The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on March 5, 1962 · Page 14
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 14

Dover, Ohio
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Monday, March 5, 1962
Page 14
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••ALL-TIME MARKS- tofti Page 13 Pqslel entered her fififil game needing only 154 Id He Mrs. Morah. Although she fell from her pace in 208 and 212 openers, she managed to get a necessary strike in the ninth frame Which carried her to victory. She picked 2 pins off a 4-pin leave in the final frame. . Pdlly, who throws a whippet despite her small stature, had a 5-baggef helping in her opening singles game. After an opening split, she came back with a 4- bagger and double to build the 212, She had strikes in the first, third, fourth and ninth frames of the third game, a split in the second and errors in the fifth, eighth and 10th. Career Higfi of 534 Anne Erb, who scored a career first with actual 534, took third place in the singles with gross 624. Shooting steady 171, 181 and 182 with 90 pins handicap, she led through 2 squads. Barb Matlern socked 560 actual to gross 617 and fourth place, while Mona Ryan, last year's singles titlist with 611, made a strong bid with 580 en route to 613. The Erb-Waldick duo supplant cd Wilma Waring and Gladys Swihart on top of the doubles race on the 2 p.m. shift and then were threatened only once thereafter. Dorothy Dreher and Marge Von Kaencl took over the No. 2 spot with 1,146 on the next to last shift, nipping Waring-Swihart by slicks. Waldick supplied the big punch in the championship drive, blast ing 570 on a steady 197, 182 and 191 string. Mrs. Erb kept pace for 2 games, falling then to 123 after 183 and 190. They finished with 1,066 actual. Dreher led the principal chal- THE TOP FIVE Singles (143 640 024 Polly Postcl Belly Moran Anne Erb Barbara Mattern 017 Mona Ryan 013 Double* Thelma Erb-Mlllle Waldlck .... 1171 Dorothy Droher- Mnrgc VoriKacncl 1140 Wllma Waring- Gladys Swthart „ 1138 Mary Bcrlollne- llarrlot Steams J135 Frieda Harmon- Millie Van Camp .._ 1126 f " KM 15fl 107 167 108 181 159 Lucille Schle 179 175 140 172 213 lenge with 556 on 211, 16fi and 179. The new doubles champions succeed Lillian Oassor and Sue Keener, who hit a gross 1,029 in defense. Lucille Schio of Sugarcreek, who led last week's scoring in the team division with 546, added 511 in doubles and 564 in singles to grab the No. 2 spot in all-events with 1,621. There were a good number of actual 500 series including: Singles — Faye Breehl 538-580; Harriet Stearns 530-590; Alma Smith 516-552; Dorothy Klein 512569; Helen Pompcy 503-560. Doubles — Wilma Waring 528; Kris Miller SOB; Helen Smith 51<1; Jody Knisely 551; Elizabeth Stemple 522; Dolores DeTnrio 503; Mary Berlolinc 513; Ksther Monaco 520; Gladys Wise 505; Polly Postel 507; Donna Geib 527; Fran Walton 501. Scoring Was Good Others v,lm collected 'ISO or better actual included Singles — .Joan;] llerron 472, Wilma Waring <!!)8, Margaret Tol- loli 493, Lola Shear 456. Lily Me- Cauley 4!)2, Martha Bearducci 4f!7, F.ilcen Lieser 474, Donna Phillips 470. Lucille Priiz 499, Gerry Crawshaw 4(i«, Eleanor Watson 4ii<), Dorothy Bazzoli 455, Kathryn Maurer 4(iO, Mary Penso 467, Elnora Patterson 466, Ruth Payne 4!)8, Lee Hall 478. Mary Barthel- rnrh 490, Juno Gardner 457, Helen Machan 4511, Mary VanSickle 472, Eleanor Huniwh 47'J, Doniui Metzger 4ii5. Bculah CJnbblo 457, Barbara Huff 4til, Helen Baxter 455, Jean Williams 4'J'i, Ann Orr 403, Betty Weber 471, Kris Miller 47-1; Jean Mathias 456, Helen Smith j bury fiua ' 401, Doris Smith 4or>. Edith Sei-! IJOUH.ES b,rt 458, Sue Keener 460, Paula ! Miffi wa'ldu* m !