Evening Star from Washington, District of Columbia on February 22, 1860 · Page 2
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Evening Star from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 2

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1860
Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Washington city : WEDNESDAY February 2*2, 1WO. Spirit ef tbe 31?rnin| Prru. Both the morning papers are devoted to reflection! on 44 the day we celebrate," and their usual miscellany. Brcadway, In New York, like Pennsylvania avenue lately was here, is in a bad way, and 1# to be swept. UZ^The entertainment given by the Virginia Legislature to the Hon C. G. Meminger, the South Carolina Commissioner, at the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, cost SS33 25. Natcral Compass.?It is a well-known fact that in the vast prairies of Texas a little plant is always to be found which, nnder all circumstances of rlirnate. change of weather, rain, frost, or sunshine. invariably turns its leaves and flowers to tbe north. If a solitary traveler were making his trav across those trackless wilds, without a star to guide or compnss to direct hnn, he finds an uner> ring monitor In an humble plant, and be follows its guidance, certain that it will not mislead hiin. Drowxkd Withoct Sinkisu.?A singular death occurred at Cairo on Wednesday, whfch is without a parallel. A gentleman who was a cabin passenger on the steamer Platte Valley, fell overboard. The life boat was immediately sent after him. and he was picked up after floating some distance, but was found tojbe dead. He may possibly have been stricken with appoplexy, causing him to fall overboard, but tbe prevailing opinion is that he drowned without sinking, or at least without sinking very far. as he went under one or two times, but only for a few seconds,?Louisville Courier, 19rA. From California ?San Francisco dates to the 3<th of January have been received at New Orleans. The telegraph line was completed as far as Fresno. 160 miles from San Francisco, on the Butterfield mail route. Rich surface diggings had been discovered near Georgetown. One hundred thousand signatures had been obtained to a petition to the Legislature to prevent Chinese immigration. Honolulu dates are to the?th. The King had returned to Honolulu, and was received with a salute Elections had been held throughout the kingdom, but only a smiJXvote was polled A new custom-house had been commenced at Honolulu. TnsJon.N Priim n Committer?The Senate Committer heard the testimony of Augustus Wattles. on Monday, and Hyatt, of \ Y , was reported as refusing to appear, which is a case of contempt Mr. Wattles's testimony showed the activity of Brown in running off eleven slaves from Missouri, as he said, ' without tiring a gun or snapping a cap*" Said Wattles: He was then told that another company went to another place and brought away four, and in do.ng so. had killed one man to save their own lives. Brow?; replied tb?t he -regretted it exceedinglyj but.' he continued, 4I have considered the matter well?you will have no more inroads from Missouri, the poor people of Kansas hive suffered enough; my heart bleeds for them; I now see it to be my duty to draw the seme of tke excitement to .*t>me other pa^t of th? country; you may never see one again hareweil?God bless you ' And he departed " 1 hi* hist allusion, no doubt, had reference to his Intended raid upon Virginia. Wattles being sick. Brown called to see him, when V\ expressed regret that he had been into Missouri and taken wives, and especially condemned the killing ot Cruise. Brown replied thnt he was stopping at a house on the Little Osage when the ni-n went down to Fort Scott to liberate Ben Rice. Personal. - Hon. W. W. Phelps, ex-member of Con?ra?s from Minnesota, ha? a??um-d the editorship of the Red V? ing (Minn.) Sentinel - Garibaldi's wife, Miss Raymond that was, 's a Di \emon, or Gay Spanker, ar.d knows a fcood horse when she sees the animal as well as she knows a ;;ood man. She is patriotic, plump. "ind pretty, and peruniarily well suited. The happy coi:ple passed the tune dc mirl at Como, the most beautiful place in Italy, as Italy Is tbe most bea-.it ful country in the world There is a difference of thirty vears between them, and we hope it is all the difference they will ever know. Mr Clark Mills, author of the KqueatriTn ot Washington, is not a native of South Carolina as *iaieu. oui oi .\ew lurm. n-? was in Charleston as ati apprentice to a plasterer, for which trade be was destined for by his relatives. He came to \\ ashingteui on his way to Italv where he was to study art, but was here engaged by a private Association to make a bronze {Equestrian Statue of Jackson, which stands in Lafayette square Congress voted him JM>,U00 as a rompiiment, on account of his success in- that work, and gave him an order to niak- an Equestrian Statue of Washington at a cost of SSU.wo. ID- Lawyer Sennott is to appear before the Legislative Committee, at Richmond, in behalf of Stevens, with a view of obtaining a pardon. &lr. Sennott goes upon the invitation of Gov. Letcher with the promise that the subject shall re ceive his careful attention The Jud^e and the Prosecuting Attorney who tried the case will unite in tbe application for mercy. Hoaxkd ?A Troy (N. Y.) paper says the little girl whoin Henry Ward Beecher paraded in the {ulpit of his church at Brooklyn, and drew upon is credulous auditors for a plentiful share of tears and dollars, is no more black than Agnes Robertson, the Scotch Octoroon; that sh~ was a white girl, sent North on a speculation; that Beecher and his audience were hoaxed. JD~A petition asking Congress to take measures to withdraw copper coin from circulation is circulating in Boston Undoubtedly there is an excess of that coin, and in many kind.sof business there is a loss experienced on it. CL/""Mr. H. L Godfrey, of the Albany Morning Times, having had S5U appropriated to him by the Board of Supervisors, for services as a reporter, has donated the sum to Miss Knapp s Ra"<-?d School in that city. Well Stpplikd.?The Leavenworth (Kansas) Herald says there are in that city one hundred snd fourUen "limbs of tbe law," counting pettifoggers, attorneys, and judgts, the latter of whom are the mcst numerous LD~ The Siamese Twins are still living in Surry county, N C. At alate revival the wife~of Chang was baptized Cbang and Eng seemed to be much concerned for themselves, and requested an interest in the prayers of the minister. ICTThe San Antonio (Texas) Harald mentions a gentleman who took charge of a flock of sheep in 1656, valued at #1,000, and who, by diligence and gocd fortune, has made that stock worth ^ 4 0,001). IC7TRalph Waldo Emerson took an extra train. was "?le Pa**enger, from Lafayette to Chicago the other evening, in time to lecture in the latter city. L/~ A fireman was killed and the engineer badly wounded by the collision of two freight trains on the New York Central railroad at Savanah station last week. CIT Benjamin Kimball, member of th? Penobscot bar, Maine, was on Monday convicted of forging a deposition by which he obtained a divorce from his wife. The police of Pittsburg. Pa , on Saturday ee'k"-^ Lfty ptrrsons wfc0 were wituetsing a The shoemakers of Massachusetts propose hLhtl to-day by making their strike for 7>?I v,a^e9 general over the State. hiring?la?