The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 7, 1900 · Page 14
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 7, 1900
Page 14
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14: THE PHILADELPHIA IKQUIKEB SUNDAY MOKNTNG, OCTOBER 7, 1900 lit See. P BE THROW AWAY THE TRUSS CURED SO THAT IT STAYS CURED. (NO KNIFE; NO PAIN: NO OE-1EXTI0N FROM BUSINESS) My Chcmlc-CIecfro Heltcd has nper failed. I hare ft-fffted thousands of wonderful cores of Rupture by It, and my patients have KiTen me nrnollcited testimonials and letters of praise for relieving them of the torture of trusses. Remember that a truss will not cure rupture and the old-time cutting operation Is rery dangerous. I do not use a knife- or operate. My Chemlc- fcleerro Metooa is my own lilueoTery and only myself and physicians thorn I bare tatight can successfully administer It. I Give A Written Guarantee TO CURE eyery man, woman and child accepted for treatment and will giro you names of patients thut my Chemlc-Electro Treatment Is all I claim It to be. You can set no stronger evidence than this, and if you will come to me I will make a free examination of yonr rupture and adrlse you. 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TIGERS SCORED OK BY LERIGH Princeton's Team Play a Loose Game arid Roll Up Only 12 Points STRONG AS PENNSYLVANIA Coach Okeson Thinks .. Jerseymen's Team as Good as the Red and Blue One His Men Played Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Blood Poison Permanently Cured. You can be treated at home under same guaranty. If you have taken mercury, iodide potash, and still have aches and pains, Mucus Patches in Mouth, Sore Throat, Pimples, Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers on any part of the body, Hair or Eyebrows falling out, write Cook Remedy Co. 1959 Masonic Temple, Chicago, 111., for proofs of cures. Capital $500,000. We solicit the most obstinate cases. We have cured the worst cases in 15 to 35 days. 100-page Book Free. O3S0S1 Klther Frimnry, Secondary or Tertiary, l'roduelncr Copper Colored Spots,llrnptes, SortVI'Uroat Aclies,01dorestl leers.Mucous Patches in.Mouth.Hnir orl jebrowi falling; out, etc. .quickly, positively and forevercured without the use of Mercury or of Potash by the wonderful HER BALIS COMPOUND, a few weeks' useof which makes a clean, h lthybelng alter complete failure wiih the Hot Springs & other treatment. Full Information and a bottle for trial sent free of charge to all sufferers. Address Prof. F.C.FOWLEn, MCODUS, CONN. Ride Haverford Tires 73luibnbuetrs? Locomotive Men in the Field The first of a series 'f ball games was played on Saturday, i'ptenjber 2I at Fat.-raount l'ark. between the First Willows and the Seventeenth Streeters of Baldwin's Icomotlve Works. The First Willows tired out the Seventeenth Streeters b- th seventh inning, having knocked their pitcher o-it of the box in the fifth in 11 1 nt'. The score: First Willows. 21 runs; Seventeenth Streeters, runs. Special to The Inquirer. PRINCETON. N. J., Oct. 6. The Tigers defeated Lehigh, 12 to 5, in the second game of the season on Osborne Field this afternoon. The excessive beat cannot be offered aa a reasonable excuse for the five points that were rolled against the Orange and Black. That score resulted directly rom the most careless piece of playing that has been seen here Id many a day. In the second half Princeton had held solidly in the centre of the field and Lehigh was forced to punt. McCormick sent the pigskin high in toe air and Meier, although no one was within twenty feet of him, scarcely moved from his tracks. When be bad apparently decided that It would be advantageous for Princeton to secure the pigskin It was too late, for Gearbart bad tucked It under his arm qulcsly and was beating for a touchdown. This, however, is only a fair sample of the make-shift football that was played by Princeton during the entire game. There was practically no interference, while the linemen were