Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 6, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1896
Page 8
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ANOTHER GREAT HIT AT Our Eastern Buyer having purchased for us 500 pieces Persian Kibbons at a price that others pay lor cotton. We will offer tomorrow this immense lot of Persian all Silk Ribbons wbrthifroni ^Sc to $l'a yard, at the low price of 29 cents a yard. We being the only house in the city that could handle S:uch):an immense lot of Fancy Ribbons because of our great Out-riot withiour two stores. Hence the Low Price. ..',.' FANCY DRESDEN AND PERSIAN SIL CS. Also a lot of Fancy Persian and Fancy Silks sell generally tfroin $1.25 to $2.50 ayard, Tomorrow's price will be 39c to $1,25 a^yard. Be on hand early. Golden Why not Wear the Best. The place to get the/ : best shoes is at Waldo's, Our Ladies 2Qth century Walking Shoes m both Black and Tan are strictly in it for $1.98. Our Men's dress shoes in latest style lasts are "high grade" and up $1.48 to $2.98. Our Mne of men's working shoes are the best value over offered for the money 98c to $1.98. E. M. Walden & Go. 315 Fourth Street. THE PHARHACISTS. NOT THE BALL GAME Is what we wish to call your attention to. Most of .the nobbiest and swellest hats seen In Logansport have come from our store, where the stock was never so .replete with novelties as now. All the newest styles to suit any taste are here'In profusion, and the golfers, tennis players, bicyclers, or.'all-round athlete can suit his fancy ' from the most fanciful. Our new straws are dan- die's. ;'''.'. ; HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Watches For Japanese Heroes 'Clio Japanese government has placec ardors for 18,000 watches, not to cos jnore.than ?2.DO eacb. They are to be distributed among the officers and men .Tfho distinguished themselves In thelaite war, and are to take the place of the jncdals usually awarded at the. close of national hostilities—BEAD OTTO'S 3FFER. This Watch and Chain FREE with Men's Boys' and Children's Suits and Shoes or ... The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Otto Kraus "Of Course" Excorsion to St, loais, On Account of the -CYCLONE^ The "VTabash K. K. Co. will sell 'ex-i \ jarsk>n tickets to St. - Louis and re- iornat the rate of ' ' '!.-.;'".., 3^56- For the Rinind Trip. Tickets will be good going .'only; on irain leavlcjt Logansipo t oh::Satiir,7; -d»y June Otb at 10:21 pirn, and; on,, train leaving 8t, Loul« on Sunday at; " - ^ ' ' '" -""' WHEEL TALK. ' The latest Invention for the beneflt of bicycle riders Is the •vulcanher. The rulcanlzer . is a machbae ;|n which, through a-certain-'process, worn .and burated tires that have here-to-forc been beyond repair, can be made good as new. This Is done by' vulcanizing raw rubber Into the defective parts. In the-past wben bicycle tires became worn or biirsted, they bad to be thrown aside and new tires substituted, necessitating one at the greatest expenses of the bicycle. This, however, Is done away with the Invention of the vul- canizer. The Burgman-Cycle Co. lately received such a machine and are In position to mend any rubber goods that have been,considered 'beyond repair; We'vulcanize every day. Coll at^our »tore and see ua do It. i Vln our repair shop the brazer Is a very useful tool. W.e are so equipped that we can do .the very finest of work In this particular line. When you. journey - on your wheel carry a kodak!-with you. -For sale only. by .