The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE-SIX ^ Jj^YTHRV I I.1,E;_. (AHK.) .. _ .'—- . : _ "" i i rtr.v 11,1,1V • A IK 1 ill MM' \Mc\VC -— _ __ ^ __-_ =: =^ : ^—^======^~^^^^^ __^£rUKOAY^O£TOnKH H, H)^ Hurricane Wins Hard Fought Game From Chick! To Succeed Wade Visitors Stop Craig and Score First Win Here in Many Grid Battles. The best team won Friday afternoon when (lie Golden Hurricinr •of Jonesboro high school and fir- Chickasaws of Mlythcvllle liigli clashed al Haley Field In a terrific.' struggle, the Hurricane ending up on the top end of a H to " star?. With every man of Coach Clarence Gels' eleven displaying a ' nifty brand of football the Hurricane breezed through for Its flrei victory on the Blytheville gridiron within the memory ol the past ten years. The Hurricane swirled an* swept (o an outstanding lend and although it simmered to a mire calm at- ihe class of the second - quarter and again in the last few minutes of the. game the visitor.- always appeared to have the odae To a midget little fullback. Smith, 'goes the credit'for the most brilliant run of the day and the first touchdown of the game—a blow that, apparently broke the morale of Uie Blythevlllc squad for several precious minutes. Smith rerlcrl off a 60 yard run on the first piny of the game for the initial touchdown. „ The Jonesboro squad entered the game primed to slop Pete Craig. the all-state fullback of the locals, and they successfully smothered the big Chick ace on almost every play that he carried Hie ball. Craig counted the lone Chick touchdown by smashing over from the one foot line. The most outstanding player on the field yesterday was \V~ Cov- Ington, right end of the Hurricane. Covington smeared Blythevlllo plays with regularity all afternoon as t\ie Chickasaws interference failed to bother the husky wingman of. the visitors. If there was ap exhibition of defensive ability worthy of all state "mention on the field yesterday it should go (o CDV-. snglon. (His (companion wingtnan. Drchcr ,ulso put up n goo;l gams. especially on the offense and snagged a pass from Panneck for the visitors' second touchdown. Whistle Slops Chicks After the Hurricane swept, to r. touchdown-on the first play of the game via the flying feet of Smith, the game assumed the state of a ding-dong tattle with each team able to, gain In spurts but lacking the necessary punch for a touchdown. The Chicks, spurred on by o 35 yard run by Tom Short, who easily proved the bpst Blytheville ([round gainer of the day, made several gains but they were nullified by the Hurricane attack. The Chickasaws were encamped on the Hurricane's 14 yard line with a first down when the first hnlf ended. The second halt opened with the Chiekasaws counting a first down but their attack bogged down and Jonesboro promptly took- the offense and evened with advance with a first down. The tall moved up Into Blytheville territory and Panneck unleashed a pass on third down that Dreher caught nicely and galloped unmolested lor n total gain of 35 yards and another Jor.esboro touchdown. A'sneak linr plunge accounted for the extra point and Jonesboro led 14 to 0. Passes and some nice running by Tommy Short coupled with some IODIC1TIDE SWINE III '31 ;i»e his salary principally bc-caiis? jthc .fans Ihrillcd at the v.ay In- coached on the base lines, pitched | (o batters in practice and knocked Illy balls to the f:u- cuiiier* of the 'outfield. Razorbacks Rely On Speed Alabama's Onc-Hancled and: I wo Fisled Trainer to Succeed His Boss. Ci'lsp drew )il.s diploma from V. I I'- I. Ill 1920 bi.t returned Here in < ! the fall to work for his Master (if Arts degree, In January of mi, . Hernlor took the athletic director's I post .U Alnbiiina uiul his IIKI an was to sign Crisp as his assistant. Hy NEA Service en the Alabama lai.'ipu.