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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, February 20, 1868
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rUE-PHILADELPIIIA-INQUIRERr THUltSDAlY, EEISiWAKT, 20, , 1868. THE TEACHERS' INSTITUTE. A Second Lecture on Electricity. A CROWDED AUDIENCE III HORTICULTURAL HALL Numerous and Beautiful JEnperlments. , n ' .avAav w ' 11 lf, ,pr . The final on of the coorsa ef lecture g Iven before the Teacher' Institute of this eitr. ta delivered lt evening at Horticultural Hall, by Professor Kogert, of tbe tJniverity of Pennsylvania, ; Th Halt ,wm crowded to it utmost capacity by jwdienc at brilliant and attentive a that which attended th pro. ceding lecture of tha nlstingnlshed professor. The lecturer introduced map new ftn beautiful 'experi. mente differing from those, of tha former lecture and rendered them, all vary clear by his concise ex- planatione, . '' , . 1 , The professor remarked that whenever motion is brought sbout two bouies mint be Understood th one actio and the one acted upon. Wheu the glass disc wss electrified by friction on a rubber, the glass waa rubbed by the rubber aa much a the latter waa by the glass. Motion i then the product of the mutual actum of two bodiee at least, One of the first experiments exhibited wa an xeeedingly novel and eunonaone. .. ... .. A number of pith balls, email, light bodies, together with a diminutive representation of a hnman figure, were placed in a square glass .box, itt front of a large wsgie lantern, and then subjected to the influence of galvanic current. The bodies, highly magnified, were tbrown upod a screen at the back of tha stage, and the commotion produced among them by the electric current was rendered distinctly visible, by this method of exhibition, to erery one In the luge sssem. blnee. The particles appeared to snrrotind and float above and below the srattU figure and the eomical manner in which the figure aud bodiea danced about elicited both laughter and applause, After few minates a qnsntity of an extremely light substance waa introduced into the bos and then the silauua waa very amen increased. . . The Professor then went into ft length expl. nation of the nature and efficiency of the lightning rod. The first experiment under tblt bead waa to prove that the lightning passes through the too uuctor; without harm to either the conductor or surrounding objects, to the ground, and thence away. Here the Professor remarked that no experiments were so uncertain in . their resuita as . experiments with electricity, and that the audience must consequently overlook any want of success. , , This caution, ' however, M unnecessary, at the first experiment proved ft' complete sacoess. A "Leydeu jar" wasckarged at the electric machine, nd then placed upon a table. To Professor then brought near it a small baliof cotton, faateued npon the extremity of a we tat rod, the cotton being previously sprinkled with pulverised rosin. Tho effect waa the ignition of the cotton, and its burning with brilliant blaze,, A quantity of gunpowder waa then exploded in the same manner. The cause of the iguitkin of the cotton, the lecturer ataud to be the difference between its conducting power and the conducting power of the roala with Which It vis covered. ; ." : ; '. The professor then passed to the eabjeet of galvanism. An arrangement of certain number of gas-burners waa placed en ft table before the audience, and one of them ignited. The professor stated that ia the gas jet we have an explosion an explosion produced by the violent anion, of the elements of the gee with tbe oxygen of (he air. A long tuba waa then placed over the jet, and ft loud rambling noise was heard. The tnoes were Increased ia length and the Boise became greatly louder. Whenever motion is prodnced, electricity tl the re nit. Jbilteiricity, produced by friction, Is at all tiroes ascertain, bat galvanic electricity to alwaya at command. Just as common electricity can be developed in every known, substance, so also can galvanic electricity be developed whenever one substance can be made to act npon another, ' Two small plates, immersed in water, one of platinum and the oilier of cine were thrown npon tbe screen by tbe aid of the magic lantern, and the man-' ear in which a torrent of galvanism waa prod seed by tbe chemical action of the sine upon the water was fiueiy abown. Could tbe current be conveyed to the platinum plate, by means of a wire, a conliuuout cir cular current could easily oa stablisbed. Another and almost similar experiment In confirmation ol tbe action stated waa made. The atmosphere relarda the passage ot lightning through it, and the mote so aa it as tbe more dense, A couple ot beauti ful ex peri men is were exhibited, to ahow ine nature of tne ngntniug vl we air, ey matting spar pass irorn point to point of aa electric machine. To ball being darkened, the passage of - the electric fluid became distinctly visible, and the experiment aflorded so much gratification to the audience that it waa bailed with eoutinaed applause. : tJThe spark waa then mad to pus throngh ft long case tube, from which the sir had been previous); exbaueted by an air-pump. This constituted one of the prettiest experiments of tbeeveuing. The fluid. in I s passage through the tube, owing to tbe rarified air within, counted I a most beautiful and mellow color. The professor explained that this, though of con i se on ft small scale, was the phenomena of the Aurora. Tne spark was then caused tn pats through a glass cylinder, varying- in radius at different points, and the Sect waa really remarkable. The spark, iuatead of retaining but a single tint, displayed at the poiala of variation 01 tne radius ot toe woe, a variety 01 toe most softly beautiful ones, lie fore conclumug, a number of other experiments Were ejuiuiusu. ANMTEltSARY OF