The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, DKC'K.MIJKU 29, 1911 Published Every Friday In th« Interest of Farm Families of This I Agricultural Section. n BU'TIIKVIU.K COU1UE11 NBWS Identify Boles Dinners FARM NEWS-FEA1 PAGE' THREE•• Enter tht Plant-to-Prosper tkm- tests sponsored by the Courier News and Commercial Appeal. Plant to Prosper Winners Marking Would Assure Buyers Of Receiving Desired Delta Cotton n. C. Brunch, of Pecan Point urcslclent or (lie Agricultural Council of Arkansas and chairman of the Slate AAA Committee, urges all Bins In HID river bottom or delta area of Arkansas ami Missouri to tale lag Identify Arkansas and Missouri delta cotton by using u>e Council copyright coinbinalion bale dcnllfiealion and gin ta|; which can be obtained from tin: Council office at West Memphis. For the past two years (lie Council, a jion-|>rom oi'i-aiilzaiiwi, Jms ««>|M>rnieil \yilli (lie Slate Extension Service in a cotton ijuality |>ro- Sram which included gin schools. Three years ano at the of tiic mills it inaugurated a copyright hale identiliealion tag which would guarantee to the mills Hint they receive the cotton which they purchase. The request for Mich a lai; by the mills tt-as due to (lie practice of shipping in col ton from other areas removing all means of identification, and including it with cotton from the delta nroas. This practice caused the mills a great deal of trouble and expense as due to il.s characteristics delta cotton does not spin or absorb dye the sumo as cotton from other^ areas. Mississippi has a similar program and lust year over 350 gins cooperated by usini; the Delta Councl bale identification tag. Rii Ingrown cotton from the bot- . tomtand of the MKsissiopi river and its tributaries has in the past Irccn outstanding for characteristics which are desirable. Due to U\c loss of foreign trade ivhidi formerly absorbed a great portion of cotton from Texas and the irrigated section, those areas arc now competing with delta cotton for our domestic market This organization whose sole purpose is to protect, defend, and promote n»- riculture. feels it is essential from a competitive basis to have a definite cotton quality program which will include «in schools, encourai-i concentration on a few varieties of cotton, one variety ginning where practical, jjasltlvc |>;;io i n(r identification, and an advertising pro»ram directed to the mills to let them know what we are doing. The Council is now cuopcratiim in all of these phases, ft has recently started a series of advertisements which will reach every mill ,in thi< country ar.d abroad. H is not necessary for a gin to bo a member of the Council to us; the identification and t;in tags. Farm Woman's Column , > , wholc :i »'l )l ™e not be baked in an oven but can be prepared on top of Uie stove, Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent, explained recently, in fact, she said, baked apples served i,, restaurants and hotels are seldom baked in an oven for other commercial cooking methods have teen found to hold the sliupc, color, and flavor o f whole "mule-it 0 " 0 '" a " Cl '"^ ' eSS timc A method of top-stove cooking known as "Blazing" m ny be used instead of baking, but it is important, just as for baking in an oven to choose varieties of apples that hold their shape well, the home demonstration agent stated. Her directions for "glazing" apples arc as follows: .Scrub apples well, remove cores, and cut a slit in the skin ail