The Terre Haute Star from Terre Haute, Indiana on November 22, 1957 · Page 9
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The Terre Haute Star from Terre Haute, Indiana · Page 9

Terre Haute, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1957
Page 9
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THE TEEKE HAUTE STAB, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1957. Francis Harrison Dies; Ex-Governor FLEMINGTON, N. J., Nov. 21. •i-i tffl:— Francis Burton Harrison, former governor general of the Philippines from 1913 to 1921, died today of a heart ailment in Hunterdon Medical Center. He was 83. Harrison, who lived in nearby Calif on, entered the hospital a week ago. He had been,in failing health for several years. Before he was appointed to the Philippines by Woodrow Wilson he served five terms in Congress as a Democratic representative from New York City. + + + HIS BILL requiring doctors to account for all narcotics which they bought and distributed formed the basis for the later Pure Food and Drug Act. '. Harrison has been called the "grandfather", of Philippine independence. .'"'" He was a strong advocate for establishment of a Philippine Republic. He served as an advisor to the first four presidents of the republic after the islands were granted complete independence on July 4, 1948. .+ + + PRESIDENT WILSON had based his 1920 appeal to Congress for Philippine independence on a report by Harrison. . After leaving the governor generalship in 1920, he settled in a mansion in Scotland where he spent much of bis time hunting and fishing. . . Recently he .lived six years in Spain, coming back to the United States anly last August.- Harrison was born in New York City in 1873. __ Law Firm Occupies First-Floor Office The years-old Terre Haute legal firm of Hilleary and .Shafer has moved downstairs. It was _ announced yesterday that Hilleary, Shafer and Francis have taken over the first floor of the Sycamore Building formerly occupied by the old Citizens National Bank and later by the Wabash Realty Company. Members of the firm are Judges Louis R. Hilleary and Paul R. Sbafer and Leroy A. Francis. Associated with them will be Attor- new Buena Chaney, secretary of the Republican Central Committee, who will take over office space in the new quarters, but will retain his individual practice at the bar. Attorneys Hilleary and Shafer have had offices on the eighth floor of the Sycamore Building for the past 22 years, and .Attorney Francis has received clients there for the past 10 years. Effective immediately the firm will be on •the - first floor of the building, where they have consolidated then- law libraries and provided consultation and conference rooms for clients. Attorney Chaney, formerly at 203 Grand Opera House Building, will take over office space in the Hilleary, Shafer and Francis firm. He had maintained offices in the Grand Opera House Building for the past five years and before that was associated with the Miller and Causey legal firm for four years. Reformatory Inmate Suffers Stab Wounds PENDLETON, Ind., Nov. .21.—UP! —A 22-year-old Indiana Reformatory inmate from Hammond suffered two stab wounds at the hands of another inmate late Tuesday and has been taken to Robert Long Hospital in Indianapolis, Superintendent Paul B. Welchel said Thursday. The wounded man was identified as Elmer Gregory, who was serving a «ne-to-10 year term for jve- hicle taking. Whelchel said another inmate has been placed in solitary confinement and will be charged with inflicting Gregory's wounds. Kennedy Continued From Page 1 placed their members at the mercy of the racketeers.' To deal with the situation, Kennedy declared: "First,, support must be given to Mr. George Meany—president of the A. F. L.- C. I. 0.