The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1938
Page 1
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VOLUMK XXXV—KO. Hi. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AUU-IVQAO inr, n~.«™,,,.~.. Blythcvllle Courier Blythevllle Herald THE Mississippi Valley Leader ntyllievllle Dolly News OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, JIAY II, 1<W SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS BEilECFIB US Search For Missing | Child Extended Today IN BRAZI Reveals His Candidacy In Stalement At Piggoll Fucsclay Nighl LITTLE HOCK. Ark., Mny It— Oov. Carl E. Bniley announced his candidacy for rcnomiimtion as the Democratic candidate for the gubernatorial office at Piggolt late yesterday nftcrncjon nt . a good roads meeting sponsored by Piggott business men. Tho governor had maintained strict silence regarding his political plans until making hj s statement nt Plggott. His name had been linked with the governor's race by inanv observers who felt certain he \vculo be a candidate for re-election but others had predicted that lie would IK a candidate for the , senatorial sent held by Senator Hat, Me W. Caraway of Joncsboro. Oov. Bailey's statement in announcing his candidacy follows: "I am n candidate for a second term as governor of Arkansas. "My entire platform will be taken trom the text of my first and pnly political advertisement which will be published in the newspapers of the state as soon ns I can scrape together the money personally to pay for It. "After being chastised by the voters with a set of circumstances last fall, I didn't grin much, but I hnd to bear it. r found that I could benr it more easily by going ahead with the job of being governor to the best of my ability. That I have done. I was motivated by'a sincere desire to be of further service to the state In wider field. Arkansas needed senator, and I believed I was the man for (lie job. Few people, I nm sure, questioned,my earnest Intentions or my qualifications for the office. Apparently, il was that Itiey didn't Jlke my method of approach, although—surely—I didn't invent it, 1 am not bitter about It nnd my defeat last fall in a senatorial campaign cannot reasonably be considered to have any connection with the present, gubernatorial campaign. "This campaign will be conducted mille differently from others In which I have engaged. I will publish only one political advertisement, It will cost me ns much as I cnn afford to spend personally. If others choose to write or speak in my behalf, I shall appreciate the spirit, but I will not examine the substance nor be responsible for il, "Althougli_my health Is restored, I do not intend to engage In a speaking campaign over the state. I shall appear publicly as often as i.s normally expected of a governor. If urged, I daresay I shall speak favorably of my administration. If I engaged in a speaking campaign. I could only discuss my record and the accomplishments of my administration. That I have already (lone. No one has successfully at- Incketi the one or challenged the benefits of the other. I have been accused of making political mistakes. I plead guilty. They damaged me, however; not only my people or my state. The only thing I could add to the discussion would he to present the accomplishments of the recent special session of the General Assembly. They are too well known and widely felt to require discussion. Besides, If i mentioned these things with some of the pardonable pride I feel In them, I would be accused by the opposition of trying to steal the glory and take the credit due the legislature. Opposition harpies always credit the legislature with Programs that succeed, and condemn Ihc governor for those that fail. "So with your permission, r shall continue lo work at my job, which —also with your permission—I hope lo keep nnd deserve for two more years." P.I.. Mu y n. <up> — 'liie .search [or lour-ycar-old MiM-jpry West, who (Rsappniml Sunday during a Mother's Duy oiilhiK with lu-r family, embraced Ihi-Kf siiiu-s lodiiy n.s the powl- Wlily ni-OM! that the child nilfjlH have been kklnuoed. VIYJalinee Idol Sues Daughter Hoosevell Intimates Powerless To in Controversy Is' ervcue Two of Negro Trio Escaped From (Mississippi Farm Two of the lliree negroes who