the way around each apple at right angles to the core to prevent (he skin from burstini- dur- 4'"8 cooking. Place the apples in a Toautepan and nil the holes left by removing (he cores with a war' ami .spice nilMure , n .., (ic I)y a(h f ing about a teaspoonlnl of allspice or cinnamon lo each half cup ,,t s, 1?nl Add one-fourth cup of water'for each apple in the pan. Cover the pan and cook on (op of the stove over tow heat. Turn I lie apples once during cooking Cook until the apples are lender^ usually from seven to 15 minutes Hcmovc the cover for the last minute of cooking, taking care not lo overcook, for once tender, apples cook to miisi, quickly. Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Wildy of Leacliville were mighty happy when this photograph was made Dee. 18 at the Plant To Prosper banquet in Memphis. The reason? They had just been awarded f.lflO rav)> prize for winning first honors in the Landowners Division of the Arkansas contest. On The Farm Front High hopes were held for the United Nations Relief ami Rehabilitation Administration m ,u] j, ls t ,.,.. cently. It was lliought that UNRiVs distribution of American farm products and food, clothing and medicines from here and other Allied notions would hasten world recovery from war. H was fondly hoped that the promise of relief from hunger and cold would prevent liberated peoples from warring against each other. The offer of help in (inickly rehabilitating, their shattered homes waj, expected to bring the distressed into full co-operation with the Allies. Well, those happy dreams may yet 1)0 renlb.ed. J3ut right new UNRRA willingness to relieve public distress hasn't calmed the stormy waters In Greece. One fnctlon of that liberated country is fighting a rival faction backed by the liberating British. In fact, disliking to be in thr- cross-fire of a civil war, members of the American UNRA mission recently withdrew from Greece So far, military authorities rather than UNRRA have provided relief in other liberated countries But UNRRA continues to lay up supplies of all kinds-including 'farm products—against the time when il can operate as planned. H mny yet be th great healer of international wounds it was set up to ire. The new government wool buyin" program will B0 into effect on the first of the year. WPA announces that it will be only slightly different from the plan in use since 1943 Purchases will be made by the government at prices In line with the ceiling value of wool. Allowances will he deducted lo cover the cosl , marketing the fleece. During th c !ras i („,„ ye ,, rs the ommodily Credit Corporation has bought about 500 million pounds of wool, paying ;i ii average of 41 cents a pound to growers. Nearly all our domestic wool is •c-_sr)UI to firms which manufacture inuorins. blankets and other mili- ary fabrics. Civilian good.", arc say jipnn from imported wool which unncr-sells the domestic product. ' Numhor Nine Members Discuss 7945 Plans A medium of the Number Nine •»-H Club «-as held recently with Max Johnson presiding The county agt-iil. Keith Bjlbrcv discussed plans for the coming year The newly elected officers were as follows: president. Mas Johnson- vice president. Hill Scribner: secretary, Fronia Haticy; reporter. Junior Scnbner; song captain, Fronia Haticy. The sponsors arc Mr. Charles kangslon and Mrs. Fred Bean Members of the commHelee an~ pointed to sec the sponsors and ask if they would serve were- Doris Bean, Virginia