The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, May 3, 1934
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Served by the United 7>rm BLYTBEVILLE COURIER TUV rvtUTMA*n* upuianAtivm «•« ...»*.»,». ~ ™-^— -^^™^™•^^•^^«^«» -^B* VOL. XXXI—N'O. 40 Blytlieville Dally Newe Blytheville Cfurier Mississippi Valley Loader Blytheville Her»ld THE DOMINANT NEWBPAPER OP NOHTHEA OT ARKAN8AB AND SOUTHEACT MISSOURI BLYTHEVI1.LE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MAY 3, 1934 ROME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE'CENTS ] BISHOP CANNON OUSTER EFFORT Stock Market Control Bill Survives Early Vote Test WASHINGTON. May 3 (UP1-- : The Democratic leadership won ] the first test vote on the Riiyburn Annual Statement Shows $10,000 Improvement Over Year Before The Blytheville municipal government, made a net operating gain of $3.418 -in the fiscal year ending March 31, 1934. as compared wilh a net loss or $834 GO in the fiscal year ending Mutch 3). 1933. John Lcnti of the W. J. Peck Auditing coin- puny reveals in his annual city audit. Despite the .size-able increase in income over - expenses a net hook loss of $1.291 for the recent 12 month period is recorded by the charging off of $10.449 for depreciation on ci!y equipment. The net loss for the year ending in March. 1933. however, was SI 1.325 including a depreciation item cf S10.55U,: leaving a reduction of $10.033 in the net lot.s from one year l-o the next. Bond Default Looms Even \vit'n an actual gain in Income of S3,ODG during the past year, Auditor LeiHi in his summary holds forth the prospect of serious de- fnull In boi:d and interest obliga- tions'in the period ending next March unless more income is available. One hundred per cent payment of taxes on Blytheville real, personal and utility property witr- ine full fi\cd five mill rate se: aside lor retirement ci bonds and payment of interest will find tht city facing default on S6.000 of bonds and interest. Mr. Lent" slates. In the event of delinquenc; of 20 to 25 per cent, as in the pas; several years, default of about <8.500 In bonds and interest, 1s u: prospect. Increase in the city's tax rate by about four mills would be necessary, with collections on the usual'level, lo stave oil default'aml wipe out past' defaults, which are being cleared up with incoming tax funds. The comparative statement of slock market contiol bill today when the house voted down an attempt to lower imirgln requhe- nents set by the measure. The test vote came on an .iniendiiH-nt ottered by Representative Ktnney iDein.. N. J.I which would .have increased the loan value of securities from 55 iwr cent as specified in the bill to CO pi-r crm, in other words lowered the margin requirement from 4S lo 40 JX.T cent. Attacks Constitutionality of Recovery Act and National Labor Board To Mold Revival WILMINGTON. Del., May 3 •UP)— Constitutionality of the na- 'ional recovery act was challenged by the Weirton Steel company in the government's test to enforce collective bargain- •ng provisions allegedly violated by he company. Caleb S. Layton, steel company •rounsel. appearing before U. S. District Judge John P. Nields. also attacked the constitutionality -he national labor board. " He contended that the NHA Is mconstltutional because the dele- Wa^ace to Act on plaints Benefits Are Irtf- properly Diverted WASHINGTON. Mnv 3 IUP) — r: "' 1 -"tarv ni Acnctilturc llenrv A. Wniiacc torlav nrted to belter the "n'nrr«mrnt of the A. A. A. rntton cintrol n'nn in the South uti'l remove iniiisftces lo tenant farmer': which .have developed. He called a conference next wi-k of sericulture department i nvi^n^ion workers and others con- j nrrterl wilh the southern colton j prn-i-am m studv ih» situi»lon. •The action was taken after fll- "t" n remrt bv Calvin R Hoover, nuke universitv economics pro- l»*v\r nnd A. A. A. economic ad- viwi-. 10 iho effect that share "T'^firs were being cheated hv inn.iinnls I" division of reduction benefit's. Hoover also reoorted "rowint unemnloymcnt due In nirt to restriction of cotton acre- are. | Wallace snid a temnorary organ-] iririon wnulrt b" ser. UD to Invest!- j »nle of Injustices and viola-j ti<"-> of contract terms. i-r Cily I The Rev. J. J. Walker, pastor of the East End Christian church of Memphis, will open a two weeks evangelistic meeting at the Firsl | Christian church Sunday. i M HUP FOR E Total Acreage Reduction Benefits in County Will Exceed $1,000,000 OSCEOLA, Ark., May 3.