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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona • Page 31
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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona • Page 31

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:

i n.w..w. Tucson, Wednesday, February 7, 1990 Hjp Arizona DaitaStar Section Page Television MORNING PRIME TIME WEDNESDAY 02-07-90 Evening QJ Praise the Lord 5:30 P.M. NBC News (CC) Wild America (CC) ABC News (CC) 03 Who's the Boss? 03 CBS News (CC) 03 Charles In Charge One Life to Live 0D Qulncy QJ The 700 Club 1:30 P.M. Masterpiece Theatre (CCJ 03 Guiding Light QJ AguaVlva 2 P.M. Santa Barbara General Hospital 0D Knight Rider 03 UnoNuncaSabe 03 MorkaMlndy S3 ElSeductor QJ Another Life EVENING SJ Movie "Asesinos de la Lucha Libre' (2 hrs.) QJ Kenneth Copeland 9:30 A.M. Classic Concentration Square One TV (CC) (B Wheel of Fortune 03 CoclnaCrlsco 03 Paid Programming 03 Rick Godwin 10 A.M. House Party Sesame Street (CC) Home OD Success-N-Life 03 The Price Is Right 03 CaraaCara 03 Dick Van Dyke QJ Get in Shape 6 P.M. lie's production of "Hair." (Part 1 of 2) (CC) 03 Movie "Carmen" (2 hrs.) 03 NBA Basketball Phoenix Suns at Seattle Su-perSonics. (3 hrs.) S3 Jack Van Impe 8 P.M. Night Court boyfriend proposes. (Parti of2)(CC) National Geographic Bali, Masterpiece of the Gods. Balinese music, dance, art, festivals and rituals reflect the culture's religious beliefs. (CC) (1 hr.) Doogie Howser, M.D. After clashing with him, Vin-nie's father has a heart attack. (CC) 0D ALIEN AGAINST MAN! 0010 GOSSETT "ENEMY MINE" Adventure 8pm FOX 11 Advertisement CD Movie () "Enemy Mine," science fiction. (2 hrs.) 09 Jake and the Fatman Jake investigates his future brother-in-law, a rumored mobster. (CC) (1 hr.) S3 Rebelde S3 Praise the Lord 2:30 P.M. O03 News Nightly Business Report 0 Wheel of Fortune 0D Night Court A hurricane strands mothers-to-be irvthe courtroom. (Part 1 of 2) 03 Abigail 03 Mama's Family S3 Noticlero S3 TBN Today 09 Newhart 03 Adlvinelo con Senas 03 Yogi Bear QJ Marilyn Hickey 10:30 A.M. 3 P.M. 03 Paid Programming S3 JaySekulow 6:30 P.M. 11 A.M. 7:00 1 7:30 1 8:00 8:30 9:00 1 9:30 10:00 10:30 Unsohred Mysteries Night Court Dear John Quantum Leap News Tonight Show MacNeillehrer NcwsHour National Seographic: Bali Mow: "The Hard UmUmss" M) () trewint Pains lead it Glass Doogie Howser But Lew China Beach News M'ATI CD Punter Movie: "Enemj Mint" ('85) () (Beiais ftaauf) Twilight Zone After Pours CB Grand Slaw Jake and the Fatman Wiseguy News Cheers CO Retancha tint "Carmen" (Untintt 6ades, Laura eel Sri) Noticitn Walter Mercade (D Barney Miller NB Basketball: Phoenin Suns at Seattle SuperSnnics (Line) Arsenie Ball 68 Rubi I Rebelde Simplemente Maria Cita mlkm Noticitn p- AMD Movie: "ttaw Her to fearer," ('45) () (fane Tiermy) 1 Movie legem1 Vm: Urttim tot the Truth" (41) () SUB Our Century: World War II Living Dangerously: Thundeitirds Mariette lartleylitipriv World War I Crusade jrv 10 Video Soul Desmonds Baby, Bach Midnight Love Videos CB (6) fight Against Slavery I 700 Club (Repeat) HarrJcastleMcConnick (Repeat) fight Against Slavery (R) 7 Chit Larry King Live! Evening News Moneyline Sports Tonight- NewsNight BIS! Wings Survival! I Chronicles Safari: Wild Africa Beyond 2000 CEP Movie: "Bugs tunny Superstar" (75) () Banger Bay Movie: "Lucas" KM, '86) () (Corey Matm) (ED College Basketball: North Carolina State at North Carolina (Live) MotorWeek SnortsCenter Running 6oH (Repeat) (3D (6) Movie: "King Kong" (PS, IS) () I Red Shoes Movie: "Steamim the Cube" '88) () Lift Supermarket Rodeo Drive Bay by Day She'sSheriff "Moonlighting Movie: "Callie 1. See" QD (5:30) Movie Movie: "Poltergeist It The Other Side" (P6-13) Movie: "The Entity" (R, 12) () (Barbara fersltey) NA3 Nashville Now I On Stage "Dinah I Crook Chase I Nashville Now CM) Think fast "MakeGrade Inspec. Gadget Looney Tunes Bewitched My Three Sons Green Acres Donna Reed MOST Movie: "The Terror" 