have confessed participation in the breaking of safes'at two rural Mississippi county stores, in which 5671 in cash was stolen, were escaped convicts trom Hie Mississippi state prison farm st Parchnmn, Sheriff Hale Jackson announced today. Willie Jackson, one of the trio was serving a life term for murder when lie escaped on April 15 while Chester Lnmar, leader of the three and one of the few negro safe breaking "experts" in the country was serving a seven year term in the same prison for burglarizing a safe at Meridian, Miss, ire escaped with Jackson. Sheriff Jackson said lie was un- tlecitlcd today on what course lie would pursue but that he would probably return tlie neroes to Hie Mississippi prison willi a "holdover" order to be returned to Arktnvas for prosecution, if and when lliey arc released from the Parclmian farm. He said today that the ne- groes had slated that they had made plans to attempt burglary of the Bank of Keisev had their previous crimes not resulted In their apprehension. The negroes were taken into ciis- >oty less, than. 24 hours after they broke open tlie safe of Mm n *r WASHINGTON. Mny n tUV)~ Prospects of ii'.ithorl/allon of he Hum export), (» Cierumny for , new dirigible faded today whei the White Homo anneunccd thn President Koosrvelt considers him. pelf powerless ID intervene in tin situation. After a "showdown" conference with his administrative assistants on Germany's request for supplies of the non-infliimnble ens, Hit. White House sold President Roosevelt considered the matter beyond ills jurisdiction and n que.stlon foi solution by the national munition;, board. Exports "of helium rigidly nre restricted by a federal statute. The United stales has u vlrtun world monopoly on the gas. Arms Embargo Action Delayed WASHINGTON, May 11, (UP) — Action by the senate foreign re- latiom committee on the resolution of Senator Gernld p. Nye (Rep., N. D.), for repeal of the anus embargo against Spain was delayed todny by fnllurc of the slnle depiirtmet lo nreporl on the proposal. Nye Introduced the resolution May 2 nnd chairman Key Pltt- mnn (Dem., Nev.) of the "foreign relations committee innnedlntelj sent the measure lo Secretary of State Cordcll Hull for n report. Hull has conferred with President Roosevelt on the rosoUitlor. but has not indicated when Iho report on the Nye resolution will be nvaitnble. said he the as soon as Sewer District One Files Suit For Taxes Suit against lots delinquent in nayment of 1930 and 1937 Sewer District No. 1 assessments has been 'sled In chancery court by the district's board of Improvement F. C. Douglas Is attorney for the commissioners, fl Studies Mechanics >rl. for he was anxious to dispose '>'• of Die resolution nt this session of congress. Small Group Hears Beckwith's Speech A small group heard Dr. Milton BeckAvlUi, of Little Rock, who spoke on a lecture program sponsored by Hit Lions club at the city hull auditorium Inst ni°zht for the benefit of the school band. Dr. .Beckwith, born In China came here eight years a?o. Since rl^ B, 1 j thal timc he has traveled with ing Background i chautauqua circuits lecturing on CLEVELAND, (UP) - Slxtcen- ••ear-old Mildred Luce, whose ambition is to learn to fly, is taking % course in automobile mechan- 'cs at Colllinvood high school. "I want to be nb.'e to (une iii> my own plane's motor when J iccome a. pilot," she says. The first girl to take the course, Miss Luce admits she spent somo time "lookbw for , t left-handed iionkey wrench.'' School Officials To Hold Final Meeting Superintendents and principals of Mississippi county schools will have final meeting of (he school year Thursday night at Lcachvilte, when Miss Willie A. Lawson, executive secretary of the Arkansas Education Association, will be the guest speaker. Tlie meeting is to be held at the new home economics cottage, where supper will be served at 6:30 o'clock, it was announced today by W. D. McClurkln, chairman of the group. Miss Lawson, who now lives In Little Ro:k, was formerly superintendent of the Mississippi countv schools. • tho same subject lie spoke on here, "Comparisons of the Customs between China and the United States'' In an effort to establish n. better understanding between the countries. two Stnrk NEW YORK, May U (UP)— Utility shares