The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1949
Page 10
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FACE TEN BLYTIIJCVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1949 Steak Fans Like Sirloin Broiled Cuts Should Be Thin For Panbroiling; Thicker for Broiling Steak fans agree that in the family of cloaks of sirloin can easily sland on Its own. But it stil! take.s the homcmaker's co-operation in broiling it to perfection. Reba Slangs, well-known food authority, gives the following suggestions for buying and broil ing sir!ion steak. First of all .select steak (hat is at least one inch thick. If thinner, the .steak is best p:\nbroil- ed. One-inch sirloin .steaks can be counted on to serve from three to six persons while t\vo-inrh steaks \viH serve from six to twelve. Next, adjust the broiler i.u-1: according to the thickness of the steak. For one-Inch steak.s tlie rack Ls placed so the surface of the steak is two inches from the heat, two- inch steaks three inches from the he:it. This low temperature cooks the steak slowly and evenly. When one side of the -steak is done, it is seasoned with salt and pepper, then turned and cooked on the other side. Cooking time for rare done one-inch steaks Ls around 20 minutes, for medium tione 25 minutes. Two-inch steaks require 40 minutes for rare 'ionc and 45 minutes for medium done. In pnnbroiling the meat i.s placed in a heavy frying-pan without water or fat and the pan Ls tcfl uncovered. The steak Ls turned occasionally so it will be evenly browned. Excess fat is jxnired oft as it accumulates in the pan. When cooked through and well brmvned, the steak 1s seasoned and served at once. A simple sirloin steak dinner is wisely planned with some of the accompanying foods cooked alotig with the meat in the broiler. One of these grilled combinations Is halved tomatoes, onion slices nnd cooked sHced potatoes dotted wiih butter or margarine. The remainder of this summer meal can Include a tossed green salad, hot rolls, iced tea and a dessert of chilled melon wedges. Refrigerator CookiesNeeded On Hottest Day Let the weather be Jiot or cold youngsters sllll call for cookies. To answer that demand during summer days make the refrigerator take the place of the cookie Jar. suggests Reba Staggs. home economist. With a few minutes notice the homemaker can produce a plate of ^delicious homemade cookies made to order for summer's iced beverages. When they are prepared the refrigerator way, rolling and cutting time Is at a minimum. The dough is merely formed into rolls shout m inches wide, covered with waxed paper and chilled. When cookie time comes the dough is taken out of the refrigerator, thinl.v sliced and baked. Shortened with lard, the cookies stay fresh and have a nice, crisp texture that makes them perfect for snack or picnic "des- serting." Nut meats, melted chocolate, orange or lemon, juice and rind may be added to vary the refrigerator cookies. Lazy summer cooking suggests other non-rolled cookies such as mince-meat, spice or chocolate oatmeal drop cookies and cinnamon or coconut bars. BURDETE SCHOOL DISTOICT .. Estimate of Revenue needed b 1 Burdctte School District No. 35 of Mississippi County. Arkansas: For the school year 1950-51, the following proposed budpet of expenditures will be needed [or school purposes: General Control $500.00 Instruction Operation 6,000.00 Maintenance TnO.OO Transportation 9.000.00 Fixed Charges 1.500.00 Debt Service 6.871.00 Capital Outlay 3.500.00 Tuition 180.00 $68.564.00 In order to provide for H normal school program a.s outlined ahcne. 27 mill tax must bo voted at the Try a Tempting Summer Buffet To Serve With Iced Tea or Coffee Good Eating Is In Apricot Frosty Donuts Raspberry or apricot frosted doughnuts! They're as gooti to took nt as Ilipy arc to cat. nmkitlR tliom iiienl to bnKlHen summer breakfasts. For making cuiiek work of douRli- ntils u.