The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1949
Page 2
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PAGUiTWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MAY T, 1949 TH| NATION TODAY House Members Bat Labor Bills Around Until Taxpayers Add One Plus One and Get Nothing By James Marlow WASHINGTON, May 1. (/Tj-Lct's get confused together. Just «*d this. There was plenty o( confusion in the galleries this week wlien Congress sculfled with the labor bill. This slory will spread the contusion. House members can Increasing Use of Diesels for Locomotive Power Sends Out-Moded Iron Horses to Railroads' Junkyards in U.S. All the _.. sitting there, doing business us the House. Nobody leaves. They're all still there but— Suddenly thfi House members decide they'll slop doing business as the House and start doing business as the Committee of the Whole. Why? Because, under the House rules, they can do business faster as the Committee of the Whole than ijicy can as the House. But when they get through doing business as the Committee of the Whole they have to start doing business as the Houic again. And whatever they approve while they're the Committee of the Whole they have to re-approve when they become the House again, or it doesn't count. One I'lus One Kquals Nothing If you're not well boxecl-up at tills point ,just wall till we get on with this story about what happened to the labor bill. There were really two labor bills one offered by Rep. l.esinski, Michigan Democrat, and the other oltrned bv Rep. Wood, Georgia Democrat, 'president Truman, his lieutenant and organized lauor wanted the Lc sinskt bill passed It would Vrnvi wiped out the Tall-Hartley act They were against the Wood bil which would have kept nuicl o( T-H. Last week the House—as Ih House—decided to consider the Lc slnski bill. But then to save Urn It turned itself into the Conunittc of the Whole. Then this happened 1. The enemies of the Lesinsk bill offered the Wood bill as an amendment, to the l.esinski bill. If It were adopted, the Lesinski bill would have kept Hie name Lesinski but it really would have l>ccn the Wood'bill. "Because the Wood bill would have changed the Lesinski bill entirely. 1. After days ol argument, while acting as the Committee of the Whole, the House adopted Ihe Wood amendment to the Lesinskt bill, thus wiping out the Lesinski bill. Amendment Is Adopter! 3. Then the House ceased behiR He Wood bill, but on whether the •hole business should be sent b*ck > the Labor Committee. The vote 'as 212 (o 209 for sending It back to he Labor Committee This wns B victory tor the Tm- nanltes because by sending the bill ack to Ihe Labor Committee the louse voted not to let itself vote m passage of the Lesinski bill an mended. What the House really did was inocV Itself out of any labor bill at all. Movers Urge Housing 1948 at 1:30 p m. This meeting Is being held for the purpose of making an annual financial report to the people, a report ol all activities carried on during the past year, and to elect officcis and board members who will direct the operation of Ihe chapter during the next twelve months. Every person In the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County who has contributed one dollar or more in the past twelve month* Is a member and each one is urged to attend and vote. GEORGE M. LEE Chapter Chairman •ACKS'SNOtf TAKININ. if The 111 littlnj, loose oxford thai does jiot "hll£ the ankle" Is made snug and comfortable here. Finest work at reasonable cost. H-flLTCRS QUHLITY SHOe SHOP RENTACAR Drive Anjwliere you I'lcase Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 END OF THE LINK for Ihe <o*l-burner> i« an Iron Horse graveyard like bones of steam locumnlives for scriip anil sp.ire WASHINGTON. May ' t/Pl—Tbr United States Conference of Mayors told conerau yesterday that public low-rent housing "Is Ihe only means of orovldlnc decent housing for our low-Income families." Mayor Thomas D'Alesnndro. Jr.. of Baltimore filed with the House Ranking Committee a conference- statement endorsing the administration housing bill Tills measure calls for slum clearance, comtruc- tion of low-rent housing and farm housing aids. In a s^oarate statement. Mayr William O'Dwyer of New York told the committee: "Without the federal aid provld d by the housing bill, there is little lope of clearing the slums and irovidine homes for low-income elerans in any of our major cities Hie cosily Job cannot