Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on August 5, 1999 · Page 62
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · Page 62

Chicago, Illinois
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Thursday, August 5, 1999
Page 62
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Tempo 8 Section 5 Chicago Tribune, Thursday, August 5, 1999 To see the next 2 weeks of listings now: chicagotribune.comgotv Daytimenight owl highlights For daytime Mon.-Sat. listings, please refer to the Sunday TV Week 1 Photo by Joe RimkusKnight-RidderTrlbune Billy Mitchell, new world record holder with a perfect game of Pacinian, stands with his next project: Ms. Pac-Man. Pacs be with you Patriot eats every dot for 3,333,360 points, becoming 'Wayne Gretzky of video games' By Daniel de Vise Knight-RidderTribune MIAMI Billy Mitchell is the first and only person in the world who has ever played a perfect game of Pac-Man. His feat comes after 20 years of Pac-Man play and an estimated 10 billion coins plunked into Pac-Man machines worldwide. Arcade dwellers liken the accomplishment to pitching a Major League baseball game and striking out every player. Mitchell, a 34-year-old hot-sauce manufacturer from Cooper City, has acquired godlike status among their ranks. "Someone has to be the Wayne Gretzky of video-game playing," said Walter Day, the pre-eminent keeper of records for arcades nationwide. "So why not him?" What Mitchell did, in a two-day marathon over Independence Day weekend with scant sleep and no food, is maneuver a pie-shaped protagonist through 256 levels of Pac-Man play without missing a single point. His Pac-Man ate every dot, every energizer, every enemy blue man and every fruit along the way. And he never died; Mitchell used only one man. Mitchell played for nearly six hours and scored 3,333,360 points in the record-setting game, played in a New Hampshire arcade. The victory cost him one quarter. Already a titan in the videogame industry, Mitchell holds the world record on the classic Donkey Kong game. He once played a single game of Centipede for 47 hours. Some people might consider such exploits a moronic waste of time. But to Mitchell, they are the essence of competition. "I have an absolute passion, a fever, to be No. 1," he said. "I think that's where the thing grabs hold of me." Once an adolescent video-game obsessive who spent up to 20 hours a day in the arcade at Grand Prix Race-o-Rama in Dania Beach, Fla., Mitchell is now a 6-foot-4, bearded adult who presides over a $5 million hot-sauce business at Rickey's restaurant in Hollywood, Fla. His quest for the perfect Pac-Man game goes hand in hand with a nationwide revival in classic video games. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and their progeny are the royal family of video gaming. Created by the Japanese firm NAMCO in 1979, Pac-Man became an international smash and dominated the golden era of coin-operated video arcades, which lasted from the late 1970s until the mid-1980s. Wildly popular among children and adults of both genders, Pac-Man spawned Pac-Man wallets, Pac-Man backpacks, a Pac-Man cartoon show and a song called "Pac-Man Fever." After languishing through most of the 1990s, Pac-Man and its ilk have enjoyed a resurgence in the past year. Men in their 30s now compete to set records on the classic video games that they mastered as pimply teens. Mitchell was just the right age to rise to stardom among the legions of arcade gamers. But when Pac-Man and similar games faded in the mid-1980s, Mitchell stopped playing video games completely and turned to the family business. He is the son of Bill Mitchell Sr., owner of Rickey's restaurants