* has jl,8t passed making 7 per cent tn?>. ? interest In Minnesota, and forbiding any interest on special coutracts above 12 per cent. Parisan theatres paid SIS7,U0U to au^ rs for dramatic copyright during the year lfcoU. ITT T H ? K. n a VA I- VCK L E B K AT'ON.?On th? Fdw*rrf EMMG, the2Sd instait, ebrate VV*?i. ary Association will celeaerci?e* Vt tSf ??' , H,rthdV . appropriate YV*iwl? ? Smithsonian Institution. Mr J h !''! " tareweli Address w.Ii 1.9 rend h? Mr pV.^iphasb, and an oratit nd?!iver.d hj u i* Rrschar. dressl' COX? of uhi?. will a'so deliver an ad1 u?mw"nc.e at 7J? n'clook. The pub t?j attend. v tW h2? will plrave n eet at T>?or?o*; l. of E and ,wb oV-lock, on ili _ meeting'of JJJgON MKETL\G -A j.iLt Lxeums a>.<t tK? \ *nd Carother.ian nation w.li hid Men.s Mercantile Asso Assembly's Lhuroii i? lhe Ee^ture Koom ol th* TH L K SDAY TvEN%r&r *<h ard I streeU. on iasat Tii o'clock 1WQ'*,d mstant, oonm:noThe ?jierci??fc will eon?i?? ?r*.ofra3h o{ tft* ''^Qms a^Jt,0jnau b' n?eml*??ti..a - noes the Present ^ U."i* ^*"Uo?,h,4?'"'??V.p?iiSfuV"?'^ T1 ^public are in%itorf. nry-tmi'ihso.man lkptiibu?? U KDMfiSDAV EVt\ipfG^^Pe?^ S P^-T. Srsaar Hc.it, P ^nrvev i Ca- %da. ?ill deliver the roarse on "Chemical and Phrsieai GeoloM "rV & jsot. introduction Geoio(icaf Agencies ' Ut> P^llii ^ "li Meth^odiVt" roteVtliP'Jiil S 3d ib.t. U h.lf T.'.ook" " ' WilMIICT*! nvi in MMlIf5 -?? Thk Socthkbx Coxviktior PiorontioR ?The observations we were able to make in the course of a few day s sojourn in Richmond, Va., la* week, led to the conclusion that there is no pro* pect whatever that the Virginia legislature will comply with the request oi the legislatures of South Carolina and Mississippi, that she {Vlr ginia) shall send delegates to a convention of the Southern States, to devise measures against the Increasing encroachments of the North upon the ?f thI ,lav*-holding State* under the Const. tution. The opposition party of the body is understood to be against the proposition, to a man; while so far, a majority of the democracy of the body is also against it, preferring the recommendation of Mr. James Barbour, in favor of separate State action, by pasaing laws tending to repress and discourage commerce with the North and as a consequence, to bring about the speedv Increase of manufacturing of all deLriptlons throughout the South. An effort was made to talk the recent Virginia Democratic State convention into resolving that the democracy of the Old Dominion approve the Memrainger (South Carolina) scheme; but the old birds of that body were not to be caught with chaff; and having set their faces against it, the movers beat a retreat?covering up their defeat under flaming resolutions to the same end,passed by a mass meeting after the convention adjourned Whether so intended or not, it was understood in Richmond that the proposed convention looked to dissolution. Virginia wants no such remedy for existing disabilities; nor is she willing to commit herself to anything of the sort under the lead of a convention or organization, for the existence of which there is no warrant of law. and the action of which must necessarily tend to strengthen the disunion sentiment of the South, ere other remedies for the current state of things shall have been tried in vain. The plan of Mr. Barbour (which is being s-verely denounced throughout the South by all there famous for going off half-cocked) looks to SQutbern commercial and manufacturing Independence in as short time as possible, and to temporary sacrifices of money, luxuries, comforts, and some necessaries of life, on the part of. indil vid.ial citizens of the South, to achieve that Independence. Hence its unpopularity with so many windy '-dear people's" men. Nevertheless, it will bear the test of the severest scrutiny. That is to say, reflection upon it will sitisfy persons of common sense, who are looking only to cure the evils of abolitionism, that, energetically pursued, it will accomplish that end, and at the same time in many.other wayseventuateln great benefit to the South?diversifying her industry and developing her mining, manufacturing, and mechanical resources as though by magic, and to the immense pecuniary advantage of all classes of her citizens. We have no hesitation in preferring it a thousand times over to any convention of politicians without legal constituencies, two thirds of whom will be avowedly or secretly in favor of disunion for disunion's sake. When the South may be able to supply her own absolute wants in the way of manufactures, Ac., she may- snap her fingers at abolitionism; for she J will have starved it out in becoming thus independent. ? j The Lkvkb Last Night.?The fourth public reception of the season at the Executive Mansion last evening, was very numerously attended by all classes of citizens. In the absence of Marshal Selden, Deputy Marshal Pnillips oftVnated at the side of the President, and Dr. Blake near Miss Lane, while Capt. Goddard, Chief of Police, and his aids, exercised general supervision over the ! thronging crowd. Among the persons of distinction present, besides those officially congregated at the metropolis. arid consequently frequent habitues of tb*- Levees, we noticed the Hon. Mr. Reed, late V. S. I Minister to China. Mrs. Judge Roosevelt, of N. York, who is now the guest of Miss Lane, at the \Y bite House, remained near that ladydurfn? the evening, and received the cordial salutations of many of her old friends. Mrs. Siidell was also present, in company witti senator rsiidell and, us usual, held a levee as it were of her own large circle of friends. Mrs. Senator Yulee was also present, and was one of the most promlI nent among the ladies for matronly beauty and intelligence. Senator Mason brought with him several of Virginia's fairest daughters, and the Hon. Williamson R. W. Cobb was followed bv a bevy of Alabama beauties, while the Hon. Tbos R tiffin and the Hon L O B Branch, of North Carolina, were accompanied by two of the most beautiful and accomplished ladies present. Fi*e Ti.mb.