-the Burgman Cycle Co: • . - - SCHOOL'S . .DINNER; •)Tiidianapolis' News:| The Rev. E. G., Hunter; of 'Holy. Innocents' .church, gave u dinner yesterday afternoon, to graduates of Seabury, School'and Shat-, tuck i-lali; of Farlbauit.,; Ten guests were present. .Bishop White'and the ttevs. A. J. Graham, Edwin Johnson and L..F.' Cole; of,Indianapolis;,and tiie! Revs, I' 1 . C. Coolbaughj- : of'Logansport; A.. W. Seabrease) of :Pt Wayne, and'W. H. rBaraford, : 6f : :Madison, .represented the school; and Messrs,'.Joseph C,-;Tal-; iort,; Charles B.. StUz ^and/Loiiis Hpw- and.represented;the'.hall..', ri; . . '•-. Formulate a Proposed : Law ;.for Regulating Pharmacy. The Indiana Pharmaceutical -Association deckled that the meetiiig^uextyear should be helcl lu 'ludianapolis. , : The following • officers were elected:'. I'resI-" deut, -Otto Gross, Ft.'Wiiyue^flrst ••vice- president, Briiiiq K'nocfel,-Ne-w.'Albany; second vice president, John; Kennedy,. Viiicennes; third vice president, Thomas^ Thornberg, • .lutlLuua>polI«; .secretary, Arthur Tioiberlakei i.uaianapolls; treas-. urer, Grant. Alleu, .Indianapolis; esecu-, tlve coinonittee! li'.'.H.'.Eitrton, .E.va-ns-- ville; Charles . Elctirod't, Indianapolis, and S. Mulil, Iudiaiuaiiol.&.' . • -'. A proposed 'law tha't is received .with favor, provides for the nomination by tlie Inditi'uii Phiirinacentlcul'- As.w.'hi-. tiou of ten" practicing pliarinacisls:-of.- ten yoai's' experiouce fvoiwiwhoni'the: GovL'ruor shall, appoint five who .are .-to constitute a-'State board bt'-'iili.iirniaojv. This board shall meet, four! times.a. ; -year in different cities of'the Stated, exiim-. In* applicants fora'pharnwelsit'.S'-llcepso. The'Secretary of tire board shall receive a salary and shall, bo-'em powered to hold additional examinations, not'-exr ceedlng.four during the year.' The bill provides that 120 days after, the passage' -of the blll.no drug store ha'Il-bo-fc»i>t except by ii.registered ph'anuaci.skaujdurio'-. 'prescriptions shall'be compounded except by the proprietor or by.-au.asislslant wl» U a registered pharmacist! • Violation, oX the law. Is. to b« jttonsidcxcji Jis nilsdemt'auor,' the'penalty .being: .1' fin of from $1.0 tb'.flOO.' •Applicants.:;fo phaiimncy license must be over elg.htee years old, must pass- a, satisfactory cs a mi nation before the. board-..aud. ! mus -have served iiot-lefs thaii two : -j'cars i •a store or pharmacy where -'physicians prescriptions . are-' compounded.! 1 . Th bill also provides-that the board niny a its discretion -recognize- certificates'.o licenses issued: by .'boards of phnrinaej 1 u o ther S la tcs. o r ni'a'y; gra n t cer tl Qcn le to those holding diplomas from rcpiil able colleges of pharmriey.;. •-..'• The legislative ' ; c6mmlttee. was'..la stru'Cteil to-do wiliat It can toward get ting '(ills bill enaced Into la-w.. ... THE CONVENTION Today, .is Republican Day in Lo- : ganspprt—Many Will Attend NAMES OF CANDIDATES •y/ho.WiH be Presented, and Some Talked of For Places. . Bep'iiblicatfs will be present Iirhirgo numbers today. It is Republican day for. Logauispout. The county convention ^yill draw hundreds.of tile'party members into the city for the day. The convention \vlH open a'.r, the. .rink at 12:30 o'clock. The offices to be filled next fall In Cass couuity are representative, prosecutor, clerk, treasurer, sheriff, coroner, jsuryeyori assessor and commissioners. for the first and third districts. •'Among the .new nominations rlie light Cor,Idie nomination for clerk will be an Interesting oiie, among a number of excellent-men. The list is made up of Jos.. Grace of this city. Beu Burnett of the Pfel; ward, G. \V. Bishop, jr., of Walton, David Bender of the First ward, Mali- Ion'Bell ..of '.the Fifth ward, A. R. Shroyer- of Tihe Fourth ward, .and .George Gonser of the 'J'hird ; ward. 