The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on December 9, 1933 · Page 6
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 6

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1933
Page 6
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THE GALVESTON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1933. Bill Slough Named on Official All-District Grid Team FIVE COACHES AND FIVE SPORTS WRITERS COMBINE TO NAME ELEVEN. Ball High School landed a position on the first official all-district 11 team ever* chosen when Bill Slcugh, Tor fullack, was voted that position In the 1933 selections by the five coaches and five sports writers over the circuit. Slough made the grade by landing' three of ihe five sports writers' votes and two voles from the coaches, lo give him a majority over the other candidates, who were Shoemaker of Soulh Park, Wolcott cf Goose Creek and Oakley of Ball High. Beaumont and Port Arthur hogged the honors, with Beaumont landlnK four men and Port Arlhur five South Park gained the other position when Shoemaker was named al a halfback's berth. The five coaches, Tom Dennis of Port Arthur, Lll Dimmltt of Beaumont, Bob Spoor of Ball High, Spud Braden of South Park and Doyle Coe of Goose Creek, and five aporla writers made the selections. The five Bporls writers were John Murphy of The Galveston News. Jlm- mle Clark of the Beaumont Enterprise, Tiny Scurlock of the Beaumont Journal, A. M. Gaul of Goose Creek and Shep Shepherd of Porl Arlhur. Votes were counted OB one point each for each player making the first team, with the player drawing Ihe mosl votes out of ten making the. official team. Naming of the official team will become an annual affair after thlB. Various selections follow: - COACHES' COMPOSITE. (Picked by Lll Dimmltt. Heau- mfjnt High; Tom Dennis, Port Arlhur; Bob Spoor, Galveston; Soud Braden. South Park; Doyle Coc, Goose Creek.) Left end, Graves, Beaumont; left lackle Perkins, Beaumont; left Guard, Dlo. Port Arthur; center, Swope. Beaumont; right K"n rd - B J. Smith, Port Arlhur; right guard, Blanton, Port Arthur; right end, Bordenarc. Port Arthur; quarter- hark. Park, Beaumont; left halfback, Rinando, Beaumont; right halfback. Owens, Port Arlhur; fullback. Shoemaker, Soulh Park. Honorable mention: Landry. Port Arlhur, guard; Filldel. Galveslon, hnlfbBck; Reed, Port Arthur, tackle; Oakley. Galveston, quarterback; Corley, Port Arthur. quarLer- bnck; Brown, Soulh Pnrk,halfback; Johnson, South Park, guard; Slough, Galveston. fullback; Collide, Port Arlhur, haJfback; Williams. Port Arlhur, fullback; Newcomer, Golveaton. tackle; Wolcott, Goose Creek, halfback; Hughes. Beaumont, guard; Monroe. GaJveston, tnckle; Yea^er, Goose Crock, tackle; Travis, South Park, end; Phillips, South Park, end; OlBen, Galvcston, halfback; CoaeMI. Galveston. halfback; Butaud, Goose Creek, tackle; I. Wyble, Port Arthur, guard. Sl'ORTS WRITERS 1 COMPOSITE. (Picked by Shcp Sheppard, Port Arlhur News; Bill Scurlock, Beaumont Journal; Jlmmle Clark, Beaumont EnlerprlHC; A. N. Gaul, Gooae Creek Dally Sun; John Murphy, Galveslon News.) Ijcft end, Graves, Beaumont; left tackle, Perkins, Beaumont; left guard, Die, Port Arlhur; center, Swope, Beaumont; right guard. B. J. Smith, Port Arthur; rlghl tackle, Blanlon, Port Arthur; right end, Bordonaro, Porl Arthur; quarterback, Owens. Port Arthur; left halfback, Rinando. Beaumont; right halfback, Shoemaker, Soulh. Park; fullbncn. Slough, Galvcston. Honorable mention: Monroe, Gal- vciton, guard; Wolcott, Goose Creek, fullback; Oakley, Galveaton, fullbnck: Landry, Port Arlhur, R uard; Collide, Port Arthur; halfback; Olscn, Galveston. guard; I. Wyble, Port Arlhur, gunrd: Corlpy, Port Arthur, quarlcrbnck. JOHN MURPHY. Sport* Writer, The Gnlvrhlon News Left end. Graves, Bcaumonl; lofl lackle, Perkins. .Beaumont; left Kuard, Olson, Gnlveiton; center Swope, Beaumont; rlpht guard, I Wyble, Port Arthur; rlpht tackle Plnnton, Port. Arthur; right end, Port Arthur; quarterback. Corley, Porl Arthur; left halfback, Rinando, Beaumont; right halfback, Coll Id a. Port Arlhur; fullback, Slouch. Galveston. Honornble mention: LeBlanc, Beaumont, halfback; Shoemaker, Soulh Park, end; FHIdcl, Gnlvcslon halfback; Coc ell I. Galveslon, half- buck; Jones, GOOPC Creek* cuard; Oakley. Galveslon. fullback; Brown fioi:lh Park, halfback; Hcbcrl. Port Arthur, halfback: Donnelley, GOOHO Creek, tnckle; Hughes. Ecaumnnl cuard; Park, Beaumont, quarterback- - > 'BILL SCURLOCK, fiimrlh .Editor, Hraiimont Journal Left end, Graves, Beaumont; Icf lackle PfirhlnK. Beaumont; Ml Klinrd, Die, Port Arlhur; center Swope. Beaumont; rlphl cuard. B J. Smith, Port Arthur; right lacklr Blanlon, Port Arthur; right end Bordennro, Port Arthur; quarter