The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ''01,. XXVII—NO. 276 Bly-lheville Courier, Fllythevllle Hcraltt. Biythevllle Dally Ne-vs, Mississippi Volley Loader. JiLYTllKVILUv, AHKANSAS, TUUHSDAY, KKBUUARY C, SINGLK COPIES FIVE CENTS , C:-a?ges Against Butler S'cill Remain a Mystery] I OflPHnilT flFl Q Til WASHINGTON. Feb. 5. (UPl-l !-Hl ! ! Ij'lrl ! I ml ill ' rl1 - -'Pecitlc charges to te pressed 1 i.u i»t u.i in ui«i_ l u b the devilment n: th- P li! u Big Bill and a Bnrro Open a New Campaign Hcli) nl Expected Solve Finaiu court nurlia! of Major Ce-nmi; Smedl'jy D. IJutier may remain a' myi'.ery as fn.r as the public is un- ! .corned until the trial at Phlh:U-l-; ; phla navy yard February Iti. ; It- was Indicated today the elnrij- ill ' 1 L- i • 11 I cs are much more severe than hus i HopCS and tX|)CCtS (0 Have . .IlClilf? been ant!ei]>ate<l following the re- P ' I TL 'V J • P° rt President Hoova had asked i lOOIeiTI IhlS Year. -Secretary of Navy Adams to "soft• en" them. Relief Problem Solved Before April The bill r.ow ir.vain the signa- : lure o!. Governor Parnell before: I :comm?-a !a-,v. Tl-.e mc.tiuie presides lor thc. foiniatien of cre-Ji 1 . c-iporntion U:; finance farmers in the ^production of a drop in 1931. It." creates a r-oard ti be knc-'.vn as the state agricultural credit board, to h? com-. p-jfcd of the Ros'einor o! tlie state,, :--iru? nuditri! 1 and chaiiman of the; state highway commission. Th? board is em]lowered to sell bonds r.i'sed by ;?vymg a tax o! . 1-2 mill on all property in thc : ::tat? i Little Rock .Ma:i Puts -Be Holdup Men Fhght, Captures Gun. t'.ie Chickosawba district were told; j by R. H. Ziehm. Itcd Cross field representative, at a. meeting hero , Wednesday afternoon. Mr.. Ziehm explained, however,, that this did not mean that i relief work would be suspended | I March 1. but simply lhat withdraw- ! i al would commence at that time,' ; with a view to having national Red Cross activities In the local field \V7 M D II 1 I VT . : brought to an end ns early as po;-. WCUld-Dc Holdup IVlen (0 ' cible and presumably not lu'.cr; i than April 1. i Sees Return to Normal Contains $50,001) Limit J. Me:! 13j" o'~.i, secretary of ths Blyth'jvilie chamber of commerce, leturned li^re today nfter three tiays spent at Little Rock in behalf of the finance corporation bill. He expressed confidence that the machinery for putting its provisions int-> effect would be set up promptly and that the a'rMitional capital for agricultural .finance corporations would be available very shortly. T T-^TT T- ,3,,™ — -r- ,. : Tiie Reti Cross i<xA distribution UTTLh ROCK, Feb. 5 (UP)-- j prograrn rannot ^ ccnt i n ued in-. p. .^Counts, an employe of the > dc . an ,, c , y Mr . zlcllm dcc lcred, and! United States Ve;crans Hospital lt u tl ; e M icl of lied Cross head-) i here, shot al Us ice at clcsci • SSItL- ill I'lUaUi m - r ,_ .. r ,. ranire by bandits last night but! ^'h 1 the Bot our a! hij car. whipped one' • Mdrtn ' ule cf Hie w uld be robbers and cap- Little . Rock that arter Sen-clary Hurley Sends Parly to Report on Arkansas Si luation. Wovk of Past Two Moitlhs Has Put i ; ii'sl Nalional In Strong Condition. The 1'irst Niuimial bank- svlll re- c]icn as soon us its bLWks have been broiiehl up lo date and oilier preliminaries lo the resumption of btelncss have br-rn completed, A. (.i. Link 