Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on March 2, 1970 · Page 5
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · Page 5

Marysville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1970
Page 5
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; ^ : .. f :f ..-.v-rir-..•. V .-;L;;-.'.:-.-'• carstood ki slush and I w wipe the warmth in (he theatre crowd the big limousdnes trails^ plumes of steom, (5he marquee . CoM pedesWans browse ft I eouwtt fff*!*!l' 1 * *»* u « } * ! *»««. w«h br*jang * couw near the moles ttoefe "-'-* —-»—-•- ••- ^"»*"« fog on the subway tracks. Mayor John Lkrisay calls ihis pace Pun City. Up at 94th Street and Amsterdam, the boys siant ^ the comer and stoll dreams at five dollars a scene. The coos seldom arrest ,the prostitutes because of means giving up a day off to go fo courtt. The girls fieU nigbtmanes in cold alto ^ Night clouds boil around tfhe .- r saaron Jighfei tin empty offices. Along West Street, «he smeH la a mixture of river brine, creosote and manfla hemp. The fer- Ties skid -Sidewards Jn the tide .and moan at slow itugsi ; -- • - — • Farther Frandta Duffy, m & Sjay stone coat,-sftands beforfa the cross he preached in "nines Spring Festival Saturday, March 7 6;30 f School ' Food --- Games -- book shops, looking for pictures. ,. :.-.-.-.-.-. .:;;••:- ;.-.- -• A loose crowd of mutes stands with handsjn fWqkets on 47th between Broadway and SfevenJh Avenue, TWs jb a\ amall. pie- wedge street and they ore scaring at a black man slflilng with nfa back to a stone wall. He holds a camera In isre;hai8l. His coat fa open and' he wears_an *ver-4anger badge of bravery. This 4a where a : policeman shot him. He does not'ask whether he wffl KVB or (tie. Hfl knows rtJjat *he sergeant e'^anoV fcig,In $he shop doorway has called an ambulance. His concern is to hold the-camero high so (hat blood won't touch KL He ; is to stage a stickup. He did It to buy several- sweet dreams for his arm. He Ss due for some bad ones. A: few ChBrv- ese stand in vestibules and say Many ignore them. A fatffjggto. The launrjrynren'foadw-*te gig- In Harlem, poor familtes sleep on roofs r but ithere fe"fce : ;bn -the; pravei and tfiey will-try' av dark will not tfoturb the tenant. pool parioro fir* busy with host- km and tin place smelts of heaters and urine. The smooth rack of baa flgainai baH brings srouU from Ihb ptayers. The anty dean thing to Broofc- Ijtt is en old cemetery where quilte.o*liMWr tuck the dead in for the night. On Flalbush Avenue; noisy irucks flip OK slush on tfte sidewalks. Crowded buses come to a stop and sflgh be* cause, unless someone gets off. no one will get on, fjftdesteians are headless, the «»at collars are up. Women stop to; look in lighted windows at merchandise,—and-walk-afwayr Goad mai are being layed off old. jobs.. Stolen Island, the hearWhaped borough, stares up at the harbor necklace, the Ver- •a5ano-Nafows ~r Bridge. Once, Jtatfen Wand was /arm country, K has been strangled by the Park dnsulatea FTffth friend They say things which make them laugh. The gM and tt* boy keep walking. PbHo*- men walk to ftwos, Mid others sit in warm squad cars wssdh- tog toroufch the wiwfehidd and fiatertlng to the endless code caHs from (heir diasrict. The Jews of Washington Heights have moved to the far reaches of The Bronx and Queens.-and they d* not .wans W Know theSr neighbors or their neighbors' Kroubles. On the lower East Side, (She grifoers stand, in doorways and emerge wilh *f ithe Weaft Side. Frozen rowboats lie upside down beside the glassy lake. -Empty cabs do not pause on «J» curving drive to JK* up muggers. They keep gong, the firansmisstons whining They are met wtih a silent shake Of-the-head—• •__ This is New York-iny town. Once, I (thought I owned It. The slush runs black down the curbs and ante the sewers. An hour later, ft wiB join the garbage and from Our Files FIFTY YEAKS AGO Tuesday, March 2, w* H.I. Huffman reports that someone at the Chamber of Commerce banquet throudi a «i!?fategot^his haLwhtch is an olive green with satin lining, will please return some to the Huffman Garage and make exchange. ' " r Marcfc t, IfM Legislative Report UicJle the floating planks 5n the harbor. There are scores of millions of windows, an of them iwav with grime. ...Jfew-York has lostits Hints From laked • - bulbs over i Spanfiah shawls, Tmops, 7 shirts,' ties aid onheir cupped hands. Five boys insult JtyrnedJiome-from-Mtr-Vktonr where she assisted in tfie care of O.E. Mouser and famHy, all of whom were down with the «u. Mr. Mouser is an uncle of •Miss Horner.