The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on August 18, 1929 · Page 7
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 7

Nashville, Tennessee
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Sunday, August 18, 1929
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THE NAIIIYILLS TEr;.ESSEAN 9Jt - TTTTTV Bell ji on hT titvty rl JLILMLJUUI if , Montana Blacksmit h'tb Have His . . First LocalrWorko ut Monday at Noon McCarthy Pictures Cubs as Being ; Hard Workin g Group of Players Cays Hornsby Has Caused No Trouble ard Deserves ' 'v Vs .. More Credit Than Anyone Else. ' Principhlsn Thursday's Heavy Mill Iri Sulphur Dell Lf'"l' Striblmg iti Hyvtfeife Tuesday Promotfcrt ExriectBe- - ' tween 7,000 and 9,000 Persons. . . f ... r - ' ' ' Zcntej Mornln?, August 18, Ol 1 Idiots mm :' By RAYMOND' JOHNSON ,.. vvnat promises, to s main-. vills's greatest; boxing ' bput , in; ' history ' ia expected to taka place ,Jn,(8uIohvDll i Tntirsdsy Ji-miht Whan Young &tftt0irig, of micon, ui ana rnnitii nine, the .Montana . blacksmiths mart4l!"!?!iTI5?KF0J!r1" in tha headline attraction, ; which will be -eiflht .rounds.', i A new attendance record for . boxing here la almost certain to be sat and tha oromotere are predicting that the bout will tee a new, state mark hung up. They expect between 7.000 and 9.000 persona. ; Tl udvunce ticket Bale-has -already passed the $3,000 mark, Max Schmidt, one ot the pro-i tnnters. announced last night,..., Practically all of the ringside and the r- majority of , the re-. served seats have- been sold. '"'' Uoth Strihllng and Wine will be in town not later than Tuesday noon. Wine is expected to arrive at an early hour this morning and will workout in Jim. Graham's gym. Fourth avenue and Commerce Ftreet, nt noon' Monday. strihllng will fly here Tuesdav from Kansas City where he fights Joe oeKyra tomorrow night. ' 1 Strib's 8eeond Here., The bout marks the second -appearance of Stribling in a local ring aince he began to swing the gloves An the professional class about nine s jai i hju. ... rus omer scrap nere ! .: s, down at the old govs Club on t' P C'Burch street hack in 1922. Larry u. ,i.,M,i,n no ills yuMVIloiit. both Fa and Ma Stribling. his parenta who serve as manager and trainer, respectively, .- , ' , Young Corbett of Chicago, and Willie; Ptomey ;f Wash. . . ingtont will meet in the semi-. wind up, . which . will also be , an eight round battle. Both Btrib was then a lightweight. $ " Since that time Strlbllna; has had h over 230 rind battles and has never ijkonce been, knocked out,' .Wine Is credited with - having . come the clo3et of putting over a hay maker on him. "W, L., as Strlb-llng Is frequently called, has been xeatured In a number of headline attractions in Madison Square Gar den and was also one of the fight ers the late Tex Rlckard selected fnn hlu fa .on..ll ftU ...hint. ... . Tataged down 'In Miami last Febru-I ary, just after the Kroatest of all . - promoters had died following an J appendicitis operation. The bout drew over $450,000 or one of the wrive largest boxing houses In his "tory of the Kama in the world. Strlbling has a record of 115 knockouts, hla latest victim being re Harry Fay, who was at first billed with the Southern boy for the local bout. The switch waa made when J Matchmaker Tom Humphreys learned that Strib and Fay were be to meet lir Little Rock last week. M Wine Whipped 8trib. Frankle'Wlne is one ttf the few . trytn It'hn Unvm it. 1 nun .1 QfM4kll. friAlthough they met in a 10-round ' col no-deelslon srpan in firrn1 V7nnM , J" j Mich., last September. Wine was P nluAn i ha (1 fill ..n. ifiintelnn - 1 . . C .- inn 'l. II .