back, Owens, Porl Arthur; left hfllf bnck, Rinando, Beaumont; rlghl halfback. Shoemaker. Houth Park fullback, Rlouph, Galveslon. Honorable menllon: Park, Beau monl. rmnrlerhaek; LoBhnc. Bonn mont. halfback: Oakley. GnlvMtnn fullback: HeH. Porl Arthur tackle; Wlllinms. Pnrl Arthur, full hack; Landry. Port Arlhur, Kimrtl Hughes, Beaumont, gunrd; Brown South Park, rmlfbnck: Travis, South Pork, end: FHIdcl, Gnlvcnton, hnlf back. A. N. GAUL. Sporifl Kdltor Oooiin Crcrfc Sun. L«ft end, Graves, Reaumont; lef lackle, Perkins, Beaumont; let runrd, Die, Porl Arthur; center Hwope, Beaumont; ( right jcu Monroe, Onlvcfllon; right tacklo nionlon. Port Arthur; right end Bordonaro, Port Arlhur; qi:nrlor back, Owene, Port Arthur; left half hnck, ninaftdo. Tlsnumont: rlph Iinlfhftclc, Hhnemnker, South Pnrlr fullhuck, Wolcott, Goour Creek. Honorablfl menllon: Park, Beau mnnl, quartnrhnck: Wllllnmn, Por Arthur, fullback; CollIdH, Port Ar Ihur, fullback: Brown. South Park fullback; LoBlnnc, Reaumont, half hack; J.andrv, Port Arthur, mi nc*d. Port Arthur, l«r.kl«; OR>. nalvston. quarterback; Travis South Park, end, * * * •jiMMm CLARK, Sport* WrffftrnenumnnL Enlerprlao Left end. Graves. Benumonl; lof fnckln, Pork'nH, nenumnnt; lof "LT.rd. Dlf. Port Arthur; center Svvopc, Ronnmnnl; right gunril Honored Bill Slough. Ball High backfleld man. was named on the official all- district 14 high school team yesterday. .andry", Port Arthur; right tackle, iiamon, l j orl Arthur; right, end, Bordonaro, Port Arinur; quarier- Utick, snoemaker, tJouih Park; leu mllback, Rinando, .Beaumont; rignt haltback, Owene, Port Arthur; mil- back, Oakley, GaJvcston. Honorable mention: LeBlaac, Beaumont, halfback; Corley, Pon Arthur, quarterback; Williams, Port Arthur, lullback; Landry, Port Arhur, guard; Wolcoli, Goose Creek, halfback; Slough, Galvcaton, full- lack; Reed, Port Arthur, lackle; Park, Beaumont, quarterback; Cru- thlrde, Beaumont, tackle; Fllldel, jalveaton, halfback. SHEP SIIEPl-AIiD, Sporls Editor Tori Arthur iNewt LeiL end. Graves, Beaumont; left Cackle, Swope, Beaumont; left ;uard, Die. Port Arthur; center, B. . Smith, Porl Arthur; right gunrd, Landry, Port Arthur; right tackle, Blanton. Port Arthur; right end, 5ordonaro, Port Arthur; quarter- mck, Owens, Port Arthur; left halfback, Collide, Port Arthur; right mlfback, Rinando, Beaumont; full- lack, Slough, Galveslon. Honorable mention: Williams, Port Arthur, fullback; Park, Beaumont, quarterback; Cruthlrds, Beaumont, tackle; Brown. South Park, hnlfback; Filldei, Galveaton, quarterback; Wolcolt. Goose Creek, full- buck; Reed, Port Arthur, tackle; -cBlanc, Beaumont, halfback; Hll- on. Port Arthur, halfback. Sui Jen Handicap Features 8 - Race Card at Houston Bpeclnl to The News. Houston, Tex., Dec. 8.—The blg- epl treat yel, eight races, IB offered Soulh Texas lurf fans at Epsom Downs Saturday wllh Ihe Lone Star and Sul Jen handicap featuring tbe altractlve card. So many horses have been nominated for the handicap and the supporting events Lhal Epsom Downs officials are. preparing for the largest crowd since Thanksgiving. Post time IB 1:30 o'clock for the flral race. The A. A. Baroni and C. Lcroy King entries are most highly regarded In the Lone Star and Su! Jen handicap although there IB a JlspoeRlon among some smarl betters to favor Quatre Bras II. This event, the fifth on ihe program, will be for S1500 added over the mile and sixteenth route with two-year- olds and up eligible. Parl-Mutusl, winner of the Houston handicap last Saturday came out of the clouds to win after his mate, Hccla. had get a fast pace for tho favorite, Quatro Bras II, over more than Ihree-quartera, However, It la probable today that the Baronl entry will go to the post a slight favorite. Other en- trleo are Peace Junior, u three-year- old making his debut, and Sad Knight. The owner of Ihe winning horse In the Lone Star and Sul Jen hand leap will be presented a aolid gold stop watch by Sam Macro, genera mnnnger of the Sul Jen Nlpht CUib of Galvcston. Immediately after the rncc. The other feature on the card is the Rice Ow] purse In tho- seventh race. Three-year-olds and up are ollglble for a purse of J800. Phara- hoad. Blondella, Try II. -Happen Belgian Lass and Moralist—all ol which have finished In the money one or more times at Epsom Downs am among the entries in this mile and one-eighth with Pharnhcad the mnre highly rcpar.ded by nxpcri handlcappnrp. Rico football letter men and their girls will be pur.Htg of General Manager Lou Smith Sat urday nnd the race has been namct In Ihplr honor. Hundreds • of GalvcsLona havi_ been swfilllnR the crowda al Epsnm DownR find the Sul Jon handlcnp Is flxpcclrrl lo nltract a larger Influx of IHandere than ever. Galvcaton ill be honored again next week tin Doc. IS In Oalvcaton Day al Epaom Downs wllh a hnndlcno race curd. Entries fnr the Lone Star and Sul Jrn handicap with welghlfi: A—Yonkel 102. B—Farl Muluel 122, find Knight 95. Quatro Bros II IH, A—Mad Wind 108, Peice Junior ion. B—Hncla 05. A—Mr. nnd Mrs. A. A. Baronl enlry. B—C. Leroy King enlry. DUNDEE BEATS CALLAHAN. Boston, Mnas., Dec. 8.