The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1947
Page 7
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FRIDAY, Al'KII, 25, '19-17 Hack Hurls 2nd if rasghf Victory former Bad. Boy Holds White Sox to Four Hits, No Runs HY CAKI, LUNDQUIST ll.'nitvd J'rcss Spurts Writer) xt:w YO:-:K. Api-;i 25. IUP>— BIA'THKVILLW (ARK,) COU1UKJ). NK\VS Yankee Look-Allkes m BASEBALL, STANDINGS LKAC.UK W. I 10 Pet escapades .sent him Inuk tne ^TJiinors, was followhi:; tlu° ''^<'i ;/:;: trial today to a come'•':i:l; v:ili) tlie Cleveland Indians. lil.lek scoierl Ills ;,eeontl Sti'aiui'.t p . :en>rv veslerclay when he shut '•HI tile Wlute Sox M Chicago, 1 t-> *), on lour hits. A! thi.i lime ;i year ;ico thinks' iliiln'i ionV. too bli'.',ht tor Blavis. Tie Lnl:e irainin;:. .souieihi.'H-; '•i" slrak:ht-l;vi'ji :.-<>um; Cleveland LD; J/iij nnndreaii wouldn't tolo- !".'«'. aiKl alter a mediocote slreU-h :-;>ic-. and after a me.dicre slreu-h " :inkce where he compiled the • ''<-iif;ns record of five defeats and 'When the training season roTea ; ' r( 'Un<l be was a new man :ni:l IKoiully proclaimed that "soda pop t m-.- ',trnm;est drink from now on." 1 1 joined a]<')ioli<:; anonymous H ;n:<l I feel Hi:" a new man." lie "Ira a wonderful on;;\ni/.i- dr.iiu; a wonderful job on like mo." r.Vw y,uk. Tex Hur-.hson o! Red V-ox. chalked lip the sp") '.Y;-liil.'rr- ici as tnaiiv da--.';, in:.'. the Yankees, i to 0. \vhen '>M <.',Ot l).e Only nm fJll lV. r ;> i T .'.,iV,: i. ;m mlii Id out. and ;\ line', I il.' >v Kam Aide in Ihe liltJl. i ihviUsf.n had to bp ;"ia<l to beat j mi tie Fumt: Shea of the Ya:i: !-.'Tr;. v;ho s'ave v:t', only three hits i i:'it yii-lded M ven walks in his birs i !c;u',uc slartin" debiit. : Ja -V: Kranier. only pitcher lor ; i thi'^.h-owns lo .score a victory 'o :,j (lalflj [liu-lied u three-hit, (i to 1 :-• irium"44ovfr t'ne Timers at Detroit i;!'!!il h:To''a shutout until the n'liuh. I Kramer was backed by homer.s uy 1; Ai ;?aril!a and Jeff Heath anil ft i : doti'jle, two singles and a walk , : hv R'.irkie Les Moss as he sroyeel ;;hu second win. Moss drove in two •: run-- in th,, 50~)iit attack. ;, r nu' Dcdu-ers made it tJifee in a jj row uvor the Phillies al Eraoklvn f, L : ! - Half;!i Mr.'inr.'i with relief toeD ([ 5nr Huuh Case-- shoved, a six-hit. ; : 2 lo 0 victory. Dixie Walker's single ';! wiiii tljj. tases loaded in the first. J'iimjni: protlnced Ihe only two tal- ii lies off Tommy Hughes, who also i e;\v<' tip only six hits. :' The Cubs cut the Pirates' first 'f ;-.':icc lead to a half uame over '• ilruok'.yn by winning. G to 5. r\t Chicago on the strength of a four;i>in rally in the fifth. Andy Pafko's t-.vo-nm triple followed bv Piiil Cavaretla's homer did the damage. Pafko had a perfect day al "at wilh a triple, double and two si:i-1 •.lies, battins in Ihree nins. The Braves mncte "i liits for .1 H to 5 victory over the Giants at R'Ktoit. nullifying three liomcrs by .I.ihnnv Jilize anil one h;.- Walker rr.-jx'i". It '.'.-as Die fifth lime m Mhw's .career (hat he had hit ilnre !ifi-;e!-.