The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE BLYTI1J3VILLB, (ARK.)'. COUlllEU NEWS THE'BJ/n'HEVJLLB COUHJEK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLIBHERB ' 0. II, DABCOOK, Editor H. W. HAINES. Advertising Manager Bole Nalloial Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., Now York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas. Kansas Clly, Memphis Published Kvery Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at tho post oftlco at Blyllicvllte, Arkansas, under »et of Congress, October 9. 1917. Bcrvcu 01 tno united Press SUBSCRIPTION HATCH By carrier Iti tlio Clly ol Illytlievlllo, 15o p«r wwk, or fC.50 per year. In advance. By mat!, wltlitii u radius of 60 roUca, 13.00 per year, $150 (or six months, 75c for Uireo nionUis; Ly uinli In postal zones two to six. Inclusive, |G.50 per year; In zones seven and eight, |10.00 per year, payablo In advance. End T/i/.s Danger The United Sl:ites tjovcM-hnicnl, nil- dor tin 1 Wilson-Overtoil lloo:l control net, stands ready to spend altoiil $10,000,000 to HJVC tin; SI. Kranois biislu effective tnul penniinoul protci'fion against Hoods. It j-ciiiiin':.s only 11ml tlio locidilios idiieh will ln!iiplil fnr- ni.sli ritflil.s > of wiiy for levees and flood wnys. 'i'lic protfnini ciilln /or Hit; expenditure of inoni thitn §2,()l)0,00(l on UUIe River, diielly in ;md for the bonrlil ol' Mississippi county. It oiills Cor tlie wkloni))},' ol' tho l!i(r Lalio-Utllc River floodwiiy, lo permit a more rapid rtui- cll' ol' Hood wnloffi, mid for (he rebuilding of lovcos lo a ui'iidu an;! section Dial will all'oi-il nhsoliitc protection against any conceivable Hood. The only obslitelo to an Piirly start on this work is tlio necessity of pro- vidii)}; rights of way. Drainujjc Bis- trii;t 17 already owns; a considiTabli; part of Ilir; land Unit will be required and i.s ready to relinquish it for Ihe .purpose witboiit (jdinjionsiition. But' careful estimates indicate Hint it will rajuiro a cash outlay of from $185,0110 to 5200,000 to iiaiuin: the additional land that is needed. The present state of the weather is not such as to emjriiiisizu lliu need of flood control. Most of us arc wishing for more water, not less. Hut dry as it tiiay be today nothinjj is more certain than that within a year or two there will ho lovoc breaks or I limits of levee,-breaks along Kig Lake and Little Hiver, with Uic losses and Ihe -, demoralizing micei'tHinly -\hi\\. always accompany high water I rouble. Scores of tliousands of acres of the linest • land in Mississippi county, stretching all the way from Hig Lake at the north end of the county to Dyoss Colony at the south end, is subject to overflow if the,waters of Little Hivcr gel out of control. We have tlio opportunely now to end for all time the properly losses which result from such overflows, to free Uirsc lands from it lineal which is holding bade their development and retarding (he progress of Ihc entire county. Tlio thing to do is to tackle the job now, not wait for another lloo;i to emphasize its necessity. The amount of money that is required is considerable, but it is small in proportion lo tlm benclHs that will result. It is not a question of whether we can afford the ?200,000 or so thai may be necessary. \V C simply cannot OUT OUR WAY '"SKOSE riTSriHrTT* r^O'vV. 5,0 TKLR \ WON'T BE NO Ml<=,-- ' afford to do so without (he protection thai is ofl'ercd. The hcnclils lo le ob- laincd so' far outweigh the cost (hat there should h« no real dill'iaiHy in wofltiiig out a plan fur raising the necessary money. TUESDAY, Wtin> Going Rucmilion A 10-year survey by the National Kcercatioii Association brings out Ihe important tact that Americans in the last decade have doubted their interest in leisure-lime pursuits. The survey revealed Unit in £i()-l communities tin; trend is del'milely l»- wiird what might he called "rccrea- tion-mindedmws"; Loaches, public golf courses, swimming pools, skating rinks, and similar play spots have doubled and tripled in number; and, at the same time, the standards of these leisure-time programs have gone up. In a word, the milion is burning lo loosen up. lt' K karniiiK Unit play has its place in |he scheme of tilings, All in all, heru's a decidedly healthI'ul trend, Certain to become even mor« pronounced as working hours are gradually reduced. Office of \\d-iy Temporary, withdrawal of Chairman .lames A. Farley froni the office of postmaster general to lie free for tho Democratic campaign certainly raises a vilal question nlmul Llie whole con- duel of the office as a seal of party patronage distribution. Not dial Mr. Farley is jiny more culpable than any of his Kcpiiblicnn predecessors. Hut Ihe criticism is of the sort of .system that permits a cabinet post to he saddled with the patronage problem. Here is a custom highly inimical | () civil service and utterly unethical on any ({rounds. To realize thai fact, one lias but lo recall I lie unsavory gossip that has trailed the department in recent years because of its patronage connections. So, if \ V(! nnist |, 1IV( , a central patronage bursary, lot's have one and call it just that. Hut lot's locate il a long way from lh u office of postmaster general. I have reached Ihe aye of wisdom, when « ivoniiiii Is no more than B hemuiful seUiiis for the emerald «L her throat. —Jjlr Ciny Standing, movie nclor. * * t The people today are just »s religions MS ever, but thi-y don't go to church. U can't Ix: helped, bul It k I,,,,-,! 011 t | 1( . professional clergy. —Very HIT. \v. p. | ng c, London's "glocniy dciui." * * « Young people have fur more liberty Unlay tlum they used lo luivc, but there is no ni-crt to go to the devil just because you have a latchkey. -Dr. John W. Maclvor, St. Louis churchman, * * t Evidence o[ rcnl fanner co-opcrntion is found In the fact that. Hi,500 arc co-operating actively in the erosion control proai'iim in revamping (heir farm layouts. —H. It. Banned, chief of the U. S. Soil Conservation Service. By William / •' ./ ^, &J . \VON ; 7 BE NO (JiMDE TH' ^ 5. "THAT IS K>£5 TH CCW00VIN 1 ' - '~<-\ AW TH 1 OTHERS PITCH HAV. J-3 f J- -~ s O<- AH'LLBE M,:PPv ALL DEV DAY, VVi 'M r ISE FlTCHIM' TONS ;J H<W, CA7F AH GOT NO CHANCE OB RIDW 0/M A HOMY FAR-AWAY SIDE GLA1VGES By George Clark 'Oh, lie woii'l hurl ynu. lk> never bites anyone unless he sees they're iifraitl of him." CURIOUS WORLD I William Ferguson O+RISTOPHeR, COJDMBUS. [WHO CLAIMED l"ii TO BE 11 F' FROM '' <3efMO/=\, ITALY ' .<OULD NOT' SPEAK / WERE ARE MORJE.THAN, i'; 'SEPARATE I PARTS -., v •" ^ IN A': " *'•"• PIANO. LAND TRAVELS AT A • SPEED OF ABOUT A MONTH. THE 16,000 or more parts nf n piano lire made up of nbbcr, felt. Icuthrr, strel wire, ivory, painls, varnish; Inc. All of these unrelated items must be correlated hero contraction nnd expansion amounts to less lliar housandths of an inch. NKXT: Who MlablMicrt !he fa c ( dial comets (ravel licfiiiilc mirscs'.' wood. Icail to a one iron, !.IMt point two- iu:(ii.v Mian: TODAV (-1,11111: riivmoi »(.(, „„, ,„ llll,,- lo (111. I, ..... |, ,u,,,,,,,,,|,, |,,,,,, L . Irfl lii-r l>v 1,,-r rci-fii i, I.- ,,„.,!,. l.VJJAX 1-lisiJK l(. C|,,| ri . |» "V '-' Iliu III iliTJ,!,. i>Ju-tlii'r (,, jnnrrr MCK ii.Mfii, <i, i, ..... ,, »],,. ;,„.,.£ lllr,ij|.j. Mil- tiUo I,IIII,, H | l( || IIL | (l vnliuililr ..... I IMISI, r!,,u, J,., v ,.| • iMnril li.i IIIT iiwrlr jj,,,| J,£.n«.i«'(l to I,,. I,IJ,|,,,, ]„ ||,,. I,, 11K ,.. llrr rnr /« ivtrrkril I,, u IOL- II,,- num. IMT 1IAC\\, '' . , flu «KI (rjrmj, [irnl lto;i .S'rj'l-;i,i;. >(>IIUK i'iiElnri>r. iirrlvr ou Ih.- MTU,- iiinl ml,,, riiiln. lo II,,. Ill" II II I II I II lunik,. ulirr,. nil M'll.flT !m,l !,)» Kl»(,-r. SfSII), i"i'.","' "'"'"'I*'''* »ml IMS ll.VI.- I.AS In Clu' lilri'l) iiiiin. A hlrmiKi; 'j(i'rh-» nf evciilL lu-- J!l»». 