be done by private builders at present cost?." O'Dwyer said New York City 'desperately needs the [cderal aid' f Miat city "is to make any rea leadway In solving its hou.sln 1 problem." His statement was read :>y T. P. Pun ell. chairman of th New York City Housing Authority. By NEA Service CONWAY, Pa.. - (NEA) -They got another dkv»el on tin- Salt Luke line, and like Casey Jones, the Iron ciie I- heading lor the graveyard. Big eight-wheelers 'lite the one> rode to fame and death) ad others on the more recent ros- of steam locomotives (Pacillcs, Mik'idos. Consolidations. Mountains and Mallets) are puffing Into yards all ovci the country to find a scrap lean at the end of the line. On nearly every railroad, as the dlcsel locomotives take over, tlie coal-burners are doomed Few new i arc being built. But the Iron Hoire still is useful; Its bone.s make op-grade scrap for steel mill (ur- nacu. In ComMiy, n rnilronti town on the banks ol Die Ohio 20 miles from Pitlsbvirgli. the Pennsylvania Railroad has ils own graveyard. In it 18 locomotives are choirned up ever, month. The Pennsy retired a tola of 565 steam engines last year, many being sold outright K> scrap yards n* npainst only 244 In 1B« and har the committee of the whole and became the House again. So then the House had to vole nil over agair on what It rind just approved while it was the committee of the whole «. So the question was: Shouli th« House adopt the Wood amend ment which It line! just ndoptei •while' it »'n sthe committee of th •»-r|ole? It did. by a vote of 217 t 203. This was a bad setback to the Trumanltes. 5.,-This wasn't all. The House a the House hart only passed the Woo amendment to the Les1'"''l '' Now the Question was: Should pass Hie LeslpsH bill ns amended? 6. Howya doing? 1. Just at that point—before the House could vote on the Leslnski bill us amended—this would have been Ihe final vote—Rep. Mnrcsnlonio of New York, only member of the American Labor Party In Concrrss. got up. He asked that the House be furnished with nn "engrossed copy" of the bill before the final \ot«. Whole Mess Goes to Committee Since the government printer must work hours to get out an "en- grosser! copy" of a hill, and it was already 7 p.m., the House milt ii"H1 the -next day without taking the final vote on the Lesinski bill as j amended. 8. Came the next day. The House had the "engrossed" copy. It was ready for the final vote on the Lesinski bill as amended. Nothing could stop that vote except one thing: [f someone stood up and asked lor a vote on sending the bill hack to the House Labqr Committee for further consideration. Rep. Welch, California Republican who didn't like the Wood bill. ?nt up 9. He asked the question. So the House had to vote, not on pn^ap,e of the Lesinski bill as amended by Maurice Maeterlinck, famed Author, Diet dly any in 1946. At Mjrk-na, Pa., on tlie bank-s ol ijanriyu'ir.p Creek, a 103-acre urave- arti Is operated by Lurla Brothers, ne o! ilie biggest commercial scrap tcalcrs Two hundred and fitly steam engines were scrapped there n )9«. To build an Iron Horse Irani blueprint up takes more tlmn 80000 man-hours It can be bioken up in about elyht hours. Siiperr.triictures are cut away itli acetylene torches. Then the boilers are stripped ot sheet Iron and asbestos and fed Into 105-ton nll!?atnj shears, and the undcrtramc is -.tit loose. Chopped Into fragme: ts, what's left of the Iron Horse is Kxidud by masnct to be hauler! awav to steel mills. Tlie locomotive graveyards go the .slaughterhouse one better. 'Ilicy use even the whistles; along with other trimmings, like the bells, sauses valvrs, rods, brake-parts, and othe 1 still-'isetul Items, they're saved for use as ?ppre parts for steam engines that still survive. this cine at Conway, 1'a., where the Pennsylvania Railroad picks over the parts. They scrap 18 a month at this yard alone. r"""~" ~ '••—-•— • BIG KIGH'i'-WHKKI.KU (wlilch Is the way song describes Casey Janes engine) Is almost all gone except for the wheels. "Glue factor}-" for the Iron Horse is. a slecl null furnace. E\en some of the bones that go to the mills iis scrap eventually find the.r way back to Ihe high iron as tangible ghosts of Casey Jones. PARIS, May 1. IIP]— Count Manric Maeterlinck, famed Belgian mitnnr of "The Blue Bird" and other works, died In Nice yesterday, the French Prc-ss Agency reported. He wns BS. Maeterlinck's works are noted for their fanciful beauty. Among the most famous are "Pelleas ct Mcll- sande." made inlo an opera by Ihe French comrxwer Cloudp Debussy: "The Blue Bird." "The Life of Ihe Ant" and "The Lile of Ihe Bee." Maeterlinck was awarded the Nobel Prire lor literature in 1911. Most of his later years were spent on the French Rlvicrn, but when the Germans moved on Pari.s in 1940 Maeterlinck fled to the United Stales with his wife. Telephone Union Votes | To Affiliate with CIO WASHINGTON, May 7 WV-The Communication* Workers of America, biggest union In Ihc telephone Industry, have voted two to one to Join the CIO. President Joseph A. Belrne announced yesterday the referendum taken In towns, hamlets and cities across the nation In the past 60 days had resulted in 11.312 votes for affiliating with the CIO. Another 34,419 workers voted to retain an independent union. The union represents 230.000 telephone workers and claims a membership of approximately 170.000 in Its 33 divisions. Beirnc told a news conference that the CWA will apply for a CIO charter within the next few days. Ftod Courier News Want Ads. 'Voice' and BBC Merge to Battle Soviet 'Jamming' WASHINGTON. May 7. I>T)—The United Stales "Voice of America" mid the British Broadcasting Company Joined forces yesterday tor an all-out effort to reach Russian radio listeners despite Soviet "Jamming." The State Department announced tha t beginning tomorrow t'ne Voice and Ihe BBC will use a total of 61 transmitters twice daily. The hope is that some can set through the screen of Soviet interference. For approximately >wo weeks, Russian transmitters have been Jamming "Voice" program? to the Soviet Union. They also have been interfering with the BBC broadcasts. American officials said a recent check showed 60 Russian transmitters a rebeing used now in Ihe campaign. The State Department had protesled to Moscow and also to United Nations broadcasting regulations agency at Geneva. 33 Arkansas Employes Of VA to Be Dismissed LITTLE ROCK. May 1 i.'TV-Abou 33 Veterans Administration worker In Arkansas will be laid off ncx month. James A. Winn. manager of th VA regional office here, said yesterday the reduction had been ordered' by the Vetrrnns Arminist- ralion to meet reductions In the agency's budget tor next year. Wlnn said contact offices will be closed In Arkaclelphla, itot Springs, Helena. Fayctleville and Russellvllle. Only downtown offices at Hoi Air Force Plans Expansion of Air Reserve Training WASHINGTON. May 1. itP>— The Air Force announced yesterday an expanded training program for Air Force reserve officers and men. It. will provide training for more than I35,o:o reservists and offer inactive and active duty training pay to more than 75.030 of them. At present, only about 42.000 reservists are receiving training, with nly 25.000 drawing pay. "The air strength of the nation <vil! bo incre:<fled ns a result of the new training programs." said an nnouncement from Oen. Hoyt 5. Vandenberg, air chief of staff. The plan was set up by Lt. Gen. Elwood R. fPele) Quesarla. who was railed from his command of the Tactical Air Command to organize the reserve project. Tlie reservists will be trained at more thnii 70 regular Air Force bases and at 23 other localities to be dfsipnaterl a.s reserve training centers. Two of them will he newly activated locations. Eighteen otlirr reserve training centers will he discontinued under the new plan. The program was worked out under instructions from President Truman to make full use of civilian reserve components. Caruthersvilh Boy Finds Jewels Valued at $9,000 Ih Brief Case in Street Robert Randolph of Carulhers- ville. Mo., student at the University of Missouri in Columbia, recently found a brief case in the street near the Kappa Gamma Sorority house. Investigation disclosed that the .brief case contained a jewelry salesman's samples value dat £9,000. Two hours later. James Swack- hamcr of Dallas, Tex., the salesman, ended a two-hour franlic search j for his samples. He had left the brief case in the street while load- ng his car after showing Ihe samples nt the sorority house. Robert, who Is Ihc son of Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Randolph of Caruthersville. reported finding the jewels and then locked them in the tnmk of his automobile for srt fekeei'.ing until they could be claimed by the owner They re turned into steel plates, rods and castings used in making —niuonj? other things—the diesel engines tha^ are sending the Iron (.0 the graveyard. state, or any other stnte. relative to the sale ol alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on the 1st da; of July. 1949 and to expire on the 30 days of June, i950. Roy Smith Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6th day of May 1SM9. Mrs. Marshall Blackard Notary Public My Commission expires: 3 9!S3. 