The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1947
Page 4
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_BLYTHEV1LLE (AUK.) COU1U1C11 NKWS §l}g|fe8tons , For Better Farming Featured Kor This Section's Progressive Fanners. FARM NEWS- FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 1947 Cotton Price Outlook Gets Attention of Experts U, of A. Analyst Studies factor, Shows Caution to ce n continuing trend for even |,,.| t , ( . supports Assured Die present season . Cotton prices are exacted lo The mnikel experts during re- averase lower for tin; 1547 crop cent week 1 ; had recognized a like- than for Hie past .season's nvndvi •.- lihood in the weakening prices for (Ion unless ihc crop i.s short, for the new crop months futures. Any the third time in a row. siibstanthil increase in consumer Government pri^e support of lesislance to cotton goods prices or !12 1-2 per emit of parity i.s assmvd' ii gonoral decline Hi prices nml' for Ihe IPi7-'!S .',-cason' and it is One of the ma.r-. questions bcl:ig] business nelivity may be expected possible Him the actual price level lo .show prompt reaction in de- "'" ' dining cotlon prices. Extreme)) 1 high mil) activity for peace-time dominate.; the demand! While Die lEH'i yield in Missis- for cotton. Total consumption InjSii'W County was liit;h. the over-! !'JIO--V7 i.i nlmost s nrc to exceed ja" nroduotion record for Arkansas the nine-million bales used by this ami other roltnn sl-ites was low. ccunlry in 19-'i r >-4ii. | With n favorable rrowinu season A fihnro recession In business and e v "flleni h:!rv,"st asked by fanners of Mississippi County today is "what price can I expect for my cotton in 10-17?" In a recent press release from th.elUnivefsity of Arkansas Cille^e of Agriculture, Trim'sle R, Hcd^ei, of~ihe-Department of Rural Economics and Sociology of the University ot Arkansas orfers an aii- Ewpr to .this oucsticn. The .price trcnrt of cotton has been rnther .steadilv upward sin:'0 the January 10 market average of 33.32 cents. There is no assurance however,, he stated, that this is will be .somr'.vhere near 1 Ihe prire established (>v surd support, Mr. llcrir, ( >s .staled. ' resistance to the rnt-ail prices for cotton nro- c'uttr, emiM slow down mill activity to r.'innr:e this favoral)le de- ••a'nd, however. m 1 Year Removed from Pedigreed and Treated StcmevJHe 2-B ond 2-C • ^ 5i &? CI 'EMISCOT - 1MIIHO. SteeSe, Missouri It Cuts! It Chops! It Loads! Any Hay Crop In 1 'Labor-Saving Operation The Massey-Harris S , i\f !|( y 11 *. " BrJfit M$&& o<y This is tho answer to your haying problems! With the Massey-Harris Fyvajjtu Clipper you cul, :hop atul load your iiny crop (haiullcs S lo 12 Ions oC green hay per hour) all in one operation. Ir. Ihis one operation you save time, labor ami untold expense. And . . . by using Uic Massey-Harris Forajre Clipper you .save losses usually accompanying previous poor handling. Massey-Harris Forage Clipper eliminates these: 1. Slow operation of mower, rake, loader and heist. 2. Shattering and loss through excessive hundiuig. 3. Lack cf adequate manpower. 4. The wcaifcer—always unpredictabSe at haying time. NOW . . . Meet the Machine that eliminates high cost! THE MASSEY-HARRIS FORAGE CLIPPER "61" Implement Company BOH SMITH North Highway 61 CART. WALLACE Phone 2742 S'V-hl in M'l.. Miimty a-eoilnt'-d "li"nt cne-fiflli n[ nil the mi- crown in Arkansas last ;;eur. I ho fov ton Mr Tr> Dernnnstration Club The Arrnorel Home l)"mons'rii- t'nii club held il.'; .semi-monlhly i«p.