lifted the stock, mnrket from nn irregular decline ind the general list rcgislered ?ains to more than 3 points A. T. & Anaconda <\ssoc. Beth, "ocin? Chrysler Cities Coca Cola "en. Elec 36 3-8! Gen. Mot si 3.4 'nt. Harvest 59 3-4 Montgomery Ward N. Y. central Packard Pet New York World Fair Courier To 'Visit Here Blythcvlllo will be visited Friday morning by one of the 49 automobile.? traveling over the United States to extend, invitations to the New York world fair in 1939. li. O. Moonan, courier from the fair to Arkansas, will present Mayor Marion Williams a scroll, which Is being signed by nmyors of many cities and towns in Arkansas A similar program is bein^ carried Chile Wants League's Penalty Clauses Waived petor llnlli' .Ma/ II, HelnssU' nit'l--Km- sped ucros.s Gatliings Is Driver's Only Opponent; "P ;i go" Mystery Man l.l'lTl.U HOCK, Mny II. <UP)_ 1-nst hum- minus of six men before noon loilny completed Uie list of nmdldnles for stiilu and congreK- sional olllces In Iho Dcmocrallc prl- ninry on Aij(just !). in (he list-of constitutional Blate olilulal.i Allorncy Ocnenil Jack. Holt, Slnte Auditor Qscitr Jlinnph- rey and State .Treasurer Earl Pnee, nil seeking reelection, did not draw I opposition. . Kuicpe ludny t-j make u llnal de- .spali Ins ll(jht Jor Ills Ethiopian i'in]>h(! n» Icii'tiio council members met to hoar u Chilean threnl lo I wive tin: Icii^ne unless th were 1HILH Conference Agrc e m e n t Now Goes To Senate) For Action WASHINGTON, Mny II. .HIP)— in tho gubernatorial rnco only The house today approved the con- Clov. Cnrl E, Bniley, H. A. Cook of 'Cfcncc report on the. $1,160.000,000 , . . Little Rock iiml w. «, McNutt of nntesvlllc paid their tecs, thus be- ., expansion bill providing for vast Increase. In (lie fighting , coming oniclol candidates for the strength of the U. S. Nnvy. party's nomination. . Approval of tlio naval program LI. Clov. Bob Diilley or Russell- <»" sl be given "y t"° senate before vlllc, a candidate for reelection, will Uio measure can no lo the White /aci> former State Senators R. II House for President Koosevull's sis- Thompson, Eureka spring! and Joo »nU»'C. Slcel Hull, Clinton, who nsk tho i The mcusurc wns approved by Ihc nomination. liouso liy a vote of 07 to 31 with Secretary of State 0, O. Hall. ' Hlllo debate. Tho bill provides an- nsklnir for a second term, will bo Uiorrwitlon for 40 additional rijjlit- , opposed by Bob Pruthor, Vlmy • "'fr ' including tlirec 35,000- Neal of Little Uock. Land Commissioner Otis Page, seeking reelection, will have an 011- Another old-time Broadway star Is broke-ami suhig his movie aclrcss) daughter for support. This time It's Maurice Co'stello, 01, suave hero i - „„of the movie "Title of Two Cities." who nsks.$200 n month fmm i,u' I 10 """ 1 lls( «' under tho name o( U1 — J •'- — ""-'Earl Page of uuio Rock. State politicians unrt observers listed this Page as an "unknown" and news- poor ns n church I lncn fMcA lo nn<l h 'm Included In blond daughter. Dolores, former wife of John Barrymore. The father I Mil! shown above looking nt n photo of Dolores and another daughter-! 1'ngi Helene. also a film actress, declared tin I he I.s "as mouse." Miss Costello. inset, said she had contributed' for years To" father and recently made him nn "alternative oiler. 1 her would fight the suit. She said nidge, Brock Fisher of Scarcy nnd' ton battleships, which may bo' In| former land Commissioner Ocorgo crcnscd In slzo to 45,000 tons If *"-' " President Roosevelt deems this nd- vlsnble lor purposes of national dote use. Tlic 48 fighting ships Include three battleships, two aircraft carriers, nlno cruisers, 23 destroyers and nine submarines, The bill also entries provision for M auxiliaries, 050 airplanes nnd W3.000.000 for experimental 'dirigible construction, Fighting Grows More Intense As J a p a n c s o Bombard City SHANGHAI, May 11. (UP) _ United States sailors landed nt Auiov today to protect Americans in the international quarters as the seiire of the Island imrt by Japanese planes nird landing forces grew more itense. ' The snllors ivcre from tho U. S. S. Ashcvllle. which nnlved at Aiaov today. Japanese bombers roared over the city. The Amoy University campus was bombed repeatedly nnd was said to be In reins. Off the coast of Macao, Portu- gese irovt, 24 Chinese planes at- ',u!ced Japanese warships Tliry vere rumored lo have been piloted >v Russians and Hon« Kon» m!li- nry obscirers said the planes ap- oarentlv were newly acquired Soviet bombers. A Japanese spokesman denleil hat n. destroyer had been bit. He flld the Chinese air squadron 'was driven off by sea planes from a Japanese aircraft carrier. TO HflTF T.