in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, Fla. Mitchell returned to the arcades last year to join a new wave of competition. It took him 60 days of practice to regain his form. The quest for the perfect game has played out between a handful of players. Chris Ayra, a longtime friend of Mitchell's who works at a Already a titan in the videogame industry, Billy Mitchell holds the world record on the classic Donkey Kong game. He ' once played a single game of Centipede for 47 hours. Now that he has a perfect game of Pac-Man under his belt, he has set his sights on Ms. Pac-Man. Miami-Dade Publix, holds the world record on Ms. Pac-Man. That mark is Mitchell's next target; he has been practicing on a Ms. Pac-Man machine at the Hollywood restaurant. Last May, a Canadian rival beat Ayra's previous Pac-Man record and came within 90 points of a perfect game. Mitchell, a patriot, was incensed. He traveled to the Fun-spot Family Fun Center in Weirs Beach, N.H., a sanctioned spot for official Pac-Man competition. Clad in red, white and blue, he arrived on July 1 Canada Day and vowed to break the record by the Fourth. "I'm guaranteeing victory," he boasted, paraphrasing legendary football quarterback Joe Namath. Mitchell's first attempt at the record ended ingloriously after two hours when a child accidentally unplugged an entire row of games. He kept at it. Victory came around 5 p.m. on July 3. Winning at Pac-Man isn't pretty. Screens 21 to 255 are identical, making for several hours of rather boring play. At screen 256, the last one, the computer itself begins to malfunction. Its memory full, the machine fills half the game screen with random letters and numbers. The player must navigate through the muddled playing field to scoop up the last few points. Then, every point exhausted, Pac-Man must die. There is no ceremony, no parade of Pac-Men. Just an anti-climactic announcement: "Game Over." Nielsen listings Here are the Top 10 Chicago prime-time shows, based on the Nielsen Media Research ratings for the week ended Aug. 1: 1. "Frasier" (rerun) (NBC); 2. Tie: "Friends" (rerun) (NBC) and "2020" (Wednesday) (ABC) ; 4. "Frasier" (rerun, special) (NBC); 5. "2020" (Monday) (ABC); 6. "ABC Monday Night Movie: A Kidnapping in the Family"; 7. "E.R." (rerun) (NBC); 8. "Home Improvement" (rerun) (ABC); 9. "Will & Grace" (rerun) (NBC); 10. "Dateline" (Tuesday) (NBC) The national Nielsens were not available. Movies Talk 9 a.m. TCM Key Largo '48. BW Humphrey Bogart is a disillusioned World War II officer whose sense of justice is reawakened with the arrival of an evil, two-bit gangster, played with gusto by Edward G. Robinson. The last of the intellectual, existential gangster dramas. 'NR' 10:45 a.m. TCM The Asphalt Jungle '50. BW Sterling Hayden. A quirky gangster classic directed by John Huston about the "perfect crime" and how the crooks' character flaws make them spoil it. The film's seedy realism is downright oppressive. 'NR' Noon LIFE Dangerous Affection '87. Judith Light, Jimmy Smits. Detective meets pregnant woman whose son can ID killer 'NR' 1 p.m. TBS Weird Science '85. Kelly LeBrock, Anthony Michael Hall. Teen nerds computer-generate magical beauty 'PG-13' 1 p.m. USA How I Got Into College '89. Anthony Edwards. High-school senior applies to dream-girl's college. 'PG-13' 2:30 a.m. AMC Who's Afraid of Virginia Wooff? '66. BW Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton shine as the explosively bitter middle-aged couple in Mike Nichols' adaptation of the Edward Albee play 'NR' Shirley MacLaine is on Bravo's "Actors Studio." r l f I Today: 7 a.m. on WMAQ-Ch. i ' A 5 Gene Shalit; Dr. Bob . i nt I Arnot; entertainment news; , I dealing with shingles. Good Morning America: 7 a.m. on WLS-Ch. 7 Joel Siegel. This Morning: 8 a.m. on WBBM-Ch. 2 Medical report; Mary Chapin Carpenter. Next Door With Katie Brown: 8 a.m. on LIFE Over the Coals. Barbecuing; grills and hibachis; herbs; Cornish game hen. Leeza: 9 a.m. on WMAQ-Ch. 5 Teen-age drinking. R Oprah: 9 a.m. on WLS-Ch. 7 Time capsule for 2000. 