£ 492, EdfiS Levengo-od 4^ r ttffitod Waldick 4», Jafig Faftkhatiaef 456, tMfi ieVeiigoocl 482", Jufig Bakef 469, Juanita ttestellef 4§? f Doris DeMattio 472, Sandy Pais< ley 455, Gladys Wise 480, Marge Spittle 457, Esther Monaco 4S9, Peg Koelble 460, Jean Stevetisofi 463, Nancy McMiltefl 462, WtifM Euchegno 489, Elva Russell 455, Fran Walton 497, Fran Waffflack 491, Betty Lang 455. Doubles — Betty Walker 499, Betty Weber 498, Treva Ostfode "Babblin' 'Bout BiwlinV which normally appears each Monday on these sports pages, will be carried tomorrow Instead. Look for The Dally Reporter feature. 450, Ruby Evans 489, Grace Knisely 485, Mary Mackovich 466, Frieda Harmon 483, Mildred Vail Camp 493, Harriet Stearns 475, Alma Smith 496, Barbara Huff 464, Lucille Fritz 462, Betty Stutz 496, Ada Klein 481, Edna Levengood 493, Dorothy Bazzoli 453, Rose Tomasina 458, Lily Me Cauley 494, Henri Pasquin 466, Esther Lamonica 461, Doris De- Mattio 453, Laurene Klein 465, Wanda Clark 488, Mary Slates 474, Norma Troyer 481, Ann Orr 469, Faye Breehl 496, Sue Keener 455, Candy Haakinson 465; Charlene Edwards 456, Ann Carroll 480, Twila Lenhart 471, Mona Ryan 475, Barb Mattern 459, Nellie Fculz 470, Juanita Hosteller 476, Marge Spittle 459, Jean Machan 453, Jean Stevenson 463, Elva Russell 483, Phyllis Vaughn 463, Dorothy Breitenstcin 457, Doris Smith 481, Jane Fankhauser 457, Oma Troyer 463, Jeanne Moore 469, Jean Malhias 465 Erma Gibson 452, Ruth Levengooc 479. When books were closed on the proceedings early this morning 988 was unofficial prizo money payoff in doubles, while the cutofl in singles was 509 inclusive. The results: Polly Postcl 208 212 157 68—643 Betty Moran 184 24-6 183 27—640 Anno Erb 171 181 182 00—624 Barb Mnttern 225 189 166 57—617 M'ona Ryan 177 221 182 33—613 Harriet Stearns 204 145 187 64—590 Faye Breehl 148 186 208 48—688 m Wirjft|M3ii<i5« .i^fisn m 1136* t*-Hsaft ,Hft»B<m«;MlMf*tf V«! ^ 6'aa lias, , SietnBif , Bi iUt HSlSft SftjiUt lllf. J DM6fei.B«T6fttf liiS, e t lllf. J36IIy Moffet , praea knttei? iioa, BdfM« Phillips LWfifl Sfhlth 1089/ AUni SfnltR Bsr&afft Huff 1083, Edith- Agoatf Edna Lfeveftgood 10857 .Ruth Plcfl Lily MeCauley 1688, Eiteeri Lfeser Mafy .Slates 1082., Lucille Fritz Betty Stuti 107g, fto*e Tomasina Betty Mofin 1074, Betty h 6 ft g Polly Podtti 1W4, Lsutfe* Klein Jean ft-eyef IMS, WAMA. cia?k Lftwfeftee \oM, Safid? Pau 1060, Madeline ^ t , Troyef-AdA Ki^in 10M, June Baker . ^tattl6•Martha ^ Ootls De Besrdtieol 1058 Esther M ^Mdn&66-fl6 VMM 1054 Betty Mencgay^fart Walton 1047 Thelma Myefs-Naflcy Blitlef 104? Oface. Andefacm-Oface Ellwo6< 1037, Joyce Uftef.i'aye Breehl 1039 Isftbelle Meesc-Cftndy Haakinson McKnlgT\t*Maf*afet Tol I»eutz 1033. Jo lotl 1030, ,' 1034, Juanita 'Hostetlef-Pej! Wplf 1037, Wllrna M, Zuchegno-iJonna Oelb 1028, JUUlan Oassef-Su« Keen et 1029, Paula Myer/MOerry Craw ishaw 1022, Charlert* Edwafds^Vlr lima Paisley 102fi, June Gardner 'aulette Markj 1020, Jean Machan Lucille Schle 1021, Jea,n Williams Ann Orr 1018, Olenna Kaderly-Jean Stevenson 1018, Hazel Gerber-Mona RyaA 1010, Eleanor Flschlo-Matge Spittle 1015, Cynthia Tanney-Helen Pompey 1009, Norma