-: h:i-> been 1 phenomenal. He lias tir.arcd fresh- I . men and varsity alike In all liranc.-.- "•• of spoil. Such Alabama .stars short but necessary plunges Pete Craig swept the ball np IIKMIY fi. CKIS1' i rector of athletics at the Unlversi-' ?',""? "L™" ''" ""'' " l!tie " (l " lirc I ty of Alabama in 1931, .succeeding >iS l '"' s " k "^ f " ™»r:,Ke. hourly and Wallace Wade •""-•-n.uini, i litr . 6r , tv . u? is un , n t , jr) b||sy n ',.,'. - help a fel!r>w. In every one o' hi- A handicap that would havedls- .-IK'V," he -'-ovs a ,)»rWml i " i couragc-d almost any boy seeking . itrcvt i national proininence as an athlete ' " j and reach only spurred "Hustling j Hank." hts nickname on the Crim! son campus, to greater elforts. A i story of his perseverance and wlll- ! tu-wiii goes back 27 years, an in! cidt-.'it, trivial at thc time, when | Crisp was only five years old. | Henry and brother Lewis, seven, j were playing with some old Civil Wnr cannon balls In front of- l!:;>:r father's slore in Falkland, N. c. Soon Ihey were In compelitioii to' OSCEOLA. AHK—Claiming that',,, . . see who could throw them thc Jc « HI! '-" S . S ' M pllclier, am |; nacehm ' sc W eti rc " he < the greater distance. An uncle. •>">'-'"'•' Wilson, catcher, of the St. '• backflclil tins grid y/.-ar. watching their efforts, marked a Lu !"» ^animals will wear Indian: Conference sridlnms wi line 10 feet from where they were ll!11 ' (;]: " s Sunday afUrnocn, the. ^"•"'' Indians and tho Monclte'. -, independent ball uams,! y " ' will clash in iiu> final game of thejeny board, Simda; Card Stars in Osceola For Sunday Irurgle between Ulythovillc and 'onc.sboro, was history with Joncs- joro's elnini to pni'theaM Arkansas oalhall supremacy unquestioned at east up until date. Camera and Malouey It has become tin habit nuionj; ncrls writers to discuss prize Hulils. 'specially these held between ipavyweights. In an inquiring wny. "What w»': supposed tn happen" s [he tjucsllcn. Thus, 'after most 'f Hie affairs between the big boys nowadays, an investigation is u. 1 - ulred' to find out what it was all bout. There Is a division of opinion v°r the merits of the recent meel- K of Camera and Jimmy Maoney. Certain scribes with whom I ilkecl on the way home from (lie •orld series, expressed themselves orcibly as suspicious of the tu- augemcnts. Their belief was that Camera's handler may te taking a ew\ tack, trying to build him up vllh the Idea that lie can be beat- n. Welj. well, we shall so what we hall roe! The Grimes Tragedy Yntmc n>en \vlio plan taking nil) .VOL' KNOW THAT— Had Hill Ilallahnn, ninghnm- lon's contribution to the worlt! series, lakes his glory modestly. . . A scribe nskcd him what MIS the turning jioiiii In the game in which he whitewashed the A's . . . "Ask Jimmy Wilson," was nad Bill's answer. "I pitched according to his signals." . . . It's line that Mickey Couhrane wasn't the only catcher ill the series . . . Bub Zuppke's young lllini arc still iisiui! the huddle, though most of i!:e others Imvc abandoned It ,'. . Wesley Fcsler once more has been shifted to his end po- sllicn on the Ohio State eleven. . . . ilis fullbacklng in State's first two gumes left nothing to be desired . . . hut Coach Willaman visions a strengthened ch.b with an All-American al one wing . . . Manuel Rivero. Cuban, hns made the grade as a varsity halfback al Columbia University . . . lie's Lou Little's most prized forward passer. than throwing, and offered a quarter to the one tossing the Iron ball It. . Thc struggle lhat followed was In vain and soon their thought turned to oilier pastimes. Within half an hour, however, Henry wi?