The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 2, 1934
Page 3
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Served by the United Prett* BiyrBEmLE^COTMER NEWS ' t VOL. XXXI—NO. 39 Blythevllle Dally News Hlythevllle Ccurler Mississippi Valley U'ador illythevllla Herald HLVT1I1.:VIL1,K, ARKANSAS. WKDNIWDAY, MAY 2, 193-1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS KILLED otAIN IN TUCKER FARM BREA ITS HIT RESULTS DF ._ REPEflL Return of Prohibition Predicted Unless Conditions Are .Improved. WASHINGTON. May 2 (UPl Senate wet and dry leaders a^rc-od today that conditions rcsultiiv from repeal of the ISth amend- nieni were "intoloiable" and that prohibition would r-turn unlc;.s there was snwdv hnprovcrnenl. Senator Walsh (Dem.. Mass.i. leader in ttie fight lor repeal, warned that "Christian and religious people" would not "lolf rate" existing conditions. He agreed wilh pi'iiator William E. Borah .(Ren.. Idaho) that administration of new liquor laws was •'disappointing" and predicted that Borah's statement would "be referred to in the future as the first voice raided toward a new movcmenl for prohibition." Demands Figures fjorah demanded that Joseph Choatc, federal alcohol contiol commissioner, submit a report showing "what liquor taxes and liquor profits really are." He attacked repeal as a failure and said bootleggers were "dictating our laws wilh respect to taxes." "As one of llrise who urged repeal." Walsh said, "I have been disappolnled also. "I v.'ant to warn those opposed to prohibition that the Christian and religious people of this country will not tolerate sales of har;l liquors on Sunday." Senator Morris Sheppard (IJem., Tex.) author of the 18th amendment, said the only solution was tnforcement of_ "an eternal and unchangeable ban "against all liquor." Expects Xo Tax Change WASHINGTON, May 'I (UP)President Koosevelt does not expect any legislation aL this session for a reiluclion of taxes on liquor, it was huliciilcd at tin- White House tcxlay. roctcr. Wealthy William Coo]»tr I'rotlor CINCINNATI, O.. May 2. (Uf) —William Cooj>er Procter, soap manufacturer and philanthropist, died today at Hohnc.s hospital of pneumonia. He was 72. The wealthy chairman of the board of the Procter and Gam-1 blc company died shortly Ijeforc (i a.m. at the hospital where for fcur days he had. fought the disease. Reciprocal Tariff Bill Wins Favorable Report i I WASHINGTON. Mav 'i •Ul>>- |Tli:' .H'liate finance committee today voted u lavorable reimrt oil the administration's rccipiotal tar- il! bill, china I'lesidvin lloufevelt b.uiid IHIWCIS to negotiate trade jii»m-im-ius with rnivlgii nations. Franca Dcc'des to Let Leon Trotzky Remain I'AKIH, May •> (UP) -- Leon 'I'lOtxky, reltiLfcd ctili'Lince by every courtly in EuiojHr and Ilire-j ol America, will be allowed to May in Trance, ihe government deeid'/. Icday. Geneva Banks Want Gold for U. S. Salary Checks GENEVA, May 2. (UP)—Local banks refused furtlier loans to employes of the United States gov- ! eminent against their pay checks today, pending assurances from Washington that the government ir.tends to pay on u gold basis. Actual Kidnapers of Edward G. Bremer Sp-int* Flowers Under California Snow Blanket RAN' FRANCISCO, May 2. (UP) —The snow storm which covered May flowers in Ihe mountainous rc«ion:> of California left its heaviest blanket today In the lesson 1'nik and (he Tahoe City regions At Tahoe C'i'.y on the Nevada line it measured 10 inches. Eight leches fell at Strawberry and Relief. Pnrmc-rs weleomed the snow as was one of the is on record. C'lllOAClO. M:, v 2 . ,lJ|>>-F,'d- nal deiiT'ivi;, imi.iv ii-ul new di'- •ulls, of the fjixt.n,:) i:!diiii]ilng of d 0. lii-cimi ,,f HI. i> iM ,i lo in lu- lure (or tlic Country's-' 7 ' 01 - 0 «>i o i , v , i > mi onrphis Workers. I'V KOIIVKV l)UT''"r ; » Cr.mitr Nru-s \Vash[n^(4in Cnrrfspnnuli-nt Ci-v wisp John Wilh 11 com,>.:•,!,,i, diiained from him tHn:,«i (jhlcaijo. "••' liadi-r. n,:it h,, inuidled' f the llrcini-i- raii'ioin id wilh ilnci- oilier men iiidcr iir.