The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1930 BLYTHEVILLK, (ARK.)' COUIURU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS TWO c«nu a word lor Oral la- wrtlOD tad tot not • wort lor Mcb wbMiiutDl Iruxr- Uoo. Mo ulvtrUMiBeat taken lor leu Uuui Me. Count UM word* tnd «end U» FOR SALE HALE—Cash or Trade-niy in property at 10S West Asli Su, priceu. al a great Ueal bclov value. Dr. C. A. CaMwell, tale, Ark. 23P—1U-1S FOH SALE—Best, bargain In town on Model A, lU2a ,1-ord roadster wlm luinblt seat, driven about (jOUO unit's, in excellent condition in every way. See Morse and Kirsli- ner. 7C-KH FOR SALE-Pure Stonevllle cotton, seed. I'hone Cn. I0p-kl5. /// tALRA LOU BRPOKMAN ffi _ „-. -,. V) ^/ ' fty AUTMQP QP "pAftu poMANCH" xy <S IQ5Q by NEA ^SERVICE/ INC.; PAGE FIVE FOR KENT 1 FOB RENT—One of Sliane apartments on West, Main street Telephone 197 and 571. 1511. FOR RENT—« room ' Uougan. Phone 334. house, 232 IBcktf fOR. RENT—Front bed room, adjoining bath, private residence, rtione 479W. 80-K13 FOR RENT—Rooms, free. 914 Hcarn St. one week 8P-K14 FOR RENT—Modern stucco residence 512 North First St., also {our and five rconi houses. Ur. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410. 7C-K14 FOR RENT—Modern 4 room honss, 307 North Broadway. Pliono 1512-F4. OP-K13 r-'OR RENT—'Hvo room house on East Cherry. Phone 888 o r 450J. 9-CK-TF FOR RENT—5 room Stucco Bung alow near Blythcvllle Hospital, with batri. $22.50 per month. U8 S. Franklin St., L. A. Walcrs. Phone Office 5<J4. Phone residence 742W. 9p-kl4 FOR RENT—Front bed room. Gar- afe. 1ID Chickasawba, Phone 295. 9P-K14 FOR RENT—4 1223 Holly. Phone 100. rcoms and bath E. D. Ferguson 11C-K1E FOR RENT — Bed room, furnace heated, garage. Couple preferred. Phone 959J. lll'-KlS WANTED ' WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman, Mis, Brown, 7M 3- Lake St. 17ck-tl WANTED- Salesmen to sell nationally advertised product to Stores, Garages. Factories, etc. Easy to make M.OO an hour or $500.00 or more monthly. Tested sales plan. No money required for stock. We dellve r artl collect. Pay checks mailed on Saturdays. Big surprise wailing. Write Fyr-Fyter Co.. 1996 Fyr-FXte r Bldg., Dayton. Ohio. WANTED—Several neat appearing men and \vonien for local work. Ecc Mrs. Gco. Lo\verj', New Wonrle r Hotel, E. Main St. 11P-K13 LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—On Oct. 1st., 1 bay mare mule, weight about 800 pounds. J. C. Ellis, New Liberty. 7P-KI4 LOST—Amber combination pencil pen. Finder return to Glcncoe Hotel. Rewnrd. 11P-K15 GOFF HOTEL Combines every convenience and hcmc romfort, nnd—commends Itself to people of refinement. Visit the RI.ACK CAT COFFEE SHOPI'E. Mrs. H. L. Reynolds, Prop. T-BONE STEAKS THE BEST IN TOWN 50c. Good Coffee TOM'S CAFE 105 N. Second St. Pliunc 17 TODAlt Alvcnluic ml»r» the lift or CDMA MriCI!i:i.l,, 17, nk» »kc Irjirni tbe fntki!r*lic htin *ui>|iOkrd •••ail !• allvr aui] i\falcli>-, sk* Irntrx hrr tmprrlenlloa* kuwr In llnlfliuarr for a kouie !• NFW Vork tTilh htr falkrr, JU1IN NIT<:Hl:i,l,, n.4 fctr arlitornlU xrnndmiilhrr. 3!AtttiAlli:T II Or. F. US, kcr M^tkrr, Alvurt-rd MUrkvU und re- •inrrlrd n»d IM IIUIY a ulJnvv. IIMIM:V SHIELDS. ;i,u> r >r»». naprr t>kDIU£Tii|ikrr, l» I H luy« »hk llic clrl Hud lipfnrp lenvlnr MKcUcll EVi:i,Y\ 1'An- Slt.VS, Ticnullful tildoir, (o iRlrti^ diirc tkr Klrl (o ynunis pn, t .!