Troyer-Donna MetKger 1001, Lucy Tonelottt'Ann Carroll 1001, Twlla Leiihart-Joan Burrler 1009, Janice RUsSell'Bari Stexnpfly 1009, Kathryn Maurer Mabel Kalp 1000, Tye Stahl-Fay Bodenwebcr 1001, Mavis VanSlekle Peg Koelble 1008, Mary Grlmm-lda Eluvood 1000, Vera Evans-Verna Dotts 899, Irene Lambros-PhylUs Vaughn 993, Margaret Meyer-Elsie Scrtven 998, Vivian Hlnc*-Dorls Smith 988, Sue Rees-Glorla Watson 995, Thelma Blcknap-Boots Penlck 997, Glnny Brown-Jacqule Gowan 088, Dorothy Marsh-Ann Flora 988 Goldlc Herron-Goldle Milliken 994 Vera Estep-Helen Machan 998, Ruth Severn-Rose Welgand 988, Marge Dergel-Nancy McMlllen 994. Donnn Phillips Joann llerron Wilma Waring Lily MoCnuloy Mary ii ret Tol loll Mnrthn Bcarduocl txila Shear Eileen Lloscr JM 101 125 111—581 152 136 184 108—580 155 208 135 81—578 1B4 148 IflO 87—579 15!) 158 176 84—577 DO—577 120—578 102—578 6—570 Myers 45J, C'aody Haakinson 472, Katie Polka 4H2, Knna Gibson 485, Betty StuU 4<H. Elizabeth Stemple Othcru above 500 — Velma Miller 505. Gloria Watson 587, Elnora Patterson 508, Ruth Payne 567, June Gardner 588, Helen Machan 60-1, Dorothy Klein 560, Helen Ponv j»ey SOB, Mary VanSlcklo 562, Alma Smith 552, Lucille Fritz 553, Gerry Cruwshaw 552, Mary Strazlsar 552, Norma lilosser 557, llleanor Watson 550, Dorothy Baz/oli 554, Kathryn Maurer 550. Fny Bodenwebcr 553, Mary Penso 551, Eleanor Fischlo 550, Leo Bull 550, Mary Barthel- iix-h 558, Donna Mctzgcr 549, Barbara Huff 5-1H, Jean Williams 541, Ann Orr 541. Kris Miller 540, EcllLh Sclbcrt 542, Su e Keener 641, Elizabeth Stemple 649, Juanita Hosteller 541, Doris Dc-Mattlo 5-17, Colleen Yarfier 5-tO, Ida Ellwood 546, Glen- IIH Kaderly 548, Fran Walton 642, Fr;m Warmnclf 545, Betty hung 530, Mary O'Nell 538, Violet Hnllcr 530, Nancy McMlllen 531, Fog Koelble 535, Gladys Wisp 534. Vera Bush 5,'iO. Juno Baker 538, Edna L«ven- coofl S.'iB, Dorts .Smith 534, Irene Lambros 533, Eleanor Burmlch 538, Gladys Swihart 522, Millie Moore i24. Helen Baxter 821, Betty Weber 52H, Bessie Richardson 522, Trcva Ostrodo 523, Vivian Hlnes S27, Paula Myers 52.0, Candy HaaUln- .son 52(1 Katli- Polka 524, Erma (JiUsoii 521, Hetty Stutz 521, Virgin- m Paisley 52-1. Judy Adums 523, Lucy Tonolottl 521, Mildred, Waldlck 620, Janici- Hussell 520, Bar! Stempfly 525. Nancy Bislcr 521, Mary Bertollno 625, Margu Spittle 520, Carol Greeiiham 52B. Dolores DeTorio 521. Jean Stevenson 520, Wllma Zuchegno 828, Gloria Dallau 523. Connie Rceso 527, Lcona Smith 520. Cynthia Tanney 514, Marge Kratz 511, Sandra Paisley 510, Betty O'Brien 517, Betty Beif 513, Jane Fankhauser 619, Ruth Lovengood 618, Cora Russell 613, Doiuia Gordon, 81 1. Hazel G«rb«r 610, Nora Lewis 818, Beulah Grlbblo 614 Wll« ma Llghtell fill, Jean IVCathlas 519, Pat Robinson 515, Helen Smith 509, Ruby Evans 303, Elsie Scrlven 600, Joyce Urfer 502, Dorothy Drolten- stein 505. Phyllis Vaughn 502, Wll- nia M. Zuchegno 503. Virginia Tilton 500, Patty Weber 603, Isabella Mocao 507, Jtutli J'lca 500 %elma Myers S04, Huth Miller 500, nuth Severn 608, Dot Drvhvr 50-1, Margie VonKaenel 501. K.sllier Monaco 507, Klu VOM-U 500, Mary Orlimn 508, C.'JPlida Conlmi 5011. Mary Slates Elloulse Al- 123— 4D8 1UI-- 570 380 .'172 314-1008 105 Total-1171 Otiicn In .Money — Dorothy Oruher-Marge VouKaenel 1UO. Wil- . 