-r.-t mi ri.nsiiiiucy ellill's- .. in tin- e:i:;c. Kin-i-num-iil :,|ellllis urm-d eir-Jt-l.s tNv, : ,i,| ,:aptuie ul I <• aclniil kidiiap.-v s A half-ilu/Hi i.iuls were made i-hl, 1934, NDA Service, Inc.) j--i'n-lLy on ihr ciiu-uvu north .side WASHINGTON—The misery! of millions is the burden of long, lean Harry Hopkins. - \ Hopkins K chained wilh ki-cp- itt Roo-evell's promise Unit "no- bcdy will starve." He Is' responsible for the existence of 4.7UO.- : 00 Aiirrican families now on n- lief,' 200.000 more families than were on the rolls when Roosevelt was inaugurated, and a |>eak for all time. lie put 4.000,000 unemployed I persons at work under CWA ai-n then demobilized them. Two "Im- !~oisible" tasks. He has handled $2,000,000,0011. Now he is grappling with the tail: of fitting 'J.OOO.OtO CJWA wf.rters into a new emergency work system. So you might think the whcl? Hopkins mind would b* eonctn- tralcd on the immediate taiJ.. U Isn't. i-'opkinj, d:r?ctor of the Fedtr..| Emergency Relief Adiniiit'Vathu. lochs ahead. For ymr:; to con-:, millions of iieople are going lo r. : - in a sen eh for A:; in Karpls mid Arthur Murker. n : nued Ijy Ally. On. Iloiiu-r s. Cmnmlnvs as Ihe men who touk Un-miT from mi -vs- chisive .St. Paul residential .street ai.d held him 2i> days. Nab 4 in Bremer' , . . ... u !•> -, txpccted in 24 Hours a p Roundup ' ' TUCSON. Ark/.., Muy 2. (UP) — Ucinabi 1 Hollies, weallliy grand- fiilhcr cil June Nobles, (i, was be- lli ved awaiting u .signal today to cjal:e a .•ceciind trip Into the Mex- U-ini si nli' of Soiwrii to negotiate Ihe Birrs release lioin kliliiain'rs. The child IHLS been held caplive '.luce a week avjo today. Within 2-1 hours Moults wtis ex- lifclcd to leave foi (he border wilh >ir<.t!l(J unisoni money. The United I'tcss was Informed by a close friend o[ HID rancher lliiil he lulled [<i p,iy over the iimcy ul 11 M'crel leiidewons in elurn for Information dLsdu-.liij IK- Klrl's whi'ieaboiu.s .bvlli'ved n In or near Tucson. Congress Croup Won I dj Kxchauge Su mlus Commodities for While Melal WASHINGTON, May 2. (UP) — A ii'-w anproach to the silver !-:nl>k'in was advanced by mem- .-; of the senate silver bloc to- 'lay as a means of forelng a vote Sees Belter Prospect (or Settlement of Drainage Debt.Problem:' Elation at the .senate icipal debt readjustment j expressed by Clifton yesterday by bill Former Justice Named Little Prairie Constable CAUTJTHERSVttUE, Mo. - By action"-of' tne"_,county court. Hollls H Baird. former justice of the peace, was appointed constable of olllce formerly occupied by Her- jbert Smith, who has been forced dryest 1 quivt assistance If they arc to Iv.iv \ a decent living. Only full national recovery -vill ri-vcal how many men and v.oiirn are lo become "surplus labor ' Ncw York Cotton piesident of the-National Drain- 'V 'r''? ° »™'-°>W* i' 1 "^age. Levee and Iri-ration atsocia-1 , A ; ICr '° bl ° Hr> L " loa ™ S a )' i>oim lion. in a telejram "lo Ihe Courier "', l ? , nu ' ho ° U1CL ' of > lKMe m ~ Ncws. The prospect of definite relltf NEW YORK, May 2. (DP)-Cot- Ion closed very steady. May Jnf\- Oct'. Dec. Jan. Mar. 1010 1070 ojicn high low 1U88 1037 1081 1105 1112 1097 1115 1123 1108 1120 1129 1115 1133 1130 1127 108211 close loas 1110 1122 1123 1138 debt burdens lor hnd in Drainage 17 and other similarly drainage and levee Spots closed quiet at 1100. up 25. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 2. (UP)- loans from being closed "thai have Stimulated by improved foreign j already been approved and those markets and Washington reports J thai will fce approved by lh- (hat the administration was adopt-1 drainage, levee, and irrigation (living a conservative atlilude toward ] isioii of Ihe H I' 1 c from impossible Ihe owners of District tlluated Iricts has been materially brightened, according in Mr. Scmt. who has devolul much elTorlJn helialf of Ihe Smnncrs bill. His tele-gram follows: "Our forces are very much elated ovsr the passage of the Sum- ncrs bankruptcy or debt readjustment bill, II. R. 5950. which the ECiiiHe passed loday (Tuesday) by a vote of 43 to 28. This bill sets up machinery lhal will ke?p minority from blocking or preventing 'business, the cotton market Inrn- ed upward today, closing with gains exceeding 75 cents a bale on Ihe local exchange, o[>en high low close May .... 1015 1075 1075 1075 July .... 1084 109:1 1080 ItHO Oct 1098 1109 1091 1105 Dec 1110 111G 1106 1116 Jan 1122 1122 1112 1121 Mar 1129 1129 1129 11Mb "This measure will expedite the loans to districts more than any could happen The additional S50.- other tliin at this lime. COO.OOO for Ihe iefinani-in s of caled by Daird. Shorlly after he was placed ofTiee Baiid issued sTl.e- a warning that j (lus , '„, campaign lOE'jng in lo cl"an up liis bailiwick. all boot- | "I do not think il lair to saloon owner's who now pay the license fees as prescribed by law to have this outlawed kind of competition," Mr. Raird Slid, "and 1 intend (loin:; my best to erase all bootleg- King in my township.' . Guesses run from two to ten lions. There were two million fore the depression. » Belter : D»il for Millions " Hrpkln; thinks they go: a "lousy d;al" and can't be handled that way in the future. "No one knows how manv ct those folks will be 'left over,'" Hopkins said as lie slouched clown behind Ills desk, and lit a cUarcl. "But I can't se'j them BCtliiV! til? necessary assistance through mere relief. This Is Just n brooin-uml- Wc can do a ioi 'but we shouldn't Iry to pretend lhal relief woik Is recovery. "We are going lo have lo make readjustments. I don't mean to oifer a inogrnm, but these an- tin of useful things, Death Claims Aged Resident of Stecle STEELE. Mo—Services were held Friday for Mrs. Manic Moore Hastings. 71. one of the earliest settlers of Ibis vicinity. She was Lorn at Decatur. Tenn., January 1. 18C3. She was married lo J. E. Moore October 1, 1879. To this • union were born scve nchlldren. ol whom five survive. They are Waiter \V. Moore of Pmi3hkcf))sic. Ark.. J. L. Moore. drainage, levee and irrigation dis- Mrs. W. M. Plummer. Mrs E. M. tricts was voted favorably lasl' Burke and Mrs. miner Ellison. week by the senate and voted on in a few days ' will b.- in the ho:i». In oilier words.' with tlic additional $50,000.000. making a total of SIOO.OOO.OCO. and with the Closing Stock Prices [."""1° ° r thc s">»'>-« bank- uptcy bill, the farmers I " 1cse dlstrict s can take within new nn of steele. Aflcr the dealh of Mr. Moore she was married to Mr. Hastings, who also survives kinds of tilings |>eo;;le be "There'll be many old lien; They will need s'curity. ami old age pensions could lake care of that. "Lots of people aic on our rolls because of Illness. They wouldn't be if we had sickness insuiance. Insurance for Jobless "A flock of people normally ihe controversial money " ques- lion before lh» en-t of the "present •:r"imi nf congress. Encouraged by indications' that ('resident llcowvclt was willing to srccpt n uroxram for limited silver purchasing, senate silveiites' Planned further While House con--' fncnees this week. Senator Elmer Thomas IDem., Okla.) announced he would introduce a silver amendment to the Glass bill which provides for loans in small Industries. Tlii-s a vote on the Amendment '.vr>ii!d be necessary before the bill ilr<-if could be acted ui»n. Thomas' new proposal Is for n lirorrram of .