not even fast enough to fill p the gaps between one another. When frequent fumbling is added to the other defects the showing was certainly not an encouraging one. The large amount of punting that was done on account of the heat undoubtedly prevented a larger score. Coach Okeson. of Lehigh, said 'that he considered the Tigers to be as strong as Pennsyl-vauia, although their interference was ,rr ragged and the line men slow. The line-np fol- Posltions. Lehigh. Left end Gearbart ....Left tackle. ......... .Peeples ....Left guard .....Begbam ...... OntD Ttiinvnivhn Dana...... Rlirht guard Bray McCord ..Right tackle Averv Little Right end...-. Donln Duncsn Quarter-back Whitehead Hodgman Left half-back .Fairbaueh S. SlcClave Right half-back Fuller Ma ttls Kull-nacit McCormick Halves 15 and 10 minutes. Umpire Charley Young. Princeton. Referee King. Princeton. Timekeeper George Goldie. Linesmen Princeton. Sheffield; Lehigh, Wood. Touchdowns Hodgman, Smith auu Gerhart. Goals from touchdowns Hodgman. Underbill. Substitutes Davis, for Little: Henry, for S. McClave; Brown, for Dana; Hale, for Brewster; Miller and Fisher, for Wright; Meier, for Duncan, and Smith and Morse, for Hougman; Underbill for Mattis; Sank, for Avery. low s: Princeton Roiier. Pell Wright lxwiey At Frankford West Philadelphia, 5: Oxford A. C. O. P. R. R. WINS FIRST GAME The P. R. R. Y. M. O. A. football team opened its sen son at the P. R. R. Y. M. C. A. alley College, winning by the score of 16 to O. THn Avv.mA K . .. M' . . 1 , 1 r. . line-up: Y. M. C. A. Positions. Lebanon V. C. Oves, Haves and Gillflllen Left end Over Mintzer Left tackle.. Rupp (Sehaffler) Common and HilrlAhnnil T tmmr.A u Harmer (Bartlett).. . . Centre . I " '. '. '. Miller Bower Right guard Yoho F. Sims and Garretgues Right tackle Root McFarland (Mace).. Right end Balsbaugh H. Schocnhut Quarter-back Fisher Morley, F. Sims Albright. Showers an 1 MaccrosRin. . .Left half-back . . .and Angle H. Sims, Bradley and K. Slma Rlvht ialf.Hav t?a., Thomas Full-back ......' aru Touchdowns H. Sims. F. Sims. from field H. Schoenhut. Goals from touchdown H Nchoenhnt- RfAM. 1 1 w i- . , r n H' mpirr J. n. Sims if. K. i?-,Y- i; c- A - Llnesmep Albright (Lebanon C. A.. Time 2t and 10-minute halves. COMING BOXING BOUTS An All-Star Program for the Penn Art Club To-morrow Night There Is no denying the excellence of tha card which Manager McCarthy has arranged ror to-morrow night s show at the Penn Art Club. Every bout is a wind-np in itself. The heaviest pair in the combination are Jimmy rionaier, or Newark, and Bill Hanrahan of New York. Handler has frequently appeared nere, ana has never railed to give satisfaction. Hanrahan is practically a newcomer, but his performances against some of the best boys in toe country will insure mm a warm welcome. Jack Bennett, an old local favorite, who has not appeared here for some time, will make his reappearance in a bout with Matty Mat- thews, the clever welter-weight. Owen Zieg ler, the former light-weight champion, will meet Isadore Strauss, who made such an im pressive showing against Young Maboney at the last meeting of this club. Tommy Felts will meet Sammy Smith in the opening pre liminary, it is an au-rigni diii irom end to end. Ellwood McCloskey. the "Old War Horse." and Lew Ryall. of Atlantic City, will meet In the wind-up at the Brodaway A. C. to-morrow night. In the semi-wind-up Howard Wilson, of Washington, meets Jack Reeder, of Chester. The preliminaries will be between Charles Len-ard, of Salisbury, and Dave Holly, of Wood-burv; Jack Rice, of Soutbwark. and Harry Perry, of Southwark: Young Garrit, of Point Breeze, and Jack Cummlngs. of Gennantown; Young Hughes and Kid Yeditto. PHILLIES THROW AWftY THE GAME They Make a Few Costly Errors and Do Some Foolish Base Running TOUCHED UP "IRON MAN" There Was Nothing Doing for the Locals Until the Seventh and Then Their Batting Was Timely Rank errors and foolish base running robbed the Phillies of the game with