The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWSl>A1>E11 ° P \'OI.. \.XXlll-NO. 101 Blrthevllli Courier Htr«U Ulylhevtlle Lfclly Nc*« Mi«i«i,,pi v»u«y u.<i ARKANSAS AND BOUTriEASY MISSOURI 1 <Ai\'SAS, TUUS1MY, JULY M, l!):ili SINCI,R COPIES FIVE CENTS is OF CITY l BIS FILE SUIT EATH TOLL Ol>!ain Order Tying Up Proceeds of Five Mill (or Bond a.x Iposes Tin; City or Blytlieville has been mimed defendant In a suit Hied in federal district court at! Joncsboro by holders of lilylhe- i vine city hall und BK'theville hospital bonds, in W ),7ch judgment! ].* sought for approximately S2 - USD representing interest 'which j J 1 - is claimed is already delinquent ' '«' will become delinquent before' final hearing. An imorlceulory injunction hns been issued restraining city of- llclal.s from paying out funds Irum the proceeds of any part of Ilie five mill lax levy, authorized under Amendment No. 13 to the constitution of tlie state of Ark- niisas, until final hearing. Copies »t Ihe interlocutory order were -served on Blylheville officials this morning by Wash Burgess, deputy United states marshal. Officials named in the suit arc Mayor ~ •- ' ERS CONFERi A Japanese and nn American naval oiflccr. drinking a lo- st to bi«- tor understanding between their toiimrles-thls «as tl- pleasant scene above, especially wanning at a lime when America ami Jmmn suspiciously —- -•-•••• Commander each other's naval preparations and maneuvers. of the Japanese training squadron. Admiral Shane, Qlty Clerk j Yoshida is pktvied a.s he entertained °llciir 'Admiral • ^...t,.t, v>llv \jlljlA Jiuth Blythc. City Treasurer .lack. 1 Kobinson, and James L Guard Marion^ Williams, Tom AV. Jock• H. Caniy- boll, commandant of tlie Twelfth Naval Distilct. aboard the flr.-wlnp Iwalc, oil San Francisco. After a four-day stay at San Fnvicisco iisco (he Japanese ships left for New York City, via the 'Panama Caiud. 15- R. Jackson, Loy Welcii »nd J. B. Umsford. aldermen. Hi! I'ark llond Kale A copy of the complaint was not available here today. Mayor Cecil Shane and other city of- licials said that Institution of the -suit came as a complete surprise The Courier News In a long distance telephone conversation with a deputy in the federal dh- trict court clerk's office at Jones- bovo was Informed that the complaint asked Judgment for about, S2.050 in interest, which the I plaintiffs. Schfi-c-K. Rlchter com-1 pany and W. -W. Payne, claim-is! in default or will be in default. I cnj LS in default Sims j n 1n _ llso in combiulne H1: asshopper.s in' "Let Tho;n Baltic II Oul" Kx-Lieulcnaiil Coniinandei Only Comincnl by Fu-j Accused of Sellim; Gov li'cll on Primary Race l>rn i: ROCK. Jl-lv 14. (lll'l —AnolhiT raifcrence to select an administration gubernatorial candidate wns held downtown •tliH incrnliiR. aiiended by Cloy, J. M. Fiiiri'll. lievenue Commissioner Enrl !•:. Wiseman, ISank Commis- i[,nei' and ni t .. ™rrh';''ior r'T'Vv" '"""'•. I*; I ' ! ""' KCS i "" t "••" u " te ™™ ]i-,i u '' lk SW'Hnmt'.s naval .secrets Maker. Wis.'m;in and Wnsi.on i n ,, .,„,„ , rcu.r,,«l ,o their olflces U, the I ,„"„"^L"!r?L"^"'*" l <" I s Nnval Sccrcls WASHINGTON. July H. (U p,_ J»lm Seiner Farnsvvorth, lieutenant once a cominunitir In die n ie united states navy, cum.- nervous nnd wracked wiih pah, today to Ihc bar/of a Unlteil States com mlssloner and , not guilty Diplomatic Hridc shortly before 11 o 1 i::' 1 '. but refused to say if a so- When (iiii-stlcned Wasson denied Hial the three appointive nfllclals had been In a conference inul explained their arrival at the '.