The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on March 9, 1934 · Page 14
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 14

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 14
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11 THE NASHVILLE TfcMkSSEAN jf'nday Miriuug March 0, 11)31. Telephone Strike Is Cuba' Latest Trouble, Army May Take Hand HAVANA. Mwh I P) Wltb th lalaWg most Important com munlcations system the American- owned Cuban telephone company paralysed by a strike of erpployea, a clgh government official announced tonight that all atrllte will t broken "with full army, protection, tf necessary. However, official moved to put a Quick end to tha walkout of 1,100 employee of the telephone concern, and to settle the dock worker' firike by arbitration, if possible, without retorting to other mean. Tha government plana to use tha army to glv . protection where needed ahould a general strike- develop.- Official hop -to avert a general strike by settling tha difference of tha striker quickly. The telephone walkout wa sudden and without warning. It silenced 33,000 telephone in Havana and another (.000 In tha provincial area. Tha six radio station and wires , serving brokers were closed down-' Tha corporation Is valued at $2,000,000. -The company ha been studying a group of six demands of the workers, twit tha workers apparently decided not to continue dealing with th company's labor department- FIREMEN'S EENEFIT SHOW WILL EE GIVEN MARCH 22 Nine big acta, including head Una radio and stage talent, ara to b- featured In 1h thirtieth annual .Flrtmen'a Benefit entertainment to be given at Ryman auditorium March I!, It was announced yea tcrday. Tb show will be given under the direction of Raymond Hlggins. and Jack King, dancing comedian, Is to serve as master of ceremonies. Proceeds ar to aid widows of firemen, and are to go Into tha sick benefit fund of th fire department The program, .as anm unced yes terday by the committee on ar rangements Capt. J. N. Tjisslter, Capt. Georga Farrell, and Raymond Hlgglns will feature the following acta: . - Roger and Farrcll. blackface BtnWey brother, bem-rtai-.- ehestra; firemen's quartet. Johnny Payne,, pianist! Bulla Gallagher and Francis Vernon, tap dancer R. K. O. act' from Prince theater contributed through ; courtesy of Russell- Psrham. manager of the theater: Mlko Byrnes, Irish tenor Mary Joa M osier and Rich Mueller tan dAncers "extraordinaire," and a final of Jack King and company of o star. Tickets ara on sale at all fire hall In Nashville. ' Tha Atlanta, Ga., chamber of com merce was founded In 1(66. r i ) 1 i LJI la' Cajctcri Friday Hot Cakes, 2 Lik Saasag a, Maple Syrup and Melts Butter 15c i)iM;n and SUPPER Fria Atlantis Treat IP-WltJi Tartar Sauca ..IOC Friael Calf Liver and! Oaioa . . . . . BREAK FAST 6i30 to A.M. Macaroni sad Cbaese DINNER ! 11 A.M. to 2t15 P.M. 10c 10c . SUPPER - 6 to I P.M. 222 Sixth Avenue, North CAFETERIA Opposite Harmitag Hotel II WW Waera ta Tltk" ol tha B!f Pleture Ara ShowaJ The Book that Swept the Nation 1 8 Burning up the Screen! avow a? wis a . n Now Showing! .T-.- -tf r f ' S Her life cr frcds soul !tf wottumldndl stmlng , U ) E 17ALTER HUSTOn witr GDHA f.lAY OLIVER t" .