-The State Hoard of Review at Little Rock yesterday unproved the con- tracls of 1,192 Sniiih Mississippi county farmers participating In the government cotton nereiige reduction program, who have agreed ,to rent lo lie government 47,143 acrce previously devoted to cotton. The approved contracts will be forwurdcd to Washington by the latter part of this week and participating farmers will Deceive a I total of $524,701.37 In rentals for ut of cotton. In receive this fall n parity payment of I cent per pound on 40 per cent of the coi- | ton actually produced on the remaining acres planted to the crop. •alion of authority was not de- ined in the act. national labor board lie arg hat the act did not delegate to Regarding the n rc(i uetirin of the number of ten- rd he argued """ m farms; th;U tne P^ent- - Hoover's report slated that there ' P nn cp VP ]» nf hnd been "a considerable number" *^ UU; >^ V LU I ^f rsisrs in which tenant farmers failed to receive their full share of ._.. . „ benefit payments; that despite With Senators contnct provisions there had been gram at Conference of rental navnients to share president the right to create a C1 ' oor --rs was WASHINGTON, May 3 (UP) — Legislation calling for a $200,000.100 government guarantee for a irxiy with such powers. Matr R**. nm » m May Become of lower under 1934 program of nation-wide home con- contracl.'; and that con- , structlon and repair was outlined fusion had developed over pay- today to senate leaders and others ment divlrion due lo tne Cording at » white House conference pre- I sided over by President Roosevelt. ' contracts. Nationa Safety Director " oovi ' r said tnat dfS P |tc flbuses ' iiaiiouai oaiciy uircnur |h( , cott?n program h9(1 ^en of tfou douhrM vptire to the South. LITI'LE ROCK. May 3 (UP) — •'. M. Lauderdale, former slate rafety director for the CWA in assets and liabilities shows a de-1 sition Arkansas, has been offered the po- designed to put thousands of men to work in th* building trades, was expected to , be laid before congress in a few In announcing that the confer- days by President Roosevelt, cither enc« hnd begn called. Secretary !n „ 5peclal message or communi- C'omDlainls Received Wnllace said: ! ration lo chairmen of committees. Majority Leader Joseph T. Rob- moved with tax income of the cur. rent year. Income Is Higher .The statement of income and expenses shows that the cily's income increased $3.096 last year over the .year before. A total of S57.726 was paid into the city treasury last year compared with S54.329 the year, before. Among the larger causes contributing to the income increase were higher privilege license collections and added revenue from delinquent millage tax due to the attractive oilers made by'the state to property owners lo redeem properly, smaller items showing sharp increases included the dog tax collections. Expenses of tre street depart mcnt were only -$7.409 during the pasl 12 months period as compare*! with S8.233 the year before, showing a decrease of $764. Police department expense was $6.779 compared with $9.838 in the previous year, revealing a decrease of 53.108. The firo department showed an ex- l>ense decrease of S2.210 and tr.e ^ tntinicipaj court one of $158. The general department, however, ran into an Increase In expanses of $251. A total of $19.904 was expended by this department in the period ending March. 1934 nnd $19.043 in the pericd ending March, 1933. Expense of the department for the latest period included a loial of 51.137 for engineer's services, appraisements and travel expenses of ire waterworks committee, seeking to purchase the local system for the city. A savin° o' $578 in the city light bill last year over the previous year was really attributable to a reduction in rates obtained during the year ending in March. 1933. Accounts payable at the close of t'-e fiscal year. March 31. 