500. Martha llosi-r 5(>fl, Campbell Sets Record in Baton Rouge Victory BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) A faint grin played across the face of stocky Joe Campbell as he walked off the 18th green after sinking a five-foot putt for par. It was the first change in ex. pression for Campbell throughou the marathon 36-hole windup ol the $20,000 Baton Rouge Open Then he broke into a big smih as he accepted congratulations for his first tournament victory in the PGA tour since last Novem ber's Beaumont Open. Campbell, 26, was poker-facec as he played the final two rounds a cigar clenched between his teeth. He carded a 67 and a 69 Sunday to go with a 68-70 for 274-hole total, 14 strokes under par and two ahead of his closes pursuer, former PGA titlist Bob Rosburg. His 274 broke the record of 275 for the tourney on the 6,411-yan Baton Rouge Country Club layou set in 1954 by Sam Snead. "Three putts on the final round did it," said Campbell, who picked up a $3,800 check. "I didn't relish the 36-hole final, but i worked out okay." The Pudgy Rosburg, who grips his clubs liko a baseball bat holed the 18th with a 100-foot chip shot for an eagle and a 68. 1 gave him a one-stroke advantage over Sanders and Mason Rudolph of Clarksville, Tenn., who tied for third. Fire Runs New Philadelphia — Firemen wore called Sunday at 2 a.m. to 2nd and Fair Ave. NE where a 1954 Mercury owned by Sam Boni. fant, of 421 E, 1st St., Uhrichsville, was on fire. Damage was to the carburetor and air cleaner. At 4:39 a.m. they went to St. Clair Ave. SW and administered oxygen to Mrs. Ruby Rogers, who was having difficulty breathing because of asthma, At 55:13 p.m. Mrs. Edward Stuver of 230 8th Dr. NE called them when burning trash set a lot afire. At 3:58 p.m. they went to 625 Orchard Ave. NW where Hubert Reigle was burning waste paper and set a field afire. PJ1QNJS SERVICE! OUT GNADENHUTTEN - The Alpine exchange of the Ohio Bell Telephone Co. was out of service or 10 minutes yesterday because of slight difficulty with a telephone ringing machine at the ocal office. TODAY ONLY! 0 _ ^ _ k _ OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL }f C. ^% ^% ^ ^W AT WEAVER'S... IN DOVER 5 2 337, DELIVERED EQUIPPED THJE SEASON'S g£ST BUY! IMMLA SPORT COUPE WEAVER MOTOR CO. m mm AT ~ m w. aacoino ST. • m w. mm ST. t & w mm ^Calendar „, CtftSi A t ai ttfimafit Denhlsort vs. Stanton Local. 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY P fc'.ass AA nistflet ftt MftrlJSS Fefry Uhflchivllle Vs. Steutacnvlltc, 1:30 f) ' m ' fclass A Dlsiflfct Conolloti Valley vs. Mlland, 8 p.m. cum AA nutriet iZsn«*vlllS V«, Martins Ferry, 7:30 p.m. SATtJfttUV Class A rinals Tuesday, Thursday winners, 7 p.m. , . Class AA Finals Wednesday, Thursday winners. 8:30 p.m. ith games at Steubenvllle. . 10 ftfffi felt 14| y Paw r ditto M% Mirefc S» c§ f«f§ f6i;$s»n ffii i m Mfr urmceMi ttti , . • BUMF TIIS BO JINGLES K6fi fldfsi tfi«(i f ffltgiion bimb Whii 9 fiels IM pfoliii-l af iiid li'i m t Rkt ptae te b« trMl j't Win $S fltf tliiftkSttf, Bob JSflftlM pay* $3 fdf & fhy««, jinglt of idea he utei in ere«t!ftg thU daily itfip, Sefid yottf tHbution to him in care of ttiii newipaper- Brush Fires Give Forestry Fighters Busy Weekend A drop in relative humidity contributed to at least 4 fires burning some 18 acres in the county over the weekend, according to District Fire Warden Alpha More- lartd of the Ohio Division of Forestry office. In the area forestry district, which covers 9 full counties and 13 parts of counties, at least 13 fires burned over more than 48 