The New Orleans Crescent from New Orleans, Louisiana on February 1, 1859 · Page 7
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The New Orleans Crescent from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 7

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1859
Page 7
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II.· 0*3 K. 0 101 If I . i and IVnd W -d ýA. Al IN WWA INNS 8 slif WHI US. DUANU t. NATOI d1.0 cUPING nwmua WU1.3 Oin ALm· x I I NIU N t'AND 4) * .46., 13., No URN INe STNL AND * Ifs. Old ýg . ]ti n OUTs. `;`eai 0f t sHAT Ixote asod. ANDu iUe OFlINC Ofo, aer r Mmnl 01 0om110111 ý, 1lelIALNUM IN tILOTlfING s. . Mel 0Omis1 et 11 3, 1 ~~.. Oaw.1816 UI ý ow end0«..a BtefboolWusre~fad ipu atria tbtmSS to oYb.M. =1 F~~ANCY o.' MWr AND sOYS* COa. 44 .4 u bohle~tornd.., I x BB jTLGENTLEIMN' SPUIIl 'adt ryolW1, erne, PanOl .d sRoyal . WOLESLE DSAUO 01RW.SSI, O&$, sy.d 0151.4 No. l. Ns. 7 Ypn ~ . JOWU. O., AGENTA F ARITE TASE SERUO & GO. DEALERS IN FL~l' 151020 W hlldIrnStes. No. N , sI lyA 0004Th5 N.isor...r pC..p. e C n 55. W., TRUNKS AND IN iN. Nt.So..Iael.tegt. .11 A Co115. DRUGITSN FAO LION ~ ~ fITB DBOI B Factor EL P. A L.. DIaNCRL IN SLKS G RVAO DS.K. 1NOm.s..t. a9 14S oGirTess. d 79.44.. rON, N.. d r.y 5.1 5 .USA. 4 t.SS qtoo d CO.,H. WTR AND I S. ao G .. 3 ins. t m 4c No RO1RSNs.. Issd DI8 1AME IN M.LLINNEY- S. ..N..45ssdlS Oh st,. WRS. a. INCOMISI AND DAL. s S ....oT . 24 oe ...' NOJ. WRCO., COISSIO ANNDETI r 3 ltd. B' g Co.. FASIONABLE 01.0. NAISTI, OILS, TAINTS, ILSPWN ITI 11. PRINTERS' ARE.IOS, ';y s of -'Jo BAILNE , OOB8R8, No. 33 and 4.Ss I N EALLNERRY INd RPeT , TOIMORTER AND SEA. an A lo.ý3.7royal nwt 4 ,7 W40J)ALRRIAND RETAI *},pTT U.t N8 AKDOT AGUNT8, WFOR :8IHnS rodlGshatof NlL.. 0 P age.S Vim On. f. PRINTERob WARR-HOUSE, in oyte. he Cmp andSt Charles .,tste~a Ne to'#16 AN, DEALBR IN OARPRT' 551UD pb 1 Gosu. , 3 !" West C.. P... ». ST 4R T AGENT, FOR N. 4Gs .: 0l #9O,.j.DRAa20 I20AYN03100 r' R,.GO 55P0SI FACOERV. w tl II N . g. h I~I pa, Pai nt.. 01., No.. 1`rnri tot.'4dlaaei `419.4, : .,·· N sak, Co. r Tenn __ E.. Ykl 7L e ilE}B5DO T y ('o. O AN Soltrip itp w l1. d Jl lt piep.ont0 1mb.. NewO.hIsi I e CI. 101 .. .. 'S5 180 lO ,1h400115...2 0 . . . ,....... 660 ý. ~ ~ I ptnµ0 4PI1OUL £40 .. ur........... f 0 f ol Iiiir .. . canton......... 7 5 . . . w n , g . . . . . . I 0 " b0 Oh~p to h w Old ced nude trees tou eves hru 010o ml tkkeeffye ro of twenty-0n ee be hed'n th far0 t0Ide· r rnoapd, lb 11e rib o pledk ýainrrl klaae wr eU h~. T. r t 05 WILL ABe. Je14 If No-t., of TouIopoi.1511.. 1565 .... .......... ...........1559. NSW OLHAN,JAO[WN! GREAT NORTHERN ]RAILROAD Expres., tOl0 s In lhe Railmd Bellodw, Om .lrmt, .jppul I's tooth Sqlwisr oalII r I. hbol. , B. 0E.1koi peleollo mph. J vo.& rhe 111e -I he nuWm a a be oIedaoprb to,, P.1510 aroh.u w 1o R011..d lb. ab 00050 e*·~·lorhI..111, s·ag.mll,10 h~biro tolo m,... point Ctohe alrt es Rpiolbratd , l erCII.. arr k. a 13. el.Nieved. ew f th pr EXPRESS OIIAROES, 111 ADDITION TO ERFR rEIGUT: .iclgblsg oil 0.110 f Oil h New Oreo i . .7 ltlp SXPRESS CHARGES, INOADIhTIoN TO .IGHT N h f r a ,o oval s e. . . .o d c t . 1 0 l anh s .90 T. S. WIGLLAMSL~~~t g3 It ed ot T o USITED STATUB NAL . Tlotheoi welsh rotiuddoo. O. 4 Ol 00.00701£0004 dl40olh.4, bh~Ih New~Ohsuu.,OiwlouSu .ndO. W.E arlroad, TO 'M1EgWICK' BA~Y. r.ITERROR El STLLIIBHIPS. TOlINEE TINES A WEEK. mONDeAY W s....... 1.fWA0101p WhEDdNaDAY. Pd.... .. ORIZA0NA0 To Gl O lmt T.8OoC YrI41lh. - SAURDAY............ MATAGOEDA.. D T O .0 0 UCNRIIO THE ItED S NAILS. T pamydt·ol bone, timemyed andthe bka nd drcomoet tEloRolo lO.. Railropd s.TEC TH04..E TIMES Oh WE4oEK. MO DA o t .1. ..l.o.oo Eq... .it JENJ. F. FLANDERS, T LAR..4O -E o o .0401.I 00 IZABA SA L. . .d ..... ..........h. . TGORD To Lw G.pootbIte and I STAT S A. . .