1 , executive vice president, sii.ld In a statement In which he cs,- plnincd In detail the work Ihat his Ih'cn done ;n Iho p-isl two moni-hs lo put the In.stitiillpn In n'|)O5itlo:i to iimcllon on a sound and i«r- inanent basis. While he declined to llx a date •, ! for Ihe opening of tho bank Mr. Lll- ) ' tic-' Intimated that It would uroli- ! ubly be within rue next week. , : ] The First National closed II: dc-jrs December 1. Efforts to put i: ln.,!iiiape (or rociKiihiK v;erc started shortly aitcrwnrd, ami \s'er<. neaily complete when n shortage 01 Major Oliver S. Wood, cni> of u grcup ef army- ollk-trs svut tn Ar- kaiM'i by Sccrrlary uf War Hurley (o study condition!: in the drouth urra, will probably come to illyllu-vlll,- I ilc this afteriliun, ucccrtHnjr io inftirnialioti received shortly after noon from !t. H. /Ichm; Red Cross field represtn- lattvi-. in this territory. Mr. Zl:lmi Itlcplicucrt'from O.i- crohi where ho was axvallin? arrival uf M.sjor \\Vud who \vas expected by airplane from i.ltlb liack, ?eto^w - i ,........ ..„ - M8ai£3S$il$ii>: by u horse, a donkey and a burro, Mayor "Bl? Bill" Thompson i)f Chicago opened his for ^nomination svith p. parade through the loop and a fiery speech in a crowded t-u-a'.cr. At „., .,..* ... Top 'production" credits' shown the head of the parade. The figure on thc horse, at the left, represents the mayor; In Ihe center, .^^'^"^"f th'^bAnk^viil ''^ LITTLE HOCK, f-'Cb, 5. (UP)—A group of army officers from Wash-' inglon w!:o urrlvod here yesterday on a brief tour of lnsi>cction of drouth stricken areas left here today In planes for eastern and norlh- enu^rn .sections of the state. The ifarty is ccmposcd ct Lt. Col. Campbell D. Kodgcs. MaJ. Oliver P. Wood, Capt. Louis A. Pick, and Ij'f. Ccusland and J. G. O'N;al. Lieutenant Couslantl flew Up plane which brought Colonel Hodg- lured the other's gun wo fmnl'ihcrl through private sources; on the donkey, Is a caricature of Judge John H. Lyle, and at the right, on the burro. Is a man who takes ; w n), „ cash nearly 550,000 svus discovered In Ih: its ami Mcjor Woo-j to Little Rock nccuumj of A. E. Scctt, cashier. | from Washington, and Lieutenant O'Neal piloted Captain Pick from Texas. Will land al Osccola The officers came to Arkansas cnsnuaiirn'Thls necessitated further delay. but i the lelt is llow "" rccitilrements of the na- permlt the return to worK of vcscrs'o of fifty per Cro - At r.nd ordered the driver to stick 'em' red ^J" _. , ., . up. Instead Counts stepped on the! I 1 " 1131 conflrmaiion of this opm-. 6 a S . v * ' ion was given by local relief svork- • "Can't you sea what's .In my i "«• :who said th «y expected a very j at the right show Mayor Thompson on the speakers' platform, holding the halter which he d either. 1 of his opponents would wear If elected. the part of Alderman Arthur Albert—the judge and thc alderman being the mayor's opponents. Tho photo cent of Us deposits nnd no rcdis- ileclared counts or bills payable, i Mr. Little's statement In lull fol- : lo\vs: "The officials and directors have .''met nil thc requirements - of the ••:'j comptroller and the tedefal reserve jj, i board, and tne ban'* will reopen :"• for.'busineEa' \vjthln-the ./next tev 1»" j .'S*-.* «,.- '. • ,W i t?-_fj-l.^^iUV^^.