Evening Star from Washington, District of Columbia on February 16, 1866 · Page 2
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Evening Star from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 2

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1866
Page 2
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E V EN ING_STAE._ W. I* WALLAt H, E<lttar and Proprietor, n ASHMOTD1 C I T Y t mm February H> iw?? ; TUABIKQ MATTER OK KVBKY PAGK. BIB OUTBID! FOH INTRRBSTINd Tit LB GRAPHIC AKD QTBSB MATTER FKKRPMRN 8 BUREAU. Oca. Howard ba? receired letter# from Gen. Wm P. KJcbwdson, commanding the district of Eastern South Carolina, and from a resident of that district, which give an unusually fa or.ible account of the improvement in the relation* between the whites and blacks of that section Gen. Kichardson says all the freedmen are employed for the present year, and the planter* unhesitatingly confess that they are working much better than when they were Marie. The planters are showing their continence in the freedmen by planting as largely as their capital and lands will permit. The j demand for hands is great. Que gentleman at {Society Hill offers from cents to SI per day, besides a share in the crop. Another gentleman says be wonld not be willing to return U> the old system of slavery, as bit proflu are now larger, and be has much leso trouble with the bands on the plantation. CONbClBNCK MONKY. The Secretary of th Treasury received yesterday, frora an unknown person, the sum of #40. a* monty properly belonging to the Got. eminent, having been overpaid, a* tde commanicatiwn stated. tuan oilicer of the United States Kavy. ( KNKKAL UIBWTHI. At Winnebago City. Minnesota, 7,240 acres U P* >> 1 Vpn tin At th? I.nnH I r*o ?* Twl ?* f Innn. ticn Oty, Kausns, 2.711 acres were tak"u up tfrinrg tfce month of January last for actual bctcesroad settlement. Tin iM?lt ATioJts from Pennsylvania are that the Republican* will nominate Major General Geary for Governor. The nominating convention meets the first week in March. Tm Wkkklt Stah is now on onr counter | lor sale, and in wrappers, ready for the mails', | containing Its grert variety of reading matter; the capital storr of "The Marchioness and two Comits;" a full report of the Lincoln Me- | mortal ceremonies at the Capitol, and the address of Hon. (Jeo. Bancroft; editorials on re- ; construction: the interview of the President witii the Virginia delegation; proceeding* of tin? Methodist Conference at Alexandria the Man iuGr:?y: another man; Congressional proceedings; Council proceedings; speech of Fred lHjufl:t.-, foreign. domestic, military, naval, departmental and local new.-; agricultural and I housekeeping miscellany, and the latest tele- | graphic dispatches from all quarters. Tbf >lMho?li?t ( onffrfncf at AlfinnHria. Tli K A1T015TMINTH?CI.OSIJMS SCKJ1KS. [Special Report for the Star. J Ijttt tigbt, tb*> " Kaltiinore Annual Conferee' > ol tl^e .Methodist Episcopal Church South" T> 3J?iir.blfd in the Methodist Church South, Alt xainiria, when there wa.* a large congregation present, including quite a number of Washmglonians. The religions services were conducted by liev. N lit ail. of the Virginia Conference; :?fter which. Key. liishop fcarlv addressed the Conference, ftating that they "had taken a stand independent of the northern branch of the cburch. and that there were evidences of their bring iucccrsful as an organization in their new church relations. He alluded in feeling U-ms to the trials of the ministers, many of whom were compelled to work at manual labor for their sustenance during the past four years; and he was thanxful that now they had bright- r prospects, although, even since they had been at the Conference, some of the churches had been wrested from them. Alter paying a tribute to the people of Alexandria for tbeir kindness and hosprality. he oaid that they (the preachers) are going to take up their crosses in the hope that Jehovah will open the way for them to work successfully. Hp \rf*L?iPri lhi> mBTnVuirj -l l - ?- u ' ?. uvv IV UI'VIU I*" V> 11U ! politics?keep them out of the pulpit. None of the official bodies of the Churcli South have meddled with politics. They can claim their righto of citizenship and do all they are able to accomplish to re?-tore the p?ace of the country. He bad takeu the amnesty oaib, and intended to wait on President Johnson and a*k him to restore the church? 3 which have been wrested from them. In conclusion he prayed that they, while enjoying their right* of citizenship, won Id not get into the political arena, and never allow political qut-tuous to enter the pnlpit, bnt use their efforts for the ad vancing of the cause ut Christ upon the earth, as did the fathers of Methodism. At the request of the Bishop the choir sang in an excellent manner the hymn "Oh. sing to me of Heaven," after which he announced the following appointment.-. Halhmurr lhstrict.?S. Kegester, Presiding Elder. Baltimore city?Central Church, S. Samuel Koezell. John Poisall, supernumerary. Winaiis-Vm. J. Perry, Thomas E. Carson. North Baltimore?David Thomas. East Baltimore?Wm. II. Wilson; Jos. N. SSpangler, supernumerary. Baltimore Circus* ? Jason P. Etchison: Samuel Kepler, supernumerary. Rockville Circuit?Jno. L. Gilbert, Lewis C. Miller. Kock Creek?Wm. K RovIp I.3?nre1_tf, ll t?v? J ? . JLA. iliUiH JUUU W Bull. Montgomery?J. P. Hall. Talbot? Francis A. Mercer. West River?Lewis li. Jones. Accomac-A. li. Dolly. Washington District.?J. S. Martin, Presiding Elder. ifc'ashington City, (M street)?William V Tudor. Central Church, (new enterprise) ? To b?* supplied. Bladensburg?Samuel H. Griffith; one to be supplied. Charles?Presley B. Smith; one to be supplied. St. Mart's?To be supplied. Fairfax ? Lorenzo D. Xixou. Loudoun?John Landstreet; one to be supplied. Hillsboro?Francis H. Ilichey: one to be supplied Lee>burg ? Samuel Rodgers. Warrrnton?John T. James. Gum Sprm?? John T VsiuvkII - _ ...... M. tvvKiu aauuif,?r vucutrtr C Tfbbs: Habney Ball, supernumerary. boMb District.?James S. Garner, Providing Elder. S?lf??Oforg* G. Brouke. Cbristiansburg?John W. Hammond. Hlacksburg? Jam** F. Liggett. Jacksonville?Leopold Ifenz. one to be supplied. Newport?Win. K. Kcfceer, E. Jamieson, supernumerary Eafayette?John <}. Bailey. J. F. Bean, supernumerary. Fincastle?Joshua M. Gran<lir>. Big l,ick?Isaac W. Can;er. I>*xi!igton S:auon? Peter H. Whisner. John N.Gray. Craig?To be supplM d. Lenrtbvr;i Ihstric'.?J. Hoffman Wangb, Presiding Elder. L*wi#hurg?G-o. H. Zim urnaui. t ran mora?r>. ti. Dolly: one to be supplied. White Sulphur?James 11. Wolfl. Blue Sulphur?Addi-on Weller; one to be sup5lied. l?e>elton?P. S. E. Sixeas. Edray? W Canter. Gre.