(W I U k)n I Will Decide Whether To Summons Directors and Ousted Chairman WASHINGTON, May n. iup)_ Tlie Joint, coimressionul committee to Investigate the Tennessee Vnlley Aulhorlly decided today to vote next Wednesday on a motion to summon Dr .Arthur E. Morgan nnd the two TVA directors to presesnt details of llieir controversy. Meeting formnllv /or tlie first time since the TVA inquiry was authorized the committee decided to vote on whether to begin actual work a week from today. At that time It will vote on a motion bv Rep. Jomes Mead (Dem N. Y.) whlr-li would summon ma lor fisiirfts in the disnute which resulted in dismissal of Morgan as TVA chairman. If aporoved. the motion would summon Dr. Morgan, u. A. Morgan newly appointed TVA chairman' and David Lilienlhal, director of the authority. CANBERRA (in-) — Australia is the city's roll of poll tax receipt holders, In the United slate) senatorial race the name of j. nosser Vonnblo was added to those of Senator Hattic w. Caraway, Jonesboro, gator IJohnson, .Little Hock attorney and <ronros.imnn John L,: McOlcllan, who previously lind paid tlielr fees. Candidates for the congressional nomination In the first uislrlcl Included Rep. W. J. Driver, Osccola and former BUito Senator Ja Q' Gatlilngs of West Memphis. In Hie second district wilbcr Mills o! Kcnsctt, noy Richardson of Walnut Ritlgc and w. M, Thompson Batesvllle, will seek tho pluco once held by Sunnier John E. Miller of Scarcy. The Uilrd district race will find former Slate Senator Clyclo Ellis opposing Congressman Claude Fuller while three men are seeking tho place In tho fourth district. They arc Congressmen Ben Cravens, Fort Smith, stale Corporation Commissioner D. L. Ford nnd William Jennings of Texarkann. Tlic iramc of Kenneth Coffclt Benton, former slnto legislator, wns added to the list of those seeking Uic past, to be left vacant by Con- grcssmnn Mccicllnn of Malvern In the sixth district. Others include Senator W. R. Norrell, Montlcello nnd Joe Morrison. Stuttgart In the seventh district Conregss- man Wade Kitchens of Magnolia wns unopposed. Child Is Bitten On 32 3-4 13 3 7-8 IS Radio °chenly Dist ...... c immons ............... 181-4 Socony Vac ........ . " ' 13 3.3 Fid. Oil N. J ..... ........ 49 [.3 Texas Corp ..... '. ........ 38 3-t U. S. Smelt ..... 57 !-•> S. Steel ........... .'I. 45 3 .J EAST ST. LOUIS, III, May 11. (UP)— Hogs: 6.500 Top, 7.90. 170-230 Ibs., 7.80-750. HO-160 Ibs., 7.50-7.65. Bulk sows, G.65-6.90 Cattle. 1.800. ' Steers, 7.85-9.10. Slaughter steers, 6.50-9.50. and Slaughter heifers, 600-900 Beef cows, 525-6.40 Cutters and low cutters, 4.00- TELL YOU ev — I BOB - BURNS My dad use'ta tell me that a fella can get used lo anything— ev.n light shoes. He said if a fella if. around anything long enough it finally gets to be a part of him and he'd miss It If he had to do without it. I knew- an old fella, down home who was always ailln'. Kobody at home could remember a time when the old man didn't have somethin' wrong with him. Everybody prescribed medicine for him and he took all of It. i 0!1C morning u c came Into the doctor's office and lib face o' 8 , 8 P* Ie ., wlth frl 2»t- He said, "Doc, this Is the first time in 40 years that I haven't had an aclie or pain and I'm afraid somethin' Is wrong with me." Vnrl- NEW YORK. May II (UP)-Oot- ton closed steady. oDen hiirli low close 853 863 853 860 Leg By Stray Dog , - _ B cfc;y Bell, daughter of Mr. and wrcngtneiiliKj i< 3 national defense I Mrs ' J <"»cs H. Bell, was bitten on by tho Installation of a short-wave I tnc rl 8 nt leg by n dog yestcrdny PHvnte wireless equipment thatl atcrnoon - Tlic small dog. n stray will provide direct nnd continuous alllmtl l which had gone to contact with the British War Office and the Admiralty. May Jul Oct Dec Jan Mar 862 865 867 870 875 8G9 873 876 875 833 BG1 854 8(37 869 874 671 870 876u Spots closed steady al 868 one. up Orlf>an<* il NEW ORLEANS, May II (UP>-early Cotton futures recovered Icssos today and closed steady off 1 to up 2 points. open May Jul Oct Dec Jan Mar 87S 880 682 883 874 832 887 8DO 890 893 low 874 874 880 882 SS3 888 871 88! 