•.elliin; surplus Industrial r-rnditrui abroad for silver, ft would cnmpan- lo the Hies bill for tin- sii» if agricultural prod- uel.i for silver. Former Polish Officer Held in France as Spy PAUIS. May 2 !UPi— Another .reiiEEitinnal spy case in France w:vj revealed toduv when secret ixilu-.^ announced ollicially they had arrested as a soy Gror!;e Sybc'il. n former I'o'.'sh colonel, now al- lesedlv a member of the German spy service. He lr:ed to cslablish relations wilh high French officers, )»ilce raid, oirerins; lo lend them money but really attempting to purcluse military documents. Schatz Nominated for Labor Complaints Board will be out of work from lime lo time, but presumably able lo get back on the job. Unemployment insurance would take care ol them. "A large number of others will appear as permanently displaced—] P . w . Schatz of Helena vice- ftramU'd populations. They inspire prcMdenl of Ihe Chicago Mill and schemes having lo do with land- i.,, m i;er Corpora I Ion and former 1 subsistence projects, in deeentrnl- m!innsor of [hc compaiiv's plant' rad industriesUoca and rural |v.ib- i, crc . was nominated for •member- lie works and building of things sWp on the sou^,.,, , nbor com . •lot properly the function of private ( ,,] a |,us board of the Lumber Co<]e Solution nf the St. Paul kid' nailing u[ Hanker hMward U ijierntr In claimed wlib arreal In Chicago of ilitae four men charged wlili conspiracy lu haiiilling part or ttie J200,00( iniiHoiii. At top la John J. "Kitds" Mcl.auglilln. oii6-tlina iinllilcal lender, wbo. icai;o H. say, confessed ij.-.ndllnj; JS3.UOO: lull center, hid sou. job ii. Jr.. and rlelit CLMiter. William Vldler. Below, l j lill Dcluiiey, bartender. COLLECT LITTLE vServices Will Be Held at First P v c s b y t c r i an Cluirch Thursday. Mrs. Minnie Houston Crane, 02 wife of C. .1. Crane, died at'the family home last night' follow-In? a brief Illness. She had been suffering from llll-'h blood prewmrc for mi extended period and had n serious Illness u month ago. She had 'apparently recovered bul became, crillcally sick again Sunday runeral services will be held al thc First Prcsbylcrian chnrc! Thursday nfteinoon, 3 o'clock, will the IJev. Sluart H. Salmon, pas lor, officiating, and burial will l)i uiade at Elmwood cemetery, i number of out of lown people wll attend the services. Pallbearers will be: S. E. Vai W. H. Easlcy, J. Nick Tlioma Dixie Crawford, L. D. Ohambll p^Wl 7,ol B. HnrrUon.. " Mrs'-' 'Urnne,' vthb" wai' 'ijorh ' : a Woodville, Tenn., came here ; years ago and since that tfni lias become widely known. Sh was an ardent worker In the Firs Pieshyterlan church In which M Crane has long been an officer. llesldcs her husband she Is sur iveil by two daughters, Miss Kal Cianc of Verona,'New Jersey, wl arrived this aflcrnoon, and t,l( Louise Crane. Hitcr of here, nc son, Charlelon, of Plaquemln La., who arrived ;hls mornln Another son, Houston, died se eral years ago aflcr having bee an Invalid for ninny years fro an accident sustained while ska ug. Cob'j Undertaking company l:i charge of arrangements. Liquidator of Manila and Leacliville Reports. Institutions NEW YOKK, May 2. Hcavv selling came inlo the stock market near the clow today, fore-' £*">;;"'"" «'" ing prices down one lo more than '" to fccc|> lhcir I!UK|S ; " Kl four points. A. T. and T 114 Anaconda Copper 15 Heth. Steel 38 Chrysler 45 Cities Service .• ; 27-8 Coca Cola 117 1-4 Cen. Am. Tank 8 39 Gen. Electric 20 7-8 Gen. Motors 351-2 Int. Harvester 38 1-2 Mid-West Utilities 1-4 Montgomery Ward .... 