THE BUTHAST MISSION iKTiaKBTiNu Exaacisist On Tuesday evening last tbe Bethany Sabbath School beld Its tenth anniversary in tbe sew and extensive school building at Twenty. second and Bhippen Streets. A very large concourse of 'he scholars, tbeir parents and friends, filled the ent re ball. The nana! routine of religions exercises, including singing, praver, reading of the Scriptures, and addresses, wns observed: added to which was a magic lantern exhibition of finelv-DSinted Bible and other views, A prominent and pleasing feature of ue ,t,uiu Buicnmuumi, wm u iufcntuucunn, n Min tbe autple platform, of Si-nor Blits, whs, with hie trained birds, tricks, ventriloquism, Jtc, kept the the children in state of wonder aud hilaritv for - nesrlv an hour. An interesting addition to the even inn's programme was the presentation, by the teachers. of a auperb gold watcb and chain to their Superin tendent, John Wanamaker, Esq., as ft testimonial of their love and renewed conndeoce in hie official ability and experience. His remarks on its reception were characieritsa tv neartreit emotion and eloquence. Foi lowing this cams several tokens of affection from scholars to their teachers, including a finely finished arm-chair from his clacS to Mr. Neill; a beautiful bunker, made of nstnrsl flowers, to Mrs. wananiaker, and aeveral bouquets to others. The distribution of cakes, candies and oranges waa now conducted in a quiet, systemstie and satisfactory manner, to the evident joy of at least one thousand scholars of aH ages; following which waa tbe sou' eluding bvmn, benediction aud doxolog. Tbia school at present numbere as follows : PchoUrs Boys, 412; girls, 664, Teachers, M. Officers, 11. lOiat, I0B7. Th First Waeo Coktestkd EtKCTioif. Tbe Special Committee on tbe contested election case between Messrs. Barlow and Sterling resumed its in. vestigation yeeterday aftoraooa ai four o'clock, tn Select Council Chamber. ,Mr. Brooke eating that tha witnesses for whom at-tachmenta had been issued, bnt who did not appear at tbe iaat sitting of the committee, eon Id not hji tiro- dueed at the present meeting, the case waa ordered to be argnea. Mr. Burger then opened for the contestant ; to be roiiowea oy nr. jaann 101 me respondent, Mr, Brooke, lor i no cuutvsuuit, tiwiun un rguaienw pikbds itErAiBiNti. jcuwui a ontn since tbe culvert ftt the intersection of Twenty-first and Bausom streets eaved in, exposing to view the gaa nd water-pipes, which cross there at fight, angles with each other. The pipes bavsno enujjo.t, except from the chains which have recently been . placed there, and these afford a very slUht orolactkin to the pipes. If the water-pipe should break, the property In tne neignooraooa wouiu or sertousiy uauiaeu. Commissioseb's CASE-rrAt aoon jrestenlay. before United Sutea Commissioner Anbrey 11. ttmlih, Edward Horau, againat whom, sons ten days since, charge of illicit distillation was preferred, but whom the revenue officers had been unable to find, appeared and voluntarllv surrendered himself, lie waa held to bail cy the Commissioner for hi) appearance at court. , ' Fatal Falu Last evening, itbout seven clock, B Jey Ewell, thirty years of age, employed at the 8chnylklll Arsenal, fell through the natchwsy of the store-honne, from tbe second story to tbe cellar, and was killed. He resided at Twentieth and Callow-bill streets. Tbe Coroner was notified, . , Feu. oh rm lea, Lucy Graham, rcfiijing n Cambridge sUeet, above Nineteenth, fell ou the ice at Nineteenth and Poplar street, on Tuesday afternoon, and bad leg broken. She waft tuktu W tit. Joeeph's Uoepiul. j ; l 1 TnVaaAbttrmM as" WoHkfc The thirty-third annual report of tne trustees of the Phila-deluhia Gtaa Works baa been submitted to Coftncila. The report States that the Contingent fnnd of tbe trust, amoantlng, on the 1st or January, lses, to the sara of tl,.,lf0, tft tbe profit of tbe works, most of which baa been used In tne extension or the same. over and above sfl tbe loan created by ordinance for tbat purpose.1' " Tbe qnantity of put manufactured during the year haa been 861,62,000 cubic feet, an increase over the previous year of S,S8,00 cubic feet. The largest consumption in any 14 honrs was on the night of the Mta day of December last, amounting to 4,eo4,000 cuWe feet. Tbe loans created by Cotmcfli from Hms to tims, for the purchase qf the works and tbe extension of the mains, amount in tbe aggregate to $3,870,000. The amount paid fromtbe Sinking Fund for loans Nos. 1, , 3 and 4, as they became due, is, tSOO.oor).: Leaving ljina unpaid amounting to $.'1,110,000, The amount 01 tne Binning Fund In charge of the trust for tbe payment of loans Nos. 5. . T. 8 and 9. U 1. 41 6. S3. -37. 1 The amount of loans and. cash m thv bands of the Commissioners of tbe Sinkine Fund tor the redemp tion of loans Noe10, It and 18 ia $210,W. The amount of loans and caah is the hands of the City Treasnrer for the payment of $450,000 of cttv loan, (being the estimated value of tbe Spring Garden, Moyamensing,- West Philadelphia and Frankford Uas Work.) is JiW7.714. Foe the Durcbase of the South- wtrk, Germantown, Manayonk and Jliehmond das Works stock.' amounting to $300,740. Tbe trpstesi have in tbe different sinking funds for the redemption of the same amonntine to MMMC-M. p '' 1 J ' Total amount of loans and siociu.. ...... .$,20.W Wans N.w. 1. 1 3 and 4, paid-,.,.. ........ U0,0fi'00 ! ... 1 " w!s-f'. - ::"d,oM,w6j0. Sinking Fund ft the payment of loan v ' " land stock... wit .i..s.... ..... l,8W,8-o7 Balance W be provWei for.'...-.. ,18.$33 Amount or loans created ror tbe purcnase and xMnlon of works and street 1 mains, . ....... ..... ...v.. i, , ... .. i , .?4,2O,T40'i)0 To which add that portion or toe Contin-gent Fund used In the extension of the worke ,. ,.V99,56Tl5 Total cost of works and street mains. . 