The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUMfcll NEWS COURIER NEWS COJIPUMENTARV TICKET This Ticket Will Malt J. H. Huffman & Companion Huffman, Aft. —Jo the-; RITZ THEATER —to M*~ "TEST MIOT" , Social Calendar THORSDAY'S EVENT.S Business Girls', Circle meeting .•with Mrs. Hugh Harbtrt, 8:00 o'clock. .United Dniigliter's of Confederacy irpUiif! at Woman's club, 2:30 o'clock. Hfrs. Roscce Craflon having Thursday Afternoon club. Thursday Luncheon club meeting nitli Mrs. B. P. Klrslmc-r. •Mrs. W. L. Ilorner entertaining MM Week Bridge club. 'Thursday Contract club meeting with Mrs. G. G. Gaudlll. Yomig Woman's Missionary society of First Church of Nnzarene, irjecUng with Mrs. Noble McCullar, 7:30,o'clock. Woman's Foreign Missionary society, First Church of Nazarcnc, rneeling at church, 2:30'o'clock. :Buslrws3 Women's Circle, Flist Bjjptlst church, niBStihg at clrmcri, 7 30 o clock I'lUDAY'S EVENTS Staled meeting nt O E S at hull FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia 1 —:——— • «pji.t?)8ir*iCAURiri«,iNc. I,M M-'. v t m.rn." ' J Bils of News Mostly Pcrional WEDNESDAY, MAY ii, 1'Jilii Ing to the east, Mr, Bccman plane to vhll his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. B, Eccraan Jn Belzoni, Miss. Dr. A. Weft, \vho is quite 111 rlt the BlylliDvlllc hospital, Is unini- provcd today. Steele-Cooter Society—Personal JlilVC KpUJliull Jimmie Burns, of Parsons, Tcnn,' Jtr - nml Mls - Charlie Wnsslcr spent Sunday here with his par-' v ' crc llosls lo ;! family reunion cnl.s, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burns. I <iiim( ' 1 ' at- tiieir cotuitr, home at Mis;: Mary HopXIns is In Mew- Oa!l Hicigc Sinxlay when they had phis tocliiy Iniyhif for the lien ^" f! ll[>sl ' ; - This was the first tlnm Franklin store.' i dial Hie entire family had been Mrs. Eutj CJiites, wiio has been ('' J ' c " 101 ' '" s0 " 1 * "" lo - Mrs - rtmlc seriously ill r,l jicr home, Is some 1 i ' i/ ' vcl; ' mothpf of NIC Wagstcrs, was better today. hosier ; Mrs. Walter rtecnlhal ictunrd ; yesterday afternoon from St. Louli ,, , „ i where she went Siuxlnv She Inn I ilSp|llt ' 11 ' <Un»ov guests Sunday Mrs. •• (oral np with Mrs ClaudeKliip '• M " schc " I1:lmra illl(1 children, Mrs. '. Mrs. C. K. Coullci' and daughter V" v 'v 'f wis nnc! chn<ll ' c " ftml Ml ' s ,'Mitti Doninc, Mrs. King mid Miss \ |' ,„, "" ""- 1 < ;llll<lt '" 1 - Cciiller win i-fitm, tonight, while' , 8 I'm vis of Parma Mrt,,CouHc, v,ill remain Uwft ..| ^Mr and ^"^Boyies ,,r Memphis were guest;; of Mr. iiu.-l Mrs. Jess Little Saturday. Mrs. D^n Portis Jr. and daughter, IMtty Unimetlc. of l.epanto. Aik., Mr. and Mrs. U. I'. Howard had ; for llir rest of the week. ! Mrs. C. W. AiTIIck nnd inolher, Mrs. T. H. plcmmow, of char- .ottc, N. C.. lire spending lodav In Mornr'nti. Mr. littian Department, of v/orijn's! "A\v, this is—ugh!—easy! I could tlo it with just one hand, ' ' ;3o o'clock at clubj but I doii'l waiita develop one—uli!—ui'm niore'n the club. meeting hotite. Frm ood Convl"rs nEsoclatipn meeting witn Mrs Ncill Heed, 2:30, f^ . ol r , Mr l. E1( ™-, w - I P b - v ^ oclocl, "" "" " Fuse'ian Sunday school class I Icrday afternoon when she. cntcr- .