Brooklyn yesterday. It was in the second inning that the Phillies began to go wrong. Fraser made a wild throw to first on Kelly's hit. Cross, the next man up. hit to Dolan. He threw to Cross at second to catch Kelly, and would have done o had Cross held the ball. Dolan, however, threw away a chance to make a double play by not tagging Kelly out, which be could have easily done. A passed ball by McFarland advanced the runners a base, and singles by Daly and Farrell scored two runs. In the fifth the champions were presented with two runs. Kelly popped up a fly to Dolan, which he let fall back of second base. The Phillies did not get going until the seventh. A base on balls to McFarland, singles by Wolver-ton. Fraser and Thomas and a three-bagger by Dolan netted three runs. There was nothing doing in the eighth, but in the ninth Fraser was forced by Thomas, Single struck out and Roy was sent home by Flick's three-bagger. Elmer In turn was able to score on Chiles' bunt. Cross made several grand stand plays. The score: BROOKLYN. FERGUS IUIACKIE IS CHAMPION GOLFER He Wins the Enviable Title by Defeating A. J. P. Gallagher SIX UP AND FIVE TO PLAY Winner Showed Superior Steadiness, Both Players Are Affected by the Strain of Tournament Playing ab. r. bh. tb. sb. t. po. a. e. Jones, cf....6 0 1 1 0 0 o 0 0 Keeler, rf- & 0 3 3 0 1 2 1 O Sbeckard. cf..4 O 1 a O 0 1 0 0 Kelly, lb 6 a 2 2 0 0 10 1 O L. Cross, 3b. .3 31 1 U 0 1 0 Dablen. sa 5 2 3 4 0 0 '1 5 U Daly. 2b 3 1 4 6 O 0 0 Farrell, c .... 5 0 1 1 0 0 0 4 U McGinnlty, p. .6 0 1 1 0 0 0 '& U Totals 42 8 17 21 0 T 27 18 "o PHILADELPHIA, ab. r. bh. tb. sh. sb. po. a. e. Thomas, cf.. 412200310 Slagle, If.... 4 0 0 O 1 0 0 0 0 Flick, rf 4 2 3 0 0 5 0 O Chiles, lb... 5 0 2 2 0 0 10 1 0 McFarland. c..3 1 1 1 0 o 1 3 o Wolverton. 3b. 413300220 lolan. 2b. ..4 1 1 3002 1 1 M. Cross, 8S..4 0 0 0 0 0 2 3 1 Fraser, p.... 4 0 2 2 0 0 2 4 1 Totals 36 6 H 19 1 "o 27 15 1 Runs . . . Base hits Runs . . . Base bits 2 3 14 2 8 3 17 PHILADELPHIA. 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 0 1 2 0 2 0 1 4 1 BROOKLYN. O 2 O 1 3 0 0 0 0 2 2 4 2 2 1 1 Karned runs Brooklyn. 3: Philadelphia, a Two-base hits Dablen, Sheckard, Flick. Three-base hits Daly, Flick. Dolan. Left on bases Brooklyn, 8; Philadelphia 4. Struck out By McGlnnity, 3. Double plays Farrell to Cross; Kelley to Dahlen; Farrell to Daly. First base vl IT-0.1-K. lpf- 2. First base on called halls Off McGinnlty. 5; ff Fraser. 3. Passed balls Mcfrarland. 2. Muffed My ball Dolan. Dropned thrown ball Cross. Umpire Hurst. Time Two hours. Fourteen Men Couldn't Win PITTSBURG. Oct. 6. Fourteen men could not save the day for Pittsburg. S-ore: PITTSBURG. ST. LOUIS. r. n. o. a. e. I r h o a e Clarke. If 0 O 0 0 0 M'G'w. 3h O 1 1 a o i-ooie. ji u v z u z Burk't. If 0 1 Leach. If 0 Tanne'l. 0 Beau't. cf 1 Jlitch'v.2b 1 M'Cr'y. rf O 0 0 Heid k. cf 0 0 Dono'n. rf O n 2 lKruerer.2b 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 0 O 0 O Donlin. lb 0 1 10 0 0 13 2 0 0 0 0 0 4 8 27 8 1 O'B'n. lb 0 1 11 1 01 Oieer. Wil'ms.3b 112 2 1! Powell, yiiuaii'r.c. u x 15 z t Ely. ss.. O O 0 8 II Totals v agner." J O 0 o o Leever. p 0 0 0 3 2 Schrl'r, 0 0 0 0 0 Totals . 3 9 27 18 T Batted for Leach in ninth inning. oaum lor ciy iq ntnin inning. Batted for Leever in ninth lnnlnz Pittsburg O 1 0 O 2 0 O 0 03 St. Louis 00120100 04 Earned runs Pittsburg. 2. Two-base hits Kitcney. 0 xtnen. Donlin. Three-base hit Burkett Sacrifice hit Zimmer. Stolen bases Beaumont, Ritchey, Williams. McGraw. Don ovan, cnger. First base on halls Off Leever. off Powell, 2. Struck out By Leever. 