— IP— Vlncc Dundee of Nnwnrit, N. J,, ratdlnort lil R mlddlewclRht champlonahlp title tonight, wining n IB-round decision over Andy Cnllahnn of Lawrence, hlu flrel challengnr. Dundee Iiad r> t>\T. nnundH ndvantnpe In wplghl nl IDS'-O rounds. OFFICIAL AJLL-DISTRICT U TEA3I. (Composite selections o( five coaches and five sports writers in district No. 14.) LEFT END GRAVES (Beaumont) LEFT TACKLE -• PERKINS (Beaumonl) LEFT GUARD DIE (Port Arthur) CENTER - SWOPE (Beaumont) RIGHT GUARD RIGHT TACKLE RIGHT END QUARTERBACK LEFT HALFBACK ... RIGHT HALFBACK . FULLBACK- . .B. J. SMITH (Port Arthur) BLANTON (Port Arthur) ...BORDONARO (Port Arthur) OWENS (Porl Arthur) ' R1NANDO (Beaumont) SHOEMAKER (South Park) SLOUGH" (Galveeton) (Graves, Swope, Blanton, Bordonaro and Rinando are unanimous choices.) .; Yesterday's Results Fin HOUSTON. l-ll <-3 Win. Place. Show. - ..JB.40 »3.20 32.40 3 40 2.2(1 2.20 2.20 2.40 •J.BO . 5.30 2.BO 3.00 23.00 10.00 7.40 lailon (West rope) Moaoe Kela (Wright) on Vnn (Vercher) Second: 1:11 3-3- Th6 Fclru (Westropp) Contribute (Vercher) rank Orroont (Wrlfh Third: 1:08 1-5. ttvei (Wrlthtl .... HlBky Miss (Hughii) Secluded (CreeseJ Fourth: 1:16. Uncommon Gold (Weitiope) 7.10 SandwracK (Dronel) iking Babbits (Wright). Fifth: Column RlBht (Kacila)..11.30 Sleepy Boy (Kln t ) Dawn lllal (F. A. SmliJi). SlxUi: 1:404-3. Plucky Lady ffia(t) Try King (Wright) '•nlcDDlal (lilauro) Seventh: 1:40. uiterno (Porter) . Oood Seoul (Jncobs) Luxury (Dupuy) TAKFOBAN. FlPit: 1:11. Win. Plice. SI Mlu Tracer (Longdrn).! 9.80 58.20 I Lahor.da (Cralf) 17.001 Crystal Flyer (Helm)... 1:11 2-5 . Society Talk (Bufflnpton) 303.60 116.40 5 ihlelds Valley (Slrnmona) 7.60 'aLrlclR, C (McCune)'•• 1 Third: 1:102-5. Fluent (Williams) 0.10 8.20 caillnelta (Craig) 18.10 Fourth: 1:10. Graltan (Slramoni) 4-tO 2.60 French Honey (Wealrope) 3.40 Shasta Broom (Sloddard) FlfUi: 1:45 2-3. Meadow Doy (Stoddard) 13.80 0.00 Bad Boy (Winers) 3.80 Fairy SireeL <G. Smith) Rlxth: 1:40 1-5. Eurteee (Thomai) ~ ' ' (McCune). o.iu i.uu Ruaacenes (Marshall)... 2-M Seventh: 1:43 3-3. Trenclurent (Sloddard). 7.40 3.60 3.00 Red Chill (Rosen gar ten) 4.80 3-flO Veruua (Orayaon) 4-BO *hie Foam 100. BoDgo 100. Mlncy U ion 106. SLxih—lA Miles, B 50. Black Tfl 107. Tufly C. 110. Glen Bumle . . Phunlom Legion 115. Hedlvlvua 112. Barcelona Fete ill. Wander) 105, Voic 112. Postponement 105. Seventh—I, 1 , illlea. 15 co. Gay Party 103. Chiefs Troubadour IDE, Zombo 113, Silver Bar 113. Iloaaln 107. War Banner 105. Bye and Bye 113. Silver Scepter 113, Klrat- W, UlleE, 15 yo " em pa 105. Lugano WeneedlL 104, r _ --,. __„ 109. Piilla 104 Nanny D. 103, Buggaiaway 110. BweeL PaJ 106, DlKQlfled 110. Plum Wild 115, Mlar Adele 100. Gambado 110. OUR la 109, CaradcmuB 101, Big Mora en L 104. Second—B Fun., 18 go. LIUle Uar cello 109. Thelma L. 108, Ml- *••-"— Lhy 106. Thlfille Tooi 111. Roui _ _. Tadcuter 117. Brother Kantt 100. Reg TOR 10B, Tewienelda, 106, St. Nazalrr 10B Drf&my Belle 108. Cloldo 109. Nonvalk 100 Run On 112, Uaioll 100, Infloliy 114 Judge Peak 109. I.aeL Biand 109. Third—Mile 70 Yda., 18 KO. Flttiome _D4, Muslet 104. Sun Por 105. Our Johnny 105, Bud Charlton 105. My Betty 102 Flying Ambaiildor 103. Dental Cream 97. G*ne.r«l Campbell 103. Visionary 110 Panoui 107 BlacH Flash 99, Flying Flynn 99. ProbaLlontr 107., Claret 102. SpaL Pot 104, Dark Eleter 104. Adrian 103- Fourth—6 Fura.. S go. Shier Zoe 110 Roynl Veil 111. Captain Joy 110. Prome- JieuB 118. Burgoo 113. Foreign Play IDS, 3y Product 115, Flying Don 111. Fifth—6 Fura.. 7 no. Hip Van 105, A-War Plane 110. A-Tela 101. rtly On 112, Eva B. 103, JlOdesio 95, Zeklel 113. BLilh—fi Fum., 11 go. Pomparacon 112. Pharallme 112, Tatanne 1QB, Gilbert Luke 98, Gay Joe 112, Hlldur Prince 102. iln--Mile. 70 Yd: 4.EO CHAIU-ESTOWN. Flret: 1:25. Win. Place. Show. Graclas (Jelly) J32.60 SB.60 JT-80 CanLeret (Benham) 67.00 3fl.<0 Dabnry (Hendricks) 38.40 Second: 1:02 1-5. Star Queen (HaJnra) B.80 4.40 30.0 In Clover (Palumbo) ... *-40 2.40 Monadic (Ftllovs) : .^.00 Third: 1:02 1-B. ConflQBratlon (Murray).. 