27 1-4 Y. Central 29 7-8 i carry on." District 11 has already oblaiued approval of an Ii. p. rj.' loan sufficient lo retire its bonded debt at approximately 30 cents on thu dollar. Adoption of ihe Simmers 1)111, under which two-thirds ot the bondholders may force acceptance of such a .settlement by all, will materially improve the nros- Jtect for the plan's acceptance. Only Two Known Dead in May Day Troubles LONDON. May 2. (UP)— Two men In oil Ihe world were known killed in May Day demonstrations —a Cuban soldier who shot himself with Ms (ear gas rifle In Ha- vina and a worker killed in a industry.' Meanwhile, Hopkins says, the whole Immediate emphasis of the New Deal program is to pel people back Inlo private industry as quickly as possible. You oughl lo know Hopkins. He Is one of a tiny group whom disciples of the New Deal hcroir.e in a class with Secretary of Agriculture Wallace. Mighty Fishier |Autlmritv. ns representative of the K-K Case Manufacturers association, at n meeting at Memphis ve.'terday. Among those in attend- Collection of capital stock assessments against stockholders the defunct flank ot Manila Ins bien slow, the March 31 quarterly rc]»rl of S. a. Lockhnrl, deputy brink commissioner, filed in chancery court here, reveals. Thc statement shows only S2.05> collected on an assessment against capital stock of J15.000, leaving S12.950 uncollected. Better result, have been obtained In collection of asressiiH'iils on capital stock in the defunct flank of Lcachville another report by Mr. Lockharl St£ of Mcm™ S T VC Ahern ot' '^ h " «"™ « K ^°" °< Canithersvllle, and J. li Cullom o; Wilson. Mrs. Minard Pfeffer i both bants, shows. A total of . $0,710 has been collected against j holders of SI5.0CO stock In the livilb institution, leaving $8.- iitH'ollccted. Each bank has declared one dtv- street light at Caquste. Spain. It was one of the most peaceful May Days In years. ,... practical, sympathetic, energcllc, hard-boiled. shrewd, toylsh, sentimental, frank, cynical,! { ••. * f ri t 1 t-acn uanK. nas (leciarco: one uiv- "IlCOla Is Uead Idend. The Bank of Manila, clos- Informal some of however contradictory lliese adjectives win, I'ackard 1-hll. Petroleum .. Hadio Simmons Beds ... SI L.-San Fran. Sinn. N. .1 Texas Co U. S. Steel U. S. Smeiiing .. 4 1-2 18 . 8 1-i 18 . 3 3-4 43 1-4 25 1-4 . 40 1-8 114 j Oil Code and Farm Loan Inquiries Are Sought British Library Given World': May 2. (UP) — WASHINGTON , .. ,„,,_ Congressional dissatisfaction wilh various phases of the new deal for agriculture and Industry sought Rnnlt bul cook an I they're all necessary In describing Hopkins. I He fights so hard that lld ° i '- c LONDON (UP)—The Rodlelan Library nt Oxford, the home of many priceless manuscripts and gems of literature, has, by the tilt of an American poet, Henry R. STF.KI E. Mo.--Services were held Sunday for Mrs. Esler Nail Pfcfler. 44. wife of Minard Pfr-Uer. win died at hrr home at Mirola. four miles northwest of here. Mrs. PfefTer was born at Dyersburg. Tenn.. but had lived In fc Termer Had Long'.! Recojfd. of Bank Rob-| bet leg, Behind Him. Slenderness Cited as Aid to, Longevi PHILADELPHIA (UP) — If ._ keep your stomach under conir and your figure slim after you arc 35. there is only one chance In BOO that you will die of liearl disease, according to Dr. Charles Howard Miner. Dr. Miner, formerly state sec- rclary of health, discussed tin' lelation between weight and heart troubles at a meeting of the Philadelphia Heart association. "We know of nothing that will reslore a dLs;ased artery or hear; muscle to Us original condition," he said. "Hence, our slogan must be •prevention' and not 'cure'. "Be moderate In all things, and especially In the use of tea. coITee ami alcohol. Do your work under as little ncivous pressure as possible. "But most of all. watch