- back. Picking up (he nearest cannon ball, he let loose a miglr.y hpave with every ounce of intis:!c in his five-year-old frame. He collected the quarter. ImtlorinE brawn is the feature of ihe "Big Five" University of A-krii=-as Last, .season, Ihe-Razorbacks staged a merry one-ring aerial circus on •Ssut'riwtVt sridinins wil i "Dandy Dick" .Miller, halfback, en the firins end cf bullet-like spirals and imiovt-r. ;•.!,-,Mncncan end, as the human target. But tliat combination was lest 'o thc squad turn, in-lead of being dismayed. Head Csach Fred C. Tha^en, bo/is of ..'it Arkansas strat i -- -- v;c:u " l: -° a lnu!cll e with his assistants. Chr.rles "Chuck" Eassctt, Glen Ro^e and Wear ., f , lCEA at,schccr,o;er. And this- is what they decided. Five i: S ht veterans will bear the brunt ot " ,„, Arkansas Hrbfrt Porter, Cotton Slates' Rttackth:s :;cal '- Ohver "Chicken" Holmes, at quarterback; nrrnard Uptmoer and Hcmer L'-dbetter Vasun pitcher, will be on thsi llalves: "''<' jMk Dnle - at f "» *>*&• Winto:i -Cowboy" Kyle, the "blonde blizzard" in the bad-field' mouiMl for Moncttc and a large, will l;c- kept on the tjeiicii as a threat. Kyle's fancy broken field riinnSna. shifty h'o motion i-rl niiisi-n wm^ma™ the't", 'C. """""l ^ * ^' '"^ '"'" " truln|> ^ " lat Thomscn ™ hoW "" """ **»' »»* «» - in ^ o! Itaines. the \ii-r Cardinal hurler, won one o! the two games the. took from the champion; eluded in Indiana and thc vicinity emergency. Crisp was 13 when his rlulit '. was cut off a I the wrist, while lu-hi- ball's annual lit ?c! in last, Sunday _______ ing his father fill the silo. Sunrv- ajains'. Bob Grove. Mack ace; and " ing: great pain, the lad was put tn bed, but the next morning, p.iri or no pain, he was out of doyis learning .to throw left-handed. Following a splendid record b'V.h as an athlcle and scholar at BlacVi- stonc Military Academy. Crisp enrolled at, Hampdtn-SIdney colics?. His first football game was to four to l, limi'.iiig the Macks Missouri River 11 "^" ul1 JViver Named for Indian Chief of carrying this hod. I want to 01 u:e soiuiicni shore of Lake push a wheelbarrow like Flyinii Michigan. . docs. " i Later the tribe moved to the j FOREMAN: You push a wheel-; territory now comprising Iowa i barrow! What do you know about' nr.d northern Missouri, and still | machinery?-Til-Bi!s. later lo Ihe state of Kansas, ac- Virginia Military llute. Folio,- i NEBRASKA Ciiief Wanbm cording to an authentic record of thc life of Chief Waubonsie compiled by the Waubormc Bridge CITY, Neb. (UP)— in i HIS ONLY CIIAJCCE FRIEND: CrnRratulntions! I hear that you've already gol a case to defend. BUDDING YOUNG LAWYER: cut the last i;:eal chief of Ihe Poll.i- •"'•- an Indian Iribe who cd the territory no-.i- in- 'nri • . first i ton. CASEY IGNOKANT ( to foreman • : Company. The record was gained through months of research warl; cooperation with tlie superin- iYes, it's my tailor who has sum„„, ... . — i 'ent of documents and the moiled ins.—Passing Show. ing the game. U,e V. M. I. , r ^ r ™* ^"S 'unu^ 0 "" ' *'*"" ^'^ M ^^ ' approached Coach Bernicr ;^f' •• • Uampdcii-SUIncy with this Joking query: "Why don't yon hand off all your players' Two years at Hampden-Siduev nnd young Crisp followed Coach : Bernier to Virginia Poly, where he starred four years on Gobbler elevens as n tackle and fullback. From j his backfleld position he called signals nnd ran with the ball. In the line he was the leader of the defense. Two F.ngiish chemists have de- jVeloped n transparent material re- •scmWing plate glass that can be I'm tired saw.Dd or turned like wood. I JUDCfE: You slole eggs from this mini's shop. Have you any Yes. I took them by excuse? ACCUSED, mislakc. JUDGE. How Is that? ACCUSF.D: I thought they were fvcsli.