The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on October 22, 1938 · Page 6
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 6

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 22, 1938
Page 6
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24 THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 22, 1938. Congeniality Important In Marriage By DOROTHY DIX Dear Miss Dix — When people marry, should they have an equal amount of intelligence, breeding, education and so forth? Or should the man be superior to the wife or the wife to the husband? In my case I am inclined to believe that I am just a little above my husband. Do you think the feeling of superiority will make me tire of him? He worships me and thinks he has the greatest wife in the world, and we are very happy, but J fear I may sometimes grow weary «f him. MRS. L. S. Answer: Congeniality is certainly the- one most important factor in making any marriage a success. As long as a married couple think alike and have the same tastes and habits and enjoy the same things they are •ure to be happy together. Let a man and woman belong to the same church or political party and it is a bond between them. Let them belong to different ones and nine times out of ten it is the cause of a perpetual scrap between them. It is the women who loathe golf who complain of being golf widows, not the women who play a good game themselves and who enjoy a day on the links and the post-mortems afterward. Certainly the man and the woman Who belong to the same social circle, who have the same tastes and habits, who know the same people ant! who have about the same amount of education are far more likely to be congenial than are people who were reared i» a different environment, who have different traditions and different customs and ideas and are accustomed to a different school of cookery. Cinderella Dish Gets Brazil Nut Crown Now When commonplace bread pudding r "go«!S to a party." So one can give no better advice to a man or woman than to urge them to marry in their own. class. Old Hiawatha said it when he told the youth: "Like a fire upon the hearthstone is a neighbor's homely daughter. Like the starlight, like the moonlight is the handsomest of Cause of Mottled Teeth in Children By DR. IRVING S. CUTTER r have been mapped. Within recent years we have all become more particularly about ap- strangers." But in a case where either the husband or wife has more intelligence and has had better social and educational advantages it is far better for the couple themselves for the man to be the superior, but it Is worse for the? children. It is far more important for children to have & superior mother than it is to have a superior father. In a recent survey that was made In domestic relations it was found that in the cases where the husband was superior the marriage was generally a success, whereas when the gray mare was the better horse the marriage was almost invariably a failure. pearance. One may have rather ill formed features and yet present a pleasing countenance if the teeth are white, regular and attractive. The smile of the movie idol would be a delusion, even a horror, were his mouth filled with crooked, discolored, or misshapen teeth. About two decades ago many Instances of a peculiar, brownish staining of the enamel were reported. In some patients pits were observed resembling tiny excavations which ruined the normal contour of the structures. Naturally, the situation attracted much attention and it did not take long to determine that fluorine in the water was the causative factor. Although the occurrence of this element is world-wide, nevertheless, its presence in sufficient quantities to cause mottling is predominantly west of the Mississippi. H. T. Dean states that in- a section of west Texas a high percentage of the thousands of children residing in this district are afflicted. Already in 25 states 335 positive areas A number of Fortunately, adults can move to habitants of none of the large cities of these states have been stricken. The condition has become of such moment that in certain localities special drinking water in supplied. This seems to be necessary as any attempt to get rid of the material Jn the public supply is too expensive. What