-n Hank?Charles A. Joyce. Monroe?John W. Kwan, James K Vanhorn. Peter*town?Joseph V. Chittum. (lap Mills? To b? ?op|?li?rd. Covington?Adam Ci- Flaherty. Xou'h Branch Dittrtct.?John C. Dice. Presidng Elder. Franklin?Le*muel W. Haslup; Joseph H. Temple, supernumerary. Mourfield?Jamen B* atty. South Branch and Patterson Creek?Charles L. Torreyson. M. A Taylor. New Creek?Leomdas I'. Bn'.t. North Hirer?Stephen Smith, supernumerary. Monterejr ? F. S. Butt, C. W. Cooper, Highland? Thos. Briley. Springfield?John W. Tongue, Marberry G. Batbis. B. Hough, General Superintendent of Sabba'. h Schools. ti'ind ester l>i "r%ct.?Eldrid^e It Y.i h- i?r?. fiidiug Klder. Winchester. M:irk?'t street?K. K S. Hough: Hraddock street?To he supplied. Winchester Circuit?Jaynes H. March, Klw. >'. Helerick. Frederick Mission?John W. Wclff. Woodstock?Juhn P. Hyde. Front Eoyal?Win.Owyn Coe. Berryville?Waft. Ilggleatonione to he supplied. lierkley?1>a\id MoafT, John A Kern. Jefferson?Kobt.Smith. Shepherd* town?Kphr.'im L. Kregloe. Wardenbville?iMvid Hamt; oue to he supplied. Sha&coudale? Wm. Hedges. Rorktn-jham IHttrict.?Kzra F. IJns^y, Presiding Klder Stauuton?J:is. K. Armstrong. Augusta?Wm. R. Stringer. 15. F. Hall. West Augusta?Kill* H. Jones, Win. I>. 1-ippeto*, Supernumerary. Chnrch>ille?Thos. Hilde. , brand, Jos. C*. Crickenherger. Fairtleld?W. I M *1 ??? _ ? ?- - ? iuv.i/unna, tifu. i>. jftivrson, snpcronnieniry. nt. Sidney?Jos L. Engle. Eiut Rockingbam?H. A Ga^er: one to be supplied. K#*kicgham MiMion?Hicbard N. Fool. Hrid*?va er ? Geo. Ste^fuwo, Geo. H. Williams. JlockiDglr.im ? Adam 1*. Buude. New Market? A A I* Neal?- on?* to >>e supplied. Luray?To be supplied. Warm Spring?Chas. L. ron. H. MotJman, SnjM'inumerary. Vm. tv liaird. Principal Weeley&n ?male Institute, Staunton. Va. A' tiie clow of the reading of the appointment*, the assembly united id singing "Together let us wstlj liTe,*" afw which Kev. S Kf?r<t?r ImI in ????' ? * -* " ? ? r.. ,?i,oBu me tjonftrence i Adjourned after singing another appropriate fcyirr. l"or Home time after the adjournment then* vu a general leave-taking in tb*ronfer>*nce I room, and preparations were immediately | made by some to enter on th??ir new tteida of Labor, quite a number leaving this morning by LLe early traire far tbeir ncvr borne*. W Alexfinir.a, Va , u to have a paid Kira Department. yyn>e large amount of rot'on finding its way to the maket pir/rles the cotton prophets Of all MbooU and gr.ide* l^'Ohir?*t? and f'iurinrRti are quarrelling oyer the qnnttioB which of the two is tbe moot f p. i mm m i > w ?i mwa?w?r< n ? iiai < FOREIGN ( ORRFIPOFIDEICE OF THE STAR. t ? ci irw am Risk, Low do*, Janaary SOth.? K.i 'nr ?Vfar._Sir. President J ohasoa la wiaaiajc golden opinions of all clataes in Eaflaad, both American and Enropean, by the stand be baa taken npon rational matters. It is wonderful to oboerre tbe effect of absence npon our conntrymea abroad; e*en those wbo lnt**ly werv fighting to overthrow the (loiprrmi nt ?ro nniol to lh? oliirhto^t i afT- >r.t to the spirit of our institutions. All are Americans here. Parliament meets on Thursday. Th* political air of England is full of storm. The Jamaica affair will ri.-e up like an evil spirit to torment the minoritj, and Bright with his Keform flill will open upon thein as soon as tb? s. s*iou is lairly begun. Then Ireland and the Fenian* will stand by to take advantage of the excitement and squeeze out a f#w concessions. It you read the London papers you will observe that all blow hot just now upon America. The Telegraph the other day had a long leader in which it mentioned powerful France and still more powerful America. All I>ondon was wild with excitement this evening about a report of a resolution having been introduced iu Congress to suspend itiplomatic relations with Eugland. Fancy th<'elTV<ct. 1 believe tlie English people .ire really friendly to the people of the T uiU-d State*., and that a war with America would be very unpopular in England. The weather is mild and gentle as gpring, and the parka and forests are alive with birds. In I'aris the people are rejoicing in a profusion of flower*, and I saw japonicas in bloom yesterday in a garden iu this city. The wiseacre* say that this foretells a sickly summer to follow this mild winter. X _ W. in thn a>m -K.n.k /v/ AUjnnjr is oimouiur ui *_/* bcrue, and the Priaoeaa Hflpua is about marry, inp a Herman Prince, Christian of Sc-hle* wigHoUtem. Yours, Ac., Lislk Dk Mavk. ^-"?TiTC L A 1 U I 1) T * L, 14 G B A 41 8 , AMZBICAIV Tklkgkaph COMPANY. / Office 432 Pa. avenue, Ktbruary 11, 1#>"> t The following Telegrams r?m.tin in this office nnlnli vered, for want of snificiont arid re** atnl from other caustic: Maj Gen SUciman, Jacob Thomas, John G Porter, Government Carpenter, from Lower Wimieor, York CO. i G B IjichtenlxTK. HOT Itf B. P. SNYDER. Mana<er._ nf^-UNION LODGK, N?. 11.1, O. O. I\, UoC will have A GRAND LKVKK AND CONCERT. At ODD KKLLOWS' HALL (Navy Yard,) on THIRSDAY KVKNING, February 22, MS6. Tickets 81. Partieulnrn hereafter. It nr?s?- 1 KAft6(;K>|i|!MTALlSM '-Lfli lure l?r Lk_S Hon. S. 8. COX. late of Ohio. At the K street Baptist Church,on MONDAY KVJtNINQ, February 19th. Subject:" New Knglaad Trauscen<1ect??lisiii.'? Third Lecture of the course Single tickets :0 cento; for trentleman and livdy. 75 cents. Lecture to commence at quarter Mtef.ire eight o'clock. fe l'> 3t* ry^KASTKKN BUILDING ASSOC1ATION.The fomth monthlr meetin* of the Kistarn Tit ilriinc Association will be held in the north lodge room of the Odd Fellows' flail, Navy Yard, TO MORROW. (Saturday,) at 7 o'clock p. m. As the limited number of ?bare? of >-tock ha* not been tuVeo, thou- who nay de'ire to become member* of thi* Association are invited to attend WM, DIXON, President. JAS. H. HILTON. Sec. lt^ nr?=*<;BAND vocal AND instrumkntal LL2 GONCKRT, rOl'HDRY m. B. CHURCH. Corner 14th and G strict#, MONDAY. KKBIlll ARY 19. 1% o'clock p. m. Proceeds to aid ir the unprort of a Sonp Ilnnse for th? Snfiwring Toor of Ihia city. Itcft mimical talent * neaped. Ticket*. Au Ont?. fe 15-t-i fWTp-OUTKAGBS ON AMKR1CAN ClTl/.KNS lij| ABROAD. 1 S 1 2 RITIYID. A meetine of tb? cltixena of Wnihington, D. O , will i,e held in ^aton Hall, corner of 9th and D tn eW. on SATEB9AT, the 17th inRtant. at 7H P m . for tf e purpose af considering rec?nt outrage* on American eiti7en? travelinsln Oreat Britain and Ireland I)i<-tingni?hed members af the 39th Coi?gre?8 will b?