—Hunui! ;1 Hamburg. courses In oratory as nrijunctlvc to WHEN LAST SKEX— .... . FOOTPAD tiiv lonely lane): Wot career m athlc ics should consid- tlnl[ , is tt , gl ,v nor? er Battling Bur cigh Onmcs. and M , LD GENTLEMAN (producing tnke pnusB. Biirbigl. lias won a Bottl wntcll) . „, , f ' g ,-.t o onll games by pltclnnB. Dnr- | FOOTPAD: I'll never remember ing the world .cries he lost two by j lhnl L ., ll(i „.. ( , _ overworking his vocabulary. : If Mr. Grimes had concentrated Humorist. Jtnesto'ro's 20-yard line as thc Chicks strove desperately for touchdown. Here Craig crashed the line and was tackled hard, dropping the b»ll with Jonesboro recovering to turn back the Jonesboro punted out to midfielc: and Blytheville again started for the Hurricane's goal. Two firs downs, passes from McAfee to Pete Craig and Ben Hall put the bal on Jonesboro's seven yard line Three line smashes by Craig and a forward pass ruled completed' be cause of Interference failed to pu the Chicks across the line and the threat was again averted. Jonesboro kicked to midfield and thc Chick parade started again with Tom Short reeling off a pair of nifty runs. - Short and Craig battered their way to a first down on thc Joues- boro one foot line despite a frantic defense and Craig went oil i guard for a Chick touchdown at I ing they had last. McAfee kicked for the extra assertions and point and was successful. Jonesboro took the offense with a'vengeance alter the kicked and more on the task tn hand, rattier than wise-crncldng with the A's, he might have won that Monday battle in St. Louis when Jimmy Foxx's home run broke i:p the meeting. Burlelgh was pitching to Foxx and talking to Simmons. Foxx cracked a high one over the left field barrier nnd far away. It's best, my dears, to think of Jtibi one thing at a time. I think Grimes realizes the mistake fa made by broadcasting a few Sharkcy-llke rcmaiks before thc first game ir. Philadelphia. Not only did he stir up fight in the opposition and (ipttniiinalioii to teat him. but his remarks brought reflections 11510:1 himself. After the story of his blustering speeches was put on tlw wires. Bur- lelgh started rcroivini; telcerams from friends asking him hew he got that way. Burlelgh became tn iuw.scd that he rebuked ?cv:ral uf rhe newspapermen whn liii-il the stes-v charg- • _ _ . i , , . . " a ml-tnterprelcd his acoratcn in such a way as to make hi:n appear somewhat clownish. for the Blytheville goal with end runs and a perfectly executed triple' pass carrying the Hurricane rapidly toward the Blylheville goal. The Chickasaws. within their own IS yard line,' strengthened and hurled back the Hurricane. With Bobby Burns, the most accurate passer on the BlytV.eville squad, rushed into the game, the Chicks m?de a desperate and glorious, but vain attempt to snatch n '•? score In the closing minutes of .e game. Burns hurled a pass to "^fee. Another pass sent the ball moving rapidly past mldfleld. The The writer?, of course, were very- sad lo I'.ear that Siirleicii was dis- ]ilea;.?d. It was very excruciating. Grimes, however, realize? heniade thc mistake hiimcif. Maybe he will take from the wha'.e living 3 lesson. If he do;s. he oufht to bi-come a prelly good pitcher after he bos had n pcrience. day — '!? more ex- .VFTEI; HIM its The eagle eye ol n-..-. floor-walker came to rest on a •.,-.;,•.(; man in earnest conversation u-.i-i olle 0 [ - - - - — the girl clerks. Alter bo had crone Chick attack faltered momentarily the ncod-walkv -,ve- 'o Trr to the but with seconds left, Burns hurl-i girl's counter e<l a long pass to McAfee and the I "I noticed he ciidv buv inv- Chlclt quarter stui.ibled and fell i thing," ho f a!d. "h.,t' 't ? seemed over the form of a Jonssborolaefc-ivcry pleared. Whs! du! he wamto ler and out of bounds on Jones- s« " bo "' s . Icn-ynrd line. i "Me. at ciRht o'tlo-k" Ihe cirl Ami tho gamp, annlher historic replied.