(.l.Jll 1 VI ' V 1 .1 . V 1 1 . ,1C . sot had Stribllng on the floor for a V Jng count of eight when the! bell ended "'the mill. According to newspaper JJS clippings, the Grand Rapid' - -tnnribes believe Wine would have Clo put Striding to sleep had he Vt opened up earlier. Wine was on l,rJihe defensive for the first seven ' Jtet rounds and then he cut loose on eoa w td una also Kayoea tilm. ( u K. O. Clirlst'rier, the Akron rub frni. ... . . i, ,M'r pecnier. wno createcr sucn a the "tlr In New York last fall when - diet he fought a draw with Jack Pharkey. was recently given a neat , JJJJI lacing by Wine. Joe Sckyra Is also " i,0 listed as Wine's victim. Romero : weeKoJas. Chuck Rurnn. Art Welgand fB5 Toleaux SiiKUero. George Courtney, eU-ew Chester. Lefty Cooper, Harry - heUlllon and Chuck AVIggins are adimong those Wino has either Mbenten or held to a draw. 5?J During his stay in Nashville, J'" Strlbllng will make several flights Ira over the city and surrounding towns ille will be accompanied here by HlQUEEN HELEN BEGINS DEFENSE OF CROWN i. we . American Champion Faces if i ,f J . Strong Field. h " L New York, Aug. 17 lUP)- With D. fcllelen Wills of Boikley, Calif., fa-i f.vored to win hvr sixth title thelSnd -f junnual VVoinuus national tennis 'i ((Championships will start at the liWest Side tennis club. Forest Hills, yi,. 1., Monday afternoon. e c TUu foremost challengers for aiMlss Wills' grown, are Uetty Nut-& eliall of KiicluiHl, who carried the ' 11 KJalUoriiia cliaiiiljloii to two dciice II piets in the Wlghtmun cup series; T 0ielcn Jacobs, ot California, who . T .Host to Mlsu Wills In the Wlmble- wi (Vlon final: Mrs. Michael Watson, U-ilim English matron who conquer-jj tni Helen Jacobs In the Wlghtmun 01 Ji:up matches: and Kdith Cross 1 a: i ho hlondo Sail Francisco steno- Jvrapher. V. if. the matches run true to form. J.Vviiss Wills and Miss Muthall Miculd meet in the upper half Iieml-flnal and Miss Jacobs and euvtrs Watson in the lower half iliracket. S Miss Wills has won the title five valines In tho last six years. Slie fliVBt won the championship by de-rioatlng Alolla Mnllury In 19-3 and i Jield It for the next two years, but jjvati iorcea to reiinquisn u in 1:130 fjvhen shu was 111 and unable tu Compete In the national champlon-hlpn. Sim came bnck to win it gain in 1027 and 1!28. Tli feature matches scheduled jfloml.iy fnllow: '2:30 Ethel Tiurkhardt. Pan 'ranclsco. vs. Marjorie Morflll, edham, Mass. 2:00 Helen Jacobs, Berkley, Calif., vs. Penelope Anderson, Richmond, Va. 4:30 Mrs. tlcliaei Watson. Kngland, vs. JoHe- Corbett wilt be remembered here aa the "youngster . who whipped Young JacH ' Dillkut ' about five) pr six years .ago . down at the Page garage. Sfhce, thn' he hag fought a number of times' In and around Chattanooga and then he went to Chicago where he has been light-ine almost weekly,' - ' Ptomey is one of " the fastest ftehters In: the game at hla .weight. He does not appear to have a very healthy punch, but he can box rings nround anything that has appeared here in a long, long time. In addition to the Stripling-Wine scrap andthe Ptomey-Cdrbett bout, there will be' two other eight round mills. Tickets are on sale at the Andrew i Jackson hotel. . The top prices are $S plus was tax with reserved I: sttais urinKiiiQ? aj una general aa mission seats selling for $2. NATION'S EYES ON FLORIDA, GATORS TELL WORLD Many Veterans to Be Back for. the Fall RoundUp. Gainesville, Aug. 17. Soon the eyes of the football ' nation will tnrn toward Florida, where th 'Fighting Gators" of the Unlver slty of Florida ran rampant over all opposition last season to reg ister 836 points and lead the en tiro tlnited "States lrr scoring. The summer activities of the memherx nt that famous Dolnt gathering machine, who return to (Continued from First Sport Page.) the fold this fall, should be of in- !i ' V v - f, ' j.l" " I- P ft .- :t; -- . v .y:: :-Vf : s ' :-rxb: M ( lif liilillillililM -. . - - - , r," maf - S. t'js Ilk- .jC:,iT';;iv'"''""j , i . j. .),. i- . : ; . " ......... . . , . Ruth Bangs Out Homer as" Yanks "' " ' Batter Tigers terest to the multitude ot football fans about the country. Ralney Cawthon, captain-elect, and star fullback, passed up It hours work In the University summer session and is now touring the state in the interests of the official 1929 . souvenir football program. Dale Van Slckel. end extraordl. nary, Florida's first All-American, also was a star summer school stu dent, lie Is directing junior base ball activities in Gainesville , this month. till WanliliHtloa. Koyce Uood breed, two overy. po- ooiin. if tent ball carriers, are lite guards I'ronln, ot Dva V V Went, cf . r . . I II ...... as ... . , J . 