Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 15, 1939 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, May 15, 1939
Page 6
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SIX IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICH. MONDAY, MAY 15,1939. Events of Interest in Social Sphere Large Audience Attends Concert at M. E. Church High School a Cappella Choir Sings Sacred and Secular Music. A large audience enjoyed the program of sacred and secular music sung by the a cappe'lla choir of the Luther L. Wright high school last night at the First Methodist church, under the direction of Miss Doris Imsdahl. Solo parts were taken by Miss Ruth Healy, soprano, Gerald DeRosia, and Thomas McRae, tenors. The program was beautifully presented by a choir of 63 voices and the program was made more enjoyable by the fact that it was varied and well planned. The numbers follow: I. » "The Heavens Resound," Beethoven. "All in the April Evening," Roberton. "As Torrents in Summer," Elgar. "We Praise Thee," Arensky. "O Praise the Lord of Heaven," Arensky. II. "Today There Is Ringing," Chrish tiansen. "Asleep in Jesus," Ole Bull, soprano solo by Miss Healy. "Chillun Come on Home," Cain. "Cherubim Song," Bortmansky. "Kingdom of God." Christiansen, incidental solo by Miss Healy and Thomas McRae. III. "Sanctus." Gounod, soprano solo by Miss Healy and tenor solo by Gerald DeRosia. "Giannina Mia," from "The Firefly," Friml. ""Danube So Blue," Strauss-Riegger. Last night's program was one of several successful appearances made by the choir this year, under Miss Imsdahl's direction. Glorifying Yourself Salem Church Has Confirmation Rites A group of 23 young people was confirmed yesterday morning at 10:30 at the Salem Lutheran church. The presentation of Bibles and certificates from the congregation, and books from the pastor were made at a vesper service at 5:30. In the class were Charlotte Anderson, Edward Anderson, Lorraine Anderson. Betty Baron, William Brenzei, Wallace Danielson, Betty Forsberg, June Gimson, Joyce Hocking, Sidney Hovey, Kathryn Haglin, Pauline Kellett. Robert Larson, Betty Loo, Robert Loo, Betty Sather, Betty Nelson, Audrey Peterson, Olive Peterson, Doris Runstrom, Ruth Stenstrom. Jean Strand and Jeanette Westerback. Confirm Eleven At St. Luke's Sunday Eleven boys and girls were confirmed yesterday morning at St. Luke's Lutheran church. They are Marjorie Daniels, Phyllis Frankovis, Donald Frankovis, Norman Grey, Albert Behrcndt, Roy Erickson, Carl Erickson, Jack Erickson, William Dorpat, Barbara Geuder and Jack Mehnert. Members of the Walther league entertained the confirmands last night at the church parlors. Greenland Mrs. John Shaffer spent Sunday with her son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman McNamara in Marquette Dave McArthur of Donken visited friends here Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Westoff returned from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, where they spent the past few months visiting relatives. Mrs. H. Arminer of Hancock was a visitor here Wednesday. William Marceau Sr., Mr. and Mrs. William Marceau Jr., and daughter Susan, returned to Duluth Sunday after attending the funeral of the formers father, Joseph Marceau Sr. Mrs. Fanny Felto of Duluth was a business caller here Wednesday. Charles Pollard, John and William Rogers were recent visitors at Calumet. Almor Penegor and Fred. Rogers •were visitors at L'Anse Wednesday. Arthur Barker of Wausau was a business visitor heie Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs George Kilmer and son Owen were week end visitors at Painesdale. YOU'LL LIKE COTTONS The clever shopper will Include plenty of cottons in her vacation wardrobe this year. The new ones are shown in such an amazing range of patterns, colors, weaves and weights that she may choose cotton appropriately for almost every costume. Besides, she may select fabrics that are pre-shrunk, crease- resistant, water-repellent, colorfast and processed to retain their original crisp finish through many launderings. NUT OIL DARKENS SCRATCHES An ugly, white scratch on dark polished wood will usually disappear if rubbed with a freshly cut nut. The nut oil darkens the white scar. BY ALICIA HART By this time it's no secret that a good voice is a valuable asset to any woman. Amateur speakers have at last realized that how they say it is as important as what they say. People no longer accuse a girl of being high-hat if her A's and R's are soft rather than hard and flat Modern mothers thing voice and speech instruction every bit as important