—and his efforts within the labor union movement to remedy and rectify the situation. + + + "SECOND, it is obvious that there is some x corrective federal legislation that is needed. It is not a crime to misappropriate union funds or pension and welfare funds. The committee is already studying these areas as well as others for some possible remedial legislation. "Third, support must be given to law enforcement agencies such as your police department and the district attorney in their efforts to deal with the racketeers. + + + •TINALLY, for the job to be done, the help and co-operation of the rank-and-file members of labor unions are necessary. Their active, participation in the affairs of their locals and internationals which they have not given in the past is essential. Without their assistance and interest, the efforts of the federal government, state governments "and Mr. Meany are doomed to failure." Kennedy received an award from the society as "outstanding investigator of the year." TOOTHFUL PRISONER Andrew Jackson, who later became U. S. President, was a youthful prisoner of war of the British. At the age of 14, he was captured by a British raiding party during the Hevolutionary War. Catching Up Continued From Page 1 ^war. The precise figure used by : :'the strategy-making Joint Chiefs of Staff is a military secret, but speculation has .counted about 70 primary targets in the Soviet empire. The Strategic Air Command of the U. S. Air Force has about 2,000 medium and heavy bombers assigned to hit those targets in event of war. To do the same job—eradicate targets with nuclear explosives— a ratio of about 10. missiles to one bomber might be needed. There are several basic •reasons for this ratio: (A) unlike a ballistic missile, an airplane' is intended to fly more than one mission: (B) missiles, even when they have reached the operational stage, still will be subject to the ordinary mechanical troubles that prevent airplanes -taking off;- (C) some targets, like underground installations, may require more than one missile, even with hydrogen warheads. • • So, on the. basis of a 10-1 ratio, the number of ICBMs and IRBMS needed for the initial phase of a war (and in nuclear war, this might be the only phase) could be in the order of 20,000. That number obviously wouldn't come off a single production line, if for no other reason than the type of missiles would be divided between ICBM and IRBM. So the production problem would be within manageable proportions. How much will missiles cost? Like the number of targets and the number of missiles needed, this is something the Pentagon keeps secret. ' But there are some unofficial, although apparently well-grounded guesses that when in full 'production the cost of an IRBM might come down to the neighborhood of $1,000,000. The big ICBMS would cost more. By contrast a B-52 heavy jet bomber costs about $8,000,000. The United States has the foundation for. mass production of missiles. Will a ballistic missile be more difficult to mass produce than a modern jet-powered, supersonic bomber or fighter? Probably not. But neither will it be much simpler. The ballistic missile may have "substantially fewer moving parts than a jet warplane. But the precision required in some' components, especially in guidance mechanism, equals or exceeds "that for aircraft. ; . How soon could IRBMs come off, either of these lines", when .the design has been 'frozen? Air Force Thor exponents estimate that fhors. could .start coming off .the assembly line in from one year to I8,;mohthsl.~'_ The Army ; Jupiter experts say they'could-^oV as well—or perhaps better.' susoect Continued From Page 1 oratory, said today, "I that we may have an Oedipus complex involved here." Geih, under questioning by Wilson-and the law enforcement officials of five counties, summed it up more^slmply by .saying that after his mother died, "I wanted to become a woman."/ ' He bought a medical book and studied anatomy by lamplight in the- cobwebbed kitchen of the farm home, where he had boarded up his mother's bedroom so that it might stay as she left it. He considered a surgical change of sex. '.:+'+ + BUT IN THE END he chose a ghoulish way of becoming a transvestite, clothing himself not .only in the garments of women but in their very skin. Putting on puttees of human leather, a vest 'made from a woman's torso, a face skinned from a skull -and other anatomical scraps, he said, gave him "great satisfaction." After Mrs.;Hogan was killed, he said, he opened no more graves. Sheriff Art Schley said , Thursday that Waushara County authorities have what they believe to be a complete list of the graves Gein opened. + + + FROM SOME of these, Gein says, he took only the heads. From some he took the heads and other portions of the bodies. From one, he took a whole cadaver. Mrs. Hogan and Mrs. Worden, Gein said, were shot to death on impulse when it occurred to him that they reminded him of his mother..He has not been able to explain why this led him to .kill them other than wanting them with him. Both-women were slain in broad daylight in their places of business —Mrs. Hogan in her rural tavern, Mrs. Worden in her hardware store. Both bodies were carted to Gein's farm in an open truck, hung up by the-heels and butchered. Mrs. Hogan's body, Gein said, was cut up and burned in his kitchen stove, except for por. tions he wished to save. Mrs. Worden's .body still hung in the Summer kitchen of Gein's home "when officers arrived to question bun Saturday. He was found at : a neighbor's eating supper. COMMITMENT LIKELY WAUTOMA, Wis., Nov. 21.