acres of ground over the weekend. Relative humidity dropped from 39 per cent on Saturday to a low 17 per cent on Sunday, Moreland said, with 30 being considered a critical point as. far as fires are concerned. Noting that most of the weekend fires handled were caused by jurning debris or carelessly- dropped cigarets, Moreland today urged area residents to be particularly cautious this time of year. Unless the area gets some rain soon, "we may be in for more trouble," he added, About 7 acresjwere burned ove: in 2 Saturday lires in which th forestry office j assisted* Midvale firemen back j of the Midval school and the Warwick-Tuscara was firemen nejir Warwick. Sunday, the office also assisted Dover firemen with a fire on Brandywine Rdl and the Uhrichs ville Fire Department on W. Holi day Ave. Ext. Isouth of Route 36 Some 11 acres jvere burned in the 2 blazes, Moreland said. In addition to the grass anc brush fires, forestry office person nel also assisted in fighting the fire which followed derailment o a Nickel Plate Railroad train Sun day night near! Zoarville. Moreland als) expressed appre ciation today tb Dover and New Philadelphia pjolicemen and to Sheriff's Deputy Tedd Findlayson for providing uniformed escorL for forestry trucks and personne to and from th<J! various fires. Legislature Leaders Claim DiSalle Raised Phony Issue COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Re-party iiad beerl in the majority publican leaders in the Ohio ,egislature accused Democratic Gov. Michael V. DiSalle today o raising a phony political issue. Senate Majority , Leader C Stanley Mechem and House Speaker Roger Cloud charged tha DiSalle for more than a year 'has sought to create a politica issue over state appropriations with the legislature." "This issue, as he has sough x) develop it in the past year is as phony as the missle gap argument of the last presidentia campaign," said the leaders in a joint statement. They said Finance Director James H. Maloon has been shift ng funds and deferring pay ments which were due. Maloon has dipped more heavily than usual into liquor profits and the state has delayed some $29 mil ion in payments to the teachers and school employes' pension 'unds. The leaders cited that state revenues were $9 million below Saloon's estimates in the firsl six months of the current book- ceeping year. Even though some aspects ol he state's current cash problems are temporary," said the leaders 'it is now proven that the spend ng levels advocated by Gov DiSalle and his department heads vould have created a condition ol bankruptcy for Ohio if this (GOP) egislature had adopted them — unless the legislature had also enacted at least $150 million in new taxes for the current two ear period. "The governor's own budget shows this to be true and Maloon las re-stated this fact in the governor's) seminars," they added. They referred to operating and capital improvement budgets Di- ialle sent to the legislature last ear, Republicans turned them lown, maintaining they were $150 million out of balance with an- icipated revenues. Mechem and Cloud then posed he questions: "Did Gov. Disallu eally believe that the present egislature ought to add such an additional tax increase burden to lie one enacted in 1959'.' "Would he have proposed such ax increases in 1961 if his own School Menus M1PVAIE Tuesday - Chili soup and rackers, carrot strips, cheese t'edge, corn bread and