'Mir IIIIII>|II|,I K |« .i,,,,. ( lain- fci<r> » |.|irl,iii» nrrnw ,'iirvi'c! " ..... r nail uf „ l,,.,|r,,i,i,i „„.! folium II In ll ir !•„, ....... Tliire Jin- liiniLi In IIIT Iiiiuil lx slitiUi'rk'il I/I- a niil^-l,',, rjullrl. IM .s^irnll illmiligiriiri, Hull M.un (or tin, vtl- ''"" 1 '* '""'"' "' rl "" Kl> ' '", nrrlii'K, l'n(, (r>ln K I,, »„!,,. 111-.- uijM.Tlci,, IVIIIM|,TS hid, „ ilmrrtril inriu- hliiiri ulifrr l,i- 1^ ntliirlii-,! |J) in, II,:,,;,!, .,,,|,,,,,<.,,l run! fnll». I lul/v niriln ...... «fsll K n(c ..... «'•>! i-i'llnr. SI,,- l,rnr» n „,>!.<. . lirrlir.s /mil lli|. iK STOHV CI1APTER XI AS thoiisli Claire's try had Iw-miKlit liim back from a very lotif! d.sliince, Pat's eyes llufterecl open. Susie ran to gel water which' lie drank eagerly. In a s | 1Jr i || mo | 1O wns able lo make il up Uic slops, with Dan Dallas' slrong arm to lielp. As (hey came out into tho open air, a sharp peal of Iliundor roared about lliem, and splashes of rain fell. Once more in Ihc sheller of the house, Pat rapidly recovered. "You can't down an Irishman v.'illioul a flfilil," ho toW Claire When lie finished reciting all that! had happened to him, D.'in Dallas had uccn lislenini! <loscly, Now lie leaned forward. "Then this guy who pushed yon down (lie shaft evidently followed to make sia-c you wore dead llo must be the one who shot at Miss Fosdiek's lamp." Pal jerked around in astonishment. "Yon were there, Claire?" "I heard you lapping, Pal— the same sound ihal roused me up in Undo Lymnn's room dial night. I.utcr I heard il again in Ihe li- brnry;" "Bill I was.sHll in circulation thiU night you went up 1 0 u lo cupola," Pat reminded her. "And so was Eb," added Dallas. "Rut since that side of Ihe house seems (lie one where the noise is always heard, (here must !;Q some conncctionlbclwcen it and lilt cfll&r." Susie glanced al Dan with a new expression in her eyes. Then she said, 'U lolcl Eb 1 kept hearing queer. things at night, but he, only laughed at me. Said I had notions." "You sure dial's wlial lie said, Susie?" criltcd Dan Dallas. Ho suddenly rose from his chair and slalked over lo her, "Why Dan—" she began with a coquettish giggle. "Why, D:in, how rough you arc all or a sudden!" • * • t ]?OP. answer Dallas stretched out liis hand, showing her Ihe official badge ho held. "Yes, Susie maybe I am rough. Tljol's inj- business, When your l>roilier found dial someone liad been chipping at the slonc /omidfllioii of Iho house—you know you found it when your clolhes blew off the line—he got Uic law to slep in. Vigurcd things liad got out of his control. Now you'd belter come Jin-ass with wlial you know, or—" A blinding Hash of lightning cr.ickled through the room, followed almost simultaneously by a deafening clash of Ihunder. Then from onlside, came another terrific, tearing noise. Everyone rushed to Ihe window, jusl as the grenf twin-lopped pine tree swayed violcndy once or twice then loppled lo Ihc ground with a roar like a lilanie shriek of despair. For a slunnett second no one moved or s|>okc. Then a voice broke in from Ihe doorway. "There! I saw him coming in the library window!" Hob Steele swayed weakly and clutched the door for .support "Bob!" Pat ran lo his side and eased him inlo a chair. Dim Dallas diet not waif, but snatched his gun from his pocket and ran along the hall and threw open f?ie library door. Tlic rest followed. The room was empty, but Ihc window was wide open' Jelling in a blast of wind-driven' rain which liad created havoc in the usually immaculate room. * * « gUSIE gave one look al ihe place, then collapsed inlo the nearest ehaiiv "Ob, what would Lyman say if he could sec it now!" she sobbed. "His own room thai lie loved. And I promised always to Keep it as il was." Dan had succeeded in , gelling the window closed. Now lie nnd Pat rushed into the hall to search for Ihe inlrudei-. Claire walked over