-;...! Man Arrested With Stolen Car Admits Indiana Bank Holdup Arrested bar, yesterday jnorn lng' lir connection" with a stolen automobile which detective said ha was trying to sell, Elbert Fin, 25, of Roachdale, Ind., confessed few hours later to th holdup of th Bank of Fillmore, Ind., last October 23, it was announced last night by Chief of Detectives Elkln Lewis. Chief Lewis said Fin suddenly mad hi confession a Detective Joe Dixon, fingerprint expert, was preparing to take his finger prints late Thursday afternoon. "I mlwht as well tell you fellows, now I'm wsnted In Indiana for bank robbery," Chief Lewi quoted Fine as having ealaV Fin told officer th nam of the bank, and Chief . Lewi tele graphed Sheriff Alva Bryan, of Putnam county, Ind.; Informing the Indiana sheriff of Fine' arreet and confession. A messag from Bher iff Bryan last night said officers would come for Fine within the next few days, f , In his ceil. Fin related .the story of tha holdup several bours later a he bad told It to Chief Lewis. I Just went In and told tha cashier I wanted his money,' ha said. "I had a pistol on blm and helped mysalf to what caah I could find In tha bank. I couldnt find anything bat III In Oliver, . Th cashier wouldn't tell m wher the paper money was. I didn't want to argu so I Just took tha cashier with m and left Fin aaid ha forced th cashier to rid wltb htm far savcral mile out of Fllmora "Just to make ur nobody did any shooting at me He said h released th banker two mile but of Fillmore. Tb telegram from Sheriff Bryan last night atated th bank robber took 11.600 In bond In addition to th 1125 In silver change. Fin de nled taking tb bond. Chief Lewis declared. Fin was arrested at a local seo ond-hand automobile agency on Broadway Thursday morning by Detective TV. H. Williamson and A. A. Foster. Tha officers said he had attempted to sell an auto- mobil to th agency, and that when they examined th bill of sals for th car which Fin ax hlblted. tha detective found It to be "phoney." - t - Th .man wae brought to de tectlve headquarter, and a check up was started on th car. A notice of it theft from Paducah, Ky, last November was found in th file of th detective bureau, and a telegram from Paducah later confirmed the theft. Fine, who said be bsd served a term for larceny on th Indiana state penal farm, was being held last night on a charge of bank rob bery, and fugitive from Justice. NOON LENTEN SERVICES "It la Impoaalbl to weigh honor, to measure love, to take th cub root of virtue, declared th Rev Churchill 3. Gibson, rector of th St. James church In Richmond, Va in his noonday Lenten service t th Princess theater Thursday, Dr. Gibson will deliver th last of his series of Lenten sermons at noon today. , His ton c Thursday dealt with what Christian religion 'can do for the scientific man. "It Is tha business of th scientist to ask ques tions, to measure thing but not by Inches for Inches ar too much gross. ' "TV rind them getting tacts snd giving out answers and It was the searching question of St. Thomas, How can wo know th way. thaTTSrooght the great declaration of Christ, I am the way, the truth, and tha life.'" In conclusion he pointed out that the thing which Christ gav war thing of quality and not quantity, uch as love, virtue, and honor- things that ran not he measured. DANDRUFF A Sure Way to End It There Is on aura way that ha never failed to remov dandruff at once, and that la to dissolve it Then you destroy It entirely. To do this, Just get soma plain ordinary liquid arvon from any drug store. It won't cost you more than thirty-five (35c). Apply it at night when retiring, using enough to moisten th scalp and rubbing It gently with tha finger tip. By morning most, it not an, or your dandruff will b gone, and two or three mora applications will completely dlsaolv and entirely ratroy every single sign and trace of It, no matter how much dandruff you may have. You will find, too, all Itching and Igglng of th scalp will stop In stantly nd your hair will bs fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky and soft, and look and feel