> In n pnme. Dannv L-it-.vliili^:«'. the way for Boston v,-i!h a homer. Triple and two sin- vlr^. dvivill'.t in fcur runs. Cinchiuali a; St. ^nuis was rai:i- rd out in (he National and \ iiLfUon atui Philadelphia had MI nv.en date in the American. Nl'W Niishvill At Unit A . Moliilo 1 ittli- Uutk 'Uirmiiii'.ham ChuttaiKioj;ii M*'ltipllis . PAGE BEVKK Terrorisls Bomb British Fortress Four Killed, Four Missing Following Ncv/ Outburst ItY HI.I.VV K1JK1N' Swarthy and compactly Imill, U-fi-liand Iiitlini; eonveited eatrlier. Yogi Kcrrii, K-ft, ami Kinj; K'ine. Kclh'i, wln> p;ct;-.d Ihe foul linos for ilic Yankees. luol\ alik(.' in many rcsiiccts; ;uul Mil the ball lite same v.ay—far. M/ssco Amateur Bail Teams To Play First Gomes Sunday Ouening games in the Mississippi I - at Lillle R.; Y.irbro vs Armnrr! County Amateur Baseball Leaiiue. .it Armorel: Manila vs Lutes-at under the spcmsorship of the Bly- Manihr iiulfniiui vs Blythevill"- theville YMCA, aill be played Sun- j at Hlytheville; footer vs Niiin'iov day. it was annoiuued loday W ! 9 - ;U C'doler. J. P. Ganott, sccretavy of liie | June 8 lea ': no - j Liill : . River v s Ara-jorel - at .VA total of 130 games will he , mo] . r ,. riUheville Ri. 2 vs Lutes played in the ten-team league with ! ;1 t B i y . Rt . 2: Yaj-bro vs Blytlie- 143 Atlanta \:>. Nashville 2. Mutiilo f, Ijitlle Hark 0. c;ii:Ul:iiio»;iu 11. liiriniiiiihaiii 0. To te played later: rOeni;;his at New Orleans. NATJOXAI. l.KAC.W. , l!riu,l;lyn 2. Phi!a(le!|>hia (1. lnii U, New York 5. Clu;-:it'.o C, I'ilt.slJUM'.h S. Cliv.-iuiiuti at 8t. liOiits, rain an> AMKU1CAN I.KACIII-: St. Louis l>. Delroil 1. 15i:;.t(in J. New York II. Cleveland 1, Chic'a^o I). Only Dallies. I'oclay's Games SDUTIIKKX i.i:.\r.i;i: Mrmphis. Ch:ittaiio<>i;a. Huaiin^bani at Nashville. Only s', imes scheduled. IMohlle al Allanla al Ye?t(M-day'.s star Johnny \Ti^'_' of <]\c Giants, wlio hit three homers in one ^ r ame for the fifth time in iiis career, but in a losing eius:;e a--, the Brave won. M la H. Sab Sikes Scores KO \0ver Eddie ModeH 1 ITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Anvil 23 <'l!P'—Bob .Sik-es, Tjltle Rocic h.e.t- vi \vt-ichi. today hetil \iis fifth post- V.Mr victory. foHmvimr a srconrl nd kneefcout fif Ed<Ue Modcll in Uf'le Hook last niffhi. ike^ vxin over the PhiladeTiihia \ <Vn- ivitb a lerhnieal knockout in ; :'!3 '•! the second round of the rhfrluli'd 10-rniiurj bout. Me.tlell was floored early in the >(T-n(L but sol to liis feel only lo 'air; 1 'I* Viavd left !o the jaw wiiieh jil:!t'V™ him cm the eanvas nfrain- svhen he stumbled to his feet only n ciiI!.i]K{> at Sides' feet. each team playing a total of IB games. Games will he played on Sunday afternoon only, Mr. Oar- roll stated. ' The ten teams entered in (he ' leautio are ; IJUle River, nlytUe- ville. Lutes. Armorel, Blytheville Hontc 2, Number 0. Cooler, Huffman, Manila and Yarbro. Or (he 18 games played by civch learn, 9 j w'M be played on the home clia- | montl ami 3 will be played away ' from home. BlyUvevil\e will open Sunday a. Rainst Ccoter at Cooler with Bly- thevillc Route 2 playing host to Yroro on the Promised Lnnd cli:t- moiul. othe f . ( oampK on Sunday schedule nre: Liftle River vs. Nmnt;?; 1 fl, at. Little River; Lutes vs. Huffman nt Lutes; and Armorel vs. Manila at. Afaliila; The remainder of Hie schednl' 1 for all teams is as follows; May 4 T.i;tle River vs Cooler - a I Liltle River; Number !l vs fliiffin.Tn - at