The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on August 25, 1993 · Page 19
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 19

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 25, 1993
Page 19
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6-B THE GALVESTON DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 25,1993 What's on TV today Premiere of Trouble with Larry' on Ch. 11 at 7 p.m. EVENING 7:00 B UNSOLVED MYSTERIES The case of an alleged drug trafficker; update on the murder case of 7-year-old Jactyn DowaJiby; update on a man's 25-year search for his siblings. H Q7187 ID TROUBLE WITH LARRY (Series Premiere) Bronson Pinchot stars as an adventurer, missing and presumed dead, who moves in with his newly remarried wile and daughter. Tonight: Larry returns to the U.S. n Q 1800 "D3 Bronson Pinchot's * back in The Trouble with Larry. |Q HOME IMPROVEMENT Tim confronts Jill aboul her individual checking account; Brad becomes careless when he baby-sits Jennifer's goldfish. (R) A Q 9274 BD TIME TRAX Dr. Sahmbi discovers the Ho!y Grail. (R) C\ Q 48941 83 MARRIED... WITH CHILDREN Peg and 8:45 (TMC) MOVIE 'Company Business' (1991) Gena Hackman, Mikhail Baryshnikov, A former CIA agent and his KGB counterpart get caught between warring fadions in the streets of politically turbulent Berlin. n 59436743 9:00 B LAW * ORDER Briscoe and Logan investigate the death of a Holocaust survivcr who discovered that the man she married was accused of war crimes against fellow Jaws in Poland. (R) H P 6699 GJ WIND IN THE WIRE Country musician Randy Travis stars in his own brand of Western. Guests include Surt Reynolds, Chuck Morris and Melania Chartoff. r\ Q 97651 (HBO) LARRY SANDERS A very provoca- L performance artist creates controversy for ^ _. _ ,.„-,...,, r.^,. ,,^,^7 u . . ,« n ™> , „ < MAX > MOVIE Love Hurts (1990) Jeff Daniels, Judith Ivey. A divorced philanderer's . , L .-. _, r\ n -n.^m '^s comely bndesr^d^n Q 7710293 < HBO > DREAM ON Wartin catches a TV P er ' sonality in a compromising position. Jason «-*»— «M "03250.1 B Connery, Audrey Hepburn. An aging Robin Ciudad de Mexico. Presentado por Luis de la Corte. Con las aduadones de Paulina Rubio, Qistian Castro, Lucero, Magneto, Thalia, Antonio Aguilar y Tambora. Las categories seran 'Mejor Novela", "Mejor Villano", "Mejor Comedia" y mas. 907380 (DIS) MOVIE The Red Pony" (1973) Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara. A father gropes for understanding with his rebellious 10-year-old son. Based on John Steinbeck's tale. 429854 renew his romance with Maid Marian, who has since entered a convent. 63121632 10:00 BD ARSENIC HALL From May: singer Dolty Parton, actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Oteen ("Full House"), New York Mets outfielder Bobby Bonilla. (R) H Q 47212 S3 COPS From New Jersey: tracking a counterfeiting suspect; barroom brawl; response to a burglary call, rv Q 66458 (HBO) MOVIE 'Switch" (1991) Ellen Barkin, ( DIS ) MOVIE 'Jeremiah Johnson" (1972) Jimmy Smits. A deceased womanizer is Robert Redfcrd - Will Geer. Marauding Indi- refused entrance to heaven until he completes ans and hosti ' e elements make life difficult for an earthbound mission in the body of a worn- a 19th-century adventurer who has abandoned an. /I Q 703390 (MAX) MOVIE 'Full Metal Jacket" (1987) Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin. Stanley Kubrick's portrait of the Vietnam War from the civilization for solitude. 446496 10:05 (AMC) MOVIE 'Another Time, Another Place" (1958) Lana Turner, Barry Sullivan. A World perspective of soldiers in basic training and on War II correspondent suffers a nervous break- the battlefield. Q 814212 (SHOW) MOVIE "3 Ninjas' (1992) Victor Wong, Michael Treanor. Three young siblings down over the death of her married lover. 