The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1934
Page 8
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"AGE SEX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, ml] flack tlio Smack Is Hack Ity Krenz IQONfy !«? Clolhicrs Have Record; Power cried Company Hitters Find Stride. R. D. Htiplir-s Company chmls'ti nlo. a tie with Hobiii-on l)Mi:< and Pastime Billiurd I'arlor for '.he leaeue lead with a hard rallied victory over Liberty C'a^h fijoi-ery. and Ark-Mo I'cmvr rompiuiy «';n their first uuiue by drfoniliv 1 . UajUPS' Men Snop lo Iralun- tin 1 Uvln bill last night in ihv Cum- mctcial suit bull loop. The .-.cure.-. were Hughes 13. l.iljeriv li; Arl:Mo Power 12, Ilaym-s 8. Talmudsc Hmiy, diminutive crooked am; flini;i-r. M-IHI laM v,'«'k Mood till- heavy hltiinn Aik-M<> CRW <in their tu'.lictivr car.s wilh a neat pili-hiii; pcrlornunuv. was nn ihe mound for Ihr.-hes b-.ii was hit hard anil ivlncd in the .sixlli inning in favnv of Clyde l.ule.s "Sliarlie" Seines, p'.idny last ball a:ii.M. hurled lor Liberty mid *"••< found for ilurleen sale blims. tin- chief offender.-, bi-lnc Unit of tin 1 I.iUcs famiiy. Bud and Clyde, with Ihice blows each. One of Clyde's \\as a .lirrneiidons siua>h to left center for a home run. Marshall. .Ice Applebamn chipped In with a pair of hits. Frank I'rtcrs und the hurler. Scru>;i:s. eneh iccwd- cd a iv.dr for Liberty. A.T.-Mo Stairs Cmiiekirl; After betns somewhat upset by nn unexpected loss last week. Ark-Mo Tower last no lime in eel- ting to Johnnie Kmotheiiuun. on the- mound lor Hiiyms. Tlu-y bunched li«- hits in the flr:-l two innings lor a four run lend. 1/xy Thomas led olf wilh a single to center. Taylor walked. Terry popped to Kiorl but B:\ge i-.une Ihiu wilh a lilt. Ecorins; Thomas. Taylor pulling m at third, lie M-nrcii n minute later when Isanc ni'.-s- cd up CnMivell's groiinder. I Ills by Melro. Thomas and TayUjr. and nn error added two more. Hay came light back in ihe M-coml and third willi line ein each lo form 1 abend, on hits yy Bonne. J. Edwards, txiuis Applebumii and couple- of Infield out.s. In the Ihiid O'Neal was given life 0:1 a bobble by Bate, Isaac singled lo left. An- L A'bauin. :il A6AIN WflfaG BMOK WN'S BEEH TRANSFORMED Sudbury School Team Smith, second base: J. B. Slabbs, |. Wins Over Junior High Ider Ihc losing plicher. Each team ;used three hurlere. Homer* With Bam Loafed The Cleveland Indians smothered Ihe Chicago White Sox under a 12 lo 1 score at Chicago. Hud- lln limited the Sox to (We blows. I The Indians got 15 oy four Chl- 1 r cajjo ])licheis. Knickerbocker's -r) homer In the sixth with i J loaded put the Indians Memphis Golfers To Meet Locals Here On Friday I PEBS GET Beat Smokies Wit! 1 liniins Lose to Pirates, Gi- fints Beat Dodgers; Tigers Trim Brownies. I'he New York Clams were bu'. half game behind Ihe leading ieui'O Cubs lu the National race vestf-rdav after the Giants iiad won and the Cubs had lo-:t. In Hie American elrculi the sr-tlinij Yankees won wilh a jiiinlh inniui: rally anil the second •line- Di'lrolt Timers kept step, win- nver ihe Browns. 'I'h" I'Sllsbmxh 1'liales wilh a iuki<. hurler sho'.vin^ ihr- way ;ok the Cubs over (he hurdles. |T)H- si-nrc •am 4 to 1 I. Blrkofer, ' rookie lefthander, limited the ln-ai'.v hilling Bruins to five Wows. The I'iralc.s found three Cub hurlers for nine hlov,.s which proved i-l:i,m;h lu win. Tli» lines t'ol iH 1 lo it two run lead in Ihe sec- oi:d inning. The Ciuiils won over (heir neighbors, Ihe Brooklyn Dodgers, 10 -.o 0 at New York. The- Giants •|ll but lost, Ihe ball same affr n~_ m - Miev seemed lo have made it all 1^-dIIla 'heirs in HIP c-arlv innings. Five Brooklyn errors hHwcl the Olants '.