The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1936
Page 3
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UESDAY, JULY M, BLYTKEVILLH, (ARK.) COURIRK NEWS PAGE THREE Simp'e Changes Modernize Anliqualod lloni Millions Are Being Spent On Resiclenlial Con slmclion Work WASHINGTON. D. c. — May residential building, although sli|:lHJy under the year's peak of April, is less than three and i hah million dollar.-; below the rcc old in total value in 89 citlc. including to an analysis by the Federal Housing Administration in statistics gathered by Hie Dp. partineiiL of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. During May there were w citie.s in which one-, two-, threc- and four-family residential build ing totals exceeded $100,000. In April there were 97. In May the :ota] value of the permits amount ed lo $2<>,053,409, us compared y;ith $211,519.90-1 for April. As ill ^ April, New York, Detroit, Los Washington, D. c.. and ol 'Philadelphia headed the list, dtic.s. Of the live, however. Muv York alone showed an increase. lioin $2,.)81,00fl In April to $2, H47.G30 in May. Detroit, with t total in excess of two million dollars, dropped slightly more than $lon,(Xi<i behind its April figure. Washington, with a little more than a. million and a quar ter dollars for Mny, was two him Orcd thousand dollars under the April figure. Philadelphia, with $882,850 in May, showed a <k (.•reuse of approximately $200,000 Compared with May 1935, hov, ever, the identical cities siiowed better than a luo per cent in crease in this class of new con sti-iicliun. In May a year ago thest M civics showed a combined to- tul of $12,853.212. In contrast to the slight cli crease in residential construction shown by these figures in May av compared with April, commitments to insure dwelling mortgages L\ the Federal Mousing Adiuiiuslra lion advanced .steadily in Ma\ over April culminating in a nc i record during that month in (he total value of commitments, 'Modernistic Manor" Batliroorn, Kitchen Repair Benefits Cited Give the bathroom and kitclici n much-needed "facial." Clcnfisln I he ".skin" ami ivmortng Hit "wrinkles" in those iwo room will !i(ld nmierlally 10 the geiicril tfHpenrancC" ol tlie home. Tin fjrk can be done iiiexpenslveK ijy covering old wall surfaces with new materials or through the application of paint, paper, or plat ter. Funds with which lo carry out .such modernization projects ait obtainable at private financial institutions operating under term of (he National Housing Act. The butterfly lish of Bermuda no only sails through the air like a bird, but builds bird-like nests OTAMPS already arc being prc- , pared in Washington for the Philippines, in commemoration of the 33d Eucharistic Congress, lo 'be held in Manila, Feb. 3-7, 1937. .There will be six denominations which will be available in sets at 'a total cost ot C5 cents. Although the even! for which they are dc- Jigned will not take place until r»'.\t February, the stamps are ex- ftfected lo be ready for sale about middle of October. No orders u - ill be accepted before Oct. I « * * All National Parks stamps finally have been withdrawn from sale at the U. S. Philatelic Agency in Washington. If you have fnilcd lo get a set, you may still buy them from local or ncar- ;by stamp dealers at above face value. They may go higher later. ! * * • ! The all-blue IC-cenl special delivery airmail stamp may still be |had at the Philatelic Agency, but j this soon may be dropped from I the list. * ' * js j In Ihe course of her program (o [spread propaganda by means of ' new stamp issues, Germany comes ! out with the first stamp ever to be ! issued to. provide a purse for a J horse race. Trie stamp, showing • three running horses, has been i sold in connection with the race ; - lo be held in Munich on July 26. ills face value is 42 pfennig, but 'I is being sold for one mark 50 Pfennig, (he difference going lo the horse racing association. i * t Sweden has increased its postage rates for foreign mail, .mrt therefore has -issued ,1 new set of stamps lor the .(CJl'j-MBtii. ISJG, NUA Sen Ice, Inc.) Miss Slcll Anilnrsoii (above) in tin ii£ rccm of her Xew York lioaie. Corner cupboards from ih'iiK In Hie lle.or, provide stoi ;e space thai olherivise \vonhl be listed. At right: Hie Spanish ill* bolls scrlliTlv. 11 was in ailed fcr protection, Ihcmgti it's ilccoiativt; as u'ell. ''he ftale canie frcm 11 set-imtl-haiul store. liV LAUKA I.OU imOOKMAN' NKA Service Staff Corres|iGiulcnl NEW YORK. — have you an old-lime house that needs bring- up lo di'.te? Miss Stell Anderson, concert, nianlst and Clnci dentallyl handy nt carpentering herself, lias ideas on the subject. Practical ideas, too, because Miss Anderson ha.s tried them She didn't actual!^ do the carpentry tlmt transformed her home. —now a model of dignified charm and comfort—from the Greenwich Village rooming house it once was., but •• she did direct the work, 'A dreary rooming house. 4 ' she Fields frankly. "Von should have seen H!' Some of the means of this transformation could be used in almost an out-of-date dwelling. 