1 , ine iwo oig guaru sensaiiuns ui Spsncer, e l28, are both in Tampa worKingi Brown, p ten hours a day, six days a week. rv. ..I. Ul,.lru tab' i. ml l.lnvjl 1 TOtall Wilson, end. are aiso laDoring in nhkua rampa. Two freshmen of last fall, Metzitr. if who should be big factors this cuseii season, Carlos Proctor and Jimmy White, likewise selected Tampa as the city in which to attend sum mer vocations, Red" Bethea, a fine halfback, plres: McGowan, NalUn and Din- een. Time of game 1:34, '-' HOMERS HELP NATS Chicado, Aug. 17. JV-Home runs by Spencer and Croirin out distanced the White Sox today and Washington won the final of the series 6 to 2." It gave the Senators three out of four in the aeries. The damaga was accomplished in the seventh inning when the Grlffmen counted five runs, their entire to- Aan H FO A E 11 1 II 0 2 t Reyr olds, rf 4 Khlrei lb Hoffman, ox 4 Kamm, 3b 3 Karr, 2b Hers, c . Welland. nAdkins bAutrv hln Criilckshank, California. M at,' ,J:30 Helen .Wills, Herklev, Cnllf.. 2. ' - T....t,.v.,t., T....Anlv V ... 1 ' I iw '.v- B:00 ltotty Nutlmll. Knglnnd, it. ' ii . 1 1 iwinfii r it mm ut i iii ,m Rabbit Miirnnvllle, nt 37, Is one I "1 ,,r,Nl "bortstops In the Na- v onal I.cninio 3 Mark Koenlg finally convinced ... Ulef liUKRlns that he was a bet-SJr ahortstop than Leo Durochor. all n,1 onH Ian nnunriu hmivlor WBliana, p limn a. .am 1.aP.a la ri K , . is -A .h n I . ... " limn cin uciuiCi la a.tmit o'.'F plying the Atlantic seaboard Ed Sauls, 194 pounds of fullback TNT. helped paint the gymnasium of the University, but is now In Tallahassee, his old horn"?. Ben Clemons. center: Dale "Mud dy" Waters, tackle, and Leonard McLueas, back, after eight weeks ot husky painting in Gatorland. are now jn Waters old home state of Indiana. Harry Green, end, who was a member of the summer painting crew, is resting at Day tona Beach. Smiling Mike Houser, guard, is camn counsellor at Eagle River, Wisconsin. Wilbur James, guard, is at Camp Carolina. Joe Bryan, tackle, after a sum mer school in Gainesville, is now In Jacksonville. The same for Bill MeUao, husky guard, and Jimmy Nolan, who may be successor to Dutch" Stanley at right end for Florida Joe Norfleet, tackle, is still the big butter and egg man ot New berry. Tom Perry, guard. Is all of that and perhaps more over n his home Beach. Broward McClellan, quar terback. Is In West Milton, Ohio, and Johnny Bryson, another sig nal caller, is en route to Canada. "Million Dollar" Monk Dorsett, ace of the 1928 freshman team, of whom great things are expected, has been adding poundage and acarrltt, if bronze to his frame while working BntHrnck, et at Jacksonville Beach. He is around the 200-pound mark and as brown as a chocolate dipped rai- stn. "Monkey" Brennan, quarterback of tho "Baby Gators" of last year. Is with Dorsett. and he likewise is looking better than ever. The "Fighting Gators" will rally around the old pigskin for the first time on September 6. at Anastasla stand. Ht. Augustine, where n 10- day preliminary training camp will be held. The Rotary Club. an the Chamber of Commerce of St Augustine are cooperating In making the stay of the 'Gators a delightful and beneficial one. .35 i I 21 II 4 AB It H PO A r .58 0 4 0 0 S 0 2 1 I 1 0 0 0 When Young Stribltng, Macon, Ga., heavyweight, and Frankle Wine, the Montana fighting blacksmith, meet in Sulphur Dell Thursday night in the headline attraction, it will mark the first main boxing attraction in Nashvillein more than a score -of .-years. -The promoters-are predicting a crowd of Between 7,000 and 9,000,' or one of the largest houses that ever turned out for a ring show in ther state. Stribling,who, by the way, spends his leisure time flying, will arrSve here Tuesday via plane. . ffBatE (Continued from First Sport Page.), 1 th Chicago Cuba are ' prospective champions of the National league thia season, a little additional Jn- I formation about the players who are almost, certain to meet. the. Philadelphia Athletics in the World ve ries. is not amiss." ' - Tor thia InformaUofinoe McCar thy, the genial Irish leader of the -ubs, was cross-questioned at his notei loaay - neiore me unicago-Brook'yn game