The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1931
Page 6
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i'AGi:"STX NKWS BRUSHING UP SPORTS By La u for Trick Inventions Which j Lend Mechanical Asfist- 1 ance Get Little Sympathy BY CHESTER L. SMITH iNEA Sfrvlre ^(ircial Writer When it banned the "sandM.'ils.V a heavy-headed niblick s-a dosii;n- t ed as to make it next to iniall.'j!- ' whe used out of a trap for a player of any skill whatsoever, l!i; United Slates Ciolf Associalbu served notice that there will be n: I sympathy shown any attempts t.' j lend mechanical nsslE'.auee to ihvj game. i Thousands o! dollars had been i spent in designing and bulletin; t the "sandvMdge." It had been hcav-! lly advertised and extensively din-; trlbutcd. Thousands had been foid; they were beginning to find the! way into the bags of outstandhv; professionals ami ama'.eurs, Including Norton Smith, who hud t:c3m.' a sort of traveling missionary To. 1 tile device. No doubt thsre was considerable pressure brought, to bear en the U. S. G. A. committee on implements and. the ball, headed by Herbert Jacques, to insure approval of th: wedge, but unless the association \ reverses itself, the club Is UE dr. 11 .' as the feather-stuffed ball of th' 1 early days of St. Andrews. Ant! what is more important, tlnkercr? with golfing paraphernalia \vill t. 1 warned that their efforts, unl?s- nnnsually sound, will be wasted. * » • While it was at it. ths committee likewise put its outlaw stamp on two putters—oni 1 a mallet head and the other' involving a hint^e which produced a pendulum swin? without the necessity of the ( CloMup cf the Samlwedgc (iiisd) \ and how it's usnl. tor haying to maintain absolute control of both u-rists and elbows. From England came a slell-shaft- ed club with spiral steal sprinssj under the grip. Down went the U : S. G. A. hammer and back t: ; Britain went the contrivance. Few of the general run of colt- ers realize that the nssDciatior. i: . constantly at work experiment:!'.;; with a constantly-mourning number of Inventions which are th. products of the ingenious minds o; this country and Kurope. Whin the game, w'as little known, players on this side of the Atlantic were |wr- fectly .content to use the clubs which the pioneers hid brought with them from abroad, but once . the putting green became a fashionable loafinff place for society both high and lov:. it war, no;. I on 7 before the Yankee propensity for conceiving something that would do the job belter and with less chance for error began to assert itself. The result was a deluge of gadgets, ac- OF AGS SfiLL A LEAOIMS OF HOR-S5S SUCH GREAT HORSES SV WISiNER. BJWED AT THE Blythcville All-Stars Face Wilson-Shawnee Team in Pre-Lim iat Shawncc. j The Earle Cardinals and the Baldwyn, .Miss., quintet, loatlinij independent cage teams in the trl-1 state territory will clash nt Shaw- i nco school on Highway Gl below' Joiner, tonight. i In a preliminary came the Ely- i thevllle All-Stars will play an independent team coniposM ot Wilson mid! Shawnec stars, (ornr.-rly , , coileae players. I rnl;i "S The Rwl Birds ol Earle and the j fivfi have played tlirre games this season with Earle winning two and Baltlwyn one. The Cardinals von last night at Earle by a five point margin In a spirit- Speed Made Don Champion Sympathy In Athletics Will Carey, president cf Madl- ron Square Oarden, was one of the most Interested and at the .same lime most Interesting spectators ol "hs thousands who packed the Gar- i cicn the other lilt-lit for a wi<st!hi£ show. | Carey at a wrestling .show is 2 j fallen copy of Mayor Jimmy Walker o[ New Yurk at a boxing ' Mn:w. Will wiggles In his rc-at with i the 'AK'SiK'i'i, lirnnzecs and grunts! wluMi one o! the Ijig boys i.s put I under heavy pressure. At a boxing j fhrtw, whinever one o! the lads'-' hook.', a n-iotindini! lelt to his o;>- ponfnt'.s jaw, Mayor Jimmy arises .'ame. kind nl training that made Frank Wykcif ; iccord holder in ue 100-yard dash helped tig Don Ocoise, ^.