-nnitol in the same artcmoblle as " an accident." Altlicc-jh Wiseman admitted he had been in a conference he insisted they had been discusslnn a axpaycr:;' problem and nnt a gubernatorial (I'.ie.stion. Maker dodged questioners on hi; rctuin lo the .slatehousc and could net be reached tor a statement The governor said in a hallway press conference that he had four or live close tiieutls in the. race and that it would IK a hard mat- navy, rarns- TCpfl TTlnn- T lnfnt-lo/1 """ """' ll """"' ""' " ""'" " lal " -IVLLl Tiag UniniieU tcr to pick one ami turn the oth- | On French Ship Supply for Kighling Grasshoppers Will Be Available! Here Soon - A shipment of !>0 50-gallon Iciest on city hall and hospital bonds, which was due in February, and will default on another 5i.02n due in August. northeast Arkansas, left Chicago Monday morning. County Agent J. O. Fiillerton has been advised by federal authorities who ordcr- 1J j iiiitiiuriLies wno orclcr- l tie recent city park bond issue I cd the poison sent here i-s apparently attacked incidentally.! Forty-five drums of the poison me plaintiffs charging that is-1 will be delivered lo the county suancc of the bonds had tended I aunt's office here and 15 drums ,,° " <! '!'' ec " Uc llle ral " c of «'« wln I)C delivered at Joncsboro for I hospital and city hall bonds. The ' - - - . ™ l!li "»'8 Hospital and city hall Craighead county. The! among HI spa cilj hall bond Issues Tf ncc- 15 and that no part of the mill lax permitted to bo levied ., ,. - —• " ""j """ Poison will be distributed _..„ .mowers charge that the city farmers whose crops are thrcat- P«igcd its fun 5 mill tax levy j encd by frasshoppers. .1 lowed under Amendment No.} Grasshopper damage, while scr-, u lor payment of the hospital j ions in a few localities, chiefly in .ma cuy hall bom! ]«.„,,, rr ,.„„ the northeast part of the county. is not alarming over the county „..,.. . • :- -• — •«• '0-1™ generally, Mr. Fiillerton said louder Amendment No. 13 should day. There is a possibility, liow- i.c paid on the park bonds until ever, that if dry weather con. I pnncipa and interest pay- tinucs the pests may appeal- in menu, on other issues are paid, greatly increased numbers and he Ilie hospital bond issue levy h r advises farmers to be prepared to ].« mills and tnc city Hall bond I combat them. While most of the issue levy is 2.7 mills. | damage so far lias been in the Only SH?, Delinquent j """> east and north of Blytlie- Miss Blytlie. city clerk, said j vi " e " lcrc hsve bccn "Ports in today her records showed that i lcccm <ln 5' s that the hoppers nre there was no delinquent interest '' lp|)raii " s '" destructive numbers due on cl(v imsMiiii iw,» r i,. ~.!j i n - some i)oints in the western and es , > duo on city hospital bonds n ,; d I"- som M»ints in tnc western and' '- . -»M|^Mfel that only $713.73 was delinquent S0 ' tl , llem ]' M ^ of tllc ">»"*•• \ \~ A and unpaid on citv hall boncl= I hc swllll '» nrscnalc will prob-1 \ &! f ^iS^tXii^S Interest payments 'on city iVos" ably i "' rivc hpre Wednesday or] L'^ 1 ^^^-g.rn'g 1-ital bonds amounting to approx- ' n ;" raby ' u wil1 be fumishecl' Seamen on some 50 shins in Mar imalely S1.400 boonmn n^ii , | without cost to farmers iicedhw. s^illp, i,-,ri.,,, ,„ ",:?!." V a ^ ers dov;n. "It the administration lias picked a candidate 1 have not bccn infmm'd or it," Ihc governor said. "I am Inclined to let every de- uitrlmcnt pick Its own man and balllc it out." "And when 1 am through with my present term there is nothing I want at the slalchouse so I will have nothing to gain by support- In^ any certain man." the governor said.