55015390 (TBS) MOVIE 'Red Dust" (1932) Clark Gable, use their martial-arts training to help their father Jean Harlow. The overseer of an Indochinese nab a criminal kingpin. A P 319583 ~' '' (TMC) MOVIE "Beverly Hills Cop II" (1987) Eddie Murphy, Ronny Cox. Axel Fotey returns to California when his friend is critically wounded white investigating a series of robberies, n P 2776019 7:05 (TBS) MOVIE "Papillon" (1973) Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman. A convict serving a life sentence on Devil's Island is determined to escape. 29008187 7:30 fD TALL HOPES (Series Premiere) A Philadelphia couple (George Wallace, Anna plantation creates havoc when he fails in love with the wife of an engineer. Colorized. 44270729 10:25 (TMC) MOVIE "Year of the Comet" (1992) Penelope Ann Miller, Tim Daly. A woman and her companion are pursued by desperate thieves after she discovers a priceless wine bottle. A 21532944 10:30 (HSE) MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers. From Arlington Stadium. (Same-day Tape) 933274 (WGN) RENEGADE Reno tries to stop a filmmaker, 33 * 6651 Ernest is stuck in his big brother's shadow. TALL HOPES Maria Horsford) encourages their two sons, a crooked prosecutor from ruining the legitimate high-school basketball star and an aspiring enterprise of a group of ex-cons. (R) 823941 - • - — (ENC) MOVIE'Hollywood Shuffle" (1987) Robert Townsend, Anne-Marie Johnson. A struggling black actor must decide whether success is worth compromising his integrity for a stereotyped movie role. 2304583 (HBO) MOVIE "Mo' Money" (1992) Damon Wayans, Marlon Wayans. Two small-time con men try to turn the tables on the mastermind behind a murderous credt-card scam. A P 8899477 (SHOW) MOVIE •Emmanuelle in the Orient" (1988) Chai Lee, Giuseppe Pambieri. The globe-trotting adventuress travels to the East to broaden her sexual horizons. 3384318 10:35 Q TONIGHT SHOW Scheduled: actor Joe Mantegna, singer Terence Trent D'Arby. A P 3977767 ID ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Patrick ID STREET MATCH A Russian man and an Englishwoman meet in New York; two would- be mates play miniature golf. A P 8651 S3 MELROSE PLACE Alison is plagued by threatening letters and phone calls; Billy is attacked by an unknown man; Alison's conversation with a co-worker jeopardizes Amanda's promotion. (R) A P 712309 8:00 ED NED BLESSING: THE STORY OF MY LIFE 4 TIMES A mysterious ghost saves Ned's life when Big Emma and General Pelo Blanco pair up in a plot to trap him in a cave and leave him for dead. A p 53293 03 HOME IMPROVEMENT Tim gets into trouble with Jill when he bumps into his high- school girlfriend who insists on meeting his wife. (R) A P 8922 KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES Swayze provides a sneak peek at his latest movie "Father Hood." A P 7336293 10:45 CB PEUCULA "La Yegua Cotorada" Antonio Aguilar, Susana Dosamantes. El hijoy ta hija —, — - •—•— de un hombre asesinado dos anos atras vueJ- Kwai Chang goes under cover to help a young ven para vengarse del culpable de la muerte woman in a mental institution whose life is in de su padre. 5992767 danger. (R) A P 24361 BD MOVIE "Modem Problems" (1981) Chevy Chase. Patti D'Arbanville. An air-traffic controller with numerous personal problems is endowed with telekinetic powers after being doused with nuclear waste. 54813 (A&E) AMERICAN JUSTICE Dr. Samuel Sheppard, who fought for 12 years to prove his innocence after being convicted of beating his wife to death. (R) 216361 (AMC) MOVIE The Molly Maguires" (1970) Richard Harris, Sean Connery. In 1870s Penn- M1S ., „„,,., I7CU ,,„,.,„ „.