The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1938
Page 3
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WRDNRSDAY, MAY U, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Steam Streamlincr-Lalcst In Travel Luxury Guards On "The Rock"j liivc lo Keep Dcspcv-! acloes in Check | Tin's- K llie. last nf three articles j nn "(iiiurtlinjf Alralj-a/," written : by dipt. A. It. Archer, lurm.-r j Ki-artl mi "The Hnck." } 11V CAI'T. A. I!, Alif.-JIIOIl i HV.rmcr <iuunl ut Alfulrau Prison) j . HAN FKANCIRCO, May 11.--T,,! f ilic iv«rt:«;ird-lwuiul Riund who I hurries ,-:leeny-cyi--| al |> o'clocl: on a cold, foiiKV moriiiiu; to catch the prison al llie Foil Mason flor.-bs. -n:e fJock" is a desolate sight. You cannot rub .shoujVler.i '•vw.v day with misery, despair, ami hate, wiihrmt absorlilnii some uf Ii, inl'i four ov.'ii system. The men at, Alcalmx u'ho ara ro- S|)0i:si!:le for the safe ceasU.dy i»t the (ountty's one-time big-shot fiicktltws, t'aiiKMers, and hoott- lums, are ,1 unifjui. 1 body of men. 1 believe they arc the most eilieient vuslodinl service in llie woi'Ul. Tliey come from all walks of life, and Die present rosier,of guards' fit Alcalraz includes such diverse people us these: Haih'onds engineers, cowboys, eleelricians and macliitiisls. carpenters, plasterers, radio operators phfli-nmciEl.s, jewelers, cooks, farm-' ers, sheet metal workers, former prizefighters, a former Royal Northwest Mounted policeman aivi one former high school principal. There .ire also a missionary of fT (lie Mormon ehureh. a Methodist y minister, and one former carnival barker and magician. What tlie last-mentioned gentleman can do will) a pack of cards or three walnut shells and a pea on payday will never be forgotten by some of the Alcatraz guards. Their Nicknames Convicts who lose their liberty do not always lose their sense of humor, and their insight into other people's weaknesses is no Jess keen because they have lost of their own. The convicts have nicknames for mast of Uie guards or "screws." ns they arc Known in' t'le underworld. No one at Alcatraz would lie at n less for a moment to know who was meant by "Grade." "King Kong,". "Fra n k e n s t e i n." "Tug- Boat." '-Tuffy," "Double Tulfy," "Foif Horn." :'Dticfccl-Moutir or "Needle-Nose." ;'J,'he- '"c.o'ri.i" also describe-" life Pi-isonvWiineh' 'McDowell •' as "the- fastest boat in the world; it takes' you so far in 10 minnlcs ihnt it mny lake you 20 years to gel back." f TIte standards set up by the Department of Justice for its prison . guards insist on "leadership, courage, initiative, resourcefulness" and other attributes of super-men. 1 wouldn't claim lhat this Ideal is entirely attained, but the Alcatraz guards are an unusually high type of men for the work. Efforts" by prisoners to "get to" the guards for special favors have proved so useless that it is seldom even tried any more. 'I'bcir Kecrcalion ii'ilHhiiticui., and cllumxluy tin; mcellnu. Is the Children's Workers' Conference, pieslded over by Mrs. 1C. II. Asliabranner, district, Mipi'v- ts'iKlonl of clillclrciis' Workers, to lie lu'lci In (lie iniiin mulilurliHii ( ,j llio Fnul llapliM clHU'Ch lun 1 !'. 'I'lii' lii(i(;i:nn ; s us folluw;,: I'uiiiii im'luihf, MLS. C(rwln (licen; 'llileinc; snlu, Miss ivtinl .11 ,'viia- • IH.-WK; the Mip',-ilnU'ml|.|U ui me tlilldren 1 ;, I;IVI.MIJH, AH:. <;. n. 1 A'linijunmci; wiii.-.hlp wri'icc jui- : ui.Idiin, MIS. t;. N, liarvi'll; leaeli- i inn a class, ftii-;. 1'iviiuin llalen- ii. l.'iiriiini; i,u Itullan .vjni:. MIS. ! I'Hli '. in-i'ii; Oi.'/ Daily tirciul, Mrs, . Ark,, May II. -Mem- [ JacK Tl|iiou; ln»;i,,naiy l-.mea- W.TS <j[ tiii- Hrsi MctlKKtIM cluuvlii (inn m culum-n, MI>.. jiilui I'ai- lerc will be hosls lo Die Jones-1..,.-; i^mm s c.i.'.Uicu, ,\ns Mv<! uoro dKti'lci Thurnlay for (he 1111-' hiuinaui; I emu r.s.i j ami iiui,. iiual Di-.tilct Conference. This ls ! 1111; y.h.Kih, Key. i.' A. nuiimey i [hi 1 lliml ycai' In the history of Our Hesimii'-iljilHu-i n; '! t-i -m- •' h. 'u, acliuicl, |.l ml)1 ,,, ;li ,,:,nn.