for their small fry as dancing, swimming or piano lessons. "Motion pictures and radio have had much to do with making people more voice conscious," explains Miss Crystal Waters, prominent voice and speech teacher. Miss Waters went on to say that a truly lovely voice never comes from the mouth of one whose jaw is tense or who forms words at the back of the mouth instead of at the front of it. "Yawning or going through the motions of yawning and simply swinging the jaw back and forth are the best relaxing exercises for it. Practice these until you get out of the habit of holding your teeth firmly together, your tongue against the roof of your mouth and throat closed. When your tongue isn't in use, keep the tip of it lightly against lower teeth. Remember that a tense jaw is the direct cause of a nasal twang. "You no doubt like a low voice better than a high one," Miss Waters continued. "But this doesn't mean that all high voices are unpleasant. Indeed, a high voice, properly placed, can be as nice as a low one. However, to enrich the tones of your voice, grunt twenty or thirty times a day. Yes, grunt like an animal. And don't confuse whining with grunting." As an example of the rich, mellow tones which come from one whose jaw is relaxed, Miss Waters cited Hollywood star Mary Astor. "Furthermore, Miss Aster's posture is excellent, especially hei head and chest carriage. You can't get the best tones out of your vocal bands if you stand with chest caved in and head bowed." Miss Waters also thinks Bette Davis' voice well worthy of imitation by any woman. "Miss Davis speaks clearly and maintains good voice quality no matter what emotion she is portraying. This is an important point. You know how irritating is the voice ewhich becomeshrill in mo- voice which becomes shrill in moments of excitement or emotional stress. However, only slightly less irritating is the too-soft voice which fades away in the middle of a sentence and which you usually have to strain your ears to hear." Among Miss Waters' other rules for good diction and a pleasant voice are these: "Learn to say nice things in a nice, warm, sincere tone of voice. Otherwise you'll be accused of being a flatterer. . "Remember to take a breath at the end of each phrase. "Read aloud for at least an hour a week. "Deep—really deep—breathing is a sure cure for temporary selfcon- sciousness. Remember that when you have a speech to make or a group of strangers to meet." Laura Wheeler Needlepoint Has Background of Scraps COrR. I9», NtCDLECRAFT SERVICE, INC NEEDLEPOINT MOTIFS; PATTERN 22O9 Here's needlepoint for everyone—beginner or experienced needlewoman! Silhouette motifs, all in one color, with a background of yarn scraps (used hit or miss) make a variety of accessories. Pattern 2209 contains 4 motifs averaging 6H x 6% inches; a color chart and key; materials required; illustrations for doing needlepoint. Send ten cent hi coin for this pattern to The Ironwood Daily Globe, Needlecraft Dept, 82 Eighth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Write plainly PATTERN NUMBER, your NAME and ADDRESS. IN HOLLYWOOD Births Mr. and Mrs. Tony Daronco of Hurley are the parents of a son born this morning at Newport hospital. The infant weighed seven pounds and eleven and a half ounces and has been named Loren Anthony. Mr. and Mrs. Filmore Johnson of Anvil are the parents of a daughter, Rose Marie, born this morning at Newport hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cossi of Bessemer are the parents of a son, weighing seven pounds and nine ounces, born last night at Newport hospital. Pence Little Gail Beverly Bertolino was the honor guest at a party given on her second birthday anniversary, Monday, May 8 at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Bertolino. A number of relatives attended. Gail received many gifts. AVOIDING SOUVENIRS If you just don't care for obvious souvenirs, yet wish to take home some tasteful memento of the New York Fair, you might like to look at some of the new printed scarfs whose designs are timely and appropriate but not at all souvenirish. Should New York's evening panorama particularly thrill you, there is a navy silk scarf with the city's skyline outlined in frosty white. Red dots indicate bright windows. Another scarf amusingly reproduces a map of Manhattan Island and vicinity. Conversation pieces both, of fine fabric and clever design, for gifts or personal accessories. The time used in the Hawaiian Islands is 30 minutes later than the standard time of that zone. ATTENTION! The New National Cafe McLEOD AVE. has been closed