-lit !he New Yorkers made four 'hemselves. Wutkim. uiant outfielder, fame out of a prolonged ton was the losing pitcher. The Boston Red Sox defeated i villc course. the I'hllndelphla Athletics 7 to !! I The visitors will have a number ( . i The lending Pelicans, the £ecoiii-| al Boston. Johnson. Boston hurl- of sharp shooting Memphis aces place chicks, ihe fourih H-, was in good form, holding ihe in ihe line-up and expect to take Barons and the Pebble cellarliell Macks 10 six lilts. Cain was ilie the local aggregation well in hand, won In yesterday's Southern leagu ?l losing piicher. The Macks were The Blytheville golfers scored a games. ]l .scoreless until the ninth in-' victory over Paragould in their The Pelicans won over the At''I and eight weie turned hack j ijrst inter-club tournament last lama Crackers with a belaU','1 on strikes. I Sunday. rally. The score was 5 to 4. Th [ I Birds counted four of their run' •in ihe ninth after gelllnj; tlici;-! fhil in the e-iahth. Casey was lli The Detroit Tigers nns?d out the St. Louis Browns 5 to 4 at < Dctroli. A revamped outfield with:* Gaslin sent lo the bench was I presented by Manager Cochrane of I tlie Tigeis. White's triple scoring | two, i:iL-<ded Ihe ball game in. ihe Team in Win Over Chicks, 6-5 i viclim of ""•• Pelicans' last mln ' I lite change of power and Biyan' Sandy Ridge seconds won over Ihe Blyiheville high behool ba 1 --- was ihe beneficiary. I The Chicks Irimmed the KIHIJ eighth inning. Mnrterry wus the "£™ -=>'"„ ^ t Haley '£ L , j ville Smokies G lo .1 al Knoxvi v.-iiinliu; i,nd Wells ihe losing pit-""" te '' m ' ° tO 5l al Httle> P "- W wi ' "'"•"• ««»" '" " eher. yesterday. Blackard, B. H. S. hurler, went lo pieces in the sixth Inning after pitching fine ball up to that time. He allowed six hits in the eventful stanza . Byron B. H. S., made a catch but his HI lUO llfl fill w "* nl °" al ™n»l" B catch but h P Bin HM rwB'^'^sXTaMe 11 ; I LfllU IILLLlin catch a junner. it at Saturday; Memphis Club There Sunday. , „ The Osceola U. S. enRineers will lialtiiii! slinni) with two homers.! piay the Helena, Ark.. U. S. engi- Manat;;r Terry hit one und U-sl!e; nC ei- s at Osceola Saturday after- oi the I1od-<ers «it a four-nly noon. sual. Bowmnii was the winning I T ), c Osceoia club will clash with and Lernaril the losing pitcher. I t iic> Memphis Dry Cleaners team The Phillies beat the Braves II Sunday afternoon al 3 o'clock at, |lo li al Philadelphia. The Phils Qsccofa. The Dry Cleaners, play. i tot In Fiankliouse and Mangum i,, B ,,,,i| ul - aiiotlier name, were tri(£, for 12 hits. Hansen went the state champs of the independent •^ \ route for Philadelphia. Allen hit tourney al Memphis last year. Ihe circuit. j - Tllc i nr gcst crowd to witness a thirds Win T.ate i game at Osceola since 1930 lurn- Thc SI. Louis Cardinals won e « oul for the Osceola-Lepanto lover the Cincinnati neds 3 lo 2 uamc STANDINGS SOUTIIEnN LEAGUE W. L. New Orleans 9 5 Memphis j, ct e43 ' with Hurry Kelly in lhc wlnnin! role. Kelly gave up 10 hits buj mumigcd to keep them seanorei, \Veihcrcll was Hie losing phchei' VVethrcll