'There will be considerable competition for tlie assessorsMp, and the Col- owing have been working for this nomination.: Oliver Brandt, Noble township; .Tolinat.lian Grable, Fourth ward; .T. W. Hai'wood. Bethlehem township; Frank Reese .of Bethlehem 1 -township; L. R. Day, Boone township; Hezoktah Turner of Deer Creek township; .Tolui Wine- gat'tn'er, Adams township. Xo opposition lias developed to B..F. Keesllug for treasurer,: ihough 1,'hcre was some talk of th'e'candidacy of Will Porter, the druggist Tor prosecutor, three men are inuounced. They are 0. E. Hale, Geo; YV. ^'alters and Fred Landls. For sheriff the only avowed candidate Is J. A.''.'Adams of Jackson township. Bert iodil -is the only candidate announced lor surveyor. Tlie eommilssioncrshJp for ciic first district i.s an honor, .for which four at least will contest. .They are Joseph Brtrr of Jefferson township, Tolm Redd of. Bethlehem township,,and. Samuel Carr and .Tohn,Garrard of Clay bwnship, . The commisslonership for he third district : bas only one claimant 'o far announced, In the person of Abra- mm Shideler of Clinton township for enomlnatiou. It will bo a business 'Ouventidn. . RieUest and Best Bargains FOURTH STREET 'S FOURTH STREET Great Closing Out Sale Still Continues! Our remarkable low prices are a blessing these hard times. All this week we could not begin to wait on the people as they knew where they could get $2. Worth of Goods For $1. Cash! Economical Buyers Will Need no Urging to Attend This Marvelous Sale. SMIM IS BELIEVING! Complete base ball outfit gratis with boys' and Children's suits. FRANK TWO SIDES OF A TALE. latter of Mrs. Johnston's Libel Judgment and Its Payment. 313 Fourth Street. THE STORY OF SPRING. JURY HAS THE CASE.; John Barr Charged With'' Selling Diseased Meat. 1 The trial of Joliii Bnnr, th'eVHarrlsbn township farmer'who 1 is cliarged sellllng diseased inea't'to pnv the Westsld.e butcher) wiis.'.concludecl last, night 'about 10 ci'cJocky and tft."'an .early hour' this .morning' the .jury .w.a's still out. Barr sold a hog-to 'Powlen .February IS, 1895. >It is claimed r th'e meat was'dlseaaed, the disease arls- liig frbm-a broken leg wWcjiiact caused Jnllaittmatilon and a sore*. -Judge U:i.Z. Wiley 'tried .-the' ease. ' Mageev<& F.unk were for Defeudant'Barr, andv Prosecutor Hale'and Deputy Gamble repr< sented the State.'" ' ' : ' : •' ,' i' ;i The ease of Joseph K-rels ctJalvs. .William M. Kenoiell et til was begun before ,Tndge Wiley yesterday but was .not. finished, being .laid over /until'' .'Monday: The' suit is. for collection of .a ;note • and- foreclosure of. ii' chattel and real' estate mortgage,demand .being made lu : the. sriin-of $450. ,;':V:';;\';"... ' : y : ': '' WAISTS A]S'DPARASOr.S. .~>; Sensational sale of ..boys' •and/.;.; children's suits'n't half ixrlce,: wltk:base ball; outfits Frank's '' ' .Persian ..and- dresden : ' v «parasols, .'tiew. ' ' llk ':parasols,/ :; jie;iv ,ones,-;fps.' 'ones'; : 9Se, u LaiHidrle.'d; ; collars,;^':; > COc; Justine Palace: '.20rceu't The sthiteii'ieD-t was published.-hi- an 'eveulug-.paper Hi:it"lilio •ajnount of the judgment 1 , .