The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1944
Page 4
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BLYTKEVILLE COURIER NKv73 THE BLYTITEVILLE COURIER NEWS 1 THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. w. HAINES, Publisher SAMUEL F. NORRIS, Editor JAMES A. OATENS, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising: Representatives: Wallace Witmcr Co., New York, Chicago, Dc'. irolt, Atlanta, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter nt. the post- office at Blytlieville, Arkansas, under net of Con' gross, October 0, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blytlieville, 20c per wee!:, or 85c per month. By mall, within a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per year, $2.00 for six months, $1.00 for three months; by mail outside 50 mile /one, $10.00 |)cr year payable hi ndvniK'o. Diets and Soldiers In surveys of the physical condition of our armed forces it might seem . loo much attention has been paid Hie I boys who were turned down. The rec- :' ord isn't too good, to be sure, but it cannot be denied that a lot of husky .', youngsters passed (heir physicals and became magnificent soldiers and sailors and flyers. ;• To have listened fo long-faced pre'.; dictions during the M's, one would not .', have believed that Ibis could be poss- sible. We wove assured that (he younger generation was headed for an early grave and the devil. They were a pale, flabby bunch, we were told—a bunch of jitterbugs and goid-fisb swallowcrs. It's loo bad that it look a war lo . prove the long-faced prophets wrong. But wrong they were, and for several . apparent reasons. One surely is the ;, fact that the advance of medical science ; has not only increased our life ex; pcctancy from '!9.2'! in IflOO to almost - 65 today, but has toned up America's > health in the process, Another reason is thai, though we may not be producing as many colorful '•i. Cobbs, Ruths, Tildens, and Detnpseys . as we did, a lot more youngsters are . taking part in supervised athletics than in former years. '; A third reason, perhaps the biggest, is that we Americans are eating better than we used to. The facts to back up -that assertion come from Harvey A. •Batini, who heads the organization (hat ',-buys produce for the A & I 1 stores. .SK Brmm has raked over <I<1 years of »ciitiner-lfihle statistics and come up ; with some interesting information. ,' He finds that the average American eats 10 per cent more food than he did in ]900, gets more good out of it, and tends to keep a trimmer waistline than he did at the turn of the century. In the interim we have cut down on some staple starch and "bulk" foods as much as -15 per cent. At the same time, use of protective fruits and vegetables has come up 35 per cent. Beans, peas and nuts have taken a big jump— 81 per cent. Egg consumption has increased 21 per cent; sugar and syrups, 13 per cent, tea, coffee and spices, 37 per cent. .,, ..Other .increases are in meal, potil- l}»ij;dda.iry products.. Use 'of, }h;ii|I holhcr fats and oils has stayed about the same. We may laugh at spinach and (urn up our noses at the soy bean, but the above figures can scarcely he disregarded when we learn that toady's average soldier or sailor is GS.ll inches tall, as against 07.59 inches for Ihe 1017-18 service man, and that his average 150.76 pounds (op the World War I doughboy's average weight by 9.22 pounds. We may wax nostalgic over grandma's salt pork dinners and pie for breakfast. But we shall probably have to admit that if grandma had lived and cooked in this day of belter transportation and better nutritional knowledge, she would have been delighted lo serve fresh peas and lettuce the year round. Double Opportunity SDJJIO vvoek.s atfo tlif: C. I. 0. tiou iimiouncccl a program of politics IhrouKlioul (lie year. .\'nw the Rupuh- lic.'iii Nfltiomil Committee is siliotit to incut for the purpose of organizing "n vigorous, progressive,'iir-rouml program ol' parly activity." These two decisions have Hie makings ol' sonic beneficial results. The nniioimei'tl aims of Hie ' Republican Party and (lie C. J. 0. PoWicul Action Committee are identical in the most important respects—vigorous prosecution of [)ie war, full employment after the war, and American memliei'Hhip in an oriraiii'/ation of sovereign nations for world |)oacu. Ry keeping these important aims uppermost in carryiiiK out both programs, (he contrasting interests and outlooks of C. 1. 