'Hut don't." cautions Miss And er.son. "start tearing- down par litions and cutting into walls un it's absolutely necessary. Don't, overlook the beauty of well-proportioned rooms and wall spacer It's worth all the time and trouble it takes to work out pluiu that retain these good feature; 'Inch so many old houses have. To add clo.scl space to the li\ r in; room of the Greenwich Village house, cupboards, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, were built, into each of the corner of the room. The old wall paper was .scraped away and walls and cupboards painted the same shade of light buff. The cupboards arc inconspicuous and utilize space that otherwise would be wasted. Shelves line a section of the same room. To save space further, a larger secretary was sc'. against tills wall and the book shelves extended over it. 'Hie effect is that of a built-in cabinet, j When bad cracks appear In the The real pride and Joy of Miss |)blstcl . of ,, ecln t , , w ( «±' ? M !'°", le J S tlc f"!«!,!,„, cut out and all loose piaster: Homo Kuikh's S h o u 1 il CUT Cnivai! C'insi(!cr;i- Tlit' .shtTl-mt-liil work on a'c i-: r. very impimam iti-m in i Ibi' mvniT i)r puispei-llve "tl a luius*' should Klve ser!~us ili«u-;iji and careful alien-! lion. Dncli'i- this Imulint; come Hie pullers and leaders — or iloira- tpout' the tbshlni! around chimneys, windows, mid doors, hi valleys and on ride's, and the duets for healing; and ventilating The llaslmii:.s me must uuporlnnl. and. as they are blllll right Into the .sliuclure. they should lie ol a melal that will nut corrode (julck- ly- Tin tins and leaders ui'i tbe must severe usane and will wear om tiulcker than the llnsh- 1'iss, but. unless there are built- in suiters and Interior leaders, they can both be replaced wilh- oul much difficulty. However, on account of I heir extreme exposure, they, loo. should he of a metal highly resistant, to cor- loslon. The material for Interior duct work is not so Iniporuiiil unless the duels are to carry ulr with a high dcgiec of moisture. The llashinn of chimneys should be a thorough job. Just, lo "luck" Ihe melal a fraellon of an inch into the mortar joint Is only u partial protection, as water can work through the joints and will follow down cierlces In (lie mor- lar work and eventually show up at .some inconvenient spot on thi- wnll in cclllnij. The Hashing should go lluoufih the chimney and tun: down Inside the Hue llnhil! to be effective. Flashing over windows and doors should carry up well behind Ihe sldinp. or shingles above Ihe opening and .should project far cnoupli lo form a drip. The flushing of 111"' valleys of a roof is also very 1 " Important. U must extend far enough on each side to preclude- Ihe jxyslblllty of walcr working back under' the roof covering by capillary attraction and getting under the metal, and it must not be pierced wilh rooting nails loo close lo the edge ol the roofing. All this metal work should bo inspected occasldiially, and -If It is a type that needs painting-, il slir.uld be kept, painted. Pain failure on metal Invites ' corrosion. Such work can be financed under Hie Modernl/jition credit ! flan of the Federal Housing Administration. Road Planning Surveys In 36 States Scheduler Swilch t.ora;inn The switch for the living n . , i "ie .swncn lor cue jiving room j ,• Keqilire Attention j lights should be at, the door lead- lint! lo the hpdrrvimc ^r tn Ihn is a Spanish gate of^wrought iron. The gate was purchased at a second-hand slorc and provided with a thoroughly modern lock. Just, as substantial as iron bars and much more ornamental! A kitchen with a bay window- Is another distinctive feature ol the house. H was added to make the room larger and also lighter. To savc.sleps between kitchen, and dining room Ihere Is a'small square cupboard wilh doors open. tug into cither room. Inside stands i a telephone — equally convenient | whether the listener Is in Ihe kitchen or dining room when the bell rings. The garden, a space 21 feet Icng and varying ffom C to 10 feet in width, boasts a plot ol i grass, flagstone walk, a bench and a variety of old-fashioned, flowers — columbine, jack-in-the- ptilpll, pansies, petunias, daisies, a honeysuckle vine and even a dogwood tree. Miss Anderson is proud of the dogwood tree, thinks it is the only one in New York City. Next door, lluigh. arc neighbors with a prouder boast. Last, year in their garden they raised modernization loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration. _ lo the bedrooms or to the stair hull, in small houses where the entrance door opens directly into the living room, the switch is often placed near the outside door. This is the wrong place for il. A much better practice is to provide a three-way switch which will permit the lights to be turned on or off at both places. WASHINGTON i UP)—The bll- roar. of public roads of the U. S Department, of Agriculture announces thai highway plamilm surveys are in progress or sooi will begin in M slates. The surveys are being rondmicd by tin