The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER TUESDAY, JULY Proving They Ye Olympians Light Rain Sends Rolllcrs -and Nu-Ws- Home Pre- •venls Game ; Thf Siiimltnv. Team W. I., Nu-Wa cicniirrs i! 3 Coca Cob n 3 Eteain'Klry 2 a Ily J. )'. Fitll-M) s-'iai!in<> ii sUn-iii" fourth l"iilnv 'rally. Jack Applr-banm'.s store rushed - over five runs to delea' Filylhcvillc Steam Laumhv, ll-H In . tlie ally paint- uluvetl hi iilvlil In the Girls' P iltl jll It i in • The scheduled Nil Ui fo 1(1)1 rcntcsl was poMpniu t <ion nil i .the first game hud tfi-iiiluali-d mill Leenn foiling II litK s<um' ol the fill-Is on both lean'.',, cv ilfntly thinking it \ is (,< In tn ruin hard or Lu-a'i-i- tf tin; s<. vere llvhtnlm;. loll uiitl v.'h°r Umplre-in-cliU'f Ilcrbw llrown-! ins; called play neither team wir j ready. Ikcairsiv of the fact that lifllh teams are in first ::lace. and 11 ..great deal di pi'mlcd on l!n Ijame, it was decided to play It lit a later date. Nu-\Va Is shied for a game vvilh a Komy's 5 & Itlc Store learn, here lonljlit. pie venting -a phy-oll, 'J'licy v;il! play It, Friday. '" Mrs. Herb Browning oiil|iilclir>d Evelyn McDaniel In rrcnnliiig hei first victory. She gave tin bnl six hits as compared lo ten for Evelyn, but at that the 'liinimrr: were forced to come from behind to win. The Liii'ndrvlie; tcok n three run lead In their half of the first, on hits by Edna George mid Eunice Scotl. a fielder's choice, and two errors. Successive hits by Alice Saliba Lela Whittle and lone Friend, nil error, another hit by Ktila Whittle, Blanche Morris' base on balls, aiid a wild throw aoi'oiuiU'd for five runs and sent Applebiunu into the lead. Knvln Homers Ruth Krwin's home ITU enabled Laundry to pull within one. Ellin Whiltlc made a great, try locnteh the Laundry left fielder's low liner, but (be ball got pasl her nnd went lo the cars. Applcbaum scored (mother In Ihe third after Lai'ndry had gone scoreless. Fi-lcncl, walked, moved , up as McDaniel tossed out Ilaiwl Lutes, went to third on Minnie Lee LeggeiL's out and scored when George threw wlklly in home afler fielding Morris' roller. Lmnulry took command with a Ilirce run blast In the first half of the fourth. Cnlhotm was on llemphiU's error, advanced on a fielder's choice by Qrnrlcs. Dull) advanced \vhen Morris threw cut Doris Fuwler, McDanlel sinjlcd scoring two, and went to second on the throw. George hit to center, and McDanlel galloiird home. Then came the wimiiin; mjly. Ruby started it with n double Mrs. Browning was safe on imrle< error. Saliba rolled out. L. Whittle .wn.s given life on P. Russell's bobble, Lutes scoring. Friend's hit scored Browning. II. Lutes and Morris singled in onler. L Whittle and Pi-lend conning. Morris forced H. Lutes at. third. Leggett singled, fillinj the bases Hemphill walked, forcing in E Whittle. Ruby Lutes, balling foi the second time, was thrown out Lnundry's losl Inning spuit net led only one. on L. Whittle's out field error, mi infield out and r wild throw. -. Edna George, Lai'ndry fir;, sacker. tcok advantage of tin idleness ol Helen Laster. Nu-Wc. grabbing the league batting with three singles in tts m-.iny limes at bat. Her iivei-agc ol .59 compares to .500 for Helen. Kill Whittle nnd lone Friend also ha perfect marks \vilh three ami lw lilts, respectively. The box scores: Laundry Fowler. 2b 3 0 0 McDaniel. p 3 2 George, Ib 3 1 P. Russell, c 2 1 Scott...rf 3 D. Russell. 3b 3 Lynch, cf 3 Erwin, If 3 Gallium, si ; : .- 1 . Quarles. ss-c 2 1 0 1 Riilnli namignn <;l Miami chin us the water in Warwick. Ii. I.. i« win tin 1 IStC-incler i'\em In the Clyjnplc swimming leiini (rials In It::t7,8, Me ab.o wen the -lOO-tnctor race lo Insure a d'.uble pli f In the nerlln Dailies. \ t t Kitty nawls, seen in n (vinnlng spring board, dive at (he Olympic trials, also capdired . the 'lOO-rne.