Huffman: Blylheville vs Manila - tit BJytheville; Lilies vs Ynruro - at Yarbro: Armorel vs Biythevillc Rt. 2-at Armorel, May 11 Little River vs Hiiffmnn - nl Huffman; Cooler vs Manila - al Manila: Nimiber n vs Yarlirn - al. No. n: Bly:heviile vr, Blytheville Rt. 2-at lily. Rt. 2; Lutes vs Armorel - at Lutes. iMay 18 I.itllc River v s Manila-a! Little River: Huffman vs Yarbro nt Yarbro; Cooler vs Blythevillc Rt. 2 - at Cooler; Number n vs Armorel-at No U; Blythevillc vs Lutes - at Blytheville. My as Little River vs Yavbro - at Yarbro: Manila vs Blylheville Ri. 2 - lily Rl. ?.: Huffman vs Armovel - at Annorel; cooler vs Lutes - at Lutes; Number 9 vs Blytheville - nt No. 0. .fune I Little River vs niythcvilte Rt 2 vilto - at Yarbro: Manila vs Number 9 - at Manila: lliifiman v?. Cooler - at Huffman. June 13 Lillle River vs lane:, - al Lines; Armme) vs RlvtheviHe - at Blytheville: IMyilifVille nt. 2 vs Number !) - at No f); Yarbvo vr, Cooler - «t Cooler; Manila vs Huffman - at Hnffmau. .lime 22 Little River vs Bly'.hoville - at j little River: Lules vs Number 0 ; at No. 9: Annorel vs Cor>tev - at I Armorel; Blvtheville Rl. 2 vs Huff- iman - at Rl. r i; Yrvrbvo vs; Manila - ; at, Yarbro. ?.^i Nimiber n - at Nn. r>; Dlj'the^'ille vs cooler - at T "lvlhevJllc; lutes vs Huffman - at Huffman; Armorel vs Manila - at Armorel; Rlylheville Rt. 2 v.s Yarbro - at Yavbro .Iiily- fi Little River vs .Oxv,er - at Colter; Niimbrr n ys Huffman - at No !': BlyiheviUe v- Manila - at. Manila; Lilies vs Yarbro - at Hiies; Armorel v s BlytUeviltc Rt. '1 - at Hly. Rt. 2. Llltlp nivev AMI'.lt K'AN l.r.AC.UF. Cleveland at Chieago. SI. Louis at Detroit. Washington al New York. Philadelphia al Boslon, NATIONAL I.KACSIIF. Neu- York ai Hrooklya, Boston ai Philadelphia. Chieas:o at Pittsburgh. Cineiunati at 81. Louis. Report Missing Trawler Limpmg For Bantry Boy J-, Ijclng w< lli •n- ] Inill-rs <-re killed inn lixl-.iy al 111.' 3:ii'utiti '- Tel A\'iv was unburst ol "war- llii> bl.isl iv was Hi" "vendetl.i" /vai Ixniiili \ of fnin- IryiunJs'.s cii ]\ of four inure, heated llic iiallows ire of IKII'.SOII.S were - Saronu <">;ii!(»si(m, llic dead and mls'i- nny lowia are" by l) Aullun-itii ,-liieh io-l- ivst ma) -ir lechired I,-, (hi- uv tb r h:mi:Jii| Hid tli ( . s,-nten wo "f whom i IV- .sulriile. At b-ast a ;:r, injured i n UK- n iiilditiiin I,, .1)1!. fen. Hi i- Aii,n RuiiniiiKlinm, tlie I!ri!i.!i bi!'|i <<n:iiiitlssUuicf. called in emeiwiK v c'onlerenic with KV.I • my aial |,,,|ir<. olfirials. CnniHm-||;nn vva.s ex;:e:-led tn de ;'l:iL-c III,, Jewish city «f '(VI Aviv i ••(•iMili-nlled area," in effect Iso- Inlini' .some :!!;(>.OCQ ill it.s n-.-ililcnl'i li-ovi I)H> iinlsiilc world. The ]-e-i:u)i[>,silion of slalnlory inailijil hi\r in Palestine \vas ex- !>'cleil M any lime. The Army nn.l |)i)llr;> w.'n- .slrviiKlliciiliiK ' IJien- firr-aalions. The nev: ounniri.t of violence be- eaii willi an abni'live kidii:i]iin!j. l ; 'ive prc'Miined IrKunists foioVe ll>'." Ilii' t'-nk n,,i,.i ; ,( T,.| Avi v : ,n,| seized M-irris Collins, a Ihiliivh :aib- jrcl. livmi: hi l^ynt. They rclensed him when they tiiscovi'ix'il li ( > wa Jewish. Ciuminuhain war> reported with out eonfii n>. lion to have warned Dm Jewish ni!CJi~v Unit Die fii-if liidllajiim; of a liriton wonl<l brim; i tleelnniiiiin Ilia! the ciil'i'e eily in which it oeeiined us a "controller! area." The underground had warned •iflei (be ex'Tiitioii of Dov C!rmi"i- and Hire,, olhcr Il-Runlsts thill H would relaliate by haimliif! 