«tln« TwKiiny ul the home Mrs. C. N. I'atlerson. Mrs. Tnfl Mt'l/r,cr. club ptrsldenl, presided. '['he prOBram was opened with the devo'iona! nlvcn hy Mrs. Dyer Ciaruer and community K itiKlii[' led hy Mrs. w. I,. Smith. Mrs C. 7URES Published Every Friday in the i Interest of Farm Families of This j Agricultural Section. j Britain Bans Use of Gas, Electricity lor Heating After May 5 to Save Coai I.OVI3ON, April S3. tUP)—Tiic government yesterday forbade the use of (jiis and electricity for heat- after Muy 5' in n bid to nave tons of coal durlny vlio summer. Fuel Minister Emanuel shimvcll LOSS OF Wilke's INHALANT and AVEX NlfAlsANT: Uied «s « sprgy e s ,en ial oiti in A neutral oil bast, suprHoi o water preparations In that i» doc: ia( moisten the birds. &X: A liiiuld to be idministered ir :ne orinking water in connection with :. Composed of drugs which arc i mm tied through ihe respirator/ by thousands of Poultry raiscrx in the above conditions. J ounce bottle reipec- tively 60c .„, 50c For Sale by WOODS DKUG STORK told Commons the ban would be tober lot factories and offices. j K C said the [ircscnt Ijau on do- 1 "- 1 - 7 of ^•r l - 1 . lyclo u 1 ™ I hollrs a da >' *' ollkl " ; " UCl1 Ml4y (JIG PARTY—Everyone joir.s in on the frivolity during Cotton Cornivol week at Memphis wEiich tins year is cot for May 12-17. atJuH ono ol miik A. Vln.i.on KSIVP u tlcllillcd report of the meeting lield at Dogwood last, week n l which L. 11. nnrton. state Kxtnislnn Service and Horticulturist was llir principal i daily. s !' Cakcl '- Watch for cuUvorms. Prevent Mfss corn Lot' C.'nieniiin. liome damage by usinv; t-arcl^oard collars demonstration aurni. exhibited a aromui ynnni; plants, jnisli tiiem in- coinpleto warilniiic made from feed to the noil at least one-half linli. speks tliat was loaned lier by the. Control by spreading prison bait National Cotton Conned, '1'lils : Isitc '" i''e evcnins t'/. iioitnds waj-flroi]c showed cannfnts made ! wheat bi::n. one mince Pari:; Grec^ii. from feed, rloiir, mid other' cotton The wimtro't vwis tlic main topic or tliscimlon at Ihe meetins;. Miss Colcmnn cxhibKed daytime frocks liinnloi'es. ktddirs iTiinpers. lwf>- jjlcrt 1 suit.',-, mid oilier garments tiiiMk! from Hie flour anil feed l>ai;s. nnrlni; the .-.cclal hour, Mrs. C. C. I'.lliolt, recrcatlim ehat] - man. led tile group ill intm'.slinc | rcnte.s'.s Mrs. Dyer darner won ' 'he hlRh nri/i' of a vet of knlled i beveriiRi- holders. A pot liirh JiiiK'henn was .served Ihe members present at tlic meet- '• Ini?. Cinests inclnrled. rtov. Atkinson. Pyer Ciirnc-r and C. N. Patterson. Tlv UP-!, n-eftin-; of Ihc club •'•'11 he held at the home of Mrs. V.ert Ross in Dlvthevlll,. OD May I). Mrs. Ross formerly lived in Arrnorrl and retains her membership with the Armorei club. Form Aqents' Tips IT'S TIME TO-Mike second plantings of bcet,^. lettuce, carrots and r:\dishe.s. Try n^'rini; rmail pi-r::li pnles in the brooder house early. M'lrrh- halclieit chii-ks will ;.tart nsini; tllem readiiy by Ihe middle of April. Control rorcidiosis and oilier di- .nca.'.-cs and parasiti's in Ihe yonn^ chicks n-ilh a good sanitation prn- i:r:un. The family table is (lie best market, available for dairy product. Be sure that each child in the family drinks one <|iiart ol milk COTTON SEED Saved from Breeders' Foundation Seed DP&L 14 Delinted & Treated Germination Average 96% only a few tons on hand FLEEMAN GIN CO. Manila, Arkansas or Call Fred Flceman, 2923 one-half pint A<U1 cnoti^ water to iiK'kr.