butter, va- illa pudding. Wednesday — Swiss teak, mashed potatoes and gavy, UUered peas, perfection salad nd pan rolls. Thursday - Sloppy oe sandwiches, baked beans, lel- uce salad, apple sauce and coolc- es. Friday — Baked corn, tnaca- oni cheese and tomato sauce, elery sticks, peanut butter sand- in this legislature (as it was in 1959)?" They said that from DiSalle's own statements in the past week the answers Would be "no." DiSalle, they added, has said he is not recommending new tax measures "at this time." "Two years ago, after all o the tax increases had been adopt' ed, he said thclt he would not ask for future tax increases 'during the rest of my political career',' the leaders continued. The legislature, they said can't help but look upon the whole business as propaganda' in face of DiSalle statements in one direction and his criticism oi the legislature in the other direc lion. They concluded that DiSalle "has seemed more interested in political issues than programs.' Moravian Home At Gnaden Gets Church's Okay All 8 Moravian churches'in this county have joined with the provincial board of elders at Bethlehem, Pa., ifi plans for promoting a home for retired ministers in Gnadenhutten, The home, which will be called "Sperling Memorial Home," will include two 4troom apartments in a brick veneer building estimated to cost about $30,000. The home will be located at Indian and Iherry Sts. Rev. Charts P, Sperling, former pastor at Gnadenhutten and resident of Port Washington, willed a home to the Moravian churches when he died, That property was no< suitable, however, and has been sold. Mayor Pau] Schreiner of Gnadenhutten, who is representing the provincial board, said the lot al- •eady has been purchased and more than |16,000 collected in funds for the home which will be used by retired ministers or mis- ionaries whq might still be quite active in church affairs. Rental will be only qnough for upkeep on the property. "As far as we know, this is the only project qf this particular kind hat has betfn tried," Schreiner said. Bids for ponstruclion of the jome are being accepted now and should be gi^en to Schreiner or :arl Pfeiffer of Dover. Deadline or submitting bids will be 7:30 ).m. March S6 when they will be opened at a board meeting at ~!nadenhuttej|i church. Bids may be brought tp the session if they and ice cream. Milk is in are received: by 7:30. Interested Iude4 to |^J me$ls. , contractors n;iay look at plans and SACRED HEART [specifications; at Schreiner's store Tuesday — Sloppy Joe sand-; in Gnadenhuiten. 2 Racketeers Killed; Gang War Is Feared BELLEVILLE, 111. (AP) - Two henchmen of gang leader Frank (Buster) Wortman were shot to death Saturday night and authorities speculated the murders might mark the start of a war for control of rackets in the St. Louis area. Found dead on a lonely road in St. Clair County were Elmer (Dutch) Dowling, 56, and Mel Beckman, 32. Police considered Dowling as Wortman's top aide. Beckman, authorities said, was Bowling's protege. Dowling died from a bullet in the head. Beckman was shot three times in the head and neck. Deputy Ed Kowalski called the murders "typical gangland slayings." Another policeman said, "It looks like a gang war's in the making." Virtually every top hoodlum in the St. Louis area, including Wortman, Jimmy Michaels, Joseph Costello and John Vitale, and a dozen lesser underworld figures were questioned Sunday. Deputy