*4.5CO.a:i'owed Mrs, .Toliijston a.s damapos in her suit'against the Ciiv c'iiinaitl .Eiiquirar. had been paid to'her jutitonic.vs, and that 'they had refused to pay the amount over'I o J. D. Johnston mit.il fees, width were alleged to con-, sume all but $1,3SO of the Judgment, wore'taken out.. •.•'•< '. The'attorneys .elii.im that Hie anWiin Jpft.afrer. fees. ;u'e'taken out auionute to $1,700,,- and Hint Mvs. Jpunston Is 'wll'l- Lug : to' take it, bui that they refuse to pay.Jtto J. D. Johnston, a.s. he was,not th'ulr. client-Iii the case. The local at- torn€ys..for.Mrs. Johnston -were M. Wln- ficld, JI, P, , Ma-honey and Kistler '& Klstler,.,.be.sldes a finu at Indiauaiwlis. More Victims of tht, Wicked arid i Deceitful Toadstool. The raenibers.of the family of Michael J, Hooley of the Wcstsfde caine. uear dying recently from the effects^of eating toadstools which.they,'supposed to be uvuslirooins. .Mas. •Hooley {.''gathered them and prepared them tor:supper, remarking t]jat tliey were the.'first genuine mirslirooms that she had seen since she bad'left.the. Isle of tie Shamrock green.. Al ate a good share of tlie.pol- soaous-friiigi wlviich so closely resemble muslirooiri*. Slibrtly after supper all w.exetaliCOiyiplcntlj; jllan^la physician was called wfib pronounced'tlie h:oul)Ie a,-case-of polsoulng. Although the proper aiutkiotes were administered inimedi- ately it was several hours before all •wore out of dn-nger. Had it not been, for prompt action, it is possible l.he poisoning would have'resultal fatally. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. DURING A HOUSEWARMING. Uninvited Quests Attack the . Home of Farmer Amick. A gentleman, named Amlek, living about' slx-'.mlles south of 'tlie city,, recently completed.a residence, a.nd last Thursday nlglit had a Company of fri.en.ds/in.for a ; lroiisewariiilng. tt.'ls clatae'd ,thait.ah assault was uiade on the liouse during the entortaftiment',' by a number of.iwdies, who threw decayed eggs and other unsavory missiles against ^he house' and, at : the guests, much to lliek 1 annoyance. .. . ' A HAD BOAR. 3 armer Yost Attacked by a cious Hog, Vi- A farmer, named Yost,- who Jives, four niles soutti. of.the. city, was.bitten by a mad. boar on -Wednesday evening while )'e. was-driving his coiws to the pasture., ., Yost climbed over a fence as sopn. as/'-he,could- j)bssibly -do. so and. in,-this Viay probably saved his life; The wound Is 'three iinches' long and 'there Is tliought o be danger of blood; poisoning. ; . M)r> James Terdiie, an old- soldlerpre-, latog atirMorirbe,- Mich.; was "seyereJy JBI'C.ted .with rheurnatism but Irecelved. iio;mpt;tellief:fi < (»npajii by aising-Gham- eijlaWs ;Paitov ..Balm. •He,.says:' "At •njes)rny!JtMick- would ache so .badly that i-cpu-ld'.ha^yy raise iip, ; ,.If r had not btttiH-Tellei:"'-!- would 1 -;'-not 'be'.h'ere \tb Blackberries.—Rothenijcl. Rooms for rent.—Harry Frank: Plenty of chickens at Delicatessen Chickens dressed to fry.-Rothermcl. Black and red . raspberries.— : Rothei> mel. ..'•'•":-."'' Leave orders for bicycle suits only ?•'>. —Trade Palace. ' . Save !?3 .to .*IJ on any. men's suit at Harry Frank. ..''.' Try W.'C. R. brand smoked meais. They are mild and sweet. Ladies' fine tan. Oxfords -and Prince Alberts at Ellas Winter's. Arctic and lightning freezers, best on the market—F.ox & Dunkelberg. . New bu-ektos, new shirt waists, also., new belts today.'—The Bee Hive. -Don't pay 12V£c for sugar cured hams when our price Is 9%e:—McCaffrey & Co. '•:' •'..."