at Ebbets field. He gave 'ne roiiowing iruormaiion; : "Hornsby He is the hardest 1 worker on the team. No player de aervea more credit for the success of the Cubs thia season than Horns 1 by, I have not had one bit of trou 1 hla with him and bis advice and help have aided more than one' of the younger players. There, la' no more 1 conscientious, loyal and hard work er anywhere than Hornsby. i ' "English He is one of the com 1 Ing great : shortstops of the game. He la only 22 and baa improved tremendously under Hornsby's .tutelage. Rooming with Hornsby, English has learned, much about base-j ball which it would have taken him I years to learn if he had not had i Rogers' help. . "Cuyler There Is not a finer kid Finals Reached ' In Playground Tennis Tourney Finali , were reached in the nn nual playground tennis tournamen yesterday out "iat tho Centennial courts when the champions and runners-uD of each of the twelve city parks came together. Due to the large number ot contestants, only one ' set waa played In each match until the semi-final round was reached. Then two out of three sets were played, just aa they will be In the finals- . Results of the 11. 12 and 13-year- 01a coys follow: 1 Douglas Doty (Richland), beat William Plnkerton (South). 8-1: Donald Goad (McFerrin) beat - .. a. r! e B . "arry , mussDaum (Morgnn, o-ij (Continued from First Sport Paae.1) Elr0(1 Qrimsley (South) beat: Ma rion Brooks (McFerrin), 6-4; Sam U New York, Aug. 17. (UP) Sine 1 In baseball than Cuyler. Many por- Vandy Mentor Faces Four Big Tasks This Fall are far better fortified for a battle to the death.. One of the combats will be staged Thursday. Its art off day on the card, for both fac tions. ..... e 1 27 t o Total 35 a Ran for Bers In th. b Batted for McKain in th. Score by Innings: Washington 000 000 5005 Chicago , 000 200 0002 Summary Runs batted In: Kerr, Spencer. Goslin, Cronin 3. Home rung; Spencer. Cronin. Two base hit: Kamm. Sacrifices: Reynolds, Kamm. Stolen bases: CIsselL Hayes. Hit by pitcher: by Well and (Brown). Struck out: by Welland "4. McKain 0,. Brown 1. Hits: off Welland 9 in 6 1-3 in nings, McKain 0 In 2 2-3. Base on balls: off Welland 3, McKain 2, Brown 2. Double plays: Cissell to Shires. Cronin to Myer to Judge. L.ert on bases: Washington 9. Chi cago 10. Losing pitcher: Welland. Time 2:03. Umpires: Guthrie, Hil-debrand and Ormsby. REEVES' HOMER WINS St. Louis, Auir. 17 (1P Reeves' more over . mo . f. . . - -.-" town of Daytona KVT" A" """ ...v ..c, mju. ,u KitLlfc (Jill in St. Louis Browns today, 1 to 0, In the final game of the Rerles and thus win three out nt four. Danny ivmcrayaen neia tne .Browns to three hits. Boat on FiarreU, rf Regan, 2b Todt. lb . A. Gastfin Rhvnu. n facFayden, Totals ... Hi. Iula Mellllo. Ib Wrtlowan, Blue, lb Manusli, If K resn, sa . Siliulte cf Ferri?!!. c Stewart, p xlladKro . . AB R H PO A K . 4 ..4 ..3 ..3 ..3 ..3 ..3 1 13 0 3 1 0 1 0 31 t 27 14 t AB R H PO A E rf Totals .S3 0 3 37 13 3 NASHVILLE GAS TAKES TWIN BILL FROM HILL Close in Full Game Leading Printers. on The Nashville Gas boys captured both ends of a twin duel with (he H. G. Hill Tercolators yesterday to closo in on the league-lending Marshall & Bruce Printers. Only a one game margin separate these two outfits and they tangle In tho only other affair remaining on their schedule next Saturday : . . ..: : The gas gang took the opener by a S to 0 count, and followed this up by winning the nightcap 4 to 2. Tho last game will either put the tenuis in a deadlock, necessitating a playoff or It will give the Printers the Industrial AA flag by a two game nu"'- xBatt1 for Stewart in 8th. Score by innings: Boston 100 000 0001 St. Louis 000 000 0000 Summary Runs batted In, Reeves. Two base hits, Melillo, Schulte. Rothrock, Todt, MacFay-den. Home runs, Reeves. Sacri fice, Regan. Double plays, Melillo to Blue: Rhine to Regan to Todt; Heeves to Regan to Todt; Scarritt to Todt. Left on bases, Boston, 4; St, Louis, 3. Base on balls, off MnrKayden, 2. Struck out, by Mac-Kaydon, 2; by Stewart. 1. Hits, off Osden. 