The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1949
Page 11
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' FRIDAY, WAY «, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WilHoms GET. THAT THIN6 OUT OP HERE QUICK.' 8URM IT-TAKE ri HOME--BUT GET IT OUT OF HERE: 1 GUESS HE'S 65 TO A MOVIE AW FOUNC MIGHT I IT AIN'T AM OFFICE • WHY, / vSOFAEJUTACUTlE ROOST FOR BOM-BOW . BINGES-1'PHA-re LJSEP IT FOR /S TO BE THAT SHOP BUYER; EGAD, FRiertD/ VOe ACS IMOE6D PAWNS OF •we SAMS DAMS DOMPEO MS o^ - 1HIS BtNCHTDO, CWUM/-~I SAW THE PAW1C COMING 6ACK IN) IT 601 HID ALL M.V ooueniiO A CAME ~~ THEr-i GOT AMr-leSt*/ AMY CA^JES LOCALITY IMPARTED TO MB TV(E WAM& OP Ti-(& K6MTOCKV DER6V vJlMNltl? fHEKl PUTTED AVJAY.' ' X ANMOKfe — HAwi- COULD MOT (ARK,)' COTTRTWt WEW* Our Boording House with Maj. Hoople FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRfLL BL063EB I-et'» Face It Wanted to Kent S or C loom house. Unfurnished iji 'Roort hK-Kllon. All muclmi liy 1,11,1,1],. "KB couple, can K | V1 - coixl ur.'IriHTI Write Box II1J. c.o Coiiru-r S.S-i'fc-S 1. * or r, room lionsr l»y June i~ Permanent lamiry. cull .Mr iiuki'j. 3291.' 55-ck-ll (JnlmmslH'cl or serin! amli'lipd 3-nHim iJMamnem wnnu-rt l>y wurklnu couple '<»:imury ,,01 m-crlMl rimil" Jmir l'! '^-.!i A A. PmlrirtLsnn ru 4.1m i,,, m a '" * "•"'•: 5 « -I'lfr 5 p.rii. 55 clh tc * or i room unnirnlshccrTionsT"^ June i. l»rrjji;i)iem fmntlv K'.Orrm-ci avanawe. riMsejai, 2«i> 5 3 'i 10 for Rent, Houses ROGER THE LODGER I Rv Fliynkotk R Bsik«u-£» COfvwtHT ir OUIMMM: MIU i u *. By Elizabeth R, Roberts ir GIIIMMK KIHIWII MTUtult* l( NU MtVKL We 3-Ioora house. 215 S. Huwnri! SI 5.5-])k-fi Wanted to Buy Kor UlBHest prices brl,, c ' y o ~clVlrk- tns !o furceln Grocery 125 Lilly si PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Treat Your Wafch ^To A New Cheek-Up . • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFUS MEK| Ilreifiis . . . \\tar Iliainnnds urniihT \i-\i\ ST. All Work Guaranteed Save Time » Mune.^l I.alior Plant Sinkers •' _ ACID-DEL1NTED j I CoflonSeed I j L. K. ASHCRAFT CO, | I Chcrrj & Railroad Plinne IIOS ' XXX "JJONT cry, MCTT.,- George said. "I'm all right. I'M t«U you all nlxnil il." Mollv was reaching; f(»r HOT be- Krimerl yon—dh-(. coal dust, malted )l;iir and all—Ixil Major inter- vciiod, "You'll toll nothing until vou've had a bath." Majnr said. "Who's your friend?" George introduced Hank, his roommnle [I'nni school. "Downstairs, you two, to the laundry," Major said. Turning to me, he asked what chance there WEIS nf borrowing some of Bill's clothes and letting the Ixiys sleep in his IOOIT). I hustled upstairs; Major »nd the hoys liustlfd down; Molly look of! (or Ihe kitchen. Scrubbed |>ink, with wet hair clinging to their heads, dressed ir clean clothes, they sat down Vo cot the mound erf food Mo»ly had whipped up. When they finished, Ihey told their story. "You knew 1 didn't wimt Vo go back to school, Dad," George began. Major nodded. "Well, Hank and I fixed R «p ki run away. Shncfcs, if we cooM get someplace where we weren't known, we CTiiild enlist." "Oh," Molly gasped, -so that's it!" "You knew very good and well at Christmas, Moin, i wanted to join up," Georgie p\>t the blame on her. "Anywiiy, H»nk and 1 sold off a Jew things we didn't need and added that to cmr Christmas money and bought the clothes we had on." In reply to Molly's exclamation he 5,-iitl that Hie clothes were new when they started out "And," he continued, "we struck oirt lor a southern route because they're warmer. We hitchhiked quite a few Tides, got as far as South Carolina, but it was awful slowing We weren't going to have enough money to eat on. at lhat rate. One at the hobos told us we ought ^ ride the .freights." "Hobo! Freights!" Molly "gUDK. Mom. They're fun. Wu couldn't rir«i any recruiting officer who'd iccept us. We had to keep K oinK. We thought maybe down South they'd lake us. We got io M.