— ------ — — ----------- son Dear Heloise: — , - - ,.JLhave_a_niighty.large-fam- ily-to feed-and am~always"try,,,, out -that-wl^-feed-my crew __ ; _^of .money,With the hearty eaters that 'I have, it is impossible. my /avprites ( am j _ j YEARS AGO —Friday, March 2, IMS Clarence E. Hoffman, mond, has received a medical discharge from the Army He was stationed at Ft. Knox Ky. Mr. Hoffman had served 26 months. Last August he returned from the European theater-of-war-having been in Af- The past week In the Legislature brought approval of possibly the most hotly debated biH of the current session, -the so-caned "slop and frisk bill.' This bin is aimed at curbing the upsurge in street crime and wold allow a peace office to a t o p a person in a public race where he reasonably be?** Jf 0 " 1 Observation and -circumstances. that. the person has recently committed, is committing or about to commi a crime. H he is not in uni- iform, the officer must Identify hfmsetf. The officer may ask the per^ son his name, address and an explanation of his actions, J>ut not force an answer. The ques- elsewhere in Italy _.Lt..and Mrs.:John-J—Gary and-sonr John;-Jr.rieff^Wed- nesday evening for Richmond, Gar7 ' Wight add. theirs too) is stew. _ I. buy ^ about two pounds' of stew meat and a half pound of hamgurger. While I am browning the stew meat, I add the •hamburger-and brown" it too. Then I add -the onions, garlic and canned beef broth (bouil- lion cubes is stationed_and_iwith^whom Mrs. Gary and son will make their home. Lieutenant Gary wife "and son at the fag .parents, Mr. his home of able time and the place the person is stopped.. The officer may pat down the person's outer clothing and search only for a dangerous .weapon when he reasonably be- Jievea-that—his or another'^ bodily, safety is'endangered. It a weapon is found, the officer may take it and return it after the (juestioning, if jt j 5 _ Jaw- fully possessed, or keep it i»on arresting the person. - " '—The officer. person • if_ he finds ^reasonable causelto believe' a ^"felony or misdemeanor, s p e c i f I ed in law/ has been committed. Oth- Tflire). Cook, coofc and cook this •(in other worcls~cobk~the~"day. lights out : ol-ii).-About ^^min-- utes before the stew is done, add your vegetables. ^ ^heehamburger^meat^is the secretr-Besides-stretdiing-the n»at,_ JLlhickens^t h e-gravy and gives the stew added fla- PTEausch on East Eighth St' * • *' * • ! -„,• TEN Y EAB5 AGO Wednesday, MarcK-zri«0~ Robert F. Allen Richwood attorney today was appointed ...._. and-hls-subjects. ' ~~ V.E: .venile_judge-to-fill-the-unex- pired_tenn_oLJudge-Luther-L.- -Liggett;^----"------.— ••• . * * * -.Resignation -of Judge~Iaggett- who is a candidate for Union County representative, was effective - Monday. "Swearing-in ceremonies for his successor were expected to take 'Shortry~after noon today, restrict the; officer may. not, tlie person's ' move- ment-in-anjrsiplficanFwayT^ Also during the week the Senate-considered and passed -a-bilLto-permit-countles-tQ own and operate countywide transit systems. This biH is designed particularly for Cuya- city-run-Oleveland-Translt^Syy tern. However, other metropolitan counties, facing mass transit problems, have expressed Interest in the measure.— It would allow an appointed county transit board to negotiate the takeover of public and private transit companies J™« or Msidejeounty limits; sutmrt five-year levies to finance—purchase—construction and improvement of a transit system; finance through revenue bonds and allow continuation of existing union powers. _The H o u s d Hlghwayrand Transportation Committee recommended for passage ~ a bill to clear Ohio streets and highways and private property of awndonedj un k-autornobileg. The biirto provide for disposition of abandoned junk motor vehicles, three years or older, extensively damaged, lacking valid license plates and valued at $25 or less, would prohibia leaving_such^vrehicle-on-private jrpperty more ' than 72 hours without permission or on~~a pubHc street, highway or other property open to vehicular traffic for 48: hdufsrbr—longer Without notifying proper officials. Security benefits. -The House completed pass- a S? rf a Senate-approved__biH w eliminate the necessity for returning to the trial court for probation consideration those persons convicted of non-pro- bationable .sex offenses when their... indefinite- commitment- tor psychiatric treatment ends It would providejajrnanmum Ine of $100, plus costs of disusing of the abandoned vehicle, for violators. The" bill ^would provide \for ~The— Senate passed and sent to the House a bill to allow 18-year-olds to give consent as blood donors. —The House completed pas** age of a Senate-approved bill to provide a method of naming ™ a successor_executor of • an estate under certain conditions. The Insurance Committee of the^House-of- Representativesr-r during the week recommended « for passage a usury bill which would lift Ohio's eight percent interest rate only on ' those housing loans that are backed , by the Veterans Administra- JlonL_and_thc-Fcderat-Housing - ~" T h e -currertt Administration. VA and F Vtz percent.