- w free .style swim.. Disqualifies For Second Straight Time; Becker Beats Firpo Handily By J. I'. FKFKNI) Mike Meroney again disqualified 1 Ff Myers, Dallas, Texns. '• 'former wrlieru' and middleweight chamnlon, In his rnaleh with Morris "Ike" Dloomfield, the Jewish stion;; boy, last, night in the main eveia of Ihc American Legion wrestling program at Die Le- Sjlcn open all- arena. Kneeing In the groin wa.. .... specific cliarnc for the disqualification, nlihoiiKh Myers has violated almost every known rule from choking on' down. Last week the official was forced 'lo stou tlie match between Myers and Rex Mnblcy when Myers foiled to heed the command of New the referee to stop eye gouging t Mcbley's eyes were badly swollen I and medical attention was rc- I (piired. The forfeiture came after eight minutes of wrestling In pursuit of Ihe first fall, after each had won one. nioomfleld won the first with a scries of Hying mares and a body straddle In 14 minutes: aced by an astounding iipsel, 13cn Easlmun (second from right), world's premier hall-niller. strains fntilcly In inn-suit, of John Wood- utf (lefll. University of Plttsbui[!li negro, as they cross lite finish line in the HCO-mclcr preliminary Olympic (rials nt New York. That smile registers Frank Wycoff's sallfifactton over placing third In. the 100-meter final to Kaln his third Olympiad. Unable to do very much with | "Ike" because of his superior .strength, Myers opened a vicious 'attack with flylntj mares, bead scissors, body slums. A crab hold I joiie.sboro was the deckling issre In 9 min-1 carntliirsvllie ' "."". 2 ulos. ; ! ' Becker Wins "Pete" Becker, the Georgia Corn Cracker, and one of the few canted pachyderms, made short -ork of Emil Firpo. the Argentine, -Inning In .straight, falls. Becker look Ihe first in ten ilnulcs with some five or six oily slams folloived by the usual ody straddle. Only five minutes were neces- ' ry to gain the second. Firpo, n reply to some lusty "ridins" by fan, turned his back to Becker nci began gesticulating to Lhe fan come on in the ring. Becker Harry Gray son ni'uiiimd now had he kept busy." declines the 'dapper doctor. "liraddock shows the almost inevitable result of a fOiap suddenly of il as Mickey Walker fillpped lo Ihc sidelines. He operated n chicken fnrm in southern California for a spell, but finally contrncld CHICAGO.—Max Schmi'llni; will lefcat Jim Hrmldock, If Ihcy cnl- Ide in September. 'chmcllng would belt out Joe Lov's evurv night In the week, Max -Uaor would do Ihe same .hlng lo Krhmellni;. Louis would never have any :uore trouble wllh liner than he nad last fall. These nre the opinions of J-.:ck Yearns, who m a n a i; e d Jack naslum.' Dempsey lo Ihe championship and million dollar gales. "I tloiiU Hint. Uraddock can coinhiK Into • wlml lo him is big the Itch again and came to Clii- muney after live lean years. Brad- cajo last winter with, Hank Bath, dock Is one of Hie finest men v.ho ever boxed. Naturally a good fellow, ho has reveled in the many banquets that have been ' tossed ills way. "I'll charge another large nils- take to Gould <if he sends Brad- deck Into a Scliinoling baltlc tills year without, something in Ihe way of a warm-up, and the stevedore scarcely has lime for anything more than that belwocn now and - anollier indour season. Jim can't, be sharpened lip in ii gym- ,n sullicienlly good condilion between now and the end of the current outdoor season to repel Ihc Schmeling who came net of the Louis light," says Kearns, now tlie proprietor of a loop restaurant. "Joe Gould was guilty of a colossal blunder when he permit- led Louis lo beat Ilraddock to 'lie Sclimeliug scrap. "I have an Idea that Schmcling knocked Braddock out of his one chance for a really important '.mse when he convinced Louis )f Ihc folly