The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1934
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS W1SDNKSDAY, MAY 2, 19;THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS tat ooojum nws co., puBueHpia 0. B. BABCOCK, Kdltor / B. W. HAIKB, Adrtrtiiim lfuu««r •Bole HtUocal Adwrtiilnj RcpreKnUUret: Arkuuu Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Oetrcit, St. Louis, Dallis, Xa?»M Otr, MemphU. Published Every Afternoon except Entered ns second cla&» matter at Ihc post oflicc at B:ythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congita, October 8, 1911. Serveu oy me Unit«J fro* SUBSCRIPTION RATER By carrier In trie City or BlvtlicvllU, 16c per w«k or $8.60 per yen In aijv»n«. By mall wllhln a radius of M mllM, $3.00 P*r »«r $1 W 'or Blx monUis, 8So for t>*ree monUu; by liitll in pos'»! *"»« two to il »6.50 per year, In zones seven *n<i eight, per year, p»y»ble in advance. Th t Tariff Bill Of greatest importance to the South in particular, and second only to the NIKA program of spreading employment and increasing purchasing power in its potentialities for national economic well being, is the reciprocal tariff bill, already approved by the house and favorably reported to the senate today by the finance committee. The bill is bitterly opposed by old line Republicans, but it will become law unless it is destroyed by the votes of Democrats who permit their vision of the benefits ixifsible under it to be obscured by its Ihreat lo -a few industries which require a tariff subsidy to survive. As Secretary of Agriculture Wallace has frequently pointed out, this country must choose between .strict regimentation of agricultural and some other forms of production and the restoration of foreign trade. So far .-'BS the South is concerned the ultimate choice is between production limitation even more drastic than imposed in the Bankhead bill and the elimination of obstacles to the marketing abroad of seven or eight million bulea of cotlon » year. Kevival of foreign trade is needed not only by our cotton producers, but by other forms of agriculture and by our most elficicni manufacturing in• dustries. But we have; reached the point:<\vher« the acceptance of increased imports is Ihe only price al which we can obtain increased export*. The advantage to us in such an arrangement lies in the opportunity it would give us to exchange the goods which we produce most efficiently and economically for goods which other countries produce more efficiently and econ- ically than we can. It would a better return for our effort, just as each individual among us doei: better by sticking to his specially than he would if he attempted to produce for himself everything he consumes. The hard part of it. is that when we start trading our cotton or other surplus products for goods produced abroad we are pretty likely to cause trouble for certain groups of American producers. That can't be helped. When the general welfare of the country at large can only be advanced by sacrificing uneconomic and subsidy siipiwrtcd industries, there is nothing to do but make the sacrifices. Hut the process should be a gradual'one, involving a minimum of economic disturbance. That is why Ihe grant of iwwer to the president which Ihe reciprocal tariff bill carries is much to be preferred to an oulngiil free Inulc or tariff for revenue only measure. Under the proposed plan lliere will be assurance that increased imports will be permitted only in exchange for compensating increases in exports, anil that the whole process will result in no sudden dislocation of established industries. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark What Do We Want With the Sifoer Suiiiiloi' Klnicr United Stiitcs lo ;iu«'|it premium in jiityinuiil for Aincricikii j; 001 '*' Such a jilan would stiuuilulc exports, vvliich line tiling. Bui what wou Tlionias wiint.s U silver ;il iimloiibk'illy would lit; it ld wi- K''t i 11 uxchiingc? A lot of silver which we don't need. For a iiumljtT of years ;ifler Hie World War we maintained unr export trade by • making ;i U't of foreign loans that are now in hopeless ilel'aull. 'J he silver proposal is probably an improvement u;i that. Hut why not trade our surplus commodities for .somclhing we really need? There is HO honest answer lo thai ex- fcpl that it would interfere with the lo he -very iMipuhir this tennis court." ' Starch-Protein Did Mixture Is Natural Says Or, Fishbein Rumor Romanc For Stage Stai , u'. mott human disturbance*. I'.illlor, Jmnnal "I Hie American 1: yu'.i tat a wcli-balanccd diet, Assiiciallun II V UK. MOKH1S I'ISIIIIKIN Hie America uiiU ol' Hy- yo;: do r.ut r.t'Cd woorry about aci- . tin; Health Ma^a/hii' :du;if. -Your body contains factors | TtK' lines!, fact M>-caIled fowl ex-|c. r tnfay which take care ol" [nits aiv irjiny to Impose upon' .--liyht fxct'.^e.s in certain typi^'of! fuocl. Aclc>iu:ilc amounts of miff, green, ' profils tected of those who monopolies. enjuy tariff Southern Wages "I'm afraid Alary Sue isn't summer if you do this'to her CHURCH EXCUSES By Gra. W. B»rHM»' The Oxford Eiiglt iiRicei with Hie Daily Tune*. Leader that, low wage .scales have hindered rather thiin bellied Ilic industrialization of (lie South. Tlic Eagle says: Several ncwspai>ers have expressed alarm over efforts of the NtlA lo eliminate wage (illTercnces between tlic north and the soiitli. Some of MissMlppt's nru''.M-.s nre of tlic opinion that. 111? practice ol p.iymi; lower wanes hi Ilic south musl be mainlnincd. thai to equalize wngcs would be lo destroy what little mimulactlirillt' Industry tlic soulli now has mill prevent liny furllicr industrial development. The nblc editor of Ihe Weal I'otnl Times Leader, Edgar G. Hnrris, takes an entirely opposite view of (lie matter. Is of the opinion lli.U comparatively high wages will build up the south and increase its wealth. Many commentators beck to Justify a lower wage scale in the South by ndvnncinij tlic very plausible theory dial the neyro laborer is not. worth us much ;is the white man. niitl thnt loo much money is calculated to do the blackmnn more harm ihaii good. Bui this theory decs not work out. in the loiij; run. Thousands of young' college men arc leaving the slate each year, taking up their permanent citizenship In other sections because uf the higher wage scales prevailing there—and this migration hns been going on for a quarter of a century. We arc dins losing our brightest young men, who should remain in Ihe South to direct our development and lo work out, tlic |X>tenlialllics of this rich mid resourceful section. Tlic. only way to keep these, young men hero Is pay them a.s much as they can yet. in Hie North or the East, and give them the work now liclng iwrforincd