The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1934
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 1934 •LTTCTTILU. CAULK PPUBOK IBffB KifiC ^CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per one ror consecu- i'.ve insertions: (Five average n'oros to a line) One time per liat lOc Two luiies per line per day .. OSc es times per liin per day .. 06c times 'per Hue per day .. 06e rate per line , COo Feeds, Flour, Groceries & M«»'» at Btsl Prices. We Deliver. Phoix i34, -Rll* I'rke Grocery. 9c K5-1) UEAL L'OULTKY & KUGS We will pay illc per pound for heavy Fauns for sale—20% clown UaUuic* lite reul' i EUicl Thompson, CaruUicrsvllle. / Mo. il-pk-5-Jl jard, slytdy .Erovc, flyc scic apple orchard.- J. C. Cliayln, M^nllu, Arlc. ip M >. X. McKs-H FKEDS l-'OR BALK: HAY nml CORN nt a bargain, B. 11. Ark. liAIJX CHICKS All Varieties. Custom Jiatcnmg solicited. Set each Tuesday, hatch each WeUiu-saay. MAItlLYN HAiCHEHY liutciiury Coae LJL-r. r*o. fcu INGRAM apartment, heat, watci furnished. Also store uiiilamg Reasonable. Apply 1. R. Park hurst. c-kio Ads ordered IOT uiree 01 si* limes and stopped before exptr»' Lou will be charge^ for the aurn U-r of limes lie »d appeared ana adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising cop) submitted by petsonf residing oui- sde ol the city irusi be aecom-' K1GELY tm . n | shc( i K00 \ bedroom. utnled by cash. Rates may be bl6 Walma su CM 21K . W . easily computed frnm above table. No responsibility will be WKCD mi in ore than one incorrect insertion ul' any classified ad. AUVtrlLl£UJ£ UIsl^JtQ lor U'rCgU- MX uiiei uoiu> lajit* the ouc uuis i»tt. l-ck-8 Nicely furnL-hcd cool BEDROOM, 611 W. Main. 1-cfc-tl men preferred. Call 280. loslcrj- Mills, Joiwsboio, /irlt. '•- |opened In tills 9,f!lcc, at 2:00 p. m., Zc-kS jviny 15, ]9j4, for IJisect screens In fft ttol BJ5THLEHEM, Conii. (OP)-Tlic a cat J-URNISHED bedroom. 1U17" 'W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hiirdin, after 6 BUSINESS DIRECTORY v :^_ lc ka I Wpll furnished HOUSE from May Whn> yvu an- nsn iuu«ry coiiivj 15 lo aeptenibcr. RcasonaWc. »Ui ..j^.-«.. ..jn •j W. Walnut. Phone 451. 2Uc kj iUHKc bets tiic 1'rkt gal. . HrkAtU »> illit. C unu juice store WOKKKKS UNION Couri liuuse ;.lunuay, 7:JD y m. l-ur men, uuuitit uvtr 1U ^ti per year Hik us about tlic Uasi'n Honey Cciiier lion bails. Xncy'rc 14t-t- tfr. lluobaxu UiuilH;ue fu. 5tka-5 Soy Btaiis and Peas will be hard vu n'ii(l utit munth. Buy now from Hubburd Hirilware Cu. "HOME RtPAIRS: Steps, Hoorm screens, wall paper, paint, c\r. AN'IIMITE for Termite control K. C. KOBlNSO.N LUMUEB CO. iwj Mis. J. J. Uavis. I'hnne 421 Sptuccr cwtseticrc •Ka U5-36 1I1KEE room modern bunsalow, 1113 W. Main. Call Mrs. Joe Meyers or Max Meyers. 27-ck-l Nicely Rirnishcd BED ROOM. I Mrs. Kolcn. 