|,,.,u .,„„„., „„,; „. w . ^ IV ,^ » is i ui iielil In IT and more tlmn .'mis Will !>;• loiLnvui Ii" n vislicn-s and liclcualc.s are c llrst bin rwlvttl incelliiK, PAGE THREE Inteiulent ot Sunday school? here , . '" ••" — »• up, (lllA.lim.llli H.v'VilI TIM!" l !r ''' U "' l;h ' Th ° fl ' om l%7 l ° 1035 -J' A! Ash^: .I!!?: /.; '.'; "A"'.''' »"! """< "'horn Vr.was siipcHntenciciU from 1880. Htythc-, llie niuii for to |po7. Ark., G. H. Astoibrnnncr, 'his ' ' ' ni'iiifil, comlm-lcd a revival lure in mil. Tlu> present rliiirdi was ercct«| In 1919 laii'dy ihrimuli the unlit-- Inir [.juiiis i,t in,, | I1U . j, Wi ciownn ' ,„ uaiiaiuen it (lie better part «f flirwl pijpti ( U all p. . , lirnndson, served' In' thnt' fcapaclly horn 1035 to 1037 when 'he vms'" MitTccdi'd by liQbi'i-l Kllllan • ' list of newly US lo iiltwi:!. Twenty M.'VI-II IKiMiiral <• iiii'iji'.'i will be represent- .... Cd us win lo.oco i-lnirch m.-iiim is I u,.- find M churches. Tin- i>pcniii!< :er- | ;i,r win lieulii in. li:3n oviiii'li I inci a.m. i Inn :i \lsitiur, mlnbl'.'r will j fur nliorl thul n ,if uml«l to send r ..M[)pi iiiiinlles svill he well n presented inn) vl.-;ll(jr.s friilll t.idle Idici; mitl N, hvnie, Tenn. v.ill altniii. II" I Mill's nruaiwloi! ot Hie cliiircli will serve iliiniM- and sup. PIT Icir iliose present. The meuls will be .served In the hi|(h scluiol Kyiiiiinsiuin at noon and m sis o'clock. Aiiiiroxlmati'ly ario nlnlcs will b( M'|. The lil|>hll K hl of the ilny's en- I "I'll; u! ii S..U/-L lij,l.,!> ui I'.eal i-hiil'eh l:y II. W. Cinvnil, ij'-r nun [ruin r ut i m - c.nut.,. hl" MM'eiiil yciii.s. Tin', l>.ll,l i::.l|ll II II j, III!}?),! v,.li ii'lile.1 -Climvh In Uiu. Wlxl.'l'- l.a'UIIM' n. was uWlllim ci in nniTt:(! wlin vniiti iu>v;;i Will- III' all <m iT||Hirjli., (.noun ii,s i..f. ||| t! i.nki- (l.i.urr ui , Itivn- Coiileri'iac, v,llh unly n i (harler members. The Hi-v. Vllehael Miirlj! WHS tin- first, uppolntfil pns- lor uml s. i,. (.vwlmin mix llrst. I'resttlini; Killer. A most, iiol'lceubli- Incident of I]H- records shown Unit Hie Ucv. Jits[):'r Newton heM thu 1935 Plymouth Sedan (iuod .Slmjie .%' Itl.'il Chevrolel Coupe Huns (iuiid <;iiiul TtYrs 1936 ChcvroSet •% Tori Pick-Up'... 1935 Chevrolet M> Toil Truck A )),'iri:;ilji C. M. C. 1 y £ Ton Truck l-iii'lf U'. )!., Slulie Italy. K«'al $195 ... $89 .$275 $165 $375 (;. M. {'. TIUK'KS •'W7 K. iMnin Sales Service 1 . Ol.DSHOlHLKS I'linnt; 329 .iieamlmed speed and luxmy will ndc the rails of two great railroad svst«ms-thp New York Ceni:.l ami the Wnns.ylvama-afler the inauguration June 13 of 10-lmur-nms between New York ami Ch :a<!0. Tn the top photo the New York Central's new ::Twc»tiUh Century," powered by stc-m, (inste's clown the track in a lest run near Elkha.t, ind. The lower photos show interior views of tie me >,droom displacun; the old fnllman berth. In the day time! ns shown at the lelt tods " e So .vay a loams; ample loiin s iii s .space. The cutaway view at Hunt shows the siime room m <le "iy or slwpmg with each bed accommodating two people. Both roads will use PC i,m,it f Is - = Weekly yunrtny Hflinnl I,essnn r Barrier Of Selfishness upon BY »'M. E. GILItOV, 1). 1). Editor of Advance The story of the rich young man -u'ho came lo Jesus, evidently ,iith a very sincere purpose to dis- .over the wqy lo eternal life, hut ..ho went away sorrowful when lisas .sii^ested Dial lie should give is treasures to the poor and should .omc and follow Him—is one Hint -as laid a. very (inn lie and literature. One cannot say, however, that .ts teachings have been equally .fell received or taken in any prac- ,,cal way into life. If anylhinj, ue .uve tended to whittle awav the .neaning of the .story until it has .ot had mcich meaning at all. So far as his outward life was concerned, the young man was -videiHIy as good as he professed .0 be. Je.sus did not question the -inccrity with which lie, said that had observed the commaiui- means of enriching his life, had i; slons and treasures for Ihemselvcs Mf™'" 0 .?