The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Besls Slcarns In Hurling Duel Al J o n e s b o r o Monday Night JONESBOUO, Ark., May 10 — Coining'from behind to score into in the eighth, BlyUieville won n 3 lo 1 victory over the Jonesboro club here last night, to take ths final game of a three game serifs. Tlie Joncsboro club nuia out the Blythevllle team twice Sunday. Bill Stearns, Jonesboro right- hander, held the visitors rcorelp&s ami hlUess until the seventh when they broke loose for three hits and two vuns. , Harry Feldman allowed only four Jills. Tile second inning run iv«s the lesull of Manager Hersclifl Bobo's error. FVilclman struck out II. Jimmy Uelmtmt of Jonesboro and Bob Woods of Blylheville, both second, basemen, got, t«'o hits each. Dvorak drove tn'lwo of Ulylhc- viltc's Tims and Qorman. pinch hitting- for cumin in the cifililh, BLYTIIEVJLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Pitcher Koewinx. Wilson Lowery, Milton Strauss, 1)0113 Peldimui, Hurry Alexander, Win. V. Elkins, i,iri',vrit>[! Hcbtrson, Clilt Thomas. Donald Lctanosky, Paul Mcl/HHlnn, Frank Hiilfhe.s, IMward Fislw, Williiiin H<:ert, Olyrti' Holm, Al HltHl.soc, I'ci-cy May, HussMl NORTHEAST All KANSAS I.I PITCHING ItCCORHS ' J'ilrlii'i'S IJ;i Hup; Won Club Ci C'vlllc -I C'lille I U'vlllc l H'villc I Ji'vllli- I n:ilf.s I J'^ra I Pa m I Paru I I'ara 2 Jones l Jtmfs I H'vllli! 2 Hat™ -i I'ura 2 I'd. 1.000 1.000 I OUO I.Of)'I \.im l.Wlfl LOW 1.000 i .000 i .oa o .500 IK U II it •) It 'J U n n o 1! II 11 4 7 7 7 3 fi (i 7 « I 1 12 1 U 2 10 5 0 1 5 1 :i i 11 c Hi II 13 10 17 12 BB SO 3 12 ]!e realizes lie does mire some, but Is always in (here giving his best With drove hi Ihe final run. The box score follows: Is'mtlii'ast Arkansas l.fa^ui- fnoliidiiijr (iaim-s uf May 1, )!i:iK Club Halting Club (i AB 11 HTBI'cl. Balesville 0 1)12 11 50 84 ,2«3 Jono.sboio s 167 :>.<) n (i;i .:>5« CaruUier.sYilli'.. <i 208 ;I7 63 71 .255 <i 211 118 63 115 .251 :;.... 5 165 2* 39 SO .230 G 191 ID 4-1 O'i ,22:1 Olllll Kil-llllllg ft i'O A K I'd, PariiKOiild u us 71 10 .05!) IJlylhovllk- fi 132 (il 12 .(Ml .Toiifslxiro •> 12!) (H 13 .flriV Carnthersvilli 1 .... (J \ty> 03 20 .!)1B Bate.yvllle. i; 102 T.I 23 .015 Newport, C 102 GG M .909 Individual Avi-niiff-s, fiitmrsof Mny4 Tlnce (ituni-s Hitting MO or More Player Club I'o O All n II I'd. Ulock. C. I'ur 21) G 28 5 IS .10-1 Blytheville AB H H O A Hodon. A. Bales c 4 II fi 5 455 Woods, 2b 5122 l j Jnckson R livllc cf 3 11 1 ft .455 Eobo, 31) 4 i) 0 0 0 I Ijoonhiudt. P. Cvl Ib C 191 Ii 421 Trambacfc, if ..' 3 0 0 1 0 ! Jiumillon, T. Hev: 2b 5 12 2 r> 41V Jackson, cf 4001 0 ' w <''*'"li'lJ, 1, Jon 3b 5 2! 7 H .380 Maiesco. c 3 o 1 11 ;j!f'himp, *= Par 3b 0 21 ii 9 .375 Hamngton, Ib 4 I 010 i)' FUo. Pr«l Cvl rf (i 22 8 8 .381 Von Aluien, If .( l i i <j|Bo»o, n. Dvlle 31) 5 l-l 7 r, .357 Dvorak, ss 4 0 1 1 1 ' Dvorak. II. Bvllc .ss f> 17 3 II .352 Feldman;)) 4 o 1 0 8 MRrtin. J. Par c 0 20 B 7.350 Cilnnn. rf .'.. o 0 0 0 0 ( lcl «'hoir. K. 151s 2ti-c fi 2ii 3 0 .3l(i zGonnau, r( t o 1 0 o' I''o\vlcr, U. Par. rfCM4 a .340 Mail in, o. Jon rt •! ir> 2 s :ni Totals ., - - - Jone.shoi o pelmont. 2b 40 a" 38 3 1 27 12, Crimps. B. Jon p-of 301 3 ,33;! AB R H 0 A Malcsky. W. Bis p-Sb 3 0 4 2 '! Krecvlch, A, fils cf (i 25 8 ef fi 25 3 0 0 1 oi°' n rlen, R. Now c C 1!) 