stale highway deparlmenls will the coouerallnn of the bureau They will si'iiply informiUion tc put future highway iinprovenicn en a sound basis. In the past attention lias beet — j centered on improving the nail ; throi'gh highways. In Hie futnri ! more attention must lie given. J'™' 1 ] highway nlticlals said, to imiirov- secondnry atid feeder roads and to improving conditions where tin- mnin highways pour their tralfic into cities. AL the same time Ihe main highways must bo maintained and further Divided Iluolu'ase In a library or any other room where books are stored, it Is a great convenience if the bookcase is divided with open shelves above t and cupboards below. There should be- a' cotmtcrshelf at the top of (he cupboard on which to j rest (He reference books that one gets out just to glean some bit of information from. The Clipboards serve as a storage place for magazines, cards, games, extra stationery, ami all sorts of odds Cattle were made to pull plows with their tails 1IJ31. improved to mui't nml.s that already exist. Slirlf Space The wall space over Ihe tank of the toilet is seldom used. This crude is an excellent place for shelves as lute as j lor linen or bottles or other accessories. "Modernistic Manor," n new find unusual duiartiuc In home construction and design, has Just bsen cumpleled In Oklahoma and financed mulitr Ihe ' Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration. Plnnnced lor $-1,700. the home sold for SO,150 three days after It was opened lo the ; iiibllc. The builders. J. D. IJonenberger Co., of Oklahoma City, completely furnished the house and formally opened It lo the public during the wec-k of May 17 to 2-1. During Hint, period 10.207 persons ivere shown through (tie structure and were given Information both upon Us construction and on the Federal Housing Administration Insured Mortgage System of financing. Elected by Touchers to Head N. E. A.' 171..KCT10N of , lj Orville C. , Pralt [is picsi- 1 dent of the Nn; liohal Kdnca- i tion Association ' climaxed a fiery Portland, Ore., e [> n v enlion tit which curbs on f r e o d o m o f leaching were formally condemned. Pratt is it Spokane, \Vush,, c-dtica- lor. type of accident, however, increased from II4D in March, IMS, In 115(1 for the same, month of IfKtti. . Clrade crossing accidents deaths during the 1'rall' six ears of corn! Secret Panels [ A secret panel is always thrill-, ins, and while it Is usually asso-' elated with old castles, It, can be' «ry useful In the modern house. H Is not a difficult thing to install, as there are modern hard-1 ware devices especially for this purpose. i FACTORY TRAINED RADIO EXPERT Now iiviiilulilc for repairs n all makes of radios. 14 Years Experience Phone 233 Henry S. Werner at Hardaway Appliance Co. Now Is the Time to Build Your Home - - Easy Monthly Payments This company will gladly help yon \\ilh your loan applications. Throtiffh arrangements perfected, by the American Asphalt Roof Corporation, we have connections with the Planters liank and Trust Company, Forrest City, Arkansas, whereby it will handle all new construction Federal Housing Administration title two approved loans in Hlylhcvillo aitd vicinity. East Arkansas Builders Supply Company Ed 11. .Tones, Phone 2!) Grade Crossing Deaths Lower Than in 1935 WASHINGTON I UP)—Accidents nncl fntnlftlrs nt liigliwny-itillrontl £ni(!e crossings declined dining March us compared *itli [lie snmc month of I!t:i5, nccorcling lo Ihe Siilcty Section of (he Asro- cialion of American Railroads. During March, i;rade crossing accidents lohillcd 28G with 102 deaths. coiniiarcM with 208 accidents and 130 fatalities for the same nmnth yrar. The number of persons Injured In Itils DEFEAT THE HEAT Red Top , Insulating Wool placed in your attic will keep your house comfortable (iuriiij,' Ihc torrid days iind nights. Why not let us (jive yon ;i free estimate today ? LUMBER CO. Phone 40 hrec-month period of lOlili compared with 1,202 for Ihe rjone- sponding period of 19:15. Tickets Are i'li-lii-leit WATSONVILI.E. Cal. (Ul>)—V. A. 1'lpkin is convinced that, picketing can he made a two-edged sword. When the Darbers' Union pickelctl his shop, he immediately equipped his son with a placard .iiuiomicing tlmt union' shops were "unfair" and sent the boy lo picket them. KHOCK in the ftNT-APS The time (or waiting is pasl. The time to pill on a new roof is NOW. Prices are still low, but on the upward trend. Certain-teed Universal Shingles make ideal roofs because of iheir beautiful color combinations and because each individual shingle is locked lo ihc roof. They defy sun, wind, rain, and fire. Flic financing cost of applying new roofs, thanks to the National Housing Act, is now only half of whal it used lo be. Never before has cash been so promptly available at such low cost for home modernization and repairs. Let us give you an estimate on your root, painting, or other repairs or remodeling. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 'HfvlLlf PHONE IOO ABKAt* We Do The Rest

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