4: by rowwi, 9. v 11a puce ijeever. xime 2h. 20m. i mpire swartwooa, Fergus M. Mackie, of the Philadelphia Cricket Club, wan the individual championship of the Golf As.soc!8tion of Philadelphia, over the course of the Philadelphia Cricket Club, at Wissahlckon Heights, yesterday. He defeated A. J. P. Gallagher, of the St. David's Golf Club, in the final round of 30 holes, match play, by 6 up and & to play. Conditions favored good golf, but neither man sustained the average of fast play made in the earlier stngi-a of the tournament. The strain affected both and this was particularly noticeable upon th greens. Both were oft in their putting, and although brilliant in the long game op several occasions, Gallagher was in the end beaten by his opponent's superior steadiness n this direction. The cards: Mackie 56556675 449 Uall&gher 66555685 652 Mackie 36554455 54291 Gallagher 3 7 5 5 5 5 6 5 5 46 b3 Mackie 65555365 6 46 Gallagher 65566463 445 Mackie 5 6 5 5 Gallagher 4 7 4 5 LEAD THE FIELD Darby and Crump Head the List in the Qualifying Round E. A. Darby and George A. Crump, two of the younger school of golfers who made such a brilliant showing in the local individual championship contest, led the field of golfers in the qualifying round for the President's Cup of the St. David's Golf Club, at St. David's, yesterday . The conditions of the cup, which is played for semi-annually, provide that It shall be won twice before becoming the permanent property of a player. Last autumn A. J. P. Gallagher won the trophy, and C. H. Stonffer won It this spring. In view f the fact that Gallagher was engaged in playing in the final round for the individual championship at Wissahlckon Heights the handicap committee of the club decided to permit him to qualify, and this left fifteen places to be played for at medal play yesterday, the makers f the best sixteen scores being entitled to continue at the subsequent match play rounds. The cards of those qualifying are subjoined: E. A. Darby 44 45 89 G. A. Crump 44 45 89 H. Wendell 44 48 82 J. K. Kane 49 45 94 ...47 48 95 45 51 96 50 46 06 47 50 97 49 50 99 52 47 99 51 53104 54 51 1(5 55 51 lOrt o. 53108 55 54109 The rnmla of thoae nor nil II fvi nc m r . fnl. lows: . lv. iougnerty. in; K. w . Martin, ill; L. D. Peterson. 115; II. C. Hunter. 115; Lewis Neilson. Ufi; Weston Hibbs, 116; H. B. Mont gomery, 122. Dr. J. T. Carpenter J. D. Rnsengarten, Jr, W. L. Moorehouse C. II. Stonffer A. M. Dallett I. X. De Haven .... W. W. Hancock W. S. Ellis J. B. Ladd T. W. Andrews G. W. Schultz Fierce Battle of Pitchers NEW YORK, Oct. 6. In a pitchers battle ITOX. I . XEW YORK, r. h. o. a. e.f r. h. o. a. e. 0 0 2 0 o V.H'en, cf O 0 10 0 n FREi Send Name and Address To-day You Can Have li Free and Be Strong and Vigorous for Life. INSURES LOVE AND A HAPPY HO LIE. New York beat Boston. The score: BOSTON. Etahl. rf Long, ss .O 1 1 3 OJS'bach 1 una, an 11 1 3 0 r'ney, lb 0 0 1 0 0 Duffy, cf 0 0 0 O 0 F'n. 0 0 5 0 0 Davis, ss .1 Barry. If O 2 6 0 1 M11W. 2b 1 Lowe. 2b 0 0 2 1 1 Grady, c .1 S ivan. c .O 0 2 2 0 Mercer, d 0 Mcnols. n 1 1 0 2 O xotais ...4 If 0 0 1 H'man, 3b 0 0 1 B'nard, rf 1 0 3 Doyle, lb 0 0 14 0 2 1 1 1 1 o o 0 1 0 o 1 1 3 0 4 1 1 0 2 0 5 1 4 24 14 4 11 Totals ..1 5 21 8 Boston 0 OOOOOO New York 0 2 0 0 0 1 1 First base on errors Boston, 4. Left on bass Boston. 5: New York, 2. First base on balls Off Nichols. 3; off Mercer, 2. Struck out By Nichols, 2; by Mercer, 1. Stolen bnses Davis. Mercer. Sacrifice hit Murphy. Double play Doyle, unassisted. Umpire Snyder. Time 1.45. Attendance 1800. Standing of the Clubs w. l. w. l. r.c. Brooklyn.. 81 52 . 609 Chl n. . . 63 70 .474 Pittsburg. 74 58 .56l St. Louis.. 62 73 .463 Phila'da.. 72 62 .5371 Cincinnati. 59 74 .444 Boston... 65 69 .485New York. 58 77 .43U Where They'll Play To-day Cincinnati at Chicago. Pittsburg at St. Louis. Burnett Was In Rare Form NORTH PHILA. r. h. o. a. e. McKie,2b 114 5 0 Eisenl' 0 1 O 0 0 Mills. 3b. 0 1 1 O 2 Drumm,rf 1 0 1 O O Picton. ss 0 1 1 5 1 Ochs. If.. 1 2 3 O 0 Robin'n.c 0 17 10 Slater, lb 0 1 10 0 0 Burnett.p 0 10 10 CARDIXGTOX. r. h. o. a. e. McLa'n. If O 1 1 0 0 ftuaoipn.lbo O10 Ogden, 3b O O 1 Guy, ss. ..001 Green, 2b. O 0 1 Mltchell.rf 0 0 O Dodds, c. . 