your figure. Everyone over the age o: 35 should be distinctly underweight to avoid heart ailments." FARM, Tucker,; I k., May '1 UJP>-Cltfl(jii liar- , ck, ao, notorious liank robber,,-)] ider j:tnlence of llle for miuder.j ,is shot ami killed here today ' : prison guards as he au?mpM i| escape. Harbcck, whose criminal careerjl cgan al Ihe age of 10 when he j I as fenfcnced to Hie Oklahoma j I ale. reformatory for robbery, wa5'-;| nptured In lint Springs, N. M., In .' ebruary of this year and return-"| 1 to Paris, Ark., to face trail for • ilirdcr. ' Killer cf Baik Cushicr Harbick was charged \vllh par : clpatln^ in llle murder of Dolph iiilhrle, cashier of the Dank of, arls. Ciullule was fatally woiind--';| d when Hnrbock, his brother,; ugene, and Johnny Wilson, all cnleuccd lo the jtale penlten- lary, held up and robbed the ank of S9.000. * .•• i , Aflcr serving three • months Vtii. he Oklahoma slat: reformatory; or rol;bcry. llarbcck escaptd. Four ; | cars lalcr, in 1929, he was sen- • cnccd to four years In Arkansas'] lenllenltary ' for burglary and grand larceny. In 1030, he was!I elcased on Indefinite furlough. ' Two years later Harbcck was arrcned as o suspect In the mi'r- ler of Dclmorc Brown at Van j Surcn but ho was not convicted. ,ast year he was arteslcd in Little , Rock for burglary and released :| on bend. Harbeck was arreslell i laler at Pori Smllh as a. suspect ! Sfnte bank* at~"ch'ar!cstori7" '' r- "'J He'was captured again In'May, i 1933, along with Eugene Harbeck! ( and Johnny Wilson and charged; with the. robbery of the Parja '] bank, during the holdup of which Guthrlc was fatally wounded. Esraprd to Nfw Mexico On Ihe eve 'of hi.-i (rial in Au- gusla lasl year for Ihe muruer of Ciiilhrle, llarbcck escaped from tlic Logan county Jail. He was caplured last February In New \ Mexico and returned lo face trial. He was sentenced to life. ' Harhtck was Identified as one of the robbtrs of the First National bank of Mansfield hi December. 1931. in which S100 was stolen. He also was identified as one of the robbers who held up .the bank at Midland of $700 and ."as one of thc robbers of Ihe Bank of I'luniervllle hi January of thfj ; year In which $150 was stolen... Attempt to Oust Long Is Revived in Senate nd succeed sensationally in keep- Missouri sirce the age of H. Sh.' Ing politics out of relief. He works 'was married to Mr. Pfcrfer April so hard that he has twice collapsed , 3. 1910. She was the mother of, means. O[ at his desk and ncarl' tired. " . _ _._. Correspondents are fond of him! Edward. Minaid. Jr., El wood' and because he kids them alon^ and Austin survive. She also leaves always lcok.?] f l* children, (wo of led her in death. FOU Chamberlain, obtained possession j speaks qulle frankly at the~s.mii! I her mother ar.d n sister. ot what Is regarded as the small-1 time. His most characteristic word Chicaon Wheat open high low close .' 79 1-8 79 1-3 78 78 3-1 • 17 1-2 77 7-8 70 5-8 77 1-4 Tin der took , Thc '»<"<• wl " c1 ' is one-quarter ^ mTinlstratl011 - u »- of in Inch in liclsht and three- of inch in width. Chicano Corn May July open high •14 }-4 45 7-8 41 1-2 4S 1-2 low Got! ly by hous emcmbers. Chnrees were made lhat the oil code a~d- :i?hi a praln and a half, the size ... Inlciior Harold j slxteenllis L. Ickes. and Ihe farm credit ad-! wei nilnis_tral!on. faced probable house I of the' ,,^ _ u „ ,,,,, is .' tlircc-thirty-sccoiid of an Inch In "^" been crilleized sharp- j height and flve-lhlrly-seconds in " ' "' width. „!„,.„ |" lnlslr -iHon was in thc hands of u i « «1 i'- , E produccrs aiid lhat Ihe P. C. A? In iii Was fnvorll >f! 