10 Hri- tish onii-ers for every nnderj'.romi'l- rr executed. Later a Claiidesline r.'idio hroari.-nsl I'ei-.niaiicius muter "•hieh nrifoii^ would iio "Iried" bv the nnder-HKiund. listinc ]irovisl<uis for dealh sentences. . April 25. (Ul')--Onc at two 8]i:\nlsh trawlers foinvi 1 , lost in i> Moim ofj Koutlma I:o- laiul \nA3 repnrtiHl ntn't'Mr. lo IJuulry }liiy today. J''lv.-.l roparl suiil the ship uppeai'cu tv-, t»;v: been bittleied sovcivly In th heavy seas, A (led of IU Spsitiijili Ilshlnit trawlers was caiiuUl '11 un tm- mile- un- lioiir uale ye-.ti'rdny, whleli i-nusoil 02 (U'ulhs utf I'uth- cnwl. Wales. A iliillsh cus^o vcs- :,••'. iiiul a liteboal sunk ami iu> survivor:; wen' reported. Tin- veiiurt lodtty isiUl the invw- lei- Astnu. wn.s limping toward Hunlvy \vUh n new ot leu, hllH \vas ho xvorit eoiU'erisnuf th Cunlubru llos'.v Muilii, tile mt.sstn^ trawler. Kvats fr<mi Hautiy llarlini were uallllnn llic hl|]|i .,eas in seaic;h tit iiossihK 1 . stuvtvoi:-, hut ailthDrllli'.i held H(t|.. i :tl ,,? . f ()1 . tlieti' surei'ss. One shin made port sulely iT|i(i:1 Astute, when last scou, ios. i ;i-(l about "wildly." l.lfi-boal slntlons oil 'Onotlwln .Shoals, uff IJcal, Enxlund, were tisknl to sern-cH tor ;vn 18-ttiul yuclil, tin- dale wlijdi left )lar- \vlcli foi- Unvev last, riU'.-.'-v onr The 35.000-lou Cunard Manrctnnln -_dix;Xcd^ at _ ti yi'stertlny alter being Die storm outside'the' on a trial run. Caj>i. It. fl.'Wool- lalt Mid lie believed the ttayref*, with «nia could make Itt Hoc, ^ottwai iillnf'lo Now York BatuiMj: r'^' W. R. Finest Family Advertised 50 Lbs. 2.98 Red Triumph Advertised 100 Ibs, 2.64 1000 Hour—Advertised 6.65 BATTERIES Cannon White tin- Manila liapllst Clmreo alternnnn wit lithe liev. G. 1,, \Hi.ih- Illi; .•Illruillo;; Intvrinent was hi (tie M \nila f.Vmelery wllli Ihe'i V'noeral Hume in vhnvue ol urv.'n^* ir.vul'i. l ; 'or 45 .veins a leHltH'iil 01 Manila and vetinity. Mi. Nuwciuul) was iu Anna, III. Until his uji'muv*! a-ie im-vrnfcd. Mr. Neweotiih liiiKeil In (imuliiH In Ihis vii!:iiiy lie Is survived liy (llrer SDII:,, Charles Jr.. Asklel. and Ix'wey New- i.'uitil), all uf iMii'illn. nila: iliirliiinn vs Ynrbrn - at Huffman: Confer vs nlytheville nt. '.! - B'y. Hi. II: KMnnljer S v.s ^vrmorel at Arinorel; Jllytheville vs Lutes al lutes. .Tilly 27 Lillle River vs Ynlhrn - al lle River: Manila vs Slylliovlllc Rt. -' - at Manila: Huffman vs Armo- rnl - at Huffman; Cooler vr, I-tile.s - nt. Comer: Number 9 vs nlyllic- ville - at BlylhevUle. Charles F. Newcomb Rites Held At Manila MANILA, Apr. 25,—Funeral serv- ITS for Cliarles Hilwanl Nc'.veoinl). 7(3. who died at his home nea' 1 Manila Wednesday, were eonduelrd Lillle River v.s Blylhcville Rl. 2 - nt I'.'y. HI 2: Yarhra vs Armoi-el at Yarbro: Manila vs Lutes - al Lutes; Huffman vr, Blylhcville - at Huffman: Cooles vs Number n - al No. 0. August 10 little River vs /Vrmorel - at Hltle River: Blylheville Rt. 2 vs Lutes- al Lutes; Yarhro vs Bly^ -vide - nt Blylheville; Manila vs Number !