Hardcsly, Fronia Haticy Hill Smith, mil Scribner and Join; Bjirentine. now. however, production of civilian garments is (jolna down b"- causc of manpower shortages in woolen mills. • • • Our tremendous IfiSI (.ruin crop was a blessing in more ways than one. In the first p'iuv it pe'iinits a stepping n]) of production of alro- hol needed in making synlhelic rubber. Administrator Kr»» of WPI3 says more of such rubber is (u be used during coining montlir, in hikin- production of heavy duly tires Hut don't let this raise your hopes llun there'll be more tires for fnim trucks. Nearly all the new t ilL ,,, will be rushed into miliiary U.IP Another blessing of bumper I'lvin "elds falls upon those who like a "wee nip" now and ihen. Kins fays that the January holiday prriniiliii;- production of beverage alcnhol may be followed by a second holidiv rttirlng 1045. What's more, stocks of corn mny be released in limited qu.intity to permil tlie distiiiint- of bourbon. . Eiply laat spj-ljij; no tliiitn-iit -crfiild IK given to the bourbon drouth Ml commercial corn supplies were "drafted" to meet war emergencies. More Than 2300 Enroled In 4-H Clubs of County ncorganizalion of 4-ir clubs in Mississippi County is complete with more than 2300 rural boys 011.1 "iris realty to begin the well-rounded farm life program in 1945 In North Mississippi Comity, the 22 clubs have 1140 members with community sponsors assisthi" (he extension agents. Miss Cora Lee Coleman and Kejjh ijilbrcy. In Soutli Mississippi Coi'mly. [lie 18 clnljs there have more thun 100J incmbcrs with D. V. Maloch anrl Miss Inez Kincaid in charge, assisted by community sponsors. Sheriffs To Hear Hahn LITTLE HOCK. Dee. 2!! (UP) — Executive Secretary Cliarlr.s J Ilnhn of thc National SheiilfV Association will be one of thc principal speakers at the annual AI Kansas Sheriffs' Association confcreiico nt Little Rock Jan. 4 and 5. Sheriff s. rj. langston of LI-,- Ccimiy is president of the aN.uv.ia- Uon. Warns Owners iry Herds Replacement Animals May Spread Disease Unless Care Is Used CHICAGO, Dec. 21 .~ A W nin B '•', r ' u ""''--- i ">"l tm.y should use Mm ™»ll»» "t this lime in bnv- i'(! lyplacemen! dujry niiimnls was i^urd here loday by the American VHn.imy Medical Agnation's committee on Milk llygi.-nc. .'"''',"' 'i'c"'o:iM.-<l price of milk jind «lu: lowered price of eanuer cows m-rrasrs llu; danper of lla' 1111- ispcriitifi farmer piircliBKinu unfit r diseased imimals which are be- 111; we.iieil out of oilier hertls," r. a I,. Kern, cliairman of (lie iiiiinitlcc re-parted here today. oinelimi'.s a herd owner will dls- [•*(• <>( dlsciiwd iniliiuils before Ills herd is checked over by (he vel- I'linarian lo <|imlir.v \{ ( or milk f-aU-s. Much animals can upload (lin-aM-s in mo ,„,„, i, mls lll(o winch iiu-y no. They can also carry di:.e:iH-.s into side barns or cattle dealers- herds. "To play safe. I lie purchaser will Triplc-A Committee Members Re-elected 'I'lie MLsslwlppi Counly Agrl- nillmiil AcljiislnwiU Admlnislra- liim Ctiniiulltre in Mississippi County will bi> tin- same nc\l yfur as In IMn. Mi-Jiibors were rocli-cted at a ivri'iit meeting of rumimiullv coiumillee in Osceoln. Thi-y are: A. C. Spellliitis of O.wola, c-liiilriuan; l.oroy Cnrlor of I.eachvllle. an <l Niibli- dill of Di'll and m.vtiu'1-lllc. Milk Producers May Apply For Payments Jan. 1 OpeniiiB date for mini; appllea- Iwnis lor dairy prodm-lIon paynu-nts iwi-rliiK Nuvnnljcr imd December pUKlia-iloii Is Jan. i, accordlni' in be wise (o buy replacement animals from local herds which In- knmv.s lo be free of disease, or (••> have a velcrinariiin examine aninuils from unknown sources lo lx- suro they are not disease carriers, before he brltiBs llu-m onto Ills farm." Turkeys Add To 1944 Income Of Blytheville Farm Family . this your. They .sold Ki:i and i-.obbler.