<• tnincil members of the Tuesday t VU.V. iak* vjulfulkj oviluuj k,UL3-l III I L^ . . , . . , 7 First Baptist church mcctini; 3:Ool Brid 'f cllll) nt , hcr llomr owiwi: with Mrs. Boy Hc ad : *" i"™^* 1 "! "^l 1 * ne which flowers. Rcscbuds were used in thc center ot the small tables arranged in Die living room where lunch was scrvitl. In tlic bridge games which fol- '.. A. Isaacs was high Leon Smith, second Aft. Gucsfs of Kennelt Couiictl Nirjetec!! members of the Woman's Council of the First Chris-j, '",' tian 6hlrrch were In Kennett y«-''.,,, ferdiy as thc luncheon guests of , j , ' the Council of tlic First Cliustian b attended tiic Clusters of snapdragons, roses and sweet Williams decorated the tcrday afternoon when nil Die mcm- „ hers of the Youny Matron's Bridge T MA i -,< ,„ - ' * club "([ended an afternoon party' J Norrh Moon, Mbj> LeUa Beck, given there MA ^r ° ,, GC ^ r , m , MrS> B N 'l Mrs. Doyle Ilcmlerson held high rWl w J J" tzsl ^ uns Mrs-Uccre during the aftmnoon and wl Charles Wood Mrs John c Me- i presented lingerie, folloA-iuc which Hancy, M^s George W BMham,: thd,Jiosta 5 served n .-.alati plate Mrs CJeorgc W Patterson, Mrs. I • E if. Terry. : '»•*•• r* >•'<-*>' Marriage Licenses Have-Snpper Club. - — Mr.. and. Mrs. Harry W. Haiac; slx co »l l![ ' s have, applied for mai-- ehtertairiW meinbers of (lie Tues- r ' !IBC licenses at thc Blythcvillc of- da'y.i night supjwr clnb at their ? !( -' e of "'C county court, clerk dur- r T P T ' L-. /U)!:i5.son nf her;, attended Missionary Society at Armorcl Sunday jflemoon. Mrs. Peiry Lee IJeherls anil ch clrrn. I.UWITIICD Estcile. visiting relative 1 ; in Qullln, Mo. Mrs. Mns-s Moore, and children of Ulythci'lllc arc \'isiting Mrs. Ci. C. Hughes am) Mrs. 7-Tnnk Moore this vtck. niul Mrs. Charles Crigger and .Mr. ,ind Mrs. Bernard aonch were In Meinphh last night for the Cotton -carnival. Mrs. Eddie Rogeiiold. Mrs. Tom I Fliilllj); and iiuithrV, Airs. O. E Moore, arc ^i:eiidlii(; today iii Wilson »;i tlic ciiests of Mri. liicnrc's dniightc-r, Mrs. Rulpli Roblnwin Carolyn Child, ciaughlei- of Dr and Mrs. Kred Child, is recovering from bronchial pnninnbiiin 1 nffli- hnvini! been ill three weeks, •"• / U. S. Braiuon and Charles ''a Lemon:; left today for to attcnt! the nnimal feience of the notary clubs io l;c held there lntlay mid tctnorrow.'" Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ooocli »cnl Id Carhii. III., this inorning is 111 at h and Mrs. James liny?) and daughter. Fairy Ann of hjikcsloii spent the first of the week here with Ifielr parents, Air, and Mrs. A. W. Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. K. C. lludgcm and rcn, liudclic, of blttln Rock, spent Jast weekend here with relatives, 'liiey were accompanied home b, r Mr. aiid Mrs. Alex Barkcvltz ot Harbin. China, who have been visiting relatives hoc.''(hey will rrliirn here alter u week's visit there. Mr. nud Mrs, Howard Pendcr re- lumed home over the weekend from St. Louis where ihcv spent livjlr honeymoon. Mrs. I'clma i'lillcn cf Mempliis i 1 ; the i;uest I his week <if her trailicr, A. n. Beckham mid family. 