-Mcustique, Clnilcrol Cnurler Neu.i Want Ad.v Opponents of V. P. I. in those days may still recall thc "nubbin?" Crisp gave them, a trick of jliff- nrinlng with his handlers right arm. There was one game in which the icferce halted play to examine the bandaged "nut" when opponents complained thai CrUp must br using lead or some oilier hard sub- slancc -under Ihe bandaqe. Football didn't take all of the young Carolinian's time. When his moleskins were stored away aflcr Thanksgiving Day. lie donned bas- kelball toggery. Two of the Ihree I years he played on the varsity. V. P I. captured conference titles. In I track he participated in the sprints ' and high jump. He even played 0112 I year of professional baseball, draw- Notice to Levee Payer STATEMENT Ol- THE OWNERSHIP. MANAGEMENT. CIHCUUTION ETC., KfcUUlRED BY THE ACT OF CONGRESS OF AUGUST 24, 1912, Of Blytheville Courier News, published daily at Blylheville, Ark for October 1, 1930. State of Arkansas, County of Mississippi, ss. Before nie. a Notary Public, in and for the Stale and county aforesaid, personally appeared Chester R. Babcock, who. having been duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that he Is the Editor c: thc Blytheville Courier News, anti that thc following Is. to the best ol his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management (and If n daily paper, the circulation), etc., of Ihe aforesaid publication | for the date shown in the above caption, required by the Act of Ai;gusl 24. 1912. embodied in section 411, Postal Laws and Regulations, iir.ntecl on the reverse side of this form, to wit: 1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business manager are: Publishers. Courier News Company, Inc. Blytheville. Ark. Editor, Chester R. Babcock. Blylhcville. Ark. | Managing Editor, Chester R. Babcock. Blylhevilie, Ark ! Business Manager. Harry w. Haines, Blytheville. Ark i 2. That the owner Is: ' Courier News Company, Blylheville. Ark. ! Chester R. Babcock. Blytheville, Ark.; Harry W. Hulnes. Biytln vlllc ! Ark.; Journal Printing company, Frank W. Leahy. Guy Itosers. .\!lai, • Leahy, Stevens Point. \V:s. j 3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, nnd other sciurily. holders owning or holding 1 per cent or more»of tola! atr.ounl o[ binds j mortgages, or other securities are: I Edgar G. and Bcubh L. Harris, West Point, Miss. ' 4. Thai the two paragraphs next above, giving thc names of the' owners, stockholders, and security holders, If any, contain not onlyi the list of stockholders ard security holders as they appear upon the books of thc company but also. In cases where the stockholdms or security holders appear upon the books of the company as t ali.llitij ..w.u..... .. H4 j k .» uinjn mi; uvjyKS ul ml; LUIIIpaliy aS U'liS'-'C Or ' ill any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corpo-atton', for whom such trustee Is acting, is given; also that the said two Dar a- bonaftdc owner, and this aidant has no reason to believe ilia' any. other person, association, or corporation has any interest dlren ,'.- indirect In the said stock, bonds, or other securities than as so i-tiv'd uyi pub- him. 6. That t!ie average number of copies of each issue ol iiv, llcatlon sold or distributed, through the malls or otherwise \ f OA ia ! subscribers during the six months preceding the date shown Is ! CHESTER R. BABCOCK. r.tPc- ' -Sworn to nnd subscribed befcre me ihls 10th day of Octob.-'! "oo ] HARRY W. HAINES. KoU,iy V'.'ib'lic i (My commission Expires, March 15. The Levee Tax Books Will Be Open Sor Collection at the Following Places:- i Blytheville Court House Oct. 1st to llth, Inc. Osceola Court House Oct. 13th to 18th, IRC, • Blytheyille Court House Oct. 20th to Nov. 11, inc. Leachville Bank November 12th Manila Bank November IBth Blytheville Court House November 14th and 15th Osceola Court House November 17th to 22nd, Inc. Blytheville Court House Nov. 24th to 29th, Inc. Lyit P. Gooch, Levee Tax Collector Blytheville, Ark.

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