> present to address the moet in?. fa IS 2t (V-^NOTICK ?TO THK TAX PAYEBS ?K WA8t?IN?T#H CITY.?The Board of AnseBacrs ba*ir.j! completed the Animal A?*e??ment for lAR-V hereby Rite notice that they will sit &? a Board of Appeal* and for the pnrp'M* of making correction* from W KDN KSDAY. the 14th instant, t" M?rcli lPt, inclusive, (Sunday* excepted,) at their room Vo. 6, Basement Story, west win? of City Hall, from 9 a in to 3 p m. each day. By order of the President. THOMAS H. DONOHUE, feb Html Secretary Board of A ppen'n. fV^SUNDAY EVENING LKOTl'EES TO% THK YOCNG CATHOLIC'S FRIEND SOCIETY, At OLD FELLOWS' HALL,7th stroet. 4* PintiT i vn uronvn v maw a* a aiiv ?r ovmu. Th* Fonrth Lecture of the Conrse will be delif- | ered by RKY. CIIABLES F. KINO, On SUNDAY KVBNINO NBXT, FBB&UABY 18, at 3 o'clock. Tickets for three Lecture* $2.00. Hiaele Lecture....... - ..SO oU. 6eut!eman and lady 7 9 oU. fel?W,FA8 !Y^s=?BALLT ROL'ND TUB kIjA'i llOY8? Jj? RALLY ONCK AOAIN-lf w? eo under we will go like thr Con^ri-sa. with th? (lag Hying The Union voter* #?f Georgetown ar<* ru<ino?ted to meet on FRIDAY KVKNINO n<?xf, at 7yx o'clock, to elect fit* delegates <*a? h for aronT'-ntion to form a tick't for the "lection on the 2oth intant. 1st Precinct, at n. B. Walker's, Montg'inery. near Bridge str^t. 2d Precinct, at School Horn n?-\t to the Iwlling of W H Tenny'e. West street. 3d Precinct, at 0. T. Kdmon->ton'?, Lingan, t?<tw' i'D First and Prospect street* 4th Precinct, at J. 11 NewmanFrederick. !>?tw> en 3d and tth streets. fe 12 t'l rir ej? ? Al*li 11KU16TKAK S OKFICK. J_f? Wahiiiwotoji, 17th January. 18-V5. Ill persons wlio occupy premises within the corporate Un>it? ?f tliia city. f?to which the Atnedact Wat?r ha* been introduce, other than prop.-rty of the United States, are hereby remind'*! that on tb? lat day of January instant, the water rest for the jenr ending January 1. Id<i7. becuia" due and payatie at this oflice. If the said water rent be not paid prior to the 1st of Febru-xry, the delinments are subject to *t< ppaee of the water from their preniis< - and per. ally of tw o dollars, to lx? paifl together with the water rent in full to January], 1557, pre Tious t? the restoration 'f the water. liAMiuLI ll CUV LK, Water llegistrar. ?? j Water Bk>.i?tbar'? OvricK, January 31st, lilo. The procure of business on tlii* office has tendered it nec-naary to extwii'l the time for l ec?i pt of Water Kent* to the 1st of Mar< h: *ft?r which date tlie wat?T will lit* shut oil. ifthout any further no lit*, from all house* th? ?;itt>r rent ol tiicli shall Dot be paid up to Jaiiuaiy 1st, 1H<X7 B A> DOLl'TT COYLE. feh 2 e?lm Water fY?f?N<>TICE TU CAS OONSC.M KRS.-Th* IL y iHtli ibvtiou department of the V. ;tsbinKton Rul LUht <'(<ni9ait> ha\o runiOVrd their otiice to No <64 loth, bftween D and K, where pvr?oB< who J a*e renson to belie-ve tliat t'uir meti-rs or er* ice ptpf? are out of order, will plea?e notify HM. YOwKE. Superintendent of Distribution, ?h<> will gite prompt attention. jU 57 G EO. A MclLH E N N Y. Er *1n?er. rY^r* W ED DISC 9. DINS KR PARTIE S, B A L L^ ILgf etc . fnrni?he<1 by JOSEPH II. SHAF FIELD. Caterer and Cecfectiontr, No 3a6 6th treet. between G and H. jtlJ lm nKt> 11 Ml BY ? i>H. 15 A RN KH. Phy-si-ianand Dentist. Te<-'h Inserted rerr <-hnap V.\trm ii?i(? and Repairing neatly it>Mn>.Snw U>- also cures Uh>-utuati?ui, Gout, Piles.'*-* *P Neuralgia and Dyspepsia Office comer Penn'a avenue and Tlh street. B"<>m No. 1. fe M-]ui* F^OK SALE?A Mir ?t OARRI \QK HORSES and a light Family <'A l< K1 AGK. anil a <rv doable set of HARNESS, will be disptuitd jLiTVfc ot by piivate contract, tlie owner hoing'-^^-*about to lease Washington For in'orniation. and U- -ee them please c?il at OH AS. F WAGKNER'S Kestanrant So. 5fi?> 8tli st. east, opposite Marine B?! racks, Washington. fs 16-St" H ROBERT BOYD ABDVABE AM) HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS Man u U ; to tiro f S TOY E3.R AS GP.S.FU RN ACES. ixjs, tun'EB. and SHEET IRON WARE. 479 9TII BTRET, BETWEEN D AND E. ' II i airs for all kluda of Stove* auJ Ranges constautljr on band. Pf Kepairin? promptly done. fe IS lui* OFFIl'K DEPOT ('OHM1HSABY OF SUBSIST K?r?. Wajhingto*. D. C.. February 18,18^. PKOPOSALS FOR FLOUll. Pealed Proposals ?rt> invited until Mnviwv V>l.riiitry M ll?, 12 ocU<-k m.. for furniihiui'the Sulwmtt'DCf Department with ONE THOlSANDd.OuOi BARRELS OF FLOUR. Tbe pro?4??l? will be for what U known at tliia Depot m \t>?. 1 mdU 2. (St>I barrels ot each icra-le ) anil l>i<la will b? eot?rtaiu<-U for any <iuautitr W-aa tban the whole. Bi?l* mnat be In dnpl!<*ato, aril for ?ach jrra<le on taparate ?he< t* of paper The delivery of the Klonr to remmence within five days from the openiuif of the t?i<U. ami miiat lx? delivered in kucIi uuanfitie*. daily. a* tlx BifDt may dlrec t. either u t the Government w:ire honw in O?orff(o*n, at the wharves, or railroad dejwit in WaaJiiujjton. I>. C. The delivery of nil Klotir awnrded tobf com plMisi within twenty (Uyk from the acceptance o( the hid Bill a will be received for floor to he delivered in n?-w oak barrel*. head lined. P*rnx<nU w II be ma- ?> in ?uih funds aa the Government may have for dUbiin??nient. 1 lie usual Government inspection will b? made jnst before the Klotir is received, and none will he arceptad which la not fre?h ground, and of a superior 'jiislity. Gov mnent re*?r><-? the ri?ht t.? reject auy bol for anv rsasa B?da b> l>e (vddreaaal to the under??. 0 *trwi, indorsed " Propoaala f? u r if w * * T l**IDO*a. nurj.Vl, itlitor.O.I V J w?a???p??? tamim.mmm wni PERSONAL. PK&SOMAL.?A w !?] like to b?coaie acquaiuted with* pretty %od i*t?iijgeut ? otnao. with whom be covl4 apeud in twain* occaalonaUy. A (Mr? ? K IT. It* WTBOIAL CARD TO TUB LADIKM -Any Udir desiring to fitxl an elegant HOMI, with exo*!Int Medical Att*ndai>o?, the beat earn, and atrict?wt retirement before and during Oonan?m?-nt, oat find anrh * Home in the family of a widow 1 tdr, i 1 . W.k4.MM?la U KrAAklw.. U a .Lit l ' ! , |i | [| [nmmiHi i I y *m **1 v/w J ii ? WUHUUl C HI 1 ll oil or l-oarden. Applications mint ha made with 1? gibie *ddr?a?. aa letter* addreaeod to initial* ara never sent through poat oflice. A.ldreea Box 412, Brooklyn, N. Y. fe IS Im MISS MltCDkLL, TKANCK MKDIUM. IN itea frioudi and the public to rail up ?n her at th?? Clarendon liotel, Ko'iu 'I. fa 15-lt' j\" UTIC'K?All anaoclatian haa been ent?r*?d into i~ by the tmdereignwi in the prartl-e of medicine. Ofiice on Maaaachuaetu avenue. Mo. 4*4, between 6th ax.d 7th atieeta. M. V. B BOtJAN. M. I) , J. 0. BARB1S. M. l> VoKrnay* 1i IM' ' r ?-?'i ?r?? J IOT), ! 