42.00 11.40 8.80 Toano (E. Smith) 7.20 6.2C awn Child (Marlnelll) . B.2( Fourth: 1:22. Bllverdale (Walters) 6.00 fi.OO 3.BC March Btep (Uruz) 4.BO 2.B( VaclllaLo (PollirJ) 3.2( Fl/lh: 4fl 1-3. Juat Fun (Burrlll) 9-00 5.00 3.60 Tufry C (Knapp) 4.40 i~ " Jual Hem ember (Cruz) .. i Sixth: 1:49 4-5. Fair Creot (Cruz) 4.60 3.40 3.00 WcElye Lad (Jelly) 6.2F Meek (Klein) 1 EevenLh: 1:90 4-5. Aienby (Thurber) 8-60 4.20 3-BO Nutlet (T. Fowlrr) 15.00 " " Dark Slar (Beecrolt) ... Dally double, J318.80- ;iaude C. 110, Shasta Mint 107, Money -- - -" - ' \vh 102. Houohlna 110 Thistle Ann 102i Oui isen'Btlon 102, Umbrian Princcao Ocia 104, First ReglmeoL 99, Grcenwald 110, Mad A. 102, "lia N. Conlan 102. HOUSTON. First—6 Furs.. 13 EO- Unrle L PHde 113, Chiefs Ranger 10S, Wli 110, Siorm Prlncesi 110, Mien Black Maid 107, Brookhattan 113, EECO- bock 108. M19B Byrd 107, Arlbllrale 105, Wild Foi 103, My Mnrle ]10. Second—5\4 Fura., IS so. Aganaldi 102, MeirvlD B, 105, Precious King 113 Barilla, 115. Donna BctLtna 107, Chiei Gertmlmo 115, Irene F. 107, ESJIB _ ___ LUUc Pride 110, Flying Justice 109, Nona 107, Hudson Bay 110. Cheraw 110, Two Bon 109, Lovely Aranlla '" " l " 1 -— '" Dallas 110. Carlsxa 106. Third—3W Furi., 18 112, Mlsa Snappy 101. Pi rcfinac. (PelrelllO.53.BO 13.00 (2.2Q Sec KJ-BO nd: (L. Hanly) (Hunter) .......... Chance Age (Landoll) .. Third: 1:07 i-fl. Doctor Happy (N. Wall). .11. 60 Black Comet (Hanka) ... Chsnleiuta (BogBnoskl).. Fourth: 1:13 2-6. Betty Ferrell (Hunter) . Fllkln (Lejlanrtl Princeton (Dauicnerly) . Firth: 1:12 4-3. Blue Day (Leyland) Ep (Hunter) Captain lied (Arcaro) .. Sixth: 3:4B 3-S. War Tide (Young) Alhol (Daugherly) Mnllmou (Em-ln) Seventh: 1:48. Racketeer (Hunter) Hamilton (Hate) Kelio (Peten> Dally doublt, SlOB.flO. 0.00 2.20 220 . 3.80 fl.OO 4.20 3.20 6.40 8.20 4.00 2.60 ...... Today's Selections 1. LodoniK, Bin, Goofui. 2. Mlsi Morocco. Holland. Eyota. 3. Hacky H. Black Patricia, Electric Cn.II. 4. Troyer. Eundorn, Off- Duly. 5. Mlney Mytrion, Zip Along. Glorify. 0. Vole, Tuffy O. Black Target. 7. Atlla. Dark Vlilon, War Banner. Dcil— Vole. HOUSTON. 1. Old Frldi, BrDflkhallnn, Black Mnid. 1. Nona. Cheraw, Carlnaa. .1. Lliupur. Porlm«nte«u. commandmsn 4. Jrck Howe. Juatlre Logan, Fayelle Trlnce. .*.. Mad Wind, Pirl-Muluel, Yonkel. 6. Tamerlane, Quick Slep, Helen Bab. 7. Anil* Ormonl. Blonrlrlla, Try It. 8. Black Stockings, Hippy Fellow, Clrm-nlih. . 1. Luitano. BappaLaway, cambado. 2. Thelma L. Infinity. Tadcaater. ^. Probationer. Sure Pop. Our Johnny. 1. Flying Don, Staler Zoe, By Product- .V Zcklel, Modeilo, Merrily On. fi. PomparaRon, Gay Joe, Talinne. 7. TlF.mpo. Thlitlc. Ann, Fim RtRlment, 8. Come Seven, AllenN, Cherokee 3al. Besl— Zeklel. TAN FOR AN. :. Ehaati Sf.r, RAptl Belli. Eun K. 2 Traitor. Mir Time, MeUunii. .1. FlRliHr- BoFi, Vrliern. Pljns fi nii. 4. Qforna Lily. John Bane. Tlmoroui. .1. Ternllce, Bahanm, Board Walker, n. Tlralni, Dcrlrind, Mild 7. Durango, Bycfimore. Llbbli Jean. fl. M ft dim Queen, Chung, Royal Jullir Beit—Bralm, Today's Entries CHAUMMTOWN. Flnl—8U Fun., li ic Lturitta rla.h in. Hun MitV'Yo'V. Hi'r Gold 11.1, Baby John 112, Hornllo Hui 107, whirry 112. BI;; 110, jiupny ij Caniroud 113. Slick 10T, Lodomt 1] Qoofui 114, Trlolit 104, Aike 11*. Second—6W Ftui.. 15 Co Klnlti 111 Clear KnlgM 111. Fr« Jfdvl« 113^ Pink Post 10D, Happy Lop» ni. Kyola Iln Kalola ion, Sunny Bui in 103, War Bain HO. Koliund JOB. Mlu Morocco 111, Thi Black. Ill, HoRana Prldi 114, Alrwi; Third—:A Mllii, IB |0. lUnrtUy no Uma 110, y.ltclrlo Oaff 113, ctiinreabli 107, Main Street 110, Hacky II. 113, S!i itr MndRfl 107, napfoltt 110, F«lr Billy 110, BlBfin 107. Wahon 110 Muikoda' 113, DuellHt 113, No Mlitike J10, Ditch Pntrlcla 103. Fourth—a fun., 7 10. Luck In lOfl Airy Bplrlt 10«, Crump 105, Bnnrtort 103 PlRln Arn 1(1.1. Trnyer 112, Off Duly lOfl Fifth—n '.4 1'liri.. (1 go. A-ZIr Alnnp 101. U'cslyfl Junior 110, A-fJlorllv 1^3, , Thermopylae 110, Did Trolorrt 102. PaLricIa 1 KO. Tlera] McKeon 1U go. F, 'rlncess I Jimmie Kitts Succeeds Jack Meagher as Rice Grid Coach; Other Athletic Changes Made Monks Belu. 104, Danderoo 109. West Park 109, Sun Thorn 111, Drown Bank 10S. — Commajunmi n FlIfhL 101, 101. Broom Shoi 10R, Jack Howe 104. Hoale UcGlnly 101. ForgeL Not 109, Fayetle Prince 109, Fire Flush 106, Kfnoy.i J01. ChlanLl 107, Good Je:L 101. Justice LOKID 109, Phlllnllft, 104, Klngsport 109, Chiefs Scout 104. Scotch Laa^le 101. Lew Black 11G. Filth—I, 1 , lilies, 7 go. A-Ycmkel 102, B-Parl Wuluel 122, Sad Knljjht 95. Qualre Brae II 114. A-Mad Wind i06. Peace Junior 100, B-Hecla 95. Houston, Tex , Dec. 8.