•A-'.j'^iiTAitY .1, ••>.< Iliflr man _ was gelling an u.i 1 shake. Chicago used to t; th: cgiapiiical center ol these clis: antes. : A st-.iinjK-dp along the .old li ! was Ma^cd in St. Louis recently. Rudy l)u*ek, one ol the prinriiMu 1 in thu bout, was harassing the y.h- • er principal, Jim Mi'Millen, in what I was construed by many of the fans | as an uncouth manner. 'JiK- ;wa linen went nt i:. as thsy siy in the I dear old Nation?.! Spirting Club. i : i :a mcs; active way. and in thocc::r;? j ol the playful s'.ni'^io, Uiidy hit .Mac. old boy. with the heels cf his i hands, and plied h3\v ?ib2w:i and knees upon the McMiui'ii itn?.'.criiy. i The Vrowd oddly ani.^h tor>k th" ! notion that fiuuy .u.s slu:4; t ;:ij i Mack. They hcu'i.-u a: Huciy. 'tnr-r: they be^an to t'.n/.v things. As Kudy knocked Jim Jowii. tin 1 works broke loose and latis .Mailed u climb into the rin;;. As ilsty c!imh- ed in Hudy leap.'d Mi u:b'.-i !.:•'. began to trample him. oilier fans began to trample etiier f.'.ns. Pi- L p.'J- in hl.s .scat and smacks his near-I to *' ltl onc section of the world's 'heavyweight wrestling championship, nally the police pried r-H iK'igiiuor Into a couple of com-1 Ooigc placed himself in the hands ot Dean Cromwell, left, Southern n le na Rudy's [;ro«ra't-"i':: ' Californm track coach, who gave Don practice in spiliilinu prior to ci ™ lc(1 hil » to the duv;::; his successful match with Sonncnbcrg. Ciomwell sccoiidrd Gcorse in | : en°OTly O -u a''wr "u'T. ' the title bout. , ... es. uig .it.-. .—— . I Mcst Valuable to r.yr.i I Everett Katz, star Syra:-. j You have seen these people" at I athletic meets. fn sympathy, or ! whatever the psychologists call it. illi?y mic-OMscJoiisly lift a Its witli •ihn high-jumper, 'help the polc- Vaultrr over th? H-foot mark with ' 'a body twist, and e'.ve the hurdlers 'a b:.o.-: as they gu streaking anil : bo'.indiiiif along the cinder paths. "Body English" they call it in pool : parlors lor, pardon us please, Pcck- tlni- IIS. lias .ys the Biiine is pocket billiards), ,tagonist. wrestling in the good old been "ge'ieiallv accEm P -i , ,' hen the shooter «Tl«gles as his'clays used lo occasion more rlote most vchmWe nliver on t" 1 - - ill'totters or pauses on the orink than the ivcll-known nelghborhoo:!. Oran-e m-in-tV of tl,n ,".". i " the side pocket. I gossip. Followers of a wrestler of- : years! Katz u'tiie fa-,lest nbi-r'" 71 „ .. ""« um ? illols - | ten have been known lo become; the team and second hM ; esi Vi-- _Speakm6jilong lines of whole-! very rough when they felt that | er, despite his defensive post. ^'. iV.7^ 1 S'i^'-'Y : ' : '"1-i^'y^!^i^x^-^3' Shawnc« combine exo * T s .\ .'.'i".'ij'S!«!fe|Sf r ^f-j ; ?' i **S i learn is comixwed of pi f'^.^.'.',•'•;:/;;? ..-3:i\?^*p^|^^ repute. : ^Si^SSf 1^^ ept Hint the players of gooJ Hood, Above is "Llndy" Hood, Alabama's ^ u ._.^ | All-Southrrn center. "Llndy" ou;lit coutrements and do-da;ldlcs t! i: ! to tw t;1 " enough to suit the nir:s! a roomful of them is ever discovered by a future race, will set th? archeologists of that day daffy trying to determine their uses. Putters with everything but bi- critical /.cap fan. measuring G fo;t and 5 Inches from the floor. It mas- bo hard to believe, but' the blond center never played on an indoor court or a reinihr team before cycle handles. Irons which may t: *" nmln S to Alabama. A fev,- pick-up used for niblicks. mashle-ulbHciis.! ^ amps uas "- s ' o!c training when mashies and mid-irons, driver | Coacl i Henry Crisp tosk him 'in which cure slices, hooks and insom- cl:ar se. nia, automatic scorekeepers. wrist-' "°? <i wcnt to Nc "' v Orleans with Lone Oak in Win From Gosnell Boys Tli?'boy basketcers of Lone Oak won n victory from Gosnell after :\'hard struggle by the small margin of 4 to 2. The girls teams of the tthools tied, 4 to 4. Richardson wns the star for Loni Oak. HOME THEATRE Tuesday. \Vei)r.;'s<!,iy :ind Thursday Thei-c Is Ao East. There Is No West When Love Conies! tin from Phil Scott, English boxers are llockir.!