The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1931
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4,1931 RM'TREVILLE. (ARK.) COUllIEU NEWS 'PAGE THR'F.I. Secrets in Co-cds Bare Their Survey at Syracuse University of those r i It disc-tecs -oiir. I • University Co-Eds Discuss Love 'Problems With Mclhcrs They Say. WyNEA Service SYRACUSE, N. V.-lill- Iiir !.!i!".inc study yet made of t:i ' (raoiional problem?, intellectual in- ; tiluJcs and personal hnbits c! t!: f:<-.shmi!ii co-ed in Anieiicnii mi-• veisltles has jtvn Ue:i L-CIII:;'..-!:-: by Dr Eugenie Andrus L;o:nr.l acting dean ol women cu Syraci:;- • University. Her reports covers investigations made throughout- more than a yea .iinong more 200 li.->s!iiii:-i= v.umen in Uio uiversity here who probably a fc tVP'cal any community, inlerc;'ii'.a linilii For example: Twenty-eight P" «nl of the c.i- ; eds said that U'ey had bc;a in lev-- : many time?: 8 per cent said (:'.«..- Vlmrt occusicml "cruslus" cm Ir,;-..: 3-1 per cent said that they had lie:n irv love twice; 10 per cent h?.d b;:r. In love only once and 31 p?r cent hid never been In love al ail. Two j per cent did not commit thn: , Tell Mother or Loves j Sixty-six-per cent talk over their ; love a!Toirs with their mothers, and j 02 per cent of them said !hal their j mothers agree wilh them in lo "petting" and "necking." Forty-one p?r cent oi the iie.^li- j men girls smo!:e cignrcls. OI these, | all but 7 per cent learned to SRI;'.:: in high school or baardinj; sc'.i:?; The mothers of most of these girl" know of their i'mckins and 44 p=r j cent of them do not object to it. Eighty-live i>er cent of the freshmen girls have already decided just ivhai they arc going to do \vh3r. they leave college. Only 35 per cent nf the slr.s h.v. changed any of Ihclr religions beliefs since entering college. Ninety-two per ceiu know how timcs •• jjpn r rcll t have been in lovs'only luice, 10 per cent have been to dance, but only 24 per cent 3'- regularly to week-pud dancing parties. Seven per cent never go I" dances at all. j Seventy-three per c? then-;-., that a college girl should kn:K I about sex. and 07 per cent .-win tiv.i. !. they believed their mothers undo.- • .stood the sex problems cf present- | dny young people. , ] Seme Typical Vicas . Here are some typical quo.:Li-'i: | from the girls' replies to Dr. Leonard's qucslions: -I think thai a mo' Ehou!. 1 her daughter everything abau I trump which South, Ihe declarer. i would win with tlie ac.?. Declarer 1 players will open the Flnplelmi would return the king of trump. We:?t would play the seven of hi'arls arid East would follow s\Hh his last trump—the eWit spot. The sees that he has one losing heart and one losing! club trick. West's overeall of two heaus practically places the kuv! nnd queen cf hearts and the king I of clubs in hi shand. II this Is true, th? declarer can make hls ( ! small slam by stripping both his I h-.nd and the dummy's of Ulfl- rnonds lire taken. I The declarer then leads the eight ; of hearts from dummy, winning In 1 !•>-, own hand with the ace. The ' six of hearts Is rteurned by the declarer nnd West Is lorecd lo win •-'th the nuc-en. Regardless of wlint | West lends, he cannot, stop the de- clarrr from making a Biunll slam. 1 • I • 'duriis (i heint or n diamond, the declarer will trump In iluimnv iiiill discard a club from , his own hand. It West returns a I Final! club, the declarer will allow I u to ride lo his queen as It Is his News of th<^ Blylliovillc Schools [ IN LOCI Inter-School League the \Vintei' BY CltAKLKS ;\- STUBUS The boys in the fifth and sixth grades of the local cleimnnnry schools have been playing soccer since cool weather began. There Is one team of filth grucles at the have ccmpjled. against eni-lt other