885 888 830 893 Spots closed steady at 884 un changed. Mny July May July open 80 high 81 1-2 low close 79 5-8 81 1-8 77 7-8 79 1-4 77 3-8 79 1-8 Com 57 1-2 58 1-4 67 1-2 58 1-8 58 5-8 59 l-i 58 5-8 59 3-8 Keck, Killough, Ivy Crawford Are Unopposed 1 J LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. May 11 <OP>—There will be no contests for the Democratic nomination for slate senator In the revised 30th senatorial district (which now Includes Mississippi county alone), fnr tho t,"-r) i"Hi"<-i ..-> r i^ pllr ] »v, e prosecuting attorneyshtp of the second judicial district (ol which the homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. Rives Allen Hie day before, bit her when sho attempted lo chase it out of her yard. Tlic dog has been placed under observation for ten dnys to determine whether it Is rabid. j Betsy, who is almost four, has had her share of 111 luck recently. It was only about two months ago that she fell from the upper deck of a bunk, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Monaglmti, and cut her head badly. She was given tetanus shols al that time. Council To Keep Out Of Buil&ig Dispute The city council mot briefly last nlRhl to henr routine reports nnd adjourned without action or comment on inalor problems of UID cltv administration. The council, holding that a ills- Wtto between tho Byrd Construction coniixiny, erecting, tlio Kress building, and Iho Southwestern Bel) Telephone company, over location of a telephone pole was none of II? concern and refused to enter the controversy. The flushing of business section streets during llio summer months wns discussed but no definite action taken, It wns suggested that the city probably would sii?sest merchants Interested mnko their own canvass of the business district and ttike over prlninrv responsibility for cost of the service. Low nre department costs for the past month drew expressions of hope that the city's low fire alarm rate would continue. Lo« revenue, from Jlnes brought dissimilar comment but the covmcl was told that police had been active in breaking up theft rln^ mid that such work would not be revealed In the fine revenue report Fined SlTOiTChar« Of Stealing Chickens B. P. Burks was fined $10 in municipal court today after he entered a plea of guilty to a charge of stealing two chickens from a farm near Dell. V a r u a s Administration Quells Sudden Outbreak In Short Order Uy Untied Press A Ttelst rebellion In Brazil nnd a dnsh by l/jiltcd suites warships lo the Jujiancso besctgeil part:bf Amoy, on lha • China coast, today thrust world turmoil closer fo Americans, • Brazilian government forces, with < President Clctullo VarRas firing a revolver from Uie window of his imlnco, struck vigorously at an Incipient uprising by the outlaw rri- tc^rnllstri pnrty In Wo do Janeiro and announced after a nlRht-ot terror (hat HID rebellion had beeri crushed. Nuvnl forces, under Admiral Haul ffnvnros, allied themselves with tho Fascists and a faction of tho president's own tiuard tn seek overthrow of (hu six months old Vnrw Totalitarian reaiiiio but loyalists riished Mie rebel stronghold In the Ministry of Marine and renorted victory after innkina hundreds of. firrnsts. In China United States and Brl£ Ish warships rushed to AmoY to nrolect their Interests In conneo- •loti with a terrific Japanese naval ittnck on tho city. There were 38 Americans and 189 Britons In the dinner area na the Japanese, 'apparently sought to weaken the ohlnosa wmera! de/enses— nnd parficulirly lo strike closer to their military •nmply lino from tho south — by iclBlni? the nort of Amoy. In the north tho Japanese thrust 'heir olfotiRivo aialnat tho,lmnor- '•nnt luhghal railroad's kev cltv of suchow .without decision. Tho third scene of mlllUry actlvitv_swln~ con tinned, lo show small but st«ady rebel gains- WUY 12.000 loyalists, : to. ; . _ Tertiel region, in danger of beln* trapped. ' •, In Ciermnny" Adolf Hitler, returning from a week of conferences ind ceremonies with his partner 'n Iho Rome.Bertln axis, Fascist °remler