to Susie and laid a firm band on her shoiildcr. "Susie, tell me, why did Uncle Lyman wnnt (bis room kept so? He must have known thai sometime it would be changed." "He said if il was nnd I disobeyed him, he'd find a way lo punish me. That's why he always left me home." "But why shouldn't he leave you home, Susie?" Claire's grip on the woman's shoulder tightened. For a minute Susie did not answer. , Tl\en she : suddenly broke down. "I was his wife—his common law wife, 1 guess you'd call -muy at Claire Claire run to ihe Baum came h (lo ' .... ,, . • *• juu an What's happened? I wus a f] . ., . in the village, so ! decided to fo ,,l back here for the niglu. The tree! Jfc held both her hands lender! as she explained, apparently O ll livious lo anyone else in || lc ,. nni f on account of his ai^iety foi m Dallas Htid Pai bad return-.,! frr.J their search, and Pal halt,.,) in ,1 doorway at (ho ardent seen- "I fore him. The girl li,,ncd,\vi| a shglit lingo of embarrassment 1 lier manner, and made ihe new! sary inlroduclions. • "f didti'l know you had corl IKiuy, CJaire, or I wouldn't b-iJ Intruded," Nick said coWlv f "Of course, Kick. I'd have ft I badly if you badn'l," slip -,,1 swprert. "Susie can gel y,iu soml thing lo cal." As though glad lo escape til housekeeper stalled for the dool Dm) Dallas went after \\oor! |,T when Ilannnh would have' fill lowed, Claire motioned licr to f chair near Ihe wjmlnw "All ot our friends seem come here on' account of aceidYi Nick, Mr. Magun imd-Kc. Sltf were going along (tie niii in 111 car the nighl I came aid hcail me almost wreck myself against f log thai W as across Ihe road. Tin turned back nnd brought n here." "And of course slaycd on. Hoi could any nvin lear himself awal Claire?" smiled Nick Baum ensill "liighto," remarked Pal. His cyl swepl tliu otliei- mini's facl "Haven't I met you before, Baum?" lie asked the queslTiJ abruptly. 1 "Afraid not. Sorry," Nick Uaul look oul a cigarct and offered 111 package to Pal. Just then a piercing screaj ctiine from the hallway, followcf by the crash of ,1 liayftil of disliei Everyone rushed to Ibe dool There stood Susie in the middl of Ihe broken dishes, slariil with blanched face at Ihc cin| cialcd figure of Eb, coming from the porcli outside. He lov, ered lo an uncanny height nboJ her. His hair was mailed wifl mud, as were his clothes, across his forehead ran a wourfl which bad been dressed with white bandage, now as soiled an disreputable as Ihe resl of hir] "You — you belter be scare) Susie!" lie pointed a thin, shakirf nnger al Ihe cowering woma| "The vengeance of Heaven about to catch HP with you an your wicked ways!" (To Be Concluded) Dr. Fislibein Suys ('are Necessary in Removing Foreign Hotly from Ear through the 11050. Even a rubber cap over Ibe bend JUKI rubber stoppers in Ihe cars will not keep water from ueUinis inlo the ears \ by ivny of (he nose. If a child, on coming out of the water, blows its nose and liotiis 1;uUi nostrils shut at the same time, some of ihc water is bound lo be forced inlo Uic ears. Since water in bathing |»ols and near the sliore frequently is germ-laden, the yenns arc carried inlo the ear and set up an infection. * • * Most foolish is Ibe person who Gfies in swimming when he bus an infcclion, with material discharging from thc'"cardrum. Ho stands the risk of aggravating his infection by getting dangerous material into Ihu car from both sides. People with severe colds or with sore throats should never BO in swimming, because their loses, throats, and sinuses arc ull of infectious germs at- such imc:;. They not only sprciul the germs to other people, but may CHURCH EXCUSES = By G. W. ]!arham = Jim. that's-my-liuslj;ind. says lie will not do any thinking to nniciml lo anylhin.; until ihc wcnllicr moderates to the shady side, lie did not niiikc any new rcsciulicns on the toiirlh of July. Yoi-. know. I have oltcn snid, lie is not anything like mvy uther man in the world. Mret everybody makes all (heir now resolutions on the first day of the I year, but he always made bis on j the Fourth of July, for lie .