-. niul nlm.>M haii" mini- left fur Ih'.-li- own Thatilisi-lvini' illlll CIlllslllllIK llhlllil 1 .'. ;;i) IHojil W;l '.; till- llelll:lll(| ;l| );.>II| hiill.l.'i'vs,' Till- Ill-US Uci;;llrd Uoill If) to 12 priimds nu-li, i,,i i) la -.|. ivhti u'.nil- <•<! siimlloi' biid'i, i( ,n| tiio r.olitili'i;; ciiihi'd rrmn IS In 'M pjimi!'; oin-h Tliey wero Mikl uu u !; ,i „,. ,| r i-;.-;i-il, ai-i'di'dlni: i ( , «|!.ii,. s ,,f n,,, luir . CllllCI-r.-i. Willl IllOM- 1)11 |o,,t ;.dh||r. lor 'ill tvnis per r ,oim:| ,,.( ; dl and ri'.s-;c,| ttirkrj-.-. srl|ii,, ; |, ir nil n .,,t, Thi-y have not yi-t tolnlrd Ihrir wilr.s but kmc.v ilu-y miuti- a -iiit). •ilaniial priiiii in tliu |,|,:IM, ,,r' u,,. all-umnd pru;:r.i,ii ; ,i Hi,-lr [arm IllUrnll.':; willlh .1 Illvtllevllli.-, A, (J. lipelllni;:;. iludnnan ol n». roiinty ' Published Hy The Delta Iniplemoiil Co., Ulythcville Vol. 3 Frill ay, lire. 2'J No. IX iMtiinJay sl.-n-l.s a ne\v year, ami licre's linp- inj; it's a lot heller fur us nil than, Ihi.s i>ust one . . . Here's a wish fnim ;,1| ( ,f us here al Delia Impli'mi'iiLs Ihul 1<)J") .soe.s Vit-lory iiiu! l!\e rt'ltirn (if your Itiveil ones. —DI Charles Smith, of MlylliL-ville, lias a used AC Trat-lor \vith ctillivulor ami a uswl AC (.'omliine for .sale. DI We've jiisl received another sliipnienl of sltel water tanks. Our slnt-k of tanUs in all sixes and shinies is more complete now Hum it's heeii in .several vears. -DI- N<;«- ei|Mijimciit tleliveretl during- (ho paul few days includes: a -1-row stalk cutter mill a ;i-ro\v middle busier la R. [). Hughes, t)t IJIylhevJIle; a disc Itairow and Iraclor cultivator to Johnny Young, of Armorcl; a disc harrow and Ji-niw middle husler to Rox Warren, of llwy. 18 \Vcst of iilylho- viile; anil an all purpose farm trailer on steel wheels (o K. A. Austin, of I'romiscii Land. -DI- Crcomvlston relieves piompllv be- cjusc it ROCS right to the scat of the trouble to help loosen and cxpej germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tehdcr Inflamed bronchial mucous mem- "anes. Tell your druggist to sell vou a bottle of Crcomulsion with the im- rtcrstijiiding yon must like the nay it QUlckly allays the cough or you arc to have your money back. * CREOMULSION 's, RrnnchiH; H. K. Tucker, of Manila, wauls to sell a used 2-rwv .{dim Deere planter and a No. 7 Me- Cormick DeerhiB nunvt-r. DI shops this week: IS InlernalioJial fur Kcneral overhaul and repair for Clwer Co., of Islylhevillc; a' us for overhaul for the Bunlello ; a (''armall 20 for complete overhaul Hean, of Number Nine; 2 Kannall ,r overhaul and repair for Jimmy of Armorcl; and a Fitrmall Ii lMiildin«- and repaintiiifr f,,,. |j. iy , liirnunjf \V ( of Blytheville. *3$ TAJIK OP TOUR ALBUM OOM-T HAV| i HALfWAY The Imkeys were fed bulleimllk ID), | ,1 commercial fee,! ''"•'"ilil'om thiilr life, resuUInf In U-nili-r ineut. Tin- lli-.xslc:; hiivi,- a weU-rounded Pioiinmi with Mrs. Hessle nssmn- mii uuitt or I ho work in ralsliiK of tin keys and chickens and intlkltiK j'f cow.