by the cheap labor, which is admittedly Incllicicnt. —West Point (Miss.) Times-Leader. lln> daily capaclly 145 tons. The local manager, H. F.'Townsley, rc- •Ls the business In 131ylhevillc oxcccdiDK Ihc fondcsl expectations of the company.' yon is ihe one In which you are waiiifd not lo mix proteins will) c;.ii;ohydra'.e.s. These faddists ad-1 vegetables, and 1'ruit, and vine ynu iurlicularly against Hit; oilier piotcitLs. daily will have lit- 1 mixture of proteins wilh that form j tie. if any, U'liuYncy toward lo: 1 -' ol carbohydrates known as starch.'malion of excels acid in the body. : llui yon can easily see how ri-1 In I'licl. tile caling oi a vi'irleiy liciiloas tins idea is when you ton- of lorxi substances provides just | lhat meat and potatoes.!the amount of balance nl one lype | ciacki'i.s, and .similar f of foui! against another lhat yoin 1 ' luinbinalions have for hundreds ol Ijcily in hrallh actually needs. ais bi'en hlaplos of diet for most — ,,p!c. HEW BHITAIN. Conn. <UIM - llutnun beings liave been eating | l'<U-r t''.uvo* has a l;ob!)u;] cal. ixi'-.i'e.s of proteins and March p having .six toes on each of HS loi so many thousands of years j lore-feel. The cal cats and .slec;}.-; Ihc lu'eiimiug is beyond ll'.e j v.'illi :i small clo.; owned by ihe i;\ailabh- records ol man. 'family. tvriuinly (lie human being can-!' •_ no-. lx l .said lo have deU-rioraU'd j from :i physical ixiint ol \ view In that. lime, since our life: I cy lo<iay is lar greater '• limn it was ICO years ago. | ... , The proteins are among the most importanl of the footl elements, since they provide material growth and repair o! tissues.! Such Mibslancc-s as cheese, meat, I fish and eytis are rich sources of p.-oteln. | Tile .s'.arclic-s provide material', for muscular iiciion and output of ! energy. Bread, cereals ami some ' of the vegetables, like pola'.oes, lire prhim'iiy slarcliy foods. Nevertheless, brcnrl. cevoaLs and polaloes all contain protein as well. In fact, if yon should eat, the fo<xl Mibslances as Ilicy are du- vf-lop-.'d by nature, yon conid not avoid mixing proteins and .starches, bi'caiisc nalmc has mixcci tlitm herself. Courier News Want Ads. L ; X'd with the fooil faddist's on mixtures, is hi.s \varn-l as the cause j iiliout acidoMs ;; ;o ulsir-1 ftnre folk. Humor wed Goor;;^ Fnvr.i.^l >y IsiT dancing ixul.j| Curl Randall.' Curlier is Lon svliicle- ;| Jcc tcllb Motlicr ihnl-shc sun- ply vvnstcs lii'r lime (or. would if I; w;is worth ruiylliinsi) tnlhuiK nbflut bnpliMii. Hn .snys. tliut lur stvernl yours Ills church lias Im-ii U6lii(i 11 ccrlaiii method and tlin'.- llicre are many lliousamls in M the so-called highly civilian! countries nml hi; Iwllcvra there arc ninny in Ihe countries whi'ro ilic men or niiiic imrl of Ihc |»[i«l.i- lion Mill i-onslcier llicinsclves l.u;'- ly well ilrcssctl when Iliey b'jtkli: a strini; ol fciithers nlxinl. Uifir wiiiit. i>uL' rings In nose luiri ^;irs. use the .s^ine method of bniuisin (iiu! nil admit n.s lie does tliQ itn- reelnpss of the molhod. But inylli- cr says never wiH she aizrcc' with him and siic Uclievc.s Hint had she or sonic t^f the nienilierc of hor clmrcli had seen and talked lo these |KOple llicy would know Hie truth, lint Joe says all the (rtll: in the world would not changer, ono of liicin, they ar dike lous ul folks, day after day they argiu: a ([iic.s- llun lliMt. will probnbly Ix' mi-ist- tled at Ihe end of time. (Copyrighted.) -;.'