700 Club: 9 a.m., 10 p.m., 1 a.m. on FAM Tuberculosis. Regis & Kathie Lee: 10 a.m. on WFLD-Ch. 32 Steve Martin; Dave Foley Inside the Actors Studio: 10 a.m., 5:30 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. on BRV Shirley MacLaine. Sally Jessy Raphael: 11 a.m. on WGN-Ch. 9 Guest updates. R Power Lunch: 11 a.m. on CNBC Orlando, Fla., busi nesses. Burden of Proof: 11:30 a.m. on CNN From the American Bar Association's Annual Meeting. Donny & Marie: 1 p.m. on WFLD-Ch. 32 Smokey Robinson; swimsuit model Audrey Quock. R Forgive or Forget 1 p.m. on WPWR-Ch. 50 Rumors ruin relationship; custody case; wedding no-show. 700 Club: 2 p.m. on WWTO-Ch. 35 Tuberculosis. Crook & Chase: 2 p.m. on TNN Joel Sonnier. Rosie 0'Donnell: 3 p.m. on WMAQ-Ch. 5 Rene Russo; Richard Belzer; Mary McDonough. R Burden of Proof: 3:30 p.m. on CNNFrom the American Bar Association's Annual Meeting. Montel Williams: 5 p.m. on WCIU-Ch. 26 Surprise confessions of love. One on One With Dick Schaap: 5:30 p.m. on CLSC Mario Andretti. CNN & Entertainment Weekly: Midnight on CNN "Talk" editor Tina Brown. Politically Incorrect 12:05 a.m. on WLS-Ch. 7 D.L. Hughley; Cyndi Mosteller; Alexander Chaplin; Kelly Hu.R 48 Hours: 1 a.m. on TLC Road Rage. Road rage; driving altercation spawns murder; traffic fight ends in five deaths; Smooth Operator program. Vintage NBA: 3 a.m. on CLSC Isiah Thomas. Damon Stoudamire tells how Isiah Thomas influenced his career. Thursday night: 6 p.m.-2 a.m. CBS Hollywood Entertain. Diagnosis Mder (R) piagnosis Murder 48 Hours: Bereaie- News (:35) Letterman ( 35) Kilbornie Will (12:35) (1:10) ET "(1:40) 2 Squares Tonight ment counselors. William H. Macy Ferrell.Heather Donahue News (R) (R) Paid Prog. HJBC News Access Hoi- Friends I Jesse (R) Frasier (R)Frasier (R) Just ShootlMad Ab't News (:35)Leno (:35)Conan (12:35) (1:05) (1:35) S lywoode (R) (R) You(R) Susan Sarandon Vivica A. Fox Later EXTRA News(R) ABC News Wheel of How to Make an American Quilt (PG-13, '95) Nightline: Brave New News (10:35) (:05) Oprah (R) I (12:05) (12:40) (1:10) News (R) , 7 Fortune Winona Ryder. Drama. World Nightline Time capsule tor 2000 Maher Edit'n(R) WGN Friends Mad About Wayans Jamie Foxx Steve For Your Baseball: Chicago While Sox at Oakland As. (Live) News Coach Paid Pro- I Paid Pro-' 9 Vou Bros. Show Harvey Love(R) gramming gramming PBS The NewsHour With Chicago Travels in The Battle for Titanic Mystery!: "Oliver's Travels: Chicago Appear- As Time Charlie Rose Chicago Macbeth H JimLehrer Tonight Europe Looking (or Aristotle." Tonight ances Goes By Tonight WYCC Sessions at West The Health The Best Is Yet to Be: Stateside Think BBC World Sherlock P.O.V.: "The Vanishing Sign-off at 12 a m. 20 54th: Elvis Costello. Visionaries Diary Art of Aging , Tank News Holmes Lme." ' WFBT (5:30) Chinese TV Lithuanian Digest Polvision: (Polish) Korean Christian TV News FromlJapanese Polvision: (Polish) (R) 23 Network News Taipei News WCIU Judge MillslJudge Mills Mandela: Man ot Police Heroes: Montel The People's Court Judge Mills LAPD: Mancow TV Paid Pro- IPaid Pro- 26 Lane Lane Vision Trooper of Year Lovers' betrayals (R) Lane 6 LifeBeat gramming gramming FOX The Simp- Seinfeld World's Wildest Family The PJs News The Simp-Frasier Springer (R) M'A'S'H IM'A'S'H Paid Pro- Paid Pro- - 32 sons Police Videos (R) Guy(R) (R) sons gramming gramming WWlt) Victory Experi- Behind Hal Bishop Benny Praise the Lord Wilker- Benny Hal G. Ns. . 