~orbn'nh d1E CARYN T.. 11.1... . OýhefilPromig o henAme lve tieelendrg 00 -Dtl mo.piotoio.O imp lhroo~o .ok eitid .ltboW~o, 01 N an Of ENJ. F.FLANDER, Seely 1.04 0b..os Omo s1d.5.. to. tS' ITR tAGKIN S Wlm . T AFRANkeM T. So'eltok .A -., O. o loA.M., St'm TealI 1. . N .. tT ... S.. P.Y. . .. A orse Oar wllleave the city every morning at 6 o'clock, dL· the Lake every llgbhtIt 9, or Gm honr eTft the arral the esteRtamRtO trn.B xtr_ or epnl , when required, by tUeiytg the sote do tdoe o Thetratnlswll sop at the Station HOle, GHoeuly Nd.e when aled ap .... xept on m..l trpsbat the ,.. cm, m have timely ot'ee. lt C ARDWARE. _____ .1.SWATERsMA, N dANDEER AND WHOLES DDE-ALERSI ard Sportlnn Anpwttoh8 th its t br . Wbole sls lti deerllnl A m e Rides Pilte1 and Pil.ralellOT e ver l ~et. . t PLOWS, M StrB, O theA Nwo.er1n4 street, , 8coarat 1o Nm dra N Orlean. *I o . J. W A2ER .st BRROTER, IMPORTERNR AND WHOLEESALE S DALER IN A E PLOWS, IRON, CARPENTERS' Nl.1 SMITHS', AND AGRICUWLTURAL TOOLS, FISH AND BHRIMP SEINES, TACKLE, NETS, n et., etc. I&.Agents for YOST PLOW A SRAPER--(Sign of the Antvil) No. l MAGOAZINE STREET, Soret of Commohn tresP, New Oroeans. ol ly _ HALLE]R AsBnRO~BTHER, ýCOPPRRSMITUS AND SHEET IRON WORKERS, S 05 (late 247) Tehoupltoulas street, aee pre seedto manufactureany article In the aboPve bl. el for Steamboat, Plantation and Refinery a o opper Pan., Stlls, Worms and Pipes, Sheet Iron Breech; tog., llmnlete tlrebhd., Jolte Boo.. Tcnhs, Fllteor eCill. eR and toy her rcticles ui to htLUe oed In the mnufacottte of Sgar at oadntagous rates ad in style of make naere by any hoese In the trade. We are also prepared to fldl all orders from city or country at rolats to Buiiinrs' woorfor, Galvanizeed Iron, Tin and Zinco Volley O.taro and eoning, Down Pipes, Fanooyand plat Heeds, etc., etc. Alaoy. on hondon eUortmentor Coonking, Bureoom and Parlor STOVES. 0ron Plt Work and Fitting l Iway on hnd. 6 All work done with dlemtoh, d14 ly1 S SIAIONJDE As mITE. Corner of Olstoomhouae and lveeeStreets, Popper, Tin snd Sheet Iron Workert, reat Fyoouder tad Pnloherh, ted Maofoturers of Steem Trelot, larlfyosg and Evaporetlinog Pa. Flllerera, Jleo Pans Chimney. and Breeohin+, Steamboaot and Plantation Blackenlthteo. Alto oeeral Deeatlon STOVES AND HOUSE FURNISHINO GOODS I We teart, witholut fear of ontradlotion, that we can S1ll Goods and mneoofcto Inoehlcoe socehoaopodoy hooos tothe South. Planterl, Merchants and Steoltmenowll idt to their aed vnteao to gole.s It cll befor.e purchlng or ooatrtotinr ele* ehere. 1716 Iy LUThER IHORIH, FMOUNDRY AND -- ORNAMENTAL WORES Coar of onoe and Rophreeateaetote; O0ee No. 106 St. OCrlee. treotl (Twodoeefreom the St. Thceit,) JfeUfo0. Orazor of theottednottopiood anew of O Y. ueedaohes w Dos, ShueVsts dt ta otoic. Snteno. eonido B ASTA ND WROUGTIRuRON EWO 1. moro Blport.e91.4 matrn., formle'stthe Old Btd. 10 Gbadlee .ritey CHAR h . * 4A.IS dB Co. IMtrUR'Sloe AND DEALERS IN FOREIGN AiD DOMESTIC IEHARDWARE, OUTDORY, et.. No. I6 Ngadneooand 40 Greeleo the eo d e haeoho . andw c.aoaly lce.o.og ditreotf-o the 1&o0.ftetortle : Natilt, Coongse, Axes.; Coanttw'Tool; oe., Suresaodhoell; Coon and Cofe Mills; x and h OChoic Cottonand eTmls tRopI. Ancils, Vicsoand Bellnow; Coenteteod PotdformeSeolh. Stoiet and DlMe,Sotw Pug.i Aodtlone an[ Pendeor Grend Steme aj ahi; Cotton and Wool Caodsd• eoheo and Hinge ; Iron and Etue aenwet Goods, vm.: Combs, co, o..m ,Paoraend Blnk soote@, which ae ral Mtthetoweomleieofor sthb or It popeo. Moaly s40+e0,000 f.e A cnedreoweed Ploedc Yellow Ptc H6S0N0fee 05dked Fleld Yellow Pin. aned to end I wti dieudatd leteIeoa 1 CINO. . 1to. . WXV0 , 0 ~ to+ o+bt ' - Jay 04O.1 80. let sldp Statr of Vaere .. 504ea5.'tr 1 for tboabooey1r I' Wfesq i~f op etd J. P.WRIT. A O. fi eTUNA1 WOO.~ a Ooe ~ytosdt1Gyrte m bo3Ptt. co _I .owt~dloýeýnr/NaO p Fa etoomgo, lyfo theC, M .snttooar, jsuo stYo.. od foet ot o , al . mt,1 top p 7 ere F VO ohad IlO IOLe-TDUAI PAST AILtblal ebo ot.'owd. trstogbtoppltert Poepoeago, apply to the ~*~WlNeOT*00.," - OR LIVE L-TjjAlFARTRAIL i teo Aotel~eod e It jo . Dltoerethe t s~~owtoedtoi wil 'tiomeodtete itepotob, For oftebooeo edteet Ome1d 1...VL , 1o .t0 nt otb atoo0 boed,.2 ý t,0 Foeptcwptytottbe r r eoptler~tooeerosd m A to J~ W . P.10.P AC..C Fo P s ag , pl y . 0 00 . o a M e IV tW P U OL Ha APl la id 0 eal in lloe, ts -wlootppioe ftet, Joedt.