The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS f f ^ VOLliiMK XXXVI—NO. 1/18. Blytheville Courier BlylJievUle Herald OF NQKTHEAOT ABKANSAajWp BOOTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi WiVi^aW BLY'riIEVIU,E.^ ARKANSAS, MONDAY, "sEPTfeJHRER- ii~im Blythcyllle Daily News SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS WAITC FBTJM BATTLEATWARSAW Valiant Poles Are Determined Not To SurrendeCapital , ,- ," attack artillery and radio station out ay, i( was asserted, and 15 German planes were city ' 1 " cll " ii "fc'' (ivc wl »'di crashed in the Numerous buildings were in * flames, lhe Warsaw station said ns lhe result of hits by five Qerman bombs. Two German tanks were destroyed when Polish Infantry made \ strong stand at one p:lnt 30 miles from Warsaw, it was said. It was admitted that Polish roops continued to retire slowly but Pcles said the Germans at present were unable to make important gains. All civilians left In (lie capita area aided in digging trenches an otherwise strengthening defenses particularly along n line in th suburb* several miles west of Ih city, reports said. The radio repoiis indicated tha strong (rencli systems and tan traps were new being constructed for a last stand. German troops, lhe Poles assert cd, were encountering a deadly fire by machine guns and rifles fran all possible points including ro-f tops and windows, and it was asserted that at some points the Germans were compelled to retire The burgomaster of Warsaw, in a special broadcast, urged the people of the capital, area to defend themselves "to the last dron of blood." Asserting that Warsaw fought Heroically and had driven the Germans back from the capital, the burgomaster said that the Germans jwere-'-mw-a little more than six ^rnilM from the,city at the nearest "" point.""- ' • • ' • "In the suburbs of Praga and Zolibjrz burning houses can be seen in evidence of tremendous fighting," he said. The burgomaster, announcing that almost all of the city shops remained open still fcr business, commented that the people had now got so used to unceasing bombardments that they would start from their sleep if the crash of bombs nnd shells were to stop suddenly. The burgomaster said that all Inxlcab owners had been ordered lo apply for special gasoline cards so.that they could be used lo evacuate wounded from the city. He added that the city'govern- ment was doing all It could (a protect the city from effects of all- raids. An unidentified radio station announcing itself as "Warsaw" and broadcasting in polish called en the Warsaw population in the name of lhe German forces to give up their fight. "Otherwise," the announced said. the German army chiefs will no longer regard Warsaw- as an open city but us an important military position and will bombard it." The whereabouts ot the Polish! government wns still unknown. One repa-t said that the government "«[ transferred its quarters from Uiolln to Lemberg and that ns lhe result Lemberg had been subjected lo several German air raids. New York Cotton Public School Enrollment 10 Over First Day Last Y. ear were 1G1C students en- Pledges Support To Proposal; Promises To Work For VelsTlospilnt Congressman E. C. (Took) Qath- Ines of West Memphis said here vCitmliiy in , m tutoress" before n district meeting of the American Legion that he is in favor of inni- irahty Inw changes to provide for cash and carry" sale of war sup- Mies by United s(atps j llclllstllci . :o .belligerent nations Congressman Galhings ilcclnred inat he anticipated President Roosevelt would call congress into special session within a few days to change lhe present neutrality law lo'provide for such n "cash and carry" neutrality, openly u<(- vocalcd by the administration. At present war materials cannot be sold lo any, belligerent nation. Congressman Gathings expressed French Declare Nazi Counter /Lttacks On West Front Failure - , expesse rolletl in the public white