1 . .M.7 JO.S01-75 The street mains laid during the year amonnted t 3(.T24 feet, making an entire length of 493 miles. The whole number of public lamps ou the 1st Instant waa 74ns; 1363 are supplied from tbese works ; 423 by the Northern Liberty tias Works, and 14 Coal oil lamps. i ne maximum consumption in twentv-ronr nours was 4,504,000 cubic feet, which occurred on tbe 34th of ueeemuer, nemg an increase ovar me maximum consumption of twsirfy-foor hours fn 1864 of 376,000 cubic less, or over ner cent. Tbe greatest producUoa ef as ia twentv-foriT hours waa on the .th of beimr 4.374.000 enbie raS MiKmw, over uv cuuTCipuuuHiK utrioa 01 lim. r.eTU (i.k . w,,r There is now, wnder the ebsrye of .he trust, ttaced throughoot the; wards of the city, 7Mapnolie lamos suncUed with iras from these works. 4W from North. ern Liberties Works, and 14 with coal oil, Making total of 7S08. r ' " ,' ; ,. , , Tba facilities br th msnnfaeture of era at the woras in ins 1 weniy-eixta-wara nave oeen eniargea :1 eighty-three per cent., by the, complsttewof retort It will be sees that the whole number under Instrnc ?n ,"'7U"' "?a Sr lo"' .ondnrine the year whien has just closed. POLICE INTELLIGENCE. i BXAtrxoa a.HTaiii ' '" -1 1 The following cases were beard before Alderman Beitleryeaterday afternoon s J. i. ' ,r ' David Farrek a, lad aged II years, baa ft further hearing, charged with lareany, Mr, t. A. Baylor, liv ing at No. 1.31 Mosul Ternoa street, testified that few dav since coat, containing in the pockets a sezar case, handkerchief, and a pair of gloves, waa atolen fromtbe entry of his residence. ..Fsrtel pawned the coat In a shop on Callowhill street, and was arrested by Detective Levy in the act of pawning the segar case. ; Tbe accused Was committed for trial. . James Redmond had ft bearing,' chared with as sault and battsry on James ' Robinson. The latter; alleees that, without any provocation, defendant assaulted biru ia billiard; saloon oh Cbesnnt street, ' above Fifth., The arrest was made by Officer Suliwall, Kedmohd was held. In $1009 bal to answer, : . . a vxsosriTL jTAj.iaa, . , ,u , , , ... In fnea'Aav aflernrtftn 1.i 'wKlfe an Tf-lUn n.n.. ioseph Frsncretli, was engaged In playing hand-Organ, at Palmer and Thompson streets, k man named John King, approached faint and u a tantalising war. n.u liwiu fmy nmnerxnua. 1 nrcoming angry tne . iiauan rew out a bnge dlrk-kaire, witd a blade about fourteen Inches in lenartk. aed atrack at Kins, umiui a painful cut upon his nose.' Francretti was arrested, and after a hearing before Alderman Eggietton. was held in $W0 bail for a further hearing. m ranuia um.i ' Tuesdsv aftarnnoii Willlim Merlins, llvin. 525 ttlrarj avenue, was before Alderman Fletcher, of the Twenty-eighth Ward, on ft charee of assault and batterv. vendius lottarv noliriee. aad ksenlne a nmh. ling house, on the oath of William P. Pantutflr. Nn 911 Marshall strest. He was held tn the sum of 2000 hail to appsar at aext term of court. lABaoama.- itm- Before Alderman Vnll. n Tnesda lasts. WietiMl Prvor had a hearing npon tbe charge of having purchased a lot of iron which bad been stolen by some boys, and which belonged to the Market Street Pas ssneer Railway Company, He was held for a further hearing. , , . , - . ,, r . voa (KxaxrRd aaorNn.A , - On Tuesday nlclit last. Jerry Dawson a colored man, waa arrested in the neighborhood of Nineteenth sou omppeu streets, wnne sneaKtng aoout tbe baca gates of bouses in a ensniaions manner. Ha was committed by Alderman Patchel. Thb IIotjss of t RgrroKTha Fortietli Annual Report of the Board ol Manaaera of the House of Refuge, for 1857, haa been sbmUted. From pe- rusalof tbe report we find that, 0b the first dsy of January last there were:- - - lit tbe v;bite Department, m hoyi 8? girls, biUl m nummea nunug tbat year, 257 boys, 85 girls, total 352 lcbarged dnr. that period, 834 boys, 97 girls, total 8M Remaining oa the 1st Inst., 407 boys, 80 girls, total 48T un me nrw or January last tbsre were: In the Colored Benartment. as turn tn irl tntl i Admitted dur. tbs year 1867, W boys, 35 girls, totajlfrs tmtuir; ounng 00. ao., n Doys, St girls, total 106 Died. , 4 Remaining on the 1st Inst., 5 boys, 41 girls, total 124 aiiex. . Tbs telescopic gas-holder at tbe Twenty-sixth wara vvoraa oasoeen rebuilt in tne most susstaatisi manner, andwilh the latest Hnprovcnenta. ' AJSrOTHKB J5ICEDKB ATAL , DXABBINC. IN tn Kinxu Waaor-A Tanasrx Kilia His Laxiaoao AaauwT or mi PxarxrBaToa.-At an early hoar ou Wednesday morulug, a murder, partly arisl from n old grndgs sal partly prompted bf quick and no. mentary anger, wal committed in the Mnth Ward, at tha corner of Tvrenty-thu-d and Market streets. Tne victim was J'alnck MCLaugbliD, tbe proprietor of liquor store, which occupies the first floor of a three-storied building located at the above place. Mc Laughlin was a sioglo man, and slept in bis store. He rented out the other portions 0 the bailding to different parties. . Among tbe tenant waa one Michael Carey, who occupied tbe basement and the second story front room, where he Jived "with his wife and three children. Carey was employed at the West PhiladelDhi Skat ing Park, at Thirty-first and Walnut streets, to look after the lights and attend to other matters. H was trequeniiy oongea to remain out late st night. McLaughlin objected to leaving the front door one, and told Carey that be mnat get ia by the back way if he stsyea om so laie. xnis lea tomaoy inue quarrels, and on several occasions the parties were before Al derman Jones on oomoiatnt 01 each other. Yevterday morning, about a Quarter oast twelve o'clock, Carey reached bis home, lie found tbe door locited. tie Knocked, but got no response, lie tbeu trot a ravinf-etone. and atiemnted to break in the door. Before be had aueceeded in his design the door waa opened by his wife. McLaaghlla seems to have oeea arouaea oj tne noise, us got an ana went Into tbe