of carrying his chin so high. Tlie Negro WAS Hie lad ft-ho was packing them in. "Fighting largely Is a matter of styles," asserts Kearns. explaining Ins picking Schmellng over Louis; Baer over Schmeliug. and Louis over Kacr. Kearns i-annnl comprehend Bacr's comeback activities lo date any more than lie can understand the management, of liraddoek. "Ancll Hoirman ilrsl iihould have taken Baer into Ihe woods mid had him . ready for something out of the ordinary (his fall." fays Ihe man who signed for, Dcmpsc.v while the Manassa Man w-as making boxing big business. "Sclimeling's knockout of Loris presented Baer with a golden opportunity. "After all. he slopped Joe Jacobs' entry. A great majority suspect that Louis experienced at oil night against Schmeling.. Anj young Colorado heavyweight. He since has acquired Loreiizb Pack, colored lad \vlio showed prom- se for a lime. The famous handler oixmcd his cafe here when It. became evident Hint Bath nnd Pack either .w-ere loo far away or destined to ge nowhere in particular. ICear'ns would chuck his business In a jllfy, however. If he could find a young man of she who could ' keep his liins ' whili belting "'what is acknowledged to be mediocre competition. Selling a heavyweight is svhat the doctor knows best. V : 8's Winners Instead 01 Spot Remover Club According to. reports from Sleolc Mo'., the V-8 soft : ball team wor Ihe recent game deciding Ihe firs! half championship of .the Sleeli soft ball league instead of tin Spot Removers as stated in a tils- patch from Steele. The score should have reac V-8's C. Spot Removers, 5. New York City's total U\x col first, class ballyhoo bureau" couk lcctio " for '935 amounled to do a first class job of selling the 1 000 ' 00() . "» increase of. $50.000.00 customers on Hie possibility that I ovl ' r lllc Preceding year. Baer had two oil nights a tow weeks apart last year. "But instead of bringing Ucer „ ,. , ,. . oast in some kind of shape and Itraflflcck Hrnmrrs \\nriu-Un talking him back Into the snot- Kearns considers Uraddock as ligbi, lloffinan has him running 11 nothing more lhan an extremely | ai omul Texas towns, boxin" for" fortunate individual \vtio caught biscuits and hrarln» (he Bronx 1 1 3 I 0 I I 0 0 itnriA Bilcr '" worse condition than '" u Louis fornd Ihc California.!. "At that. Braddock might have sone on for another (wo or three years against Hie blokos who are 0000 1 0 0 0 cheer." * • ^ Kciuns on Lookout Kearns said he was fed 'up, with boxing when he bowed out I ncfore You Duy Anj Outboard - Sec the NEPTUNE 2 ii. P. <s* L \r Single Cyl. V 1<J (Other Sizes to 16 H. P.) HU15BARD TIRE- & MATTERY CO. GOAT GETTERS TlvKrcns Southern League W. L. Pet QUIT LOOKIN' OVER MV SHOULDER?,,, YOU MAKE ME 48 40 30 42 30 4f) 37 40 39 39 41 29 49 ... -21 '53 Amfrlcan I.rague W. f, York 53 Detroit 44 Washington •. 43 lioston 43 Cleveland St. , I.ouLs Northeast Arkansas League W: L. Pet. O.sccola ................. (i I .851 Newport ................ 5 2' .714 ased up to Firpo, cracked him ehlnd Ihe car and down went Mr. Firpo for the last time. The match was a riol. • from" tart to finish. .Firpo going after be whiskers from Ihe opening gong. "'•'; Oscar Alexander served as timekeeper, and Mike Meroney oil'i- ciated, The largest crowd since wresting was revived here lately. at in. (ead Courier News Classified A0« Batesville 4 3 Paragould 2 5 ...2 5 Baseball Results Southern Atlanta at Birmingham, night Knoxvlllc al New Orleans, night game. Nashville lit Lltile Rock, lo be played tonight in double-header. . Only games. American I.papup Chicago G. New York 3. Detroit 5. Philadelphia 2. Washington 9. St. Louis 3. Cincinnati II, Boston 3. 