-i pi. but. efforts to eliminate it were unsuccessful. If Mississippi coun ,ith the barrel of the gu:, almost he.p in the Chjckasawb^dlstrlct. ^^ ^^ ^ J^.j — : Remove 200 Bodies From j New, Zealand'Quake Zone AUCKLAND. 'Wesv Zsjfriml. Feb.! 5 O)P) — A total of almost 'Ad! . bodies have been removed from' i the earthquake wrecked region of i Hawkes bay, officials reported lo- I C£ the STi,rntr'pos- : ^ -'stopned..Counts leaped tne'eountAc^tloa b much sMe aboul' lawJU of '^uSr ™t and planted a ri S ht and a left : worse. It is estimated that the crop production credit for tiiis county. » r\fl' T 1 HA i Fifty son s (Juice, 1 ake Money \ ica an d tlUU- Uu^ln-Cbi it il^lll. U..IU ti ILlt. \SUlaU. iL- u toiiimi._^i,j iii^t ».»•- thc bandit's face. The bandit [ Red Cross is feeding 35,000 or 36,000 rVOITl Hiding I mCC. plumped to tto grovuid. dropping• persons' in Mississippi county, of: Memphis Radio Artist Vic-' ™ s wl Fifty bodies previously were bur-1 • / • i i rs i ' were placed in a! tim ot Attack by Dement-; lias been In chn:go of the nallana bnnk examiner. It is nosv nccessirj lo bring our books up to date uni . othersvije prepare for reoiienlng. 'Ill necessarily take a llttlo Had Difficult Task common yrave where services were j combined with rellbicus riles '"' the unidentified dead. for ec! Mnn He Befriended. probably bs oi-ganized at Osce'la, gun showed it was and at Manila or Lejchvilis. ! WanV^. LITTLE ROCK. Feb. a (UP)—; Efforts of a group of legislators to; make Arkansas a mecca for pc^-j sons seeking to untie their mar-. tial binds appears ;o stand an excellent chance for success, accord-- ing to a survey conducted by th? United Piess. Scions 5jjo::sa:-ing tilt divorce bill introduced recently in thc lower house ff the general r.s=Em- sl °P- ioad;d withj DeHni'u; announcement wns made The mon was remov ', d from a i by Mr. Ziehm that distribution of; I]]cU1 C01ltamer placed . unili , r a I garden sted by the Red Cross drl , n , covcr wlflch had s , rv _ I would be commenced before lons.| cd a5 „ setrcl cilcll( , for (hc s . fl . r." . ' n i PaCltetS ° f SDed ^; a P,f°. xlra " e S 'l :ion cash box over a period of years. Sidewalks four^ pounds ^a"^ 11 bejiven. The s , Rtlon sa[c was appilrcm]y net disturbed and the tire and accessory stock was not touched, according to Tom W. Jackson, bwn;r to families who have been re~~ j celviii! 1 P.ed Cross aid and who Skating on city streets and on , «*> ui. ^ ^ ^ (m sidevralxs in tne brainess sec- ticn. which has become n popular , fr; £ :.» paslimc wilh school children s!n:ii j" e ' nop the advent of mild weather, must • l Mr. Ziehm said it was crganiza-: that this garden program! entered ths rest roo:n of thc station, which was nsl bly expressed confidence thc incus- , At least that is the edicl han^ea , an(i summer me' will receive sufficient support:down by Ni. G. Goodwin, chief of tne co-operation of landlords . ... Unllinlll A W.ll Wi I lit OtLVllUlJ, « ilLlvll WHO JlUJ would prove of sukstantlal he p nnd in providing food for the **?»?..ik f beaver board parti ion leading , _...,i »i I .v»nfn- lYi/inrVi^. ftnn lir^GJ . * -.--^ months and I uricd . ( of to pass both chambers. Th?y point. police. to the fact that lawyers compile , M B statement, issued this morn-: of land for gardens, more than halt of tho members of | n? Cn .; c( Goo i sv i n ca ite,| attention Mr. Ziehm also made the h-.usc and that naturally thty c[ p 1Icn t5 t o a city ordinance ! permittin: ' ,f land f Mr. Ziehm to av'peny!