The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1938
Page 4
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BLYT HEyiLLE COURIER NEWS H^.cpvftiEii Ntws co. If, \V., HAINE&, publisher , 1 J, OnAHAM.SUDBUBV, Editor SAMUEL P. NORRIS, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, SI Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Mcmjilits. published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Enlcrca ss sccoh'd class jiialtcr- at. Ui'c post tifllce at BryUicvillc, Arkansas, uiidcr ncl ol Cougrcis, October 9, 1917. " Seivcd by Ihe United Press w,mijgvii,i,fi (AUKJ cotmifiti NEWS SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City of Blj'lhoville, 15c per • week, or 65c per month. By mall, within a radius of 50 HiHcs, $3.00 per jear, »1 50 for six months, 75o for three months; by Rial! in postal zones two lo six, Inclusive, $650 per jenr; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. No Style,'No Cfa&s, No Work Al a time when people are stimul up over \asl, world-shaking issues, it is Homt'how comforti'iii; to read alwul Uiu hfvikc of iliu seamen oh .the French Itiicr Champlam. Those sturdy mariners rose up in protest—or, possibly, sal down—at LK Ihivrc, because their employers had given them the wrtn'g kind of uniforms. Their working dollies, they . said, were, (lie wrong shade of blue, rti'ul did not h;iv« stars on (lie sleeves. Because! iiu's was so they licltl up tlio vessel's scheduled s.tiliiiK. Now there IvrtV'c been strikes, di.s- .VjHji'es. squabbles _ and scl-los enotiKli, "in recent'years, Heaven liwnv.s; .sonic of thesS hiive involved seamen, pro, testing ajjiiiii'st ihe sailor's age-old lot ' of cramped <|tiarlers, liaril work and bad food. But tli'i.s i.s .soliiell)int r different'. >• • Here we got lio hacl;ncye)l complaint of moldy salt beef, stuffy fo'c'sie.s or • bnital lirst mates; ijo recital of llic dmigbrs of gale, reef and shipwreck. Instead', it is something inl'icli simpler, the sailor's ina!i6rihbi'c' rjjjfli't 16 lOoli pictures i]'ue has been infringed. IIo'iicc: • trouble. Perhaps all of this isn't finite as- mirthful as it may .seem. For (here arc plenty of callings on this earth in which that right lo look romantic ami colorful is one ol' the principal incentives. Whb can doubt that life cowboy'_. sticks to Ilia job ill least parity because of the figure which it pel-mil-s him to' cut? lie. nlay discard his iTar- ii'ig chaps for dingy overalls; he may leave I'm six-gun to rust oil a shelf in the bunk holise, ha rimy even give up the tnuhtional bandana at the IhiuiL; . . ntvcrthelcss, he remains a person of inlinitc color and ap]ie<d, an'ii he knows il—and that very Jact lias undoubtedly saved r.mch bosses many a dollar in wh'gcs.- That lift Man it thing' is lYim of sut- diers, of course,' is sclf-cx-klciil. In piping limes of ptacc, when enlisl- nients lag; an army's first slop is to dtvisc gayer and trimmer uniform's. Soldiering is- dull, monotonous work 'ami ,the discipline is hard; \vli;il tares the recruit, if be cap look the part of a natty, .siiuarc-shouldered young iiem? Eerliaps Robert Burns wa's only • partly right; perhaps we do have a OM BOARDING IICXUSE good share of thai facility of .seeing .ourselves as others sec us. We may gel (he picture out of focus pi-ctty often, but we do remain conscious of tlio way we look in other people's cyc.s, and it means a lot to us'. Persuade a nnm that ho looks like a line fellow and a gay adventurer and he will lake on almost any job and put up with almost anything, A blue uniform and stars on the sleeve can make up for a lot. II ying Both Mot hoik The town of Disney, Ok la!, is shortly goin;r lo have government by trial and error. l,illli> iniiri' than a clearing in Iliu woods jnsi now, it will soon be