0. ami G. 0. J'. can serve to balance ami stabalize popular opinion a.s it appraises the manner in which the fifovenimciK negotiates the hazardous channels of warfare, diplomacy and economy that lie ahead. I'ailisanship first, or opposition for opposition's sake, could of course make the government's task harder and completely confuse the public. We hope and believe, however, Umt (he responsible leaders of both groups will reai/e Uich- obligations and responsibilities, and mflke'the most of them for the national good. Devotion A USO worker, back iiomc altar a year in Trinidad, is keeping a proiiiisu situ made to a siiilor down there by drinking a c|itart of milk a day by way of :i loaxt. (irenter love hiith no woman, we suppose, than to court (he of widening hips ant! added poundage for <'i friend. » 80 THEY tAY The Jnpniirai! pilots arc worse now tlinn they used (o lie. They hnvcii't imy fofmnlion.s anil rton'l prm their ittturics any niorc.-Cnpt. Hnr- IBU Morrison Jr. o( Dallas. Tpx.. nt Mindoro iii- viulon. • • . It is very simple. We need everything, es- pecinlly raw mntcrlnl to get our Industry and our hnrliors repalred.-Jenn Monnel, French government lujenl i» U. S. « » • It look 075 pound;; or dynnmilc lo wreck one pllllinx so the Germans couldn't USB it ngnin — dipt. Cliarles IliUUard of Pliicyillc, Ky.. ncnr Bllclie. Fiance. « • . It wouldn't, surprise me if we lin.l ( 0 rc-cqnip •Ihe whole American 1st Army.-WPB Clminnan J. A. Krug. • » • Our soldiers arc not dancing (heir way through tills wnr. mitt It's time the people over here realized it. Amimmllloii is beliiR rationed, nml Ihe 5th Army has only one eigM-incVi B un ™ the entire Itnllnn front.-Rcp. Paul w. Shafer ol Micliiyan. bncl: from Europe. " * • Quality of weapons lias remained an uppermost factor in onr production effort. 1 have yet to hear a well-founded trillclsm of ordnance cuinlity.-tiraj. cien. Levin H. Campbell, Army Ordnance chief. • » • „ About all the Japanese are able lo do is to cut a few trails, bullil „ amH naxrip and ,nafc c minor provisions for h.nding sypplics. In con- trust, our seizure of nn islnml Is necoiupanicd by engineer troops and eonslruction equipment following itnmertiatcly behind the nKanlt waves -U. Gen. Urehon B. Smiervell. Army Service Forces chief. cof».m40Y nuunicr. inc. T. M. »to. a. e FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 19M "(ice \vhix! can't the fact lb ;1 | il tails on a Sunday nit-hl be an excuse lo just slay home?" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By WBB«ra Ftrguwo AVERAGE OF 82 POUNOS OF FJ&H U5ING A RA2OR STROP AUKES A RAZOR SHARP. AWACHILD S.UART," j. H.AMLLE'R., o/t. NINETEEN SPECIES OF BIRDS WERE COUNTED IN ONE. DAY, IN A PUBLIC &3U4EE CITY". r. :.'. PEG u. s. TAI. CFF. NKX.T: Do pOJciiclis have lonjr tails?. HolSywood e" BY r.iisKiNK .lonxsox Nl'A Stuff Correspondent The FILM PARADE: Sinn Uui- -J After 20 years in ilic movies, Sinn plays his tirst du.d role v:ilii one-half of it serious in "The Bullfighters." He's still not sure ony I hi 1 eriroug girls will hit a new high in Ai'mianctta's next niovin for Slir'I! wear a jeweled .BKLITA—Afu-r winuinK llullyirnoil fame as .m ic skater. l!clit;i is i\mv . . . how niulifnecs. acuis;oiyie<l to • (ourins lin; coinilry as u ballronm rcl us a fuiniy mall v.-ill take- him as; itanecr. Her partner is Hnbliy Spirelit, 'Boy, Oh, Boy! What a Bulge I'm Gonna Make!" lie says: "The urc:ilcsl films of 1 .Vorlil War H will lit; made when, .tars, lUreelur.s and authors now tin ictive military service return (<> (lu> tudios lo tell the story vvilli sin- .'crily and aiilliorily." To/nervation Reports \ccepted Until Jan. 15 Unless reports of performance un- ler the 10<M Ajjrlciiltiirnl Conserva- ion program are filed with the lomity elites by Jan. 15. those failing to file reports will lose conservation payments under the 1041 t"rip!c-A Program, it has been ;m- loimccil. Fnrniers of the county who have :arrletl out conservation practices as a part, of the 1944 farm pro;ram must file reports with the county office in order to be eligible: to receive payments. Ill reminding farmers (o report performance, A. c. Spellings, chairman of the county committee, said farmers should report the ncreny devoted to various conserving anil soil building crops and to have information on the extent of conservation materials and services used. a hot-teinpercd Spanish matailov. • « « June Haver After ^iH'ins scime pli(itai;iitphs of .hif.c, a Liberator crew in Kn[;hmd named tlioir Ixinib- ci' "Ooita HIIVIT." lir>ll'JIJ!KV HOCAKT fi'.v Body's stury about Die IlollywondUt- In \V:ishin.!:ltiii, nnlkins down IVnii- sylvania avrinut and luuliinc at all the KOvernnient lutilclin^s. "Say." lur said lo a iidlicciiMu, "which stili- fs Ihe war office nn?" The policeman tj. S. ice skater, prutiaWy nKirry. F15ANK IJ.OVO—Director Lloyd « p i>s inlrrvoicwing a now cook. She said flu; wfinlii take the job provkl- i;ii; .'