1 103li] Mi-C'ulley, .). ,lon Ib 5 20 3 0 1 7 Pnslprb, ss 4 o 0 1 •> \ Mnl "'S'. T. New Martin, rf .4 " ' ' ~ " WciUei itch. 3b 4 Cooper, c 4 McCulley, Ib 4 2 .333 B .320 II .320 « .3IS (i ,300 Jwcuniiey, m 4 Q i 7 | O'Brien, jf 2 0 0 l o Pearcy, ct 2 00 2 0 Slearns. |i 3 o 0 2 l ^Hughes, If 1 o 0 0 u xxNpwncki, cl l o 0 1 0 Totals 32 1 4 27 lf> z— Batted for Currnn In eighth. x—Batted lor O'Brien in ninth. xx—Batted for Penrcy In eighth. Blytheville ' 000 001) 210—3 Jonesboro 010 000 000-1 Summary: Errors — Boto. Wer- derltch, McCulley 2, Slcnrns, Woods. Runs butted in—hfcCulloy! Dvorak 2, Gornmn. Two-base hits —Dvorak. Double plays— Paslcrb lo Dehnoht to McCulley. Left on bases —Blytherllte fi, Jonesboro 5. Balk— l'eldmnn.(Base on balls—Off Fcld- mau 1, off Stearns 1. Struck—By Feldman it, by stenrns 5. Time —1:55. Umpires—Rnir nnd Tuff. Noiliicast Aili;ins:is League W. I,. Pel Pnrngottld g 2 CnnithersvUJc ... 73 Blytlievilie '.'.'.'.'.'. 5 5 Batesville 5 5 Jonesboro 4 C Newport I n .800 .700 .500 .500 .•100 .100 Yesterday's Results Nnrtlifiisl Arkansas League lilythnville :t, Jonestoro 1. Puiaixmld .5. liatesvllle :). Carulhcrsvllle 5. Newport 2, .Soiitliern League Meniiihis f). Nasliville 3. night, Knoxvllle 3, Little Rock 0. Atlanta 5. Birmingham 4. Only t;aiues scheduled. N'atiimal Ixinpne Cincinnati 9, Philadelphia' 4. lioslou 7. Pittsburgh 5. 10 Inn- hiss. St. Louis !>, Brooklyn 7. New York nl Chleago. cold. American Leaeue Boston 15, Cleveland 3. WashiiiRlon 7. St. Louis 1. Detroit at Philadelphia, rain. Chicago at New York, rain. Tlie Dope IJncket Sly J, V. l'»e?id lflTUD--! can't rcfrnln from belnu dLsapiiointcd over the fnlliirr! ot "U'lty" Alexander loinakc Knoil this year with the Cilnnls . . . 1 Icll miller sure, and still do for that iiiulti-r, Hint UK; huulhpiiw cun u in with conip.'triitl^e (;* in this U-iiBtii; . . . Not Hint tills isn't pretty I'u.sL sulllng, for II Is, but if "Ix?fti" would (;et In shape he would chalk up nl least IHtcc-n Htniie.s, . . . nut there's tlie nib . . . "Elinor" u-nsn't. lu condition . . .. Decniise of his gas station business at the .slftle line he <IKI not KO (o Hurt Hinltli with tlie rest of the boys ... lie thought he cmild work himself In shape here . . . Mebbe he could, but lie didn't . .' . He missed the'hours of toll under the drivinj; of Frfink Brazil!. Her.schdl Hobo and Jlnnk nellrrry . . , And if you don't think those guys can put you tliioush the mill just iisk anyone who lias been there . . . The youngsters retimied here in the "IJink" . . . TUP pitcher's legs tell Ihc dlfl'ereiicu between l*fly nnd the others . . . They had been there—1,0fly hadn't . . . and there's n moral to that story . . . [t, seems as if I can faintly recall a sport, ndnne of something about "they never conic back" . . . Al any rate we had lots of fun dreaming of how (he left hnmler was going to burn this league up and pull the fans Ihi'oiijjh |lu> i;ali.' ONF. l.EVT—The release of Out- liclcler Joe Currtm leaves only one —Henry Dvorak—of the Drcyoung- sters siRiieil from the Baton Rouge baseball school of the New York Gianl.s , . . The others: Ed Il!i- suskns. Charles Oxley. Doinininiic Mincel, failed of the same v/eaknp.'is ns did Cumin . . . They couln't 'hit . . . All were bette'r than avemce In tl>e field and until they look n lurri at the baf' tires' could be easily liteiuideil us base- j'm convinced bnil players . . . nul there tlie stoiy enrls . , . TJie woods are full of fielders . . . Uul the demand is great, and tiie supply is small «f those who can make the can bo pretly well assured the inn welkin rhiB by the re.somidlnij crash pirim; is bound U) be good and o the lusli on the horsehldc .... . . . Lyons Ls .six feet, four WJien (In- five arrived with th« Inches tall, weighs 100 pounds, ami TUESDAY, MAY 10, 1938 .shoulders. Time o: me r.nnl fall was 18 minutes. umpire* working for the loop with I nmbltlon of tliat order the fans Mjiiail Oxluy looked lo be tho /) l>!os|><:tl nl tlio ijulntel . . . ]|(. took a natural cut with plenty of a v.