tlie homo ol' UK: construction workers on (lie giant Grand River dam, ;uul the liowcrs that lie want lo find out just what to do about them. The powers that be are apparently (wo women ol' uholTicial stains, and a one-man police forte. Disney is not yet incorporated. One woman insists on an early niiTcw and a sol of ef- fcclive bine laws, and I he other waii'ls (he place "wide; open" ... a thoroughgoing old-fashioned • boom town. Ken.">() days Disney will be wide .open, and lor';«) (lay:! it will be .shut tight. What- v ever plan seems to work out best wilf lie adopted. The blue law unlluisiasl says the workers will need all' the sleep 1 they can get, and the boom-town boomer says what they'll need is recreation. The one-man police force say:-., "This is the eray.icsl'thing 1 ever heard of." It isn't craV.y, it's just sohiclniing dial probably won't make any dilVer- ' elite at a if. Blue laws or no blue laws, tlio nveh arc going to have their fun when they feel like it, an'd steep when they feel like it. At least, that's What they do in all the other communities iii the world. .* Tiikt> a Curd .There's a 1 frrcn'l ifcal iii (lie itkvrof tiid duller of Minneapolis, lie came into pnssCssiofl of a .sliirt'cr ;i while ago," and one of (he lirst things he did was' lo have some ortrds printed with an explanaiio)! on them, j'lo carried tliem in his pocket, and believed thai by simply handing fbem around to his friends he elfeck-il an appreciable increase in the life expc-clanty of bis vocal cords. ' There is a dclinilc place in (be daily life of. every .talk-weary man for Sid's idea, if all the conversational 110)1- esVseiHia'ls iii Ih'e World were laid end lo end il would certainly | )l; a 1m- nnlialing sight 16' look upon. Cards, Sid has shown, are the answer. Or, rather, the answers are in the cards.' Think how much easier life with ;] collection «,f cards like these would be: "It always looks like this when 1 wash it." • • Or: "A man's bound . I,, ,, M I ,,n a as the ycui* - K<l i, y .» willv Major l!o'o[>!c \VEDK 1 L'SbAV, JfAY il, ifll?« SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "]><m'l f;ill in love- with him. When he gets Ure.i of .. Iricydu he will leave you f)a(.' votir THIS CURIOUS WORLD S± William fguson DENOTES RESPECTABli ITY IN THE PLANT WORLD AND it CANNOT BE BV PARASITES SUCM As THE THAT DEPEND ENTIRELY ON OTHER. PLANT FOOD. £WT43y /-?CXJf$. IF YOU LIVED AT THE AAARO-1 ; ZIST WOULD BE YOUR. AND SEPTEMBER. 25 A'l- the North I'oic ihe sun peeps above the horizon at the lime (lie nouplc of Ihe north Icmpcmlq region arc beginning their spriii? Splivillnir aroirticl (lie horizon frohi' leh to riulil, the sun nmiinls higher in Ihe sky until Jiiiw, • niicn it enlduaily licgins to'lose altitude ...^. and disapjjcar from 'sight about Scpl. 2J). NKXT: America's wiirst forest fire. The Family Doctor T. It B«(. 0. •• Pat. OC. YOU SVVJPED BUSTER'S "THAT'S BAD/ IF THERMS "TRUM1PETER IM A "FORMER SLEUTH OF SCOTLAND YARC} WHERE X WAS KKJOWM 0 AS DEDUCTION , WITH MY INFALLIBLE OF CHECK UP QM POM'T Wl/V\ IT WITH MY DOW'T WEEP .MAGWIFYlMe "PORMBP AM 1PEA OF WHO CULPRITS ARE, &5AD, AWE? Some Fads About Blood Transfixion UV I>H. MOttKKS I-TSHUKI.V Kcllto'f, ,li>iVrl\;;l of llic Ariirricah Medical Assoc'iatiim, illlcl iiT llj'gcU, llic I'irallli' tU-isatinc! Oiic ot the niost cir;nrm[ir of the prrrcuinanccs in modern scienlitle' medicine fur the benefit of those who nccci aid is lhc blood Irans- lusicn. So steal ly <•' llic yuhu> i't this mrlhocl now rcciijni/cd I hut rules' an:l irgiihlions arc bcilif: developed 1 in hospitals and in various communities lo make certain lhal plenty ot good blood will be livnil- iililc for those who require it tthnwvcr it is needed. 'i?* There r.rc certain facU; a!