hit for the circuit In futile eiToit to put his team li front. The Barons look the Nashvill mingham. The Barons won wit Unties j^oing ihe roule despii Ihe fact lliat he gave .the Vols ( blosi's. Tlie Barons made thru count for nine runs. Wein traub, who went from the Baron | to ihe big league training camr. and then to Nashville, hit for ton bases. Held was Hie losing hurle The Liute Rock Travelers dc feaied the Chattanooga Lookout 1C to 4 at Chattanooga. Sharp Iast Sunday and the Osec- al SI. 1/iuls. SI Johnson. Red nlil mmuwenwnt looks forward to Chatlanooya G 5 Birmingham a 7 Nashville o 6 Atlanta 5 (j Knoxville n 8 Little Rock 5 9 AMERICAN LEAGUE IV. L. New York Detroit, luu ler. the Cards blanked Totals . iacore ijy Ark-Mo . Huynis .. Summary: ll-ss Innings: u 1 '2 U (I y>0 «0 1— o:i:t not i— a KIIII.S balleil in — dcrson and Boone went oul but Carter. Edwards and Applebaum j came through wilh cunseciilive Incw.s for Ihe scores. Ark-Mo 1'tiw- | cr foiled ahead in Ihe fourih i willi a four run Imravic. Wilh one away lay Thomas pounded a 1 base hit lo center for his third : - n ^m^. '1. Taylor 2. Terry 2. Bngc consecutive hit. Taylur fomd him i , Caldwi 11 1 Aiulrram C.ivier •' but Terry doubled, siwim; Tuy-j |.;<|,vil r( | s •> Appli'binim 2. l-Y:ilhei r - lor. O'Neal erred on Base's Eroimd-j slom ,. ,, O])R . rlm _-Cald«ell. IVo cr and Chester Caldwcll obliged | ,,.,,,, Il ||. s ...|j 1)0 iu.. Teny. Base on wilh a scorchlni! drive down lhe| |,f,Ils-oc Smulliermiin :i oc We- third base foul line fur a home; i,,,,)...,,,,,, i smirk oin-by Kmolh- run. Terry and Unge scoiing in t .,, n;ln ;,. by \v,,tenknmp 2. Stolen ::nnt of him. They added three haM-iv-Caldwcll '2. lietlii'iRer Um- morc in the .fifth and one in the pivi-s Smith and' SHjaiii'ii final frame to insure the gume. . . ".liuiiiiie" Edwards and Louis Applebaum each had a iwrfecl eve- ; -]-,,., ]n niiig with the willow with three | ij,ji,i, lsr , n rills in as many tries, to.y Thorn- i p : , s[ i nu , us, Ark-Mo shorltk-lt'.cr. hnssed I | ( ' j-, j four singles in live Irips. Terry j i,i\j 0 , t y and Taylor, keystone combination, • ,v r i;.j| 0 again iK'rformed brillianlly. I IT^VIU^ 'Hie box scores: Teachers Kirsl Ciimr Klrtlv " Hughes All n II PDA E - I>;>> ,', 1 , 1Sn " f °!' 11 ;. * R VS"' lmlit " 10 ninl" «'"en Collins''homsliorislop: 'lorn Webster, left field; I „. rorml 1|]p Kf|me jntQ ext|a ; James Jones, tenter field; Biil, innjnss After Ihe Redleys coinu-' Woolen, right field. Junior ugh-1 ((1 in lnt ., r ,,,,„ of lhc ° eU , V( , rltll James Wood, otcher; falarhnij! Comi . s c!ilm „„.„„„„ w|[h nno(h( , r "loum;, pitcher: \\illmni Ellis, fiisl .| loim . r ,„„, pr « f , me(i Ullrle j,,|, Imsc; Dan Warrington. cecond | nrimes with a ball K ame i base; Charles Covington, third I , r . ,. , base; Lloyd Aiken. shortstop; Hai - ! . n \ e ^ *"**<*. co "nte(] five runs J _1 J:_I_:| Wtlllam Ulis Captain Young.' ry Maxwell, left field: Elliott Aid- ln ..." 1 ". 111 " 11 ' mnm " of th(> B nmc U 1:1 21 B 10 Dun Warrluulou. James Wood and riligc . t( , iu ,. , lel(1> alld Cnr | Nc , is . «;'«' "«' Senators lo win, 10 to 5. Clmrles Covlnglon scored for Jim-i right field scorp ll! "' l:t ''' n llcti at 6 ' 5 '" : ior hluh Thufi' scoring for Slid- j llll! eighth. Crhrlg's homer aided. bury were Billy Wooiern S, Omer „* lmll:in Spear Mead Kouml i lh ? .J"'*"^ . '" lc .f cw ' Y ?; kcrs Mlsho -J. J, B. Slabbs. Hed Smith ,.