Benlto Mussolini, faced a V-lslon on Nazi action fo\c»Rl probable next-steo 'i Qcrmanv's expansion in central Mirope. Informed sources said there •vere Indications that Germany would denoimcq Its 1933 concordat with the Holy See. In. Franco General Albert Nles'iel, former member of the supreme war Council, said that France was, powerless to give military aid to Czechoslovakia ns provided In her treaty In tho event Germany attacks tho Czechs. i m,miv k Australia Almost Had Shakespeare as Capital CANBERRA (UP)—Records have Third Member Of Guard Family Hit By Appendicitis The third member of the J. L. Guard family to undergo appendicitis operations recently \vos Miss •\follle Guard, 13, who underwent an emergency operation last night at the Blythevllle hospital after she was stricken 111 a few hours before. Miss Guard, only daughter ol J. L. Guard who Is now steadily recovering at the Blythcvllle hospital after having been crlticallj- ill since ,-. ••.itv^ii v/*»inuc.rviv/v i \Jrf —IUA.UIUS fl&VO K —--j «-. .n.iVL, iwn it was Must revealed that the capital of j (JL*^, 8 ^ 1 '* 6 " threc weeks n e° »L ,, - •,,,. • " -- "uo*. n.m juan 1LI1031.-U w.ll*s ^UtlCQ the time for filing for such offices "Shakespeare," due to tlie uncanny T, n °°m °^ ay 'r , , literary lastes of on American Ivy W. craworcl of Blythevllle, I traveling man named King O'Mal- rncinbcr of the lust general assem- ley, who had made a fortune, sell- 1 s a candldttte to tox Insurance In Australia and had become Minister of Home Affairs. The bard missed being "capltal- ,,, , _, „ . lzcd " bv 'he overthrow of tho cab? "'«""•»«»• "net and the organization of a new ' *«<* chose Canberra Instead. the ; county as a com pie to senatorial district for lime. Judges Iho first are as candidates for re- nomlnallon ns judges of the second Judicial district and Bruce Ivy, prosecuting attorney, who also seeks renomlnatlon and reelection, was also unopposed when the ''deadline" for filing passed. Ivy lives at Osceola, CLEVELAND (UP)—A lazy gunman politely obtained »40 from Robert Numberger, filling station attendant. He remained In his automobile and said to Numberger, "Good evening, mey r havo your .money?" . Because of her father's condlton he hns not been told of his daughter's Illness. Tuesday seems lo be an 111 fated day for the family because It was eight weeks ago yesterday that James jr., was stricken ill while attending college In Chicago. Ho underwent an emergency operation the following day and remained In Chicago until he was able to como home to convalesce. He had returned to school three days before his father was stricken and when his condition became critical he returned to be wllh him. ,^u?£**.>W> 1 Kpcrt« • any pain Cotton Chopping G?t» Underway In County It Is cotton chooolng- time acnln In Mississippi county/ Cotton 'has been growing rapidly, desnlte the recent cool weather, and clionping bas started throughout the countv, •"Inch is from seven to ten days "tirlfer than usual. Practically all of the work so far "os been done by peoole llvln? on the farms but It is evoectcd that many will be hired bv the day b»- "Innlns early next week. There are approximately IfWOOO icres of cotton to be chonwid t-vico vid some of It will bo chopped three nines before the harvest nett fall There is an abundance of labor al- roarlv here, It Is believed by those tomllfnr with the situation who "Cramming" for Reduces Girls' Weight NEW YORK (UP)— Hunter Col- cgo plrls have discovered that tho 3est method for losing welstht is :o burn th« midnight oil. Accord- Ing to the New York City Bureau of Educational Surveys, they paid 'or cramming in their last examinations uith a loss of 13860 pounds of weight. The bureau arrived at the flsnra by multiplying an average of 2 pounds weight loss reported by a representative group of M per cent of the students who engage n intensive study before and dur- ng examination periods. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday; slightly warmer la extreme west portion tonight, Memphis and vicinity — Mostly cloudy tonljht; Thursday fair, not much change In temperature; lowest temperature tonight, 53 to 60. The. .maximum . temporature here •esterday was 73, minimum 47, clear.

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