™; IniiKlnslort .which iriosl i;ro)>lc do not. know. For inslanre. lhc :! of a person wild is the clcinor i.iiist be co'aipaiiblc svllh of Die ;:r:.o:i who receives the hlonrl. or tilt: reaction:! which result niAy be '.:.<)T(*. serious than the illsease .'or vhich lhe fc'.cc:! tramiuslun is Given. 'there arc several diffrrrni. transfusion technics that arc u.ssd, nil of sue useful. Matty of them Invo.'vr rhs iiar. ol multiple syrinees b; which Ihe hroml h drawn from the clouor an:l then Injcctrii m'rt llw icnpicisl. There tirr also machine:, vhtch may ho pro^rjiy (••<!!- c:l to the donor ami to li,- recipient .so Hint the blood j;o<.« ^,u iiio.,1 directly from one inUi [i-, c o'.i'.tr. .Agencies hnvc Veen jet up ju dillcienl parts ot tlio country to suitfly' (toilers; Out of 350 hosyiSluls, 137 have tlicir own,- of p-onlc alwA'ys aYiuaWb fbv blood fusion. lu sonic parts of the country Ilicrc arc blood donor bin C;HI.S which list people iivnltaUlc. In oilier coin- inunlties, members of (he American Legion, the police and lhc fire department.-, co-operate in this work, ami whenever a donor is required .in a hurry nowaday*. H. i.i hut unusual to broadcast on the radio tlio need of the sick person, 'lhc response is usually beyond llic icquirciucnt. Most la rye hospitals np-, v hnvc funds available for suuplsinj; bicxxl without cost lo people who are un!i!:!o lo pay fui- a blond transfusion. The cost of blood varies, in most mslaiNcx il. K arciuul $5 for a hundred cubic, (.altimeters, which would be about $50 a quart. In most cases the donation of tlcotl in the quantities require;! Is not harmful to the person who givti it. Very rarely a dismuc may be trammilled by Wcort transfusion. fa'ucd a rare and unfortunate accident f,houid not, however, be |icr- mtUccl lo prejudice niiyoiw a«ainsl lhc need tor a blqocl transfusion when thai need Is apparent. In practically every coinpclcul hospital Icdtxy Wood transfusion is l-jirrta) out a.s a safe and satlsfac- tcry lilc-.saving iirocedure, .Vciv IMta on I'rnn .((cvriilrtl 1'llILADSLPlllA (UP)—Accovil- Ing to Dr. Amandus Johnson fit tlie Swedish-American Tcncenten- avy Association, (lie sile where William Pcnn fmu'Wed ^hlladct- ulita, existed ns Hie town of Wi- cn'co one ycnr before the rawed Fenn \\as ixiriv 1V i)i\V, I'.JI-.l luotlicn K <;H,»I| tCTKHS lK I>UX.\— lirrurnrj «)K! In a>: tl. ni(!;i K.VKI1— !,iro, lit v»i (lie «lra(fl«iiliir<>. P.I,[|0<jti— »• e A I ( h r ; ;>>»lrr/I.i, : , |,-,, r (/„. nrsl llnir .Iriclile ,,-n!I)-r» Ilinl llrrrl 31 i)'o>o .In lli,. |il r /,j rr I,.,, ,nk rn i, Inl of ihf juj nnl .nf .lirr hofra nnd rtnim for Noser's Jllflil. CHAPTEH IX JACKIE was glad now that she had a lovely now dress, purchased so reluctantly among her "trousseau-clothes," for Ihe dinner-dance. Ol course the fact that Beryl Mclrosc would be lliere had nolh- ii)K lo do with it] Kvclyn had seen to it that the setting for this evening should be as romantic as possible. Gay Japanese Innlrnis had been hung around the velvety lawns and terraces, near the outdoor swimming pool a platform for dancing had been erected and just in case there would not be any moon, a'u artificial one had bee)) supplied. "Dear me," Evelyn whispered in an aside to Jackie, as they received the long line 'of guests, "what cto you. suppose is keeping lloger? He should have been here ngp.s ago. I can't understand il." Jackie, the golden necks in her eyes loo bright, her lovely face Hushed, her fair head held high, could not understand it, citlicr. Surely Roger would not let her down on this important night. He had promised lo come. Ho had promised lo help her carry this crazy trial-flight engagement through, no mailer what happened. She had scarcely seen anything at all of Hogcr since that day at the Held. That new silver ship had been the