—<m— Ed Gein, confessed human butcher and head-hunter, today pleaded innocent because of insanity to murder charges and appeared headed towards a mental institution. District Attorney Earl Kileen indicated he would have no objection to accepting the pleas of innocent and innocent by reason of insanity entered by Gein's lawyer. "I wouldn't want to be on record as prosecuting an insane man," Kileen said. + + + IF. GEIN, 51 years old, is ruled insane, it. will mean he will probably spend his life in the state maximum security hospital at Waupun. Although his crimes are the-most horrible in recent Wisconsin history, he would probably never be sentenced to prison. Speedy commitment to a mental institution might solved" whether also Gein' leave un- murdered nine more women whose skulls, shrunken heads and death masks were found in his "house of horrors" near Plainfield. Gein's fate—prison or institution —appeared likely to be settled hi short order following his arraignment today. + + + DEFENSE ATTORNEY William Belter said he will demand a mental examination. Circuit Judge Herbert Bunde, who will handle the case, said he will set a date for a conference with Kileen and could rule on the issue "any time." He could then order an examination by three court-appointed psychiatrists or commit Gein to the Waupun hospital for observation. One of Plainfield's most prominent citizens meanwhile learned that, according to Gein, the skull of his sister-in-law is in the headhunter's collection. Townspeople and morticians expressed incredulity at the spindly- legged farmer's story that he dug up graves by moonlight, looted them, and left them covered without a trace. They suspected his See the Big Christmas Parade Saturday , 7 DOWNSTAIRS TOYLAND MEIS *. Bring Kiddies To See Santa Claus SATURDAY and gef a FREE Gift i - . - ' Cltfi* 8 Y iu& ^^^.i^^/^^.^^.^^^^^^^'^^l SURPRISE PACKAGE J 8 Every Package Has a 49c to 1.00 Value! 1,000 Packages! While They' Last. All are Holiday Wrapped. • For Little Boys 1 to 5 Years Old • For Little Girls 1 to 5 Years Old • For Bigger Boys 6 to 9 Years Old • For Bigger Girls 6 to 9 Years Old MHS Downstairs Toyland ^ ;»3!sfefssss»sBSBa«aa«33SHBaflS«*^ 25 GIRDER and PANEL - 1 Building j Sets m , i j lame ana 199 Pieces Strong Plastic High strength plastic building set, snaps together without tools. Interlocks to form rigid structure on masonlte base. 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MEIS Downstairs Toyland 2.79 Value Meis Days Special 1 49 Complete with miniature store fixtures, cart and basket, customer, clerics, vegetable, meat, poultry, canned and packaged products. .."'..' MEIS Downstairs Toyland "grave-robbing" story was a ruse- to hide more murders. RALPHS WING, chairman "of the Board of Trustees of Plainfield and a -county supervisor, demanded verification of a rumor that Gem had made off with the head of his wife's' sister, JSleanore Adams, 51 years old, who was buried'in Plainfield Cemetery in 1951. » Sheriff Arthur Schley told Wing that Gein claimed the head was in" his collection. _ The sheriff, also revealed that Gein has given him a list of the names of: the tombstones where he conducted his ghoul raids. He said he woujd notify the relatives of the dead women as soon as he receives reports on the analysis of Gein's.collection from the State Crime Laboratory. IN THE HAMLET, of Plainfield, residents said they could not believe the 140-pound bachelor had the time or strength to be a grave robber. Pat Danna, the elderly sexton of Plainfield Cemetery, said it takes him a half day to dig a grave, even with help. He said in tombs with • vaults, a "body snatcher" would need a block and tackle to get at the body—and vaults are standard equipment in Plainfield because of the sandy soil in the area. .MISS ADAMS was not buried in a vault. But funeral directors also pointed out that a grave robber would have had to shore up any excavations to keep the tomb from collapsing on him. And Danna insisted he had never seen evidence of grave-tampering in his cemetery since Gein started his head-hunting career in 1944. Kileen and Schley said they had no plans to solve these and other mysteries. As for Gein's motives, a state laboratory spokesman said "that's for the men in the white suits to decide." $now,Winds Continued From Paje 1 where many .glass storefronts were shattered. 