5-7-49 Springs and Faycttcvllle will be effected by the order. The VA maintain offices at the Vclerans Hospital at Payettevllle and at the Army and Nnvy Hospital at Hot Springs. Thrst two will remain open, he said. NOTICE N ;ir.l Is hereby <Mvnn that nmiersisncd lias filed with Commissioner of Revenues of NOTICE OF RED CROSS ANNUAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Chlckasawba District Chapter of the American. Red Cross will be helrl in the court room of the court house in Blythc- ville, Arkansas on Tuesday May 10 The SKCKE'l of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescription Service rlothrocK Drug Co. PHONE 4451 No more sleepless nights when you have a CoolairFan! FHA terms. Ask for installation estimate. NOW! BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. V. H. (Vase J. Wilson Henry South Highway Gl I'lione 2434 Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The ideal way to remember sppci^j occasions. Also other types of cameras for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3(547 First Baptist Churc REVIVAL MAY 8-15 Sta'c n! Arkansas for permit, to sell am. di>uense beer at retail on ihej premises described as South. Hiway' 61, niythevillc, Mi?sissiopi Counts Tii« undersigned states that he Li a citizen ol Arkansas, of gooil moral character, that he has never, been conviclcd of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: that no license to sell beer by the imdPi.-igneti has been revolted within liv» years lust past; und'lhar [lie uncieisiKiied has nevci been con I victed oi violating Ihe laws ol this 'Christ Is the Answer' SERVICE Twice Daily 7:25-7:55 a. m. 7:30 p. m. SUNDAY SCHOOL At NiglU and JUNIOR CHOIR 7:00 p. m. I DR. R. E. NAYI.OR, Paslot 1 first Biptlsl Church, Columbia, S.C. FRED HF.CKKR Director of MuMc MOTHER'S DAY AND FAMILY DAY SUNDAY S*rmnn; "Vnur Home and God* S«nd»7 School 9:40 a.m. Training Union 9:50 p.m. GOAL 750 Wanhfp 7:36 p m. THE SECRET OF A BRIGHTER, CLEANER WASH DO 4% HOME LOANS telbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Suciety Phone 6228 Evenings Electronic fn/oy the Summer Svn Under 2L/ Send your clnlhcs lo Hie Blylheville Laundry and they'll come hack lo you cleaner, brighter lh;in ever before. Bill that's no! all. Votii clolhe* will last longer because they're treated carefully, gently ... an important consideration today when it's so expensive lo replace them. Next lime call lilytheville Laundry and you'll discover what we mean by rcallj "good laundry tcrvice." Blytheville Laundry & Cleaners Phone 4418 Squeeze every bit of pleasure from the glorious hours of summer . . . Cool comfort • no 1 protection for you — gay colors to enhance ihc beauty of your home. For windows, doors, porches — make Cani'iis Aiming! your ally in making home » better place to slay in. I-ct us tell you about the many styles and patterns. F*lionc 115 toilay. No obligation. Carney Awning Co. 113 So. 1st Phone 279 PIANO TUNING Havp yaur niano tuned the perfect way. Radio Repair We spare no etlort In providing an EXTRA everyday prescription iervice which meant extra convenience to you Feel tree to can on us at any lime Prompt den-cry service Phone 507 WOODS DRUG STORE AM-FM-Tclevision Every Joli Guaranteed Shc»t Music — Radios - Keconis — Everything !n Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Tel. 81 1 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIM OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3I5I GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Refrigerators lousehoid — Commercial 9 Air Cnndiliiming • Radios—Record Player* * * * 9 \Vashers • (!as Engines We Pick Up & Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. !f)G-i08 W. Ma'" riirmc 2m Constant growth of our business has made it necessary to increase our telephone facilities. This necessitated^ changing our numhcr. Our telephone number is Think of An Apple 812 / at* one too.' El-TKCTIVE APRIL 12, I'.UO UNITED INSURANt E AGENCY "The Friendly Insurance Service" First & Main — Ingrain Uuilding We Insure Everything WE Make All Type LOANS

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