-Mr. Charles O. White, passenger agent of the great Southwestern Railroad line hands us a copy of the New Orleans Jfrlta of the ISth, brought through by a passenger upon the ?ine, who 1-ft New Orleans at 7 .'50 a. m February 1-th, and arrived in Washington at _> 30 p.m. on I the 21st February. rr3-*stran(jKrs visiting thk <mtv oaij - et thn*i r "m2*' l'" * I '*r?,hore:'* notified that the/ 'h! DrfRkf,wL dinner and suppsr.) COLI I HI V "rJr* an? NOKTO V A iJX krVi^av us&iirJarsr/SAr-k i t5-eo3*r " a, ?1. 1 JLVi. 1 iMoHK CONFKtj f'lONKRY Pur.oh, $1.25 per gallon' and Roman iJj-TH K " C'HA ?EID ,1ECK" CH AM" fefl Sm SoleAgen^o^Nofth* me[iVa. MILLS' STATUE OP WA8HINR pno* tijjJi PH1LP & SOLOMONS, A^nts for Lauren^^S^,;,^^"!'. IN'iiw i .M?URNING GOODS. ? ** *troet, ahova pa ^v. S pTffJos M S^U ^^'ND-HA.ND One for $inn; one for fg; fin^f n n , musw^Ttore'of*"'1 ,",i,Wi5W A largrt assortment M?K1Z^ROTT. Co^erw nnt ' fc ive<i ? ^iano Stools and SuPKRIOR ?HIKT?"OD?LI.NENS A^> COTTf)V? "iiiciIiS AND n 4.9friMT4h,roSLBrSh^^irtiD* Cottons. J^jlrb'a^r., JilX in"?r??dh Tow!lin? d? 25 sss Bofioms ??"lcnea L,Inen and Mar-eiiles Shirt AIlj?rt receive, -e-ll R E M ?__ v ^ yt. THOMPSON k HAINAN, Plumbers and Gas Fitters iio??id *nd th? A*averae, opposite National H^til, where dittons rranner. OH??"oss in a oheap gadexpe UURRAH FOR TRK 82D' ~ ROCK> Th7 ?i if?R ? WORKS ! "tQ P"1 *?.2EET FK?M ?P V CF.NTS faon M*n?on?h. Pianos %r sale from f^5 to fett -A#.D JyHNF.KLi.Ir*. =^-~----_^306^Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th sts. ^ R?nt or Sa?.Roa?2S^* PIANOS FOR fT*g nQOllIir'^*[nth?t?. zxxTiu comnnft-ruiT ikuior. Pm??dii|i mt TatUrday ifUnm. ? lit the ssnatr, yesterday, Mr. Mason from the Harper's Ferry Investigating Committee, reported a resolution that the President of the Senate issue a warrant for Thaddeus Hyatt. who had refused to appear before the Committee on its summons. Mr. Hale would not object to the consideration of the resolution. When a similar one was reported the other day, he had been found in the small minority of four, yet he thought then and stiil thought that it was a very dangerous precedent, regarding it a most gigantic stretch of Sower on the part of the Senate, calculated to strike own all the barriers thrown around the rights of the States. * Mr. Pugh had roted for the former report but on considering the question more closely be ha<{ come to the conclusion that the Senaie' had no power to compel the attendance of witnesses beyond tbe District of Columbia. ** Mr. Collamer defended the report, claiming that the Senate had power to compel the attendance of witnesses where the testimony was necessary to subeerve the public business. The resolution was adopted?yeas 43;-nays 1*2 The Senate proceeded to the consideration of the bill relating to the issue of paper money in the District of Columbia, but soon went into executive session, after which it adjourned till Monday. Hocsk?The majority and minority reports of the select committee appointed to Inquire into the expediency of having the present seats In the hall removed, and the chairs and desk* rer.isr^a being under consideration? repiacea, The first resolution reported by the committee was adopted under the operation of the nrevlons question?yeas 95, nays 8b. Mr Haskin, of N. Y., from the Committee on Public Expenditures, reported the following ressolution : 6 Kfsolved. That the select committee to whom was referred the subject of the printing expenditures^ the House of Representatives hand over to the Committee on Public Expenditures the books and papers, and such evidence as they may have taken relating, to said subject, and be discharged from the further consideration thereof. After some discussion the resolut.cn wes agreed to?ayes 92, noes *29. b The election of printer was postponed until Thursday. * The House resolved itself into Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, (Mr. Wasbburne of 111., in the chair.) and resumed the consideration of the President's annual message. Mr. Lamar, of Miss , proceeded to address the committee. Mr Davis, of Md., next addressed the Commit tee. The Legislature of Maryland, he said, had decorated him with its censure, and it was his purpose toacknowleduethat compliment It was long since the party which now controlled and gave character to the Legislature had before been so fortunate as to have a majority in both branches, and it had now so conducted itself that it would probably be long ere it would be so fortunate again. As regarded the vote of* censure passed upon him. he would say he knew his constituency and the people of Maryland better than these dabblers in eternal agitation; and be said that, right or wrong, wise or unwise, this day the vote begave for .Mr. Pennington was not only approved, but honored and applauded by every man whose opinion he regarded. [Applause ] And he would be willing to meet his people upon any explanation of that vote, in the face of the whole body of that Legislature, bonded and banded into one man. What were the circumstances of this election"' He had no apologies to make or excuses to ofter. What he did he did in his judgment, and did not look across his shoulder at his constituents to see what they would say. He told his constituents before the election that he would come here a freeman or not at all He told them that if they wanted slaves to repiesent them they could get a plenty, but he was not one. He foresaw then exactly wh?.t has happened?that tbe time might come when be would be obliged again to take an independent stand, unsupported breast high by men of like sentiments, and he wanted his people to know it, so that if they preferred a representative who would bend like a willow when the storm came they could choost' material suited to tbeir work. But they had preferred to send him, and he bad done what