1934, to- wiled $0,274 including $2,192 In writer warrants payable, $1,375 In notes payable, and current months , . .ants ns heretofore cmoloyed and ernmrni wo weeks after his appointment tllllt ,, lost landowners' have not ernracnt le had set up a state wide or- L. victMl tenants or share croppers ;amzai:on and had reduced the bcciuuw of , he reduct!on program. number of accidents on CWA projects by 60 per cent. New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 3 (UP)—Cotton closed barely steady. "As a whole, landowners and tenants have co-operated In a splendid way in connection with the cotton adjustment program and committeemen and county agents have demonstrated fairness and patience in dealing wilh the Del Dec Mar 1081 1098 1112 1122 1128 1138 open high low close ™" y P™blcrns which have arisen, ju W ou nded In Still Raid n IMS irm ir™ However, there has been a suffi-| J " au "UUllueu ill Jim l\mu 1082 1100 1115 I12C 1130 1142 1074 1086 1103 1115 1120 1131 1074 10S7 1103 1115 1121 1131 cient number of complaints I', seems desirable that some mechanism be devised* whereby those tenants who have been taken advantage of will have an oppor- Removed Jail to Missouri Cecil Ijngford, 29. who was Spots closed quiet at 1100. un- !tunitv L0 P res ™t »h<™' complaints shot by a federal agent at a changed. directly to the adminlstraion and.slill sile in Dunkltn county, Mo., be assured that a prompt invest!-'nine miles northwest of here early \ew Orleans Cotton gallon will result. NEW ORLEANS, May 3 (UP) Cotton futures closed unchanged j to three points down after moving within a narrow range In today's _ Buffalo Gnat Plague last week, was removed from the .local hospital to the New Madrid. county jail alter arraignment before United States Com- which it is estimated arciuxl $100,000. will run session on the local exchange. May ... Jul .... Oct ... Jcc ... 'an ... Mar ... Spots open high low close _ _ I |t tl • ><>1.llb wvlult UllllCU kJlUlCO V/Uk»1$ Rapidly Abating mlssloner Buckley at Haytl yes- LTTTLE ROCK. Ark.—The plague 1073 1094 1106 1118 1128 1130 1073 1095 1110 1120 1128 1130 1073 1012b 1086 1587 1100 HIM mi 1115 1121 1121 1130 luib of buffalo gnats which spread over most of eastern Arkansas last week. has almost disappeared. Dr. P. A. Johnson, deputy state veterinarian, who conducted a series of experiments in the infested region with Dr. Delbert Schwartz of the Unl- off 3. Sure* °' b.lls of March. r. the close of the year 'ending MjK'h 31, 1933, totalled $10.811. r,. . " n . ' T^e noticeable decrease in the btOCK "nceS density of the swarms of Insects __ [has been ntlribuled to the hot NEW YORK, May 3 (UP)— A weather of the last few days and last minute sell-off on the stock tne recession of swollen streams In exchange today wiped out early l eastern Arkansas. iaias and registered the eleventh' Liv «'c<k deaths during tre time :ucressive daily decline. Leading when lhc P Ia S llc was at its height iharcs closed unchanged to three '°' a 'ed about 150 in Lee county. points down. A. T. and T 114 Anaconda Copper 15 Bethlehem Sleel 37 3-4 Chrysler 45 3.4 Cities Service 27-8 Coca Cola 1173-8 Accounts payable Gen. Am. Tank 371-2 100 In Crps scounty. 75 In Monroe and 75 In Phillips. Kentucky Derby Will Attract Record Crowd May Jul Wheat open high low 'close 78 1-2 78 7-8 71 7-8 78 1-8 1C 7-8 77 3-8 16 1-8 76 1-4 Chicago Corn open high -IS' 1-2 45 3-4 low close 45 1-4 45 1-4 Gen. Electric ......... 21 1-4 Motors ........... 35 5-8 erday. Langford, charged with possc.<slng a still in violation ot federal linvs. waived examination and was ordered held to await action of the federal grand jury. His bond was set at 11,000 and Claude F. Cooper, local attorney, who represents Langford. said bond would probably be made soon. Through his attorney Ijngford has denied glvlnj a statement to federal officers In which he said that he was aiming his shotgun in the direction of one fed.ral officer when shot by another. Langford. according to his attorney, says he was fleeing from the still when shot in the back by pursuing officers. Langford was shot in the back, examination revealed, but federal officers said that he was wounded by one agent when he aimed his shotgun at another. The officer who shot Langlord fired from 100 yards witn a .45 calic-re pistol. The contracts Involve a base acreage of 126,254 acres In the south half or Hie counly and leave 19,120 acres which will be planted to (he staple crop. Totaling the figures for contrad approved earlier this week In the Chicknsawba dlstrlcl, the coltoi p.