„... „ !. „ sot 14-lnts and the Nats 15 blows. n (lnc season.- 3 U 0 U :i i! i 3 The Sudbiiiy school bxseball (earn clefeaicd a picked team ol jiinlot' liiyli plnyers, led by Slur- ling Yoimt', In n baseball (jaiue Tuesday liRerjioon. 'Hie .score was 3 to 5. Today's Games SOUTHERN Memphis at Knoxville. Atlanta at New Orleans. Little Rock at Chattanooga. Nashville at Birmingham. Cleveland ... Boston Washington . St. Louis ... Philadelphia Chicago Bfp Indian Spear Mead found GOLD BEACH, Ore. iijl'l—Abe ] llanlenbrook turned tip a large Sutlbury iinlian s;x-ar head while plowing r. lurned In a fine gmiie. I,L S |- u ,i c ] nuar | lcre . •!•],,. W( .|i|ion bin two of the Junior hlgli W11S f,, m . lim j n i, n if i ne \ vs long, are Smlbury ward .school , m lm .], „,„] , ( | m i r w(rt ,, | ln1f (,„.), 2 and Tom Webster. Knyniond .Mnriluugli, . Uhli- 'was the winning and Crow- NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn, at New 'York.. Chicago -at- Pittsburgh. Cincinnati at St. Louis. Only games. >vus [he winning hurlei and Bai 571 foot the loser. The intentiono' • puss rule gave the Lookouts on/ "^ of their runs. ; •SCO! SOUTH EASTOwTMaVT (UP)-' -^5 A Rhode Island Red chieker , .•<B:> hatched nt George Randall's farm •J=7 has three .!cgs but. otherwise i I perfectly normal. The extra lei Pet |".° cr " )a " V sh ^ Kl] - ""nds from Hi | .607, " " ____ _ AMERICAN LEAGUE Philadelphia at Boston. St. Louis at Detroit. New York at Washington Only names. .G3fi .BOO | .500] .402 .400 . .385 .364 Chicago ... New York Pittsburgh Boston St. Louis .:. Brooklyn Philadelphia Cincinnati . NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. 3 10 9 6 6 5 '5 i 3 .769 1 .750 .543 .son ..411 -.417 .333 .250' Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance\ Phone 197 Slaiulin^s W. I,. U 0 II Marshall, cr .... 5 2 2 2 I 1 A. K'lhugham. Ib 4 '2 1 !l 1 1 Whittle, ss 300000 Humphries. SK 2 0 0 1 2 1 J. Apbaum. RS-C 41 - C. Lilies 2b Bunch rt .. B. Lnlcs. U J. K'nln^ham, Goodman, c . Grimes, .ss .. Maxwell, ss . Huey. p — 2 1 3 5 10 1 a 1 1 11 2 0 0 032 I 0 0 U 1 Totals .. Liberty McFarlriod, ss .. Aycock. ss Wright. Ib Chaf. Lutes Ib. C/ouk. c Scruggs, p H. T.ulcs. 2b .. Jeftrics. 3b Palmer, rf Cox. cl Pelcrs. If 0 0 tl . 0 0 0 0 0 0 •110010 -II 12 1'J 21 11 AB R HPOA E 1.1111(1 1.001) 1.000 .MM .sw .000 .000 .000 raduates. Tiic line-uiks of the liwms: Sudbnry—J. B. Cavasherc. catch; Raymond MurdiiUBh, pitcher: thick. It was made of black flint. It was undamaircd. Read Courier News Want Ads. Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 7:00, lO-.'Jiir K COMMlSSIOXKIt'S SALK ^ hereby given, mat In of the authority and NOTICE N'nlire i pursuance directions contained In Oie decre- tal order o[ the Clinncery Court nf Mississippi County, for the Bly- Ihevilli- I):mrict. made and entered »n thr 2~th day of February. 19:14. in a con a in c.iusc- (No. 55G11 (ben jii'iulInK theivin between The [•'etl- ernl Land Hank uf SI. lj)iils. a coiporafimi. complainant, and UlX;il WILLIAMS. HELKN TWKLVKTKKHS anil MONA BAItltIK in "All Men Are Enemies" PARAMOUNT NKWS MUSICAL "I'KTTINfi I'RKFKRKED" wilh IHNtt OROSHY THURSDAY -FRIDAY The Itif/f/est Screen Show on Earth coiporafimi. complainant, and Har- • — ry Taylor, el al. defendants, tlie // / / undersiencil. as Commissioner of | //f 'A A ^- f A sn!d Court, will oifer for sale at C_X/C<i- LLGULJ3~ 2 0 1 1 G 3 ;! i 0400 0000 1100 0 0 0 0 0 4 11 Totals ar, c 12 21 Kenre by Innings: Hughes .' 