— ---------- — - - : Ohio is one of only three statesiwhich. has not- taken ac-- tion to accommodate this federal rate. The others North Dakota, South Dakota,-' -~~ scrapping the jtmk vehicle and cancellation oiflhe title to it. In other actions during the week: ..... .::. .••..•.. •-;--. the Senate a bill to require Wat recipients of , public as- istance receive the mammum ny-general:increase "iiTSocial on a similar bill about the middle of January, but re-referred it to committee after the^emer^ gency clause, which would ha ve-made-the- law immediate^ Ijr effective, failed to receive the necessary votes. The major and the one recommended this week by the Insurance Committee is-that the earlier mea- By LOUIS CASSELS UPI Religion Writer One of vie most astounding paradoxes ofChristian teaching -^, , —""-^"^'.i.ctci'^senior-in iRlchwood High School-has just 2 CBT8 RAGWEED. SMARTWCED, VELVET LfiAF- B big broadleafi other hMblcldM RI!M» ' .—- —• • l ~ 7 ~^ :i_*- 4. SAFE TO SOYBEANS- won't Injure crop or •e«l. NO WET WEATHER HAZARD" Mfa$t wa«d control you can buy. " And^you're the queen bee for keeping that family full and happy. . . , Heloise Completed enter the arrangements to Columbus ..Business 5 MO RESIDUE OR CARRYOVKR. B Out of th« «g|| by harmt. ^^ 6 FULL SEASON RESULTa., froni pianting right through HtrVltV .1 WORKS WET WEATHER OR DRY. B _AgpJjtAMben JdMaymi plant, dlrtctty ^^ w»t«,frwli^ium«j|MOI8T •(>«,- .._When_we-finish-.-a roll of the scented toilet, .tissue: I -• take -tte center cardboard tube and put it in back of the sheets and pillowcases in my linen closet The tuho-holds-the-seenHor some time and sure does make my linens smell nice. When ^ne-5ccnt-is gone, it is very .University next fall in the ju- •mor accounting course. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs George Retterer, of Richwood Jttt. 3.: At 8 9: LIQUID OR GRANULES- •ffectlye. -fre«,fr*«-flowln8. : NON-BURNIPJC, NON-IRRITATJNQ TO SKtN-bolh Mdwid granule*.No prouctlvo clothing oi n»pt#cl htndilng pricautloiw, with another. FaHHuT Marysville High Fai> Dear Heloise: Excuse me for using the Tvord a~gainrbliHf's~nylon"nct: —M-you-have-a-bunclrof-yoump sters who drink milk and "dohT washJheiiLglassea_imrnediate- "a-dishrag-eannol out. 11 WIDE RANGE OP _ Follow label direction!, ***»*«« plant In low •oil noMw*. * [y, you .know the glasses will beJefLwith a-milk-rlng which " '""" possibly take •But, that old nylon net does -Itl—You-don't-have-to-have-a- «ig-piece-of-lt—either.—Any acrap will do. to do-is holdlt under your faucet, fill the glass with a bit of water, put that scrap of net on your fin- rVn*>« f. _ J — I .,,..... wipe -away.-~r--== -JWith^the-openlng— of-a-new month comes the close of another gratdUng period. The, fourth six weeks period will officially end Friday, - •teT~tlfe assertion tHaT~ln weakriesa there-isrstrengthn^z — Conventional,' wkdom^: takes exactly the opposite view.-fib •be-^weak,-lt-aays, i»- to be helpless, ineffective, frustrated and despised. It is to invite trampling by the strong. The would in which <the Apostle_Paul lived-Jthe 'world of-the first centurjr "Roman Empire—was even more ruthless,_. more_ oriented toward power, than pur own. . ; Yet it was F*aul who said: "When I am weak, then I am strong^— — No casual observer would have described Paul as jireak. Morepyier. hg of to "feel the protection Christ's power over me." —Many-^Hxiinary-folk-aince-the time of Paul have made the — that real same strength Indeed, this is""one of the cardinal principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, "which has had terest Hmt_aside_until .April 1, 1970. If the first bill had pass- --~^ed without the emergency clause JtJWouldinot_have-taken-== effect until 15 days after its intended usage "tune had expir- T~ ed;-there-is no~time provision th bill the Insurance Compassed during the week IheTeoTeral interest rate .drop below should tne-anrent-usury- law - would" apply, --:..- ....-..