1* WM PK1NCE, 3B1 V street. opposite Patent Offlre. th? only practical ST^Ml*KB t? ths District, *ixhe? to inform hla cnstom'rs that he ts not connected with any ether Stamping concern in thin city An there are BO-called 8l*nip?r? u?in? hia r,hiii" bene* this notice, lie ha* only ?' on K street. Weekly in receipt of uew patterns, which are male up at on?e. DlTo. M.FO&D has remoTed to Hy. lut Capitol street. between 1st and 3d feb < -lm 1)RK>omal~-?l88SlTlTH. LaKaTorita oik* 1 8tore, 467 S nth street, between K and K keeps constantly un hand fine Cigars and T<#bac< o at low priced. To pro?e it 1? by giving her ac.ill. fe 6 Ini* NOT1CK. LL PERSONS are hereby cautioned against trusting any one on my account as I shall pay no debt* except ?nch as are contracted by my wife or myself. fet. 3-ttnwtw* JOHN P. PKPPKR. LOST ANET FOUND! LOST?A small black and tan TBKB1KB DOG, answers to the name of ,-Tip.'' A. liberal rsward will b? paid tor its delivery at .?6:i nth it., Island. fe lS-3t* G* f! KK WARI).?Lo*t on or about the i^d or De'L> >/ cemlior. lH-^V annit> where ahon i Warfhlnirtnn a lug" Lei.tl.er PftCKKT HOOK, containing let , tern, paper*. Ac. The akivi reward will be pai 1 by expr*??.tnK it to Fn>derick Citv Frederick Oonntv, Maryland. W H K BANT/., fe 1R 2t* Frederick, Md. C ?J/rREWARD FOR A DAKl BOAN MARK AND II A RNK88. Strayed from the KbUett Ilou*?, on the aftern^n of the 15th instant, a '.hi k, heavy made ROAN M ARK. about 9 y*ara old; 1<? hands hiafe;a small white spot, about ene in?h square, in the forehead, dark bay face and less; hae several bay spots, onu on the back, near the termination of the tnani, about three iRrhc* long. Any information left with JOHN D. 1BKOND, No a 13 7th street, will be attended to. fel? 3t* LKWIS BAII.KY I OST?Ou Monday nicht a COKNIT BAN?) I i BOOK, at or between Metropolitan 11*11 and my Model ami Ban<l Boom, vJ-i Intelligencer Build in*. Also, an ALTO BOOK, some week* since. Any person upon returning either will be mutably rewarded^ | fe ii-3t* j 1. A. HKALD. IOBT?On Tuesday, the 13th instant. at or ue.\r -J the Capitol, a LAPT'S OOL? WATOII and CHAIN. The finder will be liberally rewarded by returning the same to 330 Delaware avenue. fe 15 at* IOST?On the ISth instant, about 1 o'clock p. m. J a small MKMOHANDl M BOOK with my name in it. Of no value to any one except the owner A reasonable reward will be paid if left at Star Office, fe 11 3t ABSKK 8H0KMAKKKs DOO LOST?Strayed from the premises, No. .'tot 7th itreet. earner of L,on Monday morning, Feb 6th, a brown SBTTKB DOG; had on a leather cellar with ring attached. A liberal reward will be paid for his return to T. V. NOONAN, at the above place. fe it-St* BKW A BI>.?Stolen froui mt Stable in Georgetown, on Friday morning, Feb ruary 9, one larire Bay HOKSK. H or 9 yearn old, 15H or 16 handa high, two white hiud feet, a little welled, a scar under th<* fetlock of one cf the hind feet, sides rubbed with barney. ALSO, One large light Cray IIOKSK 9 or 10 years old, 15H or 16 nar.ds high, ?mUl near on the back from saddle. an<l fine style and action. 1 will give .f.M) for either horte. or $100_for both If delivered to ine iu uoorgetown.U U.,or 9 JXJfor the recovery <>f both horsefc and the arrest and convictien of the thieves. THOMAS DOWLING, fab 1.1 Georgetown. I>. O. C? r RKW Alii)?Lest, on Monday evening, the 8th instant, an ivory beaded red wo<>d OANK, with g< ld band. The above reward will he paid by returning the i?m? at No. iiO Louisiana avenue, opposite Mh street west. ja 13 tf BOARDING. AKF,? WKNTLKMKN CAN BK A0C0MM0 daietl v?ntj BOAUl). Also Table Board, at 19A K ttreet, between 17tb and 18tb sts. fMS-at* 1 ' KN 1 I. K M RN AN I> ~T HE IK W1VKS AND "I ?; f t? ; L i < ti i . . . .' J ii r. . t B/likMu 1 - - . - - 9 ? ? i? U pi </VVI UVVdtO HU'i BOARD, by the week or month. A few Table Boarders wanted. Terms m<?ltr&t?. K at., between nth and 15th street*, ono s<i?are from Willard'n Hot?l ja 101m* I^ABLK BOA III) at No 4 64 lUtii street, M lew I doors north of the avenne. Terms fi5 per month. de 14 tf SPELLING OFT AT REDUCED PRICES. BMOOT & BURROUGHS, No. 119 Bridge street, Georgetown, Will,from this date, offer every description of STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, at very r'-duced prices. Wishing to close ont thia entire etork by the first or middle of March, bargaina may be expected f? lo in,* 8MOOT A BURROUGHS. 6 T i c i Having ab*o< iated with me Mr. THOS B. CROSS, Jr.. a- a partner in the Lumber husintae, from the 1st January, 1366, all persona indebted to me ?re rlong to tr.at time are hsreby notified that their WTiTlTit* ft r?- now m?/U ad? ?. ..... u va>t III V J a l D I no I fully but ni<>?t < arnmtly rP'tnntf'l to call and settle thfiii at onct. cither by cwh or note, an uty busings inns* be closed up. All stirh accounts remaining n?i*ettled on the l*t of March, IS*>6. will be collected according to law. T. KI>W. OLiKK. Vircinia avenue, b?t 9th and 10th street* eaat fe9-tml.l near U. S. Navy Tard. jj| O T H L GOO dIT ~~~ ~~~ Thick KHKNCH CHINA. M/ Thick STONK rillMA, snch an Plates,** LiahcH, bakers Ac. \j CLASS W A UK. GuHete. Champagnes, Clareta, Hock*. Sherries, r* Jlar and Ale Tumbler*, Beer Muga, DeC"l'LATKI) WAKK and C1JTMCRT of the beet cl?.. V* KBB A liKVKKllXIK, fe 10 fitif * 504 Odd Fellow*'Unll) 7th gtreet. |> I A Q 8~ if (rood second hand V1AN0S. PricesfcS^fS from *'0 upward* Hl%l* -".J new 1'lANO* M?ort?d. of the following rnaClilCKEliIK<; A SONS. UHADUI BY. V03E. UURKD A CO. JOHN r. KLLIS, .'<06 Pennsylvania avenue, fe 14 ;t between 9th and 10th st?. ^LINT 8 I'BACTH * OK MKD1C1NK B<n r nett * Practice or Medii iue; new edition. An M*Iloiinttliona of tlic> Kingi r? and Tuon. Anttie <>n Stimulant* and Narcotics Braithwaite's Retroapect for January. _ fe li riAIOK TATLOB. PIANO FHK BALI-One six and-a-lialfoctavo IMANO. in good on*<t, will b* tnM ?? bnigaiu. Apply No. 'JA'2 K afreet We BrrSAJ I twcfii MM and 14th. fe l t St* >TT \T1 ('KKAT BAKGA I N?Seven octave PIANO KOHTK, round ( rncra. rirv -'l, with--^gy-v all tlie in< <!> ru improvement*, fur wale. atlfcury-J at -a< 1 itUe, at i$7 1 Penuny! vauia ave ' * ' " <>j p"?ite National Hotel. fe 13 .'It* INTKBKbTl M; T(F1>ADI 18 ' KBtlbKolDKUV t>TAM l'INQ ! ! I*.very kind in errat variety; superior to nay tliinir heretofore offered in this < ity. Pl"a?e favor UB with a rail. _ W ASHINGTON KMliKOIPBRY STAMP1NG COM 1'ANY. fe IS lw* rt-J _> K ot ., l>?twe?