«e a heavy trying-pan, SUK- (tosts Ilcba Stages, home economist. Thr lartre frying surface of the frylim-paii makes it possible to cook a lart;e number of clo'ifihniits at one time "preferably in the cool of the morning Lord is molted lo nioisuiv about 'i Indies in the frying-pan. A temperature of 3(iO degrees P. must SHRIMP TOMATO TUMI'S—Garnish Ihc Iray with "cnlla lily*' saiid\s it-lies, radish roses and carrot tUlsles. For a summer buffet, I" serve popper, 1-1 re^ixxm paprika, 2»i wiih iced tea or coffee, tn:tkc up- cups milk. :* liard-coo^d e»g^. ^eiv- "tu]ip.s" OUL ol .shrimp and ed. I tabli. (XKm mincer! piir.-ilcy. 1-8 be maintained to Hive the 'dough- iiuls a eolden-brov,'n coating and cook them through. It the homemaker does not have a cooking iliermomcler she Mil know the temperature is risht If a one-inch cube of bread browns in one minute. To make the colortul lopping, fresh fruit Ls cooked down, confectioner's sugar added, and the sauce allowed to cool before It Is spread on tile doughnuts. Read Courier News Want Ads A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT MACARONI-SPAGHETTI PURE ECO NOODLES ICC Recommends Rote Boost for flcphanti Riding on ferry Boot WASHINGTON, Aug. 4. CAP) — Things looked dark today for elephants who like to ride the Wee- ha\vken Ferry across the Hudson River. An Interstate Commerce Com- mission examiner recommended new farpi for the ferry, which runs from New York Oily lo weehawken, N.J. Among the suggested changes: Elephants, who have been riding lor $1.40, would nave lo pay $2,80. Not In peanuts, either. Tlie .Statue of Liberty is made of bronze. SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work (or gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shenring up lo 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 MAKE DELICIOUS, WHOLESOME BUTTERMILK WITH NONFAT DRY MltK SOLIDS lomntw.s. Gaini.sli the tray \vith "calla lily" sandwiches and nulisli "rose.s." Shrimp TuiTKilo Tulip:; (8 servhifjsl Two . r >-omu:e runs shrimp, ihaiji- cd, 1 cup (-nttcd ciibbasie, \- : 2. cup minced :;reen pepper, 1 toa-spoon grated cmon. l-'2 cup mayoim-ase, '.' ut!esix?ons lornon juice, 8 '.otna- toc.s. Shred shrimp, reserving.' 8 for sarni-sh Add cabbage, celery. j;recn pepper.oniori. and lemon juire; m = x thoroughly. Chill. toinaloc.->. Using a sharp knife, cut from culler of bottom to s'om end petal fashion; hollow out center slightly rile stuffing in center of eaeii tomato; garnish with v.hole shfimp. Df-vifed Shrimp (1 servings) One 5-OLince can shrimp, manned, 1 tablespoon lemon juic-e. 4 tablespoons butter or fortified inar- ^arim 1 . \ tablespoons ilour, 1-4 teaspoon dry mustard. 1-i) teaspoon 1'KOl'OSEJ) BUJIGKT OF- KXI'KNIHTUEtKS TO<J LTIIKK WITH TAX LKVY KOH FISCAL YEAR HKC.1NNING JtLY 1, 1050, TO AND INLI.Uni.VG JUNK 30. 1951 The Board of Directors of Manila School District No 15 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, in compliance with the requirements ol Amendment No. 40 to the Constitution of the State ol Arkansas, adopted November 2, 1948, have prepared, approved, and hereby make public ;hc proposed budget of expenditures together with the tax rate as follows: General 'control, S5.250.00; Instruction, S83,189.00; Operation of school building, S8.505.6o; Maintenance of schoof plant and equipment, $0.015.00; AuxoJiary Agencies (including transportation), $15,806.00; Fixctl Charges flnsnrjmccO. $H.DS5.00: Drfot Service, $li,33D,00; Capital outlay, None. To provide for tlic foregoing proposed budget of expenditures the Boai'ri of Directors proposes a tax : levy of 30 mills. This tux levy includes the present continuing levy for the retirement of present indebtedness Seven mills of the above'd tax levy of 30 mills is for a proposed bond issue of 5160,000, estimated to run 25 years, for the purpose of erecting and equipping new .school buildings and making improvements and additions to present school buildinps and refunding outstanding bonds The Directors will nyk the electors to vole 7 mills through 1961 and l, r > nulls thereafter for the ii]-^po-,r-(L bond issue of SlGO.fO;). which will ron.slilu'.e a en; its ruling mutual lory tituil the principal of and in- on the bond- are paid in full. Given this 26 day oi July. 1049. Buairi of Direnors, M;miLn School IJi.sti ict No 15 of Missi.ssiijpi County. Arkansas By C. W. Tip'.on. President C. B Chikirtv^, Sei-rot:irv 728. 