ý clt oo. J. P.dtete o asl~mbheot.o pt For porneg, aply oede cati O TL~ eo tt epeog.e epltt shp o o sepeel Cbope . W.otd. T dfltotelot. f obvepmrtadW ll hv Fo ae baio .,SaOm on en F ee paog n., opp y totboeoppole oo booe d, Foot 44 ,Ttd At totph Punateeu, epoto Loebt. toy toRodrodwne is oo thwen abovtot Ust. Fa St pl o J. P. WHITNK O.:fiCre 00., A Fepa4ee, applymt the eoptet on0 booed. Poot el, Th bd log d l above st P qt to Fa eSrh.apT ; the apai an bod. tept eet BATN OVL 0.1 ORLIBFQ-N Al vEBrY nT I e t llFew Aenrlýs shlp Potmoem.. (00In WA. il Reed, mw loadlng and wll bltove Immedo dl"etan ror traisof, 6tID aieo , apply to RTEROYFLL • 000. A. FOR IIVBIS POOL-TnoeA I AMERICAN - hip MoE. ploal tb k G·aits, Imvh6 r a l£l[ of herr o eaqped, :wit, have Jmmediato dispalch. or freight of 60 bles lo ~ 8. &boa.9 Oravier street. -OepUgsspply to Ihe Cptlainot bted, Pelt 52 Fourth DI, dill GLASGOW. t FOR GLASEOW-PFASAGE ONLY-The ft. sailing Amerean htp MhlP and Adellne, Cpl. Wot.. Is ow sdeg for the bove port. J. P. WHITNN AGO., 36 0aeodelo stpeet For pmsage oely. pply to the "ptils onboerd. 2l HBAVRBE. i FOR RAVRE-THB Al FAST SAILING Amerlt.m ship Parehenla, Caplaon Hlnto. Is nw loadlng for the above port. For freight of 610 noion, applT to J. P. WHITNEY tA CO. 3 Carondelet 0trt. eompasage, apply to lbs hepCpln on bahd, Poetl 46. T led Driee. JolT FO R FAVRE-THE Al FAST SAILING oegole, t peer0 hIp Gultnberlf5 Coptlsl WNo.00 -hail gemit1 all her UlOOrlgen.e,. ll hbae nms 1t13 ptteh. ,For bllarne of BAfrXt, O to BANPR .L~IL& CO. Oeseee Bamle.oe. Cello. Wp ss F FOR HAVRB-TRS B Al PAST SAILING Amer~· ican s VV Bombe nN, 01t Ward is no leedlng and wit, have eesel lie o pettb. For bhlImee .lgbrispplye BAXTER. LOVELL. A CO. PFo pe segs. heeltI superlio aoeeooeeodetons. oogrLee Op boerd at P04111, Tholod DeltrIe dll OADIZ. FOR ADIZ--TNE Al FAST SAILING Ameeboao ship Arllngton, Oaptain Dorto. I. raw loadg for the above port, ied will have ame. •lae ldpelh. For balace of fre gtb apply to 1.11, B5XTI n LOVELL C00. ANTWERP. FOR ANPTWERP--TR AIl VFRY FAST salleg Ameleoan chip Oroondate, Ceap. Fibe. . helog mot of her eargo eng.ed and poie beo board. ll meet with quick dispatch. For fraeight of 4 0 bolueo tton, S160 hogsheads toboco., apply to BAXTER, LOVgLL 00o. For peose, haevng e.-erior aeemmoe dool, apply to the e-ptaion n bold, Polt 07. Third DOlet. Je FOR ANTWJRP-THE FAST SAILING peolsor packet ship Lochlnvar, Contn Rouls l Cole, Is now loddi sod will have immedite, dl.plthe. For balance of freight, appl to Jd BAXTER, LOVELL & CO. FOR ANTWERP - FA"SAGE ONLYThe Al fed sliolg Amarreel ship A.mne l _chnildt,. Capt. Rulken, is now ledfing for lbe bove perr anod heelj melt of her eago engaged .ed going on board, wllj have qui.k dispoteh. J. P. WHITNEY & 00., S 0aomdelet street. For passage pnly, havir0p lie oemmodoo.ns, apply to the ap0ain on board. p0t 3, Third District. d2 SFOR ANT WIERP--THE Al AMERICAN .shIp LIzIle larward, Copt. Leawoe..e hbe. lng mosl of he cargo engaged, 1will mee4 with - pe-eb or freight blof400 bale. tto. apl n09 AXTII.I.OVELL 0 CO. FOR A.NTWIRP-THGFINE FAST soIltop Aomeoeoe .hlp Mootia J..Waist, CGptaiu piitorer, s onop loadlig tor the above H. For freights, J. P. WHITNEY ý AoC., .rondelt 6 ith ,or~pobge, apply to te esptlan o boed Pot 4, Fobrth Dbtdrlet. o0ld BRREEN. O SR BREILN~-TON Al SRRI5ENSOIF Johane WlteIlmsns, Copt. IThslemn, having part of her cargo esgasged. .1il meet with qubek dlpoe - For remainoder o freglht. apply to P 0 AXTIR. ILOVELL & CO. or ag, having superior accommodations, apply on board, Pot --, Pourth D~isrict FOR BREMEN - THE Al FINE SNIP &tlhena Captain Scbhelilng, having most of her srgo engagepsd and goine. on board, .111 meet with qo h pliteh. For remalder of fretght. pplyto BAXTER. LOVLT L CO. For paqseawe having superior aeommodetlons, apply on board, Post 6l,'Fonrth Distract. Jx2 FOIR BREMEN-THE Al BREMRN SHIP Uhled, Copt. Laooere is now loading soend I meet with .idpatob. For frilght of toboceo, 01ttoo, A0,.. t olplt 1e t BAXTER, LOVELL . FUR BR.:CMiN-TSN Al FAST SAIING American ship Soueh Ameraa, caPtain0 Bpry,, I now loadiog and will hboe mmedloat dipatclh. For reo tapply to Jab BAXTER, LOVELL CO. LEGHORN. FOR LEU HORN-FABSAGI ONLY--THE ew At fAlt sailing American heark Oralville, aplol Croeket, I. now loading for tle above port. an0 n0 all her cargo engaged nd on board wll h.ave quck dispath. For posooge only, havne fne eooommodtlots, Sapply to the . pt.on 0.eo Diosltr or " ..WHITNEYV & CO., .Carondelet sreet MARSETJLLE S. U only. SFORMARSEILL!ta - THE Al FAST i g.sollloo Amerideo ship iDo1ca. Prince, Captain Meady, is now loedling for tbhe above port, led .i avi JP. 'WHITNEY d7 b CO., 35 Carondelt streeL BORDEAUX. FOR BORDEAUX-THE Al AMERICAN clipper hoaro Finny, CLroket, m.ter. to now ondlng aend wlll ae immedlte dispateb. For I Itght of boles cion aPpply to s . JOEBS & x,..91 Graler sreot. For Pp having epleondld aeeommodatlon, apply to eap. t.aIl ou boad., ot 6, Fourth Ditrict. J2 GOTHENBURG. FOR GOTHEINRURo -FASSAGE Only. The l Norwegion ship Prlnd. oscar. Captai, rmephaoe.n, lenow looading or the above 00., and eo ." of her cargo engaged 0 nd going on board, will have quisk dispatch. d . F.WBITNEYl& CO.. B Ceronelet .L SFor passge oonly. hoaving ene aeoomodtions, epply to the cplain on board, d$ROTTERDAM. p. FOL ROTTE0ERDAMI-THE Al DUTOC ederland sO Cptio n o loedlng r the above port. For rmaoelder of relghLt aply to BAXTNR. IOVELI,0 &0 F tOeiQlstoDA Lcp-THE A AEItiRIsn chip JogJah O.,lney, Sprague, i.0ter. For fIbOht, apply to LO LL . .I. .BAXTE~R, LO~lqLL &t O.. S'AMSTEBDAM. FORA AVXERTDARiYNRJ; Al FAST WsI. A lt.c 0.1 REStsUIe. CepolGoldhoeg, mos forhe puotRol. freightg, app~ to .E. W IR l/0ff Cronelt treet Blolo.. . 4L' .1' I qj4 o w Os at __ 'Phapill G _%OOKý034 ' 8 i:--'ARAt Tb~r s7ý U S pq'l 9ct pragolyto telot ~~Jail. FOR HAAHIUtlAo PASIACS ONLY q ran, Is 4r'tka aboe pa+ "4 a.eý mat sag'o 10id0 g96tep oobmo01, M1{~ quc f'e ply to op101000 000001. f03.000 0010000 payl r ~ IF IQ1WYot 01 1 NOR EAENUU.MCO-TU d:*1SI. 0 oo0AtamW Rip R0ahi/Ito1!ý 00V vN GENOA. e 1~FOR GENOA-TUY I VYERY PANT ..11. d Iog AooatrU01 ipper shI L0dew, Cep*. Eoaooo b or.t OO oodE nobs d mee1310101 q~olok/ 01IS101h. WOO 0Ic~l00 N 00100, apply o SAX. LL &0O VolNd P0rost 1tO,10Wt 0900la.00 ..to00011 0 app -~~ - #r·r7 H µtýAI elt vee, Cobb, Cfptd .riotlk! _bo sDat efg s o b HA2FE U1 ý GENOi..A-PAEAGS ONLY-TaU Al inftotttOOp AooM.h1100IIP 11th Demoooond 0oO'. .; 10no toIdlog for as tb0000p0, ttd haooalk Wooproosp 001 having 000a .OrT000 0 tpply to hO COTr to 0orb 0000athý Tht1Dh. tr ot ?PHIT1OEY* F85 Outwit" is" S'T. PETE&S1BURG. Am e'T. ship %BUB. TpI Og, pply to the Captai oab3Pt. 8 91:p*Y3003 -T Al lead to, the abovet poifeplidhý," ap a a, -PItt the bl"~ oadPstab ir Al Am pdrl oaneh TIEEYLC.t I~fR6-Tag now '4ldtpetr1oo o00'd01.th0001 -a ST. E FEW an apply 01o: t: v4 11.0000010II010. 00.11 1h b boodtPott. -: i Wof, 100. i, p n y WooooooPAS = . ooool DOMESTIC PQ$TS. '1 NEW YORE. FOR NR WYWT0RIDH. AseboooI.-; 10 AN.I yya ýýk etb rk"F H anwl ? 0blitg a ft ,Diaristhashx narly a i her argo on wants the e bulkr of 900 barrel. o am lets her arge Annly t OEO. A. $YNB82 Camp FOB EW O$ veuel·--TO alI Tdnr, Era, Thdodikf . t ater is nw lead(. 'tug p nerly*I her ante on bord, will call above For, ba~tt eof freht of 1C0 bales coton, app! to N fat ,· J. U. BASS, 19 Common at F.ArOB NEW YO . IAI oil new clipper bark Henry. a"~rtr it I Aytofftdn n a Qo. Wm. lFOSON & CO.. to. I n e t no a» Head be appmb ened of kar bads. del e ill nv dlRpitb. N r d, O l t.-TOcb will he take t low rKr., ppIy oento . 10000 18. t trhook Hen. WIlOto, ·1r. - aR Jel. It BASS. 1 Ctommono stret. & FOR NE.FOBYogt.. :0l Al TAST SAILlogbork flhol' t.. Coptoln FPOl, s now. toolog, and hing the port ofrr oskoo opSodgolhgoo board, l hoave odestpaoch. Fo bal0e,. of jo p J. BA88.,119 Coommon 0 i FOR N EW YORK-THE Al FAST SAIL in ellahipColmabia. Capt Gt000urg 0SlTRATow - W lU n t .10 bordeo . Par fi For re of rettan apply to j.28 J. iL BASS. 19 Common streat OR BEW YOIMK--RE ,0ULAR LLBNE-Thb Oneo pac et 00. DunkirkG O(olmo, metoero I. now lo t P eeoo lstr tM aoot bavlng mt o r crgo on board. want the buolk of 100 hhda. sooar to completeo her oaro; for felht .e wheb.o plyr to IGEO. W. HYNTON k CO, FOR NEW Al AND PAST si0ling packet bark WIoign L004, 000er booob.loe now 1osding band di aoseo. M bahhe of fretght, appy o o 0J0 . 