The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 3, 1951
Page 9
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1951 BLYTHBVILLB,' (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms PAGE NINE ESAD.' A PKertY AlOTe, ReTURrllNS FROA\ VAC Wl OKI VOITH A BACkf — MAK? HOW COULD THIS WHY. SODA.' DOIKI6 ROUGH FENCE IKJ BBAUTIFULLV / THANKS / FER.TH' 1 THINK-THAT'S WHLJT STARTED <?fje OF HA.RP -STRINSS WHEN YO) LEAPPROS6ED AWA.V FIJOTA THAT BEAR; ( COMPLIMENT \ ON MV SEWIN: 1 MA'AM, &.JTI \ WASN'T TRYIN' \FER ART.' ^~Ti! jJIS BACKVJlLL IMPtfOME- ^ WWENJ THE TIRE'6 CUftNkSED THE SHUTTERS I have a hunch Tor a picnic lunch. It's Meyer's Bread—Whoopee 1 It's always fresh and never faila To hit the spot with mel Sho* Repair Help* You Look Your Best H-H LTCRS qLi T Y SHDe st-^ z. w.. M n i N ST. EMERALD CRESTED UOOPOE COmiGHT (951 IT NEA StIVICE, (MC TJIF. «TOUl r l fair,l I "unill • stood statue still and stared at them with the expressionless eyes ••—- • --••• i* -"irKm ny InmmLjalHI '.. ... . -..~.^,, uv vJoiirr> in indo-i hn,:, „ , »cni>. them with the expressionless eyes B,nnii , 'D^iiii^'r.,!.'^ '•'"""• |°' °" e >?nlightened, who oassion- »ir^ Air,. ii,,,o,, « A»"".i n » lcss| y regards the antics of the to a,.,. ' vulgar. to accompany you." The man's el- fronlery in forcing his company was sailing "Well," Alan said, "Hie slrcets are public." Denis Freres D'indochlne were agents whc proudly advertised that they imporleo everything from champagnes to fertilizers and exported everything from pepper to fish-grease (Alan wondered whal that was and wno wanted it) v* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—CulTerti JOHNSON BLOCK CO. Him; 80. BlrthtrlSl* What Don't You Need? j Old rickety furniture, worn doth«, fishlnu equipment. Anything on earth that yon don't want is worth money in I trades and J»»rn at H * M Sales Co. Brinj it down— fon'll find something you DO H&M Sales Co. 117 K. Main Phone 685S VII 1* the temple courtyard a monk was scattering sesame seed to a flock of birds the size of thrushes, that walked about tamely as pigeons. At intervals the birds raised golden crests and said mu- -ically, "Hoo-poo." on a descending lird of the scale. "Not emerald crested," Alan ^runled. "Just plain. And since nobody's dropping dead, i suppose it's their lucky time to hoop." "As an American, my friend." Georges Benoit said, "you have certain recognized characteristics. Vou are expected to have a curiosity, to intrude your nose into anything that may interest you, because you write for your village newspaper; or you are studying the conditions .for two weeks for the ourpose of writing a book." Alan grinned. "Moreover," Benoit went on, "you are expected to have a camera with a flashlight, the which you thrust into dark corners and religions ceremonies, while you cnll on priests and gods to pose 'or you." Alan didn't grin. He winced. "These privileges you have established, give you then the opportunity to observe every inch within this temple, without attracting attention to any one spot." Alan had an idea of his own. "And since they—" he emphasized the word "- expect us to be going i»to the jungles, we'd better recruit some husky trail and track men." "A bodyguard, no less! Mi- friend, this is inspiration!" Benoit clapped his hands. The feeding hoopoes shrieked and scattered like park pigeons frightened b> some untended child. The monk 'J'HE ricksha coolies of Pnom Penh were on strike Somebody nad taught them Ihe technique of now to demand 20 cents for then labor, rather than 17 Alan and Benoit accordingly walked two sweating miles along the Quai Sisowath to the section of the European stores Benoit planned "This temple Al night the gales are locked. Only Ihe devout monks are permitted to remain within at their prayers. My servant, as are many Buddhists, was educated in a monastery He can make application for a nine days' praying. Much may be discovered in the long night watches." Gratefully threading the shaded paths of the Circle of the Leper King, Alan said. "We're being followed. Shall we nm?" •Run?" Benoit gasped at the very thought at it. "We wait by the statue and project the bold front." Heavy boots crunched accompanied by a patter of naked feet. Around a bend of the converging paths came the man Vroom followed by four natives rather ostentatiously dressed in expensive sampots. Vroom dismissed the men and came up soberly smiling. "Aha. gentlemenl So you take the cool air of the river frontage." He stood to enjoy their sweating discomtorL "Of a miserable necessity," Benoit said wilh an equally necessary candor. "We have been sightseeing and \ve go now to the Magazine Denis Freres to purchase an equipment of