0 in 1 Inning; off Stewart, 6 In 8. Losing pitcher, 8tew-nrt. Umpires, Campbell and Owens. Time, 1:21. Knrel Kozoluh. pro tennis player from Czecho-Slovakla, was retained to coach the V. S. Davis cup team. Ignaclo Fernandez broke into headline bouts In New York by stopping Al Singer. lie. then lost decisively- to Tony Cansoneti and Kid Chocolate Ivory hunters from, the Big Show have strange and singular methods of weighing the assets and liablll ties of a gent In the bushes. Of course, if universal .opinion existed as to the demerits and merits of a swatter or. slabber, great dis aster- would occur. For spies sent forth by major mags would trample one another to death, in their eag- erness to pluck some gent. Plenty of gum shoo folks .from the Upper t ier turned up their nose at Paul Waner. There were some who even went so far as to predict that Walter Johnson - would keep his light hidden under a bushel in the tall grass. - But there cams, to 'Sulphur Dell not a million years' ago a spy who sniffed at Tom Oliver, the Taav-eler flychaserr and declined to become interested in any dollars and cents concerning him. "He cannot hit. All he gets ia. singles," waif the ungrammatica verdict of he ivory seeker. Yet Tom Oliver Is In front of the Dixie parade right now In hits and total satchels. A year ago he was right up there with Ulllott Blgelow, the Baron fence buster when the tabulation of extra base thumps hud been completed,. One reason why Tom Oliver attracts so little attention is -because he makes everything appear to be such a almpl tnsk. He is too often standing under the ball. -Once George Burns, "a noble flychaser, was fired by John McGraw because he made nothing look-, difficult and thereby -caused' a few. huzzahs from tha Bug Brigade. Some of tlwse here, scouts regard gents In the minors who do their work with little effort from the same angle the ball tosser of whom Buga Bae'r wrote; viewed his eating. . He never drank his coffet) from a cupu which had a handle. For he i wanted : to j : make every chance look hard. - 1 Those Vols play a' dual role In their duel with the touring Mobile Bears down In Sulphur Dell this afternoon. They Will become base-ball'a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. They will be at hjomfl but they will be visiting.. Those Mobile JVar who -have moved the whole kit and 'kerboodla of . their home games are to bs - host to the Vols -although they will be invaders. . , They will have the last . "go round" at bat. For if Those Vols followed out the schedule they would b down in Mobile .this after noon. It Is all mixed Up but jnaybe you' 'can 'make heads or tails of It. At any rate Those. .Vols will take the place ot the visitors and ,the visitors will take the place ot. Those . Vols. That is In everything the final score pro vided the plans of Psnts Rowland St Co. are not garbled. There will be the customary donation of wrist ' watches, Harold Shyer will tie on on the arm of Spenca Adams because of his vsluo in slugging four baggers here of late, Jo Jo Klugman, the grand old man, whose wise noodle has been ot such benefit to Those Vols will be another gent to be decorated. ' Soehler, the fireball hurler may get the call.- He says' he is ready Whether Pants Rowand is ready for him or not w something else Vain. Although there still are some down in Crackertown who bemoan the truth of Those Vols, Morgan Blake, down in Atlanta, is not amongst te number who snoot at the - Rowland faction, "It's time some of the smaller towns were winning a flag," he rites. "The big Cities have had a monopoly on the pennant too long. 'Twould be a good thing for baseball if Nashvillo was to win." Kansas City Star Says Strib Will : Fight Schmeling Ksnsss City, Aug. 17 (JP) The Kansas City Star will say tomor-rof that Gabe ' Kaufman, Kansas City fight promoter, has signed W. L. "Young" Strlbllng, Georgia heavyweight champion contender, to Max Schmeling, the German sensation, in the 1930 "battle of the century," some time after the first of the year. The bout, the Star will say, will be staged at Miami Beach. Kaufman said Joe 'Jacob's, Schmelllngs manager will arrive here . within a week to sign the contraot. Old Man Grey remarked, when he Katz (Dudley) beat Guy Hendricks waa roeaiiaung over mo tuuiu&u (Morgan), 6-1; JJOUsTIas Doty prospects for his village team, one (Richland) beat Donald Goad night in a country churchyard: (McFerrin), 6-0; Elrod Grimsley "Full many a gem of purest ray (South) beat Earl Padgett (How-: serene ell). 