-i<le rantce of athletic officiating behind him . . . ire lias , . - - speciallwd In that phase of this power . . lie met the hull hard, S |xiri game . .' . And I might ad< iind could KO K et them In the j llft was a fair to middllnij center (Uld , . . Hut suddenly he wont [ in reversi- iK.hira lino prep f.cho»l and college . . , He took tin- j And he wusn't Ixraxling. eitlier . . i i i i ,'i" 1 , V ;"" l>10nly " r '' h! " 1 (n "^ llls rr<;Q "' <"»» ''I'"- povvi-r behind II—liul, you guessfd j II, hi' didn't conned with the fignte, und liascbiill boys lei) me u m i oni' Hun Is iiiipoiirnit . . . Advance dojH' of Dvorak ivii.s: "(jood ncld. '"> I'il" - . Bill he hn.s surprised the wiM'iHTOJi by his timely iiltllni; ... At tlie IIIWM wiling Jiu is iibovi- tin- ^iOO niiirk, mill while Uu: Mswni ir. i|iihi: in sliort rmnls, he .'Hi-ill^, to l)« getting nlong ijctter with tilt- stick nil Ihi; ilnii- HK iHilliiK luuvc;i liltln lo be ile- slK-ii, raid his Ijaso running ), iis bi-i-n sjicctiictilar . . , J)r> stlok around ail summer KX'I'UA IJASKi-J have been wiiichluij with keen hunresl the jiro^rt-ss 1)1, Onrl I^inek :il Ncv, 1 - |x>rl ... I .-it.iii tin- boy. .scores of Hie. Newport Curd I mils each day and note whut, the Rochester lail <ll(l ... In Ihi- fielding side ot the trd!;er hi: lins nol. .yel made an error, but his hitlhiB hasn't IKCII what inishl In U'lined as "grcm" . . . However, (his one thing has been outstanding, when he hits the. bull miinlly goes for nn extra base ride . . . With the exception 01 one hit. nil have been for extra Nazerian, Ching Lee Winners bases, mostly doubles . Lruick . . . Is a bis; boy with powerful wrists and arms . . . Maybe he Is trying lo ml too hard, rather than fake a follow through . . . jjls strikeout column would indicate It, as he H'hiffs about as, many limes as he hlls ... * t » GOOD ARBITERS — While We huvc .seen but two .sets of umpires and have yet, to see Ruff and Tuff under fire, it is the general Impression over the circuit (hut Tony McDonald did it fair country job of cHoostnc, his youngsters lo call cm for the Northeast Arkansas League . . . The team of Howard Lyons and Dill Connelly which narked the Cnriitrwrsville series here was especially Impressive They had some lou[[h ones to call nnd some ticklish situations such as players scrapping, managers grl|iln», hut they held their heads nicely and had tilings under control all Hie time . . . I ran Inlo Lygii.s at a local cafe after working' llif first game in u-]iicli lie wa.s forced lo eject Mnnnger Bunny Simmons . . . We got into a discussion of umpiring and (he (nil youngster revealed a desire (o mnke good In the business and had his eye on the "big tent" Four of Professor Miki! Merc/ley's star mnl perfonners went through their routine al the AJnerican U>Blon dreiia here last nluhl, btilh Luiils ending In riotous scenes (hat had the cash customers slnnillnjj on their chairs. Mike Nazerlan uus declared the winner in u rough nnd tumble exhlbhion wiih BJj; Jim i'urker, Caruthcrsville iniumnn, and in tlie Ilrsl nmlcli Oiling U>e Urjwneil Oils VVI.ster. Parker and Nazerlan mixed it, from the opening bell, although tlie Armenian .sought Ihe refuge of Ihe ropes rcjicalcdly. Nawrlan pulleit his usual rough tricks to bring oul the boot; of the crowd, but nevertheless won wIlhonL too much trouble. Parker used what Mcrouey