4-H Club News Notes ' Half Moon A meeting of the Half Moon 4-11 Club was hold Monday night with Betiy Decker presiding. There were la members, two leaders, and three visitors present. The group sang "Home on the Range" Jed toy Betty Decker. Joe Porllock gave several selections and Betty Decker and] Marie Ligiurool sang a duct. j Miss Cora Lee Colemsn, countv home demonstration agent, talked about the trip to the Marlanna Experiment Station and D. V. Mal- otli, assistant county agricultural agWil, gave a demonstration on grasshopper and cutworm control. Visitors were Mrs. Mnloch and'two children, Ann anu Frtmcllle. Seoul News Boys Girls At the Hospitals Mrs. Huby Webster was removed from (lie Blythevlllc hospital to her home yesterday in a Cobn am- buiancc. Mary Ann Parks was removed from thc Walls hospital lo her. home today in a ilolt nmbuhincc. ! Mrs. Charles Brogdan was re-1 moved from (lie Blyllievillc hospital to lier home yesterday in a Coub ambulance. Miss Molly Guard was taken lo the BlyUievillc hospital last night in a Holt ambulance. Mrs. w. H. Haynie, of Annorcl, is a patient at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Leon Hill was laken to thc Mom- phis Baptist hospital yesterday. Mrs. Wade Haniru. of Carulli- ersville. hns been admitted lo the Memphis Baptist hospital. Mrs. Claude Odell, «f Luxorn. is a patient at the Memphis Baptist, hospital. Miss Inex Anderson was removed from the Walls hospital to her home yesterday In a Hnnna ambulance. Mrs. 'Ihomas K. Mahan entered Hie Baptist hospital m Memphis yesterday for treatment. She may undergo an operation later. Demonstration Club News Notes Mrs. Jhp inreijns; of thn -cuut lead- fi.s' training course. ainiouii(;e<l for loniglit. hits been pos(|X>ncd mitil tcmoirow night wlien it will be hrld at 7:30 o'clock at the l-'irel Presbylrriiin church. Tlic potato Is a native ol .'-so Aiuerira. Victoria jydiii May O'Kccfc, prcsi- the Victoria Home Demon- stralion club, and two members ol tlic group, Mrs. Lizzie I^ynch and Mrs. Rubye Martin, attended the demonstration given by Miss Gertrude Couant, extension nutritionist in balanced meals and family food supply at tlic Dyesu chili, Dyess T OAK!) OK TilANKH We wish to express our deepest. gratitude to those who helped an:t comforted w, in our sad loss, the death of our beloved children, Hiclmd Bynmi nu;t Patty Jean. Thc kinchics.s and sympathy given us at that lime will never be for- ijoltcn. Henry C. Kennedy. Mable Bynuu Kennedy. In Belgium and Luxemburg, Egyptian locusts are being mnr- keled us pig aiid ikniltry feed. C'AKI) ()!•' TANKS ' We wish to [hank everyone fov Iheir klndilcs:; during Hie short III;s and dcaih of our husband and father. We also wish to thank everyone for the lovely llovvera. Mrs. J. w. Russell Joe Russell Mrs. Linnic Duke ami family Mr. and Mrs. flnel Aslicr and family Mr. anil Mrs. Lois Reid and ramilt' Mr, and Mrs. R. C. Colenuin «nd familv N - Aversion to using Ihelr hands for cf B lylheiille and now cariyiiii! aiiythinlr is so strong niacisfs mate stationed among the native women of Parti- naval dispensary at Ph mniibo. Dutch Cliliaha. that they arrived Iievc vestcrdav for wvcnV cycti put letters on Iheh- heads, days visit with Mr i Billie Turner has reliiine;! io liis . ;i hciue in Marion, ill,, aflcr several phar- i days visit in Cooler with Jinunic in .the.jiccim-e. In Louisiana uloiie, D.OOO.UOO 1'OR HUAlMKIt UKlViNCi? After Winter Uriviiig, ycur ear needs a thcrougli goiiii over to correct' Mttie defects which in thcni- fclvcs are a resiill ol Winter Drivin;:. I-et our expert mechanics «o this job. All work guaranteed. WE TKST YOUK Hfiikt'K, Liirhfs, Ifelleri', Wheel AlignmciU KREK 5lh & Walnut Phone S10 hqrne last niglit Wien Mr. and ms I 1 " 81 - of Ihc W I Hornci were {he only cou l? les * n <* 1'"= official or mlm'sUr • perlorintiisj the ceremony, if listed fol!o\s-S: 'other giiests. G'ai'deh flowers througriout the heusn mid on the small tables added a colorful note to-the affair. Ih the bridge games, Mr. and Mrs Haines JieM h'igh scores among the riicn and women. » * * fins William 1,. E:lwar<!s. of Holland, sin;l Mrs. Christine Later Bond, ol Stccle. by the. Rev. Euplm D. Bcas- !cy; Amos F. Hnssell. of Memphis, and Miss Barbara- Ann Bimw. nf Joiner, by Magistrate T. L. Cnsr,i- day; Joe Chainicll, of Ilqllaml, hud Miss Opal Harder, of Deli, by Rfag- 1sIraI Sul Rno < if T> H, y , "I u C alue Room of , (he Hotel Noble jesterdav afternoon. The Blythc- Cfeene aiut »tr3. F. L. Erigler. Hcor baskets anrl vases of ro;es find larkspur pfuvHlcti the fiotal background for Ihe bridge gam&s al'the conclusion of ^'Wch * Kitad Jilflte was served. firs Arthur Nefieiid, (if Caru- thSHsylllo, wai preseht«d (i rhine- stcne bag for high, score pme, a P'in"hwork , lineii Innclieon set vn.nt to Mrs. Robert "Cunningham, of CanitherVvillc, for second high prire aiid n box of liandmadc hanUkferehiifs to- . Mrs. Charle.s Rltseiy, of Cnnithfrsvllic, for third high pnie. Low Fcore prize, sport fiAnUkTchlefs, fruii to Mrs. Arthur Kroll aiib of Caruthcrsville 4 «- * Tc tine Tea. Mrs. c.. W. .AOllcfc -will eater- tain wjtii a tea tomorrow afternoon m honor of her mother, Mrs. T H Plemrhosis of Charlotte, w. O vno is visiting her. Awt 05- giicsti'luive teen Jn- Mted to the atlmr -which will )>e hcW from four until six o'clock. .%5 nutst Huffman -yV Eurrtetlc ' n " A m ™ Tlielrmi Pear rrlner of niviiinviiin I™ M. arid wit hi Ark. Mrs. Mrs. I-'csrl Hcusun of I'.irly Eight .-.pent the ivet'lc cud Mrs. Johnnie Webb. Mrs. M.itlie. Wliitclmrsl of Louis, arrived fridny to frifiiiL-; iintl relutlvw. Dr. P.obcrl Kny of En-le. was the Riiest of Mr. and Ki'K Mtij'hcs Siuidny. Mr.s. W. M. Crmvu ami Mr: 25,000 Itolls of Mcst coinpletc liiio of Points and Wallpapei in M. E. Art lUytllcvillc Paint & V/nllnapL-r Co. (Uljtlicvillc Owned s- OpcratcOl r.loucoii Uli3j. Phono S5D w me a cigarette , «MORE PLEASURE''^ ' < &-• T| •* >y> * , , , ?^>^ Tonight's The Night! TUB LsTTLK TIIEADH-; PJ.A.YU 'KESBNT HILARIOUS TIJREK-ACT COBIEUY AT TUB City Hall Auditorium ( rta fun slarls at 8 o'clock AdjBJf5»iiM1 .,. because Chesterfield iiitjredietus -are thc best a cigarette can have .., mild ripe homegrown tobaccos . . . aromatic Turkish tobaccos .., aged for 2!/^ years.. .pure fc-steless cigarette paper .., and a Umd that can't be ... thtifttgive mu MORE PLEASURE •m <^ **^ t/ than any cigarette you ever smoked Everythirig for your enter taintnent and comfort. Admission Matine* 10c & 2Gc Admission Ni£hl 10o 4 36c Watch Society Page Of Courier News For Free Show Guests s -Thur.-Fri. THRILLS WITHOUT END! The greatest romantic triumph of three ijreat stars! Also rarumcnml News Ailmissloii Maliucc IDc & 2(ii; Aiintissiou ^'ight i6c & Stic .SDCII: his. .si.iciiir <;,\SK or itj 'S 8TI1 H'FI'i: EOXY AdmiKlon always lOc A i!6e Sfafmcts Sal. & Sunday Night sboiis—}h>.\ Office Open 7:01) p.m. Shows start 7:15 p.m. , - Wed. - Thur, PAL NIGHTS! nl J WWW Also selected shorts

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