The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1936
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY W >: I Bl.YTiniVH.LE. (AUK.) COUU1UR NEWS PA01D B'JVE can GET WHAT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uallj mle per line lor consccu- Hi'c Insertions: One time IK.-I lino lOo l'<vo times per line per day .. 08c Month rule i»r Hue SUc Minimum (,'Iiarge GCo Three limes per line pi-i d»y . 06t KIs limes per line per day .. OSc j Aftb urdcrco lor inreu or six limes ami stopped before expiration will tie charged for the number ol times ihe oel appeared arul -<JU5lnu'nt of bill made, .iJi c.A&5incG Advertising copy fuuintlled by pel-sons residing out- slele ol, me rlly miKt be accoui- panlcd by cosh. Hales may be Willy coinpuled from abov:; lable AaYtnisiuz oroeicet lor irregular Insertions lake Hie onij lime' rate • No itraiJUllMljillly Will txi lafciMI for more than nnc Incorrect Jn- lerllon ol nny classified ud. Business Directory LAWN mowers sharpened Ihc Ideal way on the leleal Mower grinding iiincliliio. Ciuaraiiloed Job only $1. Blythcvlllc Machine Shop We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans A few used fans lor silc Male Help Wanted $2CO-A,-MONTH OPPOIMlTNlTy] Mnn »t once to start local BKI- rainlly jiwcl-y route 1 . Ford ntiln- mcbtle I;Ivcn yon as linuns. 1 send cvcrylliliifi yov, need, You risk no molir.v. Write quirk. Albert Mills, 280 Momiimilh. CiueliuMli. O. Barksdalc Mfg. Co. For Sale '32 mode! MOTORCYCLE. 'H Harvey Davis. Hcastmtiblc. Jus- Itn Tiehvell, Dell. GOOD (JleOP tor ::a!c, 13 acres eotluti. -\ acres corn, ami fiu 1 - nlUnc. $200 casli. Clillorcl !>i!ls :it. Driver's Grove school. U-pk-17 Fryitic, Hi/e eliiekeiiJi, Mrs, \Vykl- cr Kskriclgc, '100 Yurbro K'.'.::l. THUNK. AULK. Call 45. UE/lSON- 9-ek-M Slightly used FACTORY BOAT and late model Johnson Hen Horse 12 h. p. OUTBOARD MOTOK. uood .slmjie, $100 csisli. Paul liyrmu. 0-ck-lI FOR BAI.K liy rolel Sedan. Lunierntc. owner, '34 Cliov- Cnsli only- rl)1 Sc 1:13 Good Used-Trucks 1934-V8. )!•; ton .truck' 103-1 Chevrolet 1'i ton truck 1A3 Inlcriiiitioiiiil I'.i ton truck & trailer 1C35 International 1'i ton trvitk & trailer Intenv.ilioiial 1'ick Up TERMS Inc. ',i ton Delta Implements, von SAI.U 5 room house, bath. Large lot. Across from high and grade: echools. .Cheapest, taxes in loivn. CouleL.,be iinaete into apartmenl. 809 Chickasawba. " ' ' dli'tt PI1ONB 10 'fRANTHAM '1'nANBFER CO. Moving 50c room up. Plnnos Jl up. PHONE 964 Keep Koo! With Hiuiler Llcclric Fan's Hubbard Hdw. Co. Uhlp by J. IV. 1'AHKICII TRUCK 1,1NK Dcticndable I>aily Korvire lo anel I-Voin Memphis Krcji Freighl jVIOney al Hume Call 127 (JIB W. Ajh St. \VE HUV III11KS & A1,I, KINDS A1ETAUS We Sell Coal. Wood and Kimlling Give Us a Trial and He Satisfied Blytheville Fuel Co. 118 S. Railroad SI. Dance Every Nighl At, Ihe Silver Moon Newly Rcniwtclctl • • Good Music Most, delijhlfiil Niglil Cliij be- Iween Memphis and SI. Louis. Good narli IS. BAILEY, Mar. Get the benefit of summer prices. Fill Up