only, esi-ep'. on n percentage basis. The teams me uncmml In point of numbers, some having more sub- jiillutes than others. All Riiines in Ibol hleagues have played with ciimt' I j mmtbeis on nppuslin; sltles. gam; I by name. The Mxlli smdc leitnur Is .composed of thc:.e teams: ! Liuine 'Aubnrns. C.rnde 0: Hoy Oiaves, captain. John (.liable, C5CJ. ll-'nucett, llowuul Muorr, Tosniny i llogers. liob McLc«l, Cecil Ilion- L OH> acon:e uiiiaimnty. '->"8= Holls llo N c( '' Ci '' ntl0 C: JilS I)o? . o « cnpl|lln lim> . C:il!0i uin ^"'^ litlb l ' rlfs " l; - w - c ™ l:! Hussell Moselvy. nnrfmil Ilivwkliii. Ctelus WaMen, Jolin Hjndi-vs. Sudbury Dailtxs, Cliiule «Ii: Hubert Fowler, eaplniu. Clalor row- lev, Kills Taukersley, Staillii'J School paTscd n resolution- stating that for Die second, semester ttey will have no tnidies. The pupils of this division have been promoted to the 5A and wel- Central Ward school known as the onlv pcsiib'.e chance of success- "'"wdta/'wSf'the opening 1 Centra. Kords with Criindall Kin- lead plnred the missing high cards nliiglmm as captain; there rue I [„,. t |, c declarer • three teams, one Huh and two six ! ' ' grade, u; Hie Lange school. The fifth Butlc I'ack.irds htive Dan WarrliiKlon as cnp'.aln; and ine sixth grade tennis boost James Do- - rier cts captain of the Rolls Hoyce, .mm Speck, captain Nek balcHi. while the other, the Aubiims. ^ , n111 ^ 1 ", 101 '' "^ T „ n,,?lor commanded by Roy Graves. The c-l Sanders , ck 'Iiirns J n lo From Neighboring Towns Here {or Talk Dr. Landrith. Dr. Irn Landiltb, Christian clll- , Young. Avon l-'lclcher, Kdwnrd 013A: vis. Homer liesiirse. Sudbury l>Hoit's. Clrade Curl Lay, raptaln, Georijfi Joe Esles. l.loyil IIOR.IH. Uuinn Smith, Theodore- IMyne. Karl Hood. Ulnn S. Heath, liobert Lovelace, Charles Colib. UoU'it Srott, Oor- The lli Kindt. 1 has moved up stairs, and is now doitiR departmental v.xrt:. Mrs. Joe CrnlB Is come "into iMr rnldsl Miriam the IICHU- loom loachcr. I Smith, Dorothy Jean Foster, Kob- A welcome new number of the|ert Derrick, nnd Murtln Ulalr Htc- -JA iniide b Vi.'ter fimilh. Jr., for- phens. mcily of Cuitinl Ward School. j •_ Tliu- eirl MMtits Imvo rvorsiuili!-! KOIJEN LEADS FKI'.NCH I'OSTS i-d Into two iiattols. the patrol 1 UOUEN . (UP)-Offlcial figures Mi-Adums and rcvc;ll 1}M Koucn _ nol Marseille or Hordenux, Is .the first port ct Prance. In 1930, Kouen r.andlei lor lour «-«ks. i W™ 2 IOI1S Ot ' ne « ho '""«- o- Tne 51! unidi' hna Ueaiin the new .-(iiit'slir tt-itli M pupils. These pupils have nheady doual'.'d s;v- ciul books ui the loom library. Tin- :il! mad; Is clntl lo get n collection tit icaclurs leu by llie pnplh wlio ueri 1 promoted. Tlie 311 'U'ade now has an en- Kulh UnctM'y. 'lliey plan to hnvc a mi'iiilx'rslilp sulkitiuK new mem-- i l-.;rs. '1HU conir&t will conllnue 1 800.000 more Ihnn coiniielllor. Marseilles, it-, don nnmey, Tiiimnn Sudbury lludsons. OA ol the In- ChrLstian Endeavor, addressed a large audience First Presbyterian churcl j last evening for his fourth apiicar- ance l:ere yesterday. In hL? them "Living in Ood's World," he d!s cussed the Joy of belli? alive. Its Compensations and debts owed for 1 living. Visitors from Jonesboro. Os- [ccola and Burdette attended the Here's how the young women of Syracuse university, answered when • msellng. Cc-an Eugenie A. Leonard, shown above. o.<iked th:m how many) At. a dinner meeting hi the so- they :,ad been in love: 28 P er cent have teen in love "™»*\%\™™^ ^nf.C^ j rary .Northeast Arkansas District in love only once. 8 per cent have had "occasional crushes." 