entry, where be and Carer bad a ouarrel. The difficulty between Carey and McLaurhlia waa witnessed by other parties residinr ' in the house, who paa oeen aroused by tne noise, mere was a sen me between Carey and Mcuaughlin. Tbe latter fell and waa eancht hv Mrs. Crev. bnt ha died in a few minutes. He had been stabbed ia the left breast, tbs knlle penetrating the heart. ' Policemen Land and Duncan were in the Imme diate neighborhood, aad were attracted to the house by tne noise caused by tbe ngut. Tbey searched the house, and found Carey in tbe basement, lie was sittinir auietlr at a table, and waa perfectly uncon cerned. ' There was blood npon bis hands, snd ia his pocket was found asmsll knife, which apparently bad oeen wipeuon out a anon time oeiere. -Carey was taken to the Sixth District Police Station. and was locksd up to await the result of tbe Coroner's investigation. Mrs. carev was detained as witness. PlSSSTLVAXIA ISSTITCTIOK FOB THI DlAF Ann Dunn The annual report of the managers of the Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf aad Dumb, for the year 1S6T, ha bees published. Tbe report state that on the 1st of January last there were 18s pupils in the institution, vIe:9 beys and 6 girls. Admitted during that year, 63, via. 35 boys and 37 girl. Discharged daring the same period, 39, viz: 30 boys and 13 girls, and there remained on tbe 1st Inst 141. vU: 101 boys aad 30 girls. Of this number 158 are supported by tbe State of Pennsylvania, 11 by the State of Mew Jersey, 8 by tbe Stat of Delaware! aad 33 by their friends, or by the Institution. Owing to tbe continued high coat or the necessaries of life, the sum charged by tbe Institution doe not meet tbs outlay incurred for the maintenance aud education of each pnpil, which exceed that of tbe receipt by about seven noaars. Tbe Board have not deemed it advisable te take any measures for ths removal of the Institution into the conntry. but they have not lost eight or the subiect. Tbe question wnetosr toe intermarriage Of relatives Is a cause of deafness in tbsir flSpring, st:ll -claims tbe attention of the directors. From tha data they possess they have not been able to form decided opinion. . Tne t reasurer s scconm exnioiis ine receipts and expenditures Tbe latter, from various causes, havs been unusually Large, arising in part from tbs repair and alterations. Of tbe twenty-eight mates admitted in is7. eleven were born deaf ; one lost bearing by typhoid fever; five by scarlet fever; one by convulsions! three by brain fever; one by ortorrbaea; two by measles; two by sickness : on by a burn and a fever: one by spssms. Of the whole number of pupils, 153 sre supported by the State of Pennsylvania; 11 by Mew Jersey; 8 by yeiaware. Gas Explosion Ths Xkiohhorhood Af- miaiiTto, On Tuesday afternoon last deep rambling noises were heard la the vicinity of Twelfth and Jef ferson streets, tha windows being rattled, and the very bouses shaken. As the. unwonted commotion 10 nearly resembled the symptoms of an earthquake, the people in the neighborhood at once took fright, and many rushed In consternation from their house's. The soloes, however, were at length discovered to have resulted from an explosion of gas. It appears that tbe 1 main gas pipe at Mervius and Master streets was broken by the frost about tea day ago, aud the gas has been escaping ever since tbat time, filling all th cellars In the vicinity, so that the precis location of the leak could not be fonnd. On Tuesday the break was ! discovered, and while the men were at work to get at the ploy, two explosions occurred. ,, The effects extended for some distance. The rnve'of tbe inietat eneroB ana mervine atreets was suddenly thrown ihu. iirr ihi oi auoui aixtv leet. At Eleventh and Thompson streets, nowsrd. r to., r.,..m. ii tant, men who were working at tbe culvert felt the Shock of ths explosion, became frightened and ran away. Fortunately nobody was hurt and no damage m ilnna ho that .vra " IIodsb ftoBBBBT. On Tuesday night last a dwelling at the ft. W, corner of Tijirteenth and Christian streets, was entered from the flat on the roof, which was reached from the adjoining house. A burean drawer ia one of the apper stories was broken open, and $MH) in gold and Silver coin, principally Bvwrcius wees sisusbiss. -; ' WM 1049. Of this number about three-fourths were admitted at the request of their parents or friends. Of the number discharged, ISO were apprenticed, and 195 returned to their friends. . . . ... . . The percent a?e of deatfia' In the white Aenartment has been one-eizhth of one ner cent., while In the colored department it baa reached pearly two per The boys arssnsaeed In hrasbmakintr. ahnemt. king, boxmakuig, aud tha blacksmiths shop. Ths girls are tanght household duties, ft few ehoefitting and binding. ,. ........ , - f. The inmaies do not remain In the Tf nine aaufTleient length of time to obtain a complete knowledge of any kind of handicraft, but they acquire habits of -order sud tuanetry, and become familiar with tha nee of tools. When they leave the Ioiittatloa they are fitted to be valuable apprentice. ' Their diet is abundant ana nutritions. Great care is given to personal cleanliness.! The male Inmates have two spacious pools, where they caii enjoy daily baths dnrine ths warm season, and as ofteu In the cola, as is reomsite. The grrls are provided with separate bath-tubs, la addition to ths scholastte In struction imparted to the pupils during the week, they nave ine oeneniar tne sunuay school, where tbey are tan rht by kind friends. There is well-selected library for th use of the In'. mates, wnicn, whiis it affords delightful amusement. tul 11 kOUTTO .ullt WI1.U TltliUI-lV iUlUriUHliUll, . - . -Those admitteel wara horn rnllnwi' Ia tbe City and counts of PWladlnhia.H In othar ronatiea of Penasylvania, 48; WewYork, 10; Jtew Jersey, 15; Maryland, 6; MaaaschuseUs, 5; Delaware, 4: Illinois, 1; District ot uoinmoia, 1; England. 