Now My Coal Is Black But I Treat You While LOCAL HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN —PHONE 101 Wanted To Buy USKD I-'UUNITUHE for liousc, TT B. Wilson, l|(j s. Hroaelwiiy. _ 0-|ik-l4 Wanted BROOM MAKlKCi equipment to liuy or rent. Kliuiloii A. Pepper, Itiitfman. H-p-k-21 Notice is hereby Riven Hint ttw Coniiiilsstoncr of Revenue of (lie Stale of Arkansas Ims JS.MIK! ii limnit lo Crawford M. NuWc lo sell and dispense vlun'vs or tpir- Itnous liiiiiors for beverage :it retail on the premises described ns Tlie Little Klio|i. Hotel Nolile bullilmi;. llroadwiiy & Walnut .St.. niyllit-vHIe. Ark. 'Ilifs permit hsiied on the 1st day ot .Inly. 183(1. and expires on the 30th d:iy of June. Ifffi. Crawford M. Noble. 7-14 Reel In Heroin From Cache In Fine Tex. ,l)l>l .nu went fishhu; im d capsules ol heintii pAPT. MMHS COOK, famous iinvigaloi-, in 177,'i, came upon a cluster o[ slranno islands In (lie Sontli Sens. The natives, to his surprise, (jrectcd him licnrlily, and KO lie named (lie nraup "Friendly Istnntis." Today these islands :ue'known as Tonya, anil are n protectorate of Great livilain. On the main i.iqiioii pKiinirr island, ToiiRaUitni, is the palace of (Dalta;;. (tic ruler, Queen Hnloto Tiilxni. In tlic palace Ki'iiiuuts Is the historic: tortoise, liclieved inoro than 200 years old, which Captain Cool; is s:iid to have presented to the I Toii(!.iii eliicf. Here is the "Invael- Ivvii men, repineillv »lml"- nflivolic illslribiiiois, unit the 1 rurli: 1 nt (lu 1 nar- lii an open Hue. lnl:lnyhu; |]n> i-:^, o ( L1 [i s |,. I'nl :inil reel which ttiev touuel Illdilell ill ;i do:;,.! „( , lu ; | U , 1|M , Ihc eli'ii'cttn's pullvil Hie 1 heioln en" 01 Hi,. hi.|in ;; piiu-,.] Allei- sciiirhitij Ihe IIIUIM-, 1111- Mii'vt 1 .-.sillily nn n ttnn', ivtri'tivi' nick (inniin- notlevel Ihe rod. ivel ami line and tovnil lliv u p m Hue'. Hi- caf,t Ihe lint 1 uiili aititHlal iv anel liewk. 1 ; nlUechcd in (lit 1 Iliu- ami (hi 1 nul rau.ilit on an I'.lijivl anel Hie ileUrlive liv«au rivlini; in ]iis catcli. 'Die calch preive-il to be a Ixix eont.iliiini; the heroin. 'the aviv:,t ot the lun men end- eel a six-iiuiiith M'arcli tin cine ill I he MHIUT:; of \vidi'.>-|iiv:ul uliuii lo iliMiilailion ol luii'olle:, in Notice is hereby given Mint, (lie j fruit" tree, shown on the stamp Commissioner of Hevenncs of the | below, and "kava," tlic stroll" Btate of Arknnsns has issiieel « j "native drink. Nearby is' Ni'uafoo, "Tin C.iu Island," where ship.? <lm\> mail for residents in seated tin c.ins that are pie-keel up by unlive swim; incrs. Many stamp collectors have hael sneh mail eleltveveel le> the island anel returned to them by the. permit to Elmer Hall lo sell and dispense vinoi's or spirituous lirj- uois for bcveraue al retail on the premises described us Main street. Lnxorn. Ark. This permit issued on (he 1st ' 151mcr rlrer Shcot.s I Co voles HKNO iUP>—Avintion 'may yet prove the solution of the eiw ^ro\vin3 menace of coyoles, W. G. iMcGinty brought ciown four nf them In the first ;ilrp]i(iie shooting lest here. '('here are liidieallens (hat wheat wa:, llr.