} to this country; In searcli cf ring riclies. After Scott came Jackie <Kid> Berg anil Lsn Harvey, an'j now comes Johnny Brov.ii. above. British featherweight. If Hrown shows as much as' Berg or H.irr vcy. he may Irouble Uatlalino, Chocolate. La Darba. Shea and other topnotchers' 'anion^ the featherweights. RITZ THEATER Tuesday- Wednesday Thursday It's Human! what WANT when you AM IT There will be an adept Ad-Taker al our end eager and competent to render lielpl'ul gerviee and transmit your desires to the 17,000 daily readers of our Classified Columns . . . people who find our Want Ad Page a Market Place for the things they want... and a Clearing House for th< lets to tame over-swinging clean miss ol the tall remain pc;- ' U;? football team in !D27 and wns mi<it < 11: en for C.V.=n:l . t,l:idl;rgri. sibla to the player who buys them hcnco hls nicknanu-. He is the all and believes the claims of lh; l"!-'"- 1 " 1 " ol thc Southern ciiain- invenjors. i P'^ns. rnrough tbis mass. Jacques and id. A. would suffer - I--- of -re- his committee must wads from yoar,>ige. It is for this reasn tl-it ^\ to year. The task of sortlnj :h? fc-.v | intich i; taken " 'I sane designs from the sccrcs which i The b=st exam pic of [--is is th"! What tre glarinply .ll^al .r.ore ctr-. j period of time expended in d-vel- ' race than not Is thankless, for the run- • oping the new larger, lizhter Ml' : creed - - ' birth of-mine dnflcr, not kim-,n= tint Xct ninnths. bu! yejr^ we d-o' ' blr he is bslng protected, has n= rca- ! ed to a series of "exacting tc-t-' sj ! I"' 1 son to pause In his stampede down . that when the ball was n'c'xed the fairways to shout back a ••ti^n'ri jv.-hich finally was adopted, the U y° u -" S. G. A. was able to rcecm-erd Oftentimes, months will fcj con- i'. to the public as tl;-> b\« '-\\-iU sumeri putting a doubtful clti.-i '.r-.r-i' able. ' thorough tests. Implements whith', E\-en &,gloi;iri's Royal aivl ^nel • -^ at first glance are beyond the pale : ent, most conservative of ceVsrnl ' !!•• • ff •» t9*fl* arc given short shrift, but those en-in? organizations is u'lrb'- "-, *• Ami If %1/t»T the borderline arc accorded every match the severity with which lls ^f\9 1 I* »T JL3 1 is 0 T or when liearts sway ta the throb o'. love? the borderline arc accorded every match the severity with which chance to prove their value. Th; American cont;mpo:trv watcrrs gclf association feels keenly its ro- against intttislon or tlie .sn\ r ''ip'; sponsibtlity In' this mitler. for no boundaries of its wird. For'"Vhl-h implement is submitted (for Inspoc- >'ou. you and you shouid lx> *?&{••. tlon that does not repres;nt n« in- 'ul. vestment of considerable money. ^—— , the amounts sometimes running JOAO PESSO\ Bii?;! ,ITP, Into sacral thousand dollars. Ob- Soa Joco do Cari'v ba«V~ viously, should the committee act without rain for t^o vt -.- 5 '"-•" unfavorably a?a!nst a weapon v.-hlc'r. ford'in :* a nKs-a-v •^-','\'^'\ : 'was later discovered to be within Federal Ir.lervcnto'r' Anten'or Na- thc laws of what U known as or-:varro Iron, the mayor ol that citv thodox jolting pracllcs. the U. S.: who appealed for he'n COURIER With Lupc Velex Lewis Ay res Edward G. Robinson 'siatinc-c-2 ov 10 :iii.l ;• Admission—Matinee & NM^it Xiirhl—G:-!5 ami S:-I5~ 10 and 25c. 15 a!!l i .|0c

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