63) () (Boris Karteff) Variety "Nostalgia News; Movie: "Scarlet Pwiperaef Variety GBP (8) Movie: "A Handful" Electric Blue: Sensuous Secrets Movie: "Randy I tie Sen Machine" (AO, '80) (Besiree Coesteae) diD Movie: "luvaders from Mars" (P8, '86) () Movie: Hello Again" (PS, '87) () SPIS (5:30) NHL Hockey: Edmonton at New York (Live) I Sports Nightly NHL Hockey: Edmonton at New fork (Repeat) l)W (6:30) Simplemente Maria CitaAmor Noticiero Aqui Esta TBS (6) the West Was Won" ('83) () (James Stewart) Mow: "Westward the Women (Color)" ('51) (Robert Tayler) TLC Drama: Play, Performance USA Tonight SEP: Math (R) Metropolitan Museum of Art Drama: Play, Performance TUT (6) NBA Basketball: Golden State at Philadelphia NBA Basketball: Chicago Bulls at Los Angeles Lakers (Live) TL Hunter CharlesCharge PunKy Brevust'r I Wtetw: "The Wowry Wt" fBS) (Ttan Hanlcs. Stettey Long) TMC (6) Movie I Movie: "tide in Plain Sight" (PS, '80) Movw: "Patty Meatrt" ('88) () (Hataslii Kctafteon) TT 3 Company family Ties I WAS II Current Affair Mevw: "Mr. Mom" ('83) () (Michael Keatori, Tori Sarr) CEP JEM I He Man Miami Vice "Murder, She Wrote Movie: "Murder by ight" WEN (6:30) College Basketball: fordhamOePaul (Live) News "Comedy Ton. I Hill Street Blues Movie 'I WIM Run lor Your Life News 50 Years Ago Comedy Ton. Jack Benny PaidPrg. Joan Rivers Divorce Court 00 Ninja Turtles 03 Donahue 03 La Feria de la Alegria 03 Dennis the Menace S3 TV Mujer S3 Praise the Lord 9 Cosby A zany dentist (Danny Kaye) delights Rudy's fearful friend. Arizona Illustrated Jeopardy! 03 Entertainment Tonight Dan Aykroyd. 09 A Current Affair 03 Barney Miller S3 Noticiero Univision S3 Dino 5:30 A.M. First Business Thlt Morning's Business OB Morning News Q) Stsuart McBirnla 6 A.M. News at Sunrise News This Morning (CC) ID Tom Jerry (B This Morning 03 Paid Programming TeleRadio QJ Dean Mary Brown 6:30 A.M. 0 News Personal Finance O) Smurfs (D Jetsons Larry Lea 7 A.M. Today (CC) A.M. Weather Good Morning America (CC) (D Alvin the Chipmunks G3 Movie "El Gendarme Desconocido' (2hrs.) 03 C.O.P.S. QJ Richard Roberts 7:15 A.M. ToLifel 7:30 A.M. Body Electric 00 Police Academy 03 Flintstones 63 Joy 8 A.M. Sesame Street (CC) 00 Real Qhostbusters 03 Sally Jessy Raphael 03 Maxle's World g) Univision lot Ninos 8:30 A.M. OD ScoobyDoo 03 Qumby GB Univision lot Ninos QJ Marilyn Hickey 9 A.M. Scrabble Mister Rogers' Days of Our Lives (CC) Instructional TV All My Children 0D Policewoman 03 Young the Restless 03 LasAmazonas 03 Win, Lose or Draw S3 TuoNadie S3 TBN Today 3:30 P.M. 8:30 P.M. Sesame Street (CC) The Judge QD Super Mario Bros. 03 Muppet Babies 7 P.M. 11:30 A.M. 03 Trial by Jury S3 Study in the Word 4 P.M. Dear John A parolled murderer joins the group. (CC) Anything But Love Trying to forget her anniversary, Robin spots her ex at a restaurant. (CC) S3 Simplemente Maria AFTERNOON Noon Geraldo People's Court CD Duck Tales 03 Oprah Winfrey (CC) 03 Amar al Salvaje 03 Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers S3 Carrusel S3 Praise the Lord Unsolved Mysteries Sightings of a monster in a British Columbia lake; 1977 murder of an Arizona businessman who claimed he worked for the government. (CC)(1 hr.) MacNeilLehrer News Growing Pains Mike goes to work as a substitute teacher. (CC) CD Hunter 09 Two Best Buddies Who Bust Each Other Up. GRAND SLAM Advertisement 9 P.M. News(CC) News CD Police Story 09 Bold the Beautiful 03 Movie "Rosas Blancas Para Mi Hermans Negra" (2 hrs.) 03 Movie () "Love Is Never Silent," drama (2 hrs.) S3 Los Ricos Tambien Lloran S3 James Robison 4:30 P.M. 11:30 P.M. CD La Feria de la Alegria (R) CO Hardcopy i Square One TV (CC) Family Feud CO Small Wonder 03 Noticiero TelemundoCNN 03 Fun House Quantum Leap Sam becomes an FBI agent assigned to protect a witness targeted for assassination by her drug-dealing ex-boss. (CC) (1 hr.) Movie () "The Wizard of Loneliness," drama. (2 hrs.) China Beach The staff prepares to go home after a pirate radio station announces the end of the war. (CC)(1hr.) 