a hundred times bet-ter.adv. MAKE THIS MODEL AT HOME Th Nah vule Tennetsean Daily Pattern 1 BABY CHARM IN THIS LITTLE . .' : FROCK tint CJJan PATTERN 17M When people ay to you, "What a sweet little girl you have!" It. usually means that you'v chosen just the right deslgri for her little frock. Th little dress In this pic-' tura I that kind. It bring out all th baby charm in the little girl by It simplicity of line, and especially ' th little fluttory ruffl accent over th shoulders. It's adorable mad ofca printed cotton, dotted swle. dimity, or of plain materia), In ' pink, blue, red whatever Color brings out tha beat In her hair, eyes and akin. Buttons should b of a gaily contrasting color. Pattern 17S hi available In alzes 2. 4, I. . and 10. Size 4 take t 1-1 yard 31 Inch fabric. Illustrated step-by-step sawing Instructor Included. , -. " Bend FIFTEEN CENTS (15c) In coins or sumps (coins preferred) lor wis Anna Adams pattern-Writ plainly name, address and styla number- BS 8URS TO STATES S1ZU. . THE NCW SPRING, 1(24 EDI TION OF THH ANNS ADAMS PATTERN MAQAZINB 13 READY! All tha best spring atyles for adults and children In an Interesting, helpful book. Send for your copy and be chlo this spring. PRICE OF MAGAZINE FIFTEEN CENT8. MAGAZINE AND PATTERN TOGETHER, TWENTT-FIVB CENTS, s Address orders to Tha Nashvlll Tenneisean Pattern Department. 143 West 17th Street New York City 1769 dht,cUmS Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Boyd Carpenter, prominent club. member and social worker, will bl FUNERAL HERE TODAY FOR I Driver Killed When MRS. MARY B. CARPENTER Federal Reserve Van Is Robbed; Search On . t ! II II IS g RICHMOND, Va., March Wr V Vati Raum truck was held held at I o'clock this afternoon, UD , tonight. It driver killed with Dr. Costen J. Harrell officl-land mall packagea stolen by four atlng. Burial will b In lit. Olivet men in two car who escaped auer cemetery. itn snooting lesving on car De- Mrs. Carpenter died at 11:05 hind them. It carried New Jersey o'clock Wednesday night at her I Plate. home, 3321 West End avenue, fol-1 E. M. Huband. 41, of Richmond, ras th driver who wa auiea. Stat police Immediately flaahed an alarm for tha other car, a small dark sedan also wltb New Jersey lowing a long Illness. Sb was connected wltb numer ous charitable organizations, par ticularly with thos doing educa tional work for youmr people and I plates- donated th physio-therapy treat-I Th robbery took place near th ment room at tha Junior Leasue I Broad street railroad station as th Home for Crippled Children. The I reserve bank truck was blocked on donation waa made In memory of I a bridged road leading from the her daughter. Rachel, who died I exDress shed. several year ago. .1 A witness to the holdup, J. M, Mrs. carpenter naa. on several Pslmore. Richmond motor salesman, oocasloas, given substantial funds I iaid thst the two care were parked to Vanderbllt University and scar- in tha roadway. Ha said he fol rltt college for aiding needy sta- iOWed the truck from the exnress dents purine their courses. andsneds and saw it stop when it laea M mo esisousnmeni oi s I rarhid the harrlrade King's Daughters' horn la Mont- 1 T.n mn tumnod fmm shrubbery eagle, Tenn. - I ,t the aide of the road, opened a She was born In Columbia, Tenn-1 An, n k.Pk r th tnu-k and tha daug hterxif the Rev. A.Q. Dla. open4 fir, without warning. Pal-wddie. Methodist minister. Mrs! .u w. u. - uarpenier raovio ner sooui " other men remained aeated in one yurs ago, oui inn un khpi nvmo cars. Ul Asnevuia. u, ana oiomeas.