-,.- ^ The emergency clause to the-bill-immediately-ef=- - Mother M GREATER ECONOMYT.Y0ue«ni W h>Amlb«iithh»rln«l»«nd t ' • ° v !l! T rei T' or bro * dc «* t ' B«nd appllwtloii* (plus b»tw««n tfie rotv eulth/alloni) ar« the mo*t «conomlc»l» and you flat n*ar-perf*ct w»5d control whara tt count«...m tht row. No othtr htrbldd* filv«f yotftuch outstanding vtlua for your dollar. " ^ ** - * v ?™ w *-. - »*3.10peracre fcanoW-at I970prfces for th»2 Ik rate of liquid Amtben recommended tor*ll but tht 'Dear Heloise: —Would -you please "be "kind ^Mgh . 1Q .teH your ..readers .lhat_ W hen-food-is-spiUed-oira to First name In herb' Icjda research ''• AMCHEM PRODUCTS, INC. • AMBLER, P£NN$W.VANIA shelf in the refrigerator, wipe it up immediately? It drips down from shelf to shelf. --Are you - aware - that some foods, when spilled, will ruin the finish on the botom of a refrigerator? You'll need sudsy water to wash with because a "lot 'of food contains acid. Then rinse and wipe dry. . ._.".'."...'... -Home. Economist..' * 4 » Dear Heloise: To lengthen curtains by a few inches or to remodel them into cafes, sew ribbon loops «four-to4ive inches apart on the tops. . They .and dose easily; Mrs. T.I.B. * « » (Copyright, 1970, King Features Syndicate, Ine). following, -;0nce--again --M rs^Thomas Winters _. takes .Jhjngs_lnto. her own capable hands as she re- cently__<x)nduded-casting- and -began-practlcing-the~197(rSe^ nior Class play. "Lil 1 Abner" is the title of this year's production. ________ _ _ _ -Last-Friday- evening IheMHS cafeteria was temporarily transformed- into a sea of card tables. The occasion was the Elementary School sponsored card party. ohemistry-and- physics teaoherr Ed "Pleasant" traveled with several students to his atoa~mater ~~1 a s ^Saturday morning. Urbana College held, ®5T* Jl^t ~dayr~a~sciehce~an''d math fair to familiarize -visi- college. . Also traveling last Saturday were several of MHS's musicians. Held at Versailles on that day was > contest involving musicians from schools all over central Ohio. From MHS went tlie Girls' Ensemble and four piano players. Now that spring is only a few weeks away, thoughts of summer are uppermost in many students' minds, .This year has gone swiftly, and inevitably the remaining twelve weeks will follow suit. be-extraordinariljrgifted: Needed The Erpcriem And that is why he needed the experience of weakness in order to become truly strong. Paul (explained &t in one of his letters to the church at Corinth with his usual blunt candor. _"To-ieep-me-from-belng puffed up with pride'... I wag given a painful physical ail-" ment," he said. -Paul-had-seen~ many sick~ people get well when he laid his hands upon them and prayed for-lheir-recovery^ln the name of-4he-Lord-Jesus-Christr^ut when he" sought healing for himself,—he—got no - for~an answer. "Three times I prayed to the Lord about this, and asked Him to takeimy infirmity awayVJhe: told the Corinthians. But the Lord > s_answer_was{ :_ "My grace is all you need; for.My.power is strongest wheo you-are-weafc 4 * COURT MEETS WASHINGTON (UPI) -The Supreme Court meets at 10:00 a.m. EST today to hand down opinions and orders before starting the secpixi week o_f arguments" "taT~"ihe' current sessions. Paul finally was able accept the answer. He came to realize that he needed his handicap to keep him from thinking that he could make it by himself, and to remind him of his dependence on God as tivi ultimate source of his spiritual strength. He learned at last, he told the Corinthians, to rejoice in his infirmity becasue it enabled him INTERNATIONAL " ^* *• •* ••~<^vl vrmhi COB CADET GARDEN TRACTORS ANNOUNCING 6 NEW MODELS -12 hp; hydrostatic drive transmi3sion WOULD PAMPER MEN LOUTH, England (UPI)Mrs, Marylou Cowham, 33, today said she has enrolled 20 fellow housewives in her Pussy Cat Club, dedicated to keeping women inferior to men. "We'want to pamper our husbands. They are the bread- .winners ajid should come home to a nice, loving, all female Wife," she said. ' 107 ~} oh .P'Astatic 119 -14 hp, hydrostatic •wt^drive transmission «*" drive transmission YEAR 'ROUND POWER FOR YOU There's no limit to the season of use or the job application when it comes to the Cub Cadet tractor. Cub Cadet, coupled with any one of over CO approved attachments, is at home in any climate any season, 365 days a year. You can make all your seasonal chores so much easier with a Cub Cadet. Power up with an all-season Cub Cadet at DEGROOT'S FIRESTONE PHONE 642-2881 410N.MainSlrect

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