he knew they would approve. without any apologetic stitementor explanation. That approval was not a reason for but a consideration after the doing. The gentlemen of the Legislature did not know so much about the gentleman who was elected Speaker as he and his constituents knew Th-y charged him with being f;ilse to the South in not voting for Mr Smith, of Nortn Carolina. That showed the rapidity and certainty of the transmismission of news to Annapolis, and the vigilance with which those honorable gentlemen made themselves acquainted with ait<ilrs upon which to It was not to be supdo-s' u that those pcutlcuiru coulU iHt-lltifv nil Pennington with Governor Pennington, whose broad seal this same Democratic party had disregarded in this Congress when they usurped the inauguration of the House. Tbat disregard of the prima fncxe evidence of the legal right of members they did not know?but he and bis constituents knew?had now been properly punched They dia not know that Mr. Pennington held high offices under Cien. Taylor and Miliard Fillmore, and that his appointment in both cas;-s was approved by the Senate of the United States They could not be supposed to know tbat he is a Whig in his principles, and in favor of th? enforcement of every law in which a Southern State is interested, and especially that law in which Maryland more than any other State has a practical interest?not a mere political one. The Legislature did not know, but his constituents did that Gov Pennington is opposed to this agitation] and hence was the very man to be placed in that chair as a signal of peace to the country. Mr. ^VlcPherson, of Pa., obtained the loor.when the Committee rose. Mr. Sherman, of Ohio, moved that when the House adjourn it he to meet on Thursday nextwhich was agreed to. At ten minutes past fire o'clock tke House adjourned. russian war illustrations at thk ODD FELLOWS' HALL, TO-NIGHT! (fe22) TO NIGHT! THE THEATRE! THK THEATRE ! THE THK.ATRE ! THE THEATRE! thethkatre: THE TIJEATRK ! THE THEATRE! THE THEATRE! Cirent Performance To-night' <treat P,rformance To-night .' (treat P-rjormance 7o night (rr.at Poforntanre To-night' Urr,it Performance To night / 'treat Performance To-nigh: ' 'treat Performance To-night.' our american cousin ' olr american cousin' our american cousin' f''lr american cousin' olr american coumn 1 our american coi^in ' ml our american cousin.' E riu'tbue Unum n. n. . E PluriDus Unum "l?nnl C?r^er kiwsiixs:: : g ?ggss ! ' Pinri .ii. Jenny Parker 1 luru,u? I "um By Jenny Parker atar spanolkd ranker, ltah upajiglfi' hannkr, ?*rar spanrn.kd banner, i"5?TAR Spanglkj Hannkr, x!!? ?TAR orAXGLKn Banner, r?,- otar sPaXGLKD Baxnkk, 1 uk Star Spangled banker, Sung bi ? Voices! Sun); by 25 Voices ! Sung by 25 Voices ! Sung by 2.S Voices ! Sung by 25 Voices ! Sung bv 25 Voice ! Sung by 25 V< ices ! A Comic Song to the Tune of Yankee Dood'e. A Comic. Song to the Time of Yank ? itocdls. A L.Pmi: So** 0 tie Tune of Yankee Doodle. A lamic Song to the Tune of Yankee Doodl-. A Comic So'ig to the Tune of t ank'e Dood'? A Comic Song to the Tune of Yankee Dood'e. A C omic Song to the Time of Yankee boodle. THE DI TCH ACTOR BV GLENN THE HITCH ACTOH BV GLENN' THE DUTCH ACTOR BY Gl FNN ' THE 1>U I CH ACTOR BV GLENN5 THE DUTCH ACTOR BV 6LFNN' THE DUTCH ACTOR BY GLENN I To morrow (THrR?pay,) jc? ia t>??v- Hay*k on t?-mubr(.\v(THDRfnAY,)jpu4 d^an Hayne On To morrow, tht7r?n<t ucuini^fuynk On To morrow.thcrsn^r )Jcl a hatvk Onto mor*ow(Thitrsdat. jctia dia* Hatns On To morrow (Thcrsd*t,)Jclia l>san hatsf! For Three Right* Only For Three jXights Onlu ; For Three. Nights On'y ' For Three frights Only.' tor J hree frigh * On 'y ' For Three Xights Only For Tnree flights Only ; Ai^'t*Actor-^r-Charles Ba9t. a l?n' th? te\or* 5tr- carles bass. A so, theiTreat Aotor, Mr. Charles Bass Also, the Great Aotor, Mr. Cbarlee B? sc.* A so, the Gre?t A tor, Mr. Charlei Ha". A.so. the v?reAt Aotor, Mr. Charlea Btss Aiso, the Great Actor. Mr. Charles Bass. THE HUNCHBACK ' THEHUNCMBACK! THE HUNCHBACK! i,",1* Mrs. Hayne Ifu^Wsite" ??? -? Miss Parker MasUr Walter? Mr kxposed!-* oompleti ^' ?*powireof the disgusting ceremonies of this secret order. Price 12 oents. 8o;rt m fll1. ADAMSON'ji, 7th street, Iel7 tr opposite PoKt Office. W*'E.MMF ?'-Woman by the " u n , Ltow' txanslafed by J. W. pai>'1 Zo]nm,?c. p!loe *' b* for <5 . ?> i?m ? i,?ar'k by th? hor. 1 volum-, 5 hl for 1J0- For ? e in blanchard k, mohun, i? ? eormer 11th st,?ta4 P?. tn. GEORGETOWN. Corrts-pondnut of J%4 Star. Q GBOK0STOWR, February 22, 19flO. Who can tell what changes a day or night may bring? Laat night starlight; this morning the rain coming down in torrents. In spite of the unfavorable state of the weather, the Potomac Light Infantry of our city, and their guests, the Law Greys of Baltimore, Lave Just passed through our streets presenting a very soldier-like appearance. The visitors are quartered on tilts, of I Congress street, and with his facilities, there is ? no doubt they will be well taken care of. They ^ are lodged in the large room of Mr. Forrest, on Le the corner of Gay and High streets, which i? well warmed and lighted, and has been provided with ample arrangements for comfortable sleepingPherewaau called meeting of our City Councils last night, to elect judges of elections to supply the place of one or two who have resigned The A" bill authorizing a contract with the Gas Company K,? pasfted the Board of Aldermen, and now only ' awaits the Mayor's Signature to become a law. f Our places of business generally are closed, and our citizens (Including the ladies) trudging through the mud and rain to witness the expected inauguration ceremonies We owe an apology to the ladies of the Metho- N< dist Protestant (Jhurr.n for our neglect In not calling attention to their festival, held at the school room adjoining the church this week. The stir Sb in military and political circles must be our excuse. It is never too late to do good; and we render tardy justice by saying that all who wish to spend an hour or two in a most pleasint manner '1 cannot better accomplish their purpose than bv mr dropping in. Tbev will see pleasant sights, hear wi pleasant sounds, be greeted with smiling faces, D/ and have fair ladies to attend to their wants The ? ladies are always partial to a uniform (our mill- T tary friends will take the hint,) and our politicians who arc rapidly rising to fever heat, have an onl 