•.ays that wns really the beginning of things for him. He shot bis flj firecracker OH tho Fourth, met. me the first time on tl Fourth. I was in the church ho was assistant to the Jaultl and «-as working up my solo il Ihe big celebration and erer| thing: ilicn we were married Uic Foiirlh and he sayE he Sieves It was the liollret day night of his life. So. he bcgj making resolutions not to do lot of (blip's. KY lilt. MOUH1S HSIIKKIN Editor. Journal of Hie American Mtillrnl Association, aiul nt Hy- gciu, Ibc Health M.i.ciuinc Two sciioiw dangers affecting the cars require particular care and attention of parents. one concerns the introduction ot foreign bodies into the cars. The other result-, from immersion of Ibe heart in water. A foreign substance in the cnr canal rrWom will cause much nn- romfort. unless it Is a live insect. Cases arc ou record in which bugs of various kiiuts tiiivo col- ten into cars and remained for mnny years. Tliry rtic ai u t are Miircuuded by hardened a-as. There tire cji.scs in which people have been drat In one car for many years, us a result of nich Mocking (if ihr eardrum. Then,'when Ihc wnx nncl the foreign body arc washed out, the hearing returns. Persons without^ experience should not try to remove foreign bodies from the outer car, it the Mibstancos cannot, be waihed mil by use of a fyrlyntc. Sn-emi interesting technics nave been developed for thus purpose. O;',r includes use of a probe with ;ome adhesive material at (he end. lo which the foreign body .slicks Then, when Ihc probe is removed. Ibe foreign substance comes with The aftermath of many a summer vacation is an ' Mrache When the head is thrust under water, especial!*- during a rlivc, water gels into the middle can; Annouifccmenls IT.c Conner i\t« s nas been authorized to iiisfcc format announcement ot the following candidates for public office, subject lo Ihc ncmocralIc primary ncxl umist II: For ItrnrcM-nMtire in Ccnjrcss 2AL B. HARBISON For rrnMTuting iMtorncj O. T. VMRD RRUCB ivy UEN'VEU I,. DUDLEY For Cnunly .liiAgc VMJCilr, OREBNE S. I,. GLADISH NK1LL RKED For .Shrtilf am | Cnllcctor HAI.E JACKSON JOE .<;. I1IU.AIHINTY For Cminly Treasurer ROLAND ORHEN For Ctrrull Court clerk "Wilt CIIAIC. I-or Rc-Mlrcllon lor 2nd Tenn For Cnunty Court Clerk MfSS CARKY WOODDUBN For rc-clectloti lor .vccond term For Slate Senator liUCIEN K. COLEMAN For fountj Rcprcscnlallro IVY W. CRAWFORD For County Assessor K. h. I BILLY) GAINED tcr Uc-clection lo ft 2nd Term for Constable, Chlckisawha Toiniship HARRY TAYLOR FRANK MCGREGOR E. M. EATON force (lie germs Into their own cars and thereby cause secondary infection of the car. Children should not cc permitted lo swim more lhan 15 or 20 minutes al a time. If they seem to have trouble with their ears, they should never be pcrmillcd to dive. Faculty Service Honored GREENSBORO, N. C. (UP)| The Infirmary at the Womeil College of the University of Norl Carolina here has been nam| Cove hospital for Dr. Anna Cove, who retired this spring tcr -13 years as a member of t| faculty. OUR BOAKDING .HOUSJi Courier News Classified AXIS pd With Major Hoopl EG AD, CLYDE ,1 ANA ABOUT ^YOLJ"RVDIN6 W "TO BEGIN EXPERlrAENT^lHAT ) TANDEM WILL-BE EPOCH-M AW N<S IKi A. WITH THE THE LIT^E Of-' THE BEE— )j* BUSY "BEE AHEM--— |M FUTURE rf%f £ L , MCHE Q YEARS, YOU WILL STAND '/THE OLD BLURB IM AWE BECAUSE YOU / } THAT OPPOSITES y-M l/-™\/^M / -t-. .,— .,..._ J V r SHOULD ao -^ ^^ IMTO ^ •^V 3!V \\ €" E HAND OP THE ORACLE WHOSE WIMBLE F1HK5EPV3 ACCOrAPUSHED UCH : THE OLD V<i ^OME H/V3 1 ^ JYTHISK3 ^ IM COrArAOM j WITH THS BEE, IT'3 IK\ %> GATHERING ELSE'S- J(| .HONEY ' - *W ^c^vrf r^<c <£v/!i ;4?-¥l!

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