310 West Wiilnut. j 30c R5-30 UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment, 10U w. Walnut. Call we. 30c fc-tl NIOULY fmnibhcd apartment, W. Kentucky. Apply after S P. M. He k5-HJ FOUR room FURNISHED apartment,; 700 W. Walnut. 19-cfc-tf -MODERN furnished apartment, 108 W. Kentucky. Plione 683. 22-tf BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen, Mil W. Walnut St. CaU 451. UOOM & liOAGD Roujns with or without board, sttam, hot water, reasonable rates, EXPERT Typaivrilcv anil Alaeliine brpainne. U. S. Blank- eosnip, UC t. Kow, «Vill 165-J. 22c ka-22 "SEEDS & Wlu'.)poorwill Peas for Bale Drive across the river for the finest Whippoorwill Peas in West Tcnneticc. 1'ritcs >(c:isonablc. William Tucker & Co., Kiplcy, Tenn. 28-rk5-28 FUR LARGE Iron Safe. Ocod ns new. Cheap for Cash. Hex Hotel. Phone 204. H. C. Campbell. 28c-ktl Pliore Kite frice tiro. AUTOMOTIVE Sta^t A Savings Account •'" With Us Oh • Everything for tbc Aulomobiln llubbard lldw., Automotive Ucpt. i'hone 476 I'hone AnU> Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10ck5-10 WANTED TO BUY We buy Chickens and Eggs, high- cat prices paid. Rite Price Grocery, I'hone 231, 111 E. Main. 3c STKAYED fotton Seed: Rowdcn Big Boll No. STRAYED-Onc black horse mule, 2380 for thin land; also Stone- weiuht about 1,100 11)5, G years •nil- No I Sl-iO per hundred, old. From my place at Clear Lake. Marvin Kobiason, 310 K. Main. S5.00 Reward tor information, b. Holmes, Route 2. lilythcvilte. WANTED TO RENT 1 Large Fop Corn and Peanut Roaster in perfect condition and as good as new. Very cheap, rlionc 63. Hayti. Mbw-.ri. Uilbcrfs Gro- WANTED TO RENT- Three eery & MarKel. Op-k5-9 tour room house. Call 30C. rih tl THIS CURIOUS WORLD *« William Ferguson DELAWARE HAS A PORTION OF A Hit- |K)ft o_ttlcc u( Blyllievillc, Arit liev. Edjfaid R. WWtc, pitstor ot LEGAL NOTICKS B|)cd[lcnui!s may be obtained tlie Federated Ohurcl), was lead- from the custodian ol the buildlnt;, inii-thi! congregation In singing or nl lliis otTicc In Uip discretion o|d /nmlHar hymn ' SALESMEN WANTKI) 1'roouivnioiil DivL'iion, I'nljlic Woifc of tin; a.s^ktant director of pro- started on the church steps. Uniiu-h, WnshlnBton, 1). 0.— Sealed 270 acre Ozark Farm lor Sale ,or Pubitc Worlts Branch. . 71.1C sbigiup turned to uiic.ontroll- -Tuesday | WANTED: Ij'EPRESKNTA'nVKfor lujillcule, subji-tl to Hit ti;ic!c :;u cleared, W. K. HKYNOLDS, Assistant Dlrcq . . cd laughter as Hie sexton hurried spring. momjng In front fsl high school.! Real Silk Hosiery Mills dn Nls- , good Howard for return to Cornier News, .sffilpiil county. MILS' be able to I'omilltons of Executive Ouler No. ruiimns water, frame House ^9J• 91 Procurement, Public Wpr) fipin the churcli and chased the ' Murcli M. 1931. will bel Iliuiicli. 