schools ' " Js appreciation to His legion inect- or the city today, w. D. McClurkin ""? for not making; any specific stipcraiteiidenl of schools announced rfsollll! on of recommendations lo following reg 1st ration this mornlii" m °" " le neutrality issue. ° This is a tolal of ao mere slu°- toils than entered on the first dav last year. . Mr - OaOilngs nlso said (hat he move which for sending to France unalterable was might to any ever" develop Blytheville boys and "girls said ' our yolmg manhood goodbye (o their three months'va-' S8aln -" Kc """rated cation which has been filled with Oppc5llion to "»>' proposal which traveling, swimming, tennis and wollld ie< l ulre Americans lo fight ether recreations in preparation for J \ fore ' 8U s , oi1 ' resuming their regular school Clowes tomorrow. A number of new teachers were r s rmot-wcst will frontier, it .-was rcportc.1 lodn " n . lnck b !W so violcnl . . dispnidhci, snid, 'crmim.' troops mot ham) to hand in I Gerr ,.. and the H was nsserlcd (lint (lie were back nl bayonet counter attacks had Ix-cn repulsed completely In the end and (hat the French were left ivllh the hnpor- Innt gains they had made In theli' slowly constantly developing- \ advance toward the main German wall. Further east French Mngtiiot Line artillery opened up a big scafe shelling of railroads and highway's nt- the important coimniiiilciiclciis Junction of Zwclbruecken, 15 inlles en si of Saai'brueckcn. ( Infanlry and machine guniie'rs advanced slowly on the sector Wsl, of Saarbruccken, it. -was re'pofle'd mopping U |> nnd consolidating ground won by massed tanks. ' , The positive developments-Mho French drive In the northwest, the West Ridge Post Has Perfect Attendance Al Dis- tnct Session lire Fifth district meeting of the American Legion held here yesterday was attended by 225 Legionnaires from Jonesboro, Monettc negotiations for a real war cabinet' m","""' Lc " nntc ' 'iVronzn," West A rather forlorn hope was expressed by the ^ congressman that European nations would find some way to pay something on their and tlic prompt vigorous rejection of the German Idea of peace- meant that France was prepai'Ing as was Great Britain, for a long war and was determined lo figh until Hltlerism has been smashed acc:rding to every Indication, Fighting for "Decency" of. the various schools Regardless he this morning. The largest increase year's enrollment was high school where over lost in junior thai "° >var i (leec »cy In International relnttons' i -11 ~ , ----- a ren s i should ever be sold except the ministry of Information ' lonn(ulo n for cash and that they should be ; today in a carried in boats provided by the 'national si statement en the inter- iltuallon. cho, chool -lias only six more than for he 1938-39 term. Uie slightest confidence." .. -. . "Great Britain does net desire ! He emphasized that, in his opln- ano ">er Versailles as Goering falseb jion, the congress had gone just nllc ? cs "or the collapse of Oer- jns for recently in legislation pro- ma "y. What It doe,-! desire is a i Baby Dies , Local Hospital vl<lin ? for various compeiiEatlon J" st all<i enduring peace with am innd facilities -for veterans and honorable German government" their families ns President ROOM- , '— : — volt would allow It to go. i Canada Raises War Fiiml ' — . • The congressman was roundly OTTAWA, ont ' Scot 11 (UP)— • Lee ^Carpenter, seven months cheered when he told the ex-sol- The Canadian ' ' lt> tlle possible location of such NEW YORK, Sept. n. (up)_ O:tton closed steady. open high Oct. 909 935 Dec 007 932 Jau 903 918 Mar 899 919 May 883 934 July 875 835 low 9M 907 903 896 882 8S» close 929 920 916n 908 894 Spots closed nominal a 1954. up 20. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept 11 (UP)— Collon futures soared 95 cents to $1.30 n bale today due to trade buying to fix prices. open high Oct 924 839 Dec 913 937 Jan 908 825 Mar 904 929 May 891 910 July 875 901 875 low close 924 936 913 930 908 904 925 920 005 895 Spots closed steady at 950. up 25. Chicago Wheat Sept Dec. Sept Dec. open high 62 3-4 84 5-8 82 3-4 84 3-8 low close 82 3-4 83 7-8 82 3-4 83 7-3 Chicago Corn HlT* W 1 56 1-2 BTSB 57 ll 57 1-4 emoved to the hospital Friday. Funeral services were held this lorning at Sandy Ridge cemetery here burial wns made with the ev. F. M, Sweet, pnskr of the ake street Methodist church of- ciating. cobb Funeral Home was •' charge. The bnby was an only child. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Sept. II. (OP) _ Steels soared to new highs today and brought the induslrinl average to around the best level of the year. Steel gains ranged to 12 points A. T. & T 165 1-4 Anaconda Cop 38 1-4 Assoc. D. G '. i 3.4 Beth. Steel Boeing Air Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Elec Gen. Mot Int. H..arvcster .. IVfontgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard . 59 1-8 .. 27 7-8 .. 86 . 118 . 40 5-8 . 54 5-8 .. CS .. 52 1-4 . If! 4 1-8 Phillips Pet. ..'..'....'...'.'.', 46 Radio 53-1 Echenlcy Dist." 121-2 Dist iimmons Socony Vac 15 Std. Oil N. J 52 Texas Corp 50 U. s. Smelt 64 U. s. Steel 78 21 5-3 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. Sept 11. (UP)— Hogs, 10800. Top, 780. 170-230 Ibs., 7GO-77S 140-1GO Ibs., 625-100. Bulk sows, GOO-700. Cattle 7800. Steers, 925-1015. Slaughter steel's. 700-1 160. Mixed yearlings &' heifers, B5B-, " M 7a 55 7-8 heifers, 675-1100. Bcef cows ' 525:c73 cutters & low cutters, 425-500 Forecasts Corn Crop Of 2,523,092,000 Bushels WASHINGTON. Sepl. 11. (UP) —The agriculture department today estimated 1939 com production nt 2.523,092.000 bushels, compared with an August estimate of 2,549.888,000 bushels and the 1938 production of 2,542,238.000 busheis. Hard Rain Is Fatal To Hundreds of Birds WINNIPEG. Man. (UP)—Hundreds of tiny sparrows were victims of a violent rain .storm in Winnipeg during which 1.39 inches of rain fell In less than three hours. Street cleaners were kept busy in one street after the slorm, clearing •iwny more than 300 of the birds which had been dashed to tnc ground from a tree in which they had taken shelter. In ether parts of the city scores of the tiny bodies were found, beaten to the ground by lhe terrific rnln and wind when they were caught away from shelter. . -. duel of naval, military and air operalkns, for the promotion of trade, industry and business and to carry out any measure deemed necessary or advisable in consequence of the existence of a stale of war. : Special warrants which have been issued already lo the amount of S16.000.MO will bo Included In the $100.000,000. Part of the money will be raised by taxes. Is Appointed Dental Director For Health Unit Dr. P. Dai Smith has been appointed dental director of the Mississippi County Health Unit, It, was announced today by the Arkansas Board of Health. sented. Rtdge and nlythcvllle. E. A. Rice of Blytlievillc, commander of the Fifth district, presided,. The Dud Cason |iosi, of which Don Edwards Is commander was Ii:st to lhe group for an all day meeting-. Following church services in the morning, « chicken dinner was served after which the business meeting nnd program wns pre- w., Palci-son. pastor of the First Christian church, spoke to move limn 90 Legionnaires who attended church In a body. H| s sermon dealt with the heroism of pence rather than war and placed particular emphasis on basing pence on- love Insl'cnd, of ,hale,. - . • " Gnthhie; illiite'd 'Slates congressman, was the principal speaker during the nfternoon session. Ho Is n member of tlic House World War Veterans Administrative committee. .A fifteen minute concert by the BJylbeville band under the direction of Charles O. Morchend wus wcscnted during ' the lunch hour. Miss Jean Bourland simg a few numbers to complete the musical program. Mayer- Marlon iWllllnms extended u welcome from the city lo the Legionnaires nnd C. A. CiimilnR- iam, first