-; wlilh- Mi. iii-ssli- alteiuls lu "ml voi;i'table or<i[xs. In iiildlllun lo hj s f,,,.,,, (I|U|PS h( , •''HTi'.s us .si-rojid llciiteiiiint In fompany K. Arkansas State Cluard inns 1'lvhin his si-rvlcra to Ihc uov- '•nmiiMil on ih,. hoi,,,- front. HO [or . nicrly served In Ilio rc«nliir Army lor ii iiiiinlu-r of years. Vciilrlloqiihn,, rrmn the l.alln- V'lili-r, belly, and lotpil. speak-for- »i'-ily IVHS siippo.-ii-d lo result from » |)i-i-iiHiu- IIM- oi the stomach ilnr- ini; Hie pnin-.w til Inhalation uccindlni: lo tin- Kncyclopcdlu l!rlt- - •--- 'J OUDKIl Mnry Ferguson Is warned to np-. pear in thc Chancery Coiirt for the • Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within 30 days" nfler Ilio date hereof lo answer a complaint. Died against her by Rusnell C. t'crgiwosi. Hits 8th day o( December, HARV1SY MORRIS Chancery Court Clerk lU-td ,fc Kvrnrtl, Attorneys for I'lalivtlfT. 12J8-15-22-29 WAKNIXU QRllEn 'ii HID Oliiiiiwry (,'onrt, C'hicka- isawlia Wilrlel, Mlwlssippl Coujily, " Arkansas. • • Curlls !•;. Srallh, Plaintiff. v »- No. HOai Ilcryl a Hiniti^ ncfejKiant, ' '" Ilio defendant Hcryl II. Smllli'is ".". icrcby wm-nctl lo apuear within ih'ty days in (he court named Ih - Ihc caption hereof imd nnswcr tho complaint of (he pluimur Curtis E •'. •Smith. 1 Hiis l-l dny or December, " HAKVKY MOIIIUS, Clerk Hy Doris Mnir, u, c, 1-i'iuik C. Uniifjlii.s-, Atly. for Pltf ). Clralunn Kddbury, Ally, nil IJlera. 12J15-22-20-1I5 ' ' «ix Anierieini n)l)i-.s arc eniilv- ••"lent to onii Swedish mill-. • ,H f -Pool Electric Churner To fit on your 3, 4, 5, or 6 Gallon Churn Niil Ni'U'swir.v lo Huy A New Clitnii WlilGHS 7 1 J OUM).S Rustless Dasher and Rod Cliurns Ms to 5 Gallons Wholc Milk In 6 to 18 Minutes Will produce more butter than by hand churning Sanitary. Easily Cleaned. Will Give Many Years of Service A Written (inarsiilce Furnished U'ilh KM), Clmriicr Price $17,50 Sold By Planters Hardware Co. lucorpor tied "The Complete Hardware Store" . lions lor NoVi-mbM- ;,,»! )>, Tn nljcr FOR YOUR HAIH Hm.,,,11, „.„„,,,„„,„_ Mill. fri,,. ml |( .Ir.B!,!,,!-,,, \V'c know you ukc mi K l]i>- KO OI! try i<> caicli ill ilic linle lint you liavi-n'i ( \ K ,iinc, ihi; i 00 | Sr «r tin- f.icililits 10 i: ivo ii il lc complete ovi-rl ..... ling all ,, u . cliiucry jhouM 10 perfect n"(i iirolong in sctvicc. , u< . a Groun(i Crcw Ji'lin Oi-crc owucri .vouml l .UK! we acti-pi rcspoiisihiliiy f ur I 1 "'("P-mncti pnfornnncc of your "ii'M>," and die welfare of in ni| ol . Missco Impiement Co. '-itf.JJW-^ 1 ' 1 "^ ^- ^-i"^ '"^-^/rvi^x i ^:R^^s«^^x: c: =S^ : ^^\O*-A '^rsSteF^^ZW m '» I'MiAsi! don't put off this imiwrlant job any longer. You're going to want all of your equipment in good shape when field work Marts. It's our job to put it in condition. \\V11 handle your repair jobs the way you want them handled if you'll let us know in advance. Stop in now, or phone us, and get your \roth im our schedule. Then you're sure to have the inadiincs when you need them. You know our reputation for repairing farm equipment. That's our business. We have expert mechanics am! a well- cc|uippcd shop. And our bins are loaded with genuine IHC pnrts-the same pans lhat arc built int^.tlie jn.icliincs a: ihe factory-anil you'Can't beat them , lake one day and go over every machine on your place. Tag each one with thc things that need to Ire done. You can count on the same service in our shop that you get (mm McCornuclc-Deering equipment in thc field. Say when and we'll get busy. MENIS, Inc Blytheville, Ark.

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