— IP—In the nmjur hhakeup of Rice Institute's sport history. Jimmy Kilts today was named head football coach, with Jack Mcagher released, effective at once. The foregoing announcement was made today by J. T. McCants, chairman of the Rice committee on outdoor sports. Mr. Me Can to said Kltla vould continue as head basket ball coach. Other outstanding developments of Friday were: The appointment of Dr. H. O. Nicholas, Instructor In chemistry and a member of the Rice committee nn outdoor sports, 03 director of athletics. Dr. Nicholas, former Oberlin quarter, several years sgo was Rice's freshman fqotball coach. He has his Ph. D. from Yale. The acceptance of the resignation of Ernie Hjerlberg as track coach, effective at the end of the 1931 Irack nnd field season. Chairman McCanls said Dr. Guylor Johnson would continue as busi- nes5 manager of athletics at Rice Institute. When advised of his appointment Coach Kitts said: "It's all news to me." However, the former S- M. U. all- around athlete indicated he would nccept the post Kitts graduated from S. M. U In 1922. He was outstanding in football, basket boll and baseball. He was an all-Southwestern quarterback, although when he was at S. M. U. the Ponies had not attained the fame they now boast In football. Kitts coached at Dallas University from 1923 to 192T. Eoing from Dallas University to Athens, Tex., where he won fame as coach of national championship high school basket ball teams. Kltts came to Rice in the fall of 1932 as varsity basket ball coach. The new-head mentor next fall will have excellent prospects, although Rice plays a strenuous schedule, which includes games with Purdue, Santa Clara, L. S. U. and Crclghton. Coach Meagher has just completed his fifth year as head coach at Rice. During his tenure he pulled Rice out of ih« doormat class and oiadc the Owls respected Southwest Conference con tenders in football. The 1933 season was disastrous for Rice. Meagher's friends blamed the poor showing of the 1933 team on the fact eight outstanding Rice football players last fall were suspended on account of an examination irregularity, making them unavailable for this season. ' « * * Dallas, Tex., Dec. 8.— IP— Jimmy Kitts, newly appointed head football coach at Rice Institute, Houston, attended grade school at Dallas and later was graduated from Hryan High School, now known as Dallas Tech. At Bryan he was an outstanding athlete In baseball, football, basket ball and track. After gTB-duallnu from Bryan, Kilts attended Powell Military Academy and then entered Southern Methodist University. As Southern Methodist athlete he wag outstanding in football and was picked at quarterback on nn all- hard hns Is Southwest team. He was po. Helen Tamerlane Helen Dab 100. 101. Quick Step 101, Habee 104, lever QuIL 106. : Seventh—1U Miles. B po. Moralist 110. lappen 111. Anlia Ormont 100. Blondella 02 Belgian Laaa 10G, Pharahcad 105, :ry H 114, Meany ic^. E'EhUi—1U Miles.. S E°- Home t-lke 115, niack Stockings 10*. Captain Dan- ;er 107, Clownlih 106. Happy Fellow 10-1, (rH 109. Aulander 10B. Luke Con- TASFORAN. , 10. po. Anapola. 106, Crpf- VL plunger, a fleet end runner and still ranks as one of the smartest of all Mustang signal barkers. After three years of stardom at Southern Methodist. Kltts went to work in a Dallas railroad offir.e and played amateur baseball. He was picked o'n the annual all-city Dallas sandlot . learn -three consecutive years. His playing atti-acted attention and John McGraw, then manager of the New York GianiE. gave him Flral— S. lon 113, Su , Pfllmas 110, „-.. K. 109, Shasla Star 106. Siclvea Pride 103. Chaiian 108, Rapid Bella 106, IrvasL 113. Second—S C., 11 so. Traitor 116, ChleC JmKren 10T, Challer Queen 108. Melau- .U5 107. Dally News 109. Meteoric 100, Cold Wave 1H, _BuitllnK 116, Llolele 111, 8 60- "VflUera 105, 111, Vermont Rose Flag Time 111. Beth Third—5^ Furs.. AJicelot 110, Ztbult , , 112, FithtlDB BOD US, Thoughtful 103 Bun T. 107. Fourth—6 W Furs.. 9 go. Georgia Lily 109, Prince Heather 107, John Bane ill. Deitri Knight 112, •p ThouRhti 118, 112. Hueu 112. Al JOlaon 107, P( Fmii—lVi°"Mllts., 6 pi. Boiird Walker 107, Da-hamfia 112, Bonnie Graf ton 112, Prince PesL 107, Terallce 115, Boy Faint- Sixth—Mil" 70 Yds., 6 go. Bertranrt 113, Bralni 10T, Sclha Hope 110, ConJlter 11^, CuUerlano 103, Mild 110. BevenUi—liV Mile"-, 10 fo. .Princess A. A- 108. Sophlit 112. Piracy 107, Llb- ble Jean 108, Dark Ayresj 108. Morpnena 116, Durango 111. Pelerkln 111, Sycamore JOB, Mlaa Cheyenne 108. ElghUi—2 MllH. 7 BO. •Madam Queen 100, Northern Waters 307. Mopeco 103, Aduana 107, Royal Julian 101, Arguf 102, Chur.o 110. Eagles Win Over Corsicana, 49-0 San Antonio, Tex-, Dec. 8— IP— Brcrkenrldge Eaglee routed the defending champion Corsicana Tlgere 49 to ng cha 0, her e today and arc prepar- , ing to meet the winner of the Greenville. Tyler game, scheduled Saturday in the flecond step In the stale race. Tho Eagles were out for revenge against a team that slopped them, 13 to 0 last year, in a bldlstrlct tilt and turned loose their speed acea, Howard Bakfir and Cecil Slater, who I'accd through the lighter Cor- slcana line almost at will. The Eagles scored first In the opening period, started the second quarter with a field goal by P. M. Daugherty and then pushed over three touchdowns with a fast working ground attack. Tho second airing opened the second half and two more touchdowns were chalked up before the period ended. Tho second itrlng continued to work out tho final period after Chnrlie Moore, big fullback, had shot around left end five yards for another touchdown. OKLAHOMA AGGIES GIVEN O, K. FOB CENTENARY GAME aiillwater, Ok., D*c. 8.