09 Wiseguy Vinnie reunites with his two best friends from high school when one decides to marry. (CC)(1hr.) S3 Praise the Lord MASH CD After Hours CB Cheers CO ArsenioHall S3 Noticiero Univision Love Connection Fall Guy 12:30 A.M. 12:30 P.M. CD Movie () CT Thatftlrf 5 P.M. "Private Lessons," comedy. (2 streets of San Francisco I (Q Noticiero TelemundoCNN 10 P.M. News(CC) OS) News QD Twilight Zone (Q Walter Mercedo S3 Clta con el Amor S3 R-W. Schambach 10:30 P.M. The Tonight Show 3rd Degree Loving (CC) 09 As the World Turns S3 Dr. Cherry 09 Grand Slam A routine search for a missing dog turns into a murder case and a hunt for stolen money. 03 La Revanche 03 Barney Miller 63 Rubl S3 Kenneth Hagln 7:30 P.M. Head of the Class Dr. Samuels objects to Char-. CD Paid Programming QJ BobHoskins 1 A.M. Later With Bob Costas 11 P.M. Hard Drugs, Hard Choices Nightline (CC) CD Paid Programming CB The Pat Sajak Show CD CaraaCara(R) S3 Aqui Esta S2 TBN Today News(CC) 3-2-1 Contact (CC) 03 News CD Mr. Belvedere 03 Maria, Maria 03 Family Ties S3 Cristina Neighborhood (CC) Regis Kathie Lee 00 The 700 Club 0D Family Feud 03 Venganza de Mujer 03 Study In the Word 1 P.M. Midnight 1:30 A.M. Another World Frugal Gourmet 9:30 P.M. Late Night CB Three's Company CD USA Tonight RADIO DIAL i r- I AM 'Mysteries' takes on Tucson case of escrow agent's bizarre death KVOI (690-AM) Contemporary Christian music. KCEE (790-AM) Rock oldies. KFLT (830-AM) Christian musicIMS news. KNST (940-AM) Newstalksports. KTKT (990-AM) News. KGVY (1080-AM) Big Band. KCKY (1150-AM) Country i miiQir snorts 1 KOTL (1219-AM) Spanish lan guage. KIIM (1290-AM) Country music. KMRR (1330-AM) Swing era. KTUC (UOO-AM) Talksportsnews. KTZR (1459-AM) Spanish lan guage. KJYK (1490-AM) Rock oldies. "IV KUAT (1SS9-AM) Jazzpublic af- fairs. 1 1 KXEW (1600-AM) Mexican country music. family that if anything ever happened to him, he would leave behind a letter explaining everything. The letter was never found at least not by the family. According to "Unsolved Mysteries," after his death, Morgan's impounded car was broken into while it was in police possession. Morgan's office was ransacked, too, and shortly after Morgan's funeral, according to Ruth Morgan, two men claiming to be FBI agents showed up at her home and searched it Phoenix free-lance journalist Don Devereux has been looking into Morgan's mysterious death for years. Mrs. Morgan said Devereux approved the final script of the segment dealing with her husband's death. Although some investigators speculated that Morgan's death was an elaborate suicide, Ruth Morgan says she still believes her husband was murdered. "I don't know if this will ever be solved," she said yesterday. "I'd like to know why. I don't think we'll ever find out who killed him." FM home, he was bedraggled and had handcuffs dangling from his wrist and ankle. He told a bizarre tale of being abducted by people he would only refer to as "them." He said he had escaped from his captors near Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport. From then on, Morgan took precautions: He grew a beard; he would not let his daughters outside alone. He also told Ruth that he was doing work for the Treasury Department. "Unsolved Mysteries" will note that at the time of Morgan's death, Arizona was the only state to allow the blind trust ownership of real estate. The law at the time allowed individuals or groups to buy property without being traced. The only person who would know an owner's identity in such situations was the escrow agent who handled the deal and Morgan was an escrow agent. According to news reports at the time, Morgan did escrow work for two alleged organized crime groups the Ned Warren family in Phoenix and the Joe Bonanno family in Tucson. Before he died, Morgan told his The Arizona Dally Star Ruth Morgan is hoping tonight's "Unsolved Mysteries" show on NBC, which airs at 7 on KVOA-TV, Channel 4, will help explain the big tragedy in her life. On June 18, 1977, the body of