6-4; Pascliall McDowell (Res- Tbe dark unf at homed caves of ervoir) beat Sam Katz (Dudley), ocean bear." : . 6-3; Douglas Doty (Richland) beat Kerwln May Be On Wing UBtJSn Bu"ptt MReservoir), 6-4, . Thl. Tnr.1, f.rwln from lnls. .El?A Grlmsley (South) beat vllle Male, High, may help dispel f"cnaU McDowell (Reservoir). 6:?, IVT tZl IZ X,Hn viJV Following are the result of the oyer the end situation at Vander- u d 18.year.old -,,-.",-. S - ;-,V,:,rrf - Charles MUrphy (Reservoir)" beat. rv " rr moo Archie (Centennial), 6-1; his eleven there. .But ha has never CharIea MurpIl (Reservoir) ' beat r:r",T"".sr:rH:,',.r";,. cower (Dudley), -: An IV .1 , V .T .Vol McDonald (Howell) beat John Link ouutiKiii QuuKiH. . j (Morgan), 6-1; Charles Murphy pound cargo of poison at Georgia (Reservoir) beat George Cantrell i B" ,y. , . . I t (South), 6-4:' T. Doremus (Mc- Vance Maree. Still ten minutes of Ferrin) beat Arls McDonald (How- aeierminanon is worm ion ions eii,. John T- Haley (Centen- welght and ten tons of experience. nlaI) beat Herbert osment (Mor- And Tuck Kerwin, if he unfolds sran) j.0. wm Grimsley (South) that asset, will wipe off the cob- beat Paul Littte (McFerrin). 6-3; webs from the Vandy nanus. Charles Murphr (Reservoir) beat ur course even wun an ine om- T. Doremus (McFerrin), 6-4, 6-2; talion of backs which Dan Mc- will Grimsley (South) beat John Gugln can muster, they will be like T. Haley (Centennial), 7-6, 6-3. chaff unless the Vandvy mentor can Following are the girls' results: construct a stout line. Fielding Mary Veltrie (Centennial) beat Yost once chirped that you can tie Louise Scott (Morgan), 6-0; Mii- the football around a pupy neck dred Weatherly (South) beat Lois and he will make ground if there Dean (Shelby), 9-7 Margaret are smashing forwards ahead ot Murphy' (Reservoir) beat Sarah him. No one has yet had the tern- Phillips (Shelby). 6-8; Esther erity to debate that matter with White (Centennial) beat Dorothy the Michigan wizard. Waldlng (Morgan), 6-1; Dorothy The advantage . of alternating Sloan (Richland) beat Sue Duff backfield are manifold. They per- (South), 6-2; Mary Veltrie - (Cen- mit powerful blows to be launched tennial) beat Mildred ' Shropshire against tiring teams. Then tnere (Richland). 6-4; Esther White is the poslblllty of developing more 'Centennial bat Margaret Mur- versitalitv from so many backs. nhy, (Reservoir), 6-4; Annie Mai The ideal combination of course Is "le (McFerrin) beat Dorothy one that swing wide, punch the Sloan (Richland) - 6-4 p- Mlldrea iin ot.h nn.. To h. nffeptlvo a Weatherly (South) beat Mary Vel- backfleld must have a conceal- CnW.. -4. 7-1; EstherJ ed threat. There is no question ftWU. "tennial) beat Annie Matf ' The (combat ia booked for X o'clock, Beter bs there early, You mteht have to do a heap of standing up trying to find a place to park your onntomv. No telling who will hurl the baseball. George Elites Lose Opener To Indianapolis A. B. C. The local Elite Giants dropped their opening affair with the In-d lanapolls A. B. C. outfit y ester day by a 17 to 12 score. The bat tle turned out to be a slugging match with the. invaders taking the bigger end. The visitors hammered Spearman and L. Williams for 16 safeties while the locals touched Davis and Drew for 12 hits. These two outfits will tangle again today in a twin bill at Wil-n son' park.' The first game is slated" to start at 2 o'clock. Score by innings: hue A. B. C 621 213 11017 16 2 Elites 431 121 00012 12 2 Batteries: Davis. Drew and Jef-fy: Spearman, th Williams and N. Williams. ii I,, iK- Three Sandlot Teams Forfeit Saturday Games Three local sandlot battlegrounds were quiet yesterday as that number of teams drew a forfeit. Har-ley-Holt, Pnitofflce ' and Kings' Kowboys failed to have enough men on the field. These teams are out of the flag chnso so have lost all Interest in the tussels. Harley-Holt forfeited to Hur-', Kandy Kids while "the .Standard Plumbers drew the Kowboys. This