— IP— Missouri Vallay Conference ichoola to- dny gave tholr approval to their football champlona, the Oklahoma Angles, to uphold tlie prestige of the valley ngnlnst Centenary College In a Dixie grid clailc proposed for Dnllnn New -Ycar'a Day. Dean C. H. McElroy announced each school had approved the proposal. Coach Lynn Waldorf la In Dnlln.8 for the SoutInvent Conference meeting, which oprns tomorrow, and probably will 1 * conclurin jirrnngr:- mcnla for I ho gajnc. at qu ;st tei tryout while training at San the Giants were Antonio. Kilts failed to make the major league grade but was good enough to play minor league baseball Tor about four years. He was a fleet outfielder, a leading base runner, bill never a heavy hitter. At one time he played with Dallas In the Texes eEgue. Kllta started his coaching career at Dallas Academy, where he -was mentor for a year. He was then appointed head athletic director nt Dallas University, where he developed several outstanding football players and turnnd out teams that won a majority of their pames. " He resigned from Dallas sity to accept H coaching joff Alhpns High School. It was Rocky Mountain Grid-Loop Split By Withdrawals Denver, Colo., Dec. 8.— IP— De feated In two earlier attempts to of ficlally revise the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, the eight large schools of the circuit tonight voted to secede. The schools which agreed to with draw are the University of-Utah Colorado ColleRe, Brlghem Young Colorado Aggies, the University o Colorado, Utnh Aggies, Denver Unl vcralty and the University of Wyoming. Explaining their action In a for mal statement, representatives o the eltfht institutions said operation of £ ]2-schoo] conference has become HO cumbersome It Is nceessarj to reduce numbers and thereby provide for more workable units. Furthermore, the Htatflmcnt e the. demand fnr Intercollegiate con tests between Institutions of nenre equality nnd natural rivalry m "some adjustment necessary." The ste.tem n ,nt addrd the orlirina objectives of the conference hav been accomplished; "proper Elan dirda and control of Intcrcollefflat progress." Now, the statement ex plains, developments have Intrc diiccd factors and problcinn whlc "the prcflent orpanlzatlon cnn no meet lo the best Intoreals of all con ccrned." The eight who Joined In the i alon ridded that a "college nthlcti conferencn rsn not he expected t Include all Institutions In a give rejrlon." Th« action wns taken, after fee ulty renrssenlntlvcs; of Inn 12 mflffl bar schooln this morning hud la bled a motion to divide the confer encc Into a big six And 3 little elx and a few minutes later tabled an other motion lo create D big clgh and Ikttlo four. The four Bchoola remainlnp In what hnn boen tho Rocky Mountain Conference wnro Western Stale Col Ifge jf Gunntson. Colo.; Colorndj Teachers of Greelev. thr Coloradi School of Minna of Gordon, nn Monlnnn. Slnlc CollcRC of Bozcmnn thene where he won nationwide omo wllh his B rcat championship' eket ball teams. His Athens enins won three Texas Inlerscho- astlc League championships, two at-onal Intercollegiate titles and inny district and A. A. U. tourna- icnt crowns. Athens, a hotbed lor strong case erful foot- Kills gave . asket ball, desired ulnlels instead of powe Naturally K all teams. he cage sport most of his ottcn- ion However, he scul his Athens ootbnll teams to the district finals cveral limes. His Hornets won ne district football crown, but 'ere oliminnled In bldlslrlct com- ellllon by Shsrman. After six ears at Athens. Kitts resigned lo ccept Ihe head basket ball coachni: job at Kir*. Last year was his Irst In the Southwest Conference. Us Ulcc baskeleera made .an im- resslve ahowln™ nnd are ranked iljjh among the contenders for this 'ear's crown. This football season ie scouted for tht vnrsity and oached the Hico freshman squad. Probably the greatest asset Kills Bay City Defeated By Victoria, 21-0 his marvelous ability to make friends with boys and then bold their friendships. At Athens was never referred to tis coach his basket ball and football play— It was a] ways "Buddie" with hem.' Several yenrs ago Kitts met and aler married Miss Clifford Sales of Dallas. They have one son, 6 years Id. * « « Dallas, Te.v., Dec. 8.