Obodienco train'q Pvt. er class lessons under lov q xp. handfe) of Chailotte Schwartz. Special Problemi Solved. 609-983-4348; 609-429-8875. POODLE ot stud, opricot toy, show qual., Meisen-Puckshill breeding. TU 4-I5423. LEARN PROFESSIONAL Doa Grooming Personalized instruction in Poodles & other breeds Phone 1-326-7234. PUG STUD SERVICE. Call 34-87iS Evenings or 343-5570 davtine..-TOM McGINN SCHOOL FOR DOGS Train all. 4119 Walnut. BA 2-1533 I .

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