35 Outreach ence River Scenes Lindsey Jakes Hinn sons Hinn Lindsey Beh. Ns. WCPX Highway to Heaven It's a Miracle: Autopsy Touched by an Angel Diagnosis Murder I Father Dowling Paid Pro- IPaid Pro- Worship TV (5:00) 33 (Part 1 of 2) survivor. Mysteries gramming gramming v WSNS Edicion Especial Blue Thunder (R,'83) Un piloto policial Tres Veces Sofia Noticiero Noticiero Ocurrio Asi (R) BuscandolProg. IProg. IProg. ." dispone de un helicoptero secreto. Pareja Comprado Comprado Comprado WPWR Sister, Judge Amanda and the Alien (R,'95) California Fresh iThe Change of Roseanne Martin The Jef- All in the News- Love Con- Paid Pro- 50 Sister Judy (R) artist befriends alien cannibal. Prince Nanny Heart fersons Family Radio nectlon gramming "WW World News Quest: Love, Passion & Soul I Quest: Ecstasy Quest: Soulmates Charlie Rose Sign-off at 12 a.m. 56 News 60 (5:00) 2nd Annual Jewelry Bonanza Care of Yourself Victoria Home Parthena Beauty Let's Cook 2nd Annual Jewelry Bonanza 62 Chicago Paid Prg. The Fugitive Rifleman Paid Prg. Gunsmoke Paid Prg. Paid Prg. Paid Prg. Paid Prg. Sports Collectibles (3:00) WGBO Preciosa Camila Angela Lente jBien- Noticias Noticiero XIII Juegos Pan Gordo IEI BlablazolCristina (R) 66 I Loco venidos Univision Americanos (Tape) Flac (R) Emu Law & Order: "Ter- Biography: "Bill Investigative Reports Inside Story: 'ExterLaw & Order: "Jeop- Biography: "Bill Investigative Reports lnside Story: "Exter- AE minal," Bradley: In the Game." minators," ardy." Bradley: In the Game." minators." ' .... (5:15) River of No Norma Rae (PG.79) Sally Field. A union The Prince and the Showgirl ('57) Don't Bother to Knock ('52) Norma Rae (PG.79) Sally "M" Return ('54) organizer from up North recruits a divorced Marilyn Monroe. Balkan prince regent courts Airline pilot flirts with deranged Field, Ron Leibman. Drama. Robert Mitchum, cotton-mill worker down South. Milwaukee showgirl in 1911 London. baby sitter. (2:30) Animal Animal Animal I. Q.: Talking Big Cat Insectia Emer- Wild Animal I.Q.: Talking Big Cat Insectia Emer- Wild Mischievous L "NIM Court Doctor Sense Diary gency Vets Rescues Sense Diary gency Vets Rescues Meerkats BET Planet Groove Amen Sparks Comlcview Hit List TonightT. Smiley Sparks 227 Midnight Love Comicview " (5:30) One False Move (R,'91) Bill Paxton. Eager Arkansas Oscar Wilde: The life Callas '59 Concert (11:15) , Arts & Oscar Wilde: The life One False Move j BRV studio police chief waits for killer trio from L A. of the playwright. Dans Minds of the playwright. (R,'91) m (3:30) ' CLSC Challenge Challenge Vintage NBA NFL Film NFL's Greatest Games Challenge Challenge Vintage NBA NFL Film NFL's Greatest Games CLTV " Eve. Prime News Sports Page News Sports Page (R) News (5:00) CNBC Bus. Upfront Chris Matthews Rivera Live News: Williams Chris Matthews Rivera Live News: Williams Business Upfront ' CNN " Mney Cr'sf ire Entertainment Larry King Live The World Today Sports Mon'line Larry King Live Entertainment Sports Mon'line Daily Ben Stein Throw Momma From the Train (PG-13,'87) Bob & VS. Daily Ben Stein Saturday Night Live VS. Daily Student Bodies ' COM show Money Danny OeVito. Comedy. Margaret Show Money Show (R,'81) (3:00) - CRT Cochran Judgment Crime Stories Homicide: Street Crime Stories Judgment Cochran Homicide: Street Crime Stories Judgment Cochran ' CSP (1:00) House Prime Time Public Affairs Prime Time Public Affairs Pub. Affairs (5:00) CSP2 (1:00) U.S. Senate Public Affairs Public Affairs (5:00) , Holidays in Concert: Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (8:45) It Nearly Wasn't Zorro Walt Disney Presents The