— fP— When iiformed tonight that his reslgna- ion as track coach had been ac- epted by the committee on outdoor ports at Ilice Institute, Coach Ernie Hjertbcrg explained that he had urned In his reslgnallon several veeka ago because the school was 'laying down nn the track team." Coach Hjartberg, who had been n charge of Rice track teams for about seven years, sold "they exacted me to compete with much arger schools that were giving as much support to track teams as hey were to football and other ma- sports." T couldn't feel at home in uny- hing like that," the coach said. He vas In Dallas tonight to attend the Southwest Conference meeting tomorrow. "I haven't made up my mind Just what I will do after my resignation becomes effective," he said. Advices 'rom Houston said the resignation vould take effect at the end of the 1934 track and field season. "There Is no such thing as a small college dolnp something In a small vay," said Coach Hjerther^ when ashed about the athletic situation at Rice, which was brought to a climax by the football aeaaon just closed, in which the Owls lost eight and won but three. He ex- d the opinion that the shake- ip in which Jack- Meagher was ousted OE head football coach and Jimmy Kitts was offered the job as Meapher's successor would be a 'bust-up." "I'm afraid It's the breaking up of ihings at Rice," he suld. adding that he did not think the Owls vould get anywhere soon in what IE 5ald wag a lone- cherished ambition to gain athletic fame. Conference Meet Scheduled Today- Dallas, Tex., Dec. B.— IP -The an meeting oC the Southwest Con ference will be held here tomorrow at the Dallas Athletic Club. Dr. D A. Penick of the University of Tex as, president, will preside. The most important matter fore the faculty athletic committee •of the conference is the awardlnf of. the current conference footbal championship. Whether the com mittec will forfeit Arkansas' chanr plnnship for playing an Incllglblf man or not is speculative. HeinI) Schlueler, substitute tackle, wht played against Baylor, Rico and Texas Christian, was declared in eligible when il was discovered he had previously played with the Unl verslty of Nebraska and had failed to list his Nebraska credits when lie enrolled at Arkansas. Beside awarding the conferenc championship, the routine business of approximating the 1034 baske ball schedule and the awarding c various other conference titles wll be made. Centeaary College an< Texas Tech, aa Usual, are cxpectei Lo request admittance to the con forence. The Lone Star and Texas confer ences also will hold their annua meetings here tomorrow and award championships. Special 10 The News. Bay Cily, Tex., Dec. S— Three thousand fans saw the Victoria High School team dcleat Bay Clly n a bldlstrlct championship game lei-e this afternoon, 21-0, in a ganje that saw two former Southwest Conference rlvflla, Coach Pap Perkins of Victoria and Coach Tom Drlscoll of Bay City, resume their rldlron warfare. Perkins wa s a star halfback at the University of Texas, while Drls- coll starred for Rice in 1930, 1931, and captained the Owls In 1932. Harry Viner. chairman of the Officials' Association of the Southwest Conference, referccd the (fame, LOCKHAUT WINS. Lockhart. Tex., Dec. 8.—*— The Lockhart High School Lions of In- terscholnstic League District 23, Class B, today defeated the Eldorado Eaeles of the 14th District, 31 to 6. SOCCER Tnlcrnwllam T*n?rue SlRndlnp. Team— Flayed. Won. Los I. Tlcd. \Vllatm Garage. 7421 BL Mary's 7421 Broadway . Trojans St. Peter's . i trlon; C. Ma 1:30. SI. Pclfr' pate, referee. 2:45. SI. Mary' mnllnl. itttrte. ^, Trojans VB. Wilson Qaraee; w. Taylor re fere e. O Junior Lfap Team— Playrd. Ilcnry'a Dooh B. ft Corpus Christi. Tex., Dec. 6.—^ The Corpus Christ! High School Buccaneers tonight won the right to enler the quarter-finals of ihe slate interscholastlc rlass A grid- ron race by defealinR the Brownsville High School Eagles. 