commaiufer of the local [lost, welcomed lhe group on' be- inlf of the post. Joe Heai-ne of- Jonesuoro, pnst, district commeml- er, responded. Other hilks made during the Odell Morse, Fanner And Rural Storekeeper, Helc in Osccola Jail OSOf.'OU, Ark., Sept n- Moi-se, 32-yenr-old fn'rme'r am storekeeper, s)m |. nm , kll , K , Most arccn. negro, nt 9:30 o'clock this morning 1,1 lt ie alley behind the awaltney Implement Company ni Highway 01 in lhe north of lhe business'district. Held In jnll ( u Cteccola on a murder cliai-ge, Mr. Morse wl) probably be given n hearing tomorrow. The •)5-yeiti--o!d negro, shot In the eye, died almost Inslantlv Mi- Morse said that he obtained 'n gun rmn his car and fired nflcr back- ng nwny from Die ncuro who Imd advanced upon him with a knife He displayed five slight cuts on Us arm which hc said the ncsro nnicted while he walked bnck- vards to his cnr for the gun. It s siild the knife had not been wind tills afternoon. Trouble between Hie two Is snld lo have starlcd about three weeks ago when (he negro moved from Morre fnrm nllcec-clly owing Hi" money at l!\o (.tore operated Mr. Morse and his fnlhei-, E ri Morse. It- Is snld dial Mr. Morse asked the negro to pay the account yesterday atul that, an nruumenl followed \vlilcli resulted In ll le ncflro asking sheriff's deputies to arrest Mr. Morso on a charge of Ihreat- onlng his life. The warrant wns not issued but sheriff Halo Jackson and Deputy Jess Greer are said to hn,vo acme to the Morso home for' a -talk <"llh Mr. Morse but )id whs not there. ,. . - . / - j , Mr, ' Morse snld (lie 'nogro nc- cnsted 1 him this mcnifng:mid Hint he stopped his ear, thinking thai lhe negro wns 4oni<! to pny him. After getting out it (he car, ho mill the ne((ro -advanced upon htin. told him that li« didn't like the way Mr. .Morse had talked to him yesterday and then started cutting 1 'm. . - - . . Immediately after the shooting, i Mr. Morse w us taken- to the siiei 1 - iff's ofllce pending an Investigation. " ---- _i , _^ Nazi High Command Admits Fighting At 4 Polish City Heavy 5 ' high command fi mi- , a-milo scim-civciilni- front. 'I'ho American Freighter Res' cued Crew Of One Tor- pcdoed Boat NEW YORK, sept. u. <TJP)_ Ho United -stales Lines 'repotlcd loclny that the freighter'American slupiwr had rescued Iho crew of he British slcnmer Dlnlrloglc which lad been torpedoed In mW-Atlantic, Shelled Vnd Sunk IIORTA, The Azores, Sept. „ (UP)-The British ship dnrtavoii ""i shelled and sunk In the Atlnn- by n submarine, members of icrcrow reported today when thoy arrived here on the Swedish stcam- r Castor, Tlie Castor can-led 24 survivors. Appendicitis Causes Hayti Girl's Death Eight-year-old Lucretla 'Barnes, >f Haytl, was happy over the, opeti- ng ft school. But she did not go oday for she died early Sunday novnlnj at Die Blythcvillo hospital allowing jin operation fora' rup- Funeral files for the child aughler of Mr. nnd Mrs. WE Dnriics of Hnytl, were held this nl Ifaytl where hurlnl was nade.. Besldi Ivcd by two bnttle 'cUcnded over :'thc whole of the bow-shaped front, stretching thiough the hearfof Poland from the East Prussian trotiller nt n point far northeast of Warsaw to the Carpathian mountains hi lhe southeast V",. The Ptios, determined to keep Adolf Hitler's forces fighting' ou two ftonts, wcro standing their cround in defense of Warsaw fighting fuilously In the Rndom sector, BO miles lo the i southwest ana •J fuggllng In stem a German'tiifust through tho south against Ltf'ow. The Na?l high comfnaml reported that fighting had become sitf- Pclcs foil back lapldly towar'd "the central plain-, on which they stop pod the imperial armies of Germany In the World War and whele they smashed lhe Russian Bolsheviks in 1G20, ,; Wliclhcr lhe Polish tilumplis'ot past yeais could be icpcated ','6n the plains east of the Vistula aftd Ban rivers icnmlucd lo be seen but lor the time being tho terrlfflc momentum of tlic Nazi war machine and ueen blowed down and th« first major battle of the vy»r was In progress. , . Tho Oeiman high command asserted that some of the Polish divisions wcie trapped and were beginning to lay down their arms, H wns announced that German troops after a bitter battla had readied the south' bank of the Narcw liver, 85 miles northe«st-of \Vnrsaw, nnd thnt after crossing the San rlyer the Germans had taken two tow'ns In "southeastern ' war, she Is stir- German . . v ,,.,'-.