-icon and the MP's picked >is up. Thought we were deserters. - . . See." he added proudly, "we look old enough. . . . But they let us go and then the cops stepped m. I-oolied like Ihe chain gang 'or us. . . . Oil, boy!" he rellccled. "Would a-l>een, loo." Hank supplied. "it we hadn't stopped ofl al lhat jungle trie nighl before." Oeorge palled his pockel. This saved our bides," he said inipo.-! lantly. ' "What?" Ma)or askerl. •I'm coming to that," Georgie nodded wisely, "p-irsi. ni nnish my story." rood and clean tlothes had rcslorcd his confidence "The cops took w up »o court." 'Rtins m mm family," Robbie commented. eorgie winked »t him. "The Judge asked could we prove we weren't ragrants— that we had a place to go. We proved it," Georgie ««id, tapping his pocket. "He let tu off, b«l we had to be o»t rX town m an hour. The first tram wit was hauling manure—" Molly shrieked. "r.»ck,, loo. It get, ^j - m Georgia. We burrowed inlo lhat wee warm, soft bed, and baby, <«d While he dwell privately on me rtiarms of a nice, warm, soft bed, Hank mi d, -rt.,,1 r a r was headed for Denver. We rode her the whole way." "With nothing to e»tT" Mo«y terril|)lcd hpr, rernllin^ Grorgfe from h.s loving memory nt 1> 1C ""i>i)p«l.-, In-iKht 0 ,,i !!,„( hi h( N'* so good. ' ' Awful Iwrd. "I^irty!" M,,||y pxclniined, "Not R.I dirty as (!,c ,,(|, e| . sUirr Mom, tteoigie rorrecltvi li<. r ' "nor M w«ini." he added lovall.v' "And now. Dad. l>efo]c we Io (lie repri«lk, (rifT n look," Georgie rciu-lied inlo his pwkct and hauled forth J piece of crumpled and well-worn newsjiaprr He pressed it m ,i on his knee before handing it over to his falher. We were nil breathing down Majors nei-k as he read Die laisc black headline: ARMV MAJOR .SKNTBN'CXII TO THREE DAYS IN I.OCAI, JAIL FOR . "Svire, we ale," Georgie M id Every time th« train slopped we sneaked out and tolled >ip with a •Jack of hamburgers. We ate lull good." "Those KWry hsnthi— • Motty began. *Gx) on. Th«n whatT" Major io- Wlicrc'd yon B cl this':" Miijor aciDiindeii, huslily rrmnpling Ihe paper back inlo « twll. "A frieixl." "I mid wherr-" We „..,.„,„ suspiciously at Molly, bul stir: wns as mlcrrstcd in C^orKie'j »ns-wpr M h« was. 'Oh, . . . This in what made il Kj we stopped thai nighl in Hit jungle," Georgie Mid, apparenllr rclwhinR keeping his lather's cmi- osity unsatisfied, (or he looked around Ihe circle to make .lire be had our attention, and licked liis chops ns lln>»g), l, e found the K a- inf, Kood. "A 'bo from up ^\, way hi«i a newsnnper on him and he lei us look nt it. He's Ihe on« who identified us to Hie jixiKc I next day." I "Hndn't ii-tjcen for him," Hniik broke in excitedly, "we'd a-bcen weannx ttmirw." Well, H was nice, r>s ui_r friend had s,iid. to have settled uvaUirc renponsible people living at our house. . . . Georgie fouled up Ihe washing machine by slteniptinj; Io clean h ls uoinK-awaj-lrom-school clothes (all O f , he dirt from the long journey, plus soap and hard water wi>.