4. National l.eacue ,. ^'Dostoh" 4. Pittsburgh 1. i -Cincinnati 6, Phi'adelpllla Chicago I, New York 0. Brooklyn at St. Louis.' played former dote. Northeast Arkansas League Open date. Vitamin H Is said to have been discovered by two professors of tlie University of Missouri. Billy Evans Will See Osceola Play Tomorrow OSCEOLA, Ark.—Billy Evans, business manager and 0,'ricr scout of the Boston Red Kox, will watch the Osceola Indians perform against Newport here Wednesday •afternoon, officers of the local club learned today. Evans, ex r big league player, umpire, manager and s[x>rts writer, is now paying a visit ,to the Little Rock Travelers. He will be accompanied to Osccola tomorrow by Doc Pro- Ihro, manager, and Hoy Winder, business manager of tlie Little Kock club. jTo Hold Fishing P.odeo j At Mountainburg July 22 ! A stale-wide fishing rodeo has been planned for July 22 at Mountaiiiburg. Ark., near Port Smith, by C. Ii. Cordell. member of Hie stale game and fish commission. A number of trophies and nrix- es will lie awarded winners in Hie various events, inchidin« fly casl- ing and bait fishing. According lo Olto Cummhrgs. deputy state game warden, of this cily, a number of northeastern Arkansas a:/jlcrs will make the trip to Mountainburg lake for the competitive events. Negroes operate more lhan 25. r 700 retail .stores in the United Stales. Read ? fem and REAP Totals 20 8 (I 12 5( Applebarm AB U HPO A Ealiba. ss 3 I 1 1 I Li. Whittle, II ...:.. 3 2 I 1 0 Friend, cl 2 3 2 0 0 H. Lutes, ,lb 3 1 1 1 0 1 E. Whittle, rf ..... 3 2 3 0 0 Morris. 2b 2 0 0 LcJgett, c .... Hemphill, Ib . II. Lutes, sf .. Browning, p . 3 0 2 0 3 1 2 1 "Roll-your-owner" tells why he's partial to the tobacco he can shape up in 6 seconds 26 11 10 IS 8 310 310-8 501 Sx-11 Tolals Score by Innings; Laundry Ap^ilcbaum Summary: Errors—P. lluxseVl. D. •Hussell, Quarles. L. Whittle, H. Lvtes. Hemphill, Browning. Two base hit—R. Lutes. Home rim— Erwin. Base on balls-off Brown- Ing, 2; McDftniel .1. Strikeouts— Browning 4; McDanlel 2. Umpires —Brorcning and Whitley. Firemen Do Chore WINDSOR, Ont, (UP)—Firemen here answered an alarm that came from a. Windsor woman vacationing in Detroit. She said she left the.water heater in her hcme turned on. and asked firemen lo turn it oft. Roll younel! 30 .well cit.tdK:. fro™ Prince AlhtM. If you don'l find lk«n lV,e fin«Al, Uflitit rcll-your-own ct R «. retlc* TOU *»cr imoWd, return llie pocket lin wilhthe r«lof Ihe lobicco in it ID ul Hi inr time vithirt n monlh fromtKildate, and we Kill letund full SifntJ: R. J. RejnolJ. Tobneto Co Win.lon-Sal.m.N.C. CE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE m COMPLIMENTING PRINCE ALBERT, F. P. Hodgkinson says: "That 'crimp cut' feature makes P. A. lie down sraig-like, and a couple of twirls of your fingers docs tlie rest." Don't pass up P. A.'s "no-risk" oiler, men, as printed at the left. P. A. is s grand pipe smoke too. 70 e IBS. R. J.B4TMldl T.V.tV fine roll>your>own cig»rcllei in cvtry 2.01. tin of Prince Albert The advertisements in this paper are guide-posts to the best values in town. If they weren't the best Values in town, by any chance, the advertisers would he foolish indeed to call your attention to them. Because no advertiser can afford to focus upon a fault! Just as you consult a road-map before taking a tour in your car; just as you pore over a bill-of-l'are before ordering lunch or dinner; just as you read reams of booklets and folders before starting out on a cruise—read the advertisements before going dowi\town into the shopping-traffic. • Advertisements are advance news of all that's newest, and best in merchandise'and service. They show yoiij in the quiet and comfort of your home, what you may expect when you sally forth into the marketplaces. You can check the items that interest you, and "chuck" those that don't. Read the advertisements. Read 'em and reap!

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