0. portunitv, in the sweet companionship ?f lovelv women, to forget for a while the bitingsand spie of party feeling. At the meeting of the Board of Common Coun- A ell on Friday evening last, the Chair laid before ^ the board a communication from T. F. Evans, O tendering his resignation as a judge of election for the fourth precinct; which was sent to the Board of Aldermen. The memorial of T. T Mann. Gideon Pearce and Kdward Pearce. asking that the collection of the balance of tax due on Bridge street, between Frederick and Warren streets, he suspended until the improvements commenced are completed; re- j ferred to the committee on grievances tin The Chair also submitted a report from the a" Water Board of the operation* incident to the r construction of our water works, and the expenditures connected therewith up to the preseiit time; | temporarily laid on the table. th Mr. Dunlop presented the memorial of the CI butchers doing business in the market-house, remonstrating against the passage of the resolution P relating to an increase of the price of th?.'ir stalls in the market. Said resolution cornin?r ut? for consideration? Mr Marbury moved to amend it t.y striking out the words, --'that a resolution in relation to* the ' market-house, approved March IT. 1-13, be and 4' the same is hereby repraled, to take e tt.-ct hi tlo ' 31st day of March. 1^60.Lost. Mr. Tenney moved an amendment, adding the words, "provided that the additional revenue received under this resolution shall be held by ttie Clerk as a speci.il fund for tne repair and im- Wl provement of the market-house." Concurred in. The ayes and noes on a motion of Mr. Pickrell's. to refer the resolution to the committee of ways and means, with instructions to report a bill for a general system of licenses, was: ^ eas?Messrs. King, Plckerell, Shoemaker and '7] Stake?4. i Naya?Messrs Dunlop, Hyde, Laxenby, Marbury. Oll'utt, Tenney, and the President of the T Board?7. So the motion was lost. ^ The yeas and nays on the passage of the rcsolu- S? tion. was as follows: Jp ^ eas?Messrs. King, Hyde. Lazenby, Marbury. ne Oft'utt and Tenney?6. I>? Nays?Messrs. Dunlop. Pickrell, Shoemaker, V Stake and the President of the Board?5. So the bill was passed, but was rejected by the I, Board of Aldermen The following resolutions passed both boards. T and were signed : In relation to the *22d of February; authorizing the purchase of hose carriage F1 and hose connections for the Vigilant Fire Coin- ^ pany; in regard to a certain bill now pending in I Congress; in favor of J W. Thompson A Bro., r Mrs E. A. Trunnel, Robt. Ould, Henry Keavt-r Jos. W. Marll, E. R Abbott and W H* Tenney. C Resolutions providing for the expenses of the 1 poor and workhouse for the fourth quarter of IsiU. '* and in favor of Chas. M vers A: Son, was prtssed. Mr. Lazeuby presented a comuiuuication from the tnorkri ??? ?> Mliine tlic tiaual annual appro priatiou for lighting and sweeping the markethouse; referred to the committee on the markethouse. Mr. Oflutt, from the committee on fl re com pa- i niesand tire engines, to which was referred the ir memorial of a Philadelphia lire company, i ro:?o- c' sing to sell to the Corporation a steam lire engine. asked a discharge from the further consideration 1 of the subject; granted " The bill entitled an ordinance levvin^ a general ^ and special direct tax for the year 1*60, and pro- h viding for th? collection thereof, was passed bv f both boards, and signed; as whs also the bill en I titled an ordinance imposing additional duties on ti the judges of elections. *1 A message was received from the Board of Alderinen, that they had passed the resolution from J! this board appointing a committee to represent _ the 'nteresu of this Corporation before Congress I with an amendment inserting several additional " names as members of said committee, in whicu ^ they asked the concurrent e of this board Con- tc {deration postponed for one week. ai Mr. Stake presented the account of J. McQu'l- ? Ian; referred to claims committee. I Le bill entitled "An ordinance levying a gas tax, for the year l^fio, and authorizing a contract r with the lias Company," was taken up, and Mr. 1 I ickrell moved to amend by striking out the 3d w and 1th sections, in the following words : I*1 Sec 3 And br it furtkrr That the w the Mayor be, and he is hereby, authorized to enter into contract with the president and direc- I tors of the Georgetown <ias Light Coiupanv, or their authorized agents, for one year from the 1st 1,1 of April next, and until otherwise ordered by the i*J Corporation, to supply the one hundred and seventy street lamps, now erected by the Corpora- I t'on, with gas from four and a half feet burners for twenty-two hundred hours j??-r year, by such f! Schedule as the Mayor may direc t, to light, extin- nj guish, and clean the same for a sum not ex e ding twenty-live dollars per lamp per year, payable I monthly. rr ' ,n * Sec. 4. Au l be it further ordatn d, That should ? the Georgetown <i:?s Light Company decline ihe contract authorized by the third section of this ordinance, then the Mayor be, and he is hereby, authorized and requested to notify the president <\ ai;d directors of the said company, or their author- 1' ized agents that this Corporation decline the use in of their gas in the street lamps of the town, and L that this Corporation will not hold itself responsi- 4 ble for any gas consumed in them from ana after the 1st of April next. The amendment wps lost, and the bill passed by H the following vote: Yeas?Messrs Dunlop. Hyde' Lazeuby. Marbuy, Oflut.Tenny, and President of Board?7 Nays?Messrs. Pickrell, Shoemaker and Stake?3. ' 0 Mr. King was excused from voting. The resolution from the Board of Aldermen In favor of the Vigilant Fire Company was laid over M under the rules, Mr. Tenny having objected to the third reading thereof. The considerations of the resolution instructing .. the committee representing the town before Coiigr?ss, was |x?tponed until Friday next, to which ; time the Board adjourned. {t Russian war illustrations ? at tjih r ODD FELLOWS'HALL, m TO NTOPT ! (f- ??) TO-NfHHT? 491 rkmoval. tot _ oEORGE PEARSON informs his friends and thn public generally, that he has rerr.oved his p!?c m or business from 367 Pennsylvania avenue, to 4 91 1 iMghUi street, four doors north from Pi nn?yiwiia a \ en tie, wh re he will bt* mtgt h&ppv to supp.jinn the trad? and puhiio with a fresh asst-rtnienC of the following good* at Baltimore City Pricks: w E'T."