was the third straight game thnt the, Postofflce crew has forfeited, this time to the Marshall A Bruce Printers, " . . .. ' As Nashville Gas- ijok both twin of a twin bill from the ll. O. Hill Percolators, they moved to within one game of the Printers leaving the deciding tilt on the slate for next Saturday when these two yearns mi ...... but that the menace ot Bill Spears' passes made Jimmy Armistead high scorer two years ago. BUI Spears forced the enemy to thin out. That made the enemy s wall so porous It was less difficult to puncture. The ro has been a great hue and cry about Vandy amassing a nuar- tette of heavy backs. But that ar rangement Is not the dream of coaches. Overpowering an enemy by sheer power is the exception which proves the rule in this day of open warfare. Vanderbllt, if it can develop Little (McFerrin). 6-2, 6-8. TED VAUGHAN TO STUDY BALLISTICS sons said 1 would have trouble wiih him when ho Joined us after his unpleasantness- at 'Pittsburgh, but he has never caused me a minute's worry. Ile is one of the fastest players in the league .and a dangerous hitter. :"'' Witson-MEwrybody Known' Hack. There's not much else that I can . say about . him except that he ia ln there playing his head off all the ' time. He is one of the hardest hitters' in the league and can cover the outfield in a class with any of them. "Stephenson Quiet and easy going, Stephenron is nevertheless, a valuable cog in our machine. With,f Hornsby and Wilson, he forms the- backbone of our attack. He has fighting spirit to the 'nth' degree and keeps playing his hardest unti'j j the last man is out. :-'"! -iv-i "Grimm Grimm does not have ait.r high batting average as some of the other National league, first . baseman,' but I wouldn't trade him for any of them. He is a clever, capable all-around man. . v "Heathcote-Over a atretch of la: 1 or 14 games there is no better out--j j fielder in the league. Only his fral J physique' keeps him from being a " great star. -' . . .. . ... ... ' , , "Bush The nest pitcner in 'J National league and I believe the n, best rhrht-hander In baseball. He.. has lost onlv two games thia season' and has pitched some of the great est baseball I have seen slnoa twur been in the league. ; : j ; "Root He. returned to form this . season after being handicapped by a,i Illness last year. He's a great pitch ?, ; Carlson He has regained mutt health and hasn't lost a game elncs, Julv 4. winning six in a row. ny- Malone Another fin rlght7m;-. handed pitcher who has done valu able work all season, -.' - oit-"Nehf He is still a great pitcher"! "5 despite the fact that he was count-'?". eil as through several years ago. Taylor Wo were lucky when we tr- picked up Taylor from the Braves: " He. is now our first string catcner , ... and has performed capably alnce,... he joined the team. , ' "McMillan A better player tnan - he la given credit for being. Since,. r Hornsby corrected several faults in-" ' his batting he is a much better hit-1" - "Blair He's a second baseman, ,. but can be used as a substitute at""' shortstop or third base." IS I Leo Lomski and ? Walker Finish ; : Fight Training: :t ';. ,'"Z , ?:H Philadelohla. L Aug. . lfUrV)',: MicteV Walker: mlddleweieht chabploni and; lo i.omsHi..X .the t Aberdeen ..(Wash.) Assassin.- com-., . pleted training tdday at their re-5'' spective .training .camps for. thelr'. to-round bout at the municipal ata-y dium Monday night. ,.i From the hills of Harvey's Lake -Pa.. Jack Kearns. manager of th 'V Jersey toy bulldog, predicted that-.vr.' Walker would knockout Lomski. u i Inside of five rounds. After comoletin his training- at Leipervllle. Pa., Lomski was on,.j ' fident that h9 would decisively de-i. . feat Walker and pave the way foi.;, , a campaign to . win . the ' light-,, o ( heavyweight championship, which t ; ' Tommy Loughran soon will relin-y quiSh ;t-':'.t;;t . Lomski will outweigh Walker by t,; about 11 popnds. Lomski, a legiti . -. mate light-heavyweight, will welghao-j about 175 pounds and Walter about- i. ;: 164. Lomski also will have con-,. .. slderable reach and height on th..iji middleweight champion. ., ay, i . The bout will be the first Import, tant match held in the Sesqui-0,(i Centennial arena since the flrstmsb Dempsey-Tunney fight in 1926. 