>n 10th and 11th it*. ALL PKBSOK3 1NDKBTE1) TO TUB LATK lirm of PALM Kit A BRO. arf ben-by aotififtd that their bill* ha??baen plvel in my hanria for collection. ami th-> art> respectful ly re'inp*t<'<i to promptly nettle tln> Mine, ag all bill* remaining iiuphi.I Maii'h Ifth, IS'W, Will bo place t iu au officer's bttudrt for settlement. (SAMl'KL C. PALMER. it7 Greene atreet, Aaiisnee. Oeorgetov n. I). ()., February IS, )8u6. fa 13 6t* J^INE PKGAUS AT LOW PRICES. 1.1 000 CABANA GARBAJALS, at$fiporbor. 30.000 BSPANULK PJiE.*SAUOf?, at #5 ' JO 000 ISLE HE CUBA CONCH AS, at ifj.50" Alt-o, T"rio?n other brand*, from i? Kriuiee For sale by F C DYKK a"oo"T *" P?ntj?y lvaiiia avenue, fe 7-dlw betwp?? 12th and ISth ?U. HOOr SKIKT MANUFAI'TOBY?49 Louisiana nvenue. txjtween 6th and 7th sta., and north "Ihstieet, between L and M, Washington. I) Constantly on hand, and made to order, flr?x cltrn Moth Tap*' IIo?ip Skirts, of every style, length and sice. Skirts altered an.l repaired. jh Hi lrn* J. WEIL A CO. J^KYHB TOO LATE TO LEAKN MONS. ALEXANIIKK WOLOW8KIS NtW SIMPLIFIED SYSTEM FOB PIANO FOKTK AND 8INQIHO. Morn. Alexander Wolowakl, so well known in n?ton. nurf ?lin ?- ? - . W,,.U5I>? vni BUlim 01 mo own talrnt in our cilr.br his new ?impliti<d i? roiititmirK hit Piano and Sni(jin? Oo*r#?*. Tbo?r vrh<> ? i>li to twoai? fine ntncliM. can r*? >oin hi* conn** br ctlliac at 371 Pa a?eou?, ofp*it< National HoUl. R?er|tloi hoar* ar? from fo to 12 a. in., Rud from 7 to 8 p. m. ja ?-!? OQQ MOTIOK 9)iQ irKS JOHN Ok BAOHBR. No 338 PhmtItuU avanaa, naar 11th atraot, hMjoat rwived a larca lot af thocalatrata* L.OVB J ACK HM0K1M0 TOBACCO, which hicuMUtt QtrihlaaMU, (a >0 it* I 4 O'CLOCK P. M. SOV ERNMKNT SECCKIT1M. Warhikotof. February ie, lMT i ay Cookr & Oo. Inralpb the following qnoof (foveriiissnt. securities ? S>. "> t'WBpom, IHHl i<H KH* ' U. t t ite Tweutiw, ...Ufl 1#'S 1' : > Ki\f Twutiw, 1^64. .WlJ^ TJ. S. Five TwcutiM, IS6i 10-^ I*. S Toi . ? ? 0-*!% U.S. S4'v?>ii Thirties............ !>y W\ Oa^-yt'Jir Oruflcatcii?new ...... 9H^ 9< Ji KW TUBS PifcBT lOAID ULM Coupons. 104X: Kit* Twmitie*- 1S14- lOrtv: Fiv? Twenties. 1964, 10C?; Fit* Twenties, 1(3 tj: Ten Forties, W\: Seven Thirties, (9.V Certificates, 88^; Goto, 137)<. Til K FIRST PRK8B YTRRIAN CHURCH AND TDK KKKD. POUULAS8 LKCTiJ&K. The Chronicle continues its abuse of the rerespectable gentlemen of the First Presbyterian Church vrho deprecate its use as a political rostrum, and especially as the scene for foul- | mouthed attacks by a negro orator against th*? Chief Magistrate of the nation. It 6uits the purpose of the Chronicle in this connection to make a fulsome laudation of the K??t. Byron Sunderland a* the fearless and thrilling divine whew impassioned eloquence against slavery and secession have made him the mark for the hatred of the sympathizers with rebellion, and is the only reason why he h:u become irksome to his congregation Now thig is simple trash, pure unmitigated trash, as will be comprek.. MH * t. ^ A?r nuru IIJ nil iaumiAi wim mc tHRTJ Ul Vile dapper little Boanerges of the First Presbyterian Clinrch. We have not the slightest illwill against that gcthing little gentleman, and are quite willing to indulge hi3 teverish cra\ing to tigure in print and attitudinize emotionally before the public unhindered, but when it is undertaken in his behalf to put hi in up as a patriot martyr who is being persecuted by a "secesh' congregation for principle'- sake, it may become necee.>ary to strip him of ins ja -kdaw plumes and shew him up in hi? true light?a well enough meaning man, but light ballasted, and of such insatiable thirst for notoriety that he would cheerfully attitudinize d:iugling from a b.'tlloon if thereby he could ligure before a crowd, or get his name in print. He would willingly split himself up to his clerical neckcloth to be able to straddle wide enough to tread in the sensational footstep- of a Spurgeon or a Beecher. Does not every hearer of his recognize this as a true picture ot the man ! //? a devotee to anti-slavery principle ! Why ii is> 110101 ion? iu;ti ifB? man iu?' c/?r .Hi' <<* t 'live years ago" judicious members of bis congregation, averse to pulpit politics of any kind, had to hold the erratic Ilyron back by the coattails to keep him from rushing into politics to give abolitionism "je**e" from a "conservative" standpoint. The plain truth is, that the disaffection to him in his congregation originated lout; prior to his abolition shoot. Its m'-mber< hid come to the conclusion that while h?> could pray with the beaatifuleat cadence-, and display his white handkerchief, and pass his white hands through his classic locks with a languid grace not easy ol attainment, that as a religious teacher he was the most unmitigated humbug that ever walked. His insatiable, all-absorbing craving for notoriety took him ?o continually from his legitimate church duties as to make him the most unfit person imaginable to sustain a responsible pastoral relation. How this itch for notoriety led hiin to Paris, where he proved such a dead failure on On* hands of the American church that his New York sponsors were very anxious to return their "elephant" to the Washington congregation some time before his two years" engagement had expired, and how precipitately he was hurried back to be thrust upon an unwilling congregation, are matters affording a rather piquant chapter, which we have not time to enter upon to-day. It is sufficient to tay th~t liis Paris-American congregation displayed the same bad taste, and want of good judgment in disapproving the style and caliber ot the Itev. Byron that has been displayed by 'his Washington congregation. We do not see, however, that it is branded' therefore, as "secesh." That style of treatment is reserved by the CKronicU for Washington corprejrations. in inic. connection tne Chronicle makes much parade of the 4i card" (to be found elsewhere) of the lady managers of the Colored Home, in which card the hulies?Mrs. Senator Wade and others?raise their hands in piou? horror at the allegation that the lecture of Kred. Douglass "although ostensibly to obtain funds for ilie benefit of the colored orphans." was, " in reality, to enable certain political parties to promulgate their peculiar doctrines, iu opposition to the Tiews of the President of the I'nited States and a large majority of the American peeple." The ladies say that their purpose was~"io raise money for charitable purposes, and that 'one of rK?nrt#rt to uvu ?