«. AlrM. I>nrftiinn cuNjfdtr* Olln « m«-:iu« in »vlu Mlli-krll'i »(ronlon« nud nicrrn. STir InvKr^ ike Klrl In fcvr I.obic iHlonit hnme tnr • wctb-rad. TOI> JUIIIIAN. fnurl- nihlhiR but ^vTfk a dnliliuiH rt-[iu- fnllnu In nllcntlvo fa OH. and Mr*. 1'alKORi ?ikCuurURr« the uinlrli. When tkf- nthcr gltr\ln Irrup rt-lln ronlliLUr« krr vEHlt. MSI DUNCAN. Ntu-lall7 yrnjrtlitrnl, In- vllr« krr ID • milmiulnu 1'urly, Cclla nnrroirlr *»r.i|ic« drimiil&c ni-il !• rescued li^ Jordan. !l[-r father ln-r.r* i,f Ibe nffnlT nHd in- JI|SIH ikp girl nrukt rplurn honir. Tiir Knnik> vTCnttiR Jordti* cnlr> nnil la n romnnllF ncenr IfllH Trltn ke IDVPH tier. Hkt rflurnx In Kr\i Vwrk nnd Iwn dnr* tnlfr nl- Uinl« n rhnilly fnlr nllh hrr l^rnnilmnlkcr. A p> |i*7 fnrlunt lelEcr ri'nd4 OKn'M imlm nnd nnrna her ot louif Billnu diinct-r. NOW CO ON WITH TIIF. STOUT CHAPTER XXVI ilTAAN'GKR?" Celia Mitchell asked. "What do you 'mean?" The gypsy was liending over the girl's baud .again. "1'wo men," she repeated. "One man Is dark, handsome. They make love to you. fiolh of them! Oh, Miss," she raised her eyes Imploringly, "I see trouble!" Tho old a'oraan looked distressed. Cella stirred uncomfortably as the black eyes continued to stare at her. "Hut what Is It?" sho Insisted. • The gypsy put the Girl's hand do\vn on tho tablo between them. "I am sorry," she said. "I cannot do it. 1 cannot read your future!" "Why— wliat's the matter? 1 don't understand. Tho old woman wns shaking her bead. The heavy eold hoops In her ears bobbed grotesquely. Tlicn the gypsy's expression changed. Her faco became completely blank. She took out the dollar ,blll Cella had given her aud banded it to the Birl. "I tell no more fortunes. Sorry," die said. Cclla was both amused nnd annoyed. Sho wondered what trickery of the fortune teller's was behind this odd occurrence. Of course, ilia Idea that tlie gypsy really had foreseen disaster In her palm was preposterous. The §irl arose and, witb a shrug of her shoulders, left tho teuL Mrs. Mitchell was waiting. "What dlil she tell you?" ebe asked. "Nothing! Grandmother, she's Just a fraud. She tried to frighten me by saying sho taw dancer in my palm and then when I asked said sho couldn't tell niy fortune. Isn't that nonsense?" "OutrsgeouBl I wouldn't hare paid her." "I'd already douo that, but BUD handed tho money back." Mrs. MUfholl eyed her granddaughter. "That's Btrsngo," she said. "Waft —I'm going In uud see what she'll tell me. If there's tuythlnE fraudulent going on hero It's my duty to report H." "Don't go now," Cella cautioned. "Walt a bit. She'd know you were with mo because stio saw us together. Let's go somewhere else and you can coino hack later." Mrs. Mitchell agreed. The fair mada n gay scene. The grounds were beautiful and tho bright touts and awnings under which toys, balloons and refreshments were sold added color. Thero were linge orange and green parasols shading tables nnd chairs. Pretty girls lu peasant costumes carried trays of food. « • • I T was all festive, but Cclta felt lonely. She knew no one, and It was not very entertaining to stroll about chatting with her grandmother's friends. Since the affair was being held to make mouey, a large part of tho crowd, Mrs. Mitchell explained, wore "outsiders." To Cella It seemed these wero tha ones who were enjoying themselves. Presently Mrs. Mitchell remembered tho fortutie teller. '; 'You stay here, Cella," she said. ilent to'her lither *t lible IM f<ole<). what she meant ihe gave up and "I'm going to find out »bout that gypsy!" The girl eauk into ono o£ the orange and green chairs beneath B parasol and Bald she would wait until her grandmother's return. A waitress the table and Colia ordered n frosted chocolate. It was not long before the saw Mrs. Mitchell coming. toward her. There vras a triumphant briskness la the elderly woman's manner. "Why, she's wonderful!" she exclaimed as sho reached the girl. "Colin, she told me everything!" "You mean tho fortune teller? 