is fluorine? It is a chemical element which in its natural state is a gas. When combined with hydrogen it forms an acid (hydrofluoric) which must be kept in wax bottles. The reason is that is destroys glass. Because of th4s property it is used for etching upon glass where cutting tools are not employed. We can understand, therefore, that if the body contains enough of this principle it would be likely to attack the hardest tissue in the body—namely, tooth enamel. This powerful chemical exists in combination with sodium, calcium, silicon, or copper. But in whatever form it may be found, enough may be in solution to cause difficulty. ENJOY RARE COFFEE FLAVOR IN M-J-B's RICHER ROAST Double-blending makes a delicious difference that you can taste, at any strength you may prefer. Oh, and you can't fool me —it't this rich MJB Coffee you GUARANTEE M-J-B Coffee is guaranteed to make the best coffee you ever tasted or your money will be refunded. You will find a finer flavor in M-J-B—a. rich coffee flavor that is fully developed and completely satisfying, whether you make it mild, medium or strong. You see, M-J-B is double-blended— first blended green, then blended again after months of ageing. Thus the full, rich character of each variety of coffee is blended and aged with every other—so that a perfect fusion of rare flavors is developed in the roasting. Naturally the result is a. richer roast of coffee—a coffee so much more delicious that M-J-B can assure you com" plete satisfaction, Try M-J-B today —at any strength you may prefer, by any method. HlfL MAKE THIS PROOF TEST COMPAQ ANY OTH« COHH WITH M-J-B-UKI THIII SMELL Ju«t»m«Uth«exhllarar ing aroma of opened M-J 8. You eon't Finol prooiliin«v«ry cup of M-J'Ri ricrin«i«of fl8»or thof •veryone con tatve, at ony ttrenglh thai you may pr«f«r. Not* rh« rlehtr.nwl- brown color of M'J'B. S« uniform grind. You can i»t that M-J-B (i roQtted end ground prec!»ely,to perfection. THI COFFEE WITH THI • net,f«»ult of M-J Richer Rooif. impunity as the watetv—to do damage—must be either drunk or used in cooking during the period when the "ivories" are undergoing calcification. In children, normal teeth when, they emerge from the gums are smooth, glossy and creamy white in color. Those in fluorine- ridden, regions—when they erupt— are dull and chalky white, and soon take on the characteristic brown stain which is likely to increase with age. How much Is required to bring on the symptoms? If there is one part per million only a small number of boys and girls will be both- eeed, but'with six parts per milHon every child using the fluid will exhibit the disorder. If there are 2V- parts per million, 75 per cent will show definite signs of destruction and the remaining 25 per cent some slight indications. Here are the rules for prevention: Every child under eight years of age must use both food and water free from this element. This may mean the use of rain or distilled water. While compounds such aa magnesium oxide will precipitate thft offending substance, this is quite too costly for commercial use. Bone filters have been recommended and may be helpful. What is really needed is some sort of filtration device that can be attached to a faucet. GALL BLADDER REMOVAL H. S. writes: 1. Would the removal of the gall bladder cause indigestion? I am 28 years old and, in my case, the structure (which contained two stones) was removed last April. I have been on a fat-free and spiceless diet since the operation. 2. Would the removal of the' The Cinderella of the dessert family, bread pudding, now goes to the party—at 12 or any hour—in a new Brazil nut dress. The menu- princess shown here "is made with creamy custard, enriched with meaty Brazils—and the bread is cut in long fingers! The Brazils do the trick, and there's no trick in making the family alt up.for this old standby with its new flavor. Be sensible—and go nutty about bread pudding this new way. The recipe is given on this page. BRAZIL NUT BREAD PUDDING Four slices buttered bread, 2 eggs, 2 cups milk, cup sugar, Vi teaspoon Dinner Menu For Sunday In October By LOUISE BENNETT WEAVER Fish Cocktail cup salt, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1-3 sliced Brazil nuts. Cut buttered bread into finger- width