<? h-iva > lecture from Frederick Douglass. not on political or part}- topic*, but in reference to the assignation of the late President, an atrocity which tliey supposed all mankind condemned." Tlie authors ol this statement being ladies, it is hard to characterize it in littiug terms. Is it within the boumU of possibility that these Indies had not seen aught, or heard aught, of this Douglass lecture as delivered by him through all the North, and reported in nearly evciy paper in the country Were they not. aware that it al>ouiided in the gro-sest attacks upon the President and his policy ! In thelec iur<- ay flciiYoreci nere ppme or tlie moro olTen-ive attacks upon tLe President were suppressed for iome reason, but enough were retaiued to show the unfitness for its delivery in any honse ot Divine won-hip, especially when it put the congregation in the attitude of thrusting these oilV'ii.-1 ye utterances directly upon the ear of the President. Even a* toned down by the f'hroni lr, that papt r reports Douglas a* sty ling the President the Pharaoh who is pertecutiug the hlat k race, and as saying : I '1 he crime of crimes which now threatens th.s nation is not one that kills the body, btit ,nie Mint murder* the soul of the nation. It is on" that strike? at the national honor. It i? one that must bring upon the nation the gather* d wrath of <iod and man. In Wd-hinyUjn ii e emue 'J irniiex ichieti overhangs us iiml tlnenteu.- a* it Hoiking let < than the ba.e, the wantim lie'rnyal of thit liefiiblie l>y the mnrt?by the. ' f,y,i>an iii I'i'uni tin yeneiou n- t.on has conful.;l II,e enre ?f it* honor: the lire aid wanton surtiiulcr i>f till the efforts of tl.ij terrible uar back arfrin into the httmlx of the rrry urn w'io, ???t\ br< <<l hlailes unit lil-imly hand?, hare fotigkl tod', .ft y I he nation." Ami it It tor objecting to have their pulpit (Vcrerated by ewch utu'rnuc?t> as these that the conpropntion of th?* First Pre6bytenau Church is nov. being thus villitied! I 1*A Y DEPARTMENT On an inquiry having been made ;w to whethj or circular No. 55, of December '-Kid. l"*?5, which [ allow* transportation in kind to members of the 1st Army Corps, when honorably discharged from the service, applies to commissioned officers, the Paymaster (ieneral has decided that the rule promulgated from the Adjutant (Jeneral*8 Office, and quoted in memorandum "No. 50, is not to be understood as having any application to commissioned officers of the 1st Army Corps, when honorably discharged, but idsi it applies uniy 10 enneien men oi tnat corps who were transported to Washington l?y Provost Marshals lor enlistment and muster in. The commissioned officers of that corps, when honorably discharged, and when otherwise entitled to txarel allowances, are so entitled from place of discharge t? the place where they received or accepted their appointments. 80UTHKBN WAR CLAIMS. it is umlerptood that the Congressional Committees on Claims take the broad (round that as it has never been the practice of (Jovernments U> make compensation for the rarages of war, even when committed by their own armies on their own eoil, the question of compensation ta sufferer* in a hostile region cannot be entertained. This will blight the hope* of a large number of claimant* at the Booth, many ?f v boon hare already placed their papers before Ow|rM, TRHTIMOHIAI. TO AI RAHA K LINCOLN The SUti*" IV-jtartrnt'iit ha* rw^ired throng our Consul ?t Lyons, Franc*. .t mHfnifl American <1 *IC ?n?l . pmcnMby U??- wort1 tr?'pn of I.yon* to tU(? Ckn-miwni of ito> United State* a* a testimonial of lh?>?r fpjt resped for the Lit* Frwi ient, Abraham I-incole This floe 4* a fine w ork of nri. 11 wa? m*n - i m?ctur?n i y \ e "jvooie'v oi v*fsti r?," nn<i*r the superm en ler.ce of M Oochaid, M Michalet and M Ibrtarhon. The ila* ia .1^ ij feot) in length and '4.15 metre* (about 7 lev I) in width. lh? texture i* grnt dr f?wi, a heavy and rich tisane. There are no seam? iu joining the union and the stripes, these par s an* woven toeether by the loom. Th* union contains thtrty-flve double.fac*d sars of stiver brtxhe, and between the stars is the inscription in Frerc!i "Popular subscription. To 'he l'ennblic of the Vnite<l nW***. I in mam. I ory of Abraham Lincoln. I^yons. The letters ate also double-faced and of brock* gold. WH1TK 110L S It RKCKPTION. The drawing-room reception of tli?? ladies of the White Houm tiis afternoon wx- i brilliant one, but on acconnt of the severity of the weather was not so numerously attended it." the preceding ones. Amnnif th ruu* nf nAtP nti>cn?? p ??'" f ' ? " nr ma t IIlt'TI tion Attorney General Speed and Mrv Spe??it, Senator Chandler and Mrs. Chandler. Comptroller of th<? Currency and Mrs. Clark, Iter. A. 1>. Gillette aud Mrs. Gillette, Col. J. W Forney. Mrs. and Mi?s Forney, Geo F. Train and >1 is. Train. ATI ROVKP AN1? KM1>OK<EP. The delegates who compose the '-Colored Conpre.-.s" now 111 session in thi? citv. have add risked a leiter to Mr. Sumner, endorsing his recent speech, and declaring that it em bod:e"the tirht and complete wi-li of the colored man.*' They al^o say ?* Having look ><l to you as among the foremost in the cause of justice and liberty during the d:trk"-t period of that canse, we nowr rejoice to hail von as holding your place among the giant* that Li t>e since espoused it." 1. A BUR FOR ITBEIMMKN. THe Friends' Society for Preedmen's Aid, of Raltimore, have provided ?ituations for a:?oui fifiv colored peoyje, ol different age# and v\hs. and ha\e written to General t'. H. Howard requet-tinc him to furnish the fre. d ten i:?:i this District. Tin* liurean is making arrangements to send a Ijtrge number of r< 1rr.-n to Mississippi. wliere tliey are greatly needed. M1LITABY CHANGES. M i|Or General Georjte G. Meade, in ord-rs issued February If, announces l?r.*v t Major General Setli Williams as Assistant A 1jut:-nt General of the Military Division of :he Atlantic, to relieve lire vet Itrigadler Gev ti. Gp rge I>. Kuggles. who wa.? ordered to report to Major General Hooker, as A-^isUint A?1 )utant General ef the Department of the K.ist WHITK MOUSK. 'I 111- hf?mtr (Vihiiinf H-?v hut f#u* \ ici tnr^ received. Among tlie callers upon the President wa^ Bishop Early. From John C. Parker, Post Office New? St.iiid, we have a batch ol fre?h reading matter, fiinlni for March, Chimney Corner. w;'h an excellent picture of "General Grant at Home;") ?i*ry Saturday, Stw fori Ma ff-'tine, and //<?rIfVdWy. From J. Shllingtou. Odeon Building, Hudson Taylor, .'<34 Pa. avenue, and Bropliy & Burch, corner wth aud I) streets, we hare the line March number of Lvltft B ?