„ ,, .. . sylvana, an undercover detective joins a secret ( ££} EQU ,1 L ZER ^ CCa " S '°P S \ blac ' organization of men fighting to improve work- ma "' ng ^^^ *™ ™rdenng the on ^ ing conditions for miners. 4379729 pers ° n who ^ hls secrel " 263564 10:50 (MAX) MOVIE 'Tropical Snow" (1989) Madeleine Stowe, Nick Corri. Two lovers reduced to petty thievery agree to smuggle cocaine in an attempt to escape Colombian slums and start life fresh in New York City. P 88957361 11:00 O CHARLIE ROSE From May. A conversation with Toni Morrison, author of "Jazz." (R) A 81699 (USA) EQUALIZER McCall stops a black- (LIFE) MOVIE "Mommie Dearest" (1981) Faye Dunaway, Steve Forrest. Based on Christina Crawford's book about the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of her adoptive mother, actress Joan Crawford. 806835 (MTV) MTV VIDEO MUSIC TENTH ANNIVERSARY A 10-year retrospective of the Video Music Awards, including past appearances by Madonna, Pee-wee Herman, Wayne and Garth and previous hosts. (R) A 946125 (USA) MOVIE "Quicksand: No Escape" (1992) Donald Sutherland, Tim Matheson. A sleazy gumshoe threatens to implicate an architect in the murder of a cop unless he completes an increasingly illegal set of errands. 485564 (ENC) MOVIE "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1975) Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher. Five Oscars went to this tale of a free-spirited patient's positive influence on the inmates at a strictly controlled mental institution. 1095651 8:30 GJ DELTA Delta starts up a romance with a musician, al the while trying to keep Charlie at arm's length. A P 4729 (SHOW) MOVIE "Criss Cross" (1992) Goldie Hawn, Arflss Howard. A 12-yea--okfs desire to help his financially strapped mother leads to a nerve-wracking scrape with the law. A 975038 11:05 ED WHOOPI GOLDBERG From 1992: the Rev. Al Sharpton. (R) A 1674651 IB MOVIE "Very Close Quarters" (1986) Shelley Winters, Paul Sorvino. Modern-day Moscow is the setting for this light-hearted look at the problems of overcrowding as 31 Soviets try to co-exist in one apartment. 70425090 11:30 (WGN) MOViE "Duns' (1984) (Part 1 of 2) Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis. Based on Frank Herbert's novel of a royal power struggle for a far-off planet's priceless spice resources. 308922 11:35 Q LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN From 1991: actors Mary Tyler Moore and figure skater Katarina Witt, singer Toni Childs. (R) A 6040854 OB NIGHTTALK From May: professional businesswomen who prefer to date blue-collar men. (R) 9888125 11:50 (TBS) MOVIE "Sinbad of the Seven Seas" (1989) Lou Ferrigno, Teagan Klive. The fabled adventurer returns from the sea to find his country subjected to the will of two unscrupulous sorcerers. 9953106 I WEDNESDAY EVENING TCI Q O 0 IJ a a IB ID IB GO IE) kU tu fci) EB fcH fci) {±} fciJ Hi) en til fcH ffl fell &) fe3 ttj tu OU UJ UJ ra E3 Stow LU LU LU GD ID as) (to) QD U2) 03) 04) ID az) (AJ {25) (36) I24I (23 (3S) 133) (22!) a?j ou (3U (32) go) 121) 122) (SO) (28) (26) 6:00 tews 390 6:30 You B«<670 Guadalups 78564 WhyAmlGay?10M25 "WWto F»g" A (Cont'd) MacNaikshrer 63632 Rose an ne Wonder Y. News 31 S7 Marred... Cos by 9729 Murphy B. Fortune 7767 Cur. Affair News Q 861 06 7:00 I 7:30 UreoVad Mysteries Q 7167 Duk* Huston 22309 8:00 | 8:30 Now- Brokaw 6835 9:00 9:30 Law & Order A Q 6699 "Li Ttrcia dt la Uutrto* Rodoifo d* Anda 54895 •Switch' (1M1) Elton Barton, Jimmy Smit*. A Q 703390 "Th* fed Pony* (1973) Hwvy Fonda. 