0 0 7 McKen'a.D O 0 O 0 O 3 Q DAISIES WIN HALIFAX CTJP Germantown's Eleven Beats the Merions in Deciding Cricket Match After one of the most interesting of cricket seasons in Philadelphia the contest for the championship and the possession of the Hall-fax Cup was brought to a close yesterday at Manhetm, when Gennantown won a hotly contested match from Merlon and thereby became the possessors of the proud title of champion. Standing of the clubs follows: HALIFAX CUP. , W. L. P.C.I W. L. P C. Oermantown 16 9 .640 Belmont 9 7 .562 Merlon 10 7 .5881 Philadelphia 2 14 .125 The other matches yesterday resulted as follows: Philadelphia, 206: Rose Hill. 14. Sherwood. 97; Australian of P. D. C, 35. An Manheim. yesterday, the Halifax Cup contest was brought to a close with a deciding match between Germantown and Merlon, the two clubs which were tied for first place at the completion of the regular series. Both clubs placed a strong eleven in the field. The wicket was verv soft, and the bowlers bad matters pretty much their own way throughout, especially as the majority of the batsmen plaved with extreme care. Germsntown went first to bat and scored 88 runs. The Merion were rather too conservative with the hat and were all dismissed for 70. Thus Germnntown won by the small margin of nine runs. The score: GERMANTOWN. ... 0 ... 1 ...12 ... 3 ... 2 ... 0 ...12 ...32 ... 6 ...12 A. W. Jones, c. Evans, b. Morris... J. X. Henrv, c. Sayen. b. Morris W. W. N'nble, 1. b. w. Patton G. R. White, b. Morris R. D. Brown, c. sub. b. Morris P. II. Clark, c. Mulr. b. Patton J. E. C. Morton, c. Morlce, b. Patton... T. C. Jordan, not out J. P. Deacon, c. Shnrpless. b. Morris.... F. II. Bohlen, c. Muir. b. Morris F. A. Greene, b. Morris. . Wides 88 M. 4 2 W. 7 3 Totals.. 3 9 27 12 3 Totals... 0 124 11 3 North Phila O 0 O 2 1 0 0 0 x 3 Cardlngton 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 Melrose Surprises Tacony At TlCrtBT MELROSE. r. h. a. a. e B'ndt. ss O 1 2 3 1 watson, co 1 11 n gen. 29 u M'E'y, lb 1 W'ght. 3g 1 wutn, cr o S'mers, If 1 Dnwi. rf 1 S'hard, p 1 TACONY. r. b. o. a. e. A'ong. 3b 0 0 1 1 2 Mullin, ss O 0 0 6 1 Rose, 2b .1 1 6 0 0 Taylor. If 1 0 6 1 0 R'ble, lb .O 0 7 0 I F.Seed, cf 0 2 1 0 0 Miller, e .0 0 4 1 0 B.Seed, rf 0 0 1 0 0 P'cher, p 1 1 1 1 0 Totals ..6 7 27 11 2 Totals ..S 4 27 10 4 Melrose O 1 O o 1 2 o o 1 n lacony 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 03 Wissahlckon Downs East Falls At Wissahlckon: WISSAHICKON. I r. h. o. a.e.l Sch'ky. c 3 2 4 0 0! Konley. If 8 2 0 1 01 Loos. p.. 1 2 3 4 01 Kapp. ss-. 1 2 2 2 01 Connor.3b 1 4 1 1 II Jordan. 2b 2 2 0 1 01 John'n. rf 1 3 1 1 0 Beau' 2 2 12 0 Ol Ha' .2 3 1 O 01 Davis, p. 0 0 0 1 0 EAST King. cf. Smith. 2b Whifr. c Kelly, lb Hagan. 3b A,', k 'son. If Liley. rf. Crooks, ss Levins, p. FALLS. r. h. o. a.e. 0 1 110 5 11 9 0 0 14 1 OOO 2 0O 2 2 0 0 2 1 Totals. . . a 5 21 10 Totals.. 16 22 24 11 11 Wisaahickon Eaat Falls 2 2 0 0 10 2 0 x 16 000001001 OTHEK BASE BALL GAMES L. W. KNAPP. M. D How any man may quickly cure himself after years of sufferins frcm sexual weakness, lost vitality, niKlit losses, varicocele, etc., and enlarge small weak organs to full size and vigor. Simply send your name and address to Dr. L. W. Knapp. 3297 Hull Bid?., Detroit. Mich., and lie will tladly send the free receipt with lull directions so that any man nisy easily cure himself nt home. This Is certainly a most generous offer and the following; extracts taken from tls daily mail show what men think of his generosity: "Dear Sir: Please accept my sincere thanks for yours of recent date. I nave given yonr treatment ft thoroueh test and the benefit has been extraordinary. It liM completely braced me up. I am just as vigorous as when a boy and you cannot realize how happy I am." "Dear Sir: Your method worked beautifully. Results were exactly what I need 2d. Strength aad vigor have completely returned and enlargement Is entirely satisfactory." "Dear Sirs: Yours vas received and I had no trouble in making use of the receipt as directed anji can truthfully gay It la a boon to weak men. I am arreatly Improved in