^ ™ d ' h * ™>' «nto the O m ;; . to na\. PIEIUJJ A , though ofllcers bcliBV2 tha . eu . ifoniecne fniniliar with the lo:ati:-:i cash " ' "~ F. E. Brown, 63, Dies Hospital Here of Injuries, ™ 'When the conditions for our rc- . opening were defined by the corop- ; .trolicr we fell they were unnccss- ; MEMPHIS. Feb. 5 (DPI— A de- 6a rlly severe. These conditions rs- • mented World War veteran whose quired us to convert more than ' ifrlcs of major battles in which ) m if of our loans inlo cash. In cr- he participated tlirlllcd Floyd Me- ( u lm ry times this would be an ex! Klssack. 22, cvungcliEl .-Jnfjcr and tremely dilllcult task for any bank. Etufcnt. today was held In jail cvtn cne t i, nt was opln an[ j do |, 13 chni-ged ^ltli i kllllnB i _lhi! i >'°»thful business. For a closed bank, inpres- " ~ '" "' '"'" " "" enl business and mone'y'condillons. it seemed almost hopeless of per- JS" CC ,n t0 ^°™, °ff r ,^"!^' '""..ncc. but we did not lose hope singer whom he called his "best friend." Ncely. 50. war veteran, was tnr- idered, said man was de- or cease our efforts. Tiie cominun- and believed he was not _. for the slaying, which Received NcSV Holland, occurrcu within an Ir.ur after Me- Klssack had ended r. radio broad- u " ns P. K. Brown, C'J, year old Manila contractor, succumbed al Ihe Bly- '. " ys 11EC ' i (or Institution was dally Impressed upon us. We lei; that we must meet these condt- llie bank for future casT'p'ros'rTm"^? statTon WMo" " n ' ice , 'f, [lle d;y a "1 th » country ' ° , . nr^l1t\rl It The youth was shot by Iseely while he wa around it. svlth orders to make a survey of the droulh conditions al the request of Secretary of War Hurley. The group will rcparl to Sec.c- lary Hurley alter a four day tour of the state, Colonel Hodges said. Planes will be used as often as possible cnroute to tho different points; Colonel Hodges stated although .be .Is a military ..side to - President : ..-• k St>6Vnr "Ife- &'-'H ft>- -sc{ ing^ ifci-; ;;ii ! '; : jti I capacity-on the survey. " ••-(-•-f Shortly b3fore their departure Colonel Hodges announced that he and Captain Pick would visit Helena and Forrest City- during, the day. Major Wood, accompanied by Lieutenant O'Neal. wiU fly to ncrlh- \ easl Arkansas, tending at O5:e:la and Paragould. More Food on Way From tile Arkansas state headquarters of the American Red Cross icre where Colons! Hodges and his party chartered their tentallva route, it was announced that 30 additional carloads of foodstuff for slate drouth sufferers were forwarded today by residents of MiliD. This new contribution brings tr.e total conlrlbuted foodstun tor Arkansas to 117 carloads. A check of aid being given various local Hed Cross chaplers In Arkansas by the nallonal organization revealed Isvo local chapters have been self-sustaining throughout the drouth. These ar; located rniiru' °"iit>r it "in* " Suire wc l '-" iy c been able lo meet !l1 Mndlson and Polk counties. cnin.g a>..lll.r .11 in. Them nrn fid i.V»in»«r> It. i theville hospital early this znlr- J™= ™ a ™> ce i.-g"' who 1 Vd the conditions, we arc nosv glad ning to injuries received in -\ '^^d ti - I v r mcT "ivc they were so severe. Our present liljhway accident near Holland last: '"-friended tl._ i..c, men. .n.. '.. . . favor such a measure. -aivsSt:its:-J thrd cr.if'.v.v T bidding skating on streets and side-; feed for work stock can c valks. Especially in the pas', !".