6am. big frull house B ood well, in ,u, tt furnish references. Writ OUR BOARDING HOUSE ;S A SUHST1TUTJ.;! JUST KEFP.QUIET, L05t VER t .GET VOU THfXT ' UfA-AA-OW, t C3NUy THINK TttQSE T.WNGS IN tAV TIME J—AS SOON A-3 1 6ET ^ TEW t&YS TR&EJ ^^v\ ON BE Mf\OE •PWKT OF THE CO/XT, SO WHEK ^TME COACT \STAKtN / PFF , IT'MOLDS HS SHAPt ) ACRQS^ THE SHOULDERS ' GET WE A LEAFV BRANCH OF A QUISH-WSH TREE .'A' HURRV - BEFORE THAT 8RONTOSAURUS BITES OL 1 GUZ'S WHISKERS '.IT'S GIT ME/ WITH \DUV? \MVENTIONSI WHATS TH" MM'Ibk,* . HAS TW" OC HEAT AND CAM E HUN< WITHOUT BOOTS AND H1SR BUDDIES EVERY MAN FOR HIJISEH'"! NEUER. SET TO "Xt cwro! cooiw vc ;\t voo OCM'T ACTOR \i WUCW OW HtH \ WEV\- . 1'l.L UBE TUCT NO60CW BUTTS IKJ WASH TUBES OUSTING THINCS Ul'! , BOYS!THtKE AIKITMUTHIM HAfPEMED'TOTHAT EASV FELLER. I GUESS ALL TK6 BANDITS IS DEAD. ^OU HEARD ^6KE FROM SOtjIJi CORTRICJOES THEV THf^EW .'W TvE "HEBE'S ONE OF THE HATS THEV LSFT 1M A WIK4DCVJ FOR VOU TO SHOOT AT DON'T Be SILLV, SHERIFF. TH£ BANDITS 65CAPED HALF ^W HOUR AGO FOB. ITS NORTHERN BOUNDARY/ IT is DRAWN WITH A RADIUS OF 12. MILES', FROM THE CENTER. OF THE TOWN Of THE LARGE, WHITE, FUNNEL-SHAPED "BLOSSOMS* OF THE CAUA £/& ARE NOT THE 7AU£ f^OWffif AT ALL, 6UT Ol/T&i THE REAL FLOWERS ARE TIN THINGS, CROWDED TOGETHER. ON THE ClUS'LIKE SfUkWX,WHICH STANDS rl TH6 CENTER. FO«E!SN fREQUENfLV USE LOAVES' OF BOEAO IN WHICH TO SMUGGLE OUT (VSDS WHOSE EXPORTATION K PSOHIBttEO. THE YOUNG OPRO IS PLACED INSIDE A HOLCOWED-OOr LOAF, IN WHICH ARE BREATHING HOLES. S-i BT »t* stnyicc nc. The Calla Lily holds a imitiue jrajitlou in the" plant Vbiicir U tlic "lily wl'icli is not a lily." the cnll.i which is nol a calls, : lhal pail of H wlilch is cnilcd a flower is not a no«'cr. NEXT: How much area would all the electric lamps In use In th United Slatts Illnmlnite as brightly as It is Illuminated by the son? SALESMAN SAM JUST LIKli A COl.TNE OK HEADS! C'A1_I_ UP POLICe. RtGHT , $.2.000 12 i ni THE TOOK '. HOLO OlJ,OOZT. ( .CHt-\rA ouvitJ FIR.ST— WJUCH \ cf\M •JeR- OOUO-H. S IWOt-C.-KfxW D E.D I I'vte •STUDIED oe.- wcxtK. <uH!vr W£UL, I WOULD, IF We. HfiD j 'vjl -T-— r v^r—•:•-••: •——- j I t ^ .K ..^77--^. ->@«| •t^fer !^^ 1>!: ; -'^^7^P' T»_r~~:^_T* 7.- i .'. i- . .. .' •.<?-. *'j"«--i«> •.".v<n»cTi,«i!<i in j«i cvr... FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS * f.~ TWAT V/O-^IAVI CAVE N HERE TO SUV A WQ&T WKTCH foK UER WJSE BI1?7VDAY AHP ^tXJ LST WER GET AV/AY wrrwoiJT SELLIW ONE!! < YOL) GOT A EWAXID KIEV/ , /,>JD ITS STILL BRAMO NEW!.' TIME ON HIS HANDS! v-: sic-- •' By JUiossci I'M SOSRY; MR.MASON, VJ-v ' ; " Ss '*' J *' BUT I DIM r TMINk WE COULD SELL'HER ONE AMD SAFE'.Y GUARANTEE ) f>;.;r> IT TO WOPX...BESIDES, / WE D!DN T HAVE ~V.f ONLY klf-'D CCJ-D GUARAM * t-TASOM! I HAPPEN TO HUSSANP, AMS You >W,V= Mo HOW DSEP FELLA OJNKS HIS fXlLfGHNUTS '/

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