pieces. Arrange in layers in a buttered baking dish or pan. Sprinkle each layer with alined Brazil nuts. Beat eggs slightly, add sugar, salt, vanilla and milk. Mix well and pour over bread. Garnish top with Brazil nuts and bake 1 hour in a moderately slow oven (325 degrees F.). Winter Fashions Feature Variety Of Casual Suits Suits seen about town for casual wear include a smart model of beige Shetland wool, the jacket managing to be boxy yet fitted with double breasted closing and stitching marking the notched revers and wide semicircular patch pockets. The skirt is pleated, with the pleats released below the knee line. Another clever suit has a three- quarter length jacket with double pockets having an opening at the top and at the waist line. The fabric is in green spongy cloth. The striped skirt is in rust brown and green and there is a rust wool waistcoat. A rust-colored tweed suit has a :opcoat trimmed with panther fur that makes a. flat collar and bands on the pocket flaps and chevron stripes on the sleeves. Handsome ensembles with full- length, fur-trimmed coats, the 3ress of the same color and fabric but in a lighter weave, are the thing on -both sides of the Atlantic. The smart women of New York, Paris and London usually choose them with rich fox trimming. Browned Turnips jail bladder cause any trouble in later life with the liver? Reply 1. Gastric complaints may be present following removal of gallstones. Careful attention to the diet, using small meals more frequently, may help. In fact, a readjustment in the dietary regime may need to be studied carefully. 2. Nothing serious, although the outlet ducts enlarge to form a temporary reservoir for bile. PROBABLY HE'S NERVOUS A. A. R. writes' I know a person who occasionally runs his hand through his hair and actually pulls out some. What causes this? Is here a cure? Reply Unless this poor chap has the itch or pediculosis I would ascribe the jabit to nervousness. No doubt nany European statesmen recently lave become adepts. To the limit of space questions pertaining to hygiene and preven- •ion of disease will be answered in his column. Personal replies will >e made to inquiries, under proper imitations, when return stamped envelope is inclosed. Dr. Cutter will not make diagnosis or prescribe for ndividual diseases'. Roast Beef Sweet Potatoes, Caiifornia~sTyle^ Sugar Cinnamon Sticks Cranberry Jelly Fruit Salad Celery Seed Dressing Pumpkin Pie Coffee Sweet Potatoes, California Style Three cups mashed cooked sweet potatoes, 1-4 cup cream, 1-3 cup crushed pineapple, 1-4 teaspoon paprika, 1-3 teaspoon salt, 1-3 cup pecans, 1 egg, beaten. Mix ingredients and beat together for one minute. Pile in a buttered baking dish and bake for 20 minutes in a moderate oven. Serve in dish used in baking. Sugar Cinnamon Sticks Two cups flour, 4 teaspoons baking powder, 4 tablespoons fat, 2-3 cup milk, 1 egg yolk, 1-3 cup granulated sugar, 1-2 teaspoon cinnamon. Mix flour with baking powder. Cut invfat with a knife. Still mixing with knife, add the milk slowly. Pat out soft dough until it is half an inch thick. Spread with rest of ingredients, combined. Using sharp knife, cut into strips two-thirds of an inch wide and three inches long. Carefully remove strips to baking sheet and bake in a moderate oven. Celery Seed Dressing One teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon celery seed, 5 tablespoons granulated sugar, 1-2 teaspoon dry mustard, 1-4 teaspoon paprika, 1 teaspoon onion juice, 1-4 cup vinegar, 1 cup salad oil. Mix dry ingredients. Add onion juice and a little oil until a paste forms. Alternate vinegar and rest of oil Beat two minutes—or until thick. Chill and serve on any hind of salad or use to marinate salad ingredients. Handful of Stars By Margaret G. cle In her face been, terribly. But (Continued from Page 22) moved. "I havefcan turn to. o/s I don't know Tempting Garnishes 'Dress 1 Simple Foods Garnishes often lend magic to simple foods. Here are some for topping creamed soups: Chopped parsley or cress, dash of paprika or nutmeg, vegetables cut in fancy shapes, tiny strips of green peppers or pimientos, grated cheese, spoonful of whipped cream, a dash of horseradish mixed with whipped cream, small toasted crotons and popped corn. now if I am or not. But I've got to find him. I've got to know if he's all right." Not In love with Jeff any longer? She felt no love now, only anxiety. Where was her love? Where had it gone? Esther said, "If you think he's 111, I'll call the hospitals and inquire.