/bl| BEULAH ^p^/tes t.lM 1 . ; Sinil.Vl. ulin c.ill i-rlii-x "'I ru- Cnhrlcl SiJili- ir:i]ir/L- pc r (or inr ri iriih It I'ln-ni. I i>N DAVID, the Itiihur, It In lnvo iTtih \i 1m r r t » nlw h Ini ni rrrl J rrii-nil .Miiilrlini-, in ton- r. ii. h:i<. i.rv-L iittilim nhh 'I'll \ I'l-'Oi: I), TMI«« r7iiii-n»iM: \\ Ii i n .U .1 ilcl f n \ '.ins s t%*rk--i- <l he hin i !•* i.d- 'IT i ULYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From Uit flies jf the D»lly Courier OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams WELL, I <3,UESS 1M DIFFRUNT. 1 PROS'UV THOT, IF 1 DION' <SIT OUTA THIS , I'D BE SURE OF FLOWERS. ._ -^ THOUGHTFUL. Friday, May 2. 11)31. Sherin" DwighL Black\vrxxi'.s dcp- nltes made a big haul Thursday, c.'iplm ing a big white mnlc still on what is known as Dean's island, ni the Mississippi river. Twelve hundred gallons of ma.sii were, destroyed and L\vo men were arrested. The olficers making the raid were Deputies Jav^ Johnson < and Jess Grcer of Osceola and j Sam Richards of Blyihcvillc. U. S. Uranson. local n.-chitccl I'.iis cuiuplctcd Hie pbiu lor Lwo handsome and suUsIanlial .school buildings, .soon to be cir-c'.rd. one Sloelc and Hie olhcr al Holland. (I.V WITH TME.STOILX CMAl'TEIl VI ok:! laler "llcnfrne's Co- Three. KiiiK Circus" was liunWiVi f>r miles from Lebanon. Aside h'i'iii his presence in the cnli.iuii: oT ihn tent cacii time tlio Calnirvl sistcra went through their rn't. Nod Tr.iffmd n.avo no hint of I In: icvcn^c for which Ills son' Km:r day? after Donna's memora- hln '.•<••. k-eiid mi llio farm Madeline ici-Cii'i'il a loiter which she opened rc.u willi a <;iiizzieal smile, aut ti>*sMl t<> linuii:!. "Tills certainly isn't inti'inied Cur mo!" slic f "You m:in .liiivn made a hit wilb l!:i> hi;; Iwy." Donna's Hir^ks Ihnscil. Sill) took tin- li'ttiT ami ic-iil it later \vbei slio wa; aloa':. "IK'.ii- Mr.''.-:li:ie: I can't ver we;; i..!l you Miss SiiWal. thong 1 siinnvc' 1 s'uvihl. We havi: neve run,. ;•• ii'i.'il. but. many times i-:ivi; vilti^n to you for Grand linr. i'mil I mat you thoso le if, A HUM IK. nr.tliim; at nil to nn N.ILV I Mi'iirM !>!< very grateful > n v.oi:!ij fiiiip me a line now an Ill I d Oil The mytiicviUc Cotlon Co. is MHHI to comnienro n:i oddi- Uon tn its plant, which will 111- ihe cnpncity ot i!i^ mnnuliiclurini: end one fourth, niaklni iin; loo mncil i;;! happening ill not iu'.erc ;.•:!! cvervllliu nt interest to Don't let licr die." Mnrlrlinr; pia'"^ it was alter tniilnii;hl wia-n Collon informed iti'.-i:i lliat O< had recovered cfirisrioiisiii::':! f j v.-as aslec[>. "I'm [ilr:is<!tl lo liicic n no iiiliHnai injiin. 'I'lr |a sliKlit concision. Ivvo lin ribs and a lirokcn 1''^ a:ni :i i- fracture En one w;l.-t. Of ft! the shock arhls compile iltou? witii licr coijstiiuLjou ( &lic si IJiill through it." ' On biii-.-l i:'.lo li}-?lcrifjl revcatinK liis Latin leinpcia: scizcrl Madeline In his amir kissed her a^:ain and n:^:iin. '. SOL to t;o on with Ihu Etitj-.v." .> j line sni'l, wri^^lin^ mil of bis :r- ! "I must sco her liefore. 1 i Uoclo:." ''Touiornnv liieu.' J "No. The train leaves If Tlic idiyriician phoi'i'; l,i: "H would lie d::«K-l'.:i!J lo her now. Let her io.