„ A cominunlqiio SlsckseS U'iat''fhe ! *'' Oernmhs had now begun' a naval Inntllng party notion against tho Polish Baltic port of Ddynla Isolated since (lie cnrly days of the , were that t» Polish armies west and south of „ Negro Boy Is Slain The denial program cf the unit,! I* 55 ' will be hosts to the next mcet- Alumni Urge College To Limit Enrollment LANCASTER, Pa. (UP) — Many co.lege alumni associations wish for a bigger enrollment fcr their alma maters so that the schools can claim a brighter place In lhe sun. Thats where Franklin and Marshall College gradiiales are different. The General Alumni Association iddressed a request lo the P. & U. Hoard of trgstces that the school 'be kept a smal college" by llmlt- n ? the enrollment to 1000 students. the past year, p &. had 914 students. started about a year ago, Is the examining of all students, attending Mississippi count yschcols. for dental defects. Those found to have defects will be given reports for parents and where families nre financially unable to have the work done bv (heir ', of the district Sunday, Oct. 8, Don't Ever Marry, Girls, Advice of Woman, 97 _ NEWBURYPORT, JVfass. <UP>- ctcnlisls. the cases arc re- " Doll 't over gel married, girls— all fcrred to the welfare committee. i men, arc worthless trash!" advises --- : this city's oldest wcman, Mrs. An, . _ 1 8ellns Montgomery, who was mar- Agents in Pennsylvania ( rl ^, uice ll e«cir m 97 years. C L M •• V»- ' c " Brc llot brought up lhe jmasn Marijuana King rlent wa v." she tow young women . - - on her birthday. "My father used HARRISDURGH, Pa. (UP) — to usc thc rod on me «nd someone Pennsylvania's renewed drive shoul <l do the same to the boys of against (lie dread marijuana is get- '- otla y-" ting results. • -Thirteen peddlers and holtlers of' hospital, has iv broken right leg. Pfis condition today Is very good. It Is said Ihat lhe lad fell from ills bicycle directly in the path of n machine, driven by a negro on a gravel road. flcrnoon Included one on the c>c '° WM struck by an automo- 'Clvio Government" by Nelll Reed 1) " r ^ Slll )' J ay morning near Armorcl. md one on "Present Conditions in furope" by Noah Klsncr, of Leach- 'illc. After reports from varlotis com- ntltces had been heard during lhe lusincss session, various posts srncd lo pay their pronorllon.ilc hare of the total expenditure In- urrccl In the building of tlic dls- rlct float to be sent lo Chicago or the national American Legicn onvcnllon. J. Well Brooks gave ctails of the float project which s to cost $1.000. Tlie chicken dinner urns arranged •i Mrs. G. R. Carter, second vice onunander of the local post, and Ir. Carler. Boiiqucls of garden ewers were used on the tables. Included In the legionnaires were 11 20 members of the recently rgnnizcd West Ridge post for the nly 100 percent membership present. Members of the Herman Davis Youthful Cyclist Hurt When Struck .By Auto Elmer Moore, 12-ycni'-cM son of mcrnl ,"B f rom gunshot "wounds Mr. and Mrs. Oscnr Moore of Ar- re " lvecl wllc " be and some playmates wore examining an "unload Cobb Funeral Home was In charge. Warsaw had b<*n' trapped and " ~ i "'at simc Polish division's were i™"ounded, tin i j 1t , r. I ? wns wwounced that Adolf Unloaded UUn H »'er, acting ns supreme com— : — ' ' , mander cf the German forcfcrin- Herman Worthy, 12 ! - yea r- old Pollmi1 ' llfl( l S'sltcd the front* .'by negro of Cariithersvllle, died at the nlr P la "o jesteiday and had even - Blythcvllle