31 per • Christian Endeavor union was cent have nsver teen in love at all, 1 per cent decline to answer I formed with Miss Mildred Gregg of Jonesboro. president: Miss Thelma Blythevllle, .vice Auta Allen ol Sudbiiry school has five teams, two in the flflh grade and three in the sixth grade. Tlle SD Chevrolet! have Martin Stcphes (or their leader: tl-.e OA Chryslers selected Lc- Roy Brown for their captain. Tne two 6B teams, tlie Dodges uncl the DeSctcs, are led by Hubert Fowler and Carl'Lay. rcsiiecllvely. The CA Hudsons follow Nonnnn Speck. Three games per week; have been Chiton, Olen BiMiop. Forward Heuley. The Bames have all b:cn played on the Sudbury school campus. The principal lias done practically al! the rcfereelny. us^lstcd by James Miller, nnd James Wilson who were commissioned as nsbislnnl referees at the beginning of tho i-ily-wl:!- tuu'riininciit. Oilier ofuclal such ns score keeping aiul lime have been i>crfornic:l b: played, weather and circumslanccs I keeping, permittee The fifth and sixth |dls-iuteiestcd team captains, otliei graders are divided Into separate i students occasionally assisting, leagues. In the beginning each team j The boys have had much pleas had at least three games to play efore being finally eliminated. Tlie am that has won the highest per- entagc of games played at the ?ncl ! the tournament will receive a andiomc cup from Jrecne, superintendent of school'. the question. Look Out Below. before she comes away t: ? instead ,01., letting her find t out for'herself." "A girl should know how tc care of herself under all cciidiii^m She should know how to dress.h^., to smoke, how to drink a IHtle, h; to pet, so she won't b3 surprised into anything, how to keep n.-. heart and not to fall easily, ani how to gel along witn other giris." "I believe that a girl who har nol been on her own t" some extent during her high school year? should not Le allowed to go aw.i;. '.o college." "A girl should know nil about t'r.e greater problems of sex. She should have some e*i>erien:e ir. pc-ttirg. should have gone o-,it v.ilh men and know how to hold tlisiu i:'. check. She should know ho,v t fmoke and. if she drinks. v:hra U stop." "Learn Things" at (Jolltgc Incidentally. 58 per cent of t'n: girls- said that they had learned things at the college talk-fs;t5 where co-eds get together informally .to discuss their problems. Tv;o:i- ty.-flve per cent admitted that llscy had been shocked by some of iHe things they had learned in iheso "ColleEC life," says Dr. Leonard, summing up her survey. "U not carefree or peaceful, it is 11k:- ether 'forms cf American life- fraught with serious problems, ^r-.wards. responsibilities and - su- ™i\remc de-sires. "'f he data siiows a yearning for j ideals of 'perfect knuwledj;.' finj- ing expressions in tnch phrns^j as 'a girl ought lo !:nov; evcrythinr about life.' and 'n girl oujl'.t to know al! there is to kno\v.' "If ail knowledge is r.ol p."iiblc. what knowledge and .^kill are essential and how may th?y b^sl be given lo the growing girl? Tlie study suggests at best a partial answer to both aspects of the question. It suggests that n.r.'.ve ability may play a large pr.rt. in the process of learning social customs." The Duty cf Mothers The study conducted by Dr. Leonard do;s not attempt to solve the training problem, u is an initial study in the field ar.d poin: • cut the gaps in learning, needs, and useless hoards. I "The problem of academic .prep-1 nration for girls entering college." i she declares, "is being forced to! our attention by three phases o! i present day life. i "First tl-.ei.- is the enormut ; increase in the number of uhis gji.i.: to college. Second, cur pre.