-odneiio!i program, il Is calculated, will release In the counts inside the next few months ap proxlmately a million dollars in rentals wilh an additional quarter of a million in estimated parltj payment which will be received this fall. One hall the rentals will be paid as soon as It j s possible to tabulate the contracts In Washington and mall the checks and the other half will'be paid when inspections lo confirm the acreage reductio ~ 'e made. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration has issued record books to enable participating farmers tc keep accurate account of theii crops, ana [he county commute has called a meeting of all south Mississippi county committeemen tc be r.eld at 2:30 p.m. here tomorrow for the purpose of explaining details of the record books and to arrange for their distribution to th individual farmers. Pay Available Today for Employes of City The "ghost walked" today for city employes who went pay-less on the regular semi-monthly nav dav TuesUny. Ross Beavers, city clerk, caid checks would be forthcoming following a police drive against motorists foiling to pay 1934 city car licenses. The drive opened about Tuesday when the clerk announced that funds In the city treasury were insufficient to meet the payroll Contributing to the "put men to work" relief program, the city exchanged cash for S350 in relief script and pasted $7.50 worth of two-cent relief stamps on tr.e script before turning it over to employes as part of their pay. Fifty per cent of each employe's salary was to be paid In script. The city is taking some script on payment of license fees, It Is understood. I 10 Girl From 11 ills HUSSKLLVILLE, Ark. (UP)Myrtle Robbs, IJ-yt'iir-nld, inudi' IT first visit to u riillmul tuwn 'hen she CBine here—mid she wus riinkly dlsapiwlnted wilh llit.s.M'11- ille. "Fi-om what I have ri-ad." tin' Irl said, "1 thouyht the i Musvli if Russellvtlle would all Ue big vhllf bnlldlnus." She visited u style sho]). whfiv he learned much to her illsitiuy hat she couldn't buy a "nickel's vorlli of candy." The girl, who had never bt'm outside of h«r home cumimmlty, inounlnlii-towii 55 miles from lere, saw u 'train for ilie first line. It was in event she saiil she md looked forward to lor years. She was Impressed wilh the sl/c f tlw train und the rour It made. The Illtlu mountain girl was iifc'thlng but shy. She miked with justness men : about the wonders of "such ft big town." Myrtle was veil dressed. "I came down with Mrs. Hraz- wll In n car," she said. "Guess ,'ou all know her." And when none of the group seemed to recall such acquaintance, Myrtle said —"Why surely you know Mrs. Brnzrcll— she's postmaster back home." Pretty Certain To Spur Flying t Local jVlotorists Display Proper Tags; Truck Operators Lined Up Highway law enforcement officers of the revenue commissioner 1 * ot- f\ce have found thU county In gooc condition as Jar as state, vehicle license laws are p concet«cOi ••?. -i A squad of. five motorcycle officers, which about comprises the state's highway patrol, has been p« trolling highways'out of Blytheville for a couple of days. Several truclc operators, engaged in hauling freight In inter-state and Intra-state business.' have been found to be carrying larger loads than . allowed under' their license payments, but have secured 'proper licenses and have not been brought Into court. As far as local residents are concerned they have shown a higher degree of compliance vlth the license laws than noticed In other border cociities ol the state, it Is tuv In addition to .the highway enforcement officers on duty here other employes of the revenue conv fissloncr's office have been here assisting local taxpayers In malting Income tax reports. One deputy wll remain in the local office of the department on the third floor o the courthouse here through to- E TB ORE IS V8TED Police to Get Maces Hick I LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 3 (UP) linn Mn- n ~ « = „ ' Thc vanguard of turf pilgrims! LIMA, O. (UP)-Dlscarded more Int H»r™« I,,. l streamed lnto this mecca of the I than 25 years ago. maces soon will Minrtw-.Jriiiim ,! win S«l horso today for Saturday's be restored to policemen of this Middle*est Utllilles .... 1-4 (Kentucky Derbv. 