10 (Germany, 7; Scotland, 3; Ireland! 3:' Canada. 9 Wales, 1; Nova Scotia, 1; Italy, 1; unknown,' 36. rai, son, . . . 123 were or Amen ran parentage: lis Irish : 42 Ger. man; 22 English; 3 Scotch; 1 French; 1 Welsh; Italian; l soauisb; 49 unknown. Total, 852. The Fbanklin IxsTiruTE.-'The reeular meeting or the Franklin Institute was held last even ing. There -was a large attendance. A paper was read on carbonised paper by Mr. Hector Orr, and another on the structure of domes by Mr. Robert Briers, snd another on railroads for Inclines by Mr. Cainptiell. Tbese readings were listened to with great interest, rue report 01 ine resident secretary, Professor iicury Morton, was also read, and. there were a Bomber of inventions and valuable improvements exhibited. ' , , ' . , . sr.. - ' 1. Last night, . shortly after eleven o'clock, a firs broks ont at the Eaatwlck Hkatinp Park, on the Schuylkill river, near (Bray's Ferry bridge. The bar-room and wooden sheds attached were tutaily destroyed. Loss not known. . ... 1'). PROFESSOR CHARLES G. PAGE, 31 w The Invention ef Ibe Eleclrio Iadactlng Appaw fataa. . ,. , . Remarks of the Hon, Leonard Myers, of Pennsylva nia, la tbe House of Representatives, Washington, February 14, on the bill to authorise Charles Grafton Page to spply for and receive a. patent for his Induction apparatns and circuit breakers;1 ',5"'' " Mr. MTER9. fromithe Committee m Patents, t. ported, with the reconuneadalioa that the same do pass, a bill (II. R, No.73U to authorise. Ok ails tiraf-ton Page to apply for and receive ft "patent; which was read a first aad second time." 5 .. i - The qneetioit was npon ordering tha' bill te be eft- grnssed and trad a third lima, , ,,, , , The bill was vwad at length.1 It antbnrina tbs Com. msMioner iof Patents to receive aad eatertain a renewal of the application of Charlea O raft on Page, for letters patent for, his induction apparatus and circuit breakers now OU Bis In the Uufted mates Patent Office, .including therewith bis eirrait tbrsaksrs described by him, prior to said application: and if the Commissioner shall adjudge said Page to be the first investor lhnreo4 he shail issnc ft patent to him, which shall be valid, notwithstanding said Page's invsatioa may have been oeserlbed or in use prior te saidapplU tatioa, aad notwithstanding the fact that said Page is an examiner to the Vailed States Patent Office, pro vided, that any person in possession of said appara- tns prior to tne aate ot said pateni, snau possess ine ricrht tn uaia and vend to others to ase ths siid specific apparatus in bis posssssion without liability to tha inventnror patentee, or any other person interested lb said Inventioil or patent therefbf. Mr, mi biuj-f. apeaxer, aceoinpanving me 0111 which haa Just been read, there is a very full report, with amnle references to authorltiea and the evidence taken by tha committee, and with drawings also -of the invention in question. , tJtti. a this report cavers seven closely printed pages, 1 d not propose to bava any portion H read, unless, after the statement I am abont to make, tbe reading abould be demanded bythe House. , . .. - . " nutl "Mr. WAUBURUE flesir tohave the ro-portretel.A .a .w.otrt ..- ' - air, M 1 biiai very wen. oesire ia msae my statement first;. and I think after that statement aiy friend will withdraw tbe demand. " I will state aa briefly as may be, to .order to avoid Aonsnhiptfon of time in reading tbe report, tne reasons wny tne com mittee on Fetente unanimously, lavor tbe measure which' bas neeo reported. 1 The bill is to protect the rights of aa American in-1 vontor against the claims to originality unjustly ftad mistakenly awarded to ft foreigner by ths high authority of ft foreign power. It allow Dr. Charles G. Page, 'formerly of Salem, Massacbnoetts, aad for many years an examiner In the Pateut Office, to apply for and receive a patent for his Induction coll, If the Commissioner of Patents shall adjudge him to be the first Inventor of it; that ia all. .Oa ite faoe the kill is a private one; bat its passage, especially at this time, should be a matter of national pride, as it will be of national interests " pr. Page, waa the first to develop aad apply tB4 principles of indnctive electricity in a practical working machine for tbe production of ffeets of tha greatest value In a radical and scientific noint of view. 'Mo one before him bad suggested lis embodiment ia a defi. site form, as ft remedy or ror pnuoeopnicai uiusuaiion. The bartienlara of Ihi scientific invention would scarcely Pe in v reeling ai ua present lime, ana are not neeessary ror tne pnrposes 01 una out. , ... . A statement or tne ease writ 00- Tuinneni. it is. however, well to, mention bere, la. ardee that It may ronnon the record, tbat the iuveutioa of Dr. Pace embraces three element' never before brought Into connection and practice. ' The first is the emnponnd 1 magnet or bundlsof wires, to auijmeni the intensity i ot the induced current of electricity by the niaunotiza-, tins HI MH.ri-a.M . ThJ. MMlKf Mltl UU (if til Hilt. rate suits of tre to produce, grsater Insulation be-'J twden the primary coil.ot coarwi wire ana w outer or Induction coil of fine wire, front which the spark ia taken light exhibited. Thirdly, th Several mechanical contrivances; first, a raep; second, tbe mercury and Spur wheel; third, an interruptor or auto matic viorating oreaa-piece u inierrnpi ine gaivauic current aa create the iadueed current aH kuewn as the Inductioo eoii. That ia all :iwpee W T tbat point. ,.' ; Man yyear gfli ft early 1838 to 1S43, Dr. Tafje exhibited this apparatns in-colleges. Using It for Igni ting gunpowder, ligntiug vacuum moe.s, ensuring iy-en jars, and for medical effects. Ia tbe year lbia the Kmperor of the French ofrered a prixe of fifty tbon-sand frics to be given after five, years to ths author of th most Important discovery and application relation to electricity. ' Five years elapsed, and no ou was adjudged tvortnyof una gross prise, -i ne lime was extended: and iu the year 164 a commissioii of thirteen scientific men, of whom the celebrated Dumas was President, reported that a man by the name of Riibmkorff waa entitled to. the prize, being the In- seutor of what is now known, a tlaa Knuiakorff soil."