'Republicans f,i •17 48 1-11 nnimintmeiils. H is a translation into verse of parts of the Rubalyat of Omar Kluiyyam and was printed by Ihe Common wealth Worcester, Mass Press at is "lousy." Tin; informal lul aracteristic wordi formal luluiv ol . ma luiv r . , fl , , „ . a Hopkins press conferenre It, iii-jl'jned 56 for Failure - dlcaled by his reaction to the ti;ies-i • D r" IT tlon ot what he thought about Dr.) 10 OUy Llty Auto lag Wirt. i "Oh. my gawd!" said Hopkins in] Roy Bnker was lined six dollars' dlsgusl. -Nerlsl Maybe if Nick Al-,for orei-ailng a car wltho'it pay-' trock quits thc Washington b.isc-jliig city license In municipal court tall team ihore'd te a Job fm the ystcrday r.flcrtoou but payment doctor there." cf the fine was suspended until * * • today. He practices rigid personal ccon- Joe liombalaski was lined five Practices Strict Economy l dollars for failure to nay city tConllnued on Page 3) dog lax. |ed November 10. 1931. paid a 15 per cer.! dividend of $4.955 In February o! this year. The Leachville. institution, closed November 17. 1930. ;M!(| a 10 per cent dtvl- (irnd o( S9.-i05 March 10, 1931. Of S40.G17 in lotal claims allowed b> the defunct Bank of Manila. $12.007 has been exlln^uishcd \ paymuit?. set-ofls and other SI01.129 in general whom preced-[claims .illowod against the Bank 'our sons. Lee'" 1 LcachMlle. SC5.94G 1ms been paid on in v.i::ous ways. Mr. Lookhart and his assistant, Nathan ivutsch, who have charge oi liqiijdn'.ion of several banks, are n.ild $li rach moiilhly out, of fi'iiJs nl meli bank for Ihelr services. Incidental expenses arc Modern Poultry Methods May Be Banned in Britain LONDON (UPj — Modern egg production methods may be banned In Britain on the grounds of cruelty. ' WASHINGTON, May 2 (UP)-An atlempt to oust Louisiana's Iwo Dcniocrallc senators. Huey P. long and John II. Overtoil, was carried before a senate comtfu'ltcc today with charges that both were guilty of fraud in Overtoil's .election. Overtoil attended tlic hearing of the senate privileges and elections committee. Long was absent. Samuel T. Ansell. counsel for Mrs. Hilda Phclps Hammond and the women's committee of I,ouls- lana. made a lengthy leijal argument. He charged both Long and Overton committed fraudulent am In obtaining the lalter's elcclkm. A, f ric?n Dietrich Draws Fire of Natal Officials LADYSMITH, Natal vUP) string of beads and n short kilt pass as the height of feminine finery for most young Zulu girls. But n dusky. 18-year-old admirer ot Marlerie Dietrich, ap- jpeared on a busy Ladysmith street extra Boy Dies of Appendicitis STEKI K. Mo.—Services were held icie S'ji:day for Waller L. Whil- 14. son of Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Whrmer. who died Saturday police nclion ring tnem. against Ihc egg-laying age Is reached. In a „,..,, ,„ small cage, where Just enough » Sk "', fcr room Is provided to allow tt to turn around. Here tt spends ih.3 rest of its life, thc length of which WEATHER is limited by the laying capacity of the hen. As soon as lis tgi omfe"'^™™ «"? b ,'; low ' llc «°»-|wrnicr"in west and central" porV omlc figure It Is discarded. t:o:is ,„„,,,„[_ Ti lur£day do Sy, local tliiMidcrEhowers In west and central portions. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair to- ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, Freeze Aided Maple Sugar CHARDON, O. (UP)-A sudden shift of temperature to the bcto* freezing point, afler fanners had i (nought warm spring weather was \ definitely here, brought maple! sugar producers $50.000 worth of of appiiiiliritis. Hurial was made I additional sap because of the Ml. X.iou ccmelery, l"freezo." nljl-.l. Thursday cloudy, possible The maximum temperature litre yesterday was 78, minimum 53, cl(or, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls, official \\eatlier observer,

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