-il K .imated into a hnrd scum which had to b« scraped out of Ihe l.ih with n putty knife); birt h« was lisefiil, for rtoRcr rc- lurned >o town and found no room »t >he Inn. (T« Be 25 or Jiiort trade in allowance on jour M washer, regard less of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Cliiince tor Heal Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. SHEET METAL WORK wpipci. gulier ... 3)1 types. F Ion, 8^8. in North First. Blyfheville Tin Shop rnjet work, bljwpipc,. gutler ... all types. For expert work call Tavlrir l.ajlon, 8;S. 11J Norlb First. 1 FABM PITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING OR ANY EXCAVATION . "3fee Estim Chemically tlclinlccl c.itlon sec<l scrminalc iiulrkcr, plant and plnv. Ihe same week. K<-ilucc chniipini: r\imi»c and produce more colton p*r acre. STATE C£HTIFIEI> VARIETIES AVAILABLE 1>. Jt f. L. No. II. per 5U [,b. Bag Ill) 00 I). If r. L. No. 15, Ftr 50 I,b. Bag ' lo'oo StuneviUe i B, L'er 51) Lb. Bag. ]] JQOII Stonevllle 2 C. Per 50 Lb. B»» ^IIIII!!"" 1000 Kowden 1I-B. Per 5» [,h. Baj; " moo Half * Half mfbrcdl. Per SO r.h. BVt''!""""J"' KJ'OU Cokrr's 100 Will Re.sislanl. Per 50 I.b. Bar " 1000 Paula. Per 50 I.b. Bair jo'oo Kmpire, Per 50 Lb R^j "..[!...!!!.!. IrXOO Come in anrt plsce Tour nrrlrr or (et rnnr supply Inrlay. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Plione 8S8 Blrtheville. Ark. Phone 851 lche»: l.rarhville. Ark., llornirsvllle, Mo. »nd Scnalh. Mo. .STUDEBAKER, I'hone S88 C D m 03 X m 30 Guaranteed CARS AND TRUCKS ARE BETTER S. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLOG, BLYTHEVILLE ARK • 9hone 3646^2525 Sltidcliakcr I-nnd Cruiser 1!M7 Sludeliakcr Land Cruiser ln)7 Chevrolet Two Door in 1 1 f'ord Two Door Ifllfl Chevrolet Two Door 1017 Sfudclmker Ton-nnd-a-half Jfllfi Dodge Ton-and-a-half Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludcbaker Dealer" Kailroad & Ash |> hone S8S •STUDEBAKER- HILDA Sne'S JUST >— yiRECUSE TO LARO WOUL.O BR»J& (40Mf A, FRENCH EVEN A RACK) AWAY PROGRAM HAS DRAW THE UNe SOMEWHERE ' "He wouldn't even offer to trout mo to n soilii, ami I'vo been devoting every page in my diury to him (or two weeks!" I'UISCIU.A'S I'OP »>• AL VI5HJV1KRH HE'S ONLY PRETENDING ' HE'S REALLV MAD y POOF.' ABOUT MF.// ^r t DON'T BELIEVE IT.' WATCH/ I'LL SHOW YOU! YOO HOO, RICHARD// ' DOM'T YOU TALK TO ME, PRISCILLA.' Ky M1CHAKL O'MALl.KY und POHds fold f'At>OtOGI7E." t SAID TO u» about their\ CHANNEL. THEN--• encounter with THAT GAVE THIS'BUGS'PDRSOK, HIS CHANCE. HE «AN OMTO 1H6 6RID6E WITH CHANNEL AND ROSSUM AFIER HIM. THC-I JUMPED INTO IHE RIVER ?\ "*«{ WS'RE LEAVING YOU, BUGS' ROSSUrVl'S FIOA1ING AN EWVEIOPE UNDER THE BRIDGE TO YOU ' KEEP YOUR MOUIH SHUT AND YOU GEITU6 OTHER HAH OF THE MONEY.., WASH TIIH15S fiy LKSME TURNER SCRAM, YOU WET BLANKET. OB I'LL 1^ W . . N .°. U OUT ' NOBODY WklT PAL WOT HE CAW BRINK! CMDM, SIIORTV! WE'LL UGHHH I PONT KWOW WHAT V WEXT TIME : OVBRME,E!\SV., /MIGHT MOT END I HAD BEGUM TO 6O LJCKILY.GK FEEL PRem COWFIDEWrA WE'D BETTER BUT WOW • ^A. TALK TO BEN TOHIGHT' ALCOHOLIC, WHO WANTS TO (?Llir, TO TAKE MOTHER DRINK! ItUGS BUNN\ <-'olil in Tluil Itnl>t>it By FRED BARMAN t HOPE PORKV DON'T WING H^W.' CAN NCER.TA.INLV GOLDFISH) N-r4OT, \VA,UrC., / CICERO PORKY?,/ DON'T BE WELL. SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ONE I LEFT Viicalion? Well. Yes! By V. T. HA.MLIN . . I MISS YOU YOU \ KIP* ESPECIALI V '•^i^'LL (=0 5PEND \ I COULD VO WITH * few PAY!. S.!/TTH * VA£™. HO NEW \\M5(?KIN<3 S^-THENON C&WN / HOW ABSrr ... TO THE LfVND OF FLOWERS f=OK BOOTS AND HRR BlfDDIKS Hv RDfJAR MARTIN f VitVV . itV? VAfsV

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