*1 Teas, Peppjriniiit Dates, r Con :es, r/??. Cinnamon, C<?ooanuts, Spioea. S arch, Courh Canly, ^ chooolat", Ird'to, Vennicelii, * Cocoa, Ca tile coap, Maccaroni, ,t! Ess. Ci tl ?e. hamil>S?ap. Olive Oil, " tier. Suooory, Chemical Swap, Bath Brick, M Saleratus, Soda Soap, Matohes, ^ Car Soda, Toilet Soap,- Candlot, Sal. Soda. Windsor rfoap, Blaokin*. Yeast Powders, Oranges, Ink, ^ Cream Tartar, Lemons, P*na, Rioe, Candies. Piper, Barley,. ?ium Drops, Pin?, "J Safco, F Confectionery,Needle*, Split Pest-, Peanut*, Laces, p t ana y Seed, Filo*rta, Tape, T, Hemp.sced, WallnoU, Spool Cotton, b Sa.tp*-tre, /Imonde, mushes, Alnm, RaiM.ts, Tohaooo, 7r Hop* Curran s, Ci<ara. If hy. LeiroB, Fi?s, NoUon?.ke., Ac. T I r^ptcuudy solicit the attention of the trade, R li^teU, and [K/srdinr hou-et, to oq^ txt^ni1 sortment. whioh we are prepared to sell at low cash prioee. GEO. PEARSON 1 fe 21 61 ? ' ' doors north from Penn. av, ALLOW ME T ? INFORM MVw> y& customers, fn -nds, and the pubiio in r*n , erai, that I have just again arrived in thi*'#"u- u our with a great rraiy s-'octed SINGING BIRD*, r T}tbTrT^P.^:Mat PRESENTS ? _ . .TO SUIT OLD AND VOUNG ! 1 we have in store all kinds of Kanoy and Useful 1' Artioles, auit&hle tor picsei's. ^ ^ fe*-3t Pa. avenue, between^h^m^lotl] sis amusements. DP FELLOWS' HALLI THIS evening. SAND ER SON'S OANTIC ILLUSTRATIONS OF SCENES rmox the AND Tit IlliBlifttlM #f U?4?ii ken 3*en at T o'olook; commencing at 7\. adsf ion r-S cents ; children 13 oenta. i* ** 11 ^ASHING TON THEATRE. seee, j. T. Foep. | stage Manacer.s w. GL?ns. Leader of Oroheatra ^ * Witbers. BIRTHNIGHT ENTERTAINMENTS. THIS EVENING. Last night of the (rrat oomedy of OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. ? a TrenohardtOur American Coua n)S. \> . G'enn >rd Dundreary Mr. J. M. Barron wet-oa Trer.ohard Mica J. rarker National Anthem. "Star Spangled Banner," by the whole Company. etic Addreaa/'E Plunbua Ur.uin,".Jenny Parker fw National Song .Mr. J. Parker To oonolude with THE DUTCH ACTOR. f If Mr. 8. W. Glenn >** Mrs. F. Williams mad. Gazzaniga. HR Pub'ie ar?* respectfully informed that Mad. marietta Gazz AN IG A. rA' Or-at D*arftc P-ima t>on*?,(on hT 'oar to New Orleans) 1! ONF. GRAND CONCERT, on MONlY, February 37th, at Willards' Hall, fe 21 tf 'he home of WASHINGTON AFTER the war. Painted hy RossiTKRand Mi.jJIOT. i Exhibition, for a short time, at Sibley A Guy's Building. Penntylranin Avenue. brt 1<HA and 11(4 id, Fr?>m 9a m. to5 p.m. tdmiaaion 25 oenta. fe 21 tf A N D FOR D' S T ROUP K T~~ PHILHARMONIC HALL. A few Nights more of Kandford's Opera Troupe, Commencing on TUESDAY EVENING. February 21. \ new Stage ha* b?en erected at the aouth end of i? Hall, thua making the entrance more desirable d convenient. \ Gallerv has also been erected at the north end the Hall for colored people. [loors op?n qnnrt^r to 7 : Performance oommenoe roo <jnarterK past 7 o'clock. Adnn tance25cent*; lildron and Servanis, 12)? centa. fe sei-tf Tain tings and statu a r y. thl fourth annual EXHIBITION OF T1IK WASHT.XGTOX ART ASSOCIATION, now "pis at the 5allery, (ou Pa av , bet. loth and Uth aU.) Imieai'ic -25 oenta M"D Tickets admitting posaesaors to the GiaUery and Course of Addresses by eminent leenrers, during the season of six tracks ? . 30 oenta This Exhibition of AMERICAN ART oontaina itrk6 by nearly ail our Eminent Artiats. Several of the moat meritorious in the ool:l on are for sale. - fe 1<* halls and" parties. Ptrsi ii? lV>?r, Pint t* Prarr, ami First ?f? tke Hearts of kit CouAlrymen. r?he FIRST GR A^iTmRTH NIGHT BAI.L I of the GKORGK washington UADRILLE ASSOCIATION will take JM ace on w E ONES I) ay kvening, Feb./75* 1. at Framil'N Hall, o<?r ?th and D sts.uuA he public am resDect'uliy informed that no pains >r fxp~n*e shall be spared to *? ake this, their first ill. we:l worth* the patronage of the ci'ixs^s of 'ashington and G*nr*etown. Strangera viaiting ecit? on t^e ^2d instant, and wishing to prolong e pleasures of the day. will find this the best op rtunity of ao doing "The Ladies are invited to tend ?? r.o invitations will be served, ickets .$l. aImPtinc a gent'eman and ^adi^s. A mfli lent ponce force will be in attendance to eserve ord'r. feSlSt* jMR^T GKANI) HALL OF THE NATIONAL BLUES, to he given at the assembly OOMS, o" th? 2'd of Februarr. 186^. Covimitlte af Arr-ingemrnti. sptai* Watt, Kich. Hro?rn. LbJfe i-sut. Foxweil, D?niel D >naldson, iout Rap y, Robt Bozxaei, Wm. Flood. N B No hats except military. fe 15 wants] VANTF.n?A SERVANT (slave woman* in a f ? Bmall family. whi? i? a t<?od cook, waahnr,and oner. Applvt.N VKODKK, No 36'2 Maasa iiueetts avenue, between 11th and Uth sts. f-? y : r? ?VaM'EI)-A woman cook, in the Karop>?an h'<tel, oorn?'r of *'a. avenue and 11th st. lone but fiicIi as have beer nsed to reataurant, and -ine recommendafiona to that ffect. fe 11 IOUSE WANTED ?The advertiser wiahea tc rent a small DWELLING HOUSE as near to interaectiou of Pennsylvania a?enue and 1Kb Lreet aa he can find one suitable. Rent not to ex?e<I 92* to 925 per month. Addreaa E F G? Star ffice, statinc location and lowest rent asked, and le advertiser will oall. jaSn-tf jl7anted?a_ SITUATION Tn a store, by ' which a youth 17 years of age may earn onest living. Prefers to learn a trade. Satiafae >: reooinmendations given with regard to integrity na capability. Apply at thia Offioe. no 17 LOST AND FOUND. OST?On the morninc of the 21at, on K atreet. a & small WORK BOX. containing Jewelry. It an loht hy a poor woman to whom it does not be>ng. and who is unable to rep'ao* it. The finder iilne sui at' > reward<?n !