014 Olfl d-12 Liberty oil on o- r Summary: Rims battod in— Marshall 4. A. Kiniiiimlmu. J. Ap- plcbaum. C. Lutes. B. Lutes 3. ,!. C. Kinningham. Hury. Ayrix-V Wright. Jeffries, Palmer. Cox, Vete:s. Home run—C. Lull?. Txn baM public vcndur to tlie highest bid. der. at the south door or cnlrniu-e of Ihe Cmiuly Courthouse, in the Titv of Blythevllle. In (he County | "I Mississippi, for the Blylhevliu DiMricl. within the hours pre-1 f.-ribrd by law for judicial sales. MI Saturday, ihe 12th day of May. A U. 19'j.s. ihc fniiun-int; described i-sliite; lo-wlt: The North thirty-two (321 acit-f of the Northwest Quarter iNW'it of the Northwest Qliartn- iNW'ii of Section Twenty-lhr.-e i23i Township Fifteen US) Nurlh. liniiue Klevi-n mi Easl of the Fifth I*riuci;>:ii Meridian; i M:ss!^i;>pi County, Arkansas TI:RMS OF SALE: on a creiiit • three months. Uic purchaser .' required lo execute a bond •> lequir-.'d by law and the order hits—Peters. Marshall. B. Lutes 2. Double plays—C. Lutc-s 'imagined i. Scruggs to Aycock to Wriglil Base on balls-ofl ScmcBe 2 Elruek out—by Scruggs 10: by Huey 1. Hits—Ofl Huey 0 In 5 innings. Winninc pitcher, Huey. Umpires. Smith and Scboush. Seronil Ark-Mo Power Tliomas. ss Taylor, 2b Terry, ss Bage, Ib F. Adams. If ... Caldwcll. 3b .... Kcttinger, cf AB R 11PO A F B 1 4 3 0 0 3 3 1 S 3 5 1 1 4 G 41130 00000 41220 30000 O. Marshall, 1Mb 400000 421100 uci dicne of s.iid Court in said aii'-e. wilh approved security. 'i-.iini!: interest at the rate of five Kiccut ifr.i IXT annum from 'Me of sa!e until palci. and a lien K-uie n-iairad on the premises •-:<! 10 jvciin- the pnyuienl of the mrchase m< y. tintn under my hand thte 1G !:>y of April. 10^4. K. I.. Oiiines Commissioner in Chancery Ecsli I8-2S-4 Reid Courier News \Va ill. Ads. Logan, rf Meiro. c 42201 Wclcntamp. p .. 4 10 3 2 Totals 40 12 12 21 12 3 L. G. MOSS Hlylhevillc's Cut-Rale UNDERTAKER Why Pay A lli« I'rii-c? AND HIS MATE i.nno N K \v ,II : NX;LK THRILLS Two years in Ihe a-.ak- i:is! Try to duplicate Us [hrills| Yon can't 1-ii-allse you've tu-ver •'i-n them befrist'! . -JOHNNY WEISfMULLER liis primitive love-call will bring you a new kiiul 'of tin ill! See (lie one and only Taram dare a thousand jun- «le terrors—for bis bride—in the greatest adventure romance of all time! I'KPPER POT CARTOON "LASV ACES'" MUSICAL COS1KDY "«01N(; SPANISH" For a Conger JJoncymoon NO ONE expects honeymoon days to go on forever. For you—or him—to get all-of-a-twitter every time you see each other would be .asking just, a little too much. , • -T ' i But—beware the stodginess of growing too matter-of-fact—of always wearing "practical" clothes, of always doing the practical thing. A new and deliciously feminine negligee, a new dress bought just for of it, can set your own heart singing and get a word of appreciation from that serious fellow who pays the bills. So here's an end to Humdrum! Turn now to the advertisements and let them take you on an adventure of shopping, and revived romance. Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They teach the secrets of the great beauty specialists. They give hints on health of inestimable,value. They take you into the confidence of the famous dress authorities of New York and Paris.

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