- u i-finubly niiL \vJi*'ii .slincfi tJiorwiyJily). M:\inLiiin liii;]i prochuuit^n in ti Ijiyini; floc'k lay c^Dtimious cit"i til the iinii-prodtitcrs. Tlu 1 Mo slionki Hvcviifits 20 uyjis per bird lins inoiitli. •Prunn For.'Mlna mid oUior .shrubs ! Unit luivc already blossomed this Wnlch tencirr shoots ol v iin<l other slinibs for aplndii* with niedtinc s\ilphalc o tact spvay. some politics iimy he: written for n longer jlc- rioa of time, check nil your once » ear. We ivill M .jn £9 fi xx ^tr £& *»"*&! Tf ft «9 *5 ES a H A R R I S S moo With ils hcavy^lulr. hl<jh ccmptr3s:on. E-cylindcr cncjinc. ll>i> new Massoy Harris "116" tracloi is made lo order for tarmcr= w!io wonl smoolh. steady. 3 plow porlormance. Ol Llicad dasign. 220 culj^c inrli dispWmenl. Iho "11.5" citqino ir, a husky indusitial lypj unit —Eimitar lo Ihc cnq'.no lormorly used in Ibo lamous "101 Senior" mciicl. TaWr.g your heaviest O.ploiv jobs in stride. Ihc new "446' will <jsl (ho'io'b dono ... and economically. Thanks lo ils hicjli eomprcscion ion- --,'i! get moro "go" oul ol ovsty gallon oi .jasolir.e. /ff ota /f anc Fcaluro lor (caluro you <jcl more in Iho now "<<f-6." Mor.i jwv;rr moro speed . . . more economy . . . moro slylc-. nolens ct |nci-:ical features mnV-c- Iho "<4-S" easier to handle . . . rn Oro coinfoi'V'' drive. Soil Elartcr. lull widlh plaltorm. "Vcbot Bido" real, ndh,, rear tread, q^iick responsive stccrjna. adjustable d:a\vhar th^<but n lev; o! Ihe plus values you'll cr.ioy when you put tho "il V work on your (arm. Five Spc?:.' (Tansmission gives you Ihe rit,)il - ; p lor c»ory job ... practical wotVinl speeds ranqina Irom 243 rr in low ijoar to 13. BZ m.p.h.. 5lh gear, lor haulimj. " Sec ui for all Ac details now . . . asV ior '-c;ir com- el I',,, Iraclor catalog— it's Ircol " c l*> ec<l v> Vt ' '6V implement Co. . - "'- V- S. Army, (IJicIiloi-o-nipliunal-TvicliloroL-tlianu) c:> rv !u- vo'i'-n lln'f, 1 '; 1 ''' 11 ; ' S rol( ' lu)l ^ ;n^ I'outicl in our store loffulhor with ii.-c. KNOW ^0bll DKAl.liK . . .WOOD'S DRUG STORK! mil's, lliis nieaiiH Iliat we can prnpL>rl\' iiflvise DDT AND OTIIEU STORK! . • , ,,,, • INSKCnciDlSS. you from on the SAI'T old reliable methods of usinir AUTIIOK1TIKS V Gil IMAL HEALTH AND PLANT DEPARTMENTS Most Co5-3T<pbf-e Stock of- insecS-scides and" Animal Drugs artrf Sern?ms fo Sc?s Missouri! Found Anywhere sn Northeast Arkansas or Southeast for Aerosol r».6' $2. Pestmaster DDT Powder Kills Cockroaches 25c and 50c DDT Solution Ready to Use Pints 40c; Quarts 75c Gallon $2.00 Dust KiLLS INSECTS Conies H«ndy Dusting Can DDT Barn Spray ('onUiiiiinj; a 50^ t'owdcr DDT f(i lie- niixt'cl (o Snil Your Needs Lb.$1.25 Lorvex Moth I'roof Yunr Clolhe.s •int Si?,e willx Siiray AUachctl lo Hot He Only $1.29 The Amazing New Garden Sensation HI.ACK l,!').\r "1(1" 1 ox :',"n': I c/. K':t\Y-K.\i!K <'()NI)I I or rou s Sl'I.MI 1 '/!'. Ni\\ Ireitlnu'iil for poimlry c!iloi-e;i mid pulloi-um ilise;ise Di. Hess I'ANA'iKN I'or Cliirlirns. p|,,.. 65 25 Insect and Fungus Dust for Plant Life Itlarkman's Medicated SALT IWICK for stock "miATOK", a soluble snlfalliia/.ole for use in drinking valor. Checks COUY/A in chickens. I'cslmii.slcr :! in 1 Irejilmcnl for Hoses In- S|7r, seclicide, Fungicide and stimulant I II) can o a • w A ML ^BI m A ROY WOODS- ouHu*OK-RALPH NICHOLS BLYTHEVILIES LOWEST PRICES WE DELIVER PHONE .507 22IW.MAIH.ST,

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