7 Lomski has been made a slight, i-i favorite in the early betting. -rt;n S. Davidson Herron of ; Plttsl? burgh, who beat Bobby Jones tor-.,, the national amateur title In 1919,'!,.. Is the new Pennsylvania amateur., u , champion. ;' Officer to Be With New York Squad. With the departure of Tid Vaughan, special Investigator at faphnrf tn th ttfotk ftt ittnrnov. nH.hi.Vi? Rlchar1 X- Atkinson, for r?TJ nit "."J .SmShi. York Saturday night. It was do not pop open at the seams has .. . u . .. , , the greatest oportunlty in y ...... , . , . - l Willi ilia ixiunb inuuistn iiiBMns vi w -" m.uC vyi"- vestlgation will be established in Ju-iL " l"f. k. k. ' future in conpecUon wltn 1US. ..hit:. -iura: ill . I., . ,h. II t tnrn 1 i IT H B l'a tiff HK. comes flustered. And a football foe which is upst is easy prey. Dynamite Blast Rocks New Albany and Louisville Nw Albsny, Ind.. Aug. 17. CP) A terrific blast this afternoon rocked this "ity and the west end of Louisville. Kir., across the. river After completing a month's study of forensio ballistics, or .sclentlfio nrearms identification in civil and criminal cases, Mr, 'Vaughan will procure the oroner equipment for establishing the bureau here, and such a division should he in o Del ation in Davidson county within the next sixty days. Mr. Vaughan will study with f.m here! shtttered co"unti, win. Calvin dows. The explosion occurred when officials attempted to destroy two tons of dynamite. Apparently no one was injured. Residents within a radius of five expert, and with the New York po lice department, where he will be the guest of Police Commissioner Orovor C. Whaien and will be attached for a time to New York's esme iu. ni uui n, .an.u farrmua homicide souad.- miles heard tne mast ana rusnea , ..,nKii.h,.hf r m. hur.n.i will mark the beginning of the op- out of their houses. The blast wrecked the home of Carlson Bell, 300 yards away, and windows in residences a mile away were shattered. No one was in the Bejl home at the time. . MOVIE STAR WED3 New York, Aug. 17 VP) Tho eratlon of the first such division in the Southern states, it is be lieved. The system Is highly rec ommended by all high police au thorities, many -courts ana soms of the leading criminal lawyers in the United States, it Is asserted. Daily News tomorrow will say that Tomrnv Avcock Wins Carol Dempster, motion picture I ommy rty cock wins star, was married secretly this A.Kvill P.ftlf. Mftftt week to Edwin 8. Larsen, vice- president of P. W. Chapman & Ashevllle. N. C Aug. 17 (Ac company, investment bankers. Tho Tn:nmy Aycock of Jacksonville to- News will say the couple is beiiev- day defeated Al Ulmer also or ed to on the Leviathan bound for of Jacksonville 4 up and to to ploy a honevmoon abroad. 1 in the final of the eevonth annual Baltimore Forest Country Club invitation golf tournnment. ; note No. 8 at .Winged Foot. where, the National Open was held. Is a hard one. Johnny FurreJI took an I and Bobby Jones a 7 there. . Laverne Fator In early July led metropolitan jlckeys.wlth a record ef 83 flrt, 16 seconds and 13 .thirds for 121 races. - . Judge: This officer states that he found you two fighting In the middle of the street. , Defendant: The officer has mis-led you. When he arrived we were trying to separate each other. Yale Record, Rabbit Maranvllle Is mentioned as the 1980 manager of the Bos ton Braves. . i towawaysS try .1 'lev .'!"' .al' ,lnnh . iT.".'. are becoming almost an epidemic, the Graf Zp- , pelin also finding one on board after the ship had. started. Our last advertisement on stowawaya , still holds good. We don't , carry them in our stock y because they are danger- ous. All the merchandise 1 here is the very best ob- ' tainable and no inferior jj ',. or cheap or unwanted , ''-'!'. merchandise finds Its way to our store. Buy here t; ?V, and you are assured of . jj-. the best at ( the lowest , i!? .' prices. ' ';''r r- Madras Collar Attached Shir rt'. rts: $1.35 3 for $4.00 ,iO EFirsiimlli Church at Fifth . HALT CEKTLTY Or SINCUM SMITH 1' i ''

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