-l." h- i ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc»i ha., been au- lorizori to announct: the following candidates for p:.Mic ofiice, sub- ct to thr; Dcinocrall: primary txt August: t'nr County JnU;p /AL B. HARRISON' CiEOROE W. B,\RH,\M t'or Member or Congrcsi CLl^'TO^f L. CALDWELL t'or Sheriff CLARENCE Rc-slcctlon and <'nlli-r(nr H. WILSON for Second Term Tor t.nnnty TrraMirrr OK S. I1ILI AJU1NTV ROLAND CillVXN Circuit (-nuit (Ink IIUQH CIIAIO AUD1RON S\1ITH IJ. <SKKETi h'l'OUI- V'»r County Coml Clr FRED FLEKMAN l''or ite-f;icctlon for ind Term For Assi*Mir H U (BILLY i OAIM'3 ». C. (IKE) IIUIX.O.M wbi Tounshlp JACK ROBERTSON 'i'i-i 1 Ii :TI- r^.iiiin'u.'l lmpcr.=.on- :\\'.y. i*::::i!ai; \'iv;r ) '.;. 1 iiKiflciits aud il.s:u-;. "O)!il:-ii:y. Cousin Bill." n -arsa [rr.i.,'i[C"i it. wailcil until i!: 1 i:"\t i)'iy and liion answered It. iiou.u'ie hive had con'.o to licr. ir:i;.!ir- tl:o v:!n!c world more b?:im Ihil. pli^ f^U a i:crp sympathy f»r Dm wli!i his lin|i.;in.^ infatiia- t.'>;i. ilo mi.-:.rij; hor I:iritlnc5s and ;-: in ;-i-:rl u ;th 3 .'r lo marry him. lir.ini'.i rn''::-i: l.'irt him and once n: >: -.• lio tuiiif.l jo .Aiadcliaa for 1; w.ii tlm ;i:!it o{ Mariclino so f:.''1'icntly in il-.^ <.oi:i^any of the animal trainer t:,at finally precipitated Hie tra;..-ly. ilinnqh when It i .'tnrrcil bnih tills had completely fo:co!!cn V.'.? (I'.rcals Trafford ".yTADKMXK h c « I I a I cil. 1 •^-*- urged her lo tiny Inlm.-! ' her partner. I'or hfavt hat!' 1 i;o on with C'on. Tlicrc v.: small wriMllrt iic:-k near a \'.i-! and on it were 1 iu!^. p-iri anil ! tioncry. Madeline cro->c:l 1" . desk, pal down nnrl ro:nii'isr:i • letters. TSiG iiiFi \\aj aflrlic^f. Donna and read: 1 "Donna, n.-ivlins: Th" i! says yon will }•'•. v."ll :- j t- :\ 3:1 ynur fct-t anrl Il-'rifrif; : ij.- i .to ^0 on wilh liio *!r;'.v. T ! •you will uiidcTS'.a:.:! :;;;- in 1 : joif like Hi:.-. \Y-.:'il ii'-c.l u penny lo pay l:o--:'.-i hii;.-.. v.-ritc you cvoiy day. n;,. Irnpezo lo brace.! or whc-llicr aa bed—two (ranks plarcil end lo end ! I'm i"-~~* li'-ai'tji'-!; t:.-,' Ur. 'and covered with a bhnkot. jliiiwoa! Of co-iv.-.-- l,a i. "Is she Koins to ilie!" Madclice ; manascd to whisper. "Cun't say yet. Her priUc slroiiK ennnsli." "Cori! Thcre'.-i a jinx 0:1 11 show!" mtUcred Hcnfroc. "Slie can't flay here, o! rourrv fl/a<Jc/mc afmosf jell as s/ii slid dawn ilic roue lo ^ncci beside tin crumpled, cll-but-iilcless link'figure. inefficient n=sislanl neglected make sure of liieir security 1:0 one | over knew. Xot evc-a MaileI3ne'. : ; shrieks lhat Ned Trafiord had i tried to kill her convinced ncntrocl (bat his most efficient canvasinan could do such a tlilns. Hnt i' was not Madeline "vvlio came, hurtiin^ through spjco lo crash upon tbs sawdust-strewn Rronnii and lie, a crumpled ali-bul-litclts3 little fis- urc. It was hcr partner, Donna. Pandemonium. Screams. Madelino shrieking and almost falllns as she slid down the rope to kneel beside. Donna. Kcm'roe callin; tr.-mtically for a physician. Women sobbing. Children bewildered | and terrified. And tho rain coin- Ins down In shceU upon tlio gray canvas. i partner, H was C')n who reached Dunna, v ; litc r i. c; : ; . s r . before Madeline's pink s,Ui:i fli|>' 0 us spioiiics i<i iwra had touched the KMUti'l. Then, swaying dizzily, bo carried j !icr across tlio arena through l!i( nl sura N'cd iii'1 it. b;:t l.i i w.iy to prove it. .<. ! "Xo\v liston. ho-oy. :-r,-.;' to R.'t ^vfil ;\::<l j.''i'rs • |. pcrlnrn: ajain hut it v:nn'i v/ix'k or n'.