429854 Business 5274 Trains 4651 Star Trek 24767 Time Trax A Q48941 Larry 1800 Married... -fomelmp Tat Hopes Sanders 10:00 News 5107854 Notices 56800 DnwmOn A P 325081 Judy Garland 173038 10:30 11:00 Tonight Show A P 3977767 August 25 I 11:30 | 12:00 David Latter man 6040854 FIFA Youth Soccer: Colombia vs. Qatar 90106 "Mo' Monty (1*92) Damon Wayaw. "Jeremiah Johnson' 0*72) Robert Bedford. 446496 Civil War (Part 4 of 5) 0 932895 "Modem Protons" (1981) Chevy Chase. 54813 KungFu: The Legend 24361 Ned Blessing: My Lite 53293 Melrose Place A P 712309 St Match 8651 "Talcs Kw, Sh»'$ Mine' (1963) James Stewart 9769699 A Rstful ol Dollar* (1967) Aces: Iron Eagte III (1M2) Viewer Call-In (Lwe) 15613090 "Housesirter" A (Conl'd) Portfolio 3. Hillbillies Money Talk Sanlord Waltons 927125 Beavis-Butt. Threat 825854 Awards 670670 Desmooda VideoPM A (Cont'd) 522941 Strange Film 74 1767 n Search Of... 736835 Headline News (Cont'd) Jet sons BugsB. MacGyver Q 369137 Home Imp [Delta P 4729 Amen A Amen A 48 Hours A q 40729 News 77903 Siege 65467 Wind in the Wire A P 97651 Golden G. Perspec. 3081 e Cosby 47106 ArsenbHallA P 472 12 News 2228019 Cops P 66458 Newsp "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1975) Jack Nchdsoa 1095651 "Full Metal Jacket" (1987) Matthew Modine. Q 814212 "Beverly Hill* Cop II" (1987) A 02776019 Ent. Tonight M'A'S'H Nighlline Charlie Rosa A 81699 Design. W. Love Con. Whoopi M'A'S'H Night Court rfertvfc. Garrison K. MacNeil 68626 Twilight Z. In the Heat ol the Night 595854 Nig httalk 9888125 Rush L 51 187 |AII Family "Very Close Quarters" (1986) 70425090 "Hollywood Shuffle" (1987) 2304583 "Love Hurts" (1990) Jeff Daniels, Judith Ivey. A P 7710293 "Company Business" (1991) Gene Hackman. A 59486743 Event of the Day 650534 "3 Mnjas" (1992) Victor Wong. A Q3!9583 Steal-Deal |EqualTime Aces High "Tropical Snow" (1989), Nick Com P "Year ol the Comet" (1 992) A 21 532944 Event of the Day 35941 "Criss Cross" (1992) Goldie Hawn, Arliss Howard A Mclaughlin 1636274 |Tom Snyder 1656038 "PapiDon" (1973) Steve McQueen, DusBn Hoffman. 29008187 Young Riders A Q 557380 MTV Prime A 555922 Sanford Comicview Crook and Chasa A 126372 LowChotestero : Picnic 856033 Our Century 841 106 Father Dowling Mysteries Awards 946 125 MTV Prime 700 Club 553564 Most Wanted A 551106 Video Soul 797632 Nashville Now A 279598 Wings 832458 Am. Justice Spies 235496 Headline News 3268632 On Stage Beyond 2000 845922 First Flights 830090 Headline News "Cuba" (1979) Brooke Adams, Sean Connery. 71815670 Murder, She Wrote Q 392800 "Our Heart* Were Young and Gay" 434090 Iportsctr. Speed 47651 Moneyiine j. Simmons Personal Illusions" Congress "Emmanuelle in the Orient" (1988) Chai Lee. 33S431B Equal Time McLaughlin 3279748 "Red Dust" (1932) Clark Gable, Jean Harlow. 44270729 Scarecrow and Mrs. King Seavis-Butt. Sanlord Videos 276903 Desmonds Club Dance A 57681 3 Low Cholesterol: Picnic 855309 Evening at the Improv 840477 1631729 Bonanza 805564 Alternative Nation A 803106 Midnight Love 328318 Crook and Chase A 875748 Winps 612816 Our Century 630212 Tom Snyder Sinbad Paid Prog. Racer 7231 52 Comicview Nashville Bey. 2000 Am Justice Headline News 3424038 "Robin and Marian" (1976) Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn. 63121632 "Quicksand: No Escape" (1992) Donald Sutherland. 485564 "The Molly Maguires" (1970) R chard Harris. 4379729 Major League Baseball: Teams to Be Announced (Live) 582903 Major League Baseball: Houston Astros at Florida Marlins (Live) 793835 Crossfire Unsolved Mysteries 930699 Looney 946090 Paradise esu it 3035670 BullwinWe Design. W. Prism 3026922 Primenews P 470632 LA Law 560854 Partridge Get Smart Larry King Live P 489380 Baseball Quantum Leap A P 404699 Equalizer 263564 "Another Time, Another Place" (1958) Lana Turner. Sportscenter 204651 U.S. Open Preview 326767 World News 476816 Sports 632545 "Mommie Dearest" (1981) Faye Dunaway, Steve Forrest 806835 Dragnet Van Dyke "Smbed of the Seven Seas" (1989) Lou Ferrigno. 