termed ns a "head buster" lo win the lirst fall in 12 minutes. Then Knzcrlnn took the second and third to lie declared the winner. He won the second In five minutes with front crotch and Ixxly slum and uftcr tossing Parker Into the ringside seats of section A, the Ca- rulhersvllle boy returned lo the ring and MiKcrltm eluded Ills rushes nnlil he had an oppor- tunlty to slap him naain to the canvas with front crotch and body slum. II \vn.s Parker this lime who staged a demonstration but were no casualties. Lee threatened lo usurp the title of Bad Man No. 1 last night, pulling just about cwjry known mat violation, much lo the concern of thft spectators. Referee Olc Olscn was Ineffective in making tiie Chinaman behave and this match, too. ended in n demonstration. Lee used the body pin to lake the first fall in Hi minutes, then Wisbar evened tlie count in 14 mhuiles with n. rolling short arm scissors. Attempting this hold again proved Wlstar's undoing. He was rolling the Chinaman and apparently was about to take the deciding fall when the Oriental suddenly revived when he was at the He was slncern, top of the roil and sat on Wisbar's Europe To See Aquatic Stars From America MIAMI, Pla. l OP) — Led by Ffalph Flanagan, a group of American aquatic .stars will make a lour of European nations next fall followljifc' the Outdoor Nationals at IxitiLsvllle, Ky., in August. in addition to tlie Miami aquatic champions who established 12 new records here last winter, Adolph Kieft-r, Peter Fick, Johnny lllggins and Al Bitnlk w!U make the tout- along with several other swimmers to be chosen after Urn Nationals. Flanagan won the 220- and COO- .vsii'd events in (lie recent National meet at Columbus, O. "1 have no intentions of turning profi.'.s.sionn)," lie tuiM. "i «,ant lo BO to tlie Olympics in 1940. After that, I don't know. I also want lo ri'lnni to (he University of Texas next fall and complete my schooling. 1 am out to net a degree. You've gat to work, though, in those clauses." Flanagan's grades were ireor last winter at Texas nnd he left school. She Missed Hlage Coach HOLUS, N. U. (UP)-Mrs. ilo- anna s. Eaton Is looking forward to her lOOIh birthday with but one regret. She has yel lo fulfill |,er gujnood ambition of driving a stage coaeli. A 350-milhon-ycar-old monument consisting of a petrified tree stump from the Devonian period, has been erected at Ada, Okla.. us a memorial to Dr. David White noted scientist. Hughes Is Blytheville's Only State Meet Winner Five .students of the city Wgh school, accompanied by Mrs, Farmer England and Joe Dlldy, were in ArkndelnhJa for the state track meet which was held (here Thursday, Friday, and Saturday when Carl Hughes tir-d for third place In the discus throw. All students who placed .first, and second in llio district': meet were eligible for participation in the state meet, but because of lack o( transportation, the t-liy high school could not send the entire group of first and scccond winners. BIythevllle was represented by: Thomas Reay, algebra; Jerry Cohen, geometry; Miss Patricia Wood, Kni/Mi; Mls . s Amy R||()| Morris, violin; Carl Hughes, discus throw. Rebels Beat Batesville At Paragould, 5 To • I'ARAGOULD. Ark., May jo.i- The Fnragoultl Rebels rapped Al ' liohn (or 14 hits, including five doubles and a triple, to chalk up a 5 to 3 victory over Die Batevil While Sox. Clllford Ilobcrson, Rebel hurlor, held Hie Bate.svilte lean) to live lilts, including a triple and a double. ficore by innings: It. U.K. Hatc.svillc.. .. 