-.t cnlllnited In what is )«.u'r:iliin|iia. aet-ordiiii! lo a Hus- .\orm,i:Ni; 1 1L AT UKHT PHICliH PIlOMl'l' BEUV1CB I'HONE 10 Mfg..Co. BARGAINS TIIUKK All llllrl.s eqiti|ipnl uliecls SI'l'X'IAl.S wllli dual W3ii ciiiiviidi.iiT i i. ID:I.'I i 'I'riii'k 1831 CllliVl Tnieli isiiiii I;.,M.C. 1 ! CMI:VIIOI.I;T Tunic i i-u 'I'm! f:t;i:, n '11 mil Silt:. I-'J Tllll si us 191(1) ''IICUVDI.DT Truck I :-2 Tun ........ •)•• Tlirw (nulls are .ill iTi'miillllti '•"Mil fitiantiitveit. Olhrrii la ili TOM t;:t:t RADIO REPAIRING Tulir» l.lue nf UVIWARD TIKE & HATTttUY CO. I'HONE fl Now Ixicakd «t 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWR1FER SERVICE BUREAU DON KnWAIlDS, 1'roiirtctor iakm 01 rfliullt 'l'j'|ie.wrfti-rs, Aehlln K Macnlnct mia culiilors—Ktimlrlns—I'arts—Ufbboin Drs. Wcrl & Wcrt OPTOMHTIHSTS Over Joe InaACV fltort "WK MAKE 'KM BKK" 1'lionc 5(0 SWIM A 1,1, DAY Km- Iflc - l!if Chicago Mill Pool Wrcekcr Scivlcc - Gas OI'KN A LI, NIGHT PHIIJJPS S51RVJCK CKNTKR Phones 117 - 810 QUICK {• \VASIJKI) ON SAND anil GRAVEL PHONI'I 700 SnpcHui- Cdiil & Miiiiujr Co. And «•(• hamllrj all l.i-ailhijr llranils uf IliKh (ii-iiilu (,'oal— .Sumiiilt, <!rrat Head, tlrllllaiit, ONE STOP SKUVICK STATION •roil YOUK CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND I,l)l!UICATION WYS1C PKUIIY in elinrgc of Horvico II. JOHNSON in -IIATTKKV SEHVICE — HADIATOH Klil'AlK — IKIDV WOKK — IKNIDvlt WOUIC — CLASS INSTAU,i:U —AUTO IMKTS W, T. BARNETT I'lymoulh Dealtr PHONE 888 AU,K\ 001' HEAR! HEAR! n btti'itil a.s.sodnlion corlilicn'le your loved OUCH whun they of If yon have nny kind on «way wo will .ccopl it llt full vnlmToiV llicTunc^ nSullrT " y " 3 " UIC " HS * S ° «"• mu " "' COBB FUNERAL HOME I'HON'U 26 TAKK.N Kcal Estate FOR SiVLE Several thousand aeres southeast Missouri rich alluvial cotton <t com lands. Any size tract. TERMS LIKli KENT 1 ! Everett B. Ucc, .Blytlievillc. Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN SMrs.r. J. Havis—.Spencer Cnrseticrc Call 421-W tor appointment.'? BIK. Vr.'lT.ItAN! Here is a chance to invest your bonus motley wisely. GOOD 53-acre larm near Si. t/.)uis. CHEAP. I PHONE 170 TEKMS. T. K Elder. Care Dell! Cafe, West Memphis, Ark. WANTED — AM, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, S3 to S5 ton Aluminum, 10o Ib. Brass. 2o lo 1'iu Ib. Copper Wire, 4e. lo So Ib. Radiators. I'.ic ib. HIDES & FUIIS ARIAN 128 E. MAIN IN VVHS?E J 5£6 IF yi.JM CAN 6RASCM1J , HrrP f?iG BOv V -FRIfrNP? V ^ ..,, .. ?t: /AN 1 IF WE A (6D?JM/\(i>IN'ntEP.r}, DOf / WE'LL 6iT S f \ HIM' J "\ ^~ _^/~ vi-— For yaic or Trade—My home ill •JI8 Vi". Main, ririryaiii. Mrs. S. 6. Gtcnibeig. Call 984. Eggs, Poultry Cash Feed Store Pays Top For Eggs & Poultry r.l E. Main For Rent 2 nc\vly (itcovaletl apaitineiits iu duplex, unfurnished. C'all 7iil 3-ck-tf Large 3 room mortem apartiiient. Cool. Rcar-onablc. Call '230. H-ck-tf Store for lease. Best blocs on Mniu. Nice phou~ v.