-. i H ... ODened the -T . ' -" Jr i v ' 7J . . " ' Z i I at the driver and his attendant." Palmore said. "They fired several shots and tb driver was killed. The negro attendant, seated be side tha driver, ducked down into the front of the truck - escaping Injury, clety, and the Polk Memorial and the Review clubs. Mrs. Carpenter also belonged tt the West End Methodist church She la survived by her son, Joha Carpenter, Jr.. of New York City: two sister. Mr. 3. A. Warner of St. Joseph, Mo., and Mrs. C. II Mlnteer of Kansss City. Mo, and grandson,' John Carpenter, III. Pallbearers will be Herbert Cur- son, Dudley Gale, Andrew swing. Robert Jackson. Jr Bruce Doug las. Jack Bass Joe Gibson, Sewel Brandeau, Robert Harwell Carter Reeves. Jr.. Ewin Keeble, J. C. Bradford. Lawrence Howard, Dr. Hurh Morgan. John Maddln, Rub' ert Brandau. Tom Tyne. Jr., Henry Col ton, James Gran berry. James Waller. Joe Palmer, jr.. and John Hunt. Says Sugar Plan Is F. D.s WASHINGTON, March I tfV- While a House agriculture sub committee nesred agreement today on revision of the administration approved sugar bill Secretary Wal lace told the ways and means com mittee the domestio industry wss on of the leading -lneracieni asTlcultur endeavors. Wallace stated flatly domestic sugar beet producera were entitled to only 1.450.000 ton annually was recommended by the President, although members of the agriculture group said they understood in farm administration had indicated consent to a change In production quotas to benefit augar beet growers. ' Establishment of a domestio quota, had not been agreed upon today but It was reported the House eub-commllte- favored an ncreano from 1,40.000 to ' about 477,000 tons annually. OF INTEREST TO EVERY WOMAN YOURS CAN BE THE LATEST DEVELOPMENT The Ts!k ef The Town Always Opa I Hippedreaa Riak fflf Lea A. Ssltsar's fil W ALU ATI 10 N Jfaae Jo Wt AO m I.., I P.M. Japanese Military . Studies U. S. Sales Of Planes in China SHANGHAI. March 1 Wr Ths Japanese military, self-styled guar-dlans Of "The Peace of th Far Kant." want to know more about American airplane aalesmen who are obtaining orders In ver increasing number In China, It was learned today. Recent discussions In the Japanese diet In which it was charged that th United States had agreed to assist China in developing an sir force brought denials from Wsshlngton officials, but reports indicate the Jspsnese army's con cern' overs the activities or ina salesmen and instructors here has not be assuaged- The latest reports, all of them , unverlfiable -officially, ssy that! Jspanesa sgents in China are studying each .American flier, go-ln to considerable troubler in many caaea, seeking any possible connec tion between the men ana w American government. Yesterday's arrival of Frank Hawks, noted American aviator, wltb a giant bomber which he will demonstrate to the national gov ernment. stimulated the work of the Jananea investigators, The Japanese were represented as feeling that the new Shanghai Canton commercial air line la a possible threat to th security of Formosa, the Japanese Island pos- session off tha coast of China. SELFISHNESS CAUSE OF CRISIS, MARCONI SAYS ROME. March I ff In defense of science and "Its offspring, the machine." Gugllelmo Marconi struck out tonight at "human welt Ishness" as one of the basic cause of ths world ertsls. The affirmation that eclnc and the machine are responsible for tha world crisis and -unemployment must be definitely rejected." the famous Inventor declared in an ad dress before " Italy' most distinguished scientists In th Palatao Veneiia. "They have made It possible for man, with enormously reduced effort, till to have everythlnr he needs for a life of comfort. "It Is not the machine or science that have provoked th Ul from which