-'-'--' ' ' " - ' " . New, Mr. Speaker, tbe Committee oft Paten ta. after Close inveetigatigation, find tlmt tbe Kuhmkorff coil is anbatantUUy identioal with, and copy ot, Dr.: Page'a invention. Thus, to a foreigner, as I have said, by the high authority of a foreign power, is adjudged the merit of this invention. The ideutity once established, tbe importance of the invention will be bet understood wheu I state tbe importance Which has been ascribed to it in Karon. Da mas and the com mission, in tbeir reportsay, in speaking ef Kuhmkorff ann ma enaracrer: "Mr. Kuhmkorff will ever remain thd tvpe of his claw, a model for tbe numersue iutclliK'-nt workuum who fill the erner r worxenops 01 rmrm. 10 tnoee who. like him. knw how to cobum! their desires snd fsithftiliy 7.V1" brlghlneas, the two sepftrest t3 remaiaed visitile sstu ssaset, by whicft iisM tkj raitbow haddiaappwi.u 71 , Tvs, lI'r!lIluno.:;'?"',''' far U$ tWMMpMd ftwirer 17 T.I ! IV in ths cleft or thy great left band, Mississippi J. reached ont to the deett. ' i Bwart, and aweaty, aad tanned, .. And clasping the monntaiu steep,-, , This city, wedltogrtnf, - Wltb God In itt thunders for priest, . ; ... , Thoa glvest the first Of thy brides i I And, mother of cities, the East .I-t-rva-t fii: uJl' :i -Tf ft bastion bo more fcot in tory,- A IIOIUJ - V IIIUI. VUI ,u , .: ... "They have vanlshsrl, tbe sears of ft glory, ta tbs visible grown or its power. Tbe bloodstone, red-veined by tbe martyrs, When Braddock went down to Bsaujeu, Is black as tbs jet of its caverns. That scorches lbs star 01 its Diue. i The ini'hty arena of ridge : Looks do wa at the sacrament rites 1 Down the wizard perspective of bridge! , I Leap red the hymeneal lights. ; 5 From tits gntfa or ths globe and the fbnfitatng ; Swim the monsters of steam to bo guests, I . Ami sliding tbe slopes of the mountain ' Th giants bring giftso'sr th crests, .,,, Aroused by the axe from Its slumber, 1 The great Apalachian spina ' n s ' j , Pbakes down to the rivera Its lumber, , ., ; "" And belehes the fire from the mine. Ths rains, lifting np the long rivers, ' ,e Bear heartily onward the spoil; 1 The iron that melta for tbe dancing. " I r Bmootlt-kisssd by tu bouatilul oil. I The dance, it Is never to finish; ' j ! The danoera are sever to tire. So long as there's pulse in tbs water, -Or soul In the glow of tbe fire ; I The tune, it is more than a meaaore; : u The dance, does it naught but amnse? . , The feet Uiat aiip daftly to pisasure, I Slip also to generous use. I Thsf fashion thsbMadaxe edge , That shall fiddle tbe forests to light, And the billion tingling rivets ' 1 That shall bind ths rooftree tight f TO the quickstep of their forges, ,, "piss Into highways the ore, ' ( , And their great blank eannons salve; ' Like a routed nation's roar. ' 80, wltb th! grimy mosaic, 1 - Volranite, lava and steel, No. stake of contending empires, , Bat earved with oar eagle-seal. - : " The great West weds the ocean . . : In a onion never to tire, 1 Till the heavens and ths earth like ft parchment. Roll together with fervent fire! !;.p)'t. ' (tsoeos Aivaso Towass, JNMW JEltSEt ITEMS. The Firbmes. The fire Departnient of Camden fa organized on a firm basis, and ths various companies composing it are taking every necessary precaution to add efficiency to it. Tbs department is soon to be strengthened by the adcltlon of another steamer, possibly two. Each of the sererat companies is now provided who good ana ample apparatus, which is kept in excellent order, while the members themselves are gentlemen of great experience and euergy. ... - ...... . , Thb EutcfioN, Tlie election in Camden tabes place on the second Tuesday m March, bint three week hence, for municipal officers. ' prelimi nary meeting ase soon to be held to (elect delegate to the City Conventions, by both partita. Tbe Union League ana tne members 01 ne nepusncsit party generally ars actively at work and are determined, if possible to carry ths entire city. Cot;stt Divisiok. The project ef making ft new county out of a part of Camden does not aonear to meet with as much eueoaragemeot as its projectors anticipated. Many leading gentlemen from various parts of the county sre entirely opposed to the propo sition 1 it is oeuevru mai, 11 in aivmon aoes take place, the new county seat wiU be located at Long-a-coming. , Tat Injunction It is anticipated that the injunction of tbe Court of Errors, reitraining the running of ears on tbat part of tte Rarltan road from Attion to tbe junction on ne a-amoen ana Atlantic road, will be shortly removed. Snch a measure would be of infinite benefit to a very laiee class of ieople. 