Littlest Horse Thieves (G,'77) Alaj- DIS Shawn Colvin (79) Red Buttons. Children. Christmas ('89) tair Sim. Peter Barkworth. Adventure. ' Unknown Jungle The Real LAPD: "Thin Science Mysteries: Mysteries of the The Real LAPD: "Thin Science Mysteries: Mysteries of the Unknown Jungle T. DSC Blue Line." "Electric Hands." Unexplained Blue Line." "Electric Hands " Unexplained E! Fashion Model TalkS'p Mysteries The E! True Hollywood Story H. Stern H. Stern WildSeas TalkS'p Nt. Stand H. Stern H. Stern (5:30) Billiards: From Auto Racing: NASCAR IRP 200. (Live) IBaseball SportsCenter Baseball Tonight SportsCenter SportsCenter , ESPN Spts.Ctr. Orlando. Tonight ESPN2 RPM 2Night MLS Soccer (Live) Tennis: du Mauner Opens. (Tape) 2Night Bicycle Beach Hockey ATP Tour MotoW'ld FAM Magic of Vegas II Superman (PG,78) Christopher Reeve. Science fiction. The 700 Club Show Me Show Me Paid Prg. Paid Prg. The 700 Club FNC Fox Rep't The O'Reilly Factor Hannity A Colmes The Crier Report Cavuto Business Special Report The O'Reilly Factor Hannity & Colmes ' FOOD Cooking Live! Emeril Live Best Of East Cooking Live Emeril Live Best Of East Cooking Live Emeril Ready FSCH Sports Game Baseball: San Diego Padres at St. Louis Cardinals. (Live) Fox Sports News Fox Sports News Last ... Fan Board InVert , FX MASH MASH NYPD Blue The X-Files MASH MASH The X Show The X-Files Millennium Paid Prg. Paid Prg. GALA RitmoSon Videos Mejor de En Vivo Island Jam Pero Encendidos Juntos ... Deportes Not. Noticiero RitmoSon Videos Leo. - GOLF Golf Golf Golf: WPGA Champs, of Europe. (Tape) Golf: Buick Open. First Round. (R) Golf Golf: Area Challenge. (2:30) This Old Yankee Wildfires How's ThatDesigning Kitchen Location, Dream Wildfires How's ThatDesigning Kitchen Location, Dream This Old Yankee ' "" House Workshops Made? Sexes Design Location Builders Made? Sexes Design Location Builders House Workshops HIST 20th Century Scotland Yard Military Blunders Garbage Trains Unlimited Scotland Yard Military Blunders Garbage : ' LIFE Moment of Truth: A Child Too Many Heartbeat ('93) John Ritter. Drama. Attitudes Golden Golden Unsolved Mystery TheCommish Paid Prg. MSN lnterNight Time & Again News: Williams Hockenberry Time ft Again News: Williams Time ft Again - MTV Bea. Beavis TRL Death Death T. Green Undress Loveline Special Undress Groove Hot Zone NICK Doug Rugrats Thorn. Skeeter Hap.Days Hap.Days Hap. Days Hap.Days Hap. Days Hap. Days WKRP Laverne B'witched Mary Hap.Days Hap. Days . 0DSY Sweet 15 ('90) Karla Montana. Lily Dale (PG, '96) Lonesome Dove Leonard Maltin Presents Defend Landmarks of Faith : QVC Jewelry Showcase . For Race Fans Only ProStrong Nail Care Sampler: John Tesh. Toys ft Electronics S.W. Jewelry Fun ft Leisure . Star Trek: Guest Skip Sliders Big (PG,'88) Wishing machine turns boy (10:10) Big (PG88) Tom Hanks. Wishing machine 1 (12:20) Star Trek: Monsters; . SCIrl Homeier, into man with job, girlfriend. turns boy into man with job, girlfriend. Guest Skip Homeier. "(605) (635) (7:05) WCW Thunder (8:05) WCW Thunder (9:05) I (9:35) WCW Thunder (10:35) WCW (11:35) (12:05) Weird Science (PG-13,'85) Teen , TBS ROSanne Rosssnnse Chimp Thunder Chimp nerds computer-generate magical beauty. 