* • •"•-"-- -=^—./,-.. Rumors that one candidate, had been ' selected as the admlnlstia- tion man brought forth strong denials from his supporters Mho said the ottice seeker did not care to be branded as a "Futrell man." , ivorlli was placed In jail for lack ci SIO.UO bond on charges that he sr.M secret inforniallon lo an Wit or Hie Janniiese navy. United Slates Commissioner I Necdbam C. Tiiniagc set hearlm fcr two weeks hence. Fimisworlti. apprehended by Ci- inen nnd local uultmilties in a si'vprlsc arrest earjy today, complained thai he was seriously ill ami thai the charges against him were "grossly exaggerated." a was believed possible he might hospital pending the sent lo huaring, Japanese embassy olVlclals denied knowledge of Furnsworth or his alleged espionage activities but said a man who gave Hie name "Famsworth" telephoned the embassy yesterday and demanded money in connection with the Cul- ifcinla spy case In which Harry T, Thompson, former navy yeoman. was convicted and sentenced to prison last week. The demand was refused, embassy attaches said. Fast Freight Derailed; ! Fireman, Engineer Die| MYRTLE. Ark.. July 14. lUI'l— | The cnjincer and fireman on Mis- scuri Pacific's fast freight, the "Red Ball Special." were killed here today when the engine hit a split rail and overturned. Eight cars of the •ID-car southbound Kansas City-Memphis train svcrc derailed. Pour of them, containing livestock, overturned, r.iil- rcaii officials said. The engineer's name was given , as Earl O. Watson, of toiler. I Ark.; the fireman's as J. O. Gra- luim, also of Cotter. Officials said the tracks world be cleared by early tomorrow. Another Manila Man FIEHUFFIBMI Louis' Sisler Declares She Didn'l Say Hypodermic Used On Joe DETROIT, July 14. (UPl-Bu- lalla Gaiues, sister of Joe Louis who was reported to have sworn m an affidavit that her brother received a hypodermic injection before his fight with Max Schmcl- Inj, today indignantly denied that she had ever said anything of the kind. Ginners Will Hold Annual Meeting at Hot Springs \c • Tim-tit " ilu ""'"*• ^HIIJW; L>iu MJI, itiHi mire MARKED FREE, Ark.—Tlic Ar-j sons, J. P., S. E. and Frecmonl DnsflS-MlKSnilrr niminrc' A...—;« e- . 2,1 IN -ELEVEN OF f dll HEIT 51,400 became delinquent it but they will be required to jiarbor signalized Ihcir 40-hour week by for In February but were paid on!" """ """ 1 "'" ue u ''l mrra to siriKe lor a 40-hour week bv May 13 and June 13. She said!'" pp y olllt ' 1 ' '"Srcdients for mix-i raisin« the red flae of Comniun- the city had frequently hccn de- '" S " >c |M>ison mnsh with which ! ism and disregarded orders of linqucnt in payment of interest I i™ Ml 'OPl)crs are destroywl. , | ptliccrs •- ' •• - Sodium arscnalc is an extreme-. "amicr. lo luv.-er the Above Ihc kansas-Mlssouri Ginners' Association lias completed arrangements for a very interesting and in- Held in Cattlp CaSP stnic " VL1 Program' lor their one uuu m v,aiue ^dse ( , ay conventioll lo be hc]d , a )|ic MANILA, Ark. — Roy Skinner, who operates a service station here, was arrested Monday afternoon and taken to Jonesboro in connection with the cattle stealing case in which four other Manila men had previously been , anner. Above Ihc red fli j ' ' lo;i 's below the French tricolor I,,, j fro "' "ic- sto-.i of the S. S. Hamis. " n r - ( H of- - ncr> n . ccor <" ll B '<> officers .')io took him into custody, was lamed in confcEsions of members of the alleged theft ring as the rg as e Contest Against !','"" wi> ? "" l l 'i> tllc moncv toi- M n- • i Ptirchasc of a truck in which ».m men, --------- , covcr ther C'l t M n- • i Ptirchasc >r vaseline to' ill{eS{ ° n Mayor DiSmiSSedj 5lolcn cattle i _ j Skinner admi pern ng recelot of i eonv nf -h., "^""^ u » ""' "IB« ™si, aim • . ""• r^frisrl™^.^™'-"^^- 22 !^™ s^-rt™v,r=i™^'^r£s; , were transiwrtcd. I Skinner admitled advancing money Tor purchase of the truck but Wliile Mayor Shane and City IS'"' g ' l Attorney Roy Nelson 'refrained!.™,™ »™for ,°" tllC r S .t''' n«au 5 e""o'fli,e high cost and! SIKEBTON. Mo.-EIection cm,- .