1 1.. ... ..I. .p 1 1 .1 ,1 j. up 1.2; . . , lEXfiHYIiVANIA ITEMS. Mr. Adam Iloen, an aed ciUzea of thi pldee, died suddenly at his reiideace, on Sunday morning last. He was ia tbe act of allrring tbe fire, when he suddenly fell bacK ana exoirea, -.. The lUnvv and hxantmf fWahlifton county) savst-Pitrlii last wsel) a besutlful mnrble tablet to the memory of the lamented Professor Les wss placed In a niche in the west wall of the chancel Of Trinity Episcopal Church of this place, n Saturday meat or wecic Deroro iaat some wnrthieu dn.r. imt into the sheeo shsd of Isaar. t int. nett, of Morris township, and Idllsd eleven tamable sheep outright, aaa wnnnacu soous winy otners. Nearly every sheep ia the flock was bitten. t Tbe Washmston twu ctkc nas oeen oeciaedft second time, the jury bringing fc verdict of guilty. and recotnmendtng me f1' "1" ? "fe mercy or tbe court The court sentence . mm 10 eight year con finement in ths Western reniieuuary, atrittaonrjr. Edward Sim, the Engn.hman who repaid ih kmrtn.u. nt old Mr. Berkley by stlematina-to mumi bis money, althoagh only getting his watek, after tbs Utter had sheltered him and divided sapper with him in a railroad watch house, ne low Tyrone, geta a four years' iraprisosment in tne wesieru reaitentiary. The Kittftnninr Fret Prru aays: 'W are Informed by the lecture Committee of tbe Yonng Men's Christian Association of Kittannlng that ths first of a contemplated series of lew ores will be delivered by Rev. Alexander Cmrk, Of Flttsbonf, ia the rresnytartsn i;nurcn, owwiju, ua inursusy eveoinr th apu tal - i . - -- " " . ' 1 u- - . 1 strive ror pei rectlon m worn and clearnem iu coureptioiis, who bead theirattentiuotooaeebioet and labor iintirlnlr untila high superiority is .aimsd aud nlso for themaelt'es the satislaetlous of a ripe ase, the ennpensalion for tbe servieesand privatiuus of youth will a4 be lacking Ina country where more than ever merit finds recompute.". a Claim, at. cjfeimer, tun. m couuiry win ue no leas esger than Frauce to reward so Important a discovery. Tbe report proceeds, and I call the attention of ths House to this sentence: "Plane MM M. Kuhmkorff has devoted himself to the eomtructinn and perfection of his awarstus, and lis has ended by secnrinK for It hl own name, by giving it a sei-entitle value wluda ao one contests, and by renderins it rf irear power as 10 necouio a meaus 01 auaierous practi cal applisatioess.w - ' ' :" ' This act directs that if tbe Commisslonsr Of Pstents finds twhat the committee report to be true, that Dr. rage is toe real inventor, ne is wormy 01 a patent. Now, ia hi eld age, teeble and in bad health, let him, in declining years, receive the , national award which his discovery deserves at our hands, and what haa beea know a as ths Kuhmkorff coil become), ss ft should, tbe " Page induction coil," While we reward merit in this way and mane bis name historic, we at the same time vindicate our own nationality in the paths nf science. I shall not occupy the tlma of ths House mueh further. Only this morning I am in receipt of Count duMoncePa work of fonr hundred pages, Issued at Paris, devoted to the Kuumkorrr coil, and dencribinr it as one of tbe most Important discoveries ever made knows to tne worm una wtucn we nod by tbe scien tific men of England, such aa Starting aud Golding Kird, by tbe testimony of the beat of thesavaos In thia country, and by the examination of Kuhmkorff s owa description, to belong to Dr. Page. I hare stated ths matter fully, and I hope tbe gentleman frem Illinois will not Insist on tbe time ef the House being consumed with tbe reading of tbe report. The mil. sir. noes not propose to taits one dollar from tbe Treasury or to Is fringe opoa the rights of a single man. We bad before ua the testimony ot the chief scientific men of thi country who construct this apparatns, and they desire a to give this patent to Dr. Page, who they say ta jaatly (atitlad to it. Nor has Dr. Fa? slept upon lis rights ; he made anolic v tioa before, bnt eeeanse of his being an examiner in the Patent Office ha wa disqualified under the act of 1H36. and tbe application rejected. Tbe invention did not go into public Bsc "with bis knowlsdge aud consent." - Mr. rPSQlf I have noticed by tbe reading or tbe bill tbat it is mads compulsory oa the .Commissioner to Issue thia patent. Mr. MxfcKS o,ir. Mr. UPSON It says "shall issue this patent," Mr. MYERS-lKo, sir. If be finds Dr. Page tn be the first inventor, then he is toiesne ths patent. lie Is to institute aa investigation raw tne nets, sua ir Be finds them as the eonuniltec report tbsm thsn be ia to irsne a patent; ' ... The bill waa passed.; t; ' " " Mr. M YU4 moved t reconsider tbe vote by which the bill wa pawed; and also moved (hat ths notion to reconsider be laid oa tbe tables. The latter motion waa agreed to. (.Terno Orr n Situation. ' Governor Ort returned yesterday frost his tislt te Beaufort. The Governor went to Beaufort partly to lear the circumstances of the murder of Mr. Mathews recently reported, lie says there Is fcelther law or order in tbe section he bas visited, asd tbat as wilt ao report to Gensrsl Csnby to-day. On a drivs of ten miles, thmoe-h some biases one th most nourishing in ih.t Hi.trwnt. ths tiovemor saw aot a vsstic of a fsaee, not a single hog or sheep, aud ouly two por con, (,'mncsttin mercury, tea. to, , .. Chill A Klngular PIiernameBon. On tbe setn of December a most lingular pfleno-tnsoen wa witnessed at Copiapa. which joarnal at that place describes as ioiiows "At about nre r. M., owing to tbs light clouds whlcB covered the sky like a broad csrttun n aasia, .oarw appearea two rin-bowe aarrounding the t ua. Toward ths wsst wss a third rainbow, in a direction opposite to the other two, ijooa after, ths srb of day was reflected with such Intensity from the northern, aad sontbera ex-tremities of the central bow, as almost toindoce the belief that there wet three anna placed fas straight line an SQBi-distant from sme saotbef. The ort at-ness ef the apparent suns waa ao intense as te Oaaale the ejea of tbe beholder.. Alternately leeiBff , aad ! N33W ENOLANft ITEM8, , ti lHri. LnvTnnlaHodKdoB, orTewrtrtdry, Maas. aged tl, hung herself on Tuesday. Bhe was lnsaae and possesaed by a morbid drsad of poverty. ' -Thomaa IJall, proprietor of tho Cambrlrljr skating rink, was fined IM in the Police Cesrt, Wed- nesiiay, fur refusing to admit two colored boy to too rink. 4-There Is a man in tee, Man., 22 year olf. who cays he never ate any meat, salt or butter, and never drank any tea, coffee, ale, or spirituous ilo-nor of any kind la bis life, - . . . --A domestie employed In ft family at Hartford, while hanging out clothes last Monday week, slipped on the Ice and felt, atrlking bar bead with such fete that she died next day. , -i-Thc enit f the Norwich and Worcester railroad against th New London Northern for damages in a collision, was decided oa Monday for lbs plaintiffs, with ft verdict of $12,000 and costs ef Hit. (-Two men quarrying limestone for the kiln at Whiting, Vt., were sons dsys ago blows ten feet inln .km I . k. Tt H. M . il.h..f. I'Vl I. AWh 1LI (U, Ml. WJ ...