414922 Sullivans Music 30221 06 Portraits 2037477 M.T. Moore M.T. Moore Newsp 168106 Preston wd Missions Lucy Show Night Court Homeland Auto Racing: SCC A 103336 Harlow 6821 52 Matrix A Elephant Auto Race Major League Baseball: Red Sox at Rangers 933274 Moneyiine Newsnight Unsolved Mysteries 821903 Hitchcock Superman Renegade 823941 Gospel Heart 4471 699 Crossfire Larry King Thirtysomething 108564 F-Troop Dobie Gillis "Dune" (1984) 308922 Rights 2457632JEveryman TV conversion table KPRC - (NBC Houston Ch. 2) KTMD - Telemundo (Ind. Ch. 46) THE DISNEY CHANNEL THE MOVIE CHANNEL SHOWTIME CommunHv Bulletin Board/L.O. HOME BOX OFFICE KUHT - Houston (PBS Ch. 8) KTXH - Houston (IND Ch. 20) f~\ - in Stereo L^3 - Close Captioned (R) - Re-run TCI KHOU - Houston (CBS Ch. 11) FOX - Houston (KRIV Ch. 26) KTRK - Houston (ABC Ch. 13) ENCORE KHTV- Houston (IND Ch. 39) C-SPAN - House of Representatives TCI 763-5321 CINEMAX TNT - Turner Network Television CNN 2 - Headline News Storer 18 19 TCI ESPN - National Sports Network 20 HSE- Home Sports Entertainment 21 KHSH - Shopping 22 BET - Black Entertainment Television 23 CNBC - Consumer News & Business Channel TWC - The Weather Channel 24 WTBS - Atlanta Superstatlon WGN - Chicago Superstation QVC - The Shopping Channel 25 26 FNN - Financial News Network 27 A & E-Arts & Entertainment Channel 27 NICK - Nickelodeon 28 CNN - Cable News Network LIFETIME USA - USA Network AMC- American Movie Classics Access TDC - The Discovery Channel MTV - Music Television TNN - The Nashville Network FAM - The Family Channel EWTH/TBN - Eternal WonVTrinity Broadcasting VH-imi9 Comedy Network COURT TV ^__ KXLN-UNIVISION GALAVISION VISN/ACTS - Religious Network Storer Cable (713) 645-2311 • 43, 99, 62, 81 lULVrarONCUUOTY f^ TV Week& Bitertai Guide Available each Sunday in The Galveston Daily News 24 Hour Listings VCR Plus Codes Prime Time Program Descriptions Sports TV Movie Descriptions |Pop CULTURE David Crosby has put his welt-documented personal troubles far behind him and staged a triumphant return to the charts, enlisting the aid of Phil Collins on the hit single "Hero. " It isn't the first collaboration between the two - Crosby provided harmony vocal to Collins' "Another Day in Paradise" at the 33rd annual Grammy awards in New York in 1991. 1. As a member of which group did David Crosby first hit the Top 40? 2. Who partnered Crosby on the 1972 Top 40 hit "Immigration Man" 7 3. Name another artist with whom Phil Collins has duetted on a Top 40 hit. ©1993 by NEA, Inc. 8/25 uAiuBw jo Xa/./eg imj (£ spj/g at^ d :sjaMsuy [STARGAZING Associated Press Do something, Bones LOUISVILLE, Ky. —WILLIAM SHATNER, who flew across the universe in "Star Trek," was thrown from a horse in real life but nobody needed to call "Rescue 911." After the fall Saturday at the World's Championship Horse Show, the actor was treated for scrapes and bruises at a hospital and released. The accident occurred as Shat- ner, the "Rescue 911" host who owns a horse farm in central Kentucky, was exercising his American Saddlebred on the Kentucky State Fair grounds Saturday night. Shatner was sore from the fall but still planned to ride in competition this week, a stable spokesman told fair officials Monday. Shatner didn't want to discuss the incident with reporters. Truth or dare, Loni NEW YORK — BURT REYNOLDS says he caught his estranged wife, LONI ANDERSON, with other men during their four-year marriage, leading him to file for divorce. In a interview for ABC's "Good Morning America: Evening Edition," scheduled to air today, Reynolds said he was very unhappy the