- . . - - PC,idin 0 iccelpt of a copy of the rc | Ativc , lni , vn t ]nbi | lt ; of coars e'tost suits against Mayor N. E. " onic(1 ""V knowledge of the pur- ^Fuchs and Hubert Boycr were ||OSO lo • w . nl cli it was to be pi.t. " Ussed Monday by 'attorneys , lin aml Floyd Flceman, O. W. Presncll and J Uclanila Wiseman and A. n. Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, on July 23, A. C. Spellings, president announced here loday. All gin- ners of the two slates nre urged to to In attendance and take part in the discussion of such important matters as rates for ginning, wrapping, power costs, etc.. as well as ways and means to improve the qraltty of their service to the cotton producers. The association feels that the ginncr's responsibility to the cotton pro- As radiantly happy as the most excited yomi K mine ai-d groom ICanmierjunkcr Uoeret Rohde and Ills bride. Ihe foimr-r Mrs' Ruth Bryan Owen, U. S. Minister lo Denmark, leave St. James' Episcopal clutrch at Hyde Park, N, Y., alter their mania,..:. Cnplaln Ilolidc wears the court uniform of Dennmrk, whore he Is bodyguard to the kink'. Although Ihe wedding receiillon war, held on President Roosevelt's estate, ihc bride may be furced to resign her diplomatic' nust. James W. Scrape, 90, Dies Early This Morning James W. Scrape. 90, died at eight o'clock tills morning at his jiiomc in lip Deigned Hlti^e community. He had been confined to his bed for iilioiit. two weeks and his death was attributed In ailments of the heart and liver. Funeral services wore held Hits afternoon at Maple Grove cemetery with the Rev. W. V. Womack officiating. The Cobh Funeral Home was In charge of funeral arrangements. Mr. Scrape, who had lived in this section for many years, is survived by his widow, Mrs. Amanda R. Scrape, four daughters, Mrs. Edna Norman. Mrs. Estolle Stewart, Mrs. Loucellu Uledsoe and Mrs. Unnle Barker, and three sons, J. Scrape. EI5TOF HERE Wind nnd Hail Damage Reported Lasl Nighl Near Armorcl A wind and rainstorm, apparently generated along Hie Mississippi river and localized, us far ns damage was concerned. In small area near Armorcl and Uar- ficld, failed to reach Ulythevllle last nlghl. . A heavy rain of short duration was reported as far sm-lh us Osccola but Hlythcvlllc received but a mere putter of ruin drops, although witnessing a severe electrical storm to Ihe east and north. Will Measure Crops in County From Air Compliance of Mississippi coun- s=;s™'t <£&&&£& isr-na-Js-JB . Six or more tenant houses \vcre reported damaged on (arms south of Hnrfield and Anuorel. Three tenant houses were unroofed on Mrs. Louise Chapman's farm anil E. L. Tlul farm. A hay barn on will be checked by aerial photography, County Asent J. O. Fi'llerton has been advised. Photographs, showing the use made of every foot of land In Ihe county, will be made next month. - i-u^uiijiuiiivjf iu LIU; LUlUJll UrO- -.iwin-i.- ducer is greater than ever before , cm i hc *° wl " be con il>»lcd each iritK *i,« r .T. n - n ii— _i ,.__ ,. I farmer's acreage nf snli rioni^iimr with the operation of .. conservation program and ,..„., pccts ror a large cottc-n crop this the soil I""™" 5 ncrcfl ^e of soil depleting. id pros-' 50 " co " screvi »B ami soil building Livestock crops. According to Mr. Fiillerton • a number of northeast Arkansas for - « For Accident Victim " arliclcs MX "*'L T lv,L41|| i mrlmjm Hal P and | poison bait should van EAST ST. (UP)—Hogs. 6.000. in U.K. '"- Jlli > from mt.rnmg from East t» ra |,. ic- M where they attended the funerai of c. W. Ryttcr jr.. wll[) n ™ killed in an aHomobile accident l Sunday nlghl. Mrs. Bytlcr be-i rore her marriajc almost two' arscllal ^ years ago. was Miss Lucile Harp ! lo 12 8 or this city. Mr. Rytier. who is also sur to a graui^Ur''^ 0 ' 1 "' 1 ^!^ "" te «»'"• "V"<1^ -""lei' lb >' tmppinr; muskrats within 11 Formula 2.—Sawdust, equal In: miles of Times Square bulk lo 100 pounds of bran: low I _ ~ - . Top 10.25. 