hospital early tills " ow " closo to Wnrs«w at a poiixt ----------- - - where rtespcratc nghtlug h now In progress f • morel, was Injured when his bi- Armorel Boy Injured In Highway Accident Bill Hughes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nineveh Hughes of Armsrel. was given emergency treatment at the Blytlievillc hospital last night for iniui-lcs received when he was struck by an automobile. He was able to be removed to his home after having been given first aid. marijuana - Extra Vote Once Allowed marijuana with a retail value of irom BEDFORD, Mass. (UP) « n <! box stuffing Ba " Ct Germany To Ration Bread Supplies Now BERLIN, Sept. 11 (UP) — The official gazette announced today llwt bread would be rationed starting Sept. 25. Bread will be issued only en ration cards similar lo those al- j I ready used for other foods. The amount to be allowed each person remained lo be fixed. ed BUII." The tragedy occurred last light al Canithersvllle. The bullet from lhe "23" rifle penetrated bolh of the boy's lungs. Borah Demands Free Debate On Neutrality WASHINGTON, Sept. 11. (UP) —Sennlor William E. Borah, (iieii., Ida.), a leader of the senate isolation bloc, today demanded free debate and unlimited discussion cf proposals designed lo safeguard the United States' neutrality In the European conflict. Working Wife Balky Auto as Excuse Wins Driver's Release MOBILE, Ala. (UP) — Theodore Lane, Mcblle motorist, had a "balky" automobile to thank for his discharge in traffic court. Lane, charged with failure to observe a "slop" sign, pleaded that he failed to stop "only because I Control . The recent legislature amended the state nnrcollc laws to compel properly owners to destroy marijuana found growing on their lands on five days' notice or face prosecution. t'orlcal '' 111C "mallress ^voters" , wns afraid the motor would .„ „,,.,_ .,._.,_._^. . am] j cou[d not s ^ rt ^ ngail) ,, County Deputy Hubson Hargett confirmed Lane's lestimcny, adding that tho deputy had to push " S - member was entitled to an extra) Judge Tlsdale J. Touart ° r Caoh do1 - dls- the defendant, but warned his c " l Slarian Harkness Success—the perfect scc- rclary. She had everything, unlil ri younger girl challenged her right to work. Start's Today On Page Six Long Illness Fatal To C. L. McCain, 63 A.lengthy Illness was ended early Sunday moining when C L Mc- Cahi died at his hcmo four miles south of fllythevllle on Highway 01. The G3-year-o!d farmer, who was born In Mississippi, had.farrifcd In this section for' a number-of years. ,' The Rev Alfred Carpenler, pis". 1 ' lor of the First Baptist church, conducted the rites at the''resi- dence this afternoon and burial was made at Maple Grove cemetery. " Pallbenreis were D. G. Oracey, Henry Young, B. Parker, Will •!*- fcrney, J, p. Livingston and Rcss Moore. Besides his wife, ; Mrs. Nannie cCain, ho Is survived by thiee sons, Curtis, Doyle and Howard McCain; a brother, Ben McC'JinJ of Walnut Springs, Texas; a daughter, iftes Lorene McCain cf Earle, and three sisters, Mrs. Llllie Hood of here and Mrs Dere Gary and Mrs. Bstra Phillips of Eupora, Miss?' Cobb Funfcral Home was in charge; Arrested On Charge Of Automobile Theit Sam Fi-ye, 33-year-old resWent'of near Wynne, was arrested at MIH1- san Ridse, shortly before midn'lgh't lost night on s charge of stealing- an automobile. Hc admitted (lie ;harge, officers sold. The arrest was made by sheriffs deputies and Constable Brltt Sh'arp' at the request cf Cross County officers iho said the car was stolen from Wynne several days ago. ;' Frye, who had been staying'at Mllligan Rlditc, and the car were turned o\er to Cross County cffi-' cers today, ' < WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday.'warnier In north por- . ticn Tuesday. "_, ' JfeiiiphU and vlctntty—Fair and 'warmer tonight, loAest temperature 70 to 74;" Tuesday Increasing cloudiness and wanner.

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