000 SCO 000 350 I'aniKOUld ., Oil 002 10* 5 14 r, Bulni, IMcr nntl Hodcn; Holw.son add Martin. Bats arc Inintccl for foort In Africa. Although a drone bre dor-.-; not,; have u fulhi-r, it, dor-s Imvi' :i praml-1 father. AMBULANCE SERVICE '\ J)AY & NIGHT . ; f CALL 30 is Holt Funeral Home Tj SAVE AS MUCK AS ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE 100% Pennsylvania Oil, Scaled Containers 25c SAVEON GAS CO. '( Miles No. of State Line H. W. 61 HOLLAND, MO. Today's Games Nnrlhca-it ArkniiKM I.easnc- Newport al Blytheville. Bntesviile at Cnruthcrsville. Junraljoro nl. Pmagoiild, Snullicrn l^-ajtm- Lilile Rock n' ^ ChatU-inoogii 12 8 Atlanta ' 14 10 Meinphti- ]\ iz New Orleans H 13 Kasuville 10 i;j Birmingham il H ICnnxvitle n H New Yoik .. Chicago Pittsburgh .. Cincinnati ,. El. Louis ... Boston Brooklyn ... Philadelphia W. l, )0 ,1 fi 7 U 9 10 11 8 10 7 0 7 13 4 14 .108 .GOO .583 .•418 .45S .4:15 .304 I'rt 1 ,34 L' j .650 j .550 '. .-nuj .4-141 .4:«! .350 .22:; Pfl. I .GU7 .050 .1350 .600 .412 JSil .333 .250 CVyloncsc Lives on Grass COLOMBO. Ceylon (UP) —Car-, clis, n Ceyloncse, Is growing strono i and healthy on a diet of grass. AJ few years ago. he declared, he was! 'al«<ns sick" and medicine failed to cure him. So he eave up ordinary fowl and went on a diet of grass. Southern I.ragui> Memphis at Nashville. Albntn in Birmingham. Utlle Rock nt Knoxvllle. Cfmtlanoorm al Mew Orleans. National Leafing Boston at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn nl. SI. Louis. Mew York at chlnvgo. Philadelphia at Cincinnati. American I.c-a^ni 1 CliiraKO al. New York. Hi. I/Mils at Washington. IVIvoi! at Plii|rtrteli)hia. (.'li-vt'laiKl at liostoii. Read Courier Nows W\. ' Ads. American League Washington 14 7 Cleveland 13 7 Ncxv York 13 7 Boston 12 s Chicago .'..." 7 10 Detroit 7H V ilidclphia 0 12 SI. Louis. 5 Hi LITTLE TO GET TASTIER MEAD'S ARROW SHIRTS FOR SUMMER /BARROW \ SHIRTS ^^•n • a (. A low estimate puts the value of Great Britain's crown jewelry at $30.000,000. PUT PRINCE ALBERT IN TOUR PAPERS, AND VOU PUTVALUI IN VOUR SMOKIN' CRIMP CUT" TO ROU FIRM, FAST, EASY HEMORRHOIDS CURK!) WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTKEn Safe and without hospital core. All other rectal <H<ease<i treated, fissure, lisliiln. etc. We also treat fallen arches- Ireat & cure skill cancer by siwlal treatment, ' •5)4 Main DRS. NIES & NIES Ostcopatlifc Phjslclans Phone 9S Bljtliertlle, Ark, for Brighter Days TROPICALS $1 Our battalion of Arrows is Hie finest in Hly- theville. timphasi/.ing the Ifl.'iR fashion are the new patterned shirts in quiet designs . . . (be solid colors in subdued shades. And of course, we also offer those .Arrow whiles for which we're celebrated. All are MUoga-cnf so tficy lit you better. All arc Sanforized Shrunk . . . guaranteed not to shrink. As usual the best is always at MEAD'S 315 WEST MAIN STREET 1 Cool as the ice cubes in the tall drinks the gentlemen are about to be served Hart Schaffner & Marx DIXIE WEAVES The gentlemen about to sip their tall drinks arc (loins so lo quench their thirst . . . not to cool off. For they are cool . . . plenty c-o-o-1 ... in their Hart SchnlTner & Marx Dixie Weave! No matter hmv high the mercury goes this summer these great all-wool Dixie Weaves will guarantee northern exposure coolness all season long. No magic about it ... just the simple scientific fact (hat pure woo) keeps you cooler because it's porous, lets your body breathe, and absorbs moisture. Special group of Hait Schaffner & Marx TROPICAL WORSTEDS As usual the best is always at MEAD'S 315 WEST MAIN STREET

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