'Officials reported three oil derricks fell across the Pacific Coast .Highway at Huntington Beach. The road was closed. Residents of Houghton, at the top of Michigan's Upper Peninsular, struggled through about 18 inches of snow. Most of it fell Tuesday but flurries persisted in freezing weather. Main roads in the Houghton District were cleared but coatings of ice made' them hazardous. Ice- burdened trees, knocked over by winds up to 55 M. P. H. pulled down telephone wires. + + + SCHOOL BUSES were immobilized and school attendance dropped. Ironwood, Mich., on the Wisconsin border, caught two inches of snow Thursday on top of five inches Wednesday, bringing accumulation to 25 inches on the ground. Snow flurries, whipped by occasional squalls, hopscotched across upstate New York. The heaviest falls, reported unofficialy as up to eight or ten inches, piled up near the eastern 'ends of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. + + + THUNDERSTORMS dumped almost six inches of rain on Miami. Fla. Rain fell from southern Texas eastward v to Florida and northward into Tenessee. Sunny but chill weather prevailed in the Middle Atlantic States and New England. DON'T NEED WATER Desert pocket mice can live .without drinking water. The little rodents flourish for months in arid sand, feeding on dried seeds alone. .dents got up, shouting, "let's go." dents will 'be reasonable and will want to do what is right." The convention's action affected seven Baptist colleges in North Carolina. •. : to!oTltbe~staden"ts', ""We'll have a | l( earns an d Wood Forn very brief program because I un-,'~ . u . derstand we have a .deadline to 5 |s| e ^ |_<1W Partnership Wake Forest Continued From Page 1 Thane McDonald, music director, meet about 10:15.". Applause greeted his announcement. After the college chorus sang the Lord's Prayer, an alarm clock rang. "That's too soon; 1 said Dr. McDonald, and the chorus began singing "Come Thou Fount of Every. Blessing But after only a couple of bars some stu- " Come on, THE CHORUS switched to "Dear Old Wake Forest," the alma mater song, and the students joined in. Dr. Harold W. Tribble, Wake Forest president, said at Raleigh that "I think we have a fine group of students at Wake Forest" and that he thought the students "feel their opinions should be respected. He added that he thinks "our stu- I Attorneys Raymond J. Kearns and Bert F. Wood yesterday announced that as of Dec. 1 they wiU be associated in the general practice of law with offices at Rooms 308 and 309, in the Fairbanks Building at Seventh Street and Wabash Avenue,. . Attorney Kearns has maintained offices at the Fairbanks Building offices for the past 20 years. A former Vigo County prosecuting 'attorney, Attorney Kearns has engaged in the general practice of law since leaving that office and is especially- active in probate and corporation law. Attorney Wood is president of the Terre Haute Bar Association. He was admitted to the practice of law here in 1934 and for the past six years maintained his office at Room 203 Grand Opera House Building'. Clear heads agree: Co/verf tastes better/ Calvert Reserve ..iL».c. uwu mm rnaa ME IS BASEMENT THRIFT STORE 87x99" SHEETS Quality OOC Seamed white muslin sheets, irregulars. PLAID BLANKETS 60x76" QQ~ Size OYC Mill end pieces, cotton plaids and assorted colors. WASH CLOTHS 10e & 15c iC r Values J V Mill ends of better quality terry cloth, assorted colors. TERRY TOWELS 25c JO* Values l£v Mill ends of better quality terry cloth, 15x20" siie. Friday and Saturday ^^-^r~^^^l^~^^-*mm » •• • "^^ ^^ -^ ^^ ^~~ — DAYS MANY MORE Bargains Not Advertised in Every Department!] ,SALE! WOMEN'S Dresses! 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