170-230 Ibs.. 10.10-10.25. 140-160 Ibs., 8.75-9.90. Bulk sows. 7.50-8.00. Cattle 3.200. Steers, 6.25-7.15. Slaughter steers. 5.25-8.75. Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.60-7.50. Slaughter heifers 4.00-8.50. NEW YORK, July H lUPi-j J^ COVVS 3 ' 7S " 1 ' 7i >„,,„.. -,___. '. •"."> 14 - lui'i— ci'tlers and low cutters 2.50- counllcs have been selected .„. [an experiment in this method ol [measuring cro]>s. which is described as being cheaper, faster and I more accurate than the old mc:h- ! od ol measuring each field I Closii\u Stock Prices Grade flour. 15 pounds; sodium vived by his parents who live at Fast Prairie, was In the Jewelry business tWe. Details of the accident are not known here. Hie services were held this morning e. two quarts; water lo'T'i " hll ° a r ' cl<1 a scattfring sallons. Follow same mlxina i ' 1U aroll »<l '"c edges Ls rec- ns as in Formula 1 : om "icnded. If there is a conlinu- directlons as in Formula 1. The poison bait should scattered early In I oils movement, of gra^'hoppers be into, a field three or four appli- of bait at intervals of Cotton closed .steady, open high 1350 1357 12C9 July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May low close 134S 1.146 1274 12CO 1261 1270 1217 1258 1259 12G8 1269 1256 1258 1265 1268 1250 1257 126G 1268 1256 1257 ...... Spots closed steady at 1356 up Mrs. Ratter her family home. ground. As (he sun rises grass-'kill' hoppers tend lo leave the ground npany and feed higher on the planks. Where grasshoppers are just * al catt ber« many dead grassliopix'rs wj found. be Chicago Corn markets today was is'zs "iccorfT ' ing to i, lc nl> , hevnlc ho'ard oi|j uly ^"-4 « J 'J-4 B'W '« W T, ' prasshoppcrs are hard to The average price of 7-8 inch ' " ' Chicago Wheat open high low close Jill 1031-2 103 7-8 101 1-4 102 1-8 Sep 1031-4 104 101 1-2 102 1-8 . ._, Trade. Sep 82 82 1-2 79 7-8 79 7-8 A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Ilelh. Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank .. Gen. Electric .... Gen. Motors Int. Harvester .... McKesson-liobbins Montgomery Ward N. V. Centra! .... Packard Phillips Pet Hadio Simmons Bods Elandard of N. .1. . Texas Co U. S. Smelling .. U S. Steel Warner Bros. 172 5-8 37 1-R 52 3-K •1 7-1! 108 50 1-2 40 '3-8 70 1-0 C3 1-a fl 1-4 •» 3-4 3D 1-2 11 44 5-3 12 3-0 33 1-4 62 1-4 39 81 3-8 62 1-7 11 3-8 abruptly on them. Their driven by Me-ll Brooks jr.. wa si ruck by broken tree limbs Weal hernia» P ro m i se s Mercury Will Diop in Middle Wcsi Tomorrow CHICAGO, July 14 (UP)-COOI- ii|! showers fought against a wall >r hot air In the mid-west today • promising relief by tomorrow doin an unprecedented heat wave Hint has tnken at least 2,012 lives and caused upwards of $400- OOO.OCi) property damage. Forecaster J. H. i,| 0 yd of (he OIHcngo weather bureau said: "ThundertOiowers now falling- over the Dakotas and Nebraska will reach Minnesota, Illinois,' Iowa. Wisconsin, Michigan, In- illana und Ohio by tomorrow afternoon or nlghl, "Another ihnss: of cool nil- Is moving down from upper Midi- lean nnd the two combined undoubtedly should break up the beat wave." Hospitals Crowded The welcome forecast came as nine mid-western states endured another day of blazing heat Hospitals und morgues In Detioll' Chicago nnd the Twin cities were lammed with dead mid dying lieat victims. It was Ihe eleventh (lay or hundred degree temperatures ror H large part of Iho drouth basin, In Montana. Nebraska, Wyoming mill the Uakotas, where the heat originated July a. com pa i a lively cool temperatures prevailed aflc. lain .splashed over the pmchoil countryside. ^ , ^m, Temperatures i,, those slates^'' early today Included SU degiccs at Rapid City, s. D., 60 'iuWes at Cheyenne, Wyoinlng, t .