The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1949
Page 5
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f VNUWftlVAT, 'ATTGUST '4, 1019 BLrTHEVTLLE (ARKT COURIER OTTPW Slavery Charge Aimed at Russia British Leader Says 10,000,000 Forced To Work for Reds GENEVA. Switzerland. AUK. 4 <AP) — Britain foim.illy accused Ru.ssia today of maintaining jo _ 000.000 sla\'c laorers In "a new .slavery organized on a mass production ba-is." Russia ivlortcd in (lie United Nations Economic and Social Council liere thai the Brhlsh charge simply wns a smokescreen to cover up Britain's own labor troubles. The United States proposed appointment of K u.N. commission of 11 io inquire Into "Hie nature and fxient of forced labor" throughout the world. The U.S. resolution sttg- ge.sted mnplinsis In such an inquiry be placed on "situations involving l{\Je numl)er.s of persons or witie- spYcad practices of tarred labor." The British charges were made by Corley Smith, British delegate who presented what he described as a copy of a "Corrective labor eerie nf the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist, Republic" on rules for lubiw cainu.s in the Soviet Union. The R.S.F.S.R. if, Russia's largest republic, with Moscow as its capital. Russia retorted the! the cedes presctlti'rl by Britain actual!}' represented a humane system with "re-eduratiGii of the people" as one of ius aims. The Soviet delegate said the cndf-'s object was to place persons sentenced to penal servitude "in conditions which make it impossible for them to tio anything hostile to Soviet society." Smith had demanded that the Russian rtrlepnte give a straight, answer, ye.s or no, whether the Soviet Union would permit an investigation. MacArthur's Program ' To Break Up Japanese Economical Giants, Ends TOKYO. A u i!. 4-M'i—Cienrra! .MacArthiii's controversial program tor breaking up Japan's rconor.•'•• Slants ended yivimlay. 'the allied occupation command said It was "accompolisheri o flei lively." Kleven hit, 7 etirpotalioils v.rre t;tq- KC:1 for (kTouc'eiin'alion In- ji live- Hum review board winch clime here from Wastiniulon 15 months, as<> t« make recninmentiatifiiis on :t^f> firms lUti'ci a:s "excessive coiiccntra- lions." The hoard rccomendcd divestment of certain holdings for nine others. Tile :iL>5 compailie-: UTH' H'lcciccl lov h'Ktvd action o\u -ol ubom 1,'JUt) which hud been uiiiliated with Zaibatsu holding comiianies. Through this iKi»ertiil setup, head- quiirter.s sairi. "a small number of families exercised a 11-pei -vasive control over tlu> ituiu.tiy, commerce ami fiuame of ,lnp:m." From it.s bf^inniiu;. tile decon-j centralioii juo-jram '.\ - .is a matter of hot inU'matiunal atui domestic j debate. In tli c United States as well as Japan some called it ".socialisa- tion." othf-.s crit.ii-i/ed it as "fra;;- ! memaiion of industry." their homes or rhc iut.-pital. The old law required volins; only at the polls. Tile old law provided fur absentee ballots if the voter stayed within the stain's limit?—bill was out-ide his home comity on oh'c- tion dav. It was n-laxed somewhat ! durilic the war to lot M:s--imna;-s j vote if they were In military service. Under the new law. :tnv eligible Governmental Changes Argued Senate Committee Gives Tacit Okay To Four Proposals WASHINGTON. Aug. 4. (AP) — A Sfu.-i'.c committee m effect has approved tour pre.sid»nlial ptan.s 'or U'..u'3;mi/!n^ government ayen- It M.'U'd >c..|ci<Iay ador Senator! McCarthy cR-Wis) accused l-Vderal j Security Admini-stratO!' Oscar K'.viitt' of m.->nliin£ the cotnniiuee in connection with a fifili plan. , I?ournai>i7alion plans submitted ' to Convress Sjy the President, so into effpot automatically after 00 days unless either the Senate or House di-,-em.s I Veteran Horse Track Starter Dies at 73 BALTIMORE, Aug. <. W p —Texas bnrn Jim Milton, who mLssed only one race In 35 years as a starter at Havre UP Grace race track, died Tuesday night in a Baltimore Hospital. From 1912 to 1(147. the 13-year- old turf official sent the horses away al every Havre I)e Grace inert ins and Uecame the head stailer for all Maryland's major nice darks. Milton .sent the fields away In 1!7 runnhiKs of the Prcaknes,s «t i I'imlico and came to be regarded j by raciut! <>f(tcmls as one ol the eoiintiy'.s finest starters. ! A native of Waco. Texas, he j .slatted out by working nn news-: papers, hut gave up a career In journalism after » visit to a New ! Oilcans race track, ma 'I'he iron aijiumobile liuunds. nwl s teel hi I lie average weigh about 2,600 The Senate Com-; . tmtted another plan calling for mi'tte ...u-e l;u:i, approval to (our i creation of a cabinet-rank Depurt- " by dtcidins; the fllitiB | „,„„, o( welfare. The committee (IcferrtM action on that after McCarthy'. \vho the move, got into a .srniubblc with F,\viug, wlio is lor the plan. Kivinu touched off tlic brisk ex- ch-.nine by .saying he hoped the loiiimictec would not let "a plan as tnrot'nous :>s tliLs" lie defeated "by a yrinip intete.sL i.s ::.s rc- of u nvouijiiemiation tliat, they be rejected. Each of the plans thus will become effective August 2o un^e.-s at loa.'t one in'anch of Cou- ;:r,v,s tfisitiijiroves before then, Tlte plans provide for: 3. dinners m the operation and inmiaaeiHfi'.t oi the post office. 1 TiatW-r of the National Se- ':mnv C tu:ci] antl tttc Nutioiui! Se- i'ltrity Rew.tu-i'cs Boru'ii to I he Executive Office- of the President. 3- M'J'.hr.' the chairman of the Civil Pi-rvice Cotnmi.ssion re.spomii- ij]e rue- oiHi;ilion of rivil >er\'iL:e Jiroi'rams, v.'ithin regulations UKide i>y U;e c-i.-mmi.^.sion. Kev'f.sion ot the admini.straiton mote a.s the doctors is. 1 4. Mt.^ouri voter ,-jii cii.'t his ballot i "f oper.'lini 1 activities of the Mari- rven if he's in Buenos Aiies. Indo- ; tune by \estns exccu- China, Ln|)l:iiid or anywhere eke live HUtnority in ihc chairman, in the bij. nicii.. v.nrld. I Pre^ifkiu Truman aho has sub- New Absentee Voting Bill Signed Into Law By Missouri Governor JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.. Aug. 4— ^P p —At the next statewide election Missotirians may cast their ballots from anywhere in the world. Oov. Forrest. Smith signed n bill yesterday which wipes away the .'weline limits within which Miss- otirians had (o be on election day If thev wanted their ballots counted. 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