...'.'. PJmples/and freckles removed .for only 35c : wlth Hallock's Anti-Freckle. At .Ben Fisher's. Thin clothing, odds.and ends, price .no object, vnluo not-considered,.to'close cut.—Otto Kraus.:-.-.;. .-.*., 10,to 1,that you can't beat the values we offer in .negligee shirts.—Morris Fisher, the batter. . ' . . '', - ' Bottle export beerlOOc per box. Leave your order. AVe will:dellver.lt to any part-'of tlie city.—McCaffrey & Co. '•, Soda waiter coa.ts.aud vests for.men and boys "from 50c up at Harry ;F ; ra'nk's closl.ng>out sale. • '-.'.; " . Prcspiratlon proof clothing to .close out; take It; quick; n'o.walch and no tick and no price;'take it at your own price.—Otto Kraus. , •50 dozen new. shirt rwalsts opened fo -today's• trade.''. More of tliose liaudsom Dresden patterns', worth S2.00 for ?1'.25 and lots pf^ $1.50 and $1.25 Stanley .waists f or. 08 ceirts.—The Bee'Hive.. :.I»st.—Gold 'bound. ;speciaclcs=, nea Broadway -arid Thlrteeo.th,- or between MiirkeVsti^et.ir.'E. clvureVaud-North street on- JThilrteenth' street;::, -Fluiler ,.please leave at this office or at tlie-bomi: 'of,the Rev.;W. R. Wones..;'.. ',- : .\> ; . : .;•'.', : Tlie residence of Charles .Mitchell on Xintli .street' was', entercd?Th'arsc • nigh't. ]yp 'sneak thieves •andja.^vaixib/ and THE REASON WHY. Some Merchants Are.Said to be Hlgb- Priced With Their Merchandise While Others Are Called Cheap. You ofttiines near this remark made of some of our store-keepers: "WelL Messrs. & Co. charge good stiff prices for" their goods, but somehow their goods always give so much better satisfaction than do the cheaper goods. I believe It pays to trade wltli- Messrs. — & Co. You have to pay a good price but everything you buy is-ln keeping with the price."Good shoes, of all things.are -Important. A ^msli ffresse'd foot speaks weir for Its owner; either a lady or gentleman may put on nice clothing, and unless tlieir feet are properly clad they are not well dressed, and It is very noticeable. Xow about the style and'quality; of shoes to, wear. It is^ only reasonable that a good fitting, well-shaped shoe must be. made by experienced workmen, consequently this shoe costs more than does the s«sne grade stock made by In'experl- enfltsl cheap workmen. -Cheap, sboes haven't the workmanship, and as a result they do not fit, ' soon . lose- .tbeiiN shape and wear out. Line Pilling, the up-to-date shoeman, makes a specialty • of good high grade footwear, and his prices are about the same as others/ charge for ordinary goods. Try Line's shoes once and you-will wcarnobtber. To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning, claims the attention of tlie housekeeper and hot a little depends oh the appearance of your lace curtalne as.poorly done-up curtain*spoil the effect of a well-furnished bom* quicker than anything else. We hart experienced help In this class of work who do nothing else and w« K3ow we can,give j^bu perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In the city uslnjf machinery eicluslvely for the purpose. We wilt, appreciate your patronage. Bros. 429 Market St. :•;.•"•-.;"'''-.THE- . :: ,' '-' flRST NATIONAL BAM tX)GANSPORT,..-.'•.••',. INDIANA. CAPITAL $25O,OOO. A. J. Murdoch. Pro. W. W. Roi», cilb. - J. P. :Brookmeyer, A»t, Ca»h. .' ; . : ; •..••'.•.',•..''• DIBKCTOBB::'.-./•.-•'.'.''-•''•; I. Riuoe,;'', ; •:'''." W^H..Brtngho»t,-r . ' &« J Unr^ocK* '' Dcluite-CW. .'•-'•-- • • • • F.'.lt.'Haiwoodv';'' '•"-

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