^69 -dcgicc 1 ! at. Miles plty,"''j;foftl.' 1 and 02 at dorlh Plattc, Neb. Hopkins Promises Itelief WASHINGTON, July 14 (UP)--, Wors Progress Administrate! Hairy L. Hopkins',;.announced -today '" that thu federal ••''drouth relief program "Is now moving forward tt'thoiit a hitch," ...ami promised ' here W|N bc „„ slopp , ng it (|I| _ til these repeatedly drouth strlck- basls'^ 5 "'' C °" ' l Sn/Cr teollomlc Attacking administration critics who. he said, "continue to counsel u do-nothing policy," Hopkins listed these Accomplishments In the affected areas by WPA labor-" South Dakota—"They arc build- " :ng half a hundred dams to store the water that may mean the difference between starvation and-" a money crop for thousands of 'arm homes." Mlnnesotn-"Work Is under wav on an artificial lake that will be 20 miles long and two mites wide bringing water conservation to a number of counties that are still n the heart of the drouth district. There are G4 smaller water conservation projects In Minnesota alone." Wyoming -"Plagued by insect hordes and scared by forest fires us well as drouth, small dams reservoirs and wells are being — ~ , • added to its defenses by impovcr- threc others were damaged on the tshed farmers." Hopkins said "the same story ' "" ">W of the other drouth state.s in the great Hopkins stressed that WPA drouth relief will be of a per mancnt nature. His agency lu> reported severe hall damage to said. "Is not Interested In mere temporary measures." Canadian township was also dam- stricken aged. So far as troutd be ascer- plains." tallied today a dog was the onl> victim of the storm. He was killed on the Hale farm. Mr. reported s< his place. A party ol picnickers from lilytheville were forced to leave Ajtcil Ihc river bank at ISavfield bur- CASH, ...„., vulf „ iurj—HOD iledly when the storm descended ert Alexander, 81, died here hte Arkansas Man Dies , July H. (UP)-Rob•-*• ui . vui:u nure late ir, yeslcrday of heat prostration He " was stricken while walking half n mile from the home of a son , a daughter. Mrs. H. H. McAlister A stster. Mrs. Betty Williams, lives in West Helena.. Alexander's death was the third resulting from the heat in northeast Arknnsas in the Inst, three weeks. '.' - •- "Mm biic IIUIHL: Ol ft ISOll they drove toward Armorel in Peter Alexander, to the home of heavy rain and wind. - •'--- '• Several trees were blown down across Highway 18 and the front porch ol a store at Barfieki was damaged. The roof of another was partially blown away, U. S. Grand Jury Probes Due to excessive drouth, water Zonltc C 1-4 n i ur 11 v-j • now ls bcl " B usci1 raul Wendcl Kidnaping I fields of central Australia as . means of barter or a form of NEWARK, N. J.. July U (UP) cuiTency. —Federal aulhorltie.s have started ' an inquiry Into tlie alleged kid- '• WC &THFR napiiiR and torture of Paul H.I nm.iiiun Wendcl, disbarred Trenton at-1 lorney. it was disclosed today' when Ally. Ceil. David T. Wil- cnly. was closeted for an hour and 10 minutes with the. federal grand jury now in session. ' The appearance of Wilentz was the first definite indication that n federal Investigation was being undertaken. Tlie attorney general, upon leaving the grand jury room, said he had been asked "about the Wendcl matter." He said "the entire cast; was discussed fully," - , cloudy, prcr ceded by thimdershowers in east portion this afternoon or tonight. Cooler in east and extreme northwest portions tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy. ' :.»;' Memphis and vicinity—Pair and — continued warm tonight snd Wednesday, probably local thundershower.-; Wednesday afternoon. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 102, minlmi-m 78. clear, according to' Samuel F. Norris, official weather observer.

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