* She went to the phone and called several hospitals. Then she, turned to Lyle. "He isn't in any of the places I've called. Try to sleep now, dear. We'll talk more about it when you're rested." But Lyle lay awake in the cool dim room after her mother had ?onc, thinking of what she had said impulsively, without thought: "But I don't know now if I am or not. was as if anxiety had swept her love out of her, leaving only anxiety. Finally she slept and the room was dark when she awoke. , That night her mother said, "Lyle, very few people drop out oi sight and are never heard of again. JYou're upsetting yourself unnecessarily, dear. Forgive me if I sound hard, 3Ut a man who would treat a girl is ^Jeff treated you, isn't worthy. He's probabiy having a very good :ime and doesn't realize how long t's been since he wrote you last." Lyle rested her head on the back of the chair. "And I've been acting as if I were half out of my mind." She smiled. "I feel better. You've made me feel better." "And ^ Jeff had cared deeply, he'd have been to see me notr only to see what kind of mother-in-law he'd be getting, but out of respect to you because you asked him to come. Now stop worrying and enjoy yourself while you're here. We'll go swimming tomorrow." After two days of rest and of her mother's quietening influence, Lyle felt strangely at peace and the days that had preceded her coming were a bad dream now. There had been so much confusion of late — Bonnie and Michael at odds, work at the store, work for Mrs. Nash. There hadn't been a free moment. Rush and worry and work . . . But life at the Spanish bungalow was orderly and quiet And Lyle put her own thoughts in order and looked back. Now she was ashamed that she had come. What had Lois Penniman thought of her for rushing away like that? What had Stephen thought of her? But he understood. She thought, "I don't know where Jeff is, but 1 know he's all right If he. weren't, he'd have called me. Oh, yes, he'd have called ma because I'm the only person he But whereve he doesn't need m e or m'on' h ' . OQ »>« probably at another beach and I might fin'rt tried them all. But I'm „ T " i to try. Lois Penniman fhi , Eoin S been foolish, I kno ™ But St* i' Ve knows I've always been f Phen where Jeff i s concerned % ' hayed like a frightened 'chUH lost her pet and went om • woods to find it" l " A pet ... She had tender hands and he'* thought, stroke him way and he turns on y * ron « patio, reviewin had happened since' ^ luoer fully in her mind. She thought, been so close to Jeff • • that I couldn't see spective. I saw him didn't have time to think so that rw P n t0bcr Per ' everything all right and I'd him. This is the longest been And after four , _ ve ve ever days all 8 nxieK was gone and Lyle knew she I, H come to the end of lovinr Jpff p Lena said to Esther, "She', at ' in? better. Esther said, "She came tn i, other. She's been awa™ from ™ too long. -Jeff conway isn't w™^ to touch a hair of her prettyTead ° ver way a * u, ay a irl should get over a man She* worked it out by herself, in l one V A love that won't stand a isn>t worth ness. whfhv, uc What bothers her now is that she could' have been in love with that kind of a man. A girl like Lyle doesn't want to experiment, Leila She wants her first love to be the only one she'll ever have. But Jeff Conway-has been an experience to her. She'll look beyond a handsome face and smooth talk the next time " (To be continued) WHICH DO YOU PREFER A FLOOD OR A FIRE? Our building Is of fireproof construction. We purposely do not have a (flood) or sprinkler system, therefore w;c can promise you maximum protection from both. You mav place your most cherished possessions In our care for safe keeping. KEYSER Fireproof Storage Packing, "WAS. MuvJrig ' 5722 NOW- See Clothes Wash up to 1 5% Whiter- with HIGH-TEST Meet People With Confidence PARnble think?" "Oh! this WOULD happen," thinks Madge frantically in the middle of a word. Should sho pronounce it exQUTsite or EXquisite? Madge would like to make