1 ; Mrs. Mitchell nodded, then began to delail the remarkable occurrences of past, present and future which bail been revealed to her. She vras convinced tha gypsy was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. She said the "reading" had been amazing. Cella listened thoughtfully. "It's Tunny she finished with me so ciufckly. Isn't it?"-she asicd. "My dear, that worries me!" The girl laughed carelessly. "Oh, of course there's nothing to It. I'm not going to become superstitious over a little thing like that!" Mrs. Mitchell answered guardedly. Soveral times during their drivo home slio eyed the girl covertly. She appeared to be uncomfortable In her (srauduaughler's •presence. , When Celia repealed tha lucl- The Important went of thit day wai yet to eom«. Tod Jordau telephoned. Cella was able to talk to b|m privately on the. telephone In th< library. The sound of bis voice let her pulm faeatiug more rapidly. 'Can't you come tor & drivel" h« begged. "When am I going to see you?" At that particular moment Cella would bate |lt«n almost anything In the world to drift with Jordau, but Bbe knew her grandmother'! view*. Sho could not possibly introduce a young mttt whoso parentage, neither her father nor grandmother knew nnd say, "We're going off for til* oveuliiB-" CUB tola him It would have to bo ^ lonie ollmr time. Jordan appeared keenly disappointed. lie said lie had tried repeatedly to reach licr. Tho conversation grew more personal. The girl w'ns afraid someone might overhear. Suddenly she remembered Llsl's "luncheon engagement^ Hut that would bo deceiving bcr father. No, sho could not do that. She told Jordan to call her next day. She would try to liavo something planned. Tod Jordan's low "good night, dearest," was a haunting memory. Cclla was not prepared for her father's announcement tho next afternoon. Mitchell called her to him. "Know what day this Is, Collar he aslted. the dinner Oinrlolto was entranced. Slie declared tlio would provide Cella OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru Sho looked at him round-eyed. "Sunday, why!" "That Isn't wbat I mean. Day ot tiio month. Know what day Wednesday will be?" She wrinkled her forehead. "No uso pretending. I guess you know all right. How old will you bo?" Cella laughed. "It's my birthday! Houcstly, 1 uadn't thought about it. I'll bo 18!" "That's right, Hegular young lady. Well, we're going to celebrate. I've asked Evelyn to lake charge and wc'ro going to give you a birthday party to remember." "Oh, how wonderfull" Cella tried to say how pleased she was. The words stuck In ber throat It was bard to express sentiment before John Mitchell. When Jordan telephoned sho told him about the birthday party »nd •aid «he would >*• him there. Ot course Evelyn wouM Invite him. Ncit day Ctlli anil her grandmother went shopping. They called at Charlotte's establishment, a house In tho East Fifties which was so unattractive It must obviously be exclusive. Charlotte paid Mrs. Mitchell greut