0 TPM (;00) They Met in An American in Paris ('51) Gene Kelly. The Band Wagon ('53) Fred Astaire, Brigadoon (G,'54) Gene Kelly. New Kismet ('55) . Bombay ('41) A Gl stays in postwar Paris to paint and falls in Cyd Charisse. Playwrights pair dancer with bal-Yorkers hunting in Scotland find a magical Howard Keel, Ann .:. Clark Gable. love. lerina on Broadway. village that fell asleep in 1754. Blyth. Fantasy. (3:00) TLC 18 Hours Medical Warning Magician: Houdini Never Too Thin Medical Warning Magician: Houdini Never Too Thin 48 Hours The Waltons Life & Times of Marty NASCAR Rocks I Championship Bull Dallas Dukes of Hazzard NASCAR Rocks I Championship Bull i TNN Robbins Riding Riding ER: An AIDS patient Lethal Charm ('91) D.C. newswoman Buried Secrets ('96) Maine woman helps Bodily Harm (R,'95) Linda Florentine Lethal Charm ('91) v. .. TNT attempts suicide. wants TV anchor job; so does her friend. girl's ghost seek mom's killer. Detective probes murders linked to ex-beau. (3:00) TOON Scooby Dexter I.M. Wsl Chicken Bugs Jerry Scooby FI'stone I.M. Wsl Chicken Batman Dragon Bugs Jerry Fl stone Scooby USA Warrior Princess Walker, Ranger Cop end a Half (PG,'93) N.Y. Undercover Silk Stalkings Renegade How I ... (3:00) ' VH1 Flix Where? Storytellers Behind the Music Women of Rock Behind the Music Rock Deep Purple Behind the Music Leg. Premium channels ENC HBO HBOPL MAX SH0 STRZ (520) The Out-of-Towners (G.70) Jack Lemmon. The Directors: "Spinal Tap". "When Harry Met Sally" (5:45) Blankman (PG-13,'94) Damon Wayans. Caped inventor fights crime with gadgets. (8:05) The Princess Bride (PG87) Cary Elwes, Robin Wright. Pirate rescues beloved from bad prince Lethal Weapon 4 (R,'98) Mel Gibson. Danny Glover. Los Angeles policemen confront Chinese smugglers. (6:15) Rasputin (R. 96) Alan Rickman, Greta Scacchi. Mystic contributes to czar's downfall in 1917 Russia. (4:45) Outbreak (R,'95) Dustin Hoffman. Suspense. -(5:15) The Island of Dr. Moreau (PG,'77) (5:25) Leave It to Beaver (PG, 97) The Avengers (PG-13, 98) British agents confront weather- controlling villain. Men (R,'97) Sean Young, John Heard. A young woman has several casual affairs. Dirty Work (PG-13, 98) Norm Macdonald. Underachieves form a revenge-tor-hire business (9:50) Everyone Says I Love You (R,'96) Alan Alda, Woody Allen. Musical romance. (9:45) Brokedown Palace; The Best of Real Sex '97 (11 35) White Sands (R,'92) Willem Dafoe. Feds, heiress and gunrunner squeeze New Mexico sheriff Oz: Schillinger pleads with Glynn tor Andrew s safety. Predator 2 (R,'90) Danny Glover. Gary Busey. Police hunt sneaky alien creature in 1997 LA. (8:35) Boogie Nights (R,'97) Mark Wahlberg. Burt Reynolds A porn star s ego leads to his downfall. American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (R,'91) Michael Dudikoff. David Bradley. Martial arts. Kissing a Fool (R,'98) David Schwimmer, Jason Lee. A brokenhearted writer plays matchmaker 'c.::; C -'- PG-13,'89) Ted Danson, Isabella Rossellini. Relatives become romantically involved. (10:10) Mask of Zorro (8:45) True Vengeance (R,'96) Daniel Bernhardt. Terrorists hold an assassin's daughter. Afterglow (R.'97) Julie Christie. Nick Nolte. Two unhappy couples cross paths Line's (11:20) Shock Video 4 (11:15) Erotic Confessions: Vignette: "Coming Clean " Love Street Johnny Skidmarks (R,'98) A shady photographer tries to avoid being killed. (12:10) Star Maps (R,'97) A Los Angeles man leads his son into prostitution. (11 45) Picasso Trigger (R, 88) Beauties join agent s team against mastermind Gladiator Cop: The Swordsman II (R,'94) Lorenzo Lamas, George Touliatos Action (10:20) Blade (R,'98) Wesley Snipes. Stephen Dorff. A man with vampire blood and a mortal hunt the undead (9:55) Amnesia ('97) Nicholas Walker. A head injury thwarts a minister's plans. (120) MallRats. (3:00) (1:35) The Big Fall ! (3:15) j (140) Armstrong. (3:25) Hard Ticket to Hawaii The Haunted Sea (R,'97) Joanna Pacula Horror. (12:25) The Assassination File (R,'96) Shenlyn Fenn, Tom Verica. Suspense Caged Heat (R,74) Women fight warden's psychosurgical behavior modification. (12:55) Equal Impact ('95) Joe Estevez. Action. (2:40) I

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