size, strength and "vigor." Ail correspond en (ap is strictly confidential, mailed in plain, sealed envelope. The receipt is free for the asking and he wants every man to have It, BURLINGTON. N. J., Oct. 6 (Special). Tha base ball season closed here to-day when the home team succeeded In defeating- the Crescents. of Philadelphia, in a quick, sharp game. The core: a. h. e. Bnrlineton . .3 0000000 x a a 2 Crescents 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 02 0 2 Batteries Randall and Barclay; Denny and Fox. MAHANOT CITY. Pa.. Oct. 6. Manry went to pieces in the fourth inning: of a same here to-day. and before the smuke cleared an-av the locals had Delano smothered. The score: Mabanoy City. 2 2 0 14 1 3 2 1 227 22 6 Delano 0 11 13020 210 12 16 Batteries Daley and Trainer; Maury and Fur-lone. At Gloucester City: Westville-Newtooid 1 O 11 0 0 1 013" 8 Gaberty 0 O 0 0 1 1 02 5 3 Batteries Vocreding and Merrlon; Jenr "son and Kaln. At Lansdale. r. h. e. Lansdale ....5 0 2 0 0 9 6 0 x 22 23 2 North Wales.. 0002 0 1 2 0 O 5 10 10 ' Batteries Reynolds and Zepp; Hoover and Huhn. At Berwick: r. h. e. Berwick 7 13 4 Pottsvllle 5 9 2 Batteriea Smith and Chamberlain: Hall and Smith. Total BOWLING ANALYSIS. B R A. P. Morris 80 49 Patton 84 37 Patton bowled two wides. MERION. C. C. Morris, c. sub, b. Clark 8 F. C Sharpless, b ureene z S. W. Morris, c. Deacon, h. Greene 7 J. W. Muir. c. sub. b. Morton 20 H. . Thayer. D tireene 3 W. N. Morlce. c. White, b. Clark 4 J. L. Evans, b. Morton 15 J. H. Scattergood, c. Clark, b. Morton 0 R. II. Patton, n. Clara...., 2 A. P. Morris, not out 2 W. H. Saven. b. Greene 4 Bye, 1; leg-byes, 10; wide, 1 12 Total : 79 BOWLING ANALYSIS. B. R. dark P 32 Greene 68 25 Morton 30 10 Greene bowled one wide. RUNS AT THE FALL OF EACH WICKET. Germantown 0 15 18 20 20 30 32 45 80 88 Merlon ... 10 10 20 27 42 o 64 e 70 78 M. 4 2 1 W. 3 4 3 NEW PUBLICATIONS NEW PUBLICATIONS NEW PUBLICATIONS NEW PUBLICATIONS A Beam Library During our years of experience with De Luxe or Limited Publications, we have encountered a constant and increasing demand for Library Editions of equal worth and beauty, but less costly than the exclusive. It was to meet this demand that we consummated arrangements with two of the leading: publishers in the United States, which enables us to furnish the most complete and artistically illustrated library edition ever produced of the following famous French and English authors: Shakespeare Poe Dickens Scott Moliere Thackeray Balzac Eliot Victor Hugo Dumas Bulwer and others AH printed from original Edition de luxe plates used la the most costly and sumptuous editions. We are offering a limited number of these special sets at about 60 per cent, of the prices for which the numbered copies were sold. An absolute guarantee is given that every set contains the complete and unabridged text of the original limited sets. The works are illustrated with etchings on Japan paper. A FEW OF THE MANY LETTERS WE RECEIVE DAILY: R. B. Hall Sc. Co.. Phila.. Pa.. Gentlemen: A couple of months aeo I purchased from yon the Buckner Library edition of the Works of Bnlwer and Victor Hnzo. Allow me to en-Itrattilate yon on the excellence of the edition tbnt you have pnt forth on the market at a reasonable price. I think that both editions are deserving of a rreat deal of praise, and the Bulwer hna been greatly admired both on account of the quality of the paper and the very line teel plates with which the book is illustrated. Yours very truly. JOHN LAW DALLAM. Philadelphia. Pa. E. B. Hall Sl Co.. Gentlemen: The books purchased by me, Buckner Library Series, are very satisfactory. I find they are of a very superior piece of work both in regard to binding and typography. Several of my friends have thought they were De Luxe editions. Wishing to thank you for the courtesy of permittinc me to secure tha books at such a reasonable figure. I am. Very tmlv vonrs. THELLWELL R. CLOGGESHALL. Glrard College. Messrs. E. B. Hall