„ T '. cr tetwci ' n Illm aml ; "> (l who were not rich to.uir<l G'od mid toward their fellowmcn. But, we must not take Uie te.ich- Ing of Jesus and mate it of little ,01';' ho cfTc:t. [Uial man is not truly Christian in the modern world, anymore than In the iiiicient world, who hugs his possessions to himself hnd refuses out of ills abundance to meet the need of his fellowmcu. Jcsns said (hat goal. It is instructive that Jesus not only urged this jomig man to give his possessions to the poor,,'but lhat He also invited him to : come and follow Him. It tells us a great deal ccnccrnliij tlie young man. He *a;i evidently capable of something more ihnn ordinary service; and it was het-anse of this great possibility cl what he could become t))nt his (allure to sacrifice the one tiling that kept tragic. away was so Ail old army post exchange has " e , , obsel ' vei1 th(; commaiui- :en converted into a reeSn,^ ' " u! " ( ? from 'V s South. Yet Jesus been convened into a recreation hall where the guards and their families gather when the day's work is done, lo play cards, dominoes, or bowl. There is also a gym- Tnrgct practice Is lie!;! Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and every evening, when the convicts are in Iheir cells. Every guard Is expected S to (innlify in (he use of the Tommy Run, .45 pistol, Browning Automatic 1 line, Springfield rifle, gas riot gun and sawed-off I2-gaugc shotgun. The targets are in line with the buildings in which arc the prison industries, the concrete walls of which are pock-marked with stray bullets. Occasionally a Browniii" or Tommy gun gets out of control m the hands of the new guard Their Residences Working conditions for guards approach the ideal, but living qlmr l tcrs leave much to be desired There are is houses, in which 24 families live. Most ol the families live in the "Apartment Building." a converted army barrack, through whose pa .ound one thins crucially .n this young man. With all his goodness, he had not , .amid the spiritual joy and happiness of a great adventure. His very possessions, instead of l>cin If the young man Uriel been incapable of less heroic life, Jesus would probably not have given him such nn invitation. As a matter of tact, then- were those who wished above all things lo follow Jesus, lo whom Jesus said as definitely that they must return home. There is no evidence that Jesus required from all the well-to-do people, with whom He came In contact, the sacrifice of all that they lia:i. He did demand oi them that they should use what they hnd foi - made the supreme lo those who sacrifice there would corae a richness of blessing. How true that, is— not only (n relation to Hie individual, but also In relation to the world in which noble diselples have Ural. Think how much poorer the world would Imve been if St. Francis nf AssKsl hud turned away and failed the Master, as this young man failed! 'there is a tradition time. Identifies the rich young man with Joseph of Arimiithea. who afterwards begged the body of Jesus and Rave it burial. It Is a tradition— which one would like to believe— that the man did come In time to the ~ -•"•••• n".j HUM juuu^ mini UKI come in nine lo tne the ulory of Clod, and Tic re-1 plate where lie could make the su- cd tho - " J — ••- •- | jvnin. MIIVII; m: t,uiiiu iitanu viie n biikctl those who held their jxxsscs- prcnic .sacrifice for the Muster, Luxora High School Graduates r\veiUy-lwo blu.dei.Hs oirMay 19 ,-^ u ^, 01 ^; 5i!L-:.""? "r^ ( ™: :"""• "^- >'^ *>** «m«i « for the closing of the Uixorn f.igli school began on Friday ni^hi May C. when the Senior class f.resented to a very large fippre- a thrcc-acl coin- in a Boarding A music recital will be given by ciative audience edy. ••Romance house, Virginia Farm's departments, jiiano. violin, voice, high school band, rliytlun orchestra, on Friday night May 13, at the high school auditorium. The Baccalaureate sermon j ""imi-N, uiiuugn wiioso pa- jj,n.».,iuuinriuu sermon Jicr-thin walls noise passes unim-1 bc J'readietl Sunday nioniin llPflwl Tiifi n i\n »-l nrnv. I r. ,.