32 lo 6. The outcome of the came never was In doubt from the firat pla> after the klckoff when Haas, Buccaneer quarterback, raced 82 yards for the first .score. The game was istlcES and replete with penalties and times out. except for when the Buccaneers broke loose for scores Haaa scored again In the flrsl period running 50 yards for a touchdown. Cnrev scored In the second and third periods. The final Buccaneer score was made In the last period on a pass Brownsville scored In the third period on a pass, Qulntero to Elllng- GROUP OFFICERS GO TO BUFFALO TO GET PLANES Capt. C. C. Chauncey and Lt R. F. Sterling of the :ey a Thin •d Attack Group will leave this morning hy rail for Buffalo. N. Y., where they will test two new model type attack planes they will pilot back to Galveston. The planes are at the factory of the Curtis Airplane and Motor Company's plant at Buffalo. The officers will remain In Buffalo several days. The new -planes, known as A-12, will supplant the present type of ship of the attack group if found to be satisfactory. At present the full strength of the group IB 45 ships. The . r ._ same plane as the A-3 now In use here, hut carry numerous improvements and late developments in aviation. One of the Important differences is that the engine of the A-12 is air cooled. It is understood • that the new type plane will by capable of considerably higher WALKATHONERS * SHOW STRAIN AS DANCE GOES ON Apparently beginning to feel tha strains of the teylnr first hours of what will be gruelling days ot unceaalnc wakefulnesj and activity, 42 con- . UEtanls were slowly gyrating around the floor at the all-Amern can championship wajkathon con^ test In the Toklo hnllroom yeater-. day. : ' : All of the 21 couples which start- ' ed at the gong at 9:15 o'clock! Thursday nifiht were still In thi • running yesterday. A few of the walkers wert doi--- IiiK on their partner's shoulders, but • others executed lap dancea and other little routines, while one coyj« pie methodically studied a tangd, step. Quite a friendship had grown • up among contestants overnight.. At the gong on the hour, partloj- pants raced for tho rest rooma IOF a 15-mlnute rest and possibly & rul^ down. Forty-five minutes of eaelj hour they nrc moving on the iloo^ end at regular intervals the flooM Judge calls for a dnncc and eveig^;. one must Join In. Contestants were all well dressed at the lime Ihe walkathon started,, before a capacity crowd Thursday' night, but coats and high heels had been shed yesterday morning. .,.:. The laat four couples on the floor will receive $1000 in cash, the capital prize being $500. Headliners In the continuous floor show are Mm\ Jane Shannon, Bill Stein and Monto Hall. The endurance test.-. ? Ca the" Veterans of Foreign" Wars. 1 ..* Post 880. . roduced by Ihe Ross Amusement/ ompany, Is under the auspices of r 1 * DR. SLAUGHTER -': IS PROMOTED'^ Promotion of Dr. W. H. Slaughr £• tor, a u per I n Lend en L of the United,,^ States Marine Hospital here, to the'" rank of senior Burgeon, to take,,., cited today, has been announce^,,, by federal authorities. The appoint-..: ment was made by Dr. Huffh-'S.''/ Gumming, surgeon general of the; United Stales public heulth service: (i . Dr. Slaughter succeeded Dr. Jff-"._ seph Boltnn, now superintendent in. 1 ."., charge of the United SUtea Marine" 'Sltal at Savannah, Ga., who was ^ *wlflfi promoted to the rank., of/T senior surgeon prior to his tr^nsr,".. rer. ., •.-.;;•;. Hear complete description of all races run at Houston. AT THE TURF 2214 Market St. Phone 1458 Direct Connection!; With Epsom Downs Track! Also Direct Wires on AJ1 Sport- Ing Events. . fl 1 61. llary' .... El. Pa trick 'i . . 5 , I 3 l 3 Osnin Tndnj-. 2, si. Palrick's \B. Henry's Book Store; A. Rouiiel, nttrtt. 3:15. 31. Marj-'s va. Rhnmrocki; C. Hallam, referee. TEAIFLE BEATS BANGER. Temple, Tex., Dec. 8—JP—The Temple High School Wildcats, undefeated In District 11 of the Texas Interscholaallc Le apu c. today trounced the Ranger BulldotB, undefeated In District 2, 20 to 7. Both teams had loet their district titles because of Inellglblllty. It wan the final game of the season for both teams. Temple previously had defeated Corsicana, district 11 champion, 26 to 0, and defeated Brackenridge High of San Antonio, district 12 champion, 51 to 0. Brackcnrldge walloped Coralcana today, 40 to 0. LASDESA WINS. Lamesa, Tex., Dec. 8.—;P—The Lamest High School team won its bldlstrlct Class B football game hero todny apalnst Rotnn, 32 to 13. LmnMR will be pitted agalnal the winner of the Hcrcford-Sumas g.nmc for Lhc rcEionnl chnmplon- shfo. KUPPENHEIMER and SCHORNSTEIN'S TWO LEADERS GET TOGETHER FOR YOUR BENEFIT Kuppenlieimer Good Clothes arc knmvn to GaU veston. Huudretls ."of men here' arc weaving them right now. But this fall, for the first time Galveston men, even including those tvho have been wearing Kupiienkeimer Good Clothes, will discover the full meaning of Quality by Kuppenlieimer. Here are Ihe clothes that are known and respected for more than a half century's un- ' faltering allegiance to a quality ideal—a quality standard that has never been lowered. Remember, no regrets ever follow a Kuppenhcimcr puvchiisc. KUPPENHEIMER GOOD CLOTHES (l»«^ P* l Cf A rfX $35 to $40 J. SCHORNSTEIN CLOTHIERS FOR MEN WHO CARE 2219 Postoffice St. Phone 934 Open a Charge Account Today KUPPENHEIMER OVERCOATS, TOO!

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