84-11 tca.--ipiji.rn t;>b;iM:o, 1 cup Ijullircrj ,so(L bread (•••umt:. i i. Bi'f.'ii: siinitij) in'." pieces; ;tdd lemon jtucc MAi Ijiim-r, add Hour, dry rniLsUmi. jirpix-r <'itd paprika, i Sin 1 to a HMOdih pri.-.:i'. Add milk ami ccnk, .^tirrinm con.siantly, until niixiurc thU'kt'tJ.s :uifi coinc.s to a Ijoil. AfifJ shuiKp. sieved Cfjgs, pars- IPV and uih;iMo. Tum inio individual >-c;i I lop .shells oc ca^sernlE'.s. Sprmklt- \vilii lj]-(-a<i crumbs. IJiku m ni()ciL'r;;ic ovm (STi decrees p\> *^o mmutcs or until bi^\vn. Ih triii- I'oLato Sihlad One ciuiu i diced. Booked potatoes, 1S ciijxs .smnkud hcn-]n», c'Oiir.snly c'ho])j)ed, 1 t<MSp<xjtT ftiiR- ly minced onion, 2-3 cup French <iiTJsSHi£. 3 Jufrd-tt'okftl cvs, 'liced. 1 fcea.sjK-diJ miiu-ed pur-siey, "sliced pickled hrc-is and dili pickles. list; Hnn p'jiuMfs vnsu-h will not bn-:ik y/lu'i: din-d Lll'-nci with lier- rnit; ami or,i<*n. pour Pivnch im* over :uici let .staiiii "u;iH an liour. Add e»i\ juiti pai.sU-y. rd.-s all lightly together, plii- bi^ii in ^crvuiK auci yatui. 1 -!: with bcet.s and pickles. annual school rlret ion, So 27, 194n Signed: C- G. .SniiU Prr:-iclpn! Si hc»l Bt rtiiait'Mc &.-l«x»l UL No. 5 Mi -Mxsiiipi Counly, for Top Quality Beef Cuts Always ask for tender, flavor-rich CUTS SHORT FRUIT COCKTAIL CATSUP-- 14 oz bottle 17c Hortex PINEAPPLE JUICE Cottons and linens cost you about $150 yearly* Dcril shorten their life with uncontrolled bleaching That wastes money! \ ' l^e/iB^ /^WV^ -M A ?c& y vv 3 iJse ContolM-Action. It whitens, brightens gently. Saves money! »««CO»«*MI«>I. IIP.. i. u *0oi.. Si ALL-METAL CAMERA STANDARD 120 FILMS AND 1 COUPON FROW MOORE BROTHERS Highva? 18 l, ISlylhcville 46 oz. . can 34* Top Quality PET MILK 3 tall cans Grath's TOMATO JUICE 46 oz. . can Coca-Cola or SEVEN UP case GRAPEFRUIT JUICE - - 46 :: 23c CHOICE MEATS Tender, Top Grade T-BONE STEAK ,,, 75 s Fal, Tender, Kresh D3ESSED HENS 45 CJnoil Quality SALT MEAT Lb . 22 e Delicious, Young PORK LIVER U). 39 Tender, Fresh CALF LIVER lh 79 Fresh Caught RIVER CATFISH Lb . 55 C Domino ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^_^ SUGAR 10 lbs 89 Six Delicious Flavors JELLO Limit Packages box Do/.. Sunkist, 432 size LEMONS Fresh, Tender EAR CORN 3, 10 No. 1 Red POTATOES 10,,, s 45 Michigan Crisp CELERY s «10 The Dainty Cooking Fat HUMKO - - 4lb.dn.73? Salad Queen S." DRESSING - - - qt. Extra Standard TOMATOES - 2 No. 2 cans 23< Snowdrift or CRISCO - - • Bib. can 851 Red Sour CHERRIES - No. 2 can 251 Crushed PINEAPPLE - - No. 2 can 25< Standard CORH - - - No. 2 can Camay or LUX SOAP - - 2bars1S< Large Ivory or SWAN SOAP -large bar 13< All Nationally Advertised Brands, Ige. box WASHING POWDERS lie Washing Powder TREND - 2 Ige. boxes 35< All Popular Brands CIGARETTES - - ctn. $1.87 Liberty Cash Grocery's RECIPE OF THE WEEK Angel Icebox Cok« 16 »oFt m*rihm»llo*i 1 cup boilinr *mi*r I cup cold I'M Milk 12 two inch v.nill. I pjfkigt trmoa w.fn.' fi.l.UP Cut mar*hmal!ov,-s in smAll pieces. Put into bowl with cold milk. Let stand in refrigerator about 1 hour, or until thoroughly chilled. Stir now «nd then while chilling. Di«o!v« gelatin in hoil- ing water. Chill until jlightty thicker tru-m unbeaten egg whiiej. Rub with veger*b1« oil «, mold holding about * quart. Line sides of mold with vnnilla wafer*. Whip chilled milk rmruir. with cold cotary egg beater, or electric beater ac high speed, limit light and HufTy. Fotd into gelatin. Pour into prepared mold. Chill until firm. Turn out. MaVrs 4 servings for 1 meal*. *Thin siicit of angel, plain, »pong« or pound cake alw can be uicd. Pet Milk can!3c gofers . . pkg 15c I.tmon Gelatin . pkg 9c • •

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