-.feu. W WlWWWf, . . .HW. V - sights were destroyed, and tbeir survival is doubtful. Flckett, the New Hampshire forger, who wa shot at Water furd some time ago, while endeavoring to escape from custody, was spirited away from tha hotel ia that place by unknown parties on Tuesday aight, ..... , i -, i v . - i-An inquest was held on the little Mm of widow Potter, ef South Adams, killed by the cars the other dav. and the railroad officials were censured for tho practice ot running loose care down graoe tnrougn iu village. v.?-..! m -. A little girl by the name oi Unnn, while coming from school, on Monday night, fell npon one of onr icy sidewalks in Nswbnryport, causing conens- ,1UU W .U UiaiUUUU nw m.v. v. w M.V m www . the same night. - , Specimens of feldspar were sent to Enrfand sometime aince from the Portland quarries by F. W. Russell, and last week be received threes fine boats of SbaKspeare and Milton, carved from it, mora admirable than Parian marble, ' , --The singer of Providence have formed an association with the name ef "The Msndetssoha Union," for tbe purpose of bringing ont oratorio mneir. Hon. Elisha Oyer Is President, aud Car Zei rahu bas been engaged as leader, f . In Danville. Vt.. lately. Georcre Do. rccectrr reinrnea irona vsiuornia, severely seat iwv. wsorgo Craven hi former school teacher, in pursuance of av threat of vengeance made when a boy. Dow has gone pack to veiiiurnia to escsp to law. r uv pumniuw.,muv . . . u . . . . iu .11 . ... 1 , u Falls of Norwich has notified thirty girls at work tbero tbat after Marcb 1 they must work eleven hours for ths same wsges tbat tbey have received tor ten. Thirteen girls have consequently sent in aotlce ta quit. A three-year old boy of a Pittafleld clewrr- msn, watching hi mother making biscuit on Sunday ror tea, asaea ner ti it was not wicaea to worx on Sunday. Ot coarse she said it was, and th logical nttie chap continued, " wn eaten it when 'so get to heaven !'' Profegsor Macey, extensively known a one of those characters who live by their wits, and the want of them in others, died at Nantucket on tbe Bib Inst, An obiturary notice describee bint as a poet, and a lecturer on electricity, mesmerism, jackasses ant) kindred sa bjsctsv 11111 i I. i i i ii i. market by TelPSjrapli, ' littrvato, Feb. 19. Markets generally dull, and prices of ail articles nnebangsd. Totsito, Feb. 19. Flour qulst; BO Sles. Amber wheat held at fit M. and t"2'M offered. Corn easy. Oata, tf6e. Kye quiet. Dressed bogs, 9'Bn. Maarma. Feb. 18, Cotton active at nwauc: nv- ceipts, Vim bales; exports, tsotl bates. Bacon doll; clear sides, l4e. ; bulk meats active at lOltm c. Porfc aciivs at 'if.i.-o. no nogs in maraet. torn, use Oats, while, bicjbiack, 8&c. LoT!iviM.a, Feb. 19 Tobacco firm; sales of 13)1 hbda. lngsat f50(T,90; common to medium leaf, SiiSW-TS; Hart county leaf, $20-60. Snperflne flour, fancy, IliJO-aH. Wheat, fj S. Cora, T8 m, Oats, 8T(6Sc Mess pork, U. Lard, Mdft lHc. Bacon shoulders, 10i(a;llr;. ; clear sides, 14c. bulk shoulders, l'Jc; elear sides, 13c Cotton, lir.e. Bar.risoax, Feb. 19, Cotton very firm; mlddltnga,' -SV'28e. Floar quiet; high grades sbippiog extras r m4Vi-'US. Wheat steady but dull. Corn firm ; white. tl-lfiojlHO; yellow, fl-ll'lS. Cwite steady at te.' Rye firm atil'63'ill'e. i'rovitiona firai and closed ad vaneing; bulk aides, 10f : shoulders. VV; loose bscoa, snosiusrs, iia,iiio; no, txxwiifc; clear rib. 13iC ... - i ....;,. CmnwieaTi, Feb. 19. Flour steady sad qniett family. tllraalt-SS. Corn unsettled: sales of ear. .t le.j shelled, 80c. Oats, 66c for No. I. Rye snd oariey nncuangao. cotton, middlings, rk2l3;a. Mess pork, 23 Balk meats firm; shonlders. 9je.; sides, 11 c ; clear sides, lswc Bacon beld at WXc for aids i eisar lidae, 1X Lard, 14, Beef Cattle firm. , :.f u !,y-:r ; 8t, Louis, Feb. 19. Tobacco steady asd inch an goo-No sales of cotton or hemp. Flour active snd no. changed. Wheat qniet; small trade sprint at $.-inr l ib; winter, ('i 60t3'tA. Corn aachanged at MASCq, Oats. 8($T.. Prime spring barley, $2 0, Rve firmer at MW. Provisions Lares speculative demand; Southern, orders freely filled; mesa pork, 23(t 9-s ; bacon, clear aide, l&ilSJtc; dear rib sides, 14 ; shoulders, 10c. ; sugar eorep hams, 16lCc. ; dry salted shonlders be!datH'e.: bulk clear sides, 11 t; lard large sales at Keoknk and oa lb 1UU uwm uvvr. m .k;. , " v, --a- . tw, Chioaoo, Feb. l.Frour dull but tearly; spring extras $- S0r-J6. No. t whest onist at No. I at t'lWM- Corn nnsettlsd ; new 78:78Ve. ! No. t at T9e. Oats dull at Mt468o. Rye null and declined vale; sales at 65e. Barley ls2e. higher; sales of No. at ISHjewx-OIls, and rejected llTlMl-ne. Pork active and firm; msa held at $23; country sold stl.'l SO. Cot meats firm and Ve. blghsr; eboaldert Xe.j short rib middles lltsliye-; Cnmberland cuts luc. Sweet pkkied bams fir as and advaeeed H He. Sales at W&ixe. Lard mors sctlrs and it a-Weber; sales at Ut, Dressed bogs in fir demand light ttft-ao, heavy $-6ia, dosing st fAas-rA dvs-vUing on 200 da. Beef cattle quiet at triA! few good to choice. Beceipts-FJoor, M) bbls. ; wheat, 11,000 basb-t corn, 47.000 bash. ; oats. K.0O0 bosh.) dressed hoifs, 17o0 bead; live do., DooO head. Hbin. . , ...'i ...... . .., 1 1 . .k ' .nn n fO. . mcui.riutir. vy, uu'l ...t : bush. ; dresecd bog, ISo bead; liv do, $SC0 bea d. ,

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