0 E O. F. DANSON & Catopt Fire t vsni0-To sll tibis t ol o now leadinw. ll n s aboro. Foo bolnce of fo.OgbO. spply on board, opposito the Vestble Mlarke, Socood soloi, or to Jols J. 1. BASS. 119Coommlo str000 ! 1 FOR NE* YORK--THEI Al AND FAST aD011g bark Golden ra, Thorndike, is now loodrg and will have qo' ok dipatch. For baolseo off', t or passage, ippip to 0am J. H. BASS. 119 Comomoo street. FOR NEW YORK--THE PAST SAILING acket bark F. H. Fannln. Haordinlg.mosor, vine most of her cago engoge.0 i Wllhlbo dfspltoh. ig~ffht sr01T to 00. W. 0YNTON A CO., 81 Comp street. e FOR NEW WORK-THE Al FASTsalilog packet bark Ulndlte. Merryman master, n0arly 1al her crgo ongted, wlll hove dir428 00. . . HYYSONA CO.. 82 Compst. PHILADELPHIA. SFOIaR PrHIuADELPHIA-THE AI NEW 4and fst saoing bark Join Wyl0eCapt. Patteroo, t now loading, and heolng netrly ll her cargo os baiog of light draught smll capacityl, will have mmedliedispatlh. For blboes of frghbt of s0000 and molses, which will be toaken at low rates, apply on board, op. poslite the Bee Market, Second DI trlot. or to jla2 J. H. BAsS, 119 commonitee.. Ai FOR PRILL&DELPIIA - REIOGULAR L0e0a Packe--The 0ne foot solling packet bhip TImotr, kliby, moster, havioalo lrge o ort0on of her oorpo engaged, will have quick dispatch. For balance of freight or passgre, npl~lyto ¶nVOo.w. BVYNSON A CO.. 82 Camo s0t00. SBO8TON. , OR BOSTON-REGULAR LINE PACKota-The Al faslt sailing psacket ship Delpho i GIll, master. . now Iadloing with dlspalch. For -boO. a o fF etight. apply to J./9 .GEO. W. HT NSION, amp street. AFOR BOSTON--DISPATOH LINT-THE Al tvery fast selinoog regular packet ship Mary. 1.erill, Claptain Currier, i now looading, and beiog of smal oopooity-42 uooo--will hove immeoodlae dispatch. For freight of beef, pork ad flour, apply to S. JUNrS A nO.. 91 Gravtlr e. For paosooge, apply to the captain on oard, Post 19, Firt DLIs 0rl0t. IsIS A FOR BOSTON--THE Al PAOT 0AIING Amerla shilp lReglaotor, C'.dt. 5. Notcomb, 0s0now ldin0 000 "or t0ie above 0ort adwill hboe bmmedOiateodkpOh, For blne of fregbt. apply to jo2 BOAXTER .,OVELLL CO. E FOR BOST)N-DIP0ATCH LIEF-THE overy fast salling shlp Athene, Trefethei, m0ter, havlln a t.rg, pa0lof hero e oo engaged, will kooe I ommeiate dispatch. For forelgo of 8O balso ttoin, aply to 10al8 S. JONES At CO., 90 Goavier stiee. P. IFOR BOSsI)N-THE Al FAST SAILINO (R Amertea. slhp Reloea Capoot. J. B. Mainot. is now l1ading .o4d wilt have diopaoth. For pasosge only. apply on board, or to jat8o BAXTER, LOVELL A CO. SFOR MORTON --RREGUI.AB RLINE-THE oAl and fast alingoppnehetoioo Hutroels. Coldwell, master, is now loding rod will hvoe quickdis. p k. oro 000n00 of freiehlorO 0000 000 t GRO. W. IIYNSON Co., 01 Comp 0t., aS to S. b.A 00 . LEVY. Iloagne streeat.. SFOR UOT ST.)N - ROIGULAR 1I.NE OP Packet--The 0ne Al packet ship laorrlsburg, Wowell mter, (4(92 tons) having a portion of ior f oootg0ed., bar he quick di4patch. For freight, apply bo , Pest 0District or to jo.1 G0O. W. HY0 SON 0 00., 8 oamp streot. D OTN-DISO T ATCH L0--DEOCK tood Waoned--The Al vary Ootoaoflno cllpoer bPrk Frtny LinuolnI Parson, mstier, haviogg a largo * erar o rngagfd, wid have Immedfate dispatch. Fo ereiht of tee, oporok, to JO - & U IO.. 81 Oraler .reIt. Forpasooe., opply too V captaio 0n board, Poot 19, First Dltrmto. jg BALTIMORE. S FOR BL LTI.O .E.-THIS VO88RL DI8. charges her cargo 0t the Blon--Tha Al faoo sollog r shooner Narragan Oett. Hnll moater, is now oo, nd b- ogo of olld to w0 1 I emmediate dlopoeb. For bkloee of elghto, apply to tfol J.H. OASS, 1109 Common t. S FOR BALTIMO I. firoit vessoel,-TtE AipAloooket bark L woodC)lemontomo. ter, watsl he bolk of 71 hhdl to 0omp0l00 0go. For freight or aoseg spoplyto GEO. W. HYN100N A CO., re t .l Cmp naD. d R OR bLTIMll]ol]--THIS VTEOEL dl,' 00 at the Banin.