> - al No. 9; Huffman vs Cooler - al cooter. August n Little River vs Lutes - at Little River; Armorel v.s Blylheville - at Armnrel; Biylhcvillc Rt. 2 vs NumYavbro: Blylheville. vs Blytheville! lier 0 - at Bly. Rt. 2; Yarbro v.s Rt. 2 - at Blyfhcville: Lutes v.s, Cooler - at Yavbro; Manila vs Arinorel - .it Annorel. ' Huffman - at Manila. .Inly W August, 21 Little River vs Manila - at Ma- Little River vs Blyllieville - at lilythevHIe; Lutes vs Ntimljcr II - nt Lilies; Arinorel vs Cnnter - (it Aniioiel; BlyUleville l?(. ','. vx lliiff- inan - at Huffman; Yinliro vs Manila - al Mnitila. High School Auditorium Tuesday, April 29th, 8 p.m. Admission 35c and 50c Is ADVERTISING helping you -Inly IS Lijlle River vs Hurfinan - at I ittle River; Cooler vs Manila - at Cooler: Number n vs Yarbto - at LIFE INSURANCE SCHOOL For the. Man Seeking to Establish Himself in Business Aeina Life Insurance Safes Training School Offers o Real Opportunity Tin 1 Cuinplirlj A Vineyard AReuey, one r>r (he leiutitu: insimmee sales nr;::ir.i7:)tii>ns ill the conn try, will conduct :i oi:e-\vec.k Siili's Tr:iiniiiB Scliool— June 2nd to June7fh, 1947 Petit Jean Mountain Stare Park, near Morrilton, Ark. For men r.ot rx^ei-ifncctt, hi the insvu':iTiro business, conMclciiiin entering it. Real nptiortunily fnr man xvln> is cnuipi-,r<l to wrll life itisvinnu'O. It will p;iy ynii to Irjirn tlw (ir oj' this I.ifi' Insinanco 'rrjiinins; Scliocil. Aetna Life Insurance Co. CORDONH.CAMPBElt FOSTER A.VINEYARD Arlllil i'lnnr. VV;lll:lee lilil?., AI.-irklt.lln .1 M:iitt, Little Itnck, Ark. 1'e.r fiirlher inforniatinn innil coupon or illume 4-0:>in or I.. I). K. >'» olfli^.-tlinn. TO cAM p B ELL "&"vl N i YAR'D," GEN" "AG'TS" Aetna Life Insurance .Co., Little Rock, Ark. rtewc scud me details about your training school •VVV" A ^° •'• -Address I'lT.Jcnl Occupation " The Pay-off is your Pay Envelope What One Worker Says: MACHINIST—I'll say odvcrllsiriff helps mo. Wo mnko typewriters. I get paitl because my outfit—and thousands of other companies we sell lo—can sell their pr<xlucLs or service. 1 ) at rt profit. They do this mainly through advertising —modern mass-soiling operation without which we'd really lie in a fix. Advertising, by selling goods, protects my job. Perhaps You've Never Seen It Put This Simply Before j. */ j ^\DVERTISING lias iicen defined na "salesmanship in print,—or on the air waves." The more advertising sells, the more goods arc needed (o fill (lint demnnd. TJio more goofl.s needed, the mo: e men and women are needed at the fnclory that vnnkes those goods—yea, and on the farms and mines anil mills that mnktj the raw materials needed lo make Uio product. In addition, more men and women arc needed by the railway and trucking companies that ship the goods, and by the stores that sell it. >. Advertising, by selling goods, starts it never-ending cliaiu thai leads lo more jobs, bolter jobs, greater personal security. So when you hear or rend advertising—remember, it's helping you by making your job, your home, your income, far more secure! I. Brings you better goods for less money; 2, Makes shopping more pleasant and easier; of living. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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