her husband, Tucson escrow agent Charles Morgan, was found along a desert road near Sells. The 39-year-old father of four was wearing a bulletproof vest and had been shot once in the back of the head. Morgan had disappeared 10 days earlier, but investigators said he was alive shortly before his body was discovered. Inside Morgan's under-shorts was a money clip with a $2 bill attached. The bill had names, numbers, a map and a biblical reference on it. None of the markings has been explained. Mrs. Morgan, who still lives in Tucson, said yesterday that it was painful reliving the events leading up to her husband's death. She spent a week with an "Unsolved Mysteries" production crew in October. As the show will detail tonight, Morgan vanished for several days nearly two months before his death. When he reappeared at his Tucson KUAT (99.5-FM) Classicalpublic affairs. i KXCI (91.7-FM) Community radio. KQYT (911-FM) Easy listening. i KWFM (919-FM) Rock oldies. KRQQ (93.7-FM) hits. KKLD (94.9-FM) Soft hits. KLPX (99.1-FM) Rock. i KXMG (98.3-FM) Spanish contem-' poraryhits. KHM (99.5-FM) Country music. i KAWV (191.7-FM) New agejazzsoft rock. KQYT (163.9-FM) Easy listening. KUPD (1.S-FM) Rock (Phoenix). Star file photo Charles Morgan mystery of his death still unsolved mm 'Bali, Masterpiece of Gods' airs tonight on Channel 6 It's Wendall against the world By Jerry Buck The Associated Press LOS ANGELES Producer Miriam Birch began suggesting a National Geographic television special on Bali not long after her first visit to the Indonesian island. "I went to Bali before it had an international airport and before the big tourist boom," she said. "I went there on a pleasure trip and absolutely fell in love with it I thought it I ffrirJkCrfife ii 7v i A. -1 Put your money on- Wencfoll. land people whose ancestors include Malaysians, Polynesians, Indians and Chinese. The people are Agama Hindi, a mixture of Hindu and the indigenous animistic religion that's practiced nowhere else on Earth. Besides its vibrant, multicolored art and haunting music, the film also displays Bali's spectacular mountains, beaches and stair-step rice terraces. When she finally got the go-ahead, Birch went on an exploratory visit with Tom Skinner, the executive producer from WQED, and Dennis Kane, formerly executive producer for the National Geographic Society. At the same time, they also visited Singapore and Shanghai. Birch returned for another month of researching the story. After writing the script in Los Angeles, she spent another 10 weeks in Bali doing the special with her film crew. "When I went back the last time, I knew the people, events and places we wanted to film," she said. "We arranged to be there for their most important religious holidays. Birch also has produced specials on Jerusalem, Ireland and its horses, Japan, the Chinese panda, the Soviet circus and Hong Kong. Her 10th special, "Voices of Leningrad," is scheduled for April 4. 2J IU was tne mosi magiuai aim cauuv. place I'd ever seen." That's high praise from a producer who's spent her career journeying to beautiful and exotic places, from Egypt to Leningrad, to make television documentaries. Birch began lobbying for the Bali show soon after she was hired 11 years ago by WQED-TV in Pittsburgh as a writer-producer for the National Geographic Specials. She, of course, got her wish. "Bali, Masterpiece of the Gods" will be broadcast tonight at 8 on KUAT-TV, Channel 6, as the second show in PBS' National Geographic Special's 25th anniversary series. The special captures Bali's distinctive culture, in which religion and the arts are mixed with everyday life. The one-hour special Is cast with the gentle, peaceful Balinese, an is WIUDHQJHr55 Qrowing up is hell. Starring Lukas Haas and Lea Thompson TONIGHT AT 9 bN CHANNEL 6 HUATO I urK)erwnneninpbvtraKibOGroupcoCompares, I I forovw1COyepreino1ogtxj8iosandpoin8uranc ml. vorlSKie through jndepandBnt agents and brokers.

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