-\l mon'Ji. ^ > I'm ,., liill Srildal to ro:::c n'ri : n- ! lo l ''° flir1 "- ^' nl s's«i"5 i;!o^wd"vVo l >m" l 'rv'eVno 5 p'itaii; er '. j"™"; 1 ,'' . : 'f, -'^ ot sc-rls. ' We'll tnko her there.! 'H'""'""-' »'« ' '" |J ""' ;1 Have yon sonn s;ort o£ a stretcher?" ' Itcnfroo went hick tn llic arena to aunonurc to tho audience that Miss Guiiriel was n^t b.uiiy injured nrnl lhat the p"i iornianco would | continue, while I'm rnsbcd out lo have so:no of ti:n crev." consiracl n stretcher. Mn-loiinc. .1 victim o( rcmor. ; c and iciror. sat bosido hcr ill's your clianco lo io,;i-: ii;th ami have li'.o li'^li And nrai-.dlathcr wiii bvc br."| ,>o;i llierc. ! Don't worry, and p.;'. v.-,-: irl rained and ''i^-V'l.-.IK r, ;;• Ji;'. rtrf'IH was small. I: i:fins u.-,. in a hail humor. His v.:'". Li !'."!',> M.itililc. w.i3 Irrila- l^ 1 --. icliociii,^ her husband's tcm- Ki. All th»?« [,i.-ts Increased f.'iil':. lu.-.i-k inn.KliiiCoS. Ho was ics>"i:fibln fir tho pafcly of (bo tro'nvj ,ii,,i'wnrklnir short of help. Tiled, soahcil to the fkin and Fiiifflln? from Incipient hoy fever ln> plrfde Into the "big top" to see Jlnlellno with her nrma about Con's ucck. • • • TT'HETHER he actually tampered " with the screws list held the ,islo of horrilicd room. Madoliiie, pnlibin^ ind wringing her !;anils, va.s at MB heels. A low moan from P.inn.i'.- ivliil? lips a = -.nrc'l tlicni fSin v. >3 not dead, tint fhn w,is slill iMicrsr.s'-ifni.i when llio docior ainvcd. A luii'iKO man who hi'.l a b:'^ licarl i;:nkr a in^ exterior. Dr. (Totton di.^- llio rro-.vd nf performer? ic'l | rjKX t!io ; I\ al| KXKIiOE r-'.:;i :. l|( , wi'.ii Din sirci-'.: ?,'jp;'0. ; c.'. J " t!.^ i , in M.itlelil-". "T "Vour Iov[ri7 '.-L'.CT.' Mr' Tho fccroihi lo!!'jr siri liing d^^n her' " Mr. .Sirldal: .''h'lcli itioir iacon^rn-, frniii tho tra^.c^o ioai^bt an:i =:-o. ! badly injtnc'l. l'ioi:>U tbc d 1 ' | ?.ij'3 sho will live and h? In 1 ju.=t as Cr.ri'. dilion to bo ir.iioil frn:n t!-,-; ^:OY; ca:ao in pit'il i:i a sliort Jirr.i. 1 ^ I she will rcc-".vrr r ;':i'"My w rr said h^r .it l!:" c:r:i.-pt l"' •'. liavo lo • Klin i:; at Ur. Marvin C->!'.' by;»r n; t wli^'t Vv.: - : -i;l on art^t" ; Ujriuul. Madnlni'T !o"ii;r > ;l - [-,!.,_ ij-.^n ,1- . ^j ! ;c.-..r).- i n-i;,:-.-\ f; 0 llw ]>-.;ii'i fin ,-i i'-n lilaukc's. . Si:i gav,. :'.!c |Vtt»r.-= ' ' "Tho fho.v ivn..'. •_ , r-.i." r-'.\r: s.ii-1 j r-!r:3n. "Will VTI fil'.i.e Itn.-kily. "We'll i.'-l r.nncy. If'-l^y nio niailoov" she afk you ncorl m-.-. I'll :-(.,>-." ,-, in iii v wli | laVi , C3ro , Madehno ' " wlm harl patbcred In tho nrcs?!:is ; Hie phyrioi,i;i ni : ri his paiicr.t lo room, "For On"* F.ikc. jive her . the bospMnl. a hr^o rc.ili!cnc» with a cl'ance! Yen II Emoti'.c-r hcr If j a few pilv.-no ion:,,;, cr.ft w.u.l. .and you all flay heie!" .,% small "r»i.Vins rprm arid Ij.bnr.v Only Mooclj r:e. now f tunned and '• lory. Durlr.j iho half iniic riclo silent, snd Cr>a au;l I'eter Kcnfrre Donna r.o.-,::cd la s;~;-ccnsclouE- stayed in ti; Huie rooa. while i aess. the doctor hEt over tbt lcproTii«4i 'Ob, 0:1, i-:-'i ];t it- i; e : "Where can 1 set In tju you?" Dr. Collon atktri, v the letters In one "Give him » route rJi'1. And, Doctor, let mo know Ii" !3. Wire me inmorrmv rnlir.-;J '.e'.l ier 1II "rite aveiy d. (To Be Continued

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