-incloivs. Ke.i- ronaljle rent. Thouuis Land Co. Nice 8 room hou:-e, garage, small basement. $21). Apply '121 S. Second, piior.c 207. lC-p-k-I4 7 rODin hoil:.c. 300 M. Ninth. J. T. Alford. I'hoti? 8 r j5-W 0-cl:-14 Nr>-,-lv decorate:! APARTMENT en Kentucky Arc. Call 761. IS; ktl in" Sliane Duplex Ash. Call 151 01 23-ck-lf fur. Apartment at 111-1 Wc.-l STI. At 1122 W. Main. Ten Room House. to OIK party, or will divide into two apartments. Call 312 or 803-J. J_"_Smarl, 30-ck-tf 5 roim Furnished AinrtnvMits Cheap. K. M. Knton, 713 chirivi- sawba. JD-ck-lf Lost LOoT-fl keys on ring, retiirn to Paul l.iyruiii, ' |.|- C );-18 Mnn's wckrthnol.- eonlainii^~f>vo Sin bill's. SUBSTANTIAL," .KE- ^VARU. TJicedorc I'ltikston, New Vork Store. 13-p-k-!5 Posilion Wanted a M BooItkp"Pc-T vants Good referenecs. Sml.h. 1315 \V. Main. Cai! 33S-W. Always in the Market for SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Meial, Hides & Bones lilythcville Iron & Mclal Co. 221 W. Cherry Call 448 Wall Paper SALE 1930 PATTERNS THE AMMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Personal AUTO LOANS, Cash Advanced —Confleiential PAYMENTS REDUCED No cr-signers. Jusi aring car and legislation card along. U. W. MULLINS ''^Niry Blelg. I'tionc 453 rn.?;K! STOMAOK ULCERS. OAS PAINS. rfJniCiKS'ITON relieved qvick. Ciet free Minpie doclor's prcscrlpllon, Uelga, al Kirby Bros. Or n 3 Co. Barber Shops HOLTS BARBER SHOP 101 Sou til 2nd St. HAIRCUT 20c, SHAVK 15c Balli—ciose R pm.—shine jiialleries BETTER BATTEKY SERVICE Call J. B. Clime 13p k2J At, Toni Jackson's Service Station Rl6HT-W?-'RE Hurnliu 3" AND i •"•»;.''/'i^K rU-'v H10U BOOTS W\LL OOWM «\i f\ -YOU eOOT S 110 lUJM! -Jit ''0qv-we VQi)ick',oooLA-Wa-i-ouR LIVES" .r J S,,?. LAPPtD ) WE G01 rA GIT /AIN'T GONNA ^i^^^^)^^&^ i^GU-fc-^^- -_^ _^\ HERE, WOW- CW^i ^•-.Jf-K-f -•v:(!A--.?,.J^' WASH TUHBS IP 6OLP FLOVV'J FROM THC NEWLV W&REP PICKET GIL PI A KICSIIMIO Rv M;irlin "VOO a3»«.e.tJE^SERVie:E. INC. .T. M. BEO, V. 6. PAT. Off." Ky Cram -»?»fe»fe 1 Will GO TO WILLIE ZASAT, THE ^ GAM6LEK,IF WMARRiES LILA PICKET. BUT H16 EA5V ROAO TO RICHES IS M BLOCKED BV HER BROTHER JO£ J KRKCKLKS AMI) 1IIS . : 1 WE OUGhTA HAVE HER SHIPSHAPE: BY 1HI5 o> . I ORDERED ) ALL PPO- \ V/SIOMS, I FRC»-» H/-RD TACK TD CAWNCD CHICKETM f V/E'LL BE ALL SET 7 IM MO -vv- ILL GO FOR PETTHS SAkET, DOV/M- JOSSIE' YX! ME,\w' STAIRS / VOJP.E: e:wo AWD j EELO.'/AWE' CLE£AM CLEAM i THE" GALLEY! YOU UP THE 1 ARE" QUA BOAT; kITCHEKJ! JWOV/.' TALk LIKE A SAILOR .' __^ JM'M ; T!J ;Alj j / OKAY ! AMD AFTER '. I GET THAT DOME,I'M t GOMWA RACK M/ 7HIWGS IW THAT RIGHT-HAND CLOSET.' P; ~-TV-M.,,«(-«rf»l| 9GRHAP5"TH -•ATTEMPT WILL OML6S5 ObR WEE McRO' SPILLS THE BEANS, -"i GOING TO STOW YOUR DUFFELBAG 1M THE STARBOARD &% J - ' • r. i^ • f •••>fr-^ /._, ^ 0 .0-^x THAT KID KIEtVER WILL LEARM THE RIGKf tJAME FOP AWY- TOIUG OM mis BOAT.' WOWDER WHERE H£ IS MOW? /- V/l-t/ DIDWT YOU LET US KWOW WHAT V HAPPENED / I COULDMT THlSIK OF THE RIGHT WORDS FOR "HELP, FELL. ,i OVERBOARD!

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