50.000 DODUlatlon div Pniiw rhlef [Methodists Uphold Fight- : me; Churchman by Vote of 269 to 170 Today .3 JAOKSON, Miss , May 3. (UP) — Bishop Jumes Cannon jr., for years : the storm center of the Methodist .Episcopal church South, today won | ' overwhelming endorsement of his ; contemporary church leaders when* thoy -voted, 2«9 to 170, against a' plan lo retire him. ; The retirement.,plan was bellev- : ed to have been.i;direct result of '_ the wide publicity Bishop Cannon !j : gained through his trial on the cor-; ; " i( 1 rupt practices act. charge, growing',''' out of his activity »gainst Alfred''/ E. Smith's presidential candidacy In 1928. The vote to continue Bishop Cannon on the active list came at Hie general conference of the church alter Its committee on episcopacy, sole judge on qualification or fitness of bishops, failed lo'rec-. omniend his continuation in ofBce. He would not be subject to retirement normally for two years. The episcopacy, committee had . recommended trial "unacceptablllty and Inefficiency" be made grounds for the removal of bishops before reaching the superannuation age of 72, which would have paved the way for Bishop Cannon's retirement. Tile committee voted two to one for the bishop's "honorable retirement," but Bishop Cannon refused to resign and carried the fight lo the floor of the conference. Men rfiny be men in Texak, Vut Ihry don't hold all Hie men's Jcilis. Pretty Helen John-on has been numed manager of the Brownsville municipal airport, ftral woman to hold such a post In the Star 'stale. Here she Is. Imldcr of a transport pilot's lironae herself, ready to upur up business. $417,000,000 T»x Bill 1» Seat to President .. The, »4 17.000,000 tax bill ended. its.'. long Journey through congress today when the senate put the finishing touches to a measure walch has been more than three months In the making. The senate sent the bill to President Roosevelt lor signature after adopting ti-.e conference report on the measure and receding from an amendment which would nave added 10 per cent to every Income tax payment for 1934. There was no record vote. 40-Year-Old Family Tradition Kept Alive OKLAHOMA CITY (UP)—Mrs. Augusta "Mom" Wade every Spring feels t^e restless lure of the open road, which fastens Itself upon the "show people." Her son and daughter. tSidney, 22, and Brudye. 19, and Leigh Wade, the father, also feel the urge to be under t.r.e "big top," but the famous "Bell-ringing Wades" will istay at home, even though the Al O. Barnes Circus has offered them a contract for the season. Few know that "Mom" Wade, secretary at the state chamber of commerce, is a member oj the famous Swiss bell-ringing Wades, who for 40 years have been a tradition under the circus tent. Wade »f.s the business manager of the'troupe, arranging bookings. car and woman fled on foot. Billy Brewer Needs Blood Transfusions Volunteers are being sought to offer blood for transfusions for Billy Brewer, son of Dr. and Mrs. W. p. Brewer, who Is seriously III at the Memphis Baptist hospital. _..,... „_..„ so J. W. onousc went to Memphis jw'ritlng the lines, writing pfays'for '.oday to give his blood for the (the old stock stows, and playing first transfusion but physicians I the rhimes and bells. "Mom" acted nger and bell-ringer. state that se on but physicians [the chimes and veral more will be as pianist, sins necessary and they are eager to have several persons typed at nee. Anyone caring to offer his b!ood Is asked to call 540 or SOS where Ihcy may reach Dr. brew v ,\ Montgomery Ward 27 !-* i R,. e . of the weather, at- 50,000 population city. Police Chief Ward Taylor said he believed that n.-i i i n , ™ i «-iuu-*» ui me *eauier, m- noiu mjior smo. ne oenevea mat wnlral ..... 30 \'l I tendance at the classic Is expected under some circumstances a club " Phillips Petroleum " - break . a » ««>rds. 48 1-8 48 3-8 41 3-4 47 7-8 U. S. Steel Radio 8 1. 8 Simmons Beds 173-4 Si, Louis-Sun Francisco 3 5-8 Standard of N. J. 44 1.4 Texas Co - 35 1-4 181-2 Ever}' hotel room, every board-' I' 5 more than a gun. dlcatlng the steamer Emma K. Heed had been rammed ami junic >v the steamer City of Norfolk, off the naval base at 6:15 a. m., the other that the steamer Ida 1 C. Atwalcr was damaged In a collision. All hands on the Reed, listed as lo last minute cd lo President Roosevelt by Qov- | were saved by the City of "Norfolk". F. D. R. Inrtltd to Colorado DENVER. Colo. (DP)—An invi- lin house, and even the spare rooms'in private dwellings have . __.. ._ been reserved and telegraph com-Ration lo spend his summer vaca- panlcs »re doing a boom