last three years of the Reynolds marriage. "I caught her cheating on me," he said in the interview. "At that point... on the outside ... and sometimes on the inside of the house, but not in the bedroom, we were still on top of the wedding cake." He said he had "not touched her, in the biblical sense, in almost three years." Reynolds, 57, has disclosed he is involved with another woman, Pam Seals. But he challenged Anderson to a truth-serum test about how many affairs they both had while they were married. If she wins, "I will make an offer to her right now that I will give her everything I own," he says. If he wins, "I get Quinton," their 4-year- old adopted son. "That's all I want." Pains of the heart? NEW YORK — ANTHONY QUINN said an extramarital affair with his ex-secretary, who gave birth to his child last month, has resulted in "painful conflicts." "I am sincerely and deeply affected about any suffering I may have inflicted on my wife, lolanda," Quinn, 78, said in a statement issued Monday by a publicist. "However, I cannot deny that a very honest relationship with a woman who was my secretary has developed," he said. He added that he is trying to resolve "deep-seated and painful conflicts" regarding the relationships. On Thursday, the New York Post reported the affair between Quinn and the secretary, identified only as Kathy. Mrs. Quinn learned about the affair in late July but only found out last week about the child, Patricia, born July 22. Quinn has four children with his first wife, Katherine de Mille; three with lolanda; and four, including Patricia, with other women. Kangaroo in corner RALEIGH, N.C. — Children's TV star "Captain Kangaroo" BOB KEESHAN came to North Carolina to praise state efforts to reduce spanking in schools. "I'm opposed to corporal punishment because it doesn't work," said Keeshan, whose morning television show was on the air for 30 years. "It will work temporarily to affect behavior, but it doesn't last." The state Assembly in 1991 repealed a law that blocked bans on corporal punishment. Since then, schools serving about half the state's students have banned paddling. Where's the party? LOS ANGELES — If you live near MADONNA, don't expect quiet, especially if she's throwing a birthday party, neighbors say. Several neighbors summoned police Saturday as a live rap and funk band at Madonna's 35th birthday bash kept them up into the wee hours. Some neighbors have been peeved since the pop diva bought the $5 million Hollywood Hills castle. "I had to close all the windows of my house to get to sleep," one neighbor, who refused to give his name, told the Daily News of Los Angeles. Sgt. William Davidson who responded to a second complaint said the party was starting to break up about 12:20 a.m. Sunday. Madonna bought the 20,000 square-foot castle last year. Leaving his mark LOS ANGELES — MEL GIBSON put his foot down, then his palms, and left quite an impression for his fans. With 500 fans stretching over barricades to catch a glimpse of the movie idol, Gibson stuck his feet and hands in wet concrete Monday in the courtyard at Mann's Chinese Gibson Theatre. He then scrawled his name in the cement. Gibson's prints join about 185 other celebrity impressions, including Al Jolson's knee, Jimmy Durante's nose and Betty Grable's leg, in the famous patio of the Hollywood Boulevard theater. The noontime ceremony began when Gibson stepped out of a black Mercedes and waved to screaming fans and tourists. Marching peacefully nearby were six gay activists carrying placards reading "Anti-woman, anti-gay, anti- choice." They were condemning alleged anti-gay remarks by the actor.

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