Sc. Co.. 608 Chetnut St.. Philadelphia. Pa. Gentlemen: The four sets of the Buckner Library which I purchased of yon some little time ago pleased Be greatly upon their arrival, and at this date still find nothing to prevont my saying that the books are all I bad boned for. I consider then a valuable addition to my library, and don't hesitate to say that the books are. In my Judgment, all that are claimed for them. Ycura very truly. C. L. WHITEHEAD, Philadelphia. Pa. Messrs. E. B. Hall Co.. Boston. Mass. Dear S:r: I am highly pleased with the Baliac Buckner Library series, and carnot praise them too much. They are a source cf pleasure which cannot be measured by nonty; would not part with my set for any money consideration, provided, of coursa. that I conld not procure another. Yours very truly. HOWARD L. KLOTZ. Young;. Smyth, Field Sc. Co., Thila. Messrs. E. B. Hall Sc Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Gentlemen: I am more than pleased with the sets of the Buckner Library I purchased from you. With superior letter press, complete subject matter and bindings substantial and In excellent taste, they form ideal editions for the students and the libraries of discriminating people. Yonr very truly. ASA M. STEELE, Philadelphia, Pa. Messrs. E. B. Hall ac Co., Philadelphia. Pa. Gentlemen: My brother, Mr. Wilfred Bancroft, got from you Dickens and Thackeray, Buckner Library series, and if yon have any more like the ones purchased by him I should like to have ths two sets mentioned. I wish yen would also let me know what other authors yon have. An early reply will oblige, Yiurs truly. HENRY BANCROFT, Jos. Bancroft & Sons, Wilmington, Del. Messrs. E. B. Hnll Sc Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Gentlemen: The Buckner Library edition, whioh I purchased of you some time ago, has been a source of great pleasure to me. I have examined the books very carefully and find little, if anything, to criticise, even in comparison with some of my expensive editions. The binding, typography and general appearance of the volumes are decidedly "comme 11 faut," and I am very much pleased with the set. Yin certainly deserve a great deal of credit for getting up the standard authors in such an attractive form, and at snen a low price. ith best wishes for vonr continued success I , Wm. C. HAMMER, 01 Bonrse Building. ,a. Philadelphia Messrs. IE. B. Hall Co.. Philadelphia. Pa. Gentlemen: I am more than pleased with the style and workmanship of the books you are putting on the mirket. feeling convinced that you are putting before the reading public the very best subscription works (complete sets) of standard authors to be had. Yours very trulv, FRED II. MacINTTRE, 142 N. Fourth St., Phila. E. B Hall Sc Co., Gentlemen: TheD hooka w.hJoh 1 gently purchased from you, Buckuer Library series, would say they are entirely satisfactory In every respect, and are a very useful and pleasing addition to my 11-brary. lours very sincerelv, J. E. CLANCY. E. B. Hall & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Gentlemen: Received sets of the Buckner Library Edition; they are certainly an attractive edition and at once appeals to the lover of fine books by the excellence of paper and press work, the strength of binding and the beauty of illustrations. Very truly yours. ELLA A. MACPHERSON. Vice President Trenton Hixh School, Trenton, N. J. E. B. Hall Sc. Co.. Dear Sirs: I am in receipt of the volumes of the Buckner Library Series, and wish to say that the satisfaction foreshadowed by the sample pages has been more than realized in the possession of the books. They are entirely worthy of the rlatms made for them to me. In attractive appearance, bandy size, excellent print, paper, binding and Illustrations. . Very truly yours. THOS. ROSS. Doylestown, Pa. Messrs. E. B. Hall Sc. Co., Philadelphia. Pa. Gentlemen - I am in receipt of yonr Edition of the works of Dumas and Hngo. I have examined the books and am delighted with them, they