for remodeling bnt will have it's GRAND OPENING WED., MAY 17th under new management TURKEY DINNER with all the trimmings. Will also feature popular priced dinners at 25c, 35c, 40c All experienced kitchen staff. MRS. HILDA MATTSON GEO. ST. JOHN Prop. MJT. BY PAUL HARRISON Hollywood — The man who produces all the Universal serials, Henry MacRae, has had another nightmare and has materialized it in the form of an eight-and-a-half foot robot that would give Frankenstein's monster the screaming mee- mies. The creature, which is working for and with Bela Lugosi in a chill- er-diller called "The Phantom Creeps." is known around the studio as "Eddie." That's because the man nside it is Eddie Wolf, an amiable giant of 7 feet, 6 inches, and Holywood's tallest actor. Wolf won't be seen by audiences, of course, because the monster is supposed to be wholly mechanical, jossed by Lugosi through remote control. The heebie-jeeby special- st wears a control panel studded with switches on his left forearm. The grotesque head and body seem to be made of metal, but they're mostly molded rubber. Claw- like hands of steel adds about 10 inches to the length of Wolf's own arms. His fingers are hooked into •ings which operate the steel hands. He also has to operate his eyes, which light up when the robot is in motion. Brr-r-rr! Top of the head is four inches above his own, and to see where he's going Wolf peers through the nostrils of the mask. Nearly eight inches are added to his height by block feet of light balsa wood. The whole costume, however, weighs 60 pounds and is fearfully hot. * • * Paralyzing World In case you haven't seen a chapter-chiller of this type lately, here's an idea of the plot. Lugosi is a mad scientist who has built the robot to guard his laboratory and to keep under his control an escaped convict named Monk. Lugosi owns a fragment of a meteor from which he extracts an element which induces a condition of suspended animation in his victims. He figures that by making enough of the stuff he can paralyze the whole world. In the course of his evil schemes, Lugosi distributes the substance by a mechanical spider which he also controls by radio! There's nobody inside this creature; it's used merely in trick shots.) Naturally the element would be very handy in case of war, so foreign spy rings are busy trying to steal the hunk of meteor and the formula. Lugosi goes right ahead with his own plan, though, to whip the world single-handed, and eventually it takes the U. S. army to keep him from doing it. He falls into the ocean with his diabolical product, and there is an earthquaking blast that blows him and all his works to kingdom come. Producer MacRae is considered the genius of Hollywood's horror factories, and there is scarcely anyone who covets his job. These pictures have to be just terrible enough to appeal to youngsters without scaring them completely out of their wits—and yet mild enough so that they don't draw too much ire from the Hays Office and the Parent- Teacher associations. * * * Parents Aplenty The little daughter of a movie couple was enrolled in a private school, and on the first day the teacher asked her mother's and father's names. The youngster said: "Which ones do you mean?—I've got four mamas by my first daddy and two daddies by my second mama." There's an actor in town who's generally supposed to have at least 50 cents of the first dollar he ever earned. And he has earned a great many dollars during a busy career of about 12 years. The actor still gets several engagements each year at $750 to $1,000 a week, but he is free lancing and is not under contract to any one studio. Therefore he is technically unemployed between pictures, and he doesn't miss a trick. Each Saturday during his few weeks of idleness he goes down to Los Angeles in a chauffeur-driven limousine and stands in line to collect a $15 unemployment insurance check. The Sweet Girl Graduate will thrill to a PERMANENT WAVE as a gift. And it's time now so that it will look its best for this outstanding event. $3.00 up Chic Beauty Salon Carry Bidf. .. 