•;; petted Irom the Red Cross. The bill, if adopted, will voducj do} . s h , s - lh(;r , bcc ' n „ my < £ij in . . organisation will continue lo pto tl-.e (line required to rit3t-:sr. res.- crc:ls , m skatll , 5 in t!lc business ; vide feed for family milk cosvs, •,' l; ,:madc. ll-.e (line required to Ci;3Cj:sr. res.- crc:ls , m sfottos in the business ; vide feed for family mils, cosvs, i ricncs in the state from cne year to • section and on ths , s tr=2ts with t>c I where such cows furnish en es-. DO days and is similar in many re- ^{(,[5 playing Bamos and dashing stntlal part of tho family's food. jp3c;s to ll-.s residence reriuire- ~ ech -.,, sslv . ln ard oul of lra fn Cp the ! supply, ond will also furnish chick-. ^ Demand Apology For Charge by Pastor: wu » am Brown. 0 3 i BrOwn was H Funeral services will be held this afternoon at Manila. Interment w:ll probe.blv be made in a Kentucky com;n;:nity. The d^crascd is survived bv his befriended ..._ - - „ , . : shotgun charges were pumped into condition is most satisfactory. In ! thc body. Neely fled following thc fact it h unusual, and we can naw . shooting to appear bier at tho ask our friends to intrust their sh^rifl's office. business to us with every assur- i McKU;.".c;: svr^ a native of Law- anco ot safety. '. rcncebiir?. Tcnn. Nccly. a resi- "Alter the closing of the bank in Nevada's o> c - nlcf de c:-icd In o.'d'r to crs-'-et ' en'fecd in similar cases, but can-] MEMPHIS, Feb. 5 tUPI-Co-cd;; ; the children and prevent serious'not go further than (his in feed-! at Southwestern. Violators ;:b]=c! to msnts co:-.tni:ie:l vorce law;-. ' the children and prevent serious The hsus; Judiciary committee at . co:{ ; c .; s compliance with thc or a meeting last niglit vcted to re- rfj n( , nce 15 requested, it is stated, port the bill buck tD tne house wit'.i recommendation tiiat it be adopt- ' and it was rumored today that : these members opposing the rr.eas- : LOUnty WiilS Contest ure would submit a minority re-' tjr-.i n \ port recommending tha; it be de- . ieated. •. Two bills eadi cl which would i increase the cigarette tax a !;aK • cent and devct: !!-,3 r.^vcnuts Is; state educlicmol institutions -were | I>:s32:i by the hc;ise yesterday. If boVii bills bccsm? laws, ths lax isv anil two so:is. n. fclally Injured when the or ;n which he was rldln; :'"3 livestock, he announced. I with a son nnd the lattcr's wife, i , ., . c °-f ducat!0: ; ! ". collided with an auto, which turn-' I college here, were preparing a vril-j ecl 0]Uo n | g i reay 31 f :ort: Han firrti^" 1 - of Memphis, and M.-Kis^ack. our assets and affairs were careful- 1 rr.ade their home v:lth Serecar.t ly inspected by the manager of the J.-seuh Ksr.nedy, a brother-in-law Memphis branch of the federal rely, f.ervc bank, a vice-president of tie — Boatman's National bank of at. Louis, and a representative of ti:c !° f There are 80 chapters In the slate. Young Actress Opens Defense o{ $25,000 Suit I.OS ANOELES. Feb. 5 lUP) — Dorothy Janice. 18, film actress who is defendant In a S23.0W heart halm suit filed by Mrs- Sidney O. Lund, began her defense of the action today as Superior Judge John L. Fleming appointed the ac- With Bmk BATKSVILI.E. Ark., Feb. 5 (UP) —Indcpend r :ire county he.s won a decision '.