.he ,'!id not receive any pul>li"i- ly. ' f'ni lirrd." sht 1 snid. "of reading ctai'ks ;i l :op.t Uoll>"A'oo:l'.s household hC'Ip in the n(M.\>pa!n'r.s.' » * Ml SNA GOMBEI.L—Notlcini; \VAC in a restaurant the waite 1 / waiter Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoople Out Our Way " By J, R. Williams look a cynical Unr,i ainnil him aiidl"th:'r ciuy. Minim nskcti said, "Ours, I iiopc." to send her a driiVK. The • • . ri't'irurd a few minutes later un<: KEN MURRAY Ken lives'"aid. "She said to buy you a drink, next door to L:uu Turner ruid w;il- j innm." Then lie whispercct: "Slie's clu\i her every time she comes inti/" 1( - cl.iii'.:hlLn' <if Cteor^c Adams, the I lip house. "Hut." lie says. "I'm :io; Ciilrapo nillliniKiiri i|iiick rnough •— fhr's always on- W.VI.T I1ISXEV — \Vall will in tl educe a ne\v daurc. the Samba .J'ujjt. i-i his nn\vmo>ie, "'llicThrci Cnll.ilinr.ilnrs." It's Ilrniilian jive \\li\i rockini-- chair rliyllnn. I,T. KUDDY KOGEFIS—The Nav. i will soon uive Huridy an honorabl disi:liiir;:e after three vears of service. LENA UOKNE—Lena's next mo- vio v.ill be "Sweet Cn-orgta Brown." will! an all-Negro simile alirnd of nip." • ACQUANETt'A Com|)etH!on . THEY V.OOK KEGEMTLEMES), A.VJD VOU LCN3K LIKE A BUM.' SVH DCWT VDU HAVE '/ MUSCLES,SOOD LOOK'S COARSE' GUFFA.VJ OF YOURS WHSKS X TOLD KM 1 OMC& PROTECTED Trie PSPJSON . OPTME BEVOF HOT 1C HP T, Ft- Fl<-;: . Ei" OL\D 7O GIT R!D O'N't..' FOU SALE CONCRB'l'E STORM SKWKR AU, SIZES 'iiiier Than Jiriilffc Lumber Osceola Tile & Culverh Co. I'hone C!!I Osccnla, Ark. Buy Your Winter Supply of and KINDLING While it Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTSV BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blythevilie, Ark. ph one 2911 GUARANTEED RECAPPING? 24 Hour Service Also— Vulcanizing and Tire-Repair COAL C0 8 N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 FARMERS IVe llllre plenty of Iron Ruof- ing anil Rough Cypress Barn Timbers. 3 Year FHA Terms if desired. Hdw. Co., Inc. home of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING ond PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE Phone 515, BJytheviUe, Ark. A PURITAN VILLAGf: IX 1H80 man had not already told her ot quite in keeping with the ,, hit mrorv;.-.\i- lln,. f-itx«,. -,>~K I ,:_, _ _i - ... ,{~\N his return from hi.s moinmi' • wall; about the farm on this April morning, Captain Availing went briskly up the narrow, un• carpeted stairs of the salt-hex • house, lie wanted lo speak to '.Harriet a nioincnt nncl teli her that he had given young Oliver Hill- nnan permission to be her steady i company. That young lady was sitting 'alone in her n.'HTuv.- little ruom •engaged in a secret operation, iohc was hending over a baking j dish of pottery that contained 5 milk in which .she hail poured a [half a cupful of vinegar and the (juice o( a number of pears. With (this device she was trying to vein- [cdy what she considered a serious defect of her complexion. Siie was a healthy, buoyant girl with rosy checks and a' sun-tanned > appearance. In sonic way she '.'had learner! ilial fine ladies were always pnle, and that in Boston some of Ihcm wore masks when they went out of the house so the interview, thai lie hutl young man'.-: -r father replied consented to reijucst, but -ial order of things, according to the the Puritan way of thinking, that he . ..., ------- ....... _ would nut have clone so if he hnd not though it would please her. "I do not want lo force you to do Biiyihii!!!," he assured her. 1VIU, WUTr.HT — Will ol.iims, slm would not ruin their com- fhe bi.ERcst irair of ears in radio, j jplexions. This was long before When he pbycil a role in a Clark ; cosmetics and their use had be r.aMe jokingly rc- Uity were running „- green, to remind me.> pleasure-seekers that all j s not f beer and tkittlc.