^n'. , knowledge of persciniity deve'.oy- ! worthlngton of j president; Miss Jonesbcro, secretary. At a meeting in Jonesboro March 13 the distrlci union will be permanently formed Included In the 55 present were 12 members ol Jonesboro Christian Endeavor soclelies. Dr. Landrilh £l»ke briefly before the buslnes. i was taken up. ' Tie also addressed the high schoo 'students and was a guest of rnn or at the Lions club luncheon '. meeting where he inbke. '- Thi visit of Dr,.' f VitKlrith. wh u-as a candidate for" Ihe^vice prea of the Unitsd'^States in 191 and formerly pr«6!aj>nl( : jof-..Ward Be'iincnl' college, at °nuti]i|Ue'; Tcii nessa, was EponsoreH bjr-.tri» youp people societies. of' tiie' tian j.' and First',. churches. - - : Pr«sbyierii ' 'lull-in of forty. K'jme havc, ncck a Gn-nr,' never been n this school before. | T.-.i- 4A IMIIIH ..-li'cu-d officers lor i Thrilt Club Jnnuniy 27 as fol- o-.\;: President. Joyce Summers; Vlce-Pros-ldent, Fny Uamscy, Sjt- retiiry, liubby Holt. Fitch member f tin 1 dabs «-ll da lilH pait ill sav.- Iny ns much money as pu^.slb 1 : the i •:;-.ui seiucsler. i The 11 Sciunrc club rcgrols very much the fact that Opal Me Par-1 land, its vire-prcsident. has bwn j Inmslr-ircd to I.angc School. Stie hns done splendid work in the club during the past semester. 'II? luinlh, llftli and sixth Gi:rJes are renewing their subscrip-1 lion to llie Weekly Render for the, second semester. | This pajx-r discmsfs present dny, h:i|:;:e:ilues nud tins become very ptpulnr with the pupils. The SA nrcup was fjlnd to hnve a number of the mothers visit the rccm Monday. The 5A uroiip enjoyed several new bocks and n-.a'ia/,ln?s last week. f MEMPHIS. (UI')— Hungry mM who take advantage of the Memphis firemen's freo meal glvon In ronnccllcm with a night's lodglnj arc forced lo wash their h3!ii!>, head. am have lire Iroiti purtlclpatlng in watching these games. They nlso derived much valuable Irnln- ing from them. l-'i.Uir: high s;rion; Central It'Orff athletics nix 1 developed, .strcnser mid nnich lieahhier made possibly, rules bottles gf and avu car- Each game has been hard foii|0u reel Ideas about sportsmanship. Ithough some of the scores Vtnvqjicnm play, and group cllort are en- Men one sided. One of the benefUJ' gendered^ and aKvnys there are sit- f these competitive sautes Is learn- nations arislm; which ofTer opyor- to be courageous In defeat nnd o"k«p one's pride under In vlc- ory. Unsix'rtsmaiillke play or olh- bad conduct Is' not loleratcd in at these games. Below arc tho names ot the captains and their .earns: Central Fords, Grade 5: dall Klnnlngharn. captain, John tnnity for training In right conduct. Roys learn and girls observe 1 that one who violates rules, be- j comes angry, quits when d?Isal | looms, brag.s when victory .seems assured, or resons lo hccklln'j, comes lo be looked upon with tils- gust and disapproval by players, t|)cctators. and tacv.lly members. The following pu|iils of the 51) grade have not been absent tardy Ihe first r,;mer,lir; Joe Burnett. Hardy Gray, John Harp, Tudd Harrison. Ellznbulh linxlci. OwetH llnrselt. Minnie l.ce LcsijCtt, and Iluliy Neii Ogle. This gio-.i]) had very lew lardlcs the first iemesler and lliey have '..SERVES MTIJ TERM MOBILE, Ala. tUP)—Henry Simon, keeper of the 'records indseil and iniisl«r of finance of the Mobile Lodge. No. 67. of the knights of Pythias, is serving'his 6ith consecutive term-this year. - - . Harp. Joe Thompson, Joe Burnett, j Then again, when boys are eel'.lni-. 3uddy Terry, Joseph Wolforl, T.iJ<! huue lungfiills of clean, fresh air; Harrison.' James Burns. Morse j when thin heart's ar; |?iil=athv» rapidly and reddening their cheeks: when nearly all Ihelr muscles nerves are responding constantly It changing sltunliciiis; when Ihclv minds are b?lng stimulated Ehnrpened; they are not spending their time, energy nnd thouzhl In bad places and ways willed deteriorate them socially and mor ally.and damage tholr chances fo becoming well rounded citizens of I our community when their school | days are over. j These groups will engage In basketball and other athletic ccntcsls next semester. All school rntro.i: _,..._....