>j leaving it at No. h ??t eet. b twee 1 and K sts. It* OST?On la?tevening, a POCKET BOOK oon t taininc valuable papers together with a sum of I Jjm findpr will be rewardrd br leaving it t WI bliV A CO.'S Drug Store, Pa avenue, be v.'dsfrret fe 21 2t CST?On Thurgila* ev* nine. February 16th. a -i CROSS. oonipos(?d of ton or twelva jarg? ?ar's, tiep^d with gold. The finder wil! he su tar^warded by bunging it to 446 H street, torner r l? th. fe2" St OST-A FANCY ICE CREAM MOLD, in j hhape of an elephant. Any one returning it to uscfli ie will be lioeraily rewards. fe 17 tf personal. kfadam d., th? moat pucceaefu! FORTUNE '1 te1.ler on this side <-f the Atlantic. ia now i thia cit?, and oao be oonaulted upon allatfaira of ove. Marriage, Lost Artlclea. Ao , Ao . at No. 26 K ?treet, between 6th and 7th. Terma 50 oenta. fe 11 1 m HO FA Ml I.IKS, HOTELS, BOARDING L HOUSES AND RESTAURANTS. S"EBOLD A- RRO 'S TOMATOES AND PEACHES, f superior qnalitT, surpansinf a|i others in retaining their or g'nal flavor. Our Tomatoes can be obtained in the following iarketii Noethkrh Libkrtiks. No. 36, Mordays.Wed?sla?s, Kridaja-id Saturda* eveuiugs Csntrs makikt No. 367, Tueedaya, Thursday* =d j'atu'dava. ICT'LOOK FOR THE FLAG. fe2ft &t* if SPECiAI. NOTICE rl. W. GALT A BRO. Open this morning a ?auf ful aaao tinent of all th* n*w ?t?lea of elein' Ji'w?lrr, Watchea, Silver Ware, P ated Gooda, ancv articles, 4e ... * . The shove will be found to be the largest aaaortlent orlared to the.r cn? t->mer? thia aeaaon. M. W. GALT a BKO.. Jewellers, 354 Henn. avenue, (e 20 St 4 doors west of B^own'a Hotel. mccartys 'holograph and Ambrotype g aijiib n y , 4IS Pennsylvania Aveaae, f j 21 3t* Near ah Strebt. 1ARPERS MAGAZINE BOR MARCH, At SHILLINGTON'S BOOKSTORE, odey's l.ady's Book for March, tlantic Month]* Magazine for March, eterson's Ladies' National Marann'for Marsh, r.ackeray's Cornhill Macaxine for Jan. and Feb. /Oman, b* the author of Love, ( L'A"?our ] asset's Illustrated Family Bioie, only 13 cents per number All the new Books punished end every thing in le Stationery and Newspaper line lor aaleat SHILLINGTOV* Boo*.tore. fe2l-2t Odeoa Hmlding, e< r. st and Pa av. i'he steamer JAS. guy Will resume her trips on tuesday, Slat of _jrssi ebruary. 18S0. will inave WASH sgton every tuesday and*?^^* R1 DAY, at6 o'o'oek a. m..and alexandria t haif-past o'cloek. for Lower Moeholoeaad the itermeaiate LanHmcs. On h*r> retnm trip* she ill leave LOW F,R MOC HO DOC every wedESDay and SaTI r day, at 5 ?'o-oe* a m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Prra'i'tor. NATH'L BOU**H, Ag't. Alexandria. fe? L/fR T. ?. GASZYN^KI. Profsesorand Teaeh"1 er ol Fash'onaMe Danoing respectfu:ly tinounoes to his | npil* and the adie* ar.d & ?i.t!t-m^n of VYas ingt n a d G^rge tat h- will gtve the last quartet's instrue-UM on. and prepare his pupns for the Ma* nail at i'i laros' Conceit ( aM ; toeoi^mene?on Tue day, ? bruar? 21 For Misses and Masters a' 4 o'clock m.. and Ladiea and ?%enti??neL. a* 7 o'cloek p. m.t irerv Tneaoay and Thursday A Matin, e Cla? a >r Ladiea and Gentlemen who wish t > perfect eniselvea in any of the New Uanoes, at Ifto'o org m fn .7-1 w* lfiss martha HAlNtS ?utt Or nor '1 hol.K, Vi.-Leisu e Moments of Vartha lames Uutt: price #1-5 uinnd. j?st pn''i'hed id for sale at philp a sol*'m?'n's fe 16 Metropolitan Bookstore, 333 Pa. av. boardixoT' = BOA R DING.-Farai les <?r single gentler*** _ obtain HotrM on reasonable terns * 37* ft between MS arid f?th iUxU. A!? ?. PAH LOR and CHAMBER, handsomel* Furiiish?d th? 6r?tnoo ,?iiuW? for rn'mltcn or sojourning in Wa?liington duinj the s-s?ior ?? Qongraas. f. t? w.*f FOR SALE AND RENT" Fusnished rooms for t? t desirable nfw.t :uTi?h?-d R Oom? for rent. on the first floor. No. 427 llth street betw-en J and H iti flfctMv F'*R RENT ?A thnw iior? and attic RR|Ck HOlHK, No. 4(1 Wh itrwt. opposite the pu fonn.0?: Rent *25 per month, 1114 a. re of >. EHERL\ , No. 431 "?th street, h?l*<*r G and R f.?? sc L'OR RK.MT-A throe tor* HRICK HO SK 1. with back-* ui ding, 311 H ttreet between Ptl[ and 7th, having a loon, parlor, dining room, and kitchen, on the first floor; ci?t-rn. eeilar, ai,<? lighted wi'h *a?. Also, a Hou??, 210 4. stre?* b etween 9th and 10th, simt'ar t a'ranged* frof? an-1 haok yard, *?th pump, frii't. Ac. ? ert moder. A*. ^ . W. A. HARRIS, fa y 3t 310 l^itrrM. n*?r TO BE MILD AT PRIVATK SALE-A HOUSE and LOT, on u?h street v^i between P and Q street* north. 7 lie house In ^ leet fi inches fror.t?teo room* on each story ; iot 100 fe?t deep, with a aile* )? h t *id' For t-rmsappiyto Mr HKKNARD OIVKNEY,*CJ 6th strret west. or to Mr. i \ M KS ??| \ |'| \ li^? Officer, <4*? M s'reet north, wiio will show trie prerr ises. Tt'.ls indisputable and terms accommodating. fe im 1 v* F'OR SALE?A rice three ?tnrr Rnek HOUSE, on 2d street, between D ar.d K streets, in Kibbes's Subdivision- The above property will le soid or ea?r tnrm?. l*r'ee inrde known b* W HAMILTON A CO, No. 362 7ti, atre?t. opposite Ce.itre Market. Titie perfect, fe 7 tf FC>R RENT?A three story and attio BRICK HOUSE. on south B street. No. 174. opposi's the Smithsonian rn>un<t?. Rent $2S per 11 ?>n*h. Inquire of G R. ADAMS, No. 4*? llth at. f?-tf VALUABLE LAND FOR SALE.-I will seP. pnvately, from one thousand to three thousand acres of Land, situated within five miles of Front Roy a', at the Count* Heat of W arret, oounty. Vs. Taa land is heavily timbered, principal.y with ohestnut. oak,of large size, and will yield an im mense amount of tan bark. On the property is a hae stream of water sufficient for the erection of \ mill to grind l*rk, or for any other application desirable, and we ^suited for a tannery on the most extensive scale. The property is within .i.mileg of the Manassas Gap Railroad, and 1*ot ea*y aooei.%. Persons wishing to purchase will call at my in Warren county. two miies cast of Stra? burn, on the Manassas Gap Rai.riad, and 1 w,'! take pleasure in shown* them the ?ro*ert\. Fur they informat on can l?e had of \v. D Wallaoh Editor of the Washington! D. C ) Star. fe 11m A. PITMAN. FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR ofthe tTuTiTinc immediately opposite the west wing of tVi* City Hail.recently occupied by Chas S. VTa nr|, as an office. Aiso the fror.t room in rhe*(v>,.,<! story and tt.e third fl",.r <>1 the feme liuldnr i . terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH.Ao 1 Louisiana avenue. I% j8 tf FOR RKNT-A new and denrabie four str>7? BRICK DWELLING, aitusted on 12th strM north, cear II street?Mo. 44H. R-pt m<>der?tT Apply to J. T. LENMAN. No. 471 iah jT dO? OR SALE?A bnr.all FARM ofj'acrfs ntus'wl at the Little Falls, havinz a conif<>rtal.!ed??.' mit-house, corn house, stables, Ac ; ?-e 'encni and watered ; within four miles of Washington \i aores in cultivation, the balance in handsome wo'^d land. It is peculiarly desirable at- a oountry re*, denoe, beinr perfeotlv healthy and m-.st romantioa ly situateu excellent fishirg and huutine Insmra Of Mr MAkRlOTT, bridge keeper. Ch" n B-u ? Little Falls. de7-aawfl LAN D FOR SALE ?The sub^onlter offers for sa^SO acres of u*n<i. three iiwi* h irom 'neCar Itol. It is enc oaed ; about oue half critivat ?d. ths other in wood. The .ooation is elevated ai d health* Faymeote-f l.omioavh ; the remaii.d.