-i in this world of ' (in and temptation. The Puritan .. . . . •, ., ...... : ..... -..:^i.niuji. me J'lirilan Harriet stood, as if in quiet re- meetinghouses were iiuheatcd and •"'"'" '"' ......... — •" — J "' ' for a moment and then said sedately, "It's all right, Father. If it pleases you I shall be saiislicd. II<; seems to he a devout and serious young man. I hope ! may firow u care for him." She might have added that she had })C meeting him quietly and secretly for a month or more in various oul-of-thc-wny places, but she said nothing, because she concluded, after ;i Ij-icf consideration, that such a jrtalcment would not add to IKT father's good humor. as ice in the winter'sea- son, when they might just as well have had chimneys and fireplaces, "JVEXT day was n Thin cvjry Thursday ir picture marUnl that " to car" for tin- aclinj; honors' ESTHER YVII.UAMS — On n hospital tour at Fort Kiistis. Viv.. a blinded veteran was introduced' ID Esther. He brought lours to her when lit 1 Mid: "t can't see you but the [cHow.s p-iy you're avv- fiiiiy pretty. Cotild I have a picture jn-t lo hold?" .1011 SV.KMS TO «!•: OVKX by Parky in si Hollywood shop: "Help Wanted. Man or Woman. Yomit> or Old. Day or Night. Dead or Alive." And Ozzie. Nclso to wind Coi , i-vjaiiivni:, iiiKi Liieii use mui nc- [conie a line art, otherwise Harriet j ••• •' '••;• rmight have given lier cheeks auj 4 ' 10 '' csl ot *"' • unhealthy pallor at the cost sday, and ly in Puritan Massachusetts wa; known as Lecture Day. On that day all work, except what was absolutely ncc- e:-sary, was suspended and the people, nfier listening to an cdify- im; lecture, or sermon, in the morning, turned to the enjoyment games and gossip lor ' only a few pence, device which was Besides, any . contrived to i change a complexion given by ;G<K! would have been sternly frowned vipon by the Puritan elders, if she used as much ; ns a single dab of face powder, • or a touch of oycbrov/ blackcver, ' tliey would have had her vip iti .meeting, weeping before the congregation and confessing to the sin of vanity. When her father knocked at her oor she hastily put the pan of | milk under the bed, anri stood up lo receive , him. did not fit ain.v.. r\>m *j....... MVI.-HJU a\M,,il,s ' • lu lutt.ivi: P lulu, lie Old 11OI- Fll ' toeing this sign in a cigar shop!Mown but stood smiling and paid tndcw: "No—Not Even Under the ';rather gallantly, "I have a prince; 3unti>r." ifor my young princess." Harriet * * ' ' snid gravely, "What do you mean, narsmicss JIQQ a sa: Sll! AU:XA.\l)i;i; KORDA —. Katlvcr?" just as it Oliver Hill- Therefore, it was of these activities took place on the village green, where the slocks, oillovy and whipping post wore also placed. This con- jiint'linn of pleasure and punishment hail a hcnign purpose. People who bccnine too boisterous, or who were drinking too mnch, or who ivrrc iillempiing lo inveigle a maiden, or who were spreading sccindrilous stories about their neighbors, had only to turn their eyes toward, tiic southern cncl ot the village preen and there they would FCC, .sitting miserably in (he stocks, tiioEc who had failed to behave with piety and decorum on some previous occasion. Harshness \vas a characteristic the storks should stand on the cold Bui "warm would and comfortable liavc seemed to make religion too To the Puriian mind there was 1 touch of evil in almost every human activity that happened to be pleasant. One of the colony's stalutes, for instance, forbade a man (o kiss his wife in pxlbUc . Ihe chronicles of the ti me record Ihe ease of a Boston sea captain . who had been away fer a year on a long voyage. One day i|, c (owll crier went around with his drum lo announce that ship was coming v The captain's wife went down to the water's edge lo welcome her husband. As soon ashore lie took her this seafarer's into the bay is he came his arms ...... , .,„,„ and kissed her, with many people looking on. For that serious piece . of misbehavior he was taken be.,_,,!.., *1I1\VU1. V»U— fore a magistrate and sentenced to Iwo hours in Ihe pillory on his first afternoon on land. Curiously enough, these harsV/' restrictions on perfectly natural ami human pleasures die! not apply to liquor drinking. People who got drunk were, of course, taken up and fined or set in the stocks; and the taverns had to close at Ihe curfew hour and also on the Sabbath, but otherwise there was no curb at all on drinking. As a matter ot fact, everyone drank liquor, or beer or cider—and that really means everybody from ministers and magistrates down lo nursemaids and 2-ycar-old babies. If a prohibitionist had appeared ot the Puritan mind, and the anywhere in the colonies he would harshness had a sadistic strcok, have been considered a crackpot.' nshiral and (To Be Continued)

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