2nd Floor Ironwood Phone M Salem Brotherhood Will See Pictures The Brotherhood of the Salem Lutheran church will meet tomorrow night at 7:45 in the church parlors. A film entitled "They Discovered America" will be shown. Gunnard Peterson and Luther Johnson will be hosts. The men-and women of the congregation have been invited to attend. Movie Idol, Bride Delay Honeymoon Hollywood, May 15— Wf— Rober Taylor, the idol of many a fern inine heart who was married ove the week end to Barbara Stanwyc: in a surprise elopement to San Diego, bemoaned his lot as an ac tor today. "Here I am married," he com plained, "and I've got to be back t< work making love to another wo man." Taylor is working with Hed: LaMarr in a film production, and as soon as that is finished must g on location to Payette Lake, Ida ho, for another picture. Miss Stan wyck is busy making a picture a another studio. "We can't possibly honeymoon until some time next summer, they said. The couple disclosed to newspa permen they decided to be married two weeks ago. "We simply took the first free moment we had for the ceremony,'" they explained. San Diego's Municipal Judgi Phil Smith performed the cere mony in the living room of th home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whelan, long-time friends of the couple. The pair arrived just be fore midnight Saturday, but nei ther Taylor nor Miss Stanwyck wanted to begin married life unde: the auspices of the hoodoo number—May 13th—so the ceremony began at 12:20 a. m. yesterday. I lasted just five minutes. The marriage was the first for Taylor. Miss Stanwyck obtained divorce three years ago from Frank Fay, also an actor. She has cus tody of their adopted son, Dion now enrolled in a Los Angeles military school. "We'll live on my ranch for thi time being," Miss Stanwyck said "I don't know where we'll live ul timately. Perhaps we'll sell mi home or Bob's, or perhaps we'll sell both of them and build a new house." Honor Brides-to-be At Party Saturday A bridal party honoring Miss Joan Joyce and Miss Violet Jackson, instructors in the Ironwood township schools, was held' Sacur- day night at the home of Miss Ida Sher, Michigan avenue, for the township faculty and friends. During the evening cards were enjoyed at four tables, prizes goto; to Miss Hazel Hanson, Mrs. Mathew Torma, and E. Ringwall. Lunch was served to 18 guests by the Misses Ida Sher, Jessica Lee and Edith Jackson, hostesses, at a table prettily decorated with a centerpiece of jonquils and tall yellow candles. Miss Joyce is to become the bride of William C. Conley of Lansing, son of Dr. and Mrs. W. C Conley, Ayer street, June 10. Miss Jackson is to marry Charles Ring- smith of Wakefield some time this summer. 30 Couples Attend Dance On Saturday Thirty couples enjoyed the Bowlers' Ball given at the Elks club Saturday night from 10 to 2 o'clock by the Elks for members of the various league teams. A four piece orchestra furnsihed music for dancing and lunch was served. Weddings Slivonen-Solli Miss Vieno Marie Solli, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gust Solli, Kimball, and Tauno Silvonen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hjalmer Silvonen, Saxon, were married at 6 o'clock Saturday night at the home of the bride's parents by the Rev. Herman Matero, pastor of St. Paul's Finnish Lutheran church. The bride wore a blue crepe dress and carried roses, carnations, gladioli and baby's breath. She was attended by Mrs. Eino Kuula and Mrs. Oliver Silvonen who were dressed in aqua and rose crepe respectively. Both wore corsages of gladioli, roses and baby's breath. Oliver Silvonen and Eino Kuula attended the bridegroom. A wedding reception for 100 guests was held after the ceremony. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Urho Lehtola of DeKalb, 111. The couple will reside in Saxon. ••••^^^^•^^^•^^•••^•^••••••••••••••••••••••IJ Mich.Pack For Tuesday and Wednesday RING Bologna 15c PORK SAUS. - 16c PORK STEAK - 20c English Breakfast BACON-18c Sugar Cored Smoked SI. Bacon-21 c Junior Club Board Will Meet Tonight An important meeting of old and new members of the board of managers of the Junior Woman's club will be held at 7:30 tonight at the Memorial building when final plans for the dinner-bridge to be held by the club at the St. James tomorrow at 6:30 will be made. Plans for next year's activities will also be made. The program for tomorrow night includes vocal solos by Miss Rose Michaels and piano solos by Miss Helen Hirvela. There will also be community singing. The dinner is to be followed by cards and Chinese checkers. UNCHARRED ROASTS When baking a crown roast, wrap the ends of the ribs with bacon or cover with a cube of fat to prevent the bone burning. Stuff with dressing before roasting or serve with center filled with hot, fresh vegetables. FAMOUS FULLER SHOWER AGAINST ALL COMPARISON Local Range Dealers: LESTER BROWN Ph. 900-W 713 Sunset Road Ironwood WADtO E. MAKELA Locations and N. Ironwood Ph. 1728-W 216 Oak St OTTO MORSTEAD Iron County. Wf'consin none MO-W Program Arranged For Woman's Club The Ironwood