photographs." Vioom's'heavily sleepy eyelids closed in understanding. "Of course. For the life histories of the jungle animals, doubtless. Myself, too, am an amateur of nho- tography^ I do myself the pleasure did seem to Know what a man should have Sleepily he asked -You do not take a long focus tens for animal work?" Alan, engrossed in flash apparatus and cJose focussing range finders felt guilty for the oversight Benoit quickly reached into a case "II is here." He showed the accessory. Vroom smiled sleepily at him "But. too large. I thcenk. for the camera Hint Mccster Barton ha; selected " Then he laughed. "Bui you ana me. my good friend, na- ha. we must not inlerfere with the derisions of the expert who has the knowledge." He turned back to Alan. "In the Dodong 1 nave a leetle camp workings of the teak 1 ocnvite you to visit. There 1 guarantee you elephants, tigers, any- thceng you weesh and 1 .hank you to lake them away- The elephant? they break my fences and the tigers they eat my men." Alan flashed a quick narrow look to Benoit. wondering jusl what this might mean. Vroom laughed purringly. "Oah yess. My- good friend Benoit also I know is anxious to aid you in your researches and. having his knowledge of the country, he would be useful. Only—" he let his eyes rove over the obvious unfltness. "1 am sure he will not be able." He expressed a further onxiety. "Do I not detect that you are coming down wilh a fever —or something? You have a tension of the hands, a yellowness You must take care of yourself." Hp^ bowed his ponderous adieus. "That man." the store attendant scowled after him. "has a camp, believe it of' me. that Is full of Ihese bandits who raid the coun- tryslde. Ai-Quoctes. Messieurs, more evil than the tigers. 1 do not advise that one goes." (To Be Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best I'rices Kirby Drug Stores Get The Best Car Service! All Mike* *wl M«4eJ>! No muter wh«l Kind ot c»r TOU drtr» you'll money oj getting the personal service ak T 1 Seaj Motor Co Well care for vour car a* you would yourielf T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 e. Piano Pupils ENROLL NOW Minnie Lee Jones Studio 807 Chickasawbo Phone 2994 SHEET METAL WORKS OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom ju Shearing up to '/, inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Mil** Extra Power Get The Best "I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 Then you torn right ot this joint and stay, on this artery till you come to 5fh Street . . and you are right ot GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION, the place to go for all types fo loons!" KJJECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER H«l!o, Chief REPAIR SERVICE All appliances: refrigerators, freezers, ranges, and washers. Radios and small appliances. A1J unr work Is guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. MHe Eff/j'M6<> HAVE HAD RD, one ~K> f//S HAST WHATS HAPPENED Tbt-iBO? HE'S 6CEU GONE RJR PROBABLY "ALF WAY IO SHAOYSIPE BV MOW/ "Maybe your fiancee is beautiful, sweet and clinging, but she didn't even offer to helo me with the dishes!" PRISCH.LA'S POP What Kverv Husband Knows BY AL VERMEER IT SAVS HERE THAT MANY FAMOUS MEN TAKE UP PA1NT1N& TO RELAX THEIR BUSY MINDS! I'LL BET YOU'D BE GOOD 1 1 GUESS I SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT WE GOT SUCH A CLEVER WIPE 1 Voihal Svmnalhies BY MICMAEI. O'MAI.I.TCY and RALPH LANE vou CAW SE SUB&, LAC; Y^LU I VWXWT is THAT vooi? A&SAILAUTS) TO SET OUTA WILL PE PKOU&HT TO /. WEEE. VOI5AL ' AT THIS VQZY («avVEMT, MC FLIMT AMC? INSPECTOIZ SCTOWL AKB SEEKJKja THE / LET'S TAKE A LOOK /M7OUM17 TMIS / -THUMC7EK &Pf, WWEfTE THAT OLP ( FJSHINS CAPTAM IS SO SUEE \STUP1C' WAS TH5JOWNJ IN, VIC. IVHAT LAI!7 VOU Off for Sleuthing BY LESLIE TURNER WASH AWO HAS/V LOSIM6 THAT MONEy 16 BAD MUST 6E KUHHIU& [ EUOUHH, Wrr^rHAWa THE PWW SOME CLUE! \HELP FOESAKE THEIR JOK TO ITS PACK, AMD THE/ >-, PLAy DETECTIVE; SHOULP'VE BEEN WS''4 BIEHO AWAy 7 THE/'CE BOTH MB KIDS. JgR *J?NTHS, BUT ( PON'T BEciRJJftSE THEM 2It£ «S2? WE A?, ( * LITTI.E FUN, ^^ T "AT %%5$S% t i® ^ THEy * E »«™KA«'" EXCUSE TO AVOIJ> THE OFFICE! RAISE AN ALA EM THE M0MEMT tin 60NE1 MOWTORM HEBE BEFORE THIS BUGS BUNNY NUTS/ HERE COV\E& TH' ONL.-Y CAR ThWWJ BEEN IM A Hfct-F-HOOR AiN SILL.-/ FELINE WE WftNT T' GO THIS ) I KNOW, WAV I / GUV'KOR... SUT IN THIS CASE... BY V. T. HAAIL N YOU THINK ALLEY I YEH, BUT DOMT IS SUSPENDED /BOTHER ME SOMEWHERE Xl'M TRYING TO" X OUT IN /REPAIRTHISTIME- SPACE? J^ MACHINE/ BUT9PACe IS JUST NOTHING ISN'rlT.DOCTOR?MY LOTSA DOUGH.WERE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN W o« VL«. \HWM_-

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