-r of me ohase mon?j t?? be paul i- li ?rd 18 mouths tb interest Inquire of R. T. RYAN. o ri.er>t'h aJ 1 D i-ts , or to B. iSoAGuS, \\ anougton couct* D t. ^ [f. \4 iaw?w* FOR RENT-PARLORS and CM A M HER* handsomely furnished, wtri| hot a;,J cold wve? and bath-room- ( Potomac water. 1 Tho spartineare large and airy; four rooms on a floor, frr *1. ths fe?V- WALL.Stephens* CO., 322 Pa. avenue, between 9tn ano l.th su. d# 5 FOR RENT-Several fine ROOMS,furcubH or unfurmsh-vi.at 27 b Pa avenue, twodo.trs oac* ol the Kirk wood House. no2?-tf ?t^NATORS. MEMHERS i?F CO\GRKSSlT?wo ?pl*tidid suites of ROOMS. e!cgai.tl% fur nifhed, will be ronted dur;iig the s^ssioii of Con rress, in the nvet des-rat'ie iooa itv in tins city, fHl ijc within one or two squares of Hrown'* tn<| National Hotels. Those in pursuit (,f suet Rooms will do well to make e.irly ap??li.jatiou at No. 37# ?th street between I) street and I'a. iv. de ^-tf AVALGABLE I ARM FOR Hiuaie* in Alexandria ooarty, aix.ut 2% 11.lies fro* weoryetowE. at the intersecticn of t;ie Georretowt and Little Falls roads, consisting of in acres Jr. ?J? 5^'?' l ofZ- KrCHARDS.oorner 14th and K streets. W ash-ngton. D. C ia ia-tf COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OF T. S. DONOIIO. OF WASHINGTON. N??w in press, a-d will be t.nb ish'd on or about thft fi'st? I May next, "IV\ WALL," by Tho>n*? S. Donoho; embracit g many poems fever l<ef.rs pub'1 shed, as we!' as ".Moena." "The Gold-mitti ?f Padaa?a Drama," Ac, in one volume, l2ino,uf alM.ut pages. !>ound in sloth. Subscription pr:c.> fi. The former publications of Mr. T. S Povooi having been most fsvora'-lv r cep ed i.y the puhlie and the press, together with the novel snd interest ing oha acter of the manu?cr<pt now ik the c??u ? of printinx, have induced the undersignrd to offer this handsome anf1 eom pice e<i it ion t' t lie col r to fully beli-vinc that, from the i.stur* of its eontert* aa1 the style in which it wi'l !.e is*ued, the hoot will bef??und worthy of American natroosge Subscriptions are lespectful'y Mtiieited, at j?l ysr o?P7? pajfabis on delivery of the work Address THOS. MctilLL. Publisher and Printer, fe 20 St Washington. 1?. C SUPERIOR HtUSE I.1NE.NS, FOR TABLE ISE. We have in stock ft!! the m^s' desirable s.res<A BREAKFAST and DINNER CLOTHS.a : of perior make and elegant designs, frcm 8 4 by a-iU l<i-4 by *4 4. Also, a style in Belgian manufacture for e*t^siced Uh.fs, such as 12-4 by 12 * f ir eireular tah.e*. and 12 4 by^lH-4 for large extension tab also, very heavj Silieia 12 4 or three yard Wiffo Damssk in th* piece, which we cut for any table. Al*o, all thenar ow widths in general ure. witt overlay Dama?ks. Napkins and Doilies to niatch Also, a superior a? d luau'ifu a'ortment of Win* or Dessert Cloths, in all sixes known Housekeepers a lio would furni li 'heir tables wi'li a style of *??od not to |?e ha<; e.sewhere, an^ *t low prices, are re?p?>c*fa!ly m\|vedto our store-nouse, >io. 4 Market Spae*. We have also superior heav* and atl inrn ]0 4 t*H FETING at cents, and 12 4 ditto at 7i c-"t?. fslSentt CLAGETT A DtU>SON. WLOW PRICED CARPE INGS. E Have in'stock. and for sale, a superior s?ao tm?nt of very cheap CA K PETl \G, iKiu'ht si auction by us. which we are noaf offering at e?? than the same goods cai ?r? 1. e pnrcha?e< ? are now selling them o(f to make room f>rSprni( Mattings, Ac., at 25, Ji, 37>? 4 1. 4v 4T.S,', .*> and W' cent**, any of which would sell for higher figures at aaction in thiscitv. Housekeeper* who would savr largely are adv se<i to ca.l ai d exami these goi>c? for thsmselves. ar*d b* convii c d ot what we say a|?o. Velvet Cari>eting? at $\ Si f! tt ar.d 9 .Y Brussels at 7i, inland $ 1. ail warranted superior goods. felieo6t CLAGETT A DOD^4?N W OILCLOTHS. E Have m store, and for ?ale, several shee's. in 13 feet widths, of supenot and b ant ful KLO'?R OILCLOTHS in patterns reprise ting most ae our?te y encaustic ti'e, oak w od in pannels, do 11 tasselated.f esco and chintz co ore, ail of whi n. I'oin this time uutil the 1st of /, pril, we will seo at ma nfaetor* prie s Housekeepers and others who intend to supf ? themselves aith thi? ver* u ?fu' and ser\ioca > articis wili ?ave gnaU> in th ir out.ay by maktoi tleir purchases earls. Places t'? be covered wil' b' measnre-l in diag a-ts by us, warranted to fit neatly, at d sent home without extra charge. We have just received a superb lot of thesegocd?, which we cau now sell as low a* ti- cent* per so *r* yard. f? |,s-?oftt CLAGETT k POD?<>N f ADIKS* TRAVELING BA? S tVENINO FAN* ASSSSSStW. ^ ^ AND FANCY HEAD PIN^ At redu-*ed prices. . __ _ Me LAUGH 1,1^*^. fe 20-St Pa. avenue, between Mh and l? th^sU^ Cottajfe Furniture. Just reosi ed ai>??tber supp y of?Jaa 1 'thosebeautiful grfcl jed ^ j^! 401 orated COTTaGE SVT- a< ?3?. Also, sot'd Oak and Imitation Ma^le SETS. 'r<t* or without Marble l ops, in gr. at varirt?. Marbl^totCEN I K>. TAB! ES. a'l sixes WfcJoa*?nd Maboganj EXTENSION TA ?nt Frame Mar te and Pier GL ? SSI S T?i1iPw?RilnlFJ,S *nd *?LABS. WRITIN? TaBI.es a< d DESKS PARLOR Fl RMTI RF ir great variety A>ao. ever? rariety of Fl*RMTI RF fneceesar* to furnish a aouse complete. Giveusaea l , . C. W BOTKLER A SON. fa IS eotw Iron Hall. No ^l? Pa s*__ /*|RPHAN>' COURT, FmtiiY 11T?, 1*. v-r DisTBtcr op CoLrstaia, , W*iBi>6XrS CorxTT?1'9 If' la the o^ae of George A. I ane,ed(eia<" rater c Ropnia K-e . the admin strator at resaid.t?a^ ? .ta- approbation of the Orphans' Court of We* 'M tone'Uiity afore^id. a^i>o' t- ' >A Tl H DA \ ! I' th das of Ma ch next, t>r t' fi-s tt m- ' * distribution of the p-rsooa ;>t-o'?ai dec of *he as etc in hand, so la. a* th-* ?iw be*-- ' Oolbct d and tur.o '1 ir,to none* w'leu s<.d ?' all the creditors a> d h' irs of ?*i<l d- c-s ?i a'llfi d to at'eud at t i ti P' h i* t'ouit 1 Wn ton souuty afoe sidi with tli ir -urns, pi. p 1 voueh.-d. in t(fv 1 : w - by .aw tw x. . from a l b to fit .1 *ai ! d ; sM* tau. p'..\ , a copv of thiK ord?" P .1 In- 1 aw k ' thr?*r'wet*k? it: t'-e I' ping >*ar, prfv?..us to tne said |eth day of Ma ra next. True~op/-Te.t: ED. N. ROACH |? 4<s lawSw* R?*? lel^r \\ I A FOX 1*R \l K KhS. FR' SH Supp * of th sc tasfjs e lehi??? C avlt'ii have bee*/ reosivod U e afe p-epari ? supplj daaJers with % fr?ah artio.e, ua \es \ 'I mm (ja?> KING A RI RCHELL.

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