*,.t _i »- I'lOVfll f**clrw*l- il llm l^J^i, , - pcded. The apartments rent at S5 a room, with free light, gas or coal to cook with, and all'the water you can drink. No liquor is allowed anywhere the island, so t!:e guard's icc- eleven o'clock at the high school nuditorhim by the Rev. James T. the local Melh- Special mu.ilc by tn-v contains nothing but. food. AJ 1 'onimLssary is maintained at «-liicli' Maple foods are available al low lu 1 ices. Transportation to n-d from San Francisco, for those who live off! (he island or go to enjoy "day* o!f," : ts by use of the army steamei- Gen. Frank M. coxc and launch MrDowpll. And tlie Weather ff.iiulle. pastor •dist church. ,, „ ,, 3 the cointincrl choirs of the Methodist and Baptist churches will be a feature of the sen-ices. 'Iwciity-tAvo graduates will receive diplomas at the graduation exercises on the evening of May 19, Announcement )m been made by Superintendent Thomas D. ^ 1; , \Vilkfns that Louie Neal fWgers is the pi-i.vv:i valcdicloriaii of the class with an tusinera manager for the school . Leon McOarriCy, another senior, won second plncc In a state-wWe contest, .sponsored by the. University of Arkansas, on an interview written in competition Hie A average for the last thre ,vith Nora Payne Tlie seasons are bactly-jum'>!od K Vlls ' clc£e -second as salutator- - " • fan. They have both been (denli- i Alcntraz. Winter come.s in June. July and August, when keen, colii winds sweep "The Roc'k." Septem- Ihc school (he various activities of ^ ,,,, v ... ^, - a "<l have served on -, October and part of November " lr ^? - of tlle ' ll51 ' sc " 001 1»as edi- the rece bring; beautiful days, but the rest of the year anything may happen. t r-»-fiicf When it rains, which is seldom. m «etlni of same type articles thai li.ive appeared in mimeographed school publications throughout the year. Tlie article was based on a University lour made by his English teacher, Mrs. Hilton Stepheiison He received a badge and certificate as an award. Dorothy McMiirty was a keen competitor for scholastic honors but was ineligible because she has attended this school only Iwo years. Other members of the class are; Edward Worsley, president; Herman Lynch, vice-president; Lcroy Barber. Frances Reid Bowcn, Bobay Jane Eubanks, Juanila Ford Eva Ruth Gunler. Ruth Hughey Ruby Hughry. James Middleton Jirry McKay. Phillip Roberts, Vlr- !il Simiris, Eutia Scotl, Era sian- fleld, Ernestine Wherry, l^.xie of Mrs, s)>cnker 1037. muter the direction Stcphcnsoti, in that no was secured to deliver a<tdrc.<3 to "<-vij lu Luuit; luiiintj in liuin me ' ' «"ui Golden Gate at any time—black, ° ra -''hool paper On such an evpniiig, the lighted windows of the prli-on glow yellow the Island lighthouse st rlvo vainly "i ine fog. and the six rays from to pierce the gloom. seniors are. to discuss various ««,- iwrtments and nctlvttcs of Luxor ft ' lh school in' order to enlighten the general public as to the benefit.-; and the purpose of each phase of_l!igh school training. The members of the class will be introduced by llie president. Edward Worsley. Medals awarded in activities: athletics, scholarship, .science, history. English, mathe- matie'i, and commercial -work, will bc presented by Herman Lynch, vicc-presidenl. Music will be furnished by the giri^ g |ec club. A novel tcature of the program will be a tableau depicting (he various phases of high school life. WE ARK NOW SHOWING OUR NEW 19,'58 AUTO SEAT COVERS Styles & Paltcrns • New I.ow Prices $1.95 up • Expert Insffillalion at N'o Extra Cost A COMl'LETE STOCK FOR ALL MAKE CARS WE URGE YOU COME TO Headquarters For Attlo Seat Covers Before You Buy. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut SI. Pli. C3, 1 } •fnsl I(c<'civui] Eastman Kodaks to $22.58 PICNIC SUPPLIES ...-..,. . 9 C K'O l.t«l,.,<,rJ NjulnL-JDCl, BIG SAVINGS FOR YOU! Tooth Paste 50 c Size . «1\- SUc Mar-0-OII Shampoo i, 36 ' For H, Mennen's TALC 19 C RUBBING ALCOHOL LADY ESTHER 85c Lady Esther Cream ... 59s MINERAL OIL RAZOR BLADES I'kff -of 5 2 for lar. 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