«r Walter E. Taylor, state bank rcmm-ssioncr. in a suit before ClT.nccilor Alvln S. (rby. . £U cst. Chnnccllrr Tibv r.i'od that a con- i . I-'irst National bank of Memphis. . . . At But2f;)" CsUTt l/iSVLl3.1 All of these gentlemen expressed i Mrs. M. H/Townsend. dean of' 11 '* 8°' women at the college, said "Tli: f- 3t ' s - " e . f c3l?n ^ r ?s l ' x co!1 "r: Charges are an insult to me as. Jor^cj. ^'^y_before^beccnil,i? f\ n S--t--,-,ni-!S-% P-vjrn'c praised by both the national bank on h-.^itiO^i.- .a.>.(,.. cramlner an(1 by thc ns3bun . Officers of the Half Moon boys and girls 4-H club were elected ,,„.„.. comptroller of currency. We hivo | Tuesday. Februan- 3. as follows: I .\IU.U.- _,._ .1 ,_.._, .t . . . . ' ... _ , / i 'ata!'v Injuved h r i P't W.A« T~Jo,, finv.^ rit loaay I applications. . AJJ J t ATnti-idniv I !ot' Added to mounting List \ at'r-r Grnsr Pirn Is : »H».—•>«»•-• COOTER, MO.-NO owner f i FRENCH AUTHORESS HONORED' claimed a Bulck roadster b-:.u PARIS. (UPi-Couiltess de No- *'• 1S3 ° Misisurl license tag N'o. '. - - — nir.-s, Frcndi pccte:s and authc-v 31 ^ l -' at v> ' a ^ abandoned h?re MEMPHiS. Feb. o. (UP)— aeor*o A L -- rs nre at xinth an'! Hjsrn • c f many bocks has been mado two men early Tuesday i:-.o:i-.:rx '.ester \V.ild™ d.ed cnroiue •: .• ,,,^ M , t> .. s nfterncon added an- ro-.v.rnander of the Legion of Hon- after being chased for seveui here today tram mlur;-: 5 cthcr a ; 1rm to t i, r rapidly mount-! or one of .the hlghesl ranks In blocks by Night Marshal L. H . . -tlons become more n=any normal Governor Wilbur L. Cross. Con- nscticufs new Democratic state TREASURES FOE'S KX1FE '•': executive, believes r.;c?l socalled RACIN'E. W:s. rui';—A ir: : iF'-vhllcins are -Democrats In handled pocket knife o!-.c- O'.vne. 1 . will bs kspt liquid sr.d in a posi- . ' disguise." " " .... | 5S . somewhlt warmer end deposits have materially In-: f^.. ' c]ovA y and un , ettl ed. i-. creased. In other -.vcros, the cloudl- tonight. by K.;ar Allan Pec i : •' ;v;jsureil ticn to meet «ny demands «h' • ' I'ocelvr;! islirn !:e v.-.u crushed in n : [ n ,, number of alarms turned in to the order. It is the first time in Marsh. The car l» believed to b:j tinned crave! pi! slid? near here. Wal.lon , ( no c i ly fi re (jeparlment as a re- 'KUII of small grjss and trash fires. According to the official weather observer, Charbs Phillips, the m'.n- He declared In a speech here possession of Mrs. U:?.-\l)ttii K.s.-b may be made on i;. When c?n- '• imum ternperatuje here yestenlay >al nvst n-.en calllii' thsn-scU.'.i I'.^rp. Tiie original br?.F; m-i-.e plat? t'.cns a^nln become normal the -..-as 29 degrees and the maximum Republicans wricm he" had quc-:- Is s'.iU on the knife. It Is in<?r:b=. hr.nk will espe;-t to resume cur-,69 degrees: clear. On the ssmj day ir.arri.vl nnd lud 0113 child. _ _ b-lieve in the phtlosonhy ."E. A. Pee." Mrs. Eise'.c said ?:: inj for all legitimate demands oJ'a year ago ">> minimum temperi- hislcry a -.voman has been so hon-,a slolcn one and Is being held by; of Thcmas Jefferson rather than inherited the knife from an ances- .Its customers. For this year we arr iture was 38 degrees and t'f.e mastered. I Mr. Marsh. | that of Alexander Hamilton. tor. j (Continued cn Page Threii) 'mum 57 degrees; cloudy.

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