-,_ i. Grade 5A-. Le-laiid friends are most cordially !n- Joy Bro«hi, 1 ''capUln, Dick Duncan, j vite<I to attend the games for "rcye Bliikwd, Billy Boswell, Pur- • which there will be no admission Kochtitiky. Marlon Wlmbsrly, Billy Boone. Hardy Gray. Robert Jontz. Lange Pockards. Grade 5: Dan Warrlngton. captain, James Price. John Blair, Bill Godwin, Emmetl Scay, P. .T. Haney. Gilbert Hammock. Sudbury: Che»rolets, .Grade 5B: Martin Stephens, captain, Hershen Pe«k, Gwrgo Duvall, Ramon CC2, Car} ;giackard, Thomas Glpson. Niarvln- Edwards, Robert Cunnlng- h'irri, Irvlh?'. psborn, Harry Maxwell; W»Jt$r Arnold, Tommy Tink- r, Mac«':.'?Wer, Houston Hill IE. Cnrl charged. Call 438 and ask for- gam.- Jolly information. COSTS TEXAS U. : CENTS AUSTIN, Tex. (Up)—It oosU less than 80 cents a day to support the average 15,807 Inmates of trie various eleemosynary institutions of Texas, a report compiled by the Slate Bard of Control shows. The cost, does not include the Investment in buildings. Is -5rreU.' Pat O'Brien Hilgries.v Arthur • Patterson, Sparks/ Ralph Walker. EArl Nevins.- : •>'_' ..'.-". Alexander the Great had con- The-'i^ove teams make up the miered .ill the known world at the fifth gride -league. These teams ,i;e of 33. ^!iJ A cv.ift dccccnt. nest the daring leap pictured here, then : bj:ecUcu!ar pinnae to the fool of an icy slope...there w;re final thrills aplenty for spectators and contestants alike at the Metropolitan Ski j here. The book, printed In Itiirnamen! nt ^ the skiing stnrr. crowd far below 's Hill. N. Y. Above. Anton Lekan". one ol | English. ^ shewn leaping bird-like through mid-air with, the him. The meet was staged by the Norsemen Ski Ciub of. New York. I'ASTOR HAS OLD BIBLE PLATTEVILLE. Wis., (UP)_An English Bible. IS* years old, i: owned by. Rev, E. Meier of St H/nil's Evangelical Lutheran Church oM th translated from original GreeX. The RCT. Melei bought the book 30 years ago. BRIDGE HY \VM. E. McKENNEY irtrong to pre-empt and the hid- Secrtlirj-, American Bridge League ding should be started with one Remciiiber all rt the bidding: spade, West wo^ld overeall with during the auctioning. U rr.ay prove ' two hearts, but South would event- i-trv valuable to you in thj play of unlly buy the contract at spades. IVie hand. The bidding and the. To , now W ho arc yslns the Rp:nln-j lead are tlie vital factors | forcing in contract, many in assisting the declarer to make' - n fmall slam in tlie following hand. PIG AS CONCENTRATED COR? FARIBAULT. ^fjnn.. (UP) — prize announced ns "corn in it mc,st concentrated form" brough a larg/; crowd to the advertlsin men's party here. The toostmaster presented E. J. Kielcenapp of this city with n white pig as the concentrated corn. Certified Tomato Seed This seed was grown by us under the supervision and officially 'inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. We are the only seed growers whose tomato seed they certified and are the only ones who have the right to sell certified tomato seed, grown in the State of Pennsylvania. Our supply is limited. We offer: MARGLOBE—undoubtedly the best of recent introductions; similar to the Globe but larger, more productive, smooth and rr.d. A perfect canning tomato. •_;.;_. BONNY BEST—early, smooth, red, productive. '; GREATER BALTIMORE—* heavy fruiter', good bearer and productive. • ' ' - - ' Thcje varieties arc sold in blue curdbcttd, »eiled Mckigts of Vi «od % pounds, sealed with the sell of ihc Suic of Pwm«;l»aoU. \Vc arc growers of all varietiet of seed*, lasist on your Cacncr supplying you with Laodreib'f toaHto seed. D. LANDRETH SEED CO. V ESTABLISHED 17M i« VEABS m BUSiMUS BRISTOL, PA. WEST S-5 K—X-Q- 