one in which he would make his night. He .had been taking it up every da3', experimenting with what il would do. And Jackie knew that Beryl Melrose had. been slnying at a small holel near lhc field so lhal she could watch his progress. he had lo RO atlcr Mrs. Melrose," Jackie answered her mother. "He will want lo see lhal she gets here." "I still can not understimd why .Von;-fcll yon must invite her to your ' party," Evelyn reproved. "Urmembcr what 1 lold yon! If I were you I ivouM keep Roger away from such a fascinating creature,, nilher Ilian dcliheralely throwing them together, my dear." "I'm not throwing them together!" .Jackie flared. Oh, why didn't Roger come? There was simply no excuse . . . "Ah, there he is now—and with Mrs. Melrose, just as you thought!" Not only Jackie, but everyone in the room, watched the entrance Hint Beryl Melrose made then. She w;is the sort of woman whose coming into a room would be (cr/ncd an entrance. Slie was easily lhc most beautiful woman present. Sho was all in white tonight, even lo lhc IOIIK string of pearls about her bountiful Her big eyes looked larger and darker than ever, her skin more gnrdcn'ia-likc. "It's all my fault that Roger is late," she said in her self-assured, gracious manner, thai made Jackie fee! so jjauchc. "We were making some very important tests today and got so interested. I do hope you'll forgive him!" 'H doesn't mailer in (ho least," Jackie mnvmured cooly. She felt (lint Roger should do his own apologizing. She knew inslincUve- ly that Beryl Melrose had purposely seen to it thai Ihey should bo late. "I'm terribly sorry." Roger did offer additional apology of his own, ns his sirong "rin circled Jackie's slim waist for the first dnncc. "It wasn't Beryl's fault, Jackie. It was mine. But you knew I'd manage lo get here, didn't you, my love?" "I li«-U'e told you before diet f am not your love," Jackie gave him n stern look. She had had to pretend before the world that she and Roger were a pair of turtledoves when the announcement ol their engagement had been made at the dinner iable, but they could drop all lhal nonsense now. "You look so sweet tonight, with those slars in your hair—and in your eyes—lhal I almost wish you were," he told her, with his gamin-grin. She had no right to look so desirable if she expected him to remember that this was all pretense. * * * "]-)ON'T be silly!" she_ndmon- •" ishcd. But secretly she was pleased that he thought she looked nice. U was almost like flying, dancing with Roger, their steps matched so pcr'lcclly, the music carried Ihcin on wings. "I sup- IKJSP," Jackie said, after" a few moment's of this sheer bliss, ."that I'm honored to have you spafc'riic ci'cn (his one evening. Since you're kepi so busy getting ready Excited Man Sees Moon, Turns in Fire Alarm BRISTOL. !J. I. (UPi An wiled citizen called police licadmmrt- crs. ••There's a bij; lire in the eastern i-l or die town." Patrolman Bullock rushed out tul invest ign I e. A moment later lie relumed in rcjioil thai, (he "Me lire" was only the moon entering it.s Ia:,|. quarter. so that gulf Udc:; .\voukl now directly into (he lake. Kulm pointed out that since tliu completion of New Orleans' new S12.000.uwi lakcfionl bcautifica- tion project hundreds of .thousands of persons arc using the lake for bathins;. "The lialer is brackish and unpleasant and the connection with the gulf would afford iwlher.s ffoo'ri, salty miter like biitliers enjoy in Florida," the engineer said. for your Iliglil— ami with your new friend." "I have l)ccn busy," Jioger said. He gave her a whirl thai soul hci- full skirl in a wide swirl and practically lifted the silver slippers from the floor. His blue eyes crinkled at their corners as they smiled down into hers. "Though if you mean Beryl—it isn't she