being equal, if not superior, to prospectus submitted to me by your agent, and are the finest thing that I have in my library for the money. I am perfectly satisfied with my bargain. Respectfully yours. C. REESE EABY. 66 North Duke street. Lancaster. Pa. E. B. Hall Sc. Co.. Inc. Gentlemen: Books of Buckner Library Series received. Enclosed find check In payment of same. I have thoroughly examined them; they are all that can be desired, a pleasure to look at and very satisfactory to read. I have many books in my library for which I paid more than for these, and laid side by side the former look cheap and are not to be compared. Yours truly. H. L. CHRIST. Reading, Pa. X. B. Hall Co. Gentlemen: The set of "Thackeray's Works, Buckner Library Series," received a few days ago. I am agreeably surprised in this work. I did not expect as fine a book as this for the money, you may depend on my patronag la the future. Very truly. FRANK S. Mac WILLI AM. York, Pa. E. B. Hall St Co. Philadelphia, Pa. Gentlemen: I am in receipt of Bulwer Lyt-ton's novels, Buckner Library Series, and am more than pleased with tbem. The typography is good, the paper excellent. I have shown the set to many of my friends who are delighted with them. I hope in the near future to add to my library more sets of the ssme series. Very truly vonrs. FRANK B. WICKERSHAM. Steelton, Pa. Messrs. E. B. Hall Sc Co. Sirs: The volumes of Buckner Librsry Series received yesterday. I am very much pleased with them. I herewith send my check in payment of the same. Yours, etc.. DAVID MIXELL, 216 Spring Garden st., Easton, Fa. Messrs. E. B. Hall Sc Co.. Philadelphia. Gentlemen: I find the books, Buckner Library Series, even more than I had hoped .for. In every way satisfactory. They are certainly very appetizing. Everybody who has seea them Is delighted. Sincerely yours, EARNEST RAEDEL McCACLEY, 1219 13th a venae., Altoona, Pa. Messrs. R. B. Hall Sc. Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Gentlemen: After a careful examination of Balzac's and Hugo's Works, two sets ef the Buckner Library Series, wish to express to you my entire satisfaction with the books. Printing, paper and binding are as represented, and the Illustrations ara equal to tb highest priced editions. FRED BENDHEIM. Altaooa, Pa. Messrs. E. B. Hall Sc Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Gentlemen: The set of Hugo, Buckner Library Series, thst I purchased of yon, is entirely satisfactory in every respect. The printing, binding and paper are better In every way than I had expected. I congratnlate you on having placed such an excellent edition on tha market at such a comparatively low price. Very truly, J. J. CLARK, P. O. Box 534, Scranton, Pa. E. B. Hall j Co. Dear Sirs: I am la receipt of the books, Buckner Library Series, which you sent to ma as ordered, and consider them the best books for the price that have ever come under my aotlce. Yonrs very truly, JAMES GARDNER SANDERSON, 1003 Mears Bldg., Scranton, Pa. X. B. Hall Sc Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Gentlemen: The sets of the Bnckner Library I bought of you came duly to band, am very much pleased with them. They are satisfactory la every way and Just as represented. THOMAS SPRAGDE, Scranton, Pa. Complete Sets of These Books on Exhibition at Our Office or descriptive catalogue with special introductory prices and monthly terms wijl be promptly mailed upon application. E, B. HALL & COMPANY, Publishers 608 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia 1 At Frankford Frankford, 15; East Falls, 0. The Westminster A. A. met and defeated the West End team, by the score of 5 to 0. Paschall defeated the Commercial College, of Chester, in a well played game by the acore of 5 to 0. AMI Ci! Prof. Jules Laborde's Marvelous French , Preparation of "CALTHOS For Lost Manhood. 99 Full 5 Days' Treatment SENT FREE By Sealed Mail. HoC. O.D. or DEPOSIT SCHEME. 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