w suffer. "We have been cheated of th advantage th.y have brought by a defective distribution or the wealth and resources providence hat given us In abnndanre, and above all oy human elf Ishness- 'The time when science was con sidered a luxury and merely a spiritual satisfaction has naased Thompson Rites Today Funeral service for Mr. Haiti Thompson, 40, wife afFat Thompson, will be held at tha residence, SSU Tennesae avenue, conducted by Elder E- A. Craft-. Burial will be In Johnson's chapel . on the Granny While plk. Mrs. Thompson died at her bom early Thursday morning, following a year's Illness. She waa born and reared In Williamson couc-ty. moving here about nine year ago. Sb was a ' member of the Baptlar church. Sh is survived by her husband! seven daughters, the Misses Gladys. Hazel. Allle B , Willi. Hat tie, Iris and Bernlce Thompson; two aona Leonard and O. L. Thompson! her mother. Mrs. F. C. Conerj a slater, Mrs. W. W. Davis: alx brothers, Ellis. Fred. Erfle. Porter. Beverly snd Howard Coner. LOUISIANA PRIMARY.". CALLED FOR APRIL 17 BATON ROUGE, La, March I. WV-Factlon-torb Democrat o the Sixth Louisiana, district today war-' called upon. by tha district" Democratic committee to participate in a party primary April 17 for selection of a aucceasor to th lata Congressman Bolivar R. Kemp. Kemp died nearly a year ago, and the seat has sine been vacant, although the district elected two "congressmen" to the poet last December. t Both of those elected the wtd ow, Mr. Bolivar E- Kemp, and J. T. Sanders. Jr.. were rejected by the House after investigation of their election, held to have been Irregular. TODAY JACK HOLT LILLIAN MILES "Msn Against Womsn" Special Kiddies Show Ssturday :4S A. M. TODAY and SATURDAY "MIDSHIPMAN JACK" ' 'With Bruce Cabot Batty Faraase ORPHEUr.l .Now Showing PLANTATION FOLLIES Am All-Colored Cast 35 PEOPLE 35 Two Shows Daily 2:18 and S:1B Matiaea S5c Night 40c . Don't Miss Special Show Saturday Night at 10:1S P. M. Sure, AlfCoarLcolis fllilfc T n No' " co,,, ,,lkt ,n rvinf TOur I I 1 comfort and economy. For maximum I lit - heat, minimum ash and freedom from Ul I ' unburnable sllte, thai and clinker, U rely on (. U L TIES S FUELS Best Grade "A" West Kentucky O) hssiisl vJr FA 3-INCH LUMP Liat Price, JS.25 Caah 5405 3x2 NUT Li.tPricw, . fJiri 54.75 Caah ea aa as srjr" ' ""tya4 21B ELEVENTH AVE, S. PHONE B-113S 'FAULTLESS FUELS SINCE 1878" He Asked For Her Hand . . and f 'A T? "." " -'4 , ..A V j ... stepped into the liveliest, jayest, fastest romance he had ever encountered. J . Jamet . Clari'a DUNN- - TREVOR . .. - IN - ,. .. GHE11LV- a jfA MORE JOY 2i.VA ' "Broadway Varietlet" With AdalaMa Hall ' Paraotouat Nawa - Start Tomorrow (Paramount J Last Day FraaVi Marek Sylvia Sidney "Cood Daroa" starts TODAY ON THE SCREEN - MllTTiriG THE HIGH SPOTS t.rMIIMHiMJ IIVI Jg-avi 4 rm NOW SHOWING! I ZZ-.. y. rW A isTafi (LaVlYV saaaaabsBB i. (Kiwi ifmv V , HEAR Their Clorioaa Voices Tagetaer la . Jerome Kera's Im'ssortal Soag Hits! LaOTtsK pi EXTRA! Loose Again aT! LAUREL outrn HARDY la M C.M. t'eanlf Haw Ollt.r tha aiti" M.ln Trrl Cayt Camorout! ipkyl nomwo cfeanoilo 1? n X STAJtRJNO RLIIIE JUDGE CfSTOU FOSTER .J. A k 1 At r ; I - You've seen it oh th e scRnnr a . - v o mm mj vv. til ii r 1 m EDDIE in IT5 DRIVING AMERICA r AtELODY MAD J V in k3 SXTHTTE r LOVE! LAUGIlTEn! ZIP! ZEST I j STAGE SHOW A? v- f as? - oW r-aiiasii 1 mmm 11 ari.iii. ENTIRE NEW i; the o.iiciNALr ,,;'nn,' a ifi f A 111 10 An J KrXT rSIOAYi v 1 7 I IU'LD INTIIELIVt51 AND LARGEST NIGHT m in ir.z vor.LD MOIT SILVER "Ti e Ho.J To LITTLE ESTHER "If .f CI a In ni.r la z: r

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