--The A 0 f0st u0llng bobg M,,rtrose, Davi, master, Is now lqdong anod hav. Iigmoatof her cargo eniRaqed, will have qulk dhtpeth. For balane of freight, apply to j,. - J.H. BASS. 119 Common street. FOR BA.LTMUOR--TIB t VES d40, o t the flou---Tho Al fostl odlln Croystal Palac, Leighton, maoster, odloa. and beots of imall Epeoy, 00ll hoo. imedloate Sdispatch. o kolance of feght, apply on woord at Lower - Sayun Tier. or to 1j.2 J.H. A88., 110 Common wMt. FOR BALTIBmIOtJIt--TI VEIgSSE di. ,r barges hb rgo a th oo--Th Tho Al host elog in Vloginia P'-oe. Eldolds. moos'o, , I. now n4g and h400 a s al ad l4hb daogkht will have uo deoenon 00 oi h . o oo t Pln", apply on bard, LSw 0y0 T.Toto. aal9J. g" BA 09 'f5 moe stree p R It: R5 EEOCL LN , saw bet" ;·; ' o - . S ooptEjI'. 10 .O A 0 4 4 large today, that I. evidence athtourmr mret i nds to war rumors futh aropean eontnent. We meat expect Ihersefer-IMthlo, far th mand to have a oontroling influence, apd as thbte not a shadow of doubtbt that one.lrdof the crop, of cotton to be received here for th'ednrtnt oomme cayl'yr wql below iddlhtlingeen - low as Ordinaryt and Good Ordinary, it eannol be cancealed that the fItane of the toglol. market mnt exerci.ioetodedable f8aence on valwe,7Jh calma end well bahendled cotens will cmmLnldin Ip g The most -potc featore n i l ta eeres 19. day was the thte Dtrets t the o Loutsian d TebasntetscCompayl r plls ed c pay a the semilto al teoapones of interest de toaeorow, the lt February, and holdets thereon wll recve the interest by calling at the olee, Oarondeletateet, in p conformity to a notice in another olumn. We congratolate the freiends and stool.blders of the Coon- a pany on the present anpies, a hope that mor of p our leading and Infnettdtl etisens wlt come forward and see the Oompanyrterogh. I s at leasehoped i we have local andedencrapttes lt. ws cn lal after the old cpttalirts and landholdr e an pe t who never regard the principal of an t Irptmertl, ao long as the nteret is proompty nd thitflly (as n I the present lteanee) met. We have nothing toray of the pape masket, Who I the dete would think of sohaving paper on beantthi day, eacling a biyner whib, aoqpet with any ct. i trandactions e Whav only " the market for long dated oommeprelit eriti e nta from e st8aendt igt. a The Exchange market opened qiletly, but closed with some inclination on the part of, T hence their rates, parttenlatlyfo thme btlloa a York, the asking rates for which were t16 di. At 11 0 1f disci the bankswr 9 wliOgt boy. Onteide therewere sles at le. D6oblte A oight draft aadvanced to 4 before the etche of botlnees Sterling opened and cloed ather Ini favor drawers. Bills of lading drafts wr taken at l107 10t4,tith a fairmargin and spinners bills; dear bills ranged from 1081. There was stlfb1ning for remittance. Choice end bank drafts o ruling from 1080 ®1081. Frane worked along alto. Sgether in favor of drawers. Billion Paris direct were Staken at 5,20, with the rangae of the market rulieng from 8.260 8 214, and .2140 8 .18, aceedratig to o sunma, though there are some drafts on other points 6 than Paris and Havre wthich tle lower. r. There were no traanseion in stock today to our knowledge. There were some important typographcil eriorsi o our ostatements of figures this morning. W8 hasten gi torectifythem. SThe followinog figures exhibit the pettloan ofthe banks on the lost Satorday of January for theyearse - denoted: FL p ecie................. e 711 no- Olopooin..............0,140 s n a i ?