deference. "It's not for myself!" tho elderly woman explained. "Something for my granddaughter. She needs a party dress. Colug to have n birthday partyl" with, tho loveliest party frock that had ever becu inmlo. She had tin very IMng walling. CUE searched the model frocks ° ami cumo back with something of white laffcln and silver over her arm. She held tho gown up. "Tiy this," eliu urged. Cella stood still while the dress was adjusted. Then »ho stepped before ihe mirror. The white silk clung about her closely, widening na It reached tho Jloor. Silver Ihrcncls spun a glittering cobweb across ono «ido ot the skirt, Thcra were touches of silver on tho bodice, cut with clus- sic Elni|illcl(y. "It's lovely!" tho Rlil exclaimed. The dress waa youtlifulncss Itself. It ilcllcil Cella's (lawless coloring end could boast no victory. The purchase was settled uyon Immediately. ChnrtoUo was to send slippers ami unilcrthliiBa as well. Klie brought out a while velvet wrap that miidc Celln look like a Parisian fashion plnle. "Humph! That's enoiish for one ilny!" Mro. Mitchell iinnounccd, and the shopping trip wai over. Tho next two days were buiy, Evelyn Parsonn telephoned, cam» to ECO Mrs. Mitchell, and gave Ce- Ita lists of crramls. The blrthdily celebration was to be a dinner parly, followed by dancing. It wn« to take placo ou a fashionable hotel roof. The packages nrrlved from Char* lottc's. everything fltlcn pcrfcclly. Weuucsdr.y afternoon Cclla-.took iv long nap so that site wbifllHbiftreisW for the evening. Martha was to help her dress. It had been arranged that Mrs. Parsons and Mitchell and Cclla slioulJ go lo the hotel together. It was nearly seven o'clock when Celia camo downstairs wearing tho beautiful white gown. Evolyn, stunning In turciuolsc, was in Hie drawing room with John Mitchell. "Father," tha girl taiil slowly, "1—was asked to glvo you this." Sho banded him nn envelope addressed to "John MitclieR" It w;is an enclosure from tho long blrih- day letter Cella bad received froi; her mother. "I want you to give tho enclosed noto to your father," Marg.irct Kogers bad written. "Please don't mention it to nnyono else." Mitchell took the. missive, glanced at It, then laid It on the table. "Wc'ro ready," ho told the girl. "Do you have your wrap?" Cella disappeared. Thus It luip- peiicd that when n call cnmo for Mitchell a moment afterward Evelyn I'arsous was left alone. Sho looked quickly over her ehoolder, then picked up tho envelope. FIvo minutes later Mitchell was Irack. He had forgoltcn tho message. All Hint remained of Mar- Ea'i-ct Rogers' letter was a tluj pile o[ frfici" ashes on tho grato. 410 Do Continued) LOST—1 tire chain. si7,e 40x8, between Livxcra and rtslvriort Ferrj- on Levee Rose!. Notify Paul Damon, Standard OH Station at 11C-K15 TAKEN UP—Two large horse mules, 1 black and 1 bay. P. W. Lemons, Cross farm, Clear Ivibc road. . 10p-kl3. 25.75b: Jan. 26.25b; Feb. 26.75b; Mar. 27.25U; April, 27.75b: May, 28.250. No sales. Coitonseed meal closed dull today. Oct. 25.50 to 26.50; Nov. 26 to 27.50; Dec. 25.75 flat; Jan. 27.50; Feb. 27.50 to 28.25; Mar. 28 to 28.50; April 28.25 bid; May 28.50 bid. PERSONAL FURNITURE and PIANO ,-epairing and rcfmishing. Work guaranteed. 114 Railroad Street. Phone G05. 