/. . Alto, lrom Brophy A. BurcU we have th.' March number of The La<ly's t'ruml, edited by Mrs. Peterson. Pekcohal.?Got. Smyth, of N. H.. with his accomplished lady, is now in this city, looking after the war accounts of tne Granite Suite. * M.J.Kapnist, an atuich- of the "Chancel lerie Particuliere"'of the Emperor of Russia. is here, examining into the workings ot our -ysU'in et government in Congress, the d>>p:ir:ments. Ac. The Chevalier Wvrott'. who has been mingling in the festivities and the political intrigues oi the metropolis, return* this afternoon to New York. Senator B. (iratz Hrown is vigorously urging his sche me for the 111 corporation ol all telegraph lines- with the postal per vice, under fioYi-rn. nient control. Mrs. Julia Ward Hove, the po'ten-. '* m the city, and ww in the .allery of 'lie S*'iiate this morning. WMXTH CONGRESS?FIRST StSSlOM. Friday, February 16. Mr. Trumbull introduced a joint resolution thanks to the rescuer-of coldiers an?l otlic?r? from the wreck of ttie steamship Sau Fr:.nci -co, winch was referred to the Committee on Military Attair*. 3Ir. Howard presented thepeti?ion of citizens of Alexandria asking Bar a. t^rri^>ri?i fnrm of Oorernment for thn State or Virginia, lielerred lo the Committee on Reconstruction. Mr. I-ane, of Indiana, called up the senate bill to extend the benefits of the pension laws to artificers of the army. Passed. Mr. Trumbull called up the bill in relation to the Court of Claims, which was pas>ed. It allows an appeal to the Supreme Court from the Court of Claims, and provides that the regular session of the Court of Claims shall commence on the first Monday in December. At one o'clock the Constitutional amendnient was called up. Mr. Hendricks took the floor against it. HOVSK.?Sr. Maine, Of Main?, lrom the nnrci tvnminw on tne sniyrct, reported a 1>I11 to reimburse the loyal States for expenditure? made for the raising of troops, etc., to put down the rebellion The bill was recommitted, it is accompanied by a report. On motion of Mr. Baldwin, the Committee for the District of Columbia was directed to consider the expediency of repealing the act l>as*ed August 5,-IN4, to amend an act entitled an act to incorporate the inhabitants of the citizens of Washington, and to report by bill or otherwise. iMr. Waahburne, of Illinois, made a report from the Joint Committee on the Lincoln M? morial Services, having been furnished by Jlr linn croft with a copy of his address for I'll I'llVJiillUU . On motion of Mr. Washburne, twenty thousand copies wen' ordered to be printed. Mr. LaJlin, from the Committee on Printing, made h report on tbe resolution referred to them in relation to purchasing lor distribution ten thousand copies of Morrison's publication of the fact? in relation to tbe assassination of Abraham Lincoln, orations delivered, etc. Tbe report provides that the required number ol copies ?* procured, but that each member, in accordance with the law on the subject, pay out of liis own pocket for copies of tbe wi rk. The reimrt was d;>agreed to. Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio, introduced three bills, which were referred to the Committee on the .Tudn iarv. First?To nrovhta iinni?hm.n,i m l ?"" * M1 for throwing trains from railroad track-. Second?To punish tor larceun s of securit'e*. and other choses inaction. Vurl. third?Tui'stahii li UDitfil States lieveiine Courts, aud for otl)?'r purposes. TbP Hua^e proceeded to the consideration of the Pennsylvania Contested Election case? Alexander 11. Coflroth and Wm. H. Koontz. ?- - TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ? . The Weather. Philadelphia, Peb. 10.?At daylight this mo: ning. the thermometer siood Z degree* abore zero. At.TOOKA, Pa., Feb. l<?.?At 9:10 a.m. the thermometer stood 7 degrees below zero. Hai.timoi:k, Keb. 16.?I>ast nigh' w-.s thought to be the coldest of the season. At daylight it was 1 degree below zero, and during the night the mercury was in some exposed places still lower. Thw morning there are indications of the weather moderating. Nkw Ori.kam*, Feb. 16.?The mercury 24 degr??t> abo ve zero. Ix>nsviLLK, Feb. 16.?Mercury 13 .-egr*?* above zero. Associated Press Mrrtia:. Montoomery, Feb. 15.?The Southern Associated Press met to-day. Mr. Clark, the old President, presided over the meeting, Mr. Williams actea as Secretary. The constitum vi- ( :i pnmmiltw fnr??i?i/,? ?- ? ? a discussion the meeting adjourned uutil Ave o'clock, for a permanent organization. Baltimore Markets. Ha (.TIMOR k. Feb. 15.?Klour dull. Howard street super., 9* 50n$C.75. Wheat .-teady. Corn quiet, vcbite ?!>a80 cents, yellow Tiara cents. Oat* dull at 50 coots. Seeds quiet. Clover $7.75. Provisions dull. Sugars firm aad quiet. Wbuky dnll at Mew Y?rk Market*. mw Yoke, Feb. 1?.?rottou doll. State four declined lea ceau. Wheat and corn dnll steady. Pork beary. Lard and whuky dull. ? ^ LOCAL NEWS. ? Kirk ?Alwii I o'cixk Uiit mormac, Hr? broke out in .1 lr*mr >tabi.. nuvwJ in Ut? alter b?*?w*>>ts "'h and ??h m.? iv *. a n ror;h, tx lunr<uc to .\rd o?<npvc' bjr Mr. TIkm. frVinour, bot'er di ?lfr, G uvr mirk?i. Tu? M ind at ibe t.m?? >*?* ron? from th? aorthwr??. and Iniw^lT o ?Jd. Tk? B 'lihbors Ivy tlin w int dov n f ur * wl woo prrvrntrd lb* Hi* rxu-uiiint; to tit? d <wt>lling* <k? Mb ?ni1 <?b strrot*. When tli*tir-m.-n arrir>? tb*y found it impo??iM* to r*t waW f?r m l >*< tf* nltiff b-ini ti?hU J fro*?'?. Th* c??tn iki iwuniml tbnr worn \ri?h ** ? and wtist link- itiu r oouM U> ob'iuuiHl fro;n s pri**ui bjilran1 au I a pump, and accompli*!*' d much in ravine tb* MiiroaiidiiiK pr.>p**riT. Tb* ?tab> in * hirh th?? fire with w.?cwl ni'itf. otii.houa-'s mid 'b>wr? ?Nnimr4 lint lor the u'Utiij ol the C?irhh<>r? ai d 'he l?>orabli> d rectum of ihe wmd.fiflrwn i* twen'y fniul>e? oc nprme t'^e tram* dwellings hi (tie >qu:tre would h.vve b-en left hoiiM*te*M The Kw? fnlli lie?Tl?( u|M>n M ? *? !>. John M. Vf*r?r, (who l??t two Tilratlf hoim,) Mt> Kendrtck. Mr Keinoar. sud tbe ec? u|>T.l of Mr. Brown** privily, a dt*?ler in the mnrkeU. Tb>-entire io>? will not fill short of upon a portion of which there is a li*ht insurance. ?. t*ri*lT*Al. C?IT.T, J< *pr f.(ter.-H>KMn. tur, (Jcorp1 Aur.m and John Colmrn, I wo marines. wrre tried on an indictment r!i.v(ia( the larceny of 4A pound# t?f d?^r, m.t <>n etaminiii? fhe wltneWM it appeared t'ia< the entrail* had b?en removed. The connect rtned the <]?ie?ti<<n thai it vn *eni-'?n .tu t not doer, and There lore they could not be found (nitty tinder tlie indictment. A.f'? r argument, the Court decided the point well taken, rind under instruction* the jury rendered .1 verdict ol not guilty. Meto-r*. Monroe. Aiken, l>avi? and Sinclair for the defenae. Kdwnrd Johnson. inilir'H lor the of a rob* fr?>in Tophain A <*.?, ?m found not cuilty Monroe lor deft-uw?. M:irj J^nkfns wa? ronvi.ifcrd of the l*r?-enjr of <? {!. Monroe tor rtef'-nw ^ M.irv <Jr?'