( 'rtot 0'i1 It will be seen that the errors awere in the specie and deposits of 1857. The report of the President and Directors of the g Water Works or Commercial Bank of New Orleans for the year 1858 is before as. It shows a steady a increase in receipts, an enlarged demand for water a for the year over previous years, and furnishes the strongest evidence of a steady increase in our pop. lation, said still stronger evidence that the last retran of the emai'takeret· BtdttbemimeerIs entlstlyTaaccurate, and replete with the giodeest neg.geiee, which, of course, aeconta for the many arrors in the report now before the Legislature. It is not supposed that there would be an increase in the amount paid for water since the year 1853 of eighteen thousand and eight hundred dollars, if there had not been asn increase of inhabitants to use it, as it is evident there has not been any increase in water furnished for the public use or the extinguishment of fires. The following is the comparative table of water rents for twenty-two years : 1 7 .................. . 881 181............. ..... 70.42 sn8 .......... s17, 7 18 .......... . 70.90 ' ln9 .................. 7, |a 155 ................ O ss 1 ...................4 , 18 1 ..261 I ea . ,0 . ...... . t B o....................., .............. our sot 1.t . the et .rens o oocon ...................di reen ...................... h................ i 6t6e 117.................... 01,000 t7..... .16,090 1651.....................70,B868t . ... . 1109 The President, Adam Gllon, ithe report thus cemacks : 'The year hoe passed withont any accident or ob. atrsctton to the steady progress of the labors of the officers and employees ofthe intitution who, favredupply with good health ond popitious weather, have been l enabled to execte all work committed to their t charge with expedition and economy. Our worak, e ounds, basin pipes, et alline all n good condition end repair, our engsne into fp order snd running to which enire eatisnctton. We have on hd a apl o ly of coal, almost odequate to onr ants for the oo year. Our supply of water has bean ahoudent an anintaerupted; our collections of water rut and niturebills very satisfactory, d a very e atio tory t adjusotment hs been made of one of the old ssette of the old Bank, amounting to $17,380, in four annual d ipstalmento, bearing 7 per cent per annum Interest, which we have every coufidenco will be promptly . paid at their maturity, furnishing auowith thist amouut of resources at one time considered lostu' ly The report ut crtainly be o atisfactory to the tockholders; bht the capabilities of the works are not suflcient for the groat lncrease of population and preoent extent of our city. This is maniftst from the great deficiency in the supply of water on the occa-,, Tion of firo; the questionof an increased unpply of water has been frequently brought before the public. A charter haes been obtained fora compasy to be lo. cated in the Fourth District, regarding which there appears to be very little eflort made to carry out the object--n fact, what is everybody's interest appears to interest no one. The following are statistics of the Commercial Water Works for the year 1858. To uash blne. llt nn , 1................... 9 To water 5antu.s to' renslo 1n ................. 18,084 67 To Fixture count for ntaroduolog plpm.......... 19,10 6t To Incidentl, ro coal ....................... n .. 94 To nsknlog Department, ro-lvms rrlnmom osao. To interest aemonnt, dtcount on Northern funds and Iltereoat on sinking fund ........................ 1,7116 $se,1n. 1. Coast of mein plpeo, $4,ll 82, laborers and plumers, $li7741 ...... ................. , ss oplirler, L.102 217. re plus $780) 15, Rod sun. $1,10 5 ............. .................... .19 47 Pid fr nteralls............................... .11.. 0 Snnldrl.s-alu'see and frelht .................. n,t1 at5 Snlsr,¶ oeT oc0ro includlog Cllseto:l, Insp.etoo, n, d ngnaoees ............................... a. , il gi ,I c D deendro. and 9 paid ............... .......... 61 70 ti7y of New Orlear,, for dividend................... 8,000 ClfBondsfrc 1OBondsolSaL0 Neh............... 1.4d50 Sundries ................................ ... 1,,5 .oash on habnd th Slt Deembe ........ .......... 