a hit with these attractive men (they're :he kind who know EXquisits is right). But how can she when she makes these wild stabs at words? "Yes, the club is run by a KLICK—but we've had an incom- PROGP.UM, don't yoi Of, her breaks amuse people who correctly say KLEEK for clique, inCOMparable, PROgram vith an "a" instead of "u" sound. Madge, detecting their glances, hlnks what's the use of trying with people better bred and educated nan herself—who "naturally" talk correctly. Nonsense! Everybody has to earn the trickier words—and you •an quickly check up on them. Do you shy away from "Frenchy" words for clothes and food? You wonder If you'ro wrong to speak of a modiste as MOdist or lingerie as onjerAY, to order the ta-ble-de- HOTE dinner? With a very little practice you ould speak confidently and correct- y of a moDEEST, lanzhaREE the ah-bl-DOTE dinner. And why ho!d back when others talk of events of the day—the premiere of a new show, the Sudeten problem, the dictator's pact? .You, too, can be at case when you as •know how to avoid such boners preMEER. SuDETcn, Dictators. You sound cultured and charming as you say correctly pre-MYAIR SuDAYten, dicTAYtors. Don't let uncertainty about pronunciation handicap you. Our 40- page booklet, "Words Moat Often Mispronounced," quickly sets you right, gives you the clear correct pronunciation admired by people you want to know. Send 15 cents in coins for our booklet, "Words Most Often Mispronounced," to The Tribune-Telegram Homo Service Bureau, Salt Lake City, Utah. Write plainly your name, address and the namo of booklet. How Women in Their 40's Can Attract Men Here'i good idvleo for a woman during hor change (uiualiy irom 88 to 62), who fer<n ihe'U low h«r appeal to men, who worrlci about hot (Uihea, lou of pan, dizzy »pel!i, tips«t nerve* and moody spclla. Amazing New Ingredient not only makes new High- Test OXYDOL far whiter washing—but also makes it give up to TWICE THE SUDS even in hard water... "Impossible!" said millions of women when they heard that America's outstanding laundry soap had been improved. 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Furthermore — High-Test Oxydol soaks dirt loose in as little as 10 minutes, without the ruinous scrubbing or boiling associated with less up to date soaps. You will be surprised to find how economical new High-Test Oxydol is. Cup for goes up to J A again as far — washes up to 25% more clothes than the old-fashioned soaps you've probably used before. Try High-Test OXYDOL and see if you don't find an utterly new experience in easier washdays, whiter clothes; Get a package today. Procter U Gamble. . Juiit got more freih air, 8 hrs. tlecp and If ou need a reliable "WOMAN'S" tonic tak» ,yd!a E. Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound, made ttper.ially for women. It helps Nature build up physical rralatanrn, thun helps Rive morn vivacity to enjoy life and ainliit calm- Ing jiltnry nrrvraanS thono disturbing symp- m* that often accompany cha Pinkham'i i« WELL WOR ,1 Advertisement). YOUR PEALER NOW HAS THE N EW HIGH-TEST OXYDOL, 'THE SAME ORANGE AND BLUE BULL'S- EYE PAOCA&E-THE ONLY CHANGE IS IN THE SOAP/ OXYDOL New Uigb-Ttst OXYDOL it *mazmgly safe for washable colors. Even in h»rd wtter you'll find that colored things nay •miziogly sparkling and fresh through an almost onbelUvable number of wwhinjj. The sketches nboTe illustrate how sections of cotton print, washed as much as 175 consecutive times in new Higb-Tetl OXYDOL have come through without any perceptible sign of fading. OLD-FASHIONCO WAV NIW OXYOOt. WAT OXYDOL soaks dire loose in »» little ax 10 minutes. Thus cndi the washboard scrubbing th»t shortens the life of clothes. Picture »t left shows a new jhert (highly magnified) washed 84 times by scrubbing wilh old- style soap. Note fraying in we««, due to hard rubbing and scrubbing ... On the iight,.another new sheet washed 84 times th* scrubless OXYDOL w»y. Not* difference in "washday w" r and tear. NEW HIGH-TESTOXYDOL&** pi ( 0, ; HOW ON EARTH WO Yt)U GET THE ClOTHES SO MUCH WHITER. THIS WEEK? DON'T TELL ME YOU FINALLY GOT THAT NEW WASHER/ NEW WASHER, NOTHING-/ ITS JUST THAT I'M USING- THAT NEW SOAP EVERYONE'S RAVING-ABOUT— OXYDOLf*

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