10-974 D-J-9.73 C-K-3 S—J-7-i-i II—1-8 D-K-Q-5 C-A-6-4-2 SOUTH—DEALER S-VX-Q-lO-9-S H-J-B D-ft-8-4 •u^i^* The EAST S-S-2 H—5-3-2 D-10-6, 2 C-I-IO- 9-8-5 wr.uld want to s'art South's hand with the bid of two Spades, but it is not strong enough. South has to-* many lr>s»rs to make fx two bid which requires that the bidding Read Courier News want Ads. How Weak Nervous Women Grow Stronger Feet Better^ LookYounger and Have Steadier Nwre» If you only knew — you rundown. be kept oaon until game Is arrived incrnic women —who are drying Rt therefore it i= beH to start! t»ju-*» around on your .nerve South's hand at contract with a I wnat a wonderful increase in strength K,J, i- .„ l"Jt. «'.,=. «-™,w ^- n r.: and health Tanlac will give you, you would OLD THE B Upsets rivtal brands with Sweeping Victory, in Ripley's latest Taste-Test SPILLS IN BOSTON They held another "tea- party" at Boston the other day. "Down with the tyranny of habit 1" was the cry. "Let's find out which cigarette really tastes the best." From Back-Bay to the Fish- InJ Docks, It was another Boston rebellion. Throwing brand prejudice overboard . . . more than a thousand Boston smokers compared the four leading cigarettes, with the brand names hidden. They didn't know which was which. All they wanted was to {Signed) , ... e ment tend': to place- pha'cs cf Hi- i A , nuctlon Soulh ' S hand is tco problem deiiiiKdy i« the part ri!:i- ! • ' .. ' er than in the Immc-diais .-itur.uo^ wi the campus an:! r.ij.jcs!- rcm'- <llal measincs biscd on a tha.-j.'sh knowlcdrse cf tin pjs: :u it ,-,^:-,k,: °r expedient. "Third, there is she cro«-;n- CTI that the du'.y of th= colics^ 4 "Thi V r in th Y' Ass academic program but to college life." On the parcnls and not t'-.e Cal- lejc rests the responsibility for preparing youth for adji:stm:n;s tj the standards, customs and attitudes of the college to which they ^ssxune the remedial wcrl; ai:.l tcisd their children, Dr. Leonard be'• only adjusl i!lc sludenks to the jlieves. j bid three spades With this in- i spade*"and North'would jo to Eix.j Mrs. DoraTlobillard,oJ Bellingham. : T . p, ! Miss., R.F.D. i, Box 17, says: 'T had inc ur ' no digest ion'nor appetite. Sickhtad- I West has a choice of U'o cv:ii-i aclitsljijmciipinbedthrccdayaati.- ' ings—trump or the king of hearts. I ti mc . I couldnt even do light house- Against a slam declaration most work. Now 1 do all our cooking »nd I wuhingin addition to the other work." I Tanlicisasfrcefrorriharmtuldrurt as the water you drink—only Natures own medicinal tonic herb*. Druggist! l:now this and for the past lo years have recommended it to men and -.vomen who need a quick "picV up" ihat will put them on their feet and ;ivc them anew interest in life. Soconfidtnt areth» makers ot Tun- i'C that if you an not helped by it, I [ you tet your raoncy back on requot EVERY WOMAN NEEDS DnPIERCE'S Favorite Prescription AT All DBU6 STOBfS OFFICIAL BOX-SCORE At audited by BBotton Firm of Accountants "I runty cfrllfy th»t the folloninft t* a trim • nd com pic (• «udlt of the IfJt ot ih* lf>cr ]e*6lnfl clft»rttt«, conducted by Rolxrl HEplcy, In Bo«lon." OLD GOLD,,431 Rrand Y 200 Brand X 26S Brand Z 220 MAIN AMD COMPANY, AccouotmU inJ Audlion NOT A COUGH IN A CARLOAD pick out the best tasting cigarette. At Lexington . . . modern Minute Men ncciicd Iianlly a minute lo give O. G. n 1 to I victory. At Bunker Hill, OI.D COLD'S cool, throat-easy i|iial':ty completely routed the c;5c;ny. "No taxation without rcprc- scntarion" ... raid ibe I!»slon otlonjngo. "Xothroat-ta-;... nncl unlimited smoki:ift joy" says the Boston of today. "DOWN WITH THE TYRANNY OF HABIT!" ItwaJanotherBcotoa rcb*1110U.'Smotcrspicked O.G. for throst-catc ani tmoothntii.

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