who has kept me occupied. There's plenty lo do, making ready for :i flight of Ibis sorl. 1 don't waul lo slip up anywhere. I Isope to he rcjidy to leave for (he west coast hy the end of another wck." "Another week!" Jackie said faintly. Maybe because she had not quite got her breath. That was so very soor,. "Is Mrs. Mcl™MC going with you—to lhc coast, I. mean?" How could she keep Roger away from this olhci- womim—even if sho wanted to— under the circiiiiistjitK.T.s 1 ? "Sho expects to," ftogcr said. "She certainly is H wonderful person, Jackie. Wli;it she doesti't UnoVv about aviation isn't worth knowing." "Of course that's tlio only vc;i- son .she's play ing Mrs. Sanla Oaus lo you!" ' Roger gave her ;i questioning look. "What do you mean by that?" he asked. "Nothing. Nothing at all!" Jackie tossed this ou" lightly. 1C Roger did not have sense enough to know that Beryl Melrose was probably interested in him because he was young and handsome, Jackie would not pul him wise. "Why, see here!" Roger practically slopped in the middle of lhc: door. "I believe you're jealous, Jackie!" "Jealous!" She drew back, glaring ;it him. "I believe you nrc!" He bent closer lo her, holding her so firmly Hint she could scarcely get hci- breath again. "Do you know I have a notion lo kiss yon for that, my love! In public this time, of course. So that everyone will believe in this ridiculous engagement!" "1C you dare!" Jackie gasped. She pulled away from him. She was trembling nil over—from anger, of course. "Lcl line go, Roger—1 doii'l want lo dance with you, any move." "Very well," Roger said. He let her go, too readily. He looked as ho had that night when she had slappecV. him. He binvecl 'stiffly, haviiig'escoflcd'fieT' fi-oni'ffic floor. And what was move, lie did not dance wilh lief agyin! . (To Be Continued) direction of its home. \ The message arrived safely. Link to Sea Considered For Lake Pontchartrain NEW OR.LKANS i UP)—Plans lor .|.:iii.srorniliiK Lake Poncliartraiii. •uljaccnt New Oilc-iins. into a wilt akc have been submitted to city officials by Itolrcrt j. Kulm. con- iltitig engineer. The engineer's plan calls for hedging a now existent .system or! shallow lakes and bayous which | conned the kike with the open guff Cow Used Successfully To Deliver Message liEGlNA, Sunk (OP) —JU tlic cow that carries the message now Hi southern Saskatchewan. A woman near Gladniiir, S;isk.. wanted lo fid in touch wilh a neighbor. She was oil the telephone line and could not leave her home. Noticing the neighbor's cow Km/ing nearby, she wrote her me:;-1 KiE' 1 . put il in a bag, tied the I»K i to Ihe cow's I'orn. slapped it! soundly and shooed it oir in the I 'Announcements The Courier News tceu nu- thorized to make formal announcement of the following candidates for public ptlice, subject to the Democratic primary August 9. For t'otmly Treasurer H, L. (BltOjY) C3AINE3 Vo'r Sheriff ana Collector HALE JACKSON .(For Re-election) t'ouiily Court Clerk T. .W. POTTER" Vcir County Tax Assessor W. W. .(BUDDY) WATSON BRYANT STEWART 1'or Coi'i'uly anfl rroob;itc ,Tud;e DOYLB HENDERSON S : L. GLADISH (For Rc-eicctl'p'n) For Circait Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS For County Representative* W. W. FOWLER 1'. If. AUTRY WOOUROW HUTTON OUT OUR WAY By J. U. Williams M / YES, 1 T^O FEEL ^'' l: VEEV BLUE-THE K. 5 PICKED DROPPED TO A MEW LOW... OF COURSE !T WAS OM PAPER, 3UT IT'S ATEEE1&LE - ; REFLECTION) JUDGMENT.' AMD WAS YOU EVER. AFGAID TO TRY COM' AMYTH1N& BECAUSE you AFKMD >'OU MIGHT DO A LOT OF- \M3RVi AWD DID VOL) EVER. GET INTO "DE&T PER FOR. YOUR PLEASURE ? SAY A BIKE.," FEE. MSfAMCE • ^ .'," ' ' "- :' -- i ,',.- -.. "THE (2OAt> TO 6LOGV *" T.n.REc.'u. s .pAi.CfF, O'.'V.WiLlnMc S-ll

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