9 15 These are rather limited receipts for an Iunstitotion which commenced operations with a capital of tle millions of dollars. We believe the CompanySi R managed with commendable economy, and ti' expenditures as low as any In this section. Water to dooble the quantity could be furnished If desired and paid for. The istock is only an eighth Vot. annum one. The Company has no authority or right to extend its pipes in the Fourth District; consequently, the inhabitants of that section must build their own reservoir and works. The loan of ten millions of dollars on account of the United States was awarded on Monday last. Six millions were thus taken at the rate of 2} ct. ,annum and abdve. The 2 *o. bidders will get none. Mssrs. Morgan' & Sons, New York, pm foi ,000 at various mrie, and ill got abygt , R .W. Montgomery, fg. s S yo ems? . S '.ate W~ W" SUGet W.ýiare wee of lkfuly d9G0I1a. at karmer ptlese Fair 0(8r.11, Mornn.a.. Som.em 3 bblU. were 810 for r F nd had gaus Pdeiuolll~acagi . nu I . . PazUorle~af E,1e0 p ie t a . 15 tryAI j 0063 WW 4Io at $$ 1600 ecab, Jncluding i00 Whbte~ et " T00 at' O8 a et:, Whea.* . *omaltbprabl60e 2 oaw *W a$ Ie aoverowe Poa. P .u4 dted mlii of at)%tQ 1060 bblm. i % Q t8g13',&o, l , l0_ Stwo itua, at 010 I5,mni 810, iz three 1tet a$$101 abt lletlu 11 pl hiokebo 50,E= *. .,. L oa ga. b of wh2ic .na be SALT... Somne calru6ie it Ive pool,, 011 o 0 at about 0to. for. Coare and el0. 1w d Aqaitd IS hol;eraun.ura1y aib 706.oA argba' a S glam olz*uooi...,ie sbetabkoatI*Ua 10 Retalltp.agueneallytld. etard ý firs a 'IrodaanFilret w etI(ml. nL WI~t. .*Ii P~J Pauieuta. .:Aahp qaihmkn p . iualta he j for Cottesawl a ndBritis & t 4 at o, OSon Saturday, a British ahtj a~th la~te ' otrri : 1 , grades of ak are fi at ouriif Ohtbeeo4 etatle d~hbr hattaweti o withsal oe fothe s nr'do , titreat B1tity. ...Pe i.und o e to .rae deabo r at ....,. i. - Bh o i Te pr b.d.....s- ...... . Beef 0.00.. Tnaes.a. da··l._ r.., b....... ..... 3n' Meure. E!tar-h ies. sinct jeeterday. Sterli.g eleheagh sbade. Tranmoctinate at 1ta er cat. prietlotia. N old ye$t4rdpy at *18ear goi bbls potatoes, from New York, hSu () ..eae. i A Dutch brig, of 1100 hborde wd tei.ed a op to loed for Hambhrg at . per ton. M caes. Edtos.-eett . r t'ps stteeVa The weather yesterday wausleear sad pt a oo Bune. s was qqite brisk on ithe t . meotd were heavy and ther .m quit a nm ..hemr We tatderst~ad that our Mend . oeaM. , No. 45 Poydraestreetil beens appainte.d towsaltafor all our atembohat fteds to try it, as whean gar tee that it is upetiot to ani thiUyof the idad in the conotry and that it' to isperede alt Ill other brands. For strengtheslag and edettat' qualities, It is highly reommxended. He.s vied : at large supply whih meete with rqpdy aees. Ge him a call. We glenn the following from oor exchange : The river fell twelve inehe mteee irtt n e four hours ending at 6 P.i, tost an g weather was quite warm tatttreeatohth k mode , wind blnwing. Thenrhe e rier w a oavered wlth Ice, which wi Ve thn repd s, o ing no reaestne to wltb W g own frm ac fnrho..rn endig. at wteving Th lo a wan moeraste wmrk sog .t ale ay eithL im proved wo .hej s a d s h t oq t st at oe . bbl. . " e DveNPIoAr, Jlan. 20T-hnday the ctvevrx eslrt wator i thse cewtle of Bnrrf._a.'1hp. In lnt . ,I ti n of th, erPtoaio was e evu i e Iahe e .ss i befre u o nioeeu b owao gtmiagee. It dteronutely arriig edAla, t ha.rd l4'av w orTh s o a .b H . PiBveroi, Jan. 2.---tnrBday w a vety day, wlith frequent ofon, Ceainga2i at an phere. he iver was lelling,e nd etles i slonw. The only rivetho frls aheow alms i from se (Irienf, t hot Juob Poe ost onL i f only ae t ey oefind little diffioty In euring aloeed , The steamboet held Saturday forenoon to cde r . oming seamon. Aent thirty Harry, of the Potomac, war ,and ". Ltvinpstone sated - Seetre ' " . - tntarnee, Jan. 2.-TIne pineatrl a poot Wean nr fottoh weather yerd o M o the lepvee rwa , of t nAevas..-The- t..tLop, Meromhnt' Line peket, Hiawatha, O*.pU.L F. Dix, arrived withalare trip and leavagatn on Thursday.'We thlank Mr. H, M. Bloaeeom;.,ilerk, fortkiorrm.. The Fo.rt.AdSa.piket, Kate Howard, Capt. O.F. Grorie, srtvi with 126l aes otton, O hhbd sugar, S972 bbl.. and baif h.ue,. noese., and ,eaveaga ow ; non, erPi*d th r1._16 aes nottip, and. 'essebug d I.37Cw .a JOi mom ,aa *T . SFO s x, Bey e ý: 'looeB JL

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