business lion in Colorado has been exlend- scnding bidders. Two Collisions at Sea ReportedjOff Norfolk NORFOLK. Va.. Mav 3 (UP) — Sidney Is a trick trombone player, and Prudye Is a rider, Scotch drummer and toe dancer, circus blood is In the entire family. The daughter was In the 101 Ranch Circus at t!;e Cenlury of Progress Exposition in Chicago lost year. Their last appearance was with the Ringing Circus In 1931, Woman and Car Capturec as Suspected Desperadoes Take to Woods KABOOL, Mo.. May 3. (UP)— *un to gro:ind in the rough Ozark hills by stale and county officers, two men today abandoned their companion and Officers, aided by bloodhounds were close on the trail and expected the keen nosed dogs to eventually lead them to the men. The woman was caught near the car. Captain A. D. Sheppard of the state highway patrol said she was not Bonnie Parker, tough companion of Clyde Barrow, southwestern desperado. Captain Sheppard also said he was sure the men sought were not Barrow or any of h!s gang, It was possible, he said, they might be Alvin Karpls and Fred Barker, wanted on murder charges and suspects in the Bremer kidnaping. Need Belter Equipment WASHINGTON, May 3. <UP)Atty. Qen. Homer S. Cummlngs appealed today for men, armored automobiles, radio facilities, and more machine gruns to capture such criminals as John Dlllinger. "Dilllnger wo;ild have been trapped in Wisconsin." Cummlngs said, "if the department of justice was modernized." U. S. Makes $10,000,000 uL,n.. va., .viav 3 (UP)—,i n • n C •»• guard headquwterj today "X Buying Uwn MCUTltieS Intercepted two messages, one in-| ernor Edwin C. Johnson. one of the messages said. WASHINGTON. May 3 (UP) — The government has made a "profit" of $10.000.000 by trading In Its own securities since the first of Warns Against Further Monetary Experiments WASHINGTON, May 3. (UP)— The president of Ite Canadian chamber of commerce warned today .hat If there are any more glra- lons of the American dollar Canada may have to retaliate. W. San ford Evans, speaking be- 'ore the 22nd annual meeting of he Chamber of Commerce of the United Slates, said that Canada was none too happy about the United States monetary policy. "Whatever may be true of the )ast." he said, "I would like to Issue a warning that if tr.e Amert- 'an dollar starts on any other excursions we shall have lo atlempl t constructive monetary policy of our own in self defense." ' $5.000 for NEW YORK, May 3 (UP)—A S5.000 reward to the person who ••vtll give information "which di- •ectly leads to the capture and irrest of John Dllllnier," uras announced today by Universal Newsreel. This Is the first reward of substantial size ever offered for the ipprehenslon of the desperado. NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (UP) — Mrs. Frank Dl Domenlco is very determined when It comes to cist- Ing her ballot in a city election the year. Secretary of Treasury Leaving the church, after being Henry Morienthau Jr., said today. J married, she directed the brida" This profit. Morgenthau said,;party to a polling place and. veil represents appreciation in market! and all, entered . the booth and value of Unitcd_ States government registered her vote while the bride securities bought earlier In the year at lowrr prices. groom and attendants waited outside In an automobile. Liner Runs Aground in New York Harbor NEW YORK. May 3 (UP)—Picking her way through a fog veiling he harbor, the liner Albert Ballin, outward , bound with 615 passengers, went aground at Norton's Point early today. She was refloated several hours later. Rhode Island Puts Ban On Nudist Colony PROVIDENCE. R. I. (UP)—Roger Williams founded the colony of Rhode Island as a land of liberty, but the state apparently doesn't intend to interpret the founder's sentiments as a welcome to Nudlsta. A Dill passed by the senate would make nudism In any form a criminal offense. It was prompted by reports that a nudist colony was about lo be established on the shores of Narragansett Bay. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Cloudy, local thundershowers tonight and Friday. Memphis and vicinity—Increasing cloudiness tonight. Friday showers. The maximum temperature here yesterday wai 87, minimum 62. clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, official weather obtervrr.

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