9P-K13 New Orleans Cotton V. B. WASHAM—Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-93: WERT He Makes 'Ein See —Auto Parts—i Why Pay More? JACKSON Main at 21st AUTO PARTS Call « , Royal C.MiUs Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, BooVkeeplng Systems Phone 5; togram BWg. BlythevUle, Ark NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 11. (UP) — Cotton closed sJeady. Open High Low Close Oct 1022 1024 1022 1021b Dec 1052 1051 10-12 1017 Jan 1M3 !063 1053 1058 ^far 1083 1033 1072 1070 May .... 1102 1102 1093 1039 July .... 1118 1118 1110 1117 Spots steady at 1083, up 8. New York Cotton FARM IN FAMILY 1,000 YEABS INNSBUUCK, Austria, Oct. 7, (UP)—The death of a peasant near here revealed Uiat the farm on which he had been living had been In the possession of his family for over a thousand years. Papers traced ownership back to 920. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHIOKASAWDA DISTIUCT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Mississippi County Building & Loan Association of Blythcvllle, Arkansas, Plaintiff, No. 4759. vs. Tress McBridc, Mary Ann McBride, a non-resident minor, Marjory McBridc, a minor, and Teresa (Tress) McBride, as guardian of Marjory McBride. WARNING ORDER. The non-resident minor defendant, Mary Ann McBridc, is hereby warned to appear in this action within thirty days and answer the complaint of Miss:ssip|il County Building & Loan Association Blythevillc, Arkansas, seeking to foreclose n mortgage on Lot Block A of (he Hiclmnls Aildl (ion to the touii, now city, o Blythcville, Arkansas. Witness my hand, ns clerk of said court, ami the seal thereof, 01 this the 21th clay of September 1930. W. W. HOLUPETER, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, Deputy. 27-4-11-1 The Canadian Mounted Volte force consists of about 50 officer n:'.d ubaul 900 private. PIM*W EXPERT, -THAT "•OO VflU TO MAKE: A T6R V'SELF 2 QV SBf-L ?Epj>te<3Ree START'S BARKf/U 7 AT A PRY A6EUY A BLOCK AUJAV • ISOWS'lllNb HER BUDDIES By Martin FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS T WHAT'S UI'? By Blossei V1WT A WWJTE, FAPBAO. . VJUAT-S THIS 1 ? !T B£ BRCWM IN THAT Or HIS, CA.U 1T?....\«6 SETTER L>W u»j TIU. ssc VNHATS. up;? NEW YORK. Oct. ii. (UP)—Colton closed slcady. Open High Low Close Oct. old 1030 1033 1020 1050 1058 1050 1051 1053 1043 Oct. new Dec. old Dec. now Jan. old Jan. new Mar May July 1082 1100 1118 1064 1035 1103 1)21 1053 107G 1034 1112 1027 1032 1053 1052 1063 IOCS 1083 1101 1118 Spots steady at 1045 up 15. Cotton Seed Market MEMPHIS. Oct. 11. (UP)—Cottonseed closed dull. Oct. 25.50b; Nov. 25.25b; Dec. NOTICE With our recent partnership Kith .Mr. Gee. Carney, we now have the bc&t equipped Independent shop In town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Tickwick Building "We know we know how" OUR 1'ltOUUM is goods to suit your taste and the Iwsf Morkmanship. We deliver promptly. You pay for what you jcl and set what you pay for. Blv-Uicvllle t'pholslery & Kcpair Shop J. H. Jenkins, Mgr Phone J69 117 S. 1st. St. LISTElJ'.. 1 A.-0 AIBPLAUE .'.' WAVES sov.e.gocrys COMIMS FP 6CKLES BE SEE ASES 6AQ7H IS THAT LOOWVJS "WlUS?? IT SCABS LIKE A BIRD... 8ur eee... since EACH OTM6P..' To GET THAI" B£ UkS IM W OOUT TWiHX H£ SXH OS, DO 9HW.6Y? USTCN. UP-STICKEB! HAS BEEN MY 00-AWD-DO-n OVJ5T 1-t.T XOU« BftBX- BUTME.QS GCT A LOAD CF THIL VJOPUO-S WHAT'S BOOT-A-COOP BCEN UP TOO? •YOU HWT.N T HCLLOtB HEART-FLUTILH « ALL Off CV1. I HAVEN'T GOME. THE EElCOr<DAPV XE.T. VV£ EEKN AM ANT CM ROCK— «o t GOT VAX- ECK OUT ^FTER SOME OF TH1S UTEOARX THAT'S AROUNO LOOSE

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