William Butler said Wortman appeared shaken when told of the slayings. Costello, an ex-convict, formerly headed the old Ace Cab Com-1 pany in St. Louis. Michaels is a former member of the old Cuckoo gang in St. Louis and Vitale is| one of St. Louis' top hoodlums. The bodies were found by three youths on Wold Branch School Road, about three miles northwest of Belleville, which is 16 miles east of St. Louis. Beckman's car was found Sunday in a bowling alley parking lot here. Its interior was covered with blood. Chief sheriff's investigator Joe Koch said the slayer apparently hid in the back seat while the victims were out of the auto. BUSINESS DIRECTORY We Recommend That You Contact The Businessmen and Business Firms Listed Here , MrsCELLANEOOS SERVICES MASON SAND-FILTER SAND PILL DIRT-TOP SOIL-GRAVEL DRIVEWAY SLAG-COAL Immediate Delivery Vic Bazzoli & Son, Inc. 319 W. 5th ST. DOVER Phone 42046 Or 51734 409-tf SEWERS CLEANED Electric Rooter Service FOR FREE INSPECTION AND ESTIMATES—PHONE 31884 OR 32922 PLUMBING, BEATING ) ] J°M£s PLUMBfK OT WATER EATER*WOW/GET NEWONe TO REPLACE THE. OLD ONE, THAT CAN'T KEEP 'THE PACE Strasburg By MRS. ARTHUR STRAUSS JR. Telephone 5222 . STRASBURG — Daily vacation Bible school will be held here From June 10 • 22. Rev. James Deitz will be dean. Children, 4 years old through 6th Grade may attend. BREWERS PLUMBING! HEATING 1304 WALNUTS! <f(^<t DOVER, OHIO 4-2622 MOVING, HARRY BURKEY TRANSFER Local-Long Distance 420 Lincoln Ave. Phone 32404 PAINTING, PAPERING DeMarco Painting Interior and Exterior Steam off Paper Phone 30093 Painting & Decorating Commercial, Residential Wallpaper, Paper Hanging STORE and OFFICE 428 W. 11TH ST., DOVER Phone 67762 McKEEVER DECORATING CO. SERVICE STATIONS TOP VALUE STAMPS Battery charging, slow or fast charges. All kinds of auto polishes and cleaners. Candy. Pop. Cigarets. Tires repaired and recapped. FRYER'S SUNOCO SERVICE 606 N. Wooster Ave. Dover m-tf MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES RESIDENTIAL WIRING CALL LD WILLIAMS ' ' m-w-f-tf 14.—FEMALE HELP WANTED AVON is for ambitious women —ARE YOU? — If so, join us for excellent earnings. Write Mrs. Arline Earloh, Box 513, Coshocton, Ohio. 199-201x WANTED Woman to be our Representative for fabulous laundry soaps and detergents /or hard' water areas. Will supply and mail samples from Detroit to homes in your locality and you follow up on your telephone. Wonderful opportunity to build your own business -without investment. Write for samples and details stating your experience. Midwest Chemical Corporation, Inc., 1442 Griswold Street, Detroit 26, Michigan. 199 C Mrs. Ross Breitmeier presided < IS.—MALE, FEMALE HELP when the St. Catherine Study Club met recently in St. Aloysius Church. She also led a discussion on "Confession." Lunch was served by Mrs. William Weinman. Members of the committee in charge of Sunday's card party in he church were: the Lloyd Labs, he Paul Labs, the Robert Lows, the Albert Margos and the Wiliam Malcuits. 3,-CARD OP THANKS MANY. MANY thanks to Dr. Pretorius, Dr. Bird, Rev. Krause. Toland - Herzig Ambulance service, to all personnel at Union Hospital and Timken Mercy 'Hospital in Canton and to those many friends and relatives who sent cards and gifts. Your kijnd- ness will always be remembered. Mrs. Robert (Kay) Render IDflx DIRECTORS LEWIS FUNERAL HOME FHQNI 42703 STEAM AUTOMOBILES readied the height of their popularity about 1907. Cherry Auto Electric, rear Frani Marino's Barber Shop in Dover. 