.'ii. in<!i<-t? .1 1oi rr^n-1 liro-ay, wi? fonnd pniltT ot petty larceny. Monioc tor dofens*. ? - ??? A v I'NJfATfRAL HlioTHtn. -?Ht W is)ne?day, dcifcuvrit t'lar**? and MclMvitt re<-ei\ed information th.it on l;M?t Moudijr Mr. l'rtrr PlMnvr. !?aker, -orner of <? and Third streets east, hem* sick, rare a check for l.tMH on a hank in this city. Witk lnntrii'-tiotis to dopoMt the t=jime In another hank Hi* brother, John Ph>'er<-r, went to 'he bank, drew th? money, and took the train to Hal'imore. The detectives immediately proc*ed?>d to that rtty, in/! with * * ^ 11 ? -,L- ?* mm n ivn lur aiu v? i " i' ' il*? *1 . i . r^mi'il, u1 the tirm of Smith, W?>*t A. Pesrwn. after a lore ffurrh, fnniirt the nnn?tnral brother, and recovered from him of ih<> mom-y l. i<l PTiinn^ the (k-tfctiw MurniHl with (bfir prteoner. ?nd U)-?1?r Ue wJl hare * hearinc t#torp .luntice Wn|t?r. The pritnMT ?u about to tor the South at the Um? l?? \va? arrested. P*>lick Commit foment*. ?Yesterday attprnoon, the 1'olicc Comtni-sionerii m>'i in their room*. on Hub, near I? ?treet. The difficulty which has occurred with tb? ' *1< eni|>h operators. growing out ot the refusal to par their salaries for the month past, vriu referred to a commi*te-? of tvo. James T. Taylor, ot tta?* Kitih I'recinct, re<i|rned front the foroe, and Patrick Kearney appointed to till the vacancy. J.*?eph Straub was appointed'an additional patrolman for duty at the Kiltimore depot. ltohert Sutton and W. M. Sherwood were appointed additional patrolmen for duty be'wei n llth and 14th and F and M street*. ?. Kijctbictty vk. (ii-?p?wt?ita- Mr. Tal P. >nnnr? r prt p< ?es to coixliu t some interesting nt.- on the tleld ?onth ol the Presi- * dent's Houae to-morrow afternoon at :i o'clock, illustrating tin* power ol the electric penerator an?l it? ndaptahilitjr for ww pnrpouc*. the distributive lorc?-ot tue^i^c'ricity and its velocity ol action, and theexplo?ive menu of hio newly discovered thunderbolt for artillery purposes, < ! pared by experiment* with Kuopowdfr. The President h:n j;\en his consent for the 1>nT?!ic to occupy 'he ground in the rear of tb* Executive Mansion. where ladies can Witney* the i xpnimiati with safety. FRKKIiMKK** S. IIOOLK or THIS PtWTRICT.? Key. John Kimball. Superintendent of Kree>dtiii'u's School? for this I>i*trut, has rendered his monthly report to tieneral O. H. Howard. Th>- report is lor the month of Tan nary and staus the nnmber of school* to be 45; number cf f-choiars, 5.5-^: average attendance. :t.69u; in the alphabet and prim>-r. i,5U3. in geography. 1 in arithmetic. 1,399; in writingi,?61; in the kUtw e l ? .. IW? uaf ill a UliUil urvt I ' Grand I,ar< knv -L.i?i night, officer liiccmol th<- Third Ward, arretted Uob't Sinuns, negro, for the larceny of ten dollar*. the prop< rty of Wm H. Johr.Ron. The prisoner wa* taken before Justice Thompson, who ?*nt him to jail for court, ? CoKMiwinnKR.-Mr .!. J. Johnson has been appointed a commissioner in chancery. ? Affairs In Ctrer^-iows. I iik Kivku.?To-day, then? is a strong cnr- 4 reut in the ruer, and* lar^e masses of ice ar? floating down, but not sufficient to in>]>ed? navigation. * The Ci stoh Sai.k or LfqrnM.?'The sale of oontiecJUed liquors. Ac., at the cn^toin-hoti^ took place this moraine. There were twentyline lots, aud the whisky averaged about lortv cents per bo'tle, and the millc drinks. about 44:< boxes. brought the purchaser bu\ inp the whole for the sake of the boxes and c:ui>. These liquors were all taken from Butlers and others, who tried to >muc^le them to 'be Army of tlie I'otomiu. 1 u* quality of the liquor wis not ascertained, hut th,? men' is fully Mttefi'-d with tb.- jmcea obtained. Front AsnClKAi* Markkt.? I>nnn* tlii? week the market far flour bn? b?*??n drill. Demand limited and sales liffhi. No receipt* of | importance have been reported. Supers ar?i <1 noted at 5<?a*- 75. Kxtras, fair to rood. Family, 6 (.train.?No Wheat offered. Corn, >, for ftllolr and white. We hear of Mle* ol < tat* at -na.'?o cU. Port of ClBoRukTowx.?Lnb-ivd?Steamers Jobu (iibson, Vouujf. irons N'#-w York. Bilti. morn, I^ewif. from New Y'ork. Thomas E. Cahill. Norri#, from Baltimore jjlTTKB-JRKSB BOLI.T J SObbls.frech R< LL BUTTER. 15 half hbls. do.. AriiTiuK on tou->igniiient. r >r i<ai? '<y D. K.DUTROW. fe K? ISO Kighth atraet. gffe) BOOTS AMU SHOES. ^ ? VhL C. r. ClfM MINOS, mL 34? BKVKKTii blE) KT. BKTW. I AMD K. On* door below Northern MatkH. At tb' above well known, long e*t*Mi?li?l ul popular 8I10E STOKE will be fonnd on<? of the largest, bMt M>l?Ud ut cheapest ?t?cke in thie country. \V idling to red are m* winter ?tock. In order to make ro<m for spring styles. I am ottering the Us*t make*. most desirable tt> lea ami neatest fitting BOOTS AND SHOES in tlie m&tkct at considerably less th*n my former low price*. CARD. Hating made eiten-iTe m ran^ements with my niantifactnrers in Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia and the East for the coming spring trade, I cin axure ny uutii iou? petrous and tUe public that ui* stock of BOOTS AND S110XS will be complete, and In price aud quality all they Ckii deeiie. Bespectfnlly, C. V. CUM MINOS, ^ 34 7 "th street, one door below ^ fe IS if* Northern Market. i?Y (r IV anr*. ?u * ? I) ? SA1.K or FRAME DWELLING ON V HTREET, BETWEEN I3TI1 ANU 13!. STKKET3. AT AUCTION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. Feb 19th. at S o'clock, I ahull ??*ll. on th? premise". part of L?< No X, in 8qnar? Ko. 2a6 situate! oa north D ?tre?t, between ISth and 13>j street, together with the in proTeirentD. conoiatiug ?f a substantial two atory Krame Dwelling, with brick hack building. Tha bouea con tat ua Mftu room*, and ia ? axcellaat order Tern?? : Ona third caah. the balance in 1.1J. and 18 notitlm. Atampa aid conveyancing at the oo#t of the par chufr few it C. w BOTE Lilt. A act. ^ALK Of GO> IKNNKNT BllLDlhtth MK4K I? POKT BAK1B. D. C. Hta-l-iumr-ft Drparrmrn' of Washington, I OJfireof Chitf (Jiuirttrmn\"r,> Wmh meton, D C , ?bruary 16, IM \ Will b? told oti the premUee at public nartion, ond?*r the direatlon of Hr?*?t Major JaamaOle* ?t>n A O. M.. on WKBNKHDiY. Kfhr??r? *i 13*?. at 1 rtViwk p. in , ?h* tollowmv U*r< ruatniit t>uiWuiff*,( Irani* ) aiiu>>t?d dov Fort Baker D C.. ?>* % Om (l.Hubl* JOOxISf^t One(11 M<m?? li< hh? . 10*90 feet < ??> 11? Hlackatnith Hhon, lSxl? foet. Th? huiUin-a will be told ?>i n?ly. and frrhurn ?illU allewad ten (Id daysli which to raairvv 4 nron^rtv ltrruM : Cub,in OoTrr?m?Dt fa*4? M I. 1.U1MN0TCH. Woi?l tod Chl?( Qikrt>rnui*r. foi;u WMiictM. ?'

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