Woman's club will be entertained by students of St. Ambrose School of Music at its last meeting of the ye£r tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 in the club rooms at the Memorial building. A short business session followed by the program and reception for new officers. The program, as arranged by Mrs. W. A. Knoll, will be as follows: Piano solo, "Hungary," C. Keel- ling, Carol Anich. Selection, "Peony Polka," H. A. Vander Cook, William Rowe, comet, Edwina Alimenti, piano. Mexican dance, Catherine Jane and Charles McCauley, accompanied by Mary Rita Knoll. Vocal solo, "Star Eyes," Ole Speaks, Kathleen O'Brien, accompanied by Mary Louise Jacquart. Piano solo, "Hungarian Rhapsody," Listz, Irene Crispigna. Mrs. Llnwood I. Noyes will be hostess for the afternoon. Church Events The Ladies Bible class of the Newport Methodist church will meet tomorrow night at 7:45 in the church parlors. Hostesses will be Mrs Charles Ross, Mrs. Anna Rule and Mrs. Sweanor. The rummage sale which was held Saturday by the Ladies Aid society of the Hurley Presbyterian church will be continued Wednesday, beginning at 9:30, in Reid's Insurance office near the postoffice in Hurley. The Men's club of Grace Methodist church will meet Wednesday at the church. The Woman's Missionary society of the First Methodist church will meet at the home of Mrs. C. M. Bean, Ayer street, Wednesday at 2:30. The Salem Brotherhood will meet at 7:30 Tuesday night for a program and lunch. The Martha Sewing club of St. Paul's Finnish Lutheran church will meet tomorrow night at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Paul Tuomy, Montreal. The Luther League of St. Paul's Finnish Lutheran church will meet at the church Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. The Young Ladies Sewing club will meet at the home of Mrs. Emil Kajala. The Ladies Ai9 society of St. Luke's Lutheran church will meet at 2:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at the church parlors. Mrs. Joe Schwartz and Mrs. N. Swendsen will be hostesses. Episcopal Church Ends Observance The closing services in the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Church of the Transfiguration were held yes- ;erday morning at the church. Fifteen confirmands who received the sacrament of confirmation Friday afternoon received their first Holy Communion at an 8 o'clock service. At 10:45 the entire parish took part in an anniversary service when a choir of 45 voices, including the adult and junior choirs of the parish and the choir from St. Mark's church at Ewen, sang special music. The Rev. John L. Knapp, rector, gave a sermon entitled "Spiritual Aristocracy." William Geen sang the offertory solo, "Open the Gates of ;he Temple." Covenant Aid Will Give Annual Social The Ladies Aid society of the Mission Covenant church will sponsor its annual birthday social in ;he church parlors Thursday at 7:30 p. m. Arrangements are being made by Mrs. Kermit Udd, Mrs. Verner Coleman, Mrs. Julius Hog- Jerg and the Rev. A. G. Eklund. Personal Items Mrs. Edith Coddington of De troit is visiting her mother, Mrs Swan Holt, Pabst street. Miss Rose Bugni left Sunda night for Milwaukee. She has bee the guest of her parents, Mr. an Mrs. Archie Moccardinl, Hurley, fo two weeks. . Miss Frances Kluck, who teache at Iron Mountain, spent the wee end at her home here. Miss Florence Bloomquist, Oa street, has returned from a week visit in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph killeen o Wausau spent the week end witt relatives here. Mrs. M. W. Fitzpatrick of Cum berland, Wis., will leave today af ter a week end visit with relatives Mrs. Ray Chelberg and son lef yesterday for Houghton after visit ing Mrs. Chelberg's mother, Mr Blanch Watson, Norrie street. The were accompanied by Mr. Chelber who spent the week end here. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Best an son, former Ironwood resident, have returned to Duluth after week end visit with relatives here Roland and Paul Eklund, sons o the Rev. and Mrs. A. G. Eklund Marquette street, are enjoying : short visit with their parents. The will leave tomorrow for DeKalb, II Mrs. Martin Brogan, Norri street, had as her week end guest her daughter, Mrs. D. E. Coughlir of Bovey, Minn., and Mrs. Cough lin's sisters hi law, Mrs. John C Metcalf and daughter Barbara o Duluth and Mrs. Howard Funkey o Johannesburg, South Africa. Th Funkey family formerly lived i Montreal and Ramsay. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Hill o Rhinelander spent the week em here, leaving for Mercer where the will spend several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Peterson Michigan avenue, have returnei from Marquette where they accom panied a son, Melvin, who remain ed there for two weeks' medica treatment at the children's,hospita Miss Alia Kalugia, Celia street spent the week end at Marquett with a niece, Betty Kalugia, who receiving treatment at the children', hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Holm, Mr and Mrs. Charles Johnson, an( Charles Westerholm. all of Duluth visited yesterday with Mr. and Mrs Otto Loo, Superior street. Mrs. Albert Olson and Mr. ant Mrs. Bill Elendt, of Marion, Wis. visited yesterday at the Raymon( Larson home, Poplar street. Mrs. Fred Hartley, Mr. and Mrs Larry Hartley and son, Allan, anc Miss Violet Carne, all of Iron River, spent Saturday at the Andrew Hartley home on Broadway. Robert Hartley has arrived from Chicago to remain indefinitely al the home of his parents, Mr. anc Mrs. Andrew Hartley, Broadway. Mrs. Harlow Moore, Mrs. Clarence Stone and son, and Miss Ann McNulty, Ayer street, spent Saturday in Duluth. Miss Clara McManman and brother, Peter McManman, South West street, spent the week end in Ishpeming with a brother in law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pepin Mrs. B. A. Morgan , Suffolk street, and Mrs. Agnes Washburn Ashland court, left yesterday on a three weeks' trip to Greenville, S. C Doors Opened-Locks Repaired •Duplicate Keys Cut While-U-WaH!! OBERLANDER PHONE 615-W 215 East Ridge Ironwood W ashec For A Maytag Demonstration, Phone 314 PEARCE HARDWARE & FURNITURE GO. SU Aurora St AND MAYTAG SALES Phone 314 Authorised Bbyta* Agenc* Phone 1285 Hurley, Wh. They were accompanied as far as Chicago by Mr. Morgan. Miss Vivian Neurer, an instructor in the Ironwood township schools, spent the week end at her home in Cumberland, Wis. Royal Tea Will Be All Cut And Dried Washington, May 15—It's perfectly obvious the British ambassador and his lady are wondering whether 1,300 Americans can stick to British rules on June 8 when they entertain at a garden tea for the English king and queen. That's because there is a cut-and- dried pattern for the affair. The guests will be given 45 minutes to arrive and pick spots in the garden to stand: from 4 to 4:45 p. m. At five the band will strike up "God Save the King," and their majesties flanked by Ambassador and Lady Lindsay will appear on the embassy portico overlooking the garden full of guests. Here's the catch. The guests are expected to move back and leave a large open quadrangle of lawn. Furthermore they're supposed to leave it open and not gang up behind the king. Because right here the king and the ambassador will saunter in one direction, and the queen and Lady Lindsay in another, stopping to chat with chosen ones in the crowd. But can the Lindsays pass out the word to move back and stay back? They cannot. It wouldn't be good form. So they're hoping the word gets around. If there is a June cloud-burst, their majesties will double-quick to the house, and the guests to "circus tents" on an adjacent lot. There will be two other affairs at which smaller groups will meet the monarchs: dinner at the White House, and dinner at the embassy. Victor Westeens Honored Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Victor Westeen, 232 East Ridge street, celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary at a reception for 40 guests at their home Saturday night. A social evening was enjoyed and later lunch was served. The home was decora- ;ed with cut flowers. During the evening a gift was presented to the couple on behalf of those present by the Rev. C. A. Brostrom. The couple was married May 13, 1899, by the Rev. Hjalmer P. Douren in the parsonage of the Salem Lutheran church. Club Activities Ironwood auxiliary to the American Legion will elect a boy to at;end the Wolverine State camp at East Lansing at its meeting tonight at the Memorial building. A program will be given by the Junior Auxiliary. Lunch will be served. * * • The Ladies of Kaleva will have a meeting tonight at 7:30 at the Kaleva hall. "Three Smart ,Girls" and clever, too, are waiting to take care of you. Isabel - Alice - Thelma Thelma Beauty Shop Phone 1469. THE NEW. ANG IA THEATER BitttfEitiftaamttfKUgllmr — HURLEY — Earphones At The Box Office For Those Who Need Them. Today & Tomorrow BARGAIN DAYS 10< & 15<* Double Feature Second of the Bomstead Exploits! CHIC YOUNG'S town CM* Sir* KNNY SIN8LETON OTHIRUKE. umr SIMMS ...«MrO»**t •lea* th*i ptoMM trail-*** • awn who ka*w howtoHghtthtm!'

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