198-199X WANTED WANTED — Estimates on tap- Ing 4 rooms of dry wall. Contact Becker Realty, Inc. Phone 42602. 198-200x 16.-WORK WANTED, MALE PAINTING EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR CALL 38555, JOHN PETERS 19,-ROOMS FOR RENT FOR RENT: Two sleeping rooms. Kitchen privileges if desired. Close to bus line. Call 38002 after 6 p.m. or 36914 anytime. 195-200x FOUR unfurnished rooms, 3fith, AH private. Private entrance, Inquire 313 S, Tusc., Rr,, Dover, 195-2QOP HOTEL DOVER, ROOMS By Pay, Week Or Month TeJevjsion^Phone 43976 HAVE ROOM for 2 elderly ladies in my home. Call 197-20?x FOR RENT ROOMS and bath furnished apartment. 2nd floor, private entrance, heat, water and garage furnished. Phone 33304 or 65474. 198-?00x SIX ROOMS AND PRIVATE. CALL 65614 183-U 22.—APARTMENTS FOR RENT FOR RENT: Upper furnished apartment. Three rooms and bath. Close downtown New Phila. Call 72694 after 5:30 P.m. 5 ROOM and bath apt. 123 W.< Front St. No objection to two children. Call Akron MI 4-3061. 195-200X FOR RENT—Unfurnished apt. 3 rooms, private bath and entrance. Call 55652. 197-199x SANDYVILLE - BOLIVAR RD. Second floor apartment, newly redecorated five rooms and bath, garage, one child accepted. Call Canton GL 57887. STRASBURG — Notice newly, weds, upper 3 room apt. All private. Kitchen and drape« furnished. 63947. 199-201c 23.-HOUSES FOR RENT SEVEN ROOM HOUSE. Completely modern. Close to business district. Call 36589. 195-199x DUPLEX FOR RENT - 2 bedrooms, bath, living room, dining room, small kitchen, gas heat. Call 72602. 197-199x COMPARE Two apartment residence located at 106 Canal St. in Dover, just off E, Front St. Consisting of two 5 room apartments with three rooms down and two bedrooms and bath up. All private utilities and entrances, full divided basement with new gas furnaces, carpet, drapes, new aluminum siding and storm windows, insulation, 3arg« lots and garage. An ideal buy and investment. Price only $10,000. Easy Terms. Call us. Pronipi And Quick Service SEE JAMES K, FONDRIE5T &SON Realtors & Auctioneers N. MoMHlsn Aye. Pover Phone §83J3 Office Open Evenings JJRIJSQ IN VOUS WILMAftiS SWEEPST4 K K JSNTST 8MNKS NOW TO PEARPOBFF H4ROW4RF- m-w-f-x 'iches. buttered green beans, potato sticks, orange jello and bananas. Wednesday — Macaroni and tomato sauce, cheese spread! sandwiches, celery sUcks. peanut j butter balls and fruit. Thursday-' pota- and salad lettyice, or peanut Turkey, dressing, toes and gravy, buttered Fridjy *? Members qf the board planning the home, besides Sehreuier, are Herbert We|ch of UhrichsvUle, Pfeifler aad Phillip Fox of Dover, Jess Kipsey ol Frys Valley, Clyde KoH«|r of Gna^enh.utteii, ol o| Port Mrs. & L, Fiwex ol brufln. Schreiner is president of the butter iftDdwiches. tomato &oup. .„._,_„ ,„ r „„, ejjpie aauee wd coaxes. Milk is,board w4 PfcUfer is secretary- deluded in all roeaJs. Ueasurer. u.s, Men-women, 18-5?. Start fei|fe «« $102.00 a week. Preparatory trslcius; until